Monday, April 05, 2010

Interval: Bursa rally

Longest rally in 16 years. The KLCI is on track for its longest rally since Aug 5 1994, when the market went up for 11 straight days. The index now is heading towards a 10-day winning streak, as Malaysia fights back against the economic scourge. 31 stocks are trading at their highest level, including national car Proton, which has ramped up higher sales and is riding high on news of a tie up with VW, or so says Kenanga Investment Bank.

I wrote about the tie-up earlier, here.


  1. Anonymous5:16 pm

    the time to sell is now!!!


  2. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Don't syiok sendiri with a 11 day rally. Our poorer neighbour down south just hit an all time high while we are happy having a 2 week "rally".

    Malaysia does not have an equity story. Insufficient depth and liquidity and no new exciting companies to list.

    Until structural defects are rectified, we will continue to have an underperforming bourse. No amount of Petronas subsidiaries will be able to rectify that.

  3. Anonymous5:43 pm

    So what is your point rocky? Malaysians are getting richer?

    p/s Kalau hendak suck up Najib pun biar la berpada pada. Now you sound more like Syok Sendiri!

  4. marciano6:26 pm

    kah kah kah. bodek jangan tak bodek

  5. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Walau pon Bursa akan mencecah 1400 mata,,,berapa ramai kah MELAYU individual yang bermain Saham?????

    Ramai Melayu da lingkop,,kalu tak percaya,,make a survey at all the Securities Company throughout Malaysia,,,,tinggal berapa kerat saja yang main,,,!!!!!!!

    Bila nak main saham ni KENA tengok lah FUNDERMENTAL and TECHNICAL aspect of the Country dan juga Company yang kita nak melabuh,,,MELAYU pandai ke nak baca ni semua ?????

    Nak harapkan information dari akhbar Melayu,,,,POORAH,,!!!! Besar kan cerita nak menjatuhkan kaum MELAYU adalah,,,BALIK-BALIK DSAI juga yang salah,,maklumlah RACIEST punya paper,,!!!!!

    But then,!!! 16 years ago sewaktu BSKL at the highest level DSAI dimana????


  6. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Up Gap, Maybe market Top

  7. Anonymous9:32 pm

    malaysia's e-procurement?
    so 6 billion rgt to supply fruit salad?

    Yeah, how many participants in this tender? when , how much ,how come no details ah?

    And yet the stock market went up? must be the weight of this company

    LOL LOL gahzalee

  8. Anonymous12:17 am

    Yeah, the world has decided to believe Najib and downgrade anwar

    to the doomsayers, sour grapes, empty heads, cynics, armchair crtics, frustrated flers

    "Eat your heart out, made-in-Malaysia Proton will survive and soon to excel"

  9. Anonymous12:50 am

    Tell this to that Perkasa fellow and he will retaliate by saying "Of what use, when 52 Billion Riggit worth of 'resources' are not in the hands of Malays".

    I will agree with him, because its the Malays/bumiputras who are supposed to benefit from such 'upward streaks' at KLCI but the way the 'resources' have been diverted over the years, such benefits continue to remain outside the clutches of the Malays (majority).

    This is what happens when affirmative policy is misused by those in power and RM2 companies become 'lords of all they survey' when they are 'engineered' by the these buggers who come to power using Malay votes.

    Pity those MAJORITY Malays and East Malaysian Bumiputras who still have not benefitted from the affirmative policy.

    And Perkasa has no proper solutions either.

    Bodoh punya NGO!


  10. Anonymous10:42 am

    Jakarta, Nikkei all at a high... as you know, what goes up, must in time come down ..... I think market will hit 1,400 before correction. The stocks to watch are Proton, LB Alamunium Warrants, KYM Holdings, TSM Bhd, and of course Kumpulan Jetson (real action there)

  11. Anonymous6:57 pm

    don't you worry - 1sraeli money will flood into KLSE. LOL.

    Umno goons will trade with whomever who can make thema buck. Theyll even sell their grandma's underwear for a cent.

    EL TEL.

  12. Anonymous8:08 pm

    those companies in all time high...

    u got ur fact betoi kah?

    almost if not all the companies listing in klci got problem paying their vendors!

  13. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Apapasal Wong Chun Wai, x update blog... khuatir nak kena dari si Chua kah???

  14. Anonymous11:08 pm

    JUAL sekarang jangan tak Jual.

    Tsunami part 2 will surface from the shores of amerika in 2 months. i guarantee.

    STok Guru

  15. Anonymous5:47 am

    No matter what, no matter how good the news are, if its related to the government, the fuckatan riot monkeys will of course put negative remarks on it, e.g.

    neighbour countries do better, other stocks markets are higher, Lim Guan Eng can do better, PERKASA is idiot, and bla bla bla negative, refusal, denial kind of comments. STUPIDITY.

    PISSED off with this kind of attitude!!

    It looks like there is not even one person in fuckatan riot is using his/her brain to think.

    Fck off these monkeys in PRU13.


  16. Rally ? What rally ? You mean the Fake ? The Phoney ?