Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big bad journos

National Press Club awards. Tomorrow night (Friday, March 19), the NPC pays tribute to Malaysian journalists who have given journalism a good name. This is the first time the Press Club is giving out awards to journos. But I must make it clear that unlike the annnual MPI awards, ours is not a contest. Recipients are picked for their outstanding contribution towards the profession.

The awards are for:
1. New Media of the Year
2. Rookie of the Year
3. Journalist of the Year
4. Lifetime Achievement Award
5. Media Legend Award

The Prime Minister will give out these awards.
The NPC will also give a special award to a Fried of the Media.

Updates and pics soon.


  1. wonder who the media fried?

  2. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Nampak sangat. Kalu PM yang bagi. Muko ngko n keluarga ko la yang dapat.

  3. Bagus , bodek lagi mesti dapat Tan Sri lepas ni . Jgn lupa invite Big Mama k .

  4. nstman3:13 pm

    Nobody deserves any award because we no longer have real journalists. The journalists who are vying for the cheapskate awards are Umno goons. If you really insist on giving an award, then NSTman, the conscience of the nation, should be among the contenders.

  5. Anonymous4:00 pm

    How about the kick to the journos who give it a bad name? I nominate Utusan for this award.

  6. Anonymous5:05 pm

    "The NPC will also give a special award to a Fried of the Media."

    FRIED of the Media? Media always getting fried in Malaysia izzit?

  7. Anonymous5:08 pm

    You forgot the most important category :-

    Kaki bodek UMNO of the year...and you win hands down...


  8. Hahahahaha!!!!


  9. cucu Pak Kajai7:18 pm

    Kali and RPK should be invited as well

  10. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Carila benda lain yang lebih berpekdah nak buat. kalau takat award tu nampak sangat ada 'sesuatu' di sebaliknya. tak cukup ke lagi datukship tu?. sudah-sudahla tu...

  11. the reader8:34 pm

    Imagine if RPK won this, and Najib give the award...hilarious

  12. Rasputin Beliong9:15 pm

    Khir Toyo ought to be given the 'Fried' of the Media award. The prize: BROOM.

  13. hmm who fried the Media in Malaysia?

    Funny whe all the blame goes to UMNO

    May be you guys forgot one thing TBH got klled because he had certain receipt of PR buying an English medium newspaper and a Chinese one

  14. Anonymous10:16 pm

    hahahaha giving out these awards are like giving out human rights awards in Myanmar

  15. Media Legend Award - RPK perhaps?

    We can imagine him accepting the award from London (?) and Melbourne (?) with the emcee announcing:

    "RPK can't be with us today in KL to receive his award. But he would like to thank his agent, wife, mother, Home Minister, PM Najib, Altantuya, PI Bala, Baginda, the $3.4 billion floating submarines ..." Lol!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  16. Anonymous10:34 pm


    pemenangnya ...

    i) malaysikini - anugerah portal paling anti Melayu & anti Islam

    ii) malaysia insider - portal paling gigih berusaha untuk hancurkan malaysia


  17. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Utusan Sial sure sapu all the awards.

    Damn it! They are good!


  18. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Pls add a few more titles and honors

    1. Best bullshitter of the year
    2. Best shit stirrer of the year
    3. Best liar of the year
    4. Best apple polisher of the year
    (now we know who will win this)
    5. Best cover-up of the year
    6. Best buat-tak-tahu of the year


  19. Dear Rocky,

    I'm sure the awards will spur today's journos to uphold/rekindle the journalistic integrity of old. True journos are a dying breed, so any form of award for the endangered species is welcomed. Kudos to NPC.

  20. Anonymous12:45 am

    There are many sore losers out there kan?

    Bengang sebab Rocky tak ajak korang ke?

    Bengang sebab ko rasa bangang ke?

    Bengang sebab journo MalaysiaToday tak dapat award ke?

    Where are all the quality commentators here???

    All being stupified by Anwar's shithole ke?

  21. Anonymous1:16 am

    Gua kesian la lu..

    niat lu baik bro, tapi beruk banyak tak suka dan dengki. kau boleh ke letak 'lowly rated comment' pada beruk beruk tu macam MalaysiaInsider buat?


  22. Congratulations friends!

  23. Anonymous2:21 am



  24. DAA!
    In every venture we undertake,
    In every word/phrase we utter,
    In every emotion we express,
    In cyberspace,
    Someone will say something else.
    Such is the lot of those who dare
    put their real name to comments & psotings!
    All the best at the awards &

  25. 1Malaysia Supporter9:01 am


    U say big bad journo.

    Why Dato Shafie Apdal and Utusan Malaysia tipu the rakyat.

    Shafie Apdal say Orang Asal came for tourism in Putrajaya.

    Today, Presiden of Persatuan Orang Asal said this is not true!


    Orang Asli bukan sekadar berjalan-jalan ke Putrajaya semalam tetapi membawa harapan yang sangat besar, kata presiden Persatuan Orang Asli Semenanjung Malaysia (POASM) Majid Suhut.

    Beliau berkata demikian bagi menolak kenyataan Shafie Apdal semalam yang mengatakan masyarakat tersebut bukannya berdemo di putrajaya tetapi sekadar mengunjungi pusat pentadbiran negara itu untuk melancong.

    Mengulas lanjut, Majid berkata kenyataan itu mungkin dikeluarkan Shafie berdasarkan persepsi menteri pembangunan luar bandar dan wilayah itu terhadap usaha yang dilakukan Orang Asli bagi mempertahankan hak mereka.

    "Itu kenyataan yang tidak berapa tepat. Mungkin dia salah cakap dan perlu diperbetulkan. Itu persepsi dialah, tapi tujuan kita sebenarnya serius untuk serahkan memo kepada perdana menteri dan juga kepada beliau," katanya ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini hari ini.

    Tambahnya, program dialog dengan Shafie semalam sememangnya tidak dirancang, malah menteri berkenaan mengambil peluang atas kedatangan mereka bagi mengadakan dialog tersebut.

    "Rancangan kita bukan untuk dialog. Dialog itu menteri yang buat bila dia sedar kita datang untuk hantar memorandum

  26. Anonymous9:05 am

    Latuk Locky ah

    Another RPK sighting tip-off for ju ---->

    RPK gonna come to your Press Club awards tomorrow night

    (Disguised as Bik Mama)

  27. Anonymous9:11 am

    If blogs are part of the New Media of the Year, then I will nominate you to win hands down for journalistic integrity and impartiality despite what the cuckolded cocksucklers here and elsewhere may crow about. But 3 or 4 will also suit you fine,'s a Jameson to that

    Moving on to other things, it is time the laborer and foot soldier of the opposition masqureading as a selfless Hermit come clean as to where his royalties... oops loyalties lie. Zahrain has exposed his doubledealing ways and his pretentious grandstanding in Terengganu replete with exaggeration and bombast about those "royalties" reveals his true nature.

    This despite averring that he is an UMNO man. Dont bullshitlah arsehole. Even a non-partisan like me can sense where your bread is buttered and whose bidding you are doing. Be a man and get out and stop taking everyone for a ride, bogus hocus pocus of scounderel!

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous9:47 am

    Zam Maidin ada dalm list ka?

  29. Anonymous10:44 am

    Hello, the story below was because of a Malay Mail news report.

    Whats happening lah?


    Tan Kay Hock is the Chairman of Johan Holdings Berhad and George Kent (M) Bhd. Well, so was I back in the 1980s. I was a director of Johan Holdings and the Deputy Chairman of George Kent plus director of ‘Special Operations’ -- meaning covert operations. So what I am going to reveal is ‘insider’ information, not something that I heard, but something that I was involved in back in my ‘jahiliyah’ days.

    Najib was then the Menteri Besar of Pahang while the then Menteri Besar of Johor was Ajib. Remember Ajib, Musa Hitam’s man? He was the man who called Tun Dr Mahathir a mamak during a Malay Chamber of Commerce meeting and was soon after removed as Menteri Besar and replaced by Muhyiddin Yassin, the present Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. At that time Muhyiddin was the Deputy Minister of Trade.

    Anyway, Muhyiddin met Datuk Andrew Leong, one of the Johan Holdings directors and the man associated with Deepak Jaikishan (ah, yes, another ‘association’ -- remember Deepak, Rosmah's carpetman cum bagman cum toyboy?), in Singapore to plan how to give George Kent a RM32 million ductile iron pipe contract. Muhyiddin was representing MB Ajib, who Andrew had met a day earlier in his office in Johor Baru.

    The deal was: Johor would give George Kent the RM32 million contract on condition that George Kent paid Umno Johor RM1 million. Now, this was more than 25 years ago so imagine what RM32 million and RM1 million were worth then? Today, you could probably multiply that by five times or more.

    But Johor could not sign a contract for RM32 million because any contract above RM20 million must first obtain the approval of the Minister of Finance. So they broke the contract into two, which was illegal. Each contract would be worth RM16 million. Then, with 'Variation Orders' included, each contract can be inflated to RM19 million, just below RM20 million where the Ministry of Finance would become involved. So it would finally come to RM38 million, but in two contracts. That would bypass the Minister of Finance.

    They had one problem, though. Johor had used up its budget for the year and if they requested more money from the federal government then the Ministry of Finance would get to know about the contract.

    So they contacted the Menteri Besar of Pahang, Najib, and they were told that Pahang had some unused budget. Pahang did not manage to spend all the money allocated to them for that year (what can they spend it on in Pahang anyway?)

    Najib agreed to transfer Pahang’s money to Johor, but on the sly of course because this was not legal. Then, the following year, when Johor receives its next budget, it would return the money to Pahang. It was a sort of loan from Pahang to Johor. And the Ministry of Finance would not know about it. It was an MB to MB arrangement.

    George Kent got its two contracts of RM16 million each. It also got its Variation Orders of another few million. Pahang transferred the money to Johor so that Johor could pay George Kent. And Umno Johor got its RM1 million, payable in cash in small bills so that it was untraceable.

    So, Anuar Shaari, if you want an explanation about the association between businessmen and politicians, get your teeth into that story which I just revealed. This is not an innocent association. This is an association that smacks of corruption, abuse of power, and whatnot. And it involves both the current Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

    Is there a statute of limitation on corruption and abuse of power? Damn, that means Najib and Muhyiddin will be able to get away scot-free.

    So please don’t talk about the association between businessmen and the opposition politicians. There is no crime in that. But there are many elements of crime in the association between businessmen and those who walk in the corridors of power.

    Come on Najib and Muhyiddin. Please deny the story I just told. Call me a liar. Make a police report against me. Say this is not true.

  30. I don't know about you but personally if one has done well one does not need awards or titles.

    Titles and awards can make a noble man but an honest man it cannot make.

  31. skilgannon10663:01 pm

    Pak Rocky

    Will you include Malaysian journalists like Leslie Lopez, S Jayasankaran, Elizabeth Looi and Hazlin Hassan as being amongst the best?

    Or would the fact that they work for Singapore-based publications rule them out, even though they may be Malaysians?

  32. Anonymous3:20 pm


    I pity you...look! not one comment has any kind words on you.
    Like Augustine Paul, the day he died, not one single comment has anything good to say about him...He may have gone to the next world but his families are left behind to see all those unkind words...
    We are taught in primary school to do good things, say good things and behave good...

  33. Anonymous6:47 pm

    good work brader dato,

    btw, give one award to NSTMAN for ex-journo who's bitter for being bypassed and for no longer being one!

    he deserves it!

  34. Anonymous12:30 am

    Comedy show.

  35. Anonymous2:29 am

    Hot off the oven as excerpted below, look at the names and the race.....hahahahahahaha..I almost died laughing

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – US authorities said Friday they brought charges against nine people over a vast smuggling ring that brought in hundreds of thousands of counterfeit shoes and handbags from China and Malaysia.

    The network also extended to Britain, where authorities on Thursday seized another six people in the London area along with 50,000 counterfeit items, US prosecutors said.

    A federal grand jury in the eastern US city of Baltimore indicted four Chinese nationals, two Malaysians and three naturalized Americans. Together they face more than 1,000 years in prison and millions of dollars in penalties.

    It said the suspects sent 33 shipments of counterfeit goods, mostly made in China or Malaysia, to the Port of Baltimore over a year and a half until December.

    The goods included 120,000 pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes, 500,000 fake Coach handbags, 10,000 pairs of counterfeit Coach and Gucci shoes and 500 counterfeit Cartier wrist watches, the indictment said.

    "Criminal organizations that smuggle and sell counterfeit goods in the United States endanger our economy and rob legitimate industries of their business," said John Morton, assistant secretary of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in announcing the arrests.

    The prosecutors alleged that the suspects also laundered 122,943.50 dollars for the illegal operations and said that London authorities confiscated 350,000 pounds (530,000 dollars) in cash.

    A suspect also sent a sample of fake Viagra pills to an undercover agent, hoping to branch out into sales of the erectile dysfunction drug, prosecutors said.

    Prosecutors charged the suspects with 72 counts of smuggling, trafficking in counterfeit goods, conspiracy and money laundering. If convicted on all counts, they together face 1,095 years in prison and 66 million dollars in penalties.

    The defendants were identified as Malaysian nationals Wai Hong Yong and Eng Cheng Kee; Chinese nationals Hexing Yang, Chan Hong Xu, Lidan Zhang and Kai T. Jaing; and US citizens Josephine O. Zhou, Kin Yip Ng and Yenn-Kun Hsieh.

    One of them, Chan Hong Xu, is at large. The other eight suspects were arrested across the eastern United States and the Pacific territory of Guam and will be brought to Baltimore, officials said.

    The United States and other developed nations have frequently voiced concerns about widespread counterfeiting in China, believing it badly hurts companies in their countries.

  36. Anonymous2:35 am

    Act tough and the pig will yield and come to heel:

    For once I sokong Uncle Sam 100%. Go all the way, Yanks! Go! The Chingks are pissing in their pants already.

    Datuk Seri Najib, apa macam..Your cue is due....

    Anyway, Datuk Seri thanks for shelving the ISA Reform Bill. This is 1 move I support wholeheartedly and is no flipflop in my book.Look into ways to reinforce it further. Thanks again, sir.

    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous3:32 am

    LONDON – A Labour MP has moved a motion in the British Parliament to call on the Malaysian Government to bring an end to what he called "the harassment and persecution of the political opposition."
    MP Jeremy Corbyn said the House should recognise the contribution of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in "promoting democracy in Malaysia and peace and understanding between the Muslim world and the West.
    'Resembles trial of 1998'


    Lets start a demo at the British High Comm.


  38. bodek jangan tak bodek.

  39. Anonymous1:19 pm

    DEATH TOLL : 5

    NEW DELHI: A woman, desperate to have children, was alleged to have poisoned five kids to death and was planning to kill a total of 11 in ritual killing on a godman's advice.

    The gruesome child sacrifice was exposed after police arrested four suspects on Wednesday, including the prime suspect who was preparing to sacrifice another boy child.

  40. "....come clean as to where his royalties... oops loyalties lie. Zahrain has exposed his doubledealing ways..." Warrior 231.

    Oh. do piss of Warrior!! If merely saying it in defamation protected Parliament is "proof", then you must be a tranny rapist, now that it's been said here!!

    You are as logical as Najib's 1 Malaysia with 3 systems!!

    And "despite what the cuckolded cocksucklers here and elsewhere may crow aboot.."

    What do you think your unctuous fawning, grovelling, toadying and sucking up to Rocky portray you as? Fell on your own sword? You betcha that unpenetrated ass!! Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  41. Anonymous1:56 pm

    I am a journalist, and my opinion is no one deserves an award, except for the media legend. This is just my opinion.

  42. A Journalist Rocky Used To Know6:06 pm

    Go here for an intepretation of Najib Razak's APCO-created speech at the National Press Club awards.

    This cute-sounding National Press Club awards is actually insidious, people.

    Read the above and judge for yourselves.

  43. biar apapun tanggapan, saudara telah membuktikan saudara telah mengangkat NPC daripada hanya sebuah kelab untuk reporter lepak, menjadi sebuah kelab yang semakin dipandang tinggi lawan dan juga lawan

    apapun, secara peribadi, saya menganggap kejayaan terbesar saudara apabila mengiktiraf golongan blogger juga sebahagian daripada warga NPC, satu tindakan yang cukup pro-aktif dan tepat pada masanya - pendapat sayalah.

    tahniah pada Rocky dan warga NPC!

  44. glassman8:48 pm

    I meant it as a joke dato bro,, I know its just a typo..

  45. Just because the journalist is pro-Pakatan, does not mean he or she is good.

  46. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Part 3.
    Fact of the matter, since you got expelled and started keeping bad company with Slim Shadies, your logical sense has undergone a seismic shift and such that all your arguments are beginning to sound a tad too thought lobotomized. Or you have been like “that” all the while without many realizing it as so blinded were they by your rhetoric and charisma. That could probably explain the mediocre economic management especially in 1997 and 1998. and if you keep trudging along the same road, you will probably end up where all failed pollies eventually consign themselves to; the gibberish scrapyard as certain hermit is spouting, echoed by his ex-nemesis, turned pal, the Fox. Its getting pretty crowded in there, you know, with a paralysed lion, a couple of senile turbaned Kaffirs, a bespectacled chingkie boy etc. Perhaps in your sixties, it is better you take stock, repent of your misdeeds, quit the Skid Row and spent some time flying kites, spinning tops, hiking the trail and smelling the roses with your grandkids with wifey in tow lest you want to end up a bleating sore loser of a polly and a laughing stock for the rest of us.

    Warrior 231

  47. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Part 2

    Truth be told, Anwar , affirmative action is everywhere masquerading as progressivism, free market liberalism for blinkered snobs and snoots like your ilk who cannot distinguish the woods for the trees. China manipulating its currency is affirmative action in disguise for its exporters (a phantom subsidy but a subsidy nonetheless) at the expense of its importers, Spore demanding special privileges in Iskandar or for that matter buying cheap water and reselling it expensively is affirmative for its own Kiasuism over Malaysians. America crafting punitive 25% legislations is affirmative for its manufacturers. Heck even the Brits had affirmative action for its favoured pendatang Chingkie crony compradors as this paper entitled: Re-examination of the “Chinese nationalism” and Categorization of the Chinese in Malaya:
    The Case of the Chinese in Penang, 1890s-1910s by Shinozaki Kaori affirms. In fact, it extended that privilege to the Chingkie masses at the expense of the Malay peasant as in the rubber industry thus denying the Malay to leverage on his landholding to enter the commodity based cash economy and build wealth:
    “The land offices of the Federated Malay States discouraged the Malays from acquiring land for rubber production, and discriminated against them. They reserved virgin land close to railways and main roads for purchase by non-Malays, and in 1915, 1916 and 1917 refused to sell any land at all to Malays for the purpose of rubber planting.Malayan land policy in the years of the great expansion of the rubber plantation industry, offered land to foreign investors, and especially British foreign investors, on extremely attractive terms. Besides that, for a time, the Government offered loans on very easy terms to intending British purchasers, and discriminated in their favour against native Malays in choice of sites.” Source: J.C. Jackson, Planters and Speculators, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1968, pp. 235-37.
    + Officially, it was to be the role of the native Malays to supply food for the workers in the rubber plantations and tin mines.
    + The policy of confining as far as possible land use by Malays to the cultivation of food crops also helped reduce the danger of over-supply of Malayan rubber for sale on the world market.
    The roots of our inequality is embedded in the colonial era when the Malay was consigned to providing food via his peasant economy while the Chingkie made the manna with his cocksuckling. The NEP.was designed to redress the deleterious consequences of such denial (the dearth of capital) and has only been in operation for 1 and half generation ( 40 years or even less as it was only earnestly pursued circa 1980 onwards when common sense tells us a generation is a 25 year span) and you want its revocation. What kind of Malay are you to abandon your race and to demand they compete or perish on unequal terms? But then again people who are willing to sell their akidah are not above anything else. Ask Hadi Awang, the author of Aqidah Muslim on that.
    Finally, quit ranting that FDI is hindered by the NEP. Nothing can be further than the truth for if that was the case, we would not be the third biggest exporting economy in Asia. There are lots of other factors, English, labour costs, politics, subsidies etc…yeah even subsidies: which your pal, Lim guan Eng spun into another tall tale in the Edge:

    Warrior 231

  48. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Dear Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

    As usual you waxed eloquent about what ails the Malaysian economy and as usual you provided little of substance regarding its cures as published in your favie cyberrag, the Malaysian Insider. Your core contention seems to be that the loathed NEP should be jettisoned and abracadabra Malaysia would be on her way to unfettered prosperity and untold riches for all and sundry. Oh! if only life and the economy behaved in such goody two shoes manner..

    The simple truth is that there are so many holes in your contentions that I could drive a truck through it and reverse a motorboat back through and still leave enough for my pet elephant to saunter by. Here are a few things to ponder about:

    1. Can you tell me convincingly the nexus between competitiveness or the lack of it and the NEP? If competitiveness and productivity are directly correlated to affirmative action then I am afraid America would a backwater now given its famed affirmative action policies.

    2. Your rhetoric, true to form, is impressive but the substance, true to intellect, is depressive. Take for instance, your proposed plan of making it mandatory for tender winners to open their subcontracts to other communities. Two Qs spring to mind:

    a. What is there to stop the winners from crafting their own racial affirmative policies in preference of their own kind? What if a Chingkie awards the subcontracts on a 90(chingkie) : 5(malay) and 5(hindulen) ratio. He would have fulfilled the mandatory requirement but would have exacerbated the economic inequalities. So much for your harebrained scheme!
    b. Ironically, isn’t what you are proposing a racial based policy as well in a different guise when your chingkie pals scream their fake meritocracy.

    3. You harp that you once supported it as it brought benefits in a different era. Which era are you gobbing about? The 18th century?. Weren’t you not at the forefront of its implementation for a good 18 years from 1980 to 1998 when the policy was in full throttle. How can you plausibly rationalize that away when the paradigm of boom and bust was very much in vogue then as it is now and the US was very much a “debtor” country as it is now and Japan was what China is now and the Asian tigers were roaring then like what the BRICs are building now and during all those years, FDIs flowed in irrespective of the NEP, in search of the best possible returns at minimal costs.

    4. You state that we were once second to Singapore blah3…wrong again. At independence, we were 2nd to Japan in Asia. 12 years of laizzes faire under a Chingkie Fianance Minsiter did us in, not to mention a Chingkie secessionist tearing away OUR island from under the noses of a weakling Premier who was more interested in the next wager or horse and whom your coterie revere as a statesman
    Warrior 231

  49. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Oh. do piss of Warrior!! If merely saying it in defamation protected Parliament is "proof", then you must be a tranny rapist, now that it's been said here!!

    Dei Dog Pig Pariah aka DPP

    It is parliamentary privelege when you can lie about economic data to prove an asinine point as your favie cocksuckling arsewhore, Arsie boy did the other day in a desperate bid to deflect Zahrains's revelations as i have exposed here:

    It is parliamentary privelege when the selfsame Arsie spouts garbage about APCO. And he runs away to cocksuckle elsewhere after stirring shit..some legendary hero aint it for the likes of you to lick his arse.

    Fact is what Zahrain said renains uncontested despite lame denials and what he says carries more weight and truth for he has nothing to lose now that he has come to his senses and broken away from the Evil swamiji's spell. Why even the self styled anointed one couldnt take the heat and ran away!! hahahahahahaha

    Only depraved arsefucked mongrels like you remain as ardent devotees of his.

    2. Oh you are so envious that a good, honest journo like Bru gets my plaudits and you dint even get a drop of sperm. You are not worth even a mentionlah hypocritical bastard for we know how you gatekeep at the lawyer's blog and how you hogged Big Dog last July and released your expletive fueled drivel before hopping over here to lecture everyone about proper etiquette. Poor thing hankering for praise and throwing a fit when someone else gets it. I dish out praise where its deserved and criticism where it is due.That's my right and it aint any cocksuckling unlike your fellating arsewhore and his pals even for their devious deeds.

    Dei pariah pundek kalathai, I aint fazed by you one iota and fuck your mother for telling me to piss off as if you got a right to dictate who comes in here. I am sure she will enjoy her son's puny cock. I know the type of person you are and when the moment comes, behave like a man not a trannie in disguise, ok. Now scram up momma's cunthole and count the days, worthless wasted drop of sperm.

    Warrior 231

  50. "I dish out praise where its deserved and criticism where it is due." Warrior.

    Whoa, step back. All hail and withdraw for surely the MISTRESS OF THE UNIVERSE has spoken. And ooh, that's sooo objective and magnanimouse of you!!

    But if others do the same, that's fellatio? Typical loser and bigoted mentality!! You have your rights, so have others.

    But if you come on with this kind of illogical drivel, I say it again - piss off tranny fixated psycho case!

    And expletive fuelled? - surely you are the undisputed Queen of that!! Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  51. Anonymous10:37 pm

    DogPig Pariah aka DPP that Puad Zarkashi has admitted the obvious

    how does it feel to fall on your own sword,cocksuckling, arsewhoring piece of shit.

    Next time, fuck your mother first and get her to give you a cocksuckle (if your puny cock can take it) to clear them cobwebs before posting garbage instead of facts against me in here. Get it, fuckhead of a scumbag.

    Warrior 231

  52. skilgannon10669:06 am

    Part 1

    Warrior xxx

    As usual, you wax eloquent, but carefully choose to overlook the facts behind a screen of verbiage designed to highlight your "maruah" credentials and your concern for the poor, downtrodden underclass of a certain ethnic group, who apparently, as per your reading of history, were screwed upside down by the colonial powers and the post-colonial apparatus that supposedly favoured immigrants over the "sons of the soil".

    Balderdash! Absolute claptrap.

    As usual, it takes a commentary in a Singapore newspaper (the Singapore Business Times) to accurately portray the situation. Refer "Dissecting the region's GDP" by Ms Teh Hooi Ling in the SBT, March 20-21.

    As part of her analysis, Ms Teh "downloaded the GDP per capita of 12 countries from Bloomberg. The numbers from Bloomberg are GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity (PPP). PPP GDP is GDP converted to international dollars using purchasing power parity rates".

    Bloomberg's data started from 1980. The 12 economies analysed by Ms Teh are Singapore, the US, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, S Korea, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Vietnam.

    According to the Bloomberg statistics:

    - Based on PPP GDP per capita, Singapore is ahead of the US. Singapore's PPP GDP per capita in 2008 was $49,284. That is 5.5 per cent higher than the US's $46,716.

    - In 1980, the US was the richest with PPP GDP per capita of $12,816. The poorest was China, at $250. Singapore's PPP GDP per capita then was $7,031.

    More to follow....

  53. skilgannon10669:18 am

    Part 2

    Today, Singapore is ranked first among the 12 economies in terms of PPP GDP per capita.

    China is ranked eighth, ahead of Vietnam, India, the Philippines and Indonesia. It overtook India in 1992, the Philippines in 2000 and Indonesia in 2001.

    Singapore overtook Australia in 1989, Japan in 1993 and the US in 2004.

    She concluded that "assuming that China and Malaysia can maintain their respective growth rates of the last 28 years, China would become richer than Malaysia in 18 years time, or by 2026.

    She also made the point that "the average Vietnamese is only 5.7 per cent as rich as the average Singaporean; the Indians 6 per cent and the Filipinos 7.1 per cent".

    And for Malaysia? To quote: "it's growth in the last eight years, at 5.8 per cent a year, falls short of that of Hong Kong, S Korea, China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. It even lags Singapore if we take numbers up till 2007..."

    Like I said, you can obfuscate all you want, but the hard economic data and statistics are out there for anyone to analyse.

    Now, this is a field that the luminaries behind Perkasa and the MPM are loath to address, since if they do so, their ignorance of basic economic facts would be exposed to the harsh light of reality. Easier, by far, for them to play up spurious racist agendas and philosophies instead of sitting and down and dialoguing with analysts, economists and foreign investors on the issues facing the country.

  54. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Amazing you know ...

    they say Rocky is a spinmaster, gets paid by UMNO, blah blah blah

    and yet they pollute Rocky's blog space like vultures deprived

    aisehman, case of benci tapi RINDU

    Yo, well done Rocky, you deserve all the recognition you are getting and more.

    Ignore these sour grapes types, you have fans who are grateful for the space to share info.

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  56. Anonymous12:24 pm

    JOURNALISM is a profession with its equal share of frustrations and rewards. On the brighter side, many journalists-turned-businessmen or middlemen have found themselves in the millionaires’ club;

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    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  60. "Kalabakan MP Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh (picture) denied today that he had planned to defect to Pakatan Rakyat."

    Read that, Warrior? So, screw you too. Who is Puad? The Messiah of the 2nd coming? A Prophet of the Koran or another corrupt/ easily corruptible UMNO politician? You belive liars and corrupt MP's like Z at the risk of being labelled an imbecile! Where were you when God gave out brains?

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  64. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Conflate apple and orange, vapid, vacuous, verbose and twist term for sake of argument. No clear definition of what is affirmative action and how it is differ from protectionism. Ignore the call to compete at global level and non-stop searching / creating a fake enemy to extend the political / lavish life. The constant shameless labeling as non partisan but never put forward any meaningful solution even to the party in power aside from advocating naive idea like dismantle our democracy system.

    What we shall do to smacks not only of ignorance, but also of an unimaginative mind that is incapable of breaking free of its’ own hubris and socio-political conditioning to see the wider perspective in more detail?

    Susah la.


    PS/ Above is personnel opinion only, not fact, and please don’t ask me to refute the assertion toward AI point by point. I at least try to recognize the fact that AI is a politician. If every politician have to refer to his own historical episode then only could put forward his idea and opinion, I think most have to shut up.

  65. Anonymous8:54 am

    Oh the tragedy of being stuck stuck in an oinking syndrome of cheating, thieving, lying and prostituting the sisters and mothers of the superior race. A abstard chingkie race that has nothing to offer the world, not even a homemade MP3, is undeserving of any response. And even worse when it was the apogee of its downfall, it switches tune, "1country 2systems", "the capitalist road to socialist paradise" and then manipulate the currency, impose low wages on fellow countryman, DENY them a quality life with expensive imports courtesy of the currency thingy, and choke them to death in a pall of smog or send them to an early grave them with poisoned waters, and sabre rattle the last internal redoubt against Middle kingdom while leveraging on Other People's Money (OPM)...hahahahaha

    Dei bastard (siapa makan cili dia rasa pedaslah), go and read, analyse issues with an observant mind cognisant of historical realities and proffer innovative solutions like a Financial Tax or even a non-partisan way to policy implementation etc. Dont cast aspersions here to hide own "moronity" as well conflate issue to mere white and blacks to sling arrows against the Melayu Bermaruah and dont be jealous of other people's hard-earned lavish lifestyle as if ONLY your kind is entitled to it. Scared of the competition, eh after hogging the pond with your shit, cocksuckling and arsefucking race?

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    But then what to to do? Victims of captive mind (middle kingdom) social conditioning (the chingkie is the civilised race, the others are barbarians; the emperor is the son of heaven, all books andw ritings of non_chingkie are haram including critical Chingkies..... hahahahaha) but continue cheating and conning oneself for that is only the way homeless (as proven by DNA and ancient history), wandering packs of wild pigs can live - scrounge and scavenge for shit while acting high and mighty.

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  66. Anonymous9:27 am

    PS/ Above is personnel opinion only, not fact, and please don’t ask me to refute the assertion towards AI point by point, COZ I CUNT HAHAHAHAHAH. I at least try to recognize the fact that AI is a politician. If every politician have to refer to his own historical episode then only could put forward his idea and opinion, I think most have to shut up.

    response: No, like a true Cocksuckler take every shit spouted as gospel and then talk about enlightened democracy, critical analysis of issues, informed discourse blah3 that will produce quality decisions at the ballot box. Dei pundek, AI is not spouting in a vacuum. He is standing on the soapbox cos he aspires to be a PM and craft policy that is gonna affect us alland it is incumbent o us to critique and debunk him, if need be. But that's inimical to chingkie interests hitched to his purported bandwagon, so ur response aint surprising.

    Dont twist, hypocrite, the very same mind that calls for the critical analysis, innovative thinking,etc as the prerequiste for educated and informed decisionmaking is the very same mind that says we must eat Anwar's shit no questions asked: "I think most have to shut up".

    Who do u think you are asking, nay demanding and even compelling others to shut up? Some puny triad gangster? Your emperor mentality coming to the fore, hypocritical bastrad Gwailoh cocksuckler? You are riled cos your favie Chinaman conman is now exposed as a liar and a cheat. Your road to power now is being blocked by awakened Melayu Bermaruah.

    Dei worthless, pigshit eating scumdog, get this straight you pretentious bastard:

    Dont dare to impose your depraved and bankrup mindset on anyone here. If one seeks to be analytical, critical, factual etc, it is because one knows a Chingkie sponsored conman when one sees one and to enlighten one's brethren to that is one's duty, fardhu kiffayah but you wont get it, irreligous, amoral, number seeking, bearded tin-ingot devotee. Dont spout high falutin morality and the next minute compel everyone to cock their ears to some Arsewhore who is mumbling shit and waffling cum.

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    "not only of ignorance, but also of an unimaginative mind that is incapable of breaking free of its’ own hubris and socio-political conditioning to see the wider perspective in more detail?"

    and shouting shut up all, the next minute.Aptly sums up the person you are, isn it? You wanna follow Chingkie arselicking scum you punya pasallah, its not incumbent upon us to do so, get it pariah pig! You planning to impose a repressive Chingkie controlled monster here? say it out loud and clear..No waffling and hypocrisy!!

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  67. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Another thing lobotimised cocksuckling idiot moron

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    When we do it to correct a historical imbalance then it is something immoral. Dei shitmunching bastard, let me tell you a truth, the reason the chingkie scumdogs are chaffing is because they feel they are "subsidising" the Malays when the truth be told for 150 years the Malays kept quiet as the Brits fed the meat to its Pekingnese pig for some cocksuckles in return. and Chingkie leveraged on that illegally amassed wealth to strut his pigself. Now its payback time, the very same things yoour ancestors did to our forefathers, we are gonna do to you, pendatang scum. In fact, I wholly support Perkasa's 67% demand of the economic pie to parallel our numbers.You either accept that reality or get lost from here, we have had enough of ungrateful dogs and pigs whining and oinking ceaselessly at our doorstep when it had NO right to be anywhere within our threshold in the first place.

    And the so-called subsidy/sacrifice blah3..prove it that your rights have been usurped or fuck your mother to death. Stats will show that we have enlarged the pie while not limiting you to cheating, lying, speculating, counterfeiting, whoring, pimping to instant wealth. Stats will also show that we did no land grab of your illegally sequestered holdings in urban areas courtesy of the Brits largesse during the heydays of Brit cocksuckling. U know those free cunts, wine and song for cheap or free land.

    Stats will show that the Brits developed your areas while leaving the Malay "ulu" undeveloped for the peasant to cultivate to feed the pigs in town.

    You cant mask the truth no matter how hard you twist and turn. You either acquisce to our lordship now or be made to lick our arse. The choice is yours Chingkie pig. now go and fuck your mother and eat the cum and lick her arse, kaninamah chibai piece of shit.

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