Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Johari:I blew whistle on Israeli link in PDRM

Updated: Johari, who claims to be the one who exposed a possible Israeli link in the PDRM two years ago, said Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim should not have made public a national security issue. Read H E R E.

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Original posting
"Anwar's revelation was mine!" Ex-journo Johari Ismail, who once lodged a police report against the Prime Minister, has called for a press conference tomorrow 11 am at Riverside Cafe, PWTC, to claim credit as the dude who first told the authorities about the Israeli operatives within the PDRM. He told me he lodged a report about this last year.

"Someone leaked the report to Anwar. The cops must investigate my report and now the leakage," he told me this morning.

He won't say anything more. Saving it for the press conference. Will update tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous12:28 pm


    old news. These guys have been in Bukit Aman for ages...

    Both Pakatan and BN playing the anti-semitic card, but dua2 sama.

    Anwar with his jewish links and NAjib's Omar Ong is kaki jew no.1.


    the joke is on UMNO- in denial.

    I'm bored with Najib... time for a new Prime Minister...

  2. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Is Johari a refree to blow whistle? Are we in a football game? Johari exposed this when Najib was the second most powerful man in the country? Why didnt Najib, risk everything an expose the Israil link? Is power more important to Najib then exposing Israil link?

  3. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Penipuan Didahulukan, Kuasa Diutamakan

  4. 1Anwar
    Penipuan Didahulukan, Kuasa Diutamakan

  5. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Dah lah tu... RPK dah highlight benda ini in 2008. Nak ambil kredit konon.

  6. I believe it was RPK who early 2009 disclosed the Singapore-Isareli involvement in what was touted $4 billion for various computerisation contracts packages awarded by Govt/EPU/PDRM.

    I recall the IGP then denied any knowledge of the subcontracts to S'pore-Israelis and that he would be "looking into it!!"

    It's strange the IGP now wants more info from DSAI when he should have wrapped up investigations in 2009 based on all info revealed by RPK.

    After all, national security AND big bucks is involved and the iGP doesn't need to stand on ceremonies while the foreign spies flee with the billion $ moola!!

    What gives?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  7. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Bad things happen for a reason
    When a lie breaks
    It don't break even
    And SPUN words gonna stop the bleeding.

  8. Correction. RPK's expose title "ISRAEL BEHIND PDRM’S INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND SECURITY SYSTEM" was 1st posted on M2Day on Friday 27 June 2008.

    Check extracts at:

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  9. Siti Nadiah2:14 pm

    Tak kisahlah siapa yang mula-mula membangkitkan isu ini. Kita harus berterima kasih kepada pembangkang kerana mendepankan isu ini, sebab kalau tidak, tak timbul-timbul pulak.

    Yang penting ialah kerajaan BN telah membenarkan Polis Diraja Malaysia dimasuki perisik Zionis
    dari Israel.

    Ini hakikat yang tidak boleh dielak dan harus ditangani dengan serius.

    Menurut parti PAS, ini mencabar dan mencalar maruah Raja-Raja Melayu. Nak baca lagi? Pegi sini.

    Yang aku nak tanya kat Rocky satu jer. Memandangkan Rocky aktif mempertahankan kedaulatan institusi Raja-raja, mengapa Rocky rajin menyokong kerajaan BN yang telah mencalarkan maruah institusi Raja-raja?

  10. samidol2:14 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Is Johari a refree to blow whistle? Are we in a football game? Johari exposed this when Najib was the second most powerful man in the country? Why didnt Najib, risk everything an expose the Israil link? Is power more important to Najib then exposing Israil link?

    12:32 PM

    That's because a smart man does not put himself at risk. If he can make the changes from within, why not?

  11. cilako ko rocky!

    berani ko dedahkan cerita najib bersekongkol dengan yahudi!!

    i used to respect u...

    now i wont read your blog anymore..

    wont even buy malay mail!

    u r a turncoat!!!!

  12. Ciku Rosak2:23 pm

    RPK dah highlight lama lagi daaaa...

    Johari ni lambat betui!

  13. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Anwar Peliwat Cetek Otak Asyik Pusing Cakap Orang

    Begitulah juga pengikutnya....

    "Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat" - Karpal Singh


  14. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Israel? Zionist? What la...this issue is so yesterday..Find la some new issue. Malaysians are not in the 70s anymore..We dont care about Israel etc. What can they do these days? Communism, Zionism etc etc is no longer news la. Grow up, or let others take over. We need fresh leaders and oppositions that think for the future, not harp on old issues. Nowdays it's only about economics. We need jobs, money, food...Not mentally tortured by useless issues raised for own personal and political gains!

  15. Hahahaha! UMNO is funny!3:18 pm

    When it comes to leaks, no one is a bigger expert than the member of parliament for Kinabatangan. From menstrual leaks to the dead obvious "leak" that Zahrain Mohamed Hashim has been generously paid to say what he said about the present state of PKR, no one is as famous in the world as this leaky expert from Malaysia. Wonder what Bung Moktar Radin would say about this particular leak? That this journo is stupid enough to take the credit for this Jewish nonsense (why is UMNO and their supporters buying this?) when it was the great Raja Petra himself who revealed it well before him?

  16. Betul ke ada agen israel di bukit aman? Betul ke berlaku 'leakage' maklumat siasatan? This means espionage activity and breach of security!Are all this true or are just pages from Earnest Hemingway great books.

    Espionage is too intricate and sensitive to the nation's security to be a subject of discussion here.
    Let the relevant authorities handle the matter in ways they know best. Anyone interested in nasi campur can go ahead with the subject in details. Dont fool around with our men in black. Chow,roger and out.

  17. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Wow, what a big revelation.
    Now get back to work!

  18. Anonymous4:02 pm


    There seems to be too many issues being revealed now. Where does it stop? I am not surprised after this it is revealed that there is an Israeli mole in the Ministry of Defence, The Ministry of Finance, The PM's Office or for that matter the PM's Residence!

  19. Anonymous4:03 pm

    So what is the message?

    Johari is going to do an about turn and say that he was forced by someone very powerful in PKR to do that police report?

    And Johair is going to say that the report is not true, therefore trying to prove that:

    a. Anwar is lying..because
    b. There is no truth in the report by him (Johari).

    I believe this fellow is now going for special intensive coaching to face the media esok.

    Keep in folks


  20. PERKASA Totally Rocks4:25 pm

    In Sympathy with Matthias Chang, by Martin Jalleh.

    A must-read for those who champion against Matthias Chang's "mistreatment" by the court of law.

  21. Anti-Zion; Pro-humanity4:30 pm

    Accept the fact that Zionist (as opposed to Jewish) sleeper agents are everywhere. Ada converts lagi (those individuals who were blackmailed) through sexual entrapment. Financial services they are everywhere. Apa nak deny??

    Learn to live with it or maybe play them at their game?

  22. Now that I know that the Malaysian PDRM has had the counsel of Israeli experts, I gotta give them some more respect.

  23. ambo ingatkan semua pihak, SILA TUTUP ISU ISRAEL ini! Seluruh DUNIA duk Perhati kat Kita Right Now! Actually, Hari ini 4.48 petang 7 april 2010 Israel telah pun menguasai 3/3 dunia. So, What NONSENSE to Bising-bising!

  24. Anonymous5:07 pm

    borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring !!

  25. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Its not the Israelis. They dont care abt us too much. Watch out for the Brits. ALL our cellular phone frequencies are seeded with MI5 compliant codes.

  26. Koko Bokoko6:46 pm

    Berita Parlimen Hari Ini:

    1 pemimpin PKR, 1 pemimpin PAS dan 1 pemimpin DAP masing-masing kena atau akan kena gantung dari Parlimen sebab APCO.

    Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) yang dirujuk kepada jawatankuasa disiplin sekarang disertai Mahfuz Omar (PAS) hari ini, dan hari ni Karpal Singh (DAP) dibuang dari Parlimen sebab membantah kerana Speaker enggan membincangkan isu APCO walaupun ia wajib dibincangkan mengikut peraturan Parlimen.

    Kenapa UMNO mengganas dan takut sangat tentang APCO?

  27. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Omar Ong... is he that bad...
    we were school mate and know him since his name is Gordon Ong.
    He is sure a genius type as he can become best student without need to study hard...

  28. Bro Rocky:

    Saya telah buat link your blog to my blogs. Appreciate if you can add mine too.

  29. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Anti ISA candle light vigil

    At Dataran Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor on Saturday 10 April, 2010 starting at 8.30 pm. All supporters and members of the public are invited to attend.

  30. Anonymous10:11 pm

    dpp made a mistake???

    horror of horrors, btw only the GULLIBLE and the FOOLS would refer to MT for facts

    that site is for fairytales especially when the author cabut lari

  31. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Seriously, I have nothing against the Isrealis. However, the point we need to make is

    Why the nation is officially against Isreali has established Isreali linked company?

    You mean peasants can't drink wine while BABIs can till drunk. Why such hypocrisy? Mengapa?

  32. sniper10:19 pm


    off the topic. latest scoop ???

    Dato S.Subramaniam read Subra read Samy Vellu's long time deputy will be Najib's choice as MIC candidate at Hulu Selangor.

    eat your words Samy......

    p/s check Subra's hometown, which Indian Association he's the president for a few terms, etc etc?
    what formula did Najib use at bagan Pinang.

  33. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Bru, this is old news.

    They started to flood the country via MAS as early as 2005.

    Munir Majid is the black Jew assisted by Martin Barrow, the white Jew.

    Malaysian BAHLOL

  34. Anonymous11:36 pm

    apa yang digawatkan satu Malaysia ini. Jangan kita tunjukkan kedangkalan pemikiran pemimpin Malaysia di mata dunia. Huraikan satu persatu tentang apakah permasalahannya:-

    1. Adakah Malaysia hari ini melarang sebarang hubungan dengan Israel atau Kaum Yahudi? Secara rasmi negara kita hanya mengharamkan kemasukan ke Israel tetapi special pass boleh dipohon jika hendak ke sana. Menurut cerita kebanyakkan yang masuk ke Israel adalah penganut Kristian.

    2. Larangan sebarang urusan rasmi di antaa kerajaan adalah jelas tetapi laangan Dari segi perniagaan/pelaburan tidak diperincikan. Adakah menjadi kesalahan jika Ada urusan perniagaan/pelaburan dengan warga Israel atau kaum Yahudi.

    3. Setahu saya tiada profil seseorang ditulis sedetail di Malaysia. Mungkin warga Israel terlibat merantau ke Amerika mencari rezeki Dan kebetulan syarikatnya mendapat kontrak dengan kerajaan Malaysia. Jika begitu di masa hadapan segala perjanjian baik dengan kerajaan atau swasta mesti mempunyai Klausa larangan pengambilan kakitangan rakyat Israel bekerja dengan mereka atau kaum Yahudi.

    4. Janganlah berbahas di Dewan sehingga ke isu remeh temeh tanpa kebaikan kepada rakyat. Adakah pembangkang takde akal atau idea lagi.

    5. Anwar sendiri perlulah memperjelaskan penglibatan beliau dengan organisasi Yahudi/Israel kerana pembabitan beliau secara individu jelas menampakkan risiko kebocoran maklumat rahsia negara.

    6. Seorang risik/spy tidak perlu warga Israel atau Yahudi jika hendak beroperasi di Malaysia. Banyak petualang negara yang lebih berminat menjahanamkan keharmonian negara kerana meletakkan kepentingan peribadi melebihi negara.

    7. Pihak pembangkang perlulah mengusulkan di dalam Dewan Rakyat syarat-syarat atau sekatan yang perlu dikenakan ke aaas Israel; warganegara; perniagaan/pelaburannya ataupun bangsa Yahudi supaya dapat diluluskam sebulatsuara di Parlimen. Jangan hanya pandai menyalak tetapi tidak pernah mengemukakan idea bernas.

    Rakyat yang dah mual. ..........

  35. Spy Lemon7:55 am


    hahaha ... you are one stupid spinner and twisted keling.

    rpk broke the story?

    dont credit that stupid raja petra. he sold you all for money to escape to england.

    man ... if only you know the real happening.

    you should flush your head in the toilet bowl.

  36. Anonymous9:13 am

    Kunyit dimartabatkan,
    Melayu disisihkan

  37. Anonymous9:31 am


    When will Malaysians stop?

    Mention the word Jew, and Apco and it must be true. PDRM has been infiltrated etc....

    Where is the proof?

    How is it that the accusers always say there is proof and they will only show it at the right time???

    If you don't see it, don't believe it!

    MAn without Proof

  38. Pakatan Rakyat, Bersiap Sedia10:30 am

    Setuju dengan pengulas bernama PARAMESWARA yg menyebut:

    Johari akan cakap dia buat laporan itu, tapi dia dipaksa buat laporan tu, dan laporan itu tidak benar.

    Dia akan lakukan ini demi Tuan UMNOnya untuk menunjukkan Anwar tidak betul.

    Sekarang ni si Johari tengah diajar skrip cakap untuk press conference dia.

    UMNO memang hebat strateginya untuk menipu utk menyelamatkan dirinya.

    Pakatan Rakyat, lekas atur tindakan seterusnya!

  39. Anonymous10:44 am

    If you smell what the rock is cockin..!!!!

    That's in WWF or WWE...hahhaha...

    Anyway...what's after this?

    Najib an Isreali???!! Or Anwar married a Jew???!!!...

    I won't be surprise though...

    Politics in Malaysia has become like MASTIKA...

    I remember during its prime time there would always be people who claim that they can "see" or "speak" with ghost or spririts...

    Some would even claim that they have certain powers to capture ghost or whatever la...

    My point is, there were always people who dare to make stories just as long as they can be credited or whatever their intention is...

    Same like today's politic la...



  40. Anonymous2:48 pm

    so for money the chingkie omargordy'apco'ong sell anything

    a chingkie sells his mom, sis to be rich,
    this filosofi is too good for
    this chingkie omargordy'apco'ong....

    this chingkie gordy'apco'ongy sell his country to the zionistas...

    for god sake can somebody up there do somethin...

    looking back let us go through what our chingkie politicos
    had achieved...

    squander a few billion for a project that ought to have a
    few hundred million... the pkfz

    fornicated with someones wife and have the video distributed
    foa all to see his sexual prowess...

    [is fu*king someone's wife tantamount to 'never having to say sorry...?]

    Fu*k all the women you want, but pleazeee do'nt do it to 1 malaysia ,

    may god blessed 1 malaysia
    and put all the 'fu*ked up chingkies ' in hell..

    mokhtar cifut

  41. kah.....kah...kah....

    Tak lapor ke pasal ni RockyBN?

    kah... kah... kah....

    "The Selangor Barisan Nasional convention held yesterday seems to be a total failure with the Kapar MCA division 'walking-out' in protest for being the disrespect shown to their non-Umno coalition partners.

    Having been a BN event, Umno at the opening had its Umno song played after the BN song.

    Only Umno officials were seated on the grandstand while many top officials from the BN coalition partners, who were present, where made to sit with the crowd.

    It was further reported that Umno told those attending that non-Malays must be grateful to the Malays for giving them citizenship."

  42. Anonymous3:32 pm

    whats with this ninkompoop? (Johari Ismail)...he clashes with everyone and anyone...he tries to maintain himself as an inner circle journo, but in fact is nothing more than begging for partisan political alms on the sidelines.

    - Journo from the 80s-

  43. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Ini bodoh punya opposition ah reveal benda-benda yang tak penting ni buat apa?
    Buatlah benda macam kegiatan rasuah rsedekah ke, pecah amanah balak ke, seks luar tabii atau kantoi buat strateji sogok katak ke baru lah boleh buat bincang.
    Yang APCO2 atau PDRM ni apahal?
    Bodoh punya opposition!

  44. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Kalaulah betul cerita pasal "Israeli connection" ni, maknanya mmg confirm lah agen2 Israel yg terbabit tu adalah yg paling bangang dalam dunia sebab boleh kantoi dengan setakat si RPK...or si Johari...or Anwar (the ex-ABIM ass lover)

  45. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Halo Koko Bokoko,

    Kalau org tuduh ko sekongkol dgn Israel, ko suke tak?...tu pasal la...

    ps. jgn asyik sgt berkokok

  46. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Tak kisahlah siapa punya revelation!!!!!!

    Kenapa there's no action taken???

    Apa rakyat ni BODO ke?? or MENGAPA kami DIPERBODOHKAN ??????

    Kalu ANWAR or JOHARI yang reka cerita why cerita ni da bertahun and no action taken against them????

    Why the GOMEN dance around with the issue,and no explanation given???

    Kan dah kata PM akan pergi US nak jumpa OBAMA,,,tapi ngapa bawa "THE PIG FACE" and " BAPAK FIRAUN" berjalan sama?????

    Tidakah ini akan membawa kebencian dari AHLI UMNO and juga rakyat jelata,,,,?????

    SIAPA pulak advisor PM ni?????


  47. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Datuk Noh Omar, menteri pertanian minta AMPUN sama orang Cina. Noh takut sama orang Cina... Melayu apo ni'eh???

    Noh membuat permohonan maaf itu dalam satu sidang akhbar khusus untuk akhbar Cina di kafeteria Parlimen petang ini.

    Noh berkata beliau mengadakan sidang akhbar itu untuk media berbahasa Cina sahaja kerana mereka sahaja yang menyiarkan petikan tersebut.

  48. takbai8:15 pm

    Just a cover up for the sodomy trial. TO BE POSTPONED AGAIN!!!!!!


  49. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Johari , pls don't talk shit la !!

    so what if you're the first one blew the whistle on Israeli link in PDRM !! for almost two year you no made any noise.....Musa dah masuk wang ke dalam kocek hang ke ??

  50. Anonymous12:21 am

    Dato Rocky,
    Wow, after intensive investigative journalism by Malay Mail (Paper that care)it is confirmed that Johari leak the story first about Israeli infiltration ,damn u Anwar. here's what I don't understand, does the revelation answer the question about the issue and what has been done since 2008. I guess im not easily duped by Dato Rocky investigative 'russian dolls' style writeup.


  51. Anonymous5:36 am

    whats wrong with working for Israeli's?

    Islam teaches you not to?

  52. /// whats wrong with working for Israeli's? ///

    Because Mahathir said so...

  53. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Anwar punaisihat kecoh dok pasai org tipu..yang dia dok lumpuh dulu, g oversea,dlm 2 minggu ka, sudah sihat apa citer?..bongok tol penyokong PKR..tak sedar2 lagi ke mamat tu pembelit besar.mana ada org kalu la la sakit tulang belakang leh sihat segar bugar pas g jupe doc dlm masa sebulan.

    cuba bagi doctor check darah sample darah dia yang dikatakan ada arsenik dulu..mana ada..penipu sumer tu.

  54. Ada bapak segala agen ISRAEL dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Selalu keluar negara bertemu 'handling officer' dan ambil upah.Safe house dia kedutaan Turki. Manusia paling bebal dan tongong je yg tak kenal agen ini.Tau takpe.

  55. kiasu1:10 am

    Sunday 11th April 2010
    Malaysia Today - Raja Petra Kamaruddin reported from London:-

    No Israeli was ever involved in the upgrading of the police force’s information and communication system as alleged by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said this was because Master Plan Consulting (MPC) Sdn Bhd – the company awarded the job to carry out the upgrading work terminated Asiasoft Sdn Bhd’s contract.

    The termination was carried out when it was revealed that Asiasoft’s Singapore partner had two former Israeli intelligence officers on their payroll.

    Year 2005
    “The Home Ministry had awarded the upgrading work to MPC in 2005. MPC then engaged a local bumiputra company called Asiasoft Sdn Bhd to carry out the work for them.

    Year 2007
    “In 2007, Asiasoft sold 30% of the shares to Asiasoft Pte Ltd Singapore. When we conducted a due diligence check on their Singaporean partner, we discovered the presence of the Israelis in the company,” he said.

    MPC immediately terminated Asiasoft’s contract.



    Musa said police then conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and found there was no infiltration by any Israelis.

    So 1 Anwar 1 Israel, what actually is your allegation?

    The above was reported by an established Media, not by Malaysia Today which will definitely not write anything that is truth.

    Yet another lie and spin the moron-spinmaster Anwar.