Monday, May 17, 2010

Congrats DAP, and the Chinese!

A quick post-mortem by an observer from Sibu (or Why the boundary of Sibu must be redrawn). I"ve just received a not so short SMS from an old friend who was observing the Sibu by-election, which the DAP has won by a 398-vote majority. His analysis, I believe, addresses some of the more salient points that have dictated the proceedings - and, more importantly, the outcome - of the Sibu by-election.
A'kum bro.
having been to Sibu, I have learned that :
1) BN should not depend on Chinese votes
2) it is the YBs and their District Offices that must be made to have KPIs and NKRAs
3) the nation badly needs to identify youngish technocrats with hearts for the plight of the poor and the disadvantaged
4) SPR must redraw the boundary for Sibu cos if 68% are Chinese and the YB is Chinese, no one cares a damn for the rest who are all living below the hardcore poverty line.
Early blog analyses of the Sibu results also touch on the Chinese factor. in Big Dog's PM Najib wajar henti beri habuan kepada minoriti yang sombong, the blogger says Najib should stop trying to buy the loyalty of the Chinese voters. The RM18 million he pledged to this community would have served Sibu's indigenous people in the rural areas who are in greater need of help than the relatively wealthy Chinese.

Read also A. Kadir Jasin's commentary DAP rebut kerusi Parlimen Sibu. Excerpts:
Melihat perkembangan pilihan raya kecil Sibu dari jauh, saya tidak berani membuat kesimpulan tegas selain mengatakan mungkin juga wujud unsur pemulauan atau boikot oleh pemilih.

Nampaknya pengundi Cina bukan sahaja tidak meneruskan sokongan kepada BN seperti dalam pilihan raya umum 2008, sebaliknya berpindah menyebelahi DAP walaupun BN memberi belasan juta ringgit peruntukan segera kepada sekolah jenis kebangsaan Cina dan menjanjikan pelbagai projek serta tindakan.

Mengubahsuai pantun lama; sorong papan tarik papan, buah keranji dalam perahu, beri makan mereka makan, minta mengundi mereka tak mahu.
p.s. With regards to the title of this posting, Congrats DAP, and the Chinese!, let me tell you that I was inspired by a tweet where the tweeter was congratulating Sibu (for voting in the DAP) and the Chinese (for wining the Thomas Cup).


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Pak Itam said...

Why are some people so upset about Rocky's explanation to where the Chinese vote went? If you read until the end, he congratulated the Chinese who won the recent Thomas cup, not for winning Sibu by-elections.You have the right to vote who you like regardless of what race your from. I also believe you also have the right to analyze which race votes for whom. Its even done in USA. So why do you feel so defensive about it if you are as sincere as you say.

jayceethio said...

You should unlearn yourself to learn more about great values. Pls stop seeing in colours. The world needs gifted people like you to spread goodness and not hatred. Pls do not think and speak along racial lines. Deep inside you know our nation are going to the Dogs and yet u let it be by becoming one!.

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