Sunday, April 25, 2010

YB Kamalanathan, don't forget Ijok ...

Barisan Nasional takes back Hulu Selangor. P. Kamalanathan's star is burning bright tonight. The new kid on the block has just slaughtered a big-wig of Pakatan Rakyat at the Hulu Selangor by-election. The "future" of MIC-Barisan has beaten the "future" of PKR-Pakatan.

Congrats, Kamal!

But do remember Ijok, YB. Almost exactly 3 years ago (28 April, 2007 to be exact), another political kiddo MIC's K. Parthiban defeated big name Khalid Ibrahim of PKR at the Ijok by-election in Selangor. Much like your win against Zaid Ibrahim tonight. Less than a year later at the 12th General Election of March 2008, what happened? The whole state fell to Pakatan, Cikgu Parthiban went into oblivion, and Khalid became the chief minister of Selangor.

Moral of the story, YB? Don't get drunk on the glory of victory. The people have put you there to serve them, so be a workhorse and do a good job, or the next stop may be political oblivion for you.

We'll be watching closely now.

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Pic courtesy of Jinggo


  1. sniper11:59 pm

    Yes YB,

    without Pak Lah around, the only excuse you have now is Samy and KJ. The rest is up to you.

  2. Fellow blogger Rocky ,

    First I must congratulate BN on their win .

    Second I hope Rocky can look into this article by Apache :
    Naib Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Maran sesi 2008-2011

    who wrote a very racist article here at

  3. Please take a look at this article by Blogger Apache :
    Naib Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Maran sesi 2008-2011

    In this article :

    Extract :






    In the areas that DS Ong Tee Keat was responsible , the Chinese came out to give their support , turning around what was used to be a black area , losing by over 6oo votes to a win of over 17 votes .

    Serendah polling area where DS Ong Tee Keat went four times to give speech in two big functions recorded an increase of Chinese voters who voted for BN from 69 in the last GE to 626 votes . This is the only Chinese area that saw an increase in Chinese voters voting for BN .

    For the rest of the other areas where all the MCA big wigs were campaigning , they all lost the Chinese votes heavily .

  4. nstman12:09 am

    Victory? What victory? At the end of the day, it was money that won. This is a sad day for Malaysia. Of course, Ahmad Talib and his cronies will be celebrating and going to town with their reports of BN's glorious night.

  5. punter12:11 am

    As rocky said,

    don't forget Ijok, and take it as a lesson, YB.

    As for me, I won't forget the winning

  6. Congrats to Kamalanathan for his success in a hard fought battle. To be fair, I think he played it clean, was gentlemanly and played no part in the character assassination shenanigans by some pro-UMNO bloggers and UMNO hacks, against Zaid.

    My prediction was wrong, but live to fight again!

    As to all the millions of taxpayers moola promised by Najib, let's see if he can deliver and the nation at large will back this kind of plainly blatant and illegal vote buying!

    And wither Muhy's 6,000 majority KPI? Heh, heh, heh!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  7. Anonymous12:24 am

    Wow this is a great BUY-election!

    BN = Money Politics = 3rd world Malaysia

  8. Anonymous12:34 am

    If in Ijok,Khalid can contest again and become PM,it is also possible for Zaid to contest again and win to become someone really powerful in the next central government.

    Kamal may be just a one trem MP after all?


  9. Anonymous12:36 am

    Pakatan Rakyat give land titles to ppl in HS and giving rm500 to some of them to gain some votes..

    Blatant vote buying by Pakatan and yet they accuse BN to buy votes..

    Pakatan always blind to their own faults and misdeeds. That is why they will continue to lose support from their voters and their own ppl..

  10. Anonymous12:40 am

    Kawasan itu mempunyai 64,500 pengundi dengan 34,020 atau 52.7 peratus adalah Melayu, 16,964 atau 26.3 peratus Cina, 12,453 atau 19.3 peratus India dan kira-kira 1,000 Orang Asli. Source:

    Here is the breakdown of the vote profile of each candidate based on ethnicity. Note: my calculations approximate the actual results, give or take 50 votes*. More pertinently, it confirms my assumptions with regard to:

    1.66% of the Malays who turned up to vote voted Barisan.

    2.52% of the Indian vote went BN’s way.

    3.Only about 21% (matches LKS’ projections of +/- 80%) of the treacherous, pigarselicking Chingkie vote went BN’s way. Remember, these are ghetto Chingkies piggies not the snob types you find in Damansara, Bangsar, Tropicana etc.

    (3) intimates conclusively to us that the Chingkie shit have abandoned BN as part of a larger plot sponsored by certain foreign elements to establish Chingkie political hegemony in MALAYSia.. The Hindulen vote is still iffy. The results indicate that the only way forward is to adopt Perkasa’s agenda and embark wholeheartedly on a 1Pribumi trajectory, offering some succor to the Hindulen provided he is sincere but leaving the Chingkie to suffocate in his own shit unless he capitulates to OUR terms.

    Results: Name : vote obtained/vote cast by ethnic = total votes

    Kamalanathan: 17064 /25855 + 4950/9339 + 2740/12892 + 241(asli)= 24995*

    Zaid : 8791/25855 + 4389/9339 + 10124/12892 = 23304*

    Warrior 231

  11. Dear Rocky

    Do you think it is time or it is a right time to call for GE13? Since BN has gained so much support and the swing to BN is so high?

  12. Some small comfort for PKR. They managed to increase their votes compared to GE 2008:

    2008 : 23,177
    2010 : 23,272

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  13. jackie daniels1:11 am

    shiok guy

    let's go have a drink with zaid. take beer?

  14. Anonymous1:13 am

    A. To lawyer bahlol Haris Ibrahim:

    1. learn how to spell 'the end' properly not as "DN" you had up in your blog.

    You are a disgrace to the legal profesion with your atrocious spelling and garbage talk. Wonder from which degree mill, you obtained your Lesen Loyar Buruk aka LLB from. Small wonder, the profession has long gone to the mongrels with people like you, the sarwars, the Arts, the Gobbings etc

    And as you swig your toddy at the Wharf in memory of your pal's "death", remember that "The End is indeed for PR" hahahahahaha.

    B. ZI and Turban Niki

    Are both of you still game for this:

    " I will invite someone to partake sake and forgo red wine and give him a peek of my secret stables where comely mares await the midnight jockey to give them a ride of their lives..Old Turban can also mount a kuda padi with whiplash and all and place a bet as to who cums first at the races...No prize money on offer!

    I have got the license minted from the Munafucking Racing Association (MRA) and been appointed the chief steward.Amacam..boleh?

    C. Heard that a certain Chakiliyan gatekeeper was found to be keeled over at a toddy joint in Sentul together with a Rhanter and his "mama mutual fucking" (MMF) pal from Spore, the Sillygannon...

    Naib Ketua Pemuda Maran; aku sokong 100%

    Warrior 231

  15. glassman1:15 am

    why call for a snap election? so that you guys can say BN is being wasteful? No, let Najib carry till full term and deliver more goods for the people.

  16. All the politician none as a monkey

  17. Anonymous8:40 am

    b.s lah...

    trucks loads of phantom voters...

    legit voters' home polling station were moved miles away.

    orang asli's KP were confiscated.

    You call this winning?
    This is daylight robbery.

    PAk Janggut

  18. Hi D'Rocky,

    Its by no means a slaughter, n given BN $$$$$ machine...PKR did quite well...n remember IKBN bus loads of phantoms voters.

    Pls don't call him future MIC-BN, until we see results...not temporary pay outs to build this and that. Rhetoric without concrete short n long term plans are all cock talk..or MIC talk. Samy Velu was called exactly that years ago

    Anyway congrats to P. Kamalanathan

  19. Anonymous8:55 am


    Read this and comment

    by boh-liao on Sunday, 11 April 2010 - 9:39 am @ lim kit siang blog

    A time 2 sneer n a time 2 act
    Action time now, 1 PR MP died of cancer, then 1 BN MP also died of cancer, score 1-1
    We need more BN MPs 2 kick d bucket in d service of our nation, any patriotic volunteers?

    Malaysians mudah lupa – ppl need 2 b reminded of d failures n corrupt acts of BN
    Civil societies n PR must use all means of communications 2 inform voters
    Don’t just rely on political ceramah, as polis more often than not will kacau n harass PR’s
    Use SMS, YouTube, blog, twitter, email, fax, manga, party newspapers, pamphlets, etc

    Remind Malays, nonMalays, fair-minded ppl, Christians, etc 2 b proactive n b real bosses who hire n fire, 2 determine d future of d nation by voting out UmnoB/BN
    Say ‘TAK NAK’ ‘DON’T WANT’ 2 racist, corrupt, self-enriching, divide-n-rule, evil, no-Allah-God, tak-suka-keluar, Malay-supremacy BN

    Educate voters in d coming by-elections
    As usual, BN will use taxpayers’ $$ 2 carry out buy-elections: grab n squeeze whatever goodies fr BN, but VOTE 4 PR, it’s OK

    PR must get their own houses in order – no more infighting, esp in East M’sia
    Show ppl PR can genuinely work together, start with Sibu, no more 2 candidates fr PR

    Now is d time 2 start sweeping out n burying BN 4 d sake of our future

    We want a genuine Malaysian Malaysia, not a bogus 1-race Malaysia

  20. Anonymous8:57 am


    please register in your brain that PERKASA is in response to HINDRAF, SUQIU and DONG ZONG

    and also that this is MALAYsia with a REAL constitution

  21. Anonymous9:00 am

    kamalanathan promised to wprk 120%!Syabas!.................wawa

  22. Anonymous9:05 am

    and Samy has to fullfill his pledge to resign from MIC president?....

  23. Anonymous10:11 am

    tahniah kamal,Pada keseluruhanya BN kalah,bawa samseng2 ,mt rempit,tukar pooling centre tetapi baru dpt 17XX.Tunggu GE13 jee.

  24. Its time to kick out Anwar from PR...and as for Azizah...she not even exist....PR will suffer if this two still around...don't believe? 1725..17 nomination 25 election what a number to out numbered Anwar....Putrajaya konon Poooorahhhh.

  25. Mustapha Ong10:46 am

    Dear Rocky's bru,

    Congratulations to Kamalanathan who had won impressively with a majority vote of 1725.BN has actually increased their votes to victory yesterday as compared to PRU12 when BN lost by less than 198votes.

    Having said that I hope Kamalanthan will honour his promises that he will move to Ulu Selangor and also worked 120% harder.Don't worry about money Kamal, PM will support you all the way to improve the wellbeing of the people in your constituency.

    Our agenda is to recapture Selangor in the next 13GE.Yes please learn from our experience in Ijok and don't let your egos ruined your political career.You should start buiding your relationship with your voters so as to ensure that you will continue to represent in the next PRU13.

    Last night's BN victory in Ulu Selangor was not only politically sweet for BN, but the victory had demoralised the spirit of PKR Selangor state government.I believe anwar had wanted to recapture Ulu Selangor badly, but Zaid was just not the right PKR candidate.Anwar should have resigned from Permatang Pauh and go for Ulu Selangor if the law allows it.Maybe PKR could have won if anwar was the candidate against the light weight kamalanthan.

    Zaid lost Ulu Selangor but he is not political gentleman based on his wild accusation that BN won by using money or money politics. We want proof zaid that there was money politics in Ulu Selangor.As a voter in Ulu Selangor myself, I now challenged zaid to lodge a report to the EC or MACC so that an investigation could be initiated.

    As for Lim Kit Siang's accusation that PM should be investigated for money politics,I am disappointed with the veteran opposition leader over his unacceptable remarks. To LKS, I wish to reiterate that PM is responsible for the wellbeing of all our citizens as well as the national development of this country, including Selangor.During PM's walk about in Ulu Selangor, before and during the by-election campaign, PM had made a few promises with firm commitments, and not just election talks.

    During his walk about in Bukit Sentosa before the by-election, PM felt extremely sad and disappointed with the dilapidated condition of the flats.At that point in time, PM did not know that there would be a by-election following the sudden death of the late MP Zainal.PM immediately approved funds required to repair the flats and the work was seen in progress during the by-election campaign. This had proven that PM really cares for the rural poor and will do whatever possible to improve their wellbeing.

    I hope the victory in Ulu Selangor will be BN's KPI to recapture Selangor. Maybe BN can win another by-election in Selangor, if there is going to be another one unexpectedly, God forbids.

    Lastly I wish to congratulate Najib for his charismatic leadership which also led to the BN victory in Ulu selangor.It's the magic power of 1Malaysia. Perhaps zaid could have won if Pak Lah was still the PM who had previously appointed him as a senator and subsequently a minister out of the blues against the wishes of the UMNO warlords. I agreed that zaid was a political frog, to borrow the words of mantan PM Tun Mahathir.

    Maybe zaid should now abandon anwar's struggle and his dream to be the next prime minister and zaid the DPM. Perhaps it's better for zaid to join DAP and work for LKS and Karpal Singh in order to realise his political ambition to be the next CM of Penang.

  26. Anonymous11:17 am

    with so much money being poured around, expect everything to go up in price. Hulu Selangor residence gain, Malaysian on the whole losses

  27. Anonymous11:43 am

    I was suprised by the small margin of majority by BN as all the govt machinery and BN top guns are there. Even PM was there for a few days and so is ex PM. And for the amount spent (app RM 60 mil) ,I think BN should win by a much bigger margin.
    BTW, can the govt just promise the ppl of many goodies during a by-election? Where does the money comes from? Tax payer money?? Should not such money be approved in Parliament first?
    This is more like a buy-election.

  28. Anonymous12:41 pm

    For all the efforts that the BN put in, shouldn't the win have been more solid?

    Woulnd't the "performance first, people first" been more convincing if the MIC had got rid of leaders who had failed to meet people's performance test last time around?

    Doesn't the govt work to some performance standards with regard to dialysis machines, etc per capita and allocate accordingly?

    Dr Chua says meeting local basics may not be enough and they may have to look at the national level. What does it mean? Multiple schools systems up to national level?

    1Malayisa, KPI, social contract are sufficient and effective working principles to focus on isues and undercut PR's rhetoric. I hope Dr Chua isn't trying to outdo PR's rhetoric instead of undermining it innovatively as Najib has done.

  29. CommonerNinetyNine1:35 pm

    dear datok rocky, hope yb kamalanathan will listen to your advice and not fall for the temptation of being arrogance.

    the journey is still very long ahead, chinese and younger generations votes are still far from reaching. hope yb kamalanathan will work his best to address this gap.

    no matter what, congratulations to yb kamalanathan, and for tuan2 dan puan2 of hulu selangor, thank you very much for your votes.

  30. lets have a few more By Election before GE13 . . . .

  31. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Kempen PRK Hulu Selangor selama seminggu adalah Kempen yang dijalankan dengan padat oleh pemimpin pemimpin tertinggi sahaja dari BN tetapi malangnya di peringkat akar umbi iaitu dari ketua ketua cawangan di perhatikan tidak dilakukan sebagaimana tugas yang dipertanggungjawabkan kepada mereka.(a battle with many generals)

    Adalah amat malang sekiranya sikap pemimpin di akar umbi akan berulang di PRU 13 di mana ketika itu pemimpin tertinggi BN masing masing akan menjaga kawasan sendiri.

    MK Ahmad Said

  32. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Rocky your friend Zainul Arifin writes terrible English.

    How can this person be a Chief Editor of the NST? Is that why the NST is selling less than 70,000 copies already? Yesterday he wrote about Hulu Selangor. So many mistakes. See for yourself.

    “AT the Fazliana Maju 24-hour restaurant in Kuala Kubu Baru, for the past week or so, punditry must be thick in the air. “

    Wrong. ‘punditry was thick in the air’ if he was there too.

    ‘punditry must have been thick in the air’ if he did not observe it but suspected it.

    “The enterprising residents with business were trying to see how best they can take advantage of this rarity.” Very poor English. “Businesses were seeing how best they COULD take advantage.”

    “trying to see” is colloquail.

    “would suddenly take a serious concern of their daily lives.” What does this mean?

    “towns and the land schemes in the constituent called Hulu Selangor.” My friend, its ‘constituency’.

    “on-the-fence voters should decide in Hulu Selangor”. Wrong. ‘WOULD decide’. How about fence sitters?

    “Partisanship, some rather rabidly" It is ‘rather rabid’ and not ‘rabidly’. This is a Chief Editor?

    “But who are these undecideds” Undecideds? There is no such word.

    “Given the drilling down of the demography”. Poor choice of words. Try this “Considering the micro-analysis of the demography”.

    “.but it were jobs and development”. Wrong. ‘but it WAS jobs and development’

    “news that concern us are more likely to interest us.”

    Unbelievable. ‘news that concernS us IS more likely’. News is always singular.

    “Tea leaves-reading pundits” – Poor language. Try "pundits reading tea leaves."

    “as what politicians’? Wrong. ‘The same way politicians see it’.

    “People in general are able to differentiate when issues are brought up because of a genuine need to address the rights or wrongs and when they are brought up for political capital.”

    Wrong. Poor style. Excessive verbiage. ‘differentiate between genuine issues which adress rights and wrongs OR when they are pure political capital’.

    “We tend to gravitate to people who are likely to be similar” Redundant. ‘people who are similar’.

    “All is fair in politics, and fairly or not, the past will always come to haunt you.”

    “Fairly or not”? It is ‘fair or not’.

    ‘Those hopping mad on their moral high horse will likely jump if the same opportunities were accorded to them’.

    What does this mean?

    This is the quality of writing of a Chief Editor? The NST will fold.

  33. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Bila BM Selangor minta dilantik jadi Pengerusi YBK, ada report kat MACC...tapi PM sebut kalau kaum Cina undi BN di Hulu Selangor, RM3 juta akan diberikan kepada sekolah Cina di situ... Care to explain Datuk, why double standard... kalau yang tu dikarakan rasuah, yang di Hulu Selangor ni pun berbentuk rasuah jugak.

  34. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Is this a lasting treasure
    Or just a moment's pleasure?
    Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
    Will you still love me tomorrow?

  35. anak felda6:26 pm

    orang kata melayu malas, tapi pensyarah sejarah aku kat melayu bukan malas tapi sebab tanah melayu nei subur sebab bali jer benih dah boleh hidup. Cuba tgk felda sekarang duk jer rumah dah dapat duit tiap tiap bulan rm1200 , dah tak yah keje . Dulu punya la susah. Cuba kalau usah sendiri 10 ekar sebulan 2 kali potong sekali potong dapat 6 tan itupun paling kurang. Sebulan 12tan kali rm400 =rm 4800. Kalu melayu rajin org felda tak payah jual tanah dah boleh hidup senang. Tak payah nak salahkan kaum lain sampai kiamat pun tak selesai. Melayu kena rajin usaha pasti berjaya

  36. Anonymous6:43 pm

    What a joke , If I win come to collect cheque and If I dont win dont come to see me.

    What kind of mentality. We are suppose to help one another without condition , without boundary then only we call ourself as ONE.


  37. Anonymous7:05 pm

    kemenangan kerana WANG,,,,

    AKU bangga PAK CIK aku dapat $$$ $$$

    26 tahun, Mahathir and Dollah,,apalagi TOYOL tidak dapat meyelesaikan Masalah FELDA,,dengan sekelip mata NAJIB COPPERFIELD come to the rescue.

    Alhamdullillah,,,dapat juga PAK CIK,,PAK CIK FELDA bayar balik kepada ALONG2 and dont forget ESOK ada SPECIAL DRAW,,,, boleh lah cuba nasib nak jadi MILLIONAIRE.



  38. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Nak tau Apek mana vote BN senang saja!

    Adakan kempen derma untuk sekolah Kebangsaan..untuk hari sukan, kemudahan sekolah and the likes.

    Sekadar 5% dari APEK2 saja yang akan hulur derma, itupun sekok2 bagi around RM5-RM30!

    95% yang lain akan keluarkan maki hamun saja sepanjangan, 1sen pun taknak keluarkan..

    Hah, ADUN2/MP2.. cuba ini and you will know exactly how many of them will vote for you in the next GE.

    Same if your area under MCA. Hantaq wakil sekolah Kebangsaan pohon dapatkan bantuan dari dia..

    macam pi mintak sedekah..nak jumpa tak pernah ada, asyik sorong Secretary dia saja.. after 2years, janji RM1,500 baru dapat! I think the MCA works merely for the APEK community interests using BN as their platform!


  39. Anonymous7:46 pm

    First, congratulations to the winner, despite the many negative comments to bring him down before polling.

    Although a meagre majority, it is no doubt a swing indicating 'Deliver Your Promise'.

    The voters are fed up with the overplayed blame game and want a better future, rather than crying over spilt milk.

    The Ruckus team must now develop a vision concept, rather than blame yesterday rhetorics.

    This means to get united, rather than disunited. And that translates to better paying jobs, more spending power or simply put, more money in the wallet.

    To blame the winner of money politics is, to say the least, very stupid. Revenue was pumped into the economy and that keeps the wheel turning.

    The loser should look at the mirror before blaming others, as rather than trying to lick up the spilt milk, it is more productive to buy or raise a new cow.

    And what if the loser won? Will they honour their promises? Or will they still make empty promises like before?

    Say, do and deliver. Otherwise pay the price for non-delivery.


  40. i agree with warrior 231.
    The Chinese better be careful now, the BN top dogs now realise all the sacrifices towards the Malays that they have made is being ignored and taken advantage by the Chinese.
    You can play that game, and play it well so far, but u can't play that game forever, the Chinese might end up losing everything in the end.

  41. Anak Permatang Pauh9:12 pm


    You're a sore loser. It's a winner for all who believe in democracy, the 40000 odds voters in HS, who voted for BN or PR. Otherwise, why would they come out and vote. In any election, there'll always be winner and loser. But you are a sore loser. May be you would consider migrate to Timbuktu or may be Thailand and choose which colour you want to wear, red or yellow, that's democracy for you and your kind.

    Anyway, thanks for keep on visiting and posting in Rocky's blog, otherwise this blog will not be as lively and colourful without you and your kind. But again, don't you think how alive is democracy in this beloved 1 Malaysian peaceful nation. You can still be hiding behind your anonymous `nstman' id and be allowed to bark in this blog. Do you think pro-BN lurkers can post their posting in MT, Zorro, HarisIbrahim, and few others of that kind. None of my posting have been allowed, and that's democracy and free speech define by your kind.

    NSTMAN! you are a cowardice, pathetic sore loser.

  42. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Pakatan must grow up!
    Always blaming others for their failures will not solve their problem!
    Belittling the opponents achievement doesn'thelp either!
    If I had a salesman who always blame the competition for his losses, I would sack him.


  43. Bekah Pah9:24 pm


    Good that you and your kind can find comfort in the insignificant increase of 95 votes for PR as compared to the 2008 GE results. And it's comforting also for all peace loving Malaysian to know that the BN votes increased by about 2000 and over 1000 spoilt vote from PAS supporters who purposely spoilt their vote rather than to give it to a drunkard, anti-Malay Zaid. And many more PAS supporters who chose not to participate in the voting process at all. They protest silently, but it's quite loud in terms of the effect on Zaid and a lesson to their spiritual leader N.Ajis

  44. And screw you too mental sicko filthead Warrior 231. Grizzled soldier, your ass! More likely a suicidal beer gut mess muttering in some black dank hole like those old british codgers murmuring about "the good old days and rule britannia" and all that!!

    Just because Haris Ibrahim wouldn't entertain your racist filth at his blog doesn't mean you have to take cheap pot shots (and at that from someone else's turf - a sure sign of a coward) at him and Art you couldn't hold a candle to the likes of.

    Not to mention those from Wharf who have huge popular followings you couldn't garner even if Maha Firaun and KKK Ali of Perkosong were to endorse you personally!!

    They stand in their own blogs unlike you who has crawled to the last place you will be entertained. Let's see you start your own blog and fight it out with the best!

    Naah, you wouldn't do that would you. Then it would expose you for the fraud and coward you really are, wouldn't it? Muahaha!

    Don't forget that despite all UMNO/BN's RM167 buy-election promises/fraud, 48% voted for Pakatan at HS, the same as in GE 2008 as a whole.

    So, the equation has not really changed and that's why Najib went for the overkill and is now worried about again. But then no one would expect a pea brain like yours to grasp such subtleties!!

    we are all of 1race, the Human Race

  45. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Warrior 231 and Kingnek,

    UMNO babi liars like you are the biggest munafiks who on the one hand consider the Chinese pendatangs but on the other depend on their income tax which have made you fat and lazy doing nothing but wallow in your shit and kencing and fart non-stop like babis!

    The only Cinas that are acceptable to you are traitors to their race lie Ridhuan Tee Chuan Seng and Mustapha Ong Siow Kow, who unashamedly sold their birthright and cut off foreskins just to get your bumi privileges.


  46. " give it to a drunkard, anti-Malay Zaid.." Bekah Pah.

    Whoa, from doctored photographs of babies holding whisky bottles and coffes mugs to beer bottles, you have jumped to drunken anti-Malay!

    Typical racist and bigoted trash!

    And all those Malays who voted for Zaid and for Pakatan (which won)in the majority of the previous by-elections since March 2008, they are ALL also anti Malay?

    Fact: 48% of M'sians, including Malays, voted for PKR/Pakatan at HS. That is the same % as voted for Pakatan at GE 2008 all over M'sia. If I were Najib, I'd not be shouting from the rooftop just yet because it looks like that 48% ain't gonna cross over to BN and the 2/3 barrier is going to remain firmly there!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  47. Bekah Pah12:04 am

    ...and you have your own blog? Pot calling kettle black... he he he

    But you see, you can post shit in this blog and Rocky still allows it.

    It's laughable the way you were hitting back at Warrior 231. No match la class, no punch at all, lembik, dayus, pondan.

    Go kick some goats behind you shag and come back here again, see if you enough power.

    DPP a disgRACE to this beautiful nation.

  48. Anonymous12:15 am

    “a couple of friends registered down there but living in KL are not even bothered to vote simply coz there is no Melayu bermaruah worth voting for.”

    “Put a Malay candidate…….”

    I love cut and paste. Fortunately BN don’t simply do cut and paste.


  49. tebing tinggi12:58 am

    Should we congrulate Kamalnathan or should we congrulate the Hulu Selangor voters especially the Malay voters who make the majority for thier aceptance and tolarance are in demands for the sake BN, in this byelection.
    I dont have the knowdldge of any promise or promises made to them, unlike Chinese and Indians ,though they are not in decisive position and are known to be not siding the BN.
    IT has been a known fact that the BN only targating the other component group ,confident that the Malay will always throw thier support on them.
    PRU 12 should be a good lesson to learn from especially for UMNO.


    1 sekolah> 1 bahasa> 1 Malaysia

  50. Anonymous1:18 am

    DEY donplaypuks,

    A win is a win
    Lu apa mau kelentong kat sini?

    shooooo go play with your puk@.

    sob sob sob eyes swollen!!


  51. Anonymous9:24 am

    I think between Warrior and dpp - the peabrain belongs to dpp who has not shown any intellectual debate worth reading

    he is just good for being a petty old man who called others NAMES

    definitely very childish - symptom of a retard

  52. And out comes all the sore losers and sour grapes.

    Small margin but what sweet victory for us REAL Selangorians. Again I stress, the real ones are the 3rd,4th,5th onwards generations of Selangor born whether it's Hulu, Ulu, Klang or PJ and none of that sudah bermastautin di Selangor selama 30 tahun nonsense and those whose kampungs lie OUTSIDE of Selangor.
    We will take back our beloved Selangor from those wannabes and good for nothing Pakatan Rakyat. And let me tell you guys, ain't no one is going to rain on our parade or deny us.

    We won.

  53. Anonymous10:53 am

    Sure Kam Lan won by 1725 votes. Nah, it wasn't vote-buying....he won it fair and square - as a square peg in the round hole of Warrior 231.


  54. Anonymous12:03 pm

    I was suprise that no MCA come out openly to condemn Ibrahim Ali after his stupid statement on the allocation of funds to the Chinese.
    Why do the chinese abandon BN ?
    - Malay racist ppl like PERKASA & Ibrahim Ali
    - Mohideen with his I'm Malay first
    - Utusan M'sia everyday racist remarks
    - Follows now by Berita Harian
    - Umno guys that continues to condemn the Chinese & Indian as immigrants
    - Unfair treatment given to the real bumis ie the Orang Asli
    - Continues corruption by the govt dept in spending lavishly
    - UMNO goons relentess bashing of Lim Guan Eng's rule in Penang

    These are just some of the reasons why. It has nothing to do with the problems in MCA. MCA as far as the chinese is concern are irrelevant.

    To BN especially UMNO , don't continue to treat the chinese like a pariah. We may just keep quiet but comes election, we speaks thru the ballot box.
    We may pretend to be stupid but once we have spoken, it hurts.
    We are not beggars. Chinese are the biggget contributors to the income tax. We pay to the govt.
    We don't expect any return but be kind to us. We will know what to do if we see that BN is sincere.
    Until then, please do not humiliate us.
    Sincere Chinese.

  55. Anonymous12:46 pm

    the million dollar question = who asked Rocky to "block" another's comments??

    from such a request we conclude that this requestor, do not, I repeat, DO NOT believe in freedom of speech

    jeng jeng jeng ... none other that the 1human race propagandist

    the loudmouth dpp

    luckily for us all, DATUK ROCKY did not accede to such a dictatorial request - coz rocky believes in freedom of thought as well as the expression of them

  56. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Dei Chakiliyan faggot DPP

    1. Clutching at the straws, eh that even a 90 vote gain after all that blabbering and slobbering by arsie and hs pals for close to 2 weeks gains you an extra 90 Chingkie cocksucklers Might proud eh of such a notable achievement?

    Dei pundek, that figure suggests limits up, ur arsesponge of a brain should be discerning enough to get that but I doubt if you have anything but shit in that cranial cavity. It means that support for ur fellow faggot coterie of scumbags has leveled at 23K and no more shall PR gain in those parts.

    2. So still being porikee gatekeeping pariah dog for Haris,eh? Dei shithead, listen here real careful, dont you dare gatekeep here anymore chakilli boy for you have no locus satndi to determine what the blogger alllows and disallows. Be like the rest of us commenters here and understand the no:1 rule of commenting which is : Dont impose your fuckedup views on the blogger as to how he runs his blog. You can do that at HI's blog for that chakiliy thai oli is amenable to faggots like you rather than grizzled warriors like me. In fact, he was so shitty scared that he even crafted a post regarding me to rally support for a proposed ban but got farted in his face instead. The creep had to rescind his plans and I got pretty good mileage as the thread had almost 150 comments (minus mine) making it the No 2 post in terms of comments elicited. You got honored chakkili peon? eat your shit out after fucking mama..

    3. the wharf gang got a huge following eh? Fuck your motherlah idiot. The only following they have are among loser faggots, pedophiles, scumbags and oher lowlifes like you. In fact, such is their inconsequence tht all their projects like the anti-Isa candle vigils, the goth tea drinking sessions and other madcap ventures have all run aground. I hear the Sodomites and Bestial Movement (SABM) is also in deep shit with no response for the programs except from gayboys like you. whores, pedophiles and other social psychos and sickos. U beter tell them to stop their electioneering antics too lest they get bashed up for trespassng and worse trying to seduce menopausal village dames, young kids, livestock etc to satiate their perverted lusts. News from the ground in US indicate that the descriptions given match that of those perverted sexual sociopaths you mingle with and I am in the midst of verifying that.

    Now chakiliyan dog, run along and lick ur master's arse before telling him that we Malays are united in our stand to rid this earth off perverted abominations like him. Then fuck ur mother, get her to eat ur cum and let her gag on ur puny cock or diseased ejaculate for burdening us with a Mongoloid, brain wrecked slimeball like you.

    Warrior 231


  58. Kelakar tgk DPP maki Warrior 231. No flair langsung. Its like a verbal match where DPP kena headlock and kena tumbuk laju2 dgn Warrior 231.I never really read DPP stupid comments but this one really caught my attention.

    Anyways.. I'm angry at the chinese in general now because of HS. I bet a lot are like me.

  59. "dpp
    ...and you have your own blog?" Bekan Pah.

    Hello racist twit. Don't know how to check got blog or not? Pathetic!

    And warrior 231 got class? Yeah, tong sampah masterbates kelas! Heh, heh, heh!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  60. Anon 9.24

    Yeah, warrior sure got "intellectual debate worth reading" like 90% filthy words. I'm sure that's why your parents sent you to school for - to learn that from the sickos!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Rcae

  61. warrior 231

    "no:1 rule of commenting which is : Dont impose your fuckedup views on the blogger as to how he runs his blog."

    Yeah, the lord god gave you the sole rights, that's why you need a slipper in the kisser like Bush!

    "the wharf gang got a huge following eh? Fuck your motherlah idiot. The only following they have are among loser faggots, pedophiles, scumbags and oher lowlifes like you".

    Heh, heh, heh! If that's your best shot, retire now coz even those anons here who think you got "intellectual debate" will puke. Go take a look at wharfman's blog count, loser!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  62. tylerdurden

    Aiyoyo, why so so angry with the Chinese?

    At HS. they voted for a Malay, Zaid Ibrahim, mah! You didn't know? That can't be racist, can it?

    What, you think UMNO/BN has got a god given permanent claim on Malay votes? Well, read PAS, read PKR and read DAP!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  63. Anonymous1:42 am

    Sincere Chinese

    ....We are not beggars. Chinese are the biggget contributors to the income tax. We pay to the govt..

    If you are truly sincere, show the figures "biggest contributors" here la... jangan sekadar asyik nak kelentong..You work in Petronas ka?


  64. Anonymous1:45 am


    "Why not you admit the fact that you lied regarding the Confucius thingy when the whole world knows that you were exposed as doing so? Is it too much for your inflated ego?"

    "you shift goalposts ala SG1066 by bringing the Han dynasty into the equation to confute the issue. If as you claim you asked a straight question, what is there to stop him/her or us from demanding you give a straight answer for your false assertions."

    "is akin to a little bully demanding his victim stay on to receive his spite"

    "Appears to me that your comments are of the hilarious variety. Whether its avoidance of issues, confuting the discussion or even outright lying"

    "Rhan, seems to me you have been caught out by the Qin and currency thingies and been nursing a grudge ever since. Chill out man,and a scotch is as good as any"

    Hey, i love cutting and pasting too especially when it is about one Chinese on another. Maybe as they say, "one good turn deserves another"

    Ketchup & Chilli Sauce

  65. Anonymous5:27 am

    Dei Chakilliyan dildoed parian pundek (DPP) kalathai,

    Fuckhead...just out of momma's cunthole? What a filial gayboy who puts up a comment once he had finished licking momma's arse clean, tonguing her shriveled cunt and trying his darnest to doggiestyle fuck her to sleep. I am sure she must have sighed good riddance to her hubby's diseased drop of wasted sperm..useless in everything including satisfying mama on demand.

    Dei thaioli chakiliboy, the wharfman's "huge" count was courtesy of his kissing up Bru's arse probono all those years ago.You know, do a "karpal" of taking a rebel's glamour case and revel in the refracted glory.Ask bru, who taught your chakilliyan pimp to blog when he was a nobody and who sourced traffic to his damn blog when he was tied up in knots behind those cheapboard doors beside some damn church in Allahforsaken Bentong.

    Cocksuckling sonofabitch, grandpabutt fucking fiend and pinkarse ramming pervert, we know too who his ardent supporters are. Faggots, animal fuckers, pedophiles,whores,trannies, pimps and the sociopathic and sexual dregs of society. The "Who and Who of Skid Row" who got the Sodomites and Bestial Movement (SABM)up and running on the embers of failed ISA uprisings, Goth seances, candlight orgies with little girls in tow etc etc.Pondan scums who will not stand to be counted when push comes to shove as the ISA demo and Perak road antics demonstrated last year.

    These are the types of people your OC licking mum and dad taught to consort with given their prized shitbrain's zero potential. Yeah..get the moron to ride with an arsewhore at the helm to plunder the national coffers dry and leave MALAYsia trampled underfoot like Kelantan (circa;1990-now).

    U know, clitleech cum arseworm, that aint gonna happen as HS attests and more is in store as the awakened Melayu bermaruah seize this land back from your filthy paws and drive you lot into the sea where even the fish would avoid your bloated putrid corpses. The fact that you are always latching to ex_UMNO scumbags and rejects speaks volumes of your collective morality or the lack of it.And you have to leverage on those links cos you CUNT come up with a candidate from your loser ranks. Why, if HI is immensely popular and is a millionhits man, get him to run for Parliament to show his mettle and his popularity. I am sure he will lose his deposit and have his arse torn to shreds at the hustings given his PERVERT agenda of ayahpinahmadi hocus pocus, pro-homo, procommie and chingkie-biased policies. As I said, you lot cant walk the talk as you have no legs , much less a cock,to begin with, braindead invalid slimeballs.

    Sole rights? Dei, be a MAN if you have a cock, even the dead one that grandpa suckles will do, and admit that YOU are the gatekeeper. The evidence is overwhelming, period and no amount of keling pariah twisting is gonna erase that reality. Even snakes would be embarassed to be found slithering anywhere near scum like you given your abnormal multiforked tongue cleaving the air with doubletalk hypocrisy and tripletalk lies.

    Cant get over the fact that I got a post all for myself(31/8/2009) at PP? Well, learn to live down the fact that a puny cocked peon like u doesnt deserve a mention or even a nod except amongst denizens of the sewer.

    One more thing, dont give us the crap of ZI being a Malay. We know how he so loves being a Melayu that he will even race horses named "Melayu" to symbolically allude to his hidden angst.

    Now dust yourself down and trudge back to master. He will get you to arselick and cocksuckle him before he buttfucks you to mend your shattered ego.

    I am already expecting that you will come back with another lame repartee "for once a porikee chakiliyan always a porikee chakiliyan"...get that. Now scram and go think about more garbage to write next as you waste your boss' precious time and lose him clients by delivering his stuff late.

    Warrior 231

  66. Anonymous8:40 am

    Sincere Chinese @ 12:03 PM

    You expect the awakened Malays/Bumiputras to believe you??

    This is a WEAK attempt at self-righteous DAMAGE CONTROL.

    Najib is definitely UNLIKE paklah. His star is shining, so you either shine together with Najib/BN or you can crawl into some dark dungeon with the de facto partyless leader of pkr.

    LKS LGE KS GDS NA ZI and esp AI will never ever get to the top echelon of political power.

    To date you can hold on to your claim of economic superiority (and yet your race is still DEMANDING for handouts from the Malay govt).

    But very soon the majority race WILL wrest it from you, now that YOU have shown your TRUE colours.

  67. Anonymous8:52 am

    yahoo !!!

    "Dei Chakiliyan faggot DPP" you kena GST - Gasak Sampai Teruk ... in truly colourful language, courtesy of Warrior 231.


  68. charlekiwi9:08 am

    To the Warrior or should he be called a mother fucker
    and sister babi,

    Can I tell you for the last time that you may have learned a few bombastic words but you are still an uneducated mother fucker babi.
    Most of your readers, if not all of them, would not comprehend a word of what you are trying to convey. As such the aim of your blogs are defeated .
    Did not your teacher put into the thick skull of yours that to the purpose of blogging is to convey your believe and feelings to as many as possible. Instead you try to impress the uneducated bastards pf your kind and revert to calling people names, a clear sign of what you are. You use foul, offensive, and vulgar languages ! What a bloody disgrace to your race or is it a reflection of what they are ?
    May be your father, before he died ,did not teach you that two wrongs don't make a right ? Or may be you should go back to school and be educated for a change. Go now and get a NDP scholarship to be educated and stop fucking your sister and mother. Your shenanigan Mahathir said so in his book that the problem with all your kind is the love to commit incest.
    Now what is your feeling like being called names and foul, vulgar and offensive words being used on you ?
    Be true to your kind and your religion and convey whatever it has to be written in decent language and words.
    To all those who salute his filth, without understanding a single word of what he has got to convey, you too go and do what your are good at ,fuck your sister and your mother.

  69. Anonymous10:11 am


    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. It’s too bad that flattery coming from you isn’t worth much.

    We present our point base on what we know, and you only care about who and race, see the difference?






  71. Anonymous2:32 pm

    charlekiwi should be commended coming to dpp's rescue

    but the attempt is so LAME, he should not have even tried

    What makes you think that we don't understand Warrior - aawwww just becoz you don't understand does not mean we don't

    You see the Malays have been TOO gracious for TOO long, resulting in INGRATES blind to history and the constitution (HS is testimony to this)

    Well, Warrior 231 has the RIGHT approach to teach you some sense, and we are ALL enjoying every bit

    Like they say it takes a thief to catch a thief

    We all can see that Warrior is making a big IMPACT on your kind

    Bless his noble intentions.

  72. Nzain3:15 pm

    Kiwi 9.08

    How does lancau sound to you? Good eh? What are you...goddamn racist or what?!! What's up with all the "your kind your race" comments? In trying to show up Bro Warrior you end up looking very much like a bloody racist. Get off your high horse, stop looking down your nose and butt out of their quarrel. People curse. And swear. To each other. In the real world. All over the world. Whether they went to Harvard or ha ha limkokwing college. You..can continue to be a prim and proper hypocrite in your own fantastic world.
    What a jerk.

  73. Anonymous3:50 pm

    The pathetic selfjerking cumless kiwi bird aka Charleskiwi

    1. bombastic words?

    Comment: Sad to hear that you dint get a decent education in the pariah/chingkie ghetto you received your education in. No surprises as they have no teachers there but fuckbeasts with racist shit and grandiose delusions hardwired between them earlobes. That is why you lot have to go for corrective surgery in them remove classes to realign your synapses and give you a fresh infusion of serotonin.

    Examples of your pathetic attempts at bombast is replete in ur comment. A classic one: "shenanigan Mahathir". wow, i never heard of that one and dint know that shenanigan could qualify a specific ..what a stupid fellatist who doesnt know how to use words but loves to show off the zilch he knows.
    Biar papa otak asal ada gaya buntut.....hahahahahaha

    2.Most of your readers, if not all of them, would not comprehend a word of what you are trying to convey. As such the aim of your blogs are defeated

    response: Sure, only you would not comprehend given your innate hereditary idiocy + the no quality education received at your vernacular ghettoes. Now dont indulge in "projecting" onto others your deficiencies to cover your lack of brains.Maybe, if you spend more time looking up ur dictionary instead of jerking your dicktionary, you would know how to write better.

    3.May be your father, before he died ,did not teach you that two wrongs don't make a right ?

    comment; Seems to me yours dint as would most Chingkie and Hindulen fathers given their penchant of wasting time in gambling dens, whorehouses, toddy joints etc. No wonder their little kiwis grow up fattened on shit and 'whorepiss' till they write: "....stop fucking your sister and mother." to show their perverted and pathetic understanding of "two wrongs dont make a right.". Some moralist ala DPP gobbing shit here, arent you?

    4.Be true to your kind and your religion

    comment : Yeah, preach that to your fellow sewer rats, cuntlouses, clitleeches,arseworms and cockticks elsewhere in MT, PP etc where they spend their "whoreking" hours dissing Malays and Islam with the most vile expletives and most vitriolic sarcasm ever seen in cybersphere.Got the dickmuscle for that? I doubt it for they will laugh you off. Maybe, you are one them lowlives as well who gets indignant when trumped by a Melayu bermaruah,

    When I rise to defend my race and religion, you get touchy like some arsewhacked, mouthfucked, cocksuckling pondan.If you yearn for this to stop, get your bastard b(l)ogmasters to stop the shit being spewed in their b(l)ogs or I will push up the ante by firing on your damn religions, next. You better get into your pafucked brains that I am NOT your typical cloying variety of Malay pondan apologist of an identity-confused trannie who shrivels like a wallflower when your 'arsekinds' diss us. I am a Melayu Bermaruah and there is a whole lot of us waiting to reclaim MALAYSia from your ilk's arsefucking, cocksuckling, whorecunting, twatlicking, titfucking, pigarsing and dogcocksuckling piggypaws. Now scram back into your dad's trousers, flightless black kiwi bird and continue suckling his john, drinking his urine and arselicking him clean. Or are you HIS john taking a break from all that futile, painful jerking?

    Warrior 231

  74. Warrior 231

    Stop this nonsense and plain hypocrisy that Zaid is not a Malay. You yourself have written here about enjoying a tipple, blowjob and fantasy/kinky sex!

    Learn (I know that will be extremely difficult for you) to differentiate between a tipple, social drinking and an alcoholic. M'sian society at large, and I, doesn't care two hoots about this issue unless one is an inveterate alcoholic! And that Zaid ain't, by a long mile!

    And if you want a whiter than white Malay/Muslim candidate, you will have to sack most of our ambassadors (like raba raba), diplomats, the top elite in Govt (including the PM & DPM), Parliament and Senate, Army, Navy, Airforce, Civil Service, GLC's, Bank Negara, Banks, Plc's and the like.

    Then, there will be no qualified Bumi left to fulfill any top post anywhere or run the Govt!!

    As for owning horses, Mahathir owns a stable of at least 30 with an annual maintenance cost of over $500K. And the top race horse owners in the world are the Makhtoum brothers, Aga Khan, Sultan of Brunei and several other sheikhs!!

    Corruption, crime, economic plunder,incest, death from police shooting, vice - all these seem not important to you. But what else can anyone expect from a dyed-in-the-wool racist, bigot and NEP failure?

    As for your usual bag of filthly/vulgar language, what else can anyone say but that there's a paucity of intellectual coontent or wit?

    "Waste my boss' precious time"? Unlike you still crying over how after 40 years you are still being robbed by imaginary foes and waiting for more handout and ali baba contracts, I'm my own boss, run my own business without handouts and have never scrounged from the Govt for a living!!

    Eat your heart out, loser!

    we are all of 1 race, the HUman Race

  75. charlekiwi

    Good response to warrior 231's filth.

    We must stand up for decency and common sense!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  76. Anonymous10:30 pm

    National Geogpraphy material :

    `Even snakes would be embarassed to be found slithering anywhere near scum like you given your abnormal multiforked tongue cleaving the air with doubletalk hypocrisy and tripletalk lies.'

    ~warrior 231~

    you make my day...kah, kah, kah

    may Allah bless your noble and kind intention warrior.

  77. Anonymous12:13 am

    Dey dpp,

    Hang faham ke MAJORITY (your so called "Malaysian society at large") of Malaysians are Muslims?

    alchohol is HARAM...

    HARAM is HARAM..
    A WIN is a WIN.

    Aney mabuk todi ker?


  78. Anonymous8:57 am

    dpp@6:34 PM


    Good response to warrior 231's filth.

    We must stand up for decency and common sense!!


    dpp self-proclaim to represent decency and common sense?????


    Oh dear dear, Malaysia will be doomed, oh no no no no ...

    THAT is the greatest joke of the century.

    P.S. and don't plagiarise "Eat your heart out" tagline, eh. Stick to your tired and meaningless 1race.

  79. Anonymous8:59 am

    Looks like dpp is lethargic and losing steam. Maybe his true age is catching up, heh heh.

  80. Anonymous12:25 pm


    What I fail to understand is why you guys bother to engage the scumbag known as Warrior 231. It's obvious he has an inferiority complex, and I have explained many times before - he is the product of an incestuous relationship between his father and his mother. Hence he grew up with a pig face, and now hates pigs to no end.

    Just ignore him, and his incestuous genes will mean that his type will die out fairly quickly due to genetic defects.


  81. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Where the hell on this universe does a "pariah brain" and a "one human race" holds any "common sense" chemistry..??

    what a fuck up & a screwed up pariah indeed.. face thicker than the earth crust itself..what else can we expect coming from this desperate-to-look-good pariah brainer..typical example of classical stupidity..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  82. charleskiwi4:32 pm

    Warrior aka mother fucker,

    Ever heard this when the heart is full the mouth speaks ? It shows that when your heart is so full of filth they come out of your mouth.

  83. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Digarse Parian Pundek aka DPP

    Stop this nonsense and plain hypocrisy that Zaid is not a Malay........ run the Govt!!

    Response: The crux of my contention was never the drinking, that is established reality.It is you who have the difficulty in understanding what I am alluding to but then, that is perfectly normal as you were born deformed without a cerebellum in your cranial cavity and the harassed obstet had to take a lump of shit off your momma's arse, dump the stuff in there and stitch it up to give your skull its shape lest you look even more grotesque with a deflated crownthan you do now !! So thank life's small mercies for your current hideous mien is a vast improvemnt of what might have been.....hahahahaha

    Fancy a Melayu calling his racehorse "Melayu"..ptui! the gumption off showcasing his perverted pleasure at watching his selfdespised race being whiplashed down the homestraight by a chingkie/keling jockey to Chingkie whoops of delight from the turnstiles.

    Dei arsewhore pariah, dont give the shit about the liqour...that was peripheral as there were other more central issues that undermined his selfproclaimed Malaysness. Go here to read why Malays MALAYSia over consider this stooge as nothing more than pseudo-Malay marionette dancing to the tune of its Chingkie pimps.

    If as many (including u) claim that ZI is the astute polly, the cultured fatso with the elan to swat away his opponents with his charisma, his gift of the gab and his superior intellect, then why did he stoop to respond to "gutter campaigning" as he put it. A smart candidate would have adroitly shifted the focus, would have acted urbane by highlighting civil society concerns, economic issues, political/social malaise.
    Why dint he shift the campaign discourse that way, why dint he talk about development for HS, his plans for socio-economic upliftment etc, why scratch the mundane when he could have touched the sublime? The answer is simple: he has no brains, all style no substance, all jerks no cum, a dead cock who cunt consummate an electorate cunt's 2 year hankering for a real machosexual's cockthrusts. The same applies to the each and every drop of whore ejaculate you call the PR. None of them have got the intellect to address issues of national concern or even local concern. All they can do is showboat and indulge in runnunig down others as they did in Permatang Pasir ut when the tables are turned, scream "unfair" like funfair whores and pondans, the selfsame DNA soldered onto ur genes and the same cord-blood that percolates in ur veins.

    All they can do is carp like unorgasmised she bitches, cocksuckle their Chingkie dogs, bray like donkeys and act like monkeys. Since 1974, when we seized the treasury from the pig's hoofs, who has steered this country's fortune to be Asia's 3rd biggest exporting economy, to middle income status, to top 30 in WEF rankings etc...the Dogs and Pigs, Arsewhore and his cockhungry missus, Nikki and his turbaned gangsters?No, not cuntlice, twatroach and arseworms like them and u but MELAYU BERMARUAH.....get it Chakilliyan?
    (to be continued.....)

    Warrior 231

  84. Anonymous6:02 pm


    cerebral cortex not cerebellum.

    Warrior 231

  85. Warrior 231

    Why bother continuing. When we remove all the filth and vulgarity, we can summarize your words in 1 sentence:

    "KK Ali Perkosong, help, get me out of this straitjacket in Tj Rambutan where I've been since birth!!" Heh, Heh, Heh!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  86. Anonymous7:34 pm

    U know something chakili gayboy, the twisted nature of your thought processes are forever melded to your innate hypocrisy. And with that potent combination singed into ur genes, it is little wonder, u fete, the shoe polish the way you do.

    At 6.34pm you climb on your high horse and praise that ball of lice and tick infested pubic hair called Charles Kiwi. I am damn sure that cocksuckling bird would have been mighty chuffed with that praise for after all the "decency" you conferred its arselicking efforts validates its " fuck ur mother/sista theme song."

    When I used the same on you, gayboy, you screamed blue murder and that I was harbouring "oedipussian tendencies".
    Well, you have just affirmed my contention that you do by supporting that parian,CK. In fact, you would do us a favour by laying into that old pussy now (if ur dickmuscles are up to it),or suckle her shriveled louse infested clit to breaking point till the pressure gives her an embolism or vibrate her to hell with your shitcoated vibrator ( u know the contraption u use to dildo ur arse in sweet memory of pinklipped sighfools)or get her to gag on your flaccid cock as you try to cockthroat her through the samsara dimensions into moksha. Just desserts for a nature spayed old menopausal bitch who forgot to dispose her constipated mongoloid shit in the toilet bowl instead of in the obstet's room.

    Scumbags like you are the reasons as to why decent ordinary folks like us cannot enjoy political tranquility. Always carping like cockdeprived shebitches about discrimination, corruption, crime, etc. when the majority of MALAYSians want to go back to the halycon days of a benign and caring Ketuanan Melayu era as implicitly enshrined in the Constitution and explicitly sealed by the Social Contract. Why even the founding fathers in selecting MALAYa - Malay Peninsulahere - and MALAYSia have tacitly acknowledged the actual tuans of this land. They could have settled for Malchindia, Malchidia or any other permutations if equality between citizens was the goal but they DID NOT as they knw that this was, is and will be, inshaallah, forever the land of the Melayu Bermaruah, which is all pretty telling isnt it? and that was one of the core reasos for the Special Position of the Malays...get it arseworm?

    Let me ask you, leaving aside garbage perception indices churned out by living garbage, to what extent has corruption hindered development, are we living hand to mouth like in some African Bantustan cos of it, has FDI inflow all these years been hostage to corruption. Is crime so pervasive that people are shuttered behind arsenals dayin dayout, gibbering with two Magnums in hand and a string attached to a grenade pin strapped to their receding gums and Swiss knives in their holsters. Of course, you will spout it is so as you wiggle your butt along Lorong Haji Taib but that is selfinvited, for trawling a chingkie triad controlled redlight district with your butt upended hankering for some cockthrusts is sure to get some filthy faggot's blood racing for some butt action. But then again, you can also shred pinkarseholes (as you put it) and indulge in arseorgies within the privacy of secure Tivolis or Damansaras. So quit bitching that you are being persecuted, that crime is rampant, that corruption is endemic blah3.

    Get a life, nurture a healthy perspective of things, shed you perverted pals like a snake shedding its past and make all that permanent unlike Godfather, who went into remission awhile and now has lapsed, a telltale sign that he will end up soon with a steel dick lodged in his throat, his shitbrain blown to bits, his useless cock loped off and his arse torn to shreds by the maniacal existential despair of an angstridden Son.As for the Kiwi let it roost in its dad's crotch where it can cocksuckle and arselick him till kingdom come and go.

    Warrior 231

  87. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Dey dpp

    …“When we remove all the filth and vulgarity”

    that sounds comforting!!

    So please, bila you mau volunteer join the authorities go help wipe out the prostitutes den and catch all the pimps?.


  88. Anonymous8:58 pm

    dei dpp

    and when we remove your 1race howling, we get a thickly dark-skinned descendant of the caste system

    below the sparsely populated scalp, we get a fast deteriorating intellect coated with delusional rantings

    hee hee

  89. Anonymous5:05 am

    Charleskiwi, the hebetudinous bird.

    Do us a favour will you, just drop dead! One less, but still too many of your kind. We're not going to miss you and your filthy species. Honest, believe me.

    Our beloved Tanah Melayu will be better off without your like, you ungrateful SOB or if you can't just drop dead, go somewhere greener or redder than our Tanah Melayu.

    You'll see how you're going to be treated, you slit-eyed bunnieshit look alike chinks. Bark, bark, bark only in cyberspace. Cowards of the highest order, that is the appropriate tag for your f**ked up species.

    Your kind is good only for the dogs, pigs and yes, shit. Yours is a loss cause lah idiot. CGH - Chinks Go Home!

    Warrior 231, way to go, man! We are with you.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

    PS....Sorry Datuk Rocky for my beautiful language, can't help it. :)

  90. najib manaukau10:17 am


    I decided sometime ago not to engage with you in any communication, because you are beyond any redemption. I suppose you are a by product of a incest
    relationship as said in by your shenanigan Mahathir.
    To begin with you disguised yourself as a Warrior or even AAAA when you should really be calling yourself a Coward or a Chicken. See the similarity here both of those two words start with C.
    Also you are a bloody disgrace to the Malay race and the Muslims that you call yourself to be. You were challenged countless times to take a DNA test to prove you are a Malay. You do not have what most men have in between their legs to accept the challenge to this day ! A real coward and a chicken that you are.
    Instead of accepting the challenge like a real warrior you gave all kind of excuses and brought in names of three Chinese that you used vulgar and offensive language to come to your recuse. A real warrior will die for his believe !
    Sad thing was and still is, you just fail to accept the DNA test to show that you are indeed a true Malay. Because a true Malay will not be as vulgar and offensive as you are.
    You also claim to be a Muslim which you cannot be, because if you are, you would have been a suicide bomber or even a holy fighter in the Middle East . Where millions of Muslims were and are killed and millions more would be killed in days to come. And what are you doing about it except to mew out like a cat pretending that you are roaring like a lion ? A cat may be a member of the cat family but would never ever become a lion !
    As usual, every time you change the subject that is been debated and this time you even tried to be an English teacher just to deviate from the main topics of discussion. You used offensive languages and threatening words on those who disagree with you.
    Don't forget for every word you uttered you will get it back in double the amount or even more.
    With attitudes like these how can you call yourself a Warrior or a Muslim ? I am surprised that your most offending and filthy postings are allowed to appear here when they are so vulgar and offensive. But I supposed beggar is no chooser when your postings are not given any space in any other blogs ? Why if you are so good with what you write ?
    You have therefore failed, as I said before, to convey your inner feelings and thoughts as a Malay or as a Muslim.
    Finally how can you convince a non Muslim to become a Muslim with the kind of foul,filthy and offensive languages used by you and that of your supporters.
    Isn't that is what a Muslim is suppose to be doing ?
    Finally please be told you all are a bloody disgrace to Allah created Malay ( not to the half breeds that Umno created Malay like shenanigan Mahathir ). So stop using these foul, filthy and offensive languages before it is too late.

  91. Anonymous7:27 pm

    najib manaukau @ 10:17 AM

    reply "aku sekarang Perdana Menteri"

    Heh heh, this fler sound like a preacher who does not practise what he preaches

    A good Malay Muslim will have to do what it takes for self-defence - in this case: shit for shit, garbage for garbage.

    Graciousness, Goodness, Etiquette does not work on ruffians - like they say "never cast pearls before swines"

    Swines appreciate scraps. So in order to teach a thief, you have to act like a thief.

    P.S. those who consume pork also condemn pigs, but they still eat pork - strange!!

  92. najib manaukau2:24 pm

    Anon 7.27,

    You should become a suicide bomber and blow the non Malay Muslims into thousand of pieces together with you.
    The world will surely be a more peaceful and better place to live in without you. I will gladly pay for your plane fare (1sr class) to anywhere you choose to go in the Middle East. How is that for an incentive. So please go and blow the non Muslims to pieces and may be Allah will then have you borne again as a real Malay and not a pendatang from Indonesia.

  93. grizzled beer gut "warrior (ha!ha!)" 231

    "At 6.34pm you climb on your high horse and praise...Charles Kiwi."

    Er, have you finally flipped? what's the relevance of 6.43PM?

    "Scumbags like you are the reasons as to why decent ordinary folks like us cannot enjoy political tranquility"

    You are disqualified from the human race. So, "ordinary" and "decent" don't apply to mental asylum sickos like you!!

    "Always carping...about discrimination, corruption, crime"

    And if that's wrong, you'll have to hang 98% of bloggers including RB!! Note that exposing corruption is not anti-Malay or against GovT. It's about exposing bad governance. It's every Malaysian's duty. I don't expect brain dead zombies like you to understand that!

    "the majority of MALAYSians want to go back to...caring Ketuanan Melayu era as implicitly enshrined in the Constitution and explicitly sealed by the Social Contract. Why even the founding fathers in selecting MALAYa - Malay Peninsula here - and MALAYSia have tacitly acknowledged the actual tuans of this land."

    If the majority have tacitly or overtly agreed, what's your worry? You worried about the minority with no voice or power? Typical BS and false bravado from one suffering from inferiority complex and a chip on the shoulder!

    And here's the icing on the cake confirming you are a lulu:

    "They could have settled for Malchindia, Malchidia or any other permutations.."

    Malchindia? Malchidia? Every Malayan at that time, Chinese and Indian would have cringed and revolted against such inane suggestions!!

    And you always seem to conveniently forget that Sabah and Sarawak, who were never part of MALAYA or MALAYSIA before 1963, have equal rights in MALAYSIA. So, wither your Ketuanan?

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  94. Anonymous7:11 am

    Hey najib manaukau

    suicide bomber? nnaahhh, unnecessary - where you are concerned, WORDS are sufficient. See we can sense your 'ruffled feathers' heh heh

    pay for 1st class ticket?? again nnahhh, no one would touch your money coz we don't know how it's earned, is it halal money??

    as to your suggestion?? triple nnnaahhh, WHO in the world is najib 'aku Perdana Menteri' that we should listen to???


  95. Anonymous7:16 am

    "you'll have to hang 98% of bloggers including RB!! Note that exposing corruption is not anti-Malay or against GovT. It's about exposing bad governance. It's every Malaysian's duty"

    wow spoken like a real hero!!

    so dpp, WHEN you gonna start exposing the governance of PKR in their newly acquired states, eh??

    don't be one-sided, ok anney?

  96. Anonymous3:20 pm


    ...Every Malayan at that time, Chinese and Indian would have cringed and revolted against such inane suggestions!!

    Baru sekarang gua tau the Chinese and Indians are called Malayans..

    All those days when I asked them, with so much pride the answes; gua Tongsanmali punya olang, saya Tamil Naduwaurang sana marrrri..


  97. najib manaukau9:05 am

    Anon 7.11,

    Is money from Genting or from other gambling sources halal ?
    Why use them for NEP or NDP ? Not to mention building mosques and places for the Muslims to pray in ?
    You appear to be a very holy man and Islam is short of man to commit suicide please blow the non Muslims up. They are killing thousands of Muslims up everyday but don't forget to also blow yourself up too and make sure in thousand of pieces ! And may Allah bless you !

  98. Anonymous6:33 pm

    my oh my ... dear dear najib 'aku Perdana Menteri'

    I didn't realise my words, mind you, only words could have such as impact on you man

    relaklah brader, no one is committing suicide over a debate (dosa besar), no one is blowing up bombs over "friendly chit chat"

    if you can't engage in an intellectual discourse, just keep quiet man and of course keep your thoughts to yourself

    my advise to you ... just read other people expressing their TRUE intellectual views

    hee hee

    P.S. what has genting got to do with me, is that where you earn the money you want to sponsor my 1st class ticket??

    phew, get a life man!

  99. najib manaukau9:17 am

    Anon 6.33 p.m,

    Don't pretend not to understand what Genting meant in my posting.
    Or is this just an excuse to go for another NDP paid holiday on the pretext to be educated ?
    Especially so when you pretend that you do not want to have anything to do with non halal money earned to school, feed, and most of all to clothe you.
    Without the non halal money from Genting and so countless other gambling outlets in Malaysia to generate these non halal you would not have the funds for the NDP or shall I shall the clutches Umno is giving you.
    You will continue to greater need of the non halal money even after the money from black gold has run out.
    Please be reminded the non halal money was here long before the black gold was even found.
    You are nothing but a big hypocrite !!!
    May be you should have the non halal money you make use of daily washed or cleaned seventy times with sands and stones before you would even touched them. Not to mention cheat and corruptly accept them from the non Muslims !
    The non Muslims have used and touched them everyday before it got to you remember !
    Still the offer to you on the 1st class ticket to anywhere in the Middle Ease is still available.
    To blow up the non Muslims and above all yourself up to a million pieces. Or may be to nearby Bali and blow up the many Hindu worshipers, but remember they are of your own kind ,Indonesians, plus yourself to a million pieces and leave the world to live a peaceful life !

  100. Anonymous10:41 pm

    tsk tsk tsk

    dear dear najib 'aku Perdana Menteri', you are starting to ramble and rant and repeating yourself like a tired and spoilt record player, man

    why don't you sponsor yourself to Bali for a retreat - to unwind and get off that bombing theme of yours

    I can assure that I have never touched any sen from UMNO, dearie

    so don't make too many presumptions or you end up making as ASS of yourself (I am not involved)

    From your rambling, it's quite obvious you know NOTHING much about Islam and Muslims, what teenie weenie bit you know are all from the western-owned press

    poor chap, really go get a life and mix a little bit more about the majority race in Malaysia - it's good for you in the long term if you call yourself a true Malaysian

    ta ta najib 'aku disini' heh heh

  101. najib manaukau10:51 am

    Anon 10.41

    There you go again deviate and change the subject I am discussing. Call me any names you want to because that is what you are go at.
    You may not have taken any money from Umno but you surely must have taken money, directly or indirectly, from the government that is Umno for the last 53 years. Part of that money must have come the gambling sources and as such they are non halal you got it non halal. To you I have to sound like a broken record player in order to have the message send across that thick skull of yours. Just like
    the same when you went to school and your teacher had to repeat his or her messages many times just so you can comprehend the messages.
    So now go and blow up the non Muslims that you call them names and threaten to cut off their limbs or even their lives. I am just making easy for you to do that by paying your 1st class ticket to go and do so. May be just for once you don't have to corruptly take the money or touch the non halal money that you talk about. Take my offer and most of all you are also doing mankind a big favour by blowing yourself up to a million pieces.
    Just one last advice try for once don't touch the non halal money from the government. I may be asking too much to ask the cripple to walk without the crutches !