Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The MI columnist who supports the ISA

Lipas: Why we need (a reformed) ISA. Sinatra Z is probably the only level-headed young, male columnist writing for the Malaysian Insider, a portal set up originally to prop up the previous PM and has now turned hostile against the current PM.
"I am not for the abolishment of ISA; I think there are valid reasons for it to be there and a purpose for it to serve. I however am supportive of amendments to the act to ensure it is not to be misused, for it to be fairer and more effective."
Read his arguments in Where are the vigils for Mat Selamat? and you'd agree with me that it's hard to disagree with Mr Z. Otherwise there would have been a thousand vigils for Mat Selamat by now, right?


  1. Anonymous11:34 am

    Bro Rocky,

    there is elements of truth when there is silence is the route majority take it stance... there is a hadith to that effect. After all given that majority has not political ambitions, the politicians or government should take note what does or does not agitate the rakyat. In other words, learn to listen well and to read between the lines...yang tersirat itu lebih bermakna.

    Sometimes the government could do well if they learn to be professional like the professional marketeers. Instead of doing the random survey like a typical market researcher. They must learn to organize focus group the way branding consultant learns the brand attributes of their clients.

    Keturunan Jebat

  2. Anonymous11:47 am

    who care what this fler think.

    why don't you put up a survey... those who vote for & against ISA.

    just like tun mamak said... majority view matters, fuck the minority view.

  3. habisboy12:04 pm

    Tan Sri Frank Sinatra (great name!)in part defines terrorism as

    "Terrorism is a form of tactic; it is to describe the use of fear and intimidation onto civilians as a way to send a certain message;"

    Based on this definition isn't the ISA a form of terrorism?

  4. Ha ha ha - Press Club?
    Ha ha ha - National Press Club-Naza Awards Night

    Go read what Dean Johns think of this stupid Press Club Propaganda Awards.

  5. MI is not exactly the only one that has turned from supporting one to now denouncing another. If I am not mistaken Rocky's Bru has also been "turned over". I am still waiting for an explanation though.

  6. Anonymous1:11 pm

    We need the ISA for:

    a. Frogs that switch sides,when pumped with money from special draws

    b. Gaming operators who 'invest' in breeding frogs on the request of Bee End politicians who are fighting to regain 2/3 majority in Parliament and to take over states held by non - Bee End victors

    c. Bee End piliticians who 'nudge' gaming operators to breed frogs to serve their political ambitions

    d. Finance Ministry fellows who give approvals for Supreme, Power and Mega draws which lure more and more Malays to gamble every week

    e. State Assembly speakers who do not know what to do with a letter of resignation submitted by an ADUN.

    f. Fellows who claim to be 'lawful' State Assemblyspeakers when they were not even elected properly according to state assembly proceedings

    g. Awang Selamats simply stoke 'racial hatred' in their wisdom writings

    h. Anti Corruption officers who investigate witnesses till they are found dead next morning.

    And the list goes on Datuk Rocky

    Lets retain the ISA for these buggers.

    We Malaysians will be living more peacefully if the ISA took care of these buggers - without fear or favour.

    Can this happen during our time?

    Lets keep on dreaming.


  7. Former Journalist1:42 pm


    Dean Johns has called your Press Club award a sham and has given point-by-point reasons for it.

    Some are very valid.

    See here.

    I strongly believe it is your duty as the President of the Press Club to respond to the allegations here.

    I would be proud of you if you did this.

  8. Dr. Maynard Goldsmith2:23 pm

    On the contrary, Sinatra Z (or Zaidel) is probably one of the most inexperienced and least inspiring contributors to The Malaysian Insider.

    That you speak glowingly of him is rather perplexing. Perhaps your endorsement is founded not on editorial grounds but on other criteria such as politics.

    Having just reviewed his column pieces at The Malaysian Insider (go here), they consist of blog-quality pieces that would not stand scrutiny in any decent news journal. Subject matters are largely lightweight, with the exception of his taking up the ISA topic, and even here his arguments are fallible and have been refuted countless times before elsewhere. He does not address these earlier criticisms and refutations (revealing a lack of research, or convenient ignorance) and so contributes nothing new or convincing.

    But then again, The Malaysian Insider is itself a fairly new establishment and is far from perfect. It has selected some poor writers for its stable of columnists. Another example is Jema Khan who writes on economic matters but frequently blunders at it (see, e.g., his piece here and the comments therein).

    However, to be fair, The Malaysian Insider has also struck gold. Among its notable columnists who are worth mentioning here — those with something original to contribute and who craft their arguments not only soundly but wholly — are as follows:

    -- Tunku Abdul Aziz
    -- Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
    -- Art Harun
    -- John Lee
    -- Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad

    These are people who put forth refreshing, inspiring and progressive ideas and can communicate these with engaging and forceful writing. A highlight is that they frequently tackle new angles of thought. With regard to the latter point, Dina Zaman also stands out.

    But all is not lost; I believe Zaidel can improve tremendously. He can do so by learning from these colleagues of his at The Malaysian Insider.

    Lastly, your allegation that The Malaysian Insider was "set up originally to prop up the previous PM" is irrelevant. A piece of writing can be judged for its qualities wherever it may be published.

  9. Wee C.L.3:30 pm


    Your list of 'Politician' blogs are ordered in REVERSE alphabetical order, Z-A.

    For the benefit of readers, you might want to order then into alphabetical order starting from A-Z.

    Thanks bro.

  10. Dear Dato Rocky,

    Could you kindly put our link in your blog sir. Thank you Dato

  11. Well I do agree with Sinatra Z on this and pls remember, MI belongs to Kali with the associaton of KJ, since KJ is not appointed as minister and the agent Kali could not access to more info from the Govt so he is whacking the current PM, in order for him to stop KJ must be appointed as Minister, can you see their game?

    That is the reason why I want this Kitol to be kicked out from UMNO, he is a liability and remember Altantuya story? WHo asked RPK to spin that isssue?

    Come on guys, dont be so naive, KJ must be kicked out from UMNO! HE IS A TRAITOR!

  12. Anonymous4:19 pm

    statesman and former journalist, we arent subscriber of msia kini. so when click see here ... they say must pay money. nice TRY, marketting kah lu semua?

  13. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Walan,,,,ZULKIFLI NORDIN buat pendedahan di PARLIMEN,,,!!!!!

    A Malay Lawyer contradict his statement,,,NOW hendak buka PEKONG kaun MELAYU,,,!!

    MALAY SIAL betul mamat ni,,


  14. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Mat Selamat - The best case scenario of double standard applied by politician upon the rakyat.

    We need only your votes and nothing else.

  15. Anonymous5:03 pm

    the vigils were conducted by a bunch of hypocrites and closet pedophiles. During the local 'Mardi Gras' little boys and girls were dragged along to act as shields to these cowards and serve as fodder for the fuckfest afterwards.

    These cowardly bastrads have disappeared from the scene after the abject failure of their Anti_Isa riots in KL last year during which chingkie sponsored and politically goaded Malay cuckolded trannies took to the sstreets to show their "heroism" which was easily swatted away by a shower of coloured water and some gas. Some jihadis, these PAS faggots are for when push came to shove they ran helter skelter like village chicken while their Chingkie sponsors laughed in derision. it confirmed the widespread assumption that these bastard chingkie cocksuckling Malays were nothing more than lembus.

    Why the calls and agitation to rid the ISA? simple, once the ISA is removed arsewhore and his Chingkie masters will use the lembus to riot in the streets to topple a duly elected government. Once in power, these bastards will legislate the ISA for eternity using the provisions of article 149, the mother ship which they curiously do NOT seek to amend or jettison from the Constitution. It is good that their plans have all floundered and the fervour is all dead like their cocks.

    My take: keep the ISA as it is and if amendments are due, ensure the loopholes are patched and more stringent terms introduced to keep cockless, cocksuckling Damn Pariah Pundeks under leash and teach them not mess around with national security!! And in the name Allah, quit pussyfooting with these scum, round them up, throw them into the slammer and break the key into two. The last thing a chingkie or trannie malay wants is strict ISA enforcement.

    Yes to ISA, Hidup ISA!!

    Warrior 231

  16. in his previous postings, teruk mamat ni kena..

  17. I suppose, in Maynard Goldsmith black and white world, one has to write anti BN Government article and articles which are contrary to BN Government and supporter viewpoint to be qualified as experienced and inspiring writer.

    What a shame, I thought the article by Sinatra Z on the ISA is enlighthening, hell its a lot better than kiddie John Lee's articles in the MI that's for sure.

  18. ISA can remained but the detainies must be charged and given a chance to defend themselved in the Palace of Justice otherwise you can turned the palace to a Hotel cum resort!
    Its inhuman to detained a person without given a chance to defend themselves

  19. Mad Cat6:56 pm

    Dean Johns seems to be painting everyone in the National Press Club with one big, broad brush, insinuating that they are unprofessional, spinners and liars. Isn't that defamatory?

  20. Malaysian Insider, a portal set up originally to prop up the previous PM and has now turned hostile against the current PM

    haha funny when u say that...

    see the torn in your bro's eye?

    anyway don't think many people would trust the same bunch of people who abused it to reform the ISA

    You didn't get the PR job from Badawi, did you?

  21. Since a few people were so enthusiastic about what one Dean Johns had written concerning the National Press Club awards, I followed the link provided here to the Malaysiakini piece. I was anticipating a brilliant, mind-blowing revelation; my logic being, "If it wasn't great, these people wouldn't have mentioned it... plus took the trouble to provide the link."

    And one person had called on Rocky, being president of the club, to answer because this Johns "...has given point-by-point reasons for it. Some are very valid."

    When someone who is a "Former Journalist" makes such a conclusion, then hillbillies like Mat Cendana can rest assured that something sublime lies at the end of it. This sounds so exciting - a promise of an "intellectual feast"! I could hear my heart thumping hard as the page revealed itself...

    There's only PART OF IT!... I must fork out RM20 per month to read it and other "accurate, balanced and fast news coverage" at this `Independent Media' site. Unfortunately, I'm categorised as in the "Rakyat Termiskin" group and can't afford this luxury. Looks like I'll have to do without knowing what the "very valid" points are.

    By the way, having read the first few paragraphs and seeing Johns hurling things like "whose madcap idea", "ridiculous", "notoriously mendacious 'mainstream press'" --

    from the tone and manner of it, is this Dean Johns suffering from any sort of mental illness?...Look closer..around his mouth..did he forget to gargle, wash, rinse, wipe the Colgate?...the foaming

  22. As de facto psychopomp of the Free Mas Selamat Movement, I too, condemn the condemners who failed to condemn Mas Selamat's incarceration.

  23. Anonymous11:03 pm

    rocky... bila depa mula attack kau ni?


  24. Quoting Dr Goldsmith

    "his arguments are fallible and have been refuted countless times before elsewhere"

    Ya meh? mana ada,
    most of the time all I get is "UMNO Cybertrooper" or "BN Propaganda Machine" and "Government paid Dog spinner" few was there comments that actually touches on the topic.

    I don't really mind being called that only thing is that I wish I was really being paid by BN/Govt/UMNO.

    COuld use the extra cash you know.

  25. /// Malaysian Insider, a portal set up originally to prop up the previous PM and has now turned hostile against the current PM. ///

    Hmmmmmm, talk about turning, let's turn this upside down.

    Rocky Bru, a portal set up originally to attack the previous PM and has now turned around to prop up the current PM.

  26. Anonymous11:24 am

    Bro Rocky,

    u banyak kena attack sejak dapat datukship....tu lah org malaysia tak boleh org lain lebih sikit mesti nak cantas. org australi panggil poppy syndrome.

    bapa kita pun datuk what? perjuangan kebenaran tetap dijalankan. datukship sekadar duniawi bro...yang lebih panjang dan kekal yang lepas kita mati...

    Pls continue with the HAQ!

    Keturunan Jebat

  27. Dear Former Journalist,

    Thank you for providing the links to the article.

    I've met a Dean Johns a couple of times during media nights at the National Press Club during my first term as President, around 2003/04.

    Over free drinks and food, courtesy of our hosts, Dean Johns enquired about job opportunities at The Malay Mail, where I was editor then. He was interested in having a column, he told me.

    I was not into hiring Mat Sallehs as columnists/writers, so I politely discouraged him from trying to apply.

    But this could be a different Dean Johns.

  28. I Am A Manchester U Supporter3:47 pm

    Art Harun of The Malaysian Insider blasts Sinatra Z's arguments for keeping the ISA.

    Read here!!

  29. vivian mathew9:29 pm


    you have not quite answered former journalist's question.

    but imagine that -- if that was the same dean. haha..

    anyway. here's the thing. Dean Johns has so much vitriol against the malaysian govt and anything that's mainstream. whatever his reason/reasons maybe.

    he is biased -- as most of malaysikini columnists are. pro-opposition and really anti-najib and anit-BN. you must be an idiot if you cannot see that.

    but, hey. that's freedom of expression. free to whack the government.
    (i don't see anything whacking DAP or PKR or Anwar)

    now, if you have that as your premise -- then nothing and nothing is right about the country or its government.

    same as dean johns. he has his vitriol directed at mainstream media. so -- there cannot be anything right about the national press club or anything mainstream.

    he is very biasd and prejudiced. he has no credibility, then.

    and who the F is he, man!

  30. Anonymous10:46 am

    hmm...tidak dapat dinafikan jika malaysia tada ISA.. tetapi, ada orang yang menyalahgunakan kuasa mereka untuk menangkap sesiapa yang disyaki membahayakan negara. oleh demikian, ISA perlulah transparankan apa yang mereka buat.

    Little Twitty