Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, where's home for Waytha?

Hindraf leader shall not return. Or so says Nazri. I'm not sure how it works but the Minister spoke of Waytha's "unconstitutional stand" as the reason why he won't be allowed to return. I hope Nazri is not saying "never". Hishammuddin Rais, who stayed in London for years as a fugitive, came back in the end. Raja Petra Kamaruddin is in London, self-exiled, and I'm sure he will one day, like Hisham, return to Malaysia. Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang ...

The last time I spoke to Waytha was last September, he was in Singapore for a holiday and to meet his family from Malaysia (here). He was traveling on a United Nations passport, he said. I sensed, from our conversation, that Waytha wanted to come home. I may be wrong, though.

London's not a bad place to end up, though. Reading RPK's latest posting from that great city makes me nostalgic. And then Mansur Putih sent me this mail after his recent visit to London, of a Guest Book he signed after RPK!


  1. Anonymous3:22 pm

    hey Rocky, What London ??

    I just saw RPK at KL Sentral this morning !!!


  2. Anonymous3:43 pm

    DEATH TOLL : 2

    Driver stabs wife then hangs himself over alleged infidelity

    A. Ilangathil, a lorry driver, is believed to have slit the throat of his wife, N. Jayaletchumi, 38, and stabbed her while she was asleep in their bedroom before taking his own life.

  3. Anonymous3:45 pm

    apa ni gado gado dgn rpk.. bersatu hatilah bro... sama sama hisap ganxx dan lihat smoke on the water... dragon ... the fire burning burning.

  4. Kalau Waytha sudah bertaubat maka dia boleh balik ketanah air kita.

    Nothing like home ya tak Waytha? You should have thought long and hard about the consequences of your action in disparaging this country where you were born.

  5. Anonymous5:15 pm

    How come the writing of RPK and Mansur Putih are the same? Or am I wrong? To ME, they look the same. I wonder if it's RPK's ploy to mislead the police and Rocky, who are both hot on his heels. Or is it by some prankster?......Rocky is now working hand in hand with Musa and his merryman.

    Sherlock Holmes

  6. skilgannon10665:50 pm

    So, just what is an "United Nations passport"?

    I didn't even know that the UN issued it's own passports. I thought that UN employees travelled on their home country passports, with added documentary evidence of their UN status.

    Is Waytha travelling on a Malaysian passport or some other country's passport?

    And how did he manage to get into Singapore (which is extremely strict on border controls) if he didn't have a valid travel document?

    Would the good folks at Wisma Putra care to comment?

  7. Anonymous8:22 pm

    after all the lies and havoc he done to the country it is better he find a better live elsewhere. A traitor should be revoke their citizenship.

    Anyway, Dato' why there is no debate on the RM50billion Klang River rehabilation project announced by Selangor Government. That amount is 5 times the money spent on KLIA. We want a responsible government not those who just announce without further explaination or info. As where is the money come from?
    We condemn the government when they have Mega project but this particular project is so Big until to scare to think. Why no ADUN or MPs make review. Is the so called PR government so Great untill you don't want to believe?
    My worries is who will be the cost later. MB maybe be there for another few year but the debts will be there for years to come.
    Dato', please comment on this.
    Thank you

    Worried Selangorian

  8. Anonymous10:55 pm

    At one time the Military Intelligence recommended to the government to strip Kalimullah Hassan of his citizenship for being a S'pore spy well that was shot down by the Cabinet!

  9. Tamingsari3:41 am

    Waytha has every right to return to his homeland unless the law says otherwise. Nazri is not the law.
    On second thought,its better for him to remain where he is now as Malaysia is not a good country from his point of view.The Malaysian government is still practicing ethnic cleansing therefor its not safe for him to return.There are so many countries in this world for him to choose from.Malaysia is not to his taste. Find a better country and stay there for good.

    Malaysia is a bad country and the malays are still his enemy. Indian place of worship are being pulled down on daily basis. The indians are so poor they cannot even afford a bicycle. Waytha is fortunate to escape from this miserable country called Malaysia.
    But I love Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous4:36 am

    Waytha who? One less interloper, the better.

    Now, I deviate to arsewhore:

    Dei arsieboy, having a fun time eh, upbraiding others with fallacious facts and fancies ( . Guess, you have morons as your economic advisers whose “moronity” is only upstaged by yours…idiot “Chingkie cocksuckler”. Now listen real good, as the opposition leader you must have the decency to respect the Chair and furnish the House and the citizenry with accurate details not pour swill on the August chambers in a vain attempt at rabble-rousing for Chingkie arseboys and whores to lap up. Fact of the matter is, all your assertions are lies and you should be cited to some damn House committee and suspended for misleading the House. Your handling of the economy from 1991 to 1998 onwards speaks for itself especially your inability or lackadaisical attitude to control hot money inflows, your perverse joy in hiking rates to throttle a dying economy and your pro-IMF stance are all legendary examples on how NOT to manage an economy and how not to have nincompoops man the till. Now you are trying a comeback with Chingkie idiots who chase away a RM10 billion investment and turban infidel lollies who can impoverish a state at the drop of a hat while looting it in cahoots with their families and who are desperately seeking manna from the oil wells to cover up their incompetence.

    Lie 1: Despite pump-priming measures between 2002 to 2004 , poverty rates increased to 12% in 2004

    Fact 1: look at the stats at the links below and point to me the 12% you cite. I give you 2 links lest a you say the data is biased(want more, I got oodless of it): (look at the charts on pages 49-50 first, then spew your gob, imbecile).

    the second one is your UN source itself!!

    Now just for the road, look at how methodical the authorities are when it comes to measuring poverty:

    “Ragayah noted that the current methodology shows the overall poverty line income at RM691, higher than the RM588 calculated using the 1977 methodology."More people are defined to be poor because the new methodology has a higher poverty line income.This does not, however, mean that poverty is on the increase. "While the 2005 methodology shows the incidence of poverty at 5.7% for 2004, it would be at 4.4% using the 1977 methodology," she explained.

    Warrior 231

  11. Anonymous4:37 am

    Part 2

    Lie 2: UNHDR report states that Malaysia ranks 66 in terms of income inequality compared to Spore(23), HK(24), Brunei (30) and Cuba (51):

    Fact: UNHDR is a quality of life index not an income equality index, stupid as this clearly states:
    “ Human Development is a development paradigm that is about much more than the rise or fall of national incomes. It is about creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests. …………of enlarging people’s choices”.
    and on that measure Malaysia in emplaced at 66, details of which are available here.

    and Spore, HK have a billion, shitting, peeing, arsefucking, nosedigging, cuntlicking and cocksuckling chingks stacked atop each other in run-down tenements and boat houses while Brunei is a desert devoid of hope. Cuba- aint it the last commie paradise. Expect them to have income inequality and still stroke Castro’s beard!!, stupid fellatist.

    Lie no 3. 32 billion in 2005 to 74 billion in 2009

    Fact: Dei arsieboy, that is simply due to the fact that oil prices rose from a mean of $60 to a high of almost $150 in 2008 should not be lost upon your idiocy. Higher incomes means all things remaining the same (including corporate taxes), higher revenues for the government. And remember it is sold in US dollars, ada faham, bodoh!! + in 2009 if you look at the wiki article here:
    it hovered in the $60 to 70 category and more was extracted as new production came onstream and Petronas got an added boost from exploration in Sudan, Egypt and elsewhere (and soon from Iraq too).

    Moral of the story: Your adoring fanfags and lesboys can easily swallow your shit for they are generally stupid and ignorant, weaknesses you leverage on to spin tales knowing that a vast majority out there don’t read. But try harder with the Melayu Bermaruah, arseboy for unlike you, we aint gonna eat out of the palms of a fasikun munafik who will sell his akidah( ask Hadi on that one) for a spittle and gang up with them bastard chingkies for his own kiasu interests.

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous5:28 am

    Dato Locky
    pls organise demo against the Brits. bring the perkasa members as well.

    thank you

  13. the best place to him is returned to India (Tamil Naidu) is where the guilty of britain to bring their ancestor to our holy land.

  14. kisas_boy7:31 am

    Datuk Rock,

    komen sikit laa pasar Zahrain MP expose' kat parlimen semalam tuu, tanya sikit laa pada your MP friends on both sides. Nak dengar jugak. Hindraf ni tinggal history aje.

  15. Rockerrrrrrboyyyy9:59 am

    HINDRAF may started the awareness, but HINDRAF is NOT important for creating a just and loving Malaysia.

    What is important is a united Pakatan Rakyat. Please don't lose focus.

    Under Barisan Nasional, the country goes downhill. It is also all about race.

    Read this: "Orang Asli bukan dikategorikan sebagai Bumiputera, hanya “Malays and the Natives of Sabah and Sarawak” dianggap sebagai Bumiputera."

    Don't believe? Read here.

  16. Worried Selangorian.

    1. You mentioned RM50 billion as a figure. Please provide the link to an authoritative news outlet website which quotes such figure from the Selangor government.

    2. You mentioned this is a rehabilitation project for the Selangor people by the government. This is a good proactive effort on the government's part. You spin it like it's a bad thing to rehabilitate the Klang River (ever seen how dirty it is? Much more dirtier than Malaysian politicians)

    3. Worried Selangorian, if you are truly worried, you could always go to Melaka or Pahang.

    4. Again, please provide an authoritative source for your RM50 billion figure, otherwise....


  17. sebenarnya Ayatollah PAS ni takut terlepas kerusi kesayangannya iaitu MB Kelate.Dah 18 tahun dok kat kerusi tu TAPI Kelate dok macam tu juga... Awat nak pecah rekod Tun DrM ke?

  18. aku, anak malaysia10:30 am

    this waytha and his gang of anti-malaysia indians shoud come clean and tell the british that it is not true that the indians are being marginalised.

    indeed there are poor urban indians. as there are poor rural and urban malays.

    they are so for socio-economc reasons or problems.

    ask the british govt to send representatives to malaysia and quietly do a study.

    i know of many many well-to-do indians.

    now, the problem of the indians did not just happened today. and it is not caused by the "Malay-led government" of malaysia.

    yes, i do beleive that the govt hsa to take some responsibility.
    the problem was caused by their own leader -- Samy Vellu.

    what happened to the allocations ot help Indians. or the Indians do not want tot be helped?

    waytha had simplified the problem of the indians.

    he and hindraf are racist. not only that, waytha is a liar.

  19. Anonymous10:40 am

    DI nak balik atau tidak dia punya pasal lah,,,moreover ramai lagi rakyat yang menyesal di lahirkan di Malaysia,,!!!!

    Its HELL living in Malaysai,,!!!


  20. Anonymous4:19 pm


    Everyone once born on the planet Earth actually has a reason to be here.
    Some find what that reason is..
    Many just dont find the reason why they were born here and what their purpose here was for.
    To those who find out the reason and do the necessary.. they alone know it themselves in the heart.

    The whole planet is Home.

    Remember, God owns the planet.
    Man perishes tomorrow.


  21. Hello Rocky Dato,
    Waythamorthy and his siblings are the actual culprits who started Hindraf. Their motto was 'Makkal Sakti'. However the government arrested Uthayakumar and gang under ISA while this fellow ran for his life.
    Forget not that their struggle was against the Queen of England. He was going to sue the Queen for Billions of pound while seeking asylum under her roof.What an irony ?
    He blamed UMNO for negleting the Indians ( Tamil schools, temples etc )He was the hope of down-trodden indians because MIC was irrelevant and unreliable.
    So when Najib initiated the new pary, ' Makkal Sakti' non of these Hindraf leaders were included. It appears as UMNO again hijacked the indians to wonderland.Hence, they have given up their battle for dreams. How far can Makkal Sakti go ?

  22. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Kenapa dia tak pergi jumpa Ananda Krishnan? Tokey Maxis orang 10 terkaya di M'sia. Minta bantuan orang sendiri dulu lah, minta bantuan dengan orang Melayu wat apa? Orang Melayu pun tak tertolong orang Melayu sendiri.

    Pandai pula dia cakap bahasa inggeris, sampai boleh pergi ke London, belajar kat tamil nadu ke Malaysia? Kalau belajar kat tamil nadu, tak kisah lah kutuk M'sia, ni belajar kat M'sia, apsal kutuk pulak, tak bersyukur?


  23. Anonymous10:06 am

    The strokes on the note is familiar on both notes. One upright and the other slanting. The handwriting on the 2nd note was done in a hurry, had the writer taken his time, both sets would look the same. Nay, this is just bohong stuff. You mean to say, after RPK in January, no one else stayed there until March. Check if a certain big-mouthed defector was there!

    cakar ayam

  24. skilgannon10663:17 pm

    Warrior xxx

    The last time I checked, luxury apartments in Singapore were selling for well in excess of S$2,500 per sq foot - that's approx RM6,000 per sq ft.

    Which luxury apartments in KL, even if they are right next to KLCC or in the super-prime areas of Kenny Hills or Damansara Heights, can command anything even remotely close to that per sq ft price?

    Seems to me that there are plenty of rich Singaporeans and foreigners willing to put their money into Spore real estate. Not bad for a mini-Chingkiedom now, is it?

    Oh, wait - maybe it's because the little red dot offers a safe, secure and vibrant environment and a world-class standard of living. Can even have their womenfolk go ga-ga over the Chippendales! Try that in KL and the morality police would be all over you like an itchy rash!

    Now, let's see how KL matches up, shall we? For starters, in quality of life. Then, amongst preferred destinations for expatriates. The survey results are out there.

    P.S. - I read that Shell and ExxonMobil have each invested US$3 billion+ in new petrochemical complexes in Singapore. Strange - they don't seem to be making that type of investments in Malaysia. Care to tell me why?

  25. Anonymous3:35 pm


    Singapore "extremely strict on border control" also still unable to hold Mas Selamat from slipping out of their police custody & border..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  26. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Waytha want to return home coz the money which they squandered out from those bunch of fanatic stupid hindraf pariah already finishing and they also fail to get a single pence from Queen of England..

    Just fuck off and die in your pariahland lah Waytha, if you have any..coz Malaysia is a holy land, not a land for British rejected pariah like you..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  27. Hi Waytha,
    Why dont u go to Bolywood & become international film star like Dato Shah Rukh Khan? Give it a go & who knows, u might like the changing career!.After all, it is the birth place of yr great great ancestors! India is in yr blood & we,M'sian dont need another "traitor" in our beloved country.We would like to advise the Government not to bother with the likes of u.There are far more important issues for the Govt to handle rather than this useless bugger.Let him rot for all we care.

  28. Same hand writing la bro

  29. they must've been to the same school ... the handwriting is so similar!

  30. Qistina..........6:58 pm

    Ada pengulas di sini yang berkata "Kenapa dia tak pergi jumpa Ananda Krishnan? Tokey Maxis orang 10 terkaya di M'sia".

    Jawapannya mudah: Tokey Maxis tu pro-BN dan merupakan salah seorang kroni BN! Tanpa BN, macam manalah Tokey Maxis ni boleh jadikan Maxis begitu hebat di Malaysia.


  31. Anonymous8:48 pm

    MrWathya - nowdays globalisation the whole world is becoming home to everyone.
    Just like Malaysia is 2nd home to many from elsewhere.
    Like always before, people here still going to Australia, New Zealand United States Canada etc to finds new pastures..
    Even India ,the new India.. already IT superpower and FAST BECOMING economic and military powerhouse is good news to many.
    So..what needed is a paradigm shift IN THINKING. -DIN.

  32. I find it funny that Waytha had to run off to those Mat Sallehs in the UK to tell sad stories how ethnic Indians have been marginalized, oppressed and worst of all, subjected to 'ethnic cleansing'.

    Anglo-Saxons are perhaps the most racist people on the planet. In the 19th century, they popularized this radical ideology called "the white man's burden "(based on a famous poem by Ruyard Kipling), where the white people were encouraged to colonize lands because the natives were too DUMB to develop civilizations by themselves.

    See how they "assisted" the natives in Australia. By WIPING THEM OUT into extinction! And some yuppies in this country are lamenting how the Malay people are PERSECUTING Malaysia's indigenous tribes.

    Yes sir! If it's evil, then the Malays are doing it.

    The white people also introduced to the world the concept of "apartheid". This racist imperialist ideology was so commonplace in all of European colonies that it gave birth to heroes such as Mohandas K Ghandi. A true gentleman, Ghandi urged fellow Indians to take a stand against the British imperialists peacefully, and when they did that in Amritsar in 1919, the British simply SHOT THEM in cold blood! Women, children, babies...

    Yes sir! if it's evil, I'm sure the Malays are behind it.

    Not to mention how the whites in the US decorated their trees by HANGING the black people because "they happened to be black". The Americans also loved to harass early Chinese immigrants back then. An excerpt from an article;

    "When the economy soured and competition for available work became intense, the Chinese served as scapegoats for the difficulties faced by white workers, becoming the objects of violence, expulsions from jobs and from whole towns, and even the victims of MASS MURDER"

    Source: ""

    Yes sir, if it's evil, it HAS TO BE MELAYU.

    What to do eh brader Rocky, sabar je lah.

  33. skilgannon10669:27 am

    Anti whatever

    Is that pathetically puerile comment the best that you can come up with?

    As a rejoinder, let me ask you this: the Singapore Customs regularly catche people (more often than not Malaysians in Malaysian-registered vehicles) smuggling cigarettes in large quantities from Malaysia to Singapore at the Woodlands checkpoint. How do these smugglers get their contraband cigarettes through the JB CIQ facility, hmm?

    And can you tell me why luxury real estate in Singapore costs so much more on a per square foot basis, and in absolute prices, than luxury real estate in the poshest enclaves of KL? Could it be that foreign buyers of luxury real estate have a "better perception" of Singapore than KL? No flip-flops maybe?

  34. Anonymous5:50 pm


    As far that we all can see, you are the only fucking pathetic chingkie around here hallucinating about your asssmartness..

    Since you love so much to compare rating value in this and that, let me point to you how a simple key word can make you look like a typical chingkieshit pigbrain that are so damn low, disgusting & annoying idiot in order to answer your so sub-intellect shit worth of questions..

    The key word of the day is AREA.

    Singapore - 710 sq. km
    Malaysia - 329,845 sq. km

    Its a ratio of 1:465 lah pigbrain.. So what % of security penetration does Mas Selamat represent? ..and not to forgot the security breach in Changi airport not long time ago to reflect Singapore level of so "extreme strictness"?

    Wow, a JI leader can still walk in and out passing the so boasted "extremeness" & you are still trying so hard to erect your chingkie puny cock with such security reliability? Hahaha..doom is indeed least here they're all busted inside ISA before they can even efficient..

    Pathetic isn't it? and all S'pore have to control is just a tiny island..maybe they need to turn the island into an Alcatraz to cover the shame..hahahaha..

    Do you think by telling us about those busted ciggarete smuggling will make you look smarter? Now, this is a real manifestation of "patheticness".

    And that key word also answered your stupid square area property value argument..Why not compared it to a high density population megalopolis like Tokyo or New York, pigbrain ??

    Btw, how big can your asshole expand skilmoron?? More than your chingkie pighead for sure, to accomodate more of that incoming brainshit of yours for years of supply to supplement your pathetic cyber appearance..

    Typical chingkie like you really are cretin to the core, right skilmoron? It's indeed enjoying having you around for fun..

    p/s: See, how smart I can kill 2 birds with just a single stone..a chingkie brain like you can only wank cock & dream to be like 'us'..ROTFLMAO!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  35. skilgannon10665:25 pm

    anti whatever

    Please don't twist my argument.

    I am talking about multiple cases of contraband cigarettes being smuggled into Singapore via the Causeway.

    And what are at the 2 ends of the Causeway? The JB CIQ and the Woodlands CIQ.

    What is the area occupied by the JB CIQ, eh? Bigger than that of Singapore?

    So, how come the Singapore Customs can detect and nab these cigarette smugglers (almost all of whom are Malaysians, using Malaysian-registered vehicles) when they must have passed through the JB CIQ first without being detected?

    Or, hey - they must be using amphibious vehicles that traverse the waters of the Johor Straits before making land at the Woodlands CIQ!

    Answer that, dumkopf, without any spins!

    And regarding Mas Selamat, how do you know that the good folks at the Malaysian SB weren't tipped off by their counterparts at the Spore ISD? After all, MS did spend a fair bit of time in that Johor kampung before he was arrested. Was he undetected by the SB all that while or was he under covert surveillance by the SB and the ISD?

    And if he managed to slip out of Spore undetected, then how did he get into Johor without a passport or any other travel document? Are the Johor borders and coastline that porous?

    What security breach at Changi Airport are you talking about? You mean the same Changi Airport that was just voted the world's best airport in the latest Skytrax survey (the same survey, incidentally, that ranked KLIA 5th after Seoul Incheon Airport which was ranked 2nd and Hong Kong Intl Airport which was ranked 3rd)?

    Dang, those folks running Changi Airport must be doing something right, alleged security breaches notwithstanding!

    Enough egg on your muka already? Plenty more from where that came!

  36. Anonymous6:03 pm

    As a Singaporean citizen and a regular visitor to your blog,I note you have a lively and may I add, humourous blog in here. I particularly have watched with amusement the regular sparring sessions between Warrior 231 and Skilgannon 1066 which invariably attracts Anti-Ultra Chingkies and Hindulens into the fray. For the benefit of the readers here, let me list down a few observations:

    1. Warrior 231 is foulmouthed rascal with a penchant for racist tirades that often overshadow his message.Nevertheless, despite his liberal use of expletives and his unabashed bigotry, his arguments are often based on facts which makes them somewhat more palatable to digest.Though I detest his approach, i make it a point to read him to understand how the Malays perceive the non-Malays and for the points he raises.

    3.Skilgannon 1066 is obviously either a Singaporean or a Malaysian working there as the abbreviated SG of his pseudonym indicates. Hence, he has no qualms about scoring points over Malaysians. However, more often than not he is talking about things that are not on the same wavelength as Warrior 231. For instance, on this thread W231 was berating Anwar's parliamentary speech and pointing out the fallacies with evidence. In comes SG1066 with data about property prices in Singapore!!!. The same has been observed in other posts where SG1066 often skilfully avoids the issue by bringing a totally irrelevant point to the debate. In fact, in head-to-head encounters, SG1066 is often left brow beaten and that could be why he attacks W231 from irrelevant angles.

    3. Anti UC and H is a welcome and witty addition to the equation. His sharp barbs and turns of phrases are designed to rile SG1066 and the latter often falls for it. In fact Anti's latest points are very valid and should be something for Singaporeans to consider in the wake of the Mas Selamat affair and other security breaches.


    As a Singaporean, we know of security breaches at Changi and elsewhere. We also know that we are subject to a very high cost of living and an economy not well-diversified to withstand global slowdowns. In fact, I dare say the high cost of living is one of the reasons why there has been increased migration from our shores. In fact, SG 1066 should not hide the fact that we have a very high emigration rate second only to East Timor,a fact that undercuts his rosy postings and a problem that concerns many Singaporeans including me.:

    We do know that we are not highly touted as SG1066 tries to portray.Maybe SG 1066 should grasp issues like a lack of political freedom, the political autocracy and business oligarchies, the opaqueness in the management of our SWFs, increasad favouritism shown to expats, the loss of cultural identity etc and address them rather than trying to reel off figures that are cut off from the realities of living in a cosmopolitan yet expensive city state. In fact comparing Singapore and Malaysia would be akin to comparing an apple and an orange. A more valid benchmark for Singapore would be small nations or city states like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Switzerland, Kuwait, Brunei or even the principality of Monaco. Heterogenous societies living in small and easy to manage spaces.

    As for W231, it would be good if he cuts out the dirt, especially his racial baiting which a Singaporean Chinese like me finds offensive, as would Chinese elsewhere. It would be good too if he quits using foul language altogether as this blog is frequented by many including teens. But then again, each is entitled to freely express themselves as they deem ffit for after all one man's meat maybe another's poison. Keep writing people for it makes for interesting reading.

    David Seow Kok Hoong

  37. Anonymous7:23 pm

    hey skilmoron..

    Duhh..see the reality for yourself you stupid fuckhead...the reality..not your enclosed pig-head fantasy hallucination..

    you had been over killing yourself to lick off those pigshit on your stinky face but you still can't hide your true pigface..

    Thanx to David Seow Kok Hoong..

    skilmoron the wondering lost soul between earth and just don't have what it take to be neither a Singaporean nor a are just a bloody plain stupid pig deserved to be in a filthy cursed pigsty..nothing more, nothing less..that is your true standard.

    You obviously are pathetic skilmoron..everybody notice your cheap stunt to divert story when you're loosing to my bro W231..hey, its not only me who think that way, stupid pighead..everybody does, so, enuff said, right? hahahahaha...

    p/s: i don't do's your telur tembelang actually on your own pig face.. i only do pigshit pie throwing to stupid chinks like you..hahahaha..

    :D muhahahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  38. skilgannon106610:34 am

    David Seow

    A small point: this thread is about "So, where's home for Waytha?"

    I am intrigued as to how you have made the leap to connect this to Anwar Ibrahim?

    Be that as it may, taking the mickey out of posters like anti whatever and warrior xxx is damn easy, like stealing candy from a baby.

    But isn't it hilarious how these people get all worked up when I point out what Singapore is doing right? And how they resort to vilification and crude racial and sexual epithets when facts prove them wrong?

    Case in point: Changi Airport. Yes, there might well have been security breaches there. Can you tell me any major international airport that hasn't had such breaches? And the fact of the matter is that, in spite of such breaches, Changi was still ranked the world's best airport by Skytrax. Something which that idiot aka anti whatever carefully chose to ignore because it is an irrefutable fact.

    And if you are talking about emigration from Singapore, would you care to post the corresponding figures about Malaysia? Or tell us why Singapore has attracted so many foreigners to take up permanent residency there?

  39. Anonymous6:22 am

    Skilgannon 1066

    1. A small point : this post is about Waytha so why your affray over Singapore's property prices and Exxon and Mobil's investments.

    2.The fellow had already sought the leave of the blogger in his premable. The blogger consenting to print his tirade indicates that W231 is entitled to express his views. Go read W231's initial comment. Upbraid him for diverting the topic according to blog etiquette if you may but certainly NOT bring Singapore real estate prices etc into the equation. However, do bear in mind that he had received the blogger's permission and you do not own this blog to dictate terms unless you want to reinforce the Ugly Singaporean image (kiasuism, et al)

    3.It is YOUR pompous boast of stealing candy when you come across like a crass condescending idiot. Remember, a lot of people do not see it your way. In fact, they see a thief trying to pickpocket by throwing diversionary red herrings instead of confronting the victim like a man on the issues raised. Anyway, "stealing candy from a baby" might be an apt reflection of your mentality/morality. You know mugging defenseless people to massage an infantile ego, I suppose.

    4.The facts prove you wrong. Their replies may be replete with gross innuendoes but reply they do and effectively at that, if you care to click on the links and read like me and many others do. Anyway, your use of "these people" sounds condescending, doesn't it?Somthing like saying : "We Chinese are superior to you Malays" not much different from the racial baiting the other side deploys. Ever heard of the reviled "Other"? So much for intellectual maturity, I suppose.

    5. Now the crux of your point was Changi airport is impermeable as your rhetorical question to Anti UC and H implied. I just proved that wrong and you throw Skytrax at me. Come on man, I am not talking about passenger surveys and perceptions, I am talking about security breaches. In fact, the relevant person opined this regarding Changi's win:

    "The Skytrax survey is based upon customer's airport experiences, although I prefer to see it more as traveller's enjoyment of time spent at an airport - because this is where Changi Airport garnered so much support from travellers across the globe,....."

    See nothimg at all on security there. In fact, Skytrax gives a whole gamut of awards which SIA and even MAS has garnered. The truth of the matter is you dont address my and most Singaporean concerns just like you didnt address Anti UC and H. Read again your reply to went about Changi, Incheon, Hk etc over security.

    6.Finally, why should I bother about Malaysia's emigration rate. That is still a developing country, although in the highly developed range as UNDP states. It is none of my concern and that of many Singaporeans. Our concern is strictly Singaporean. Chiefly, why after attaining developed status, our very own born and bred Singaporeans are leaving. What are our shortcomings that prompt this? Have we failed to build a cohesive civil society, have we bred economic inequality, are we not liberal enough etc, are we really holistically developed? These are the issues that concern us NOT Malaysia. That would be merely playing one upmanship, a perpetual game fit for kindy kids. Anyway, I dont think you have read the latest on the issue: "4500 and still counting" by columnist Seah Cheng Nee, available online in the Star, 27th March 2010

    Maybe that will wake you up from stealing candies.

    David Seow Kok Hoong

  40. Anonymous6:32 am

    Dear Rocky

    Ooops.....I think I may omitted the address to that quote about Skytrax:<a href="http</a>

  41. Anonymous7:48 pm

    "stealing candy from a baby" might be an apt reflection of your mentality/morality. "

    "Skytrax at me. Come on man, I am not talking about passenger surveys and perceptions"

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