Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chua Soi Lek is new MCA President

Updated at noon, 29/3 Monday
The new president has told people closest to him that he plans to request the PM and BN Chairman for "status quo" in relations to MCA's Cabinet posts. If this is true, Ong Tee Keat will remain Transport Minister, Liow keeps Health, Yen Yen stays at Tourism, and Chua Soi Lek himself will accept no Cabinet post.
It's the president's plan to re-unite the party, get all the warring factions to work together as a team.

Original posting:-
Ong Tee Keat loses presidency. It's as good as official. According to those inside the hall where the votes for the MCA elections were counted, Chua Soi Lek has won the contest for party president. Liow Tiong Lai is Deputy President while the Vice Presidents are Yen Yen, Donald Lim, Chor Chee Heung and Gan Ping Sieu.

Is this the end of Tee Keat? Or will he now be able to focus on the ministry and on resolving the PKFZ issue without the pressure of the presidency?


  1. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Dr Love,

    You da MAN, man!

    Chua Sudah Balik

  2. *Yusree*7:55 pm

    PKFZ issue is not for Ong Tee Keat to "resolve".

    It is for the Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) to get in, drag out all the documents, identify the culprits (the big fishes from MCA and UMNO) and take them to court.

    Tapi MACC kenapa macam tido jer? Kalau pembangkang ambik 50 sen pun MACC dah menyambar mereka. Ini pula berbillion-billion ringgit.

    Jadi hang mintak tolonglah sikit la Rocky, cukuplah menipu Melayu dgn ayat "Ong Tee Keat has to resolve PKFZ". Ayat tu takleh pakai lagi beb.

  3. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Congrats to Soi Lek, But a very very sad day for our Brothers & Sisters in The Tourism Industry!!

    Hoping Ng Yen Yen lose, cloud get a NEW Tourism Minister...

    Well looks like we have to bare with her as long as our PM put her there.

    Well hope we could get someone better then her in near further.

    All the best Soi Lek..


  4. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Ong Tee Kiat was expected to lose from day 1. Every party in BN will side line the leaders who are good and wanting to do good deeds.


  5. He should leave the Cabinet. He is not as straight as he projects to be. Just as corrupt as the rest and he does it with belligerence.

  6. Anonymous8:46 pm

    ong tee keat'd expose everybody even if it involves Mahathir. Ong's as good as dead

  7. wandererAUS8:55 pm

    MCA got a "DEAD DUCK" for a President. He will definitely got his balls held by UMNO.
    The REMOTE CONTROLLER from UMNO will run MCA!!
    This Beggar Party is history, only making the Chinese situation further down the drain...

  8. Emm..I'm not sure I can honestly agree with the choice, but the MCA members have spoken. They've chosen their leader. Like it or not, having a leader with unquestionable moral integrity is not an absolute priority for them.

    We're in for an interesting time ahead.

  9. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Hooo ray!!!!!!

    mcca members now have full rights to have MISTRESS.........

    That is something to celebrate BRO

    Fact supporter!

  10. Anonymous9:40 pm

    it's name of the game if you lose you go. The Chinese always believed in integrity which OTK failed to honour when he lostbthe no confidence vote. If he immediately declare a fresh party election to get new mandate maybe he is still MCA president today. The delegates today is leaved with no choice but to choose a new leader with integrity eventhough morally Chua is tarnished.
    Hopefully everybody will respect the result today till next party election.

    Never compare Chua sex scandal with Anwar sodomy case because in Anwar case it a blatant criminal case but in Chua case is having sex with a concubine only. Biasalah bro. At least he is a real man. Hehehehe. Main depan depan tatak taruk belakang.

    Gigi pun tersalah gigit lidah inikan jalan tersalah langkah. Berilah Chua peluang......... Dah takdir terima jelah.

  11. Tee Keat should return the RM444k watch . is the mumber 444 that brought tee keat where he is today .

  12. Anonymous10:27 pm

    No Rocky.....In Shakespeare

    In Defeat, Malice. In Victory, Revenge. Soi Lek has punched Tee Keat Kaw Kaw?

    It's time tha Tee Keat sink the whole ship with it

    Don't be happy. I heard that Tajol Rosli has sent questionaires to Sivakumar, the legitimate speaker. While Bernama broadcast the exodus of 700 PKR Ipoh Barat members (Ini semua angkara Fauzi. Tak apa lah, DAP rulez there.....11Perak UMNO Divisions might boycott Zambry......
    That would be fun on the 30th assembly proceeding when all of the sudden Zambry kenna played out by Tajol Rosli....With motion no confidence on hand.....Ahem, ahem.....Didn't the Federal Court judge has given the hint to Nizar? Remember Rocky....

    And Rocky when the Sultan Perak do a U-Turn reinstate Nizar.....What shall it be with Najib? And you....Would you derhaka terhadap Sultan? Frightening hey.....

  13. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Sebagai orang melayu, saya tidak dapat menerima kalau ketua saya ada isu moral seperti itu. Tapi mereka tak kisah?

  14. Rasputin Beliong10:44 pm

    PKFZ files are closed forthwith. Bye bye MCA (Malaysian Cinta Ass****ciation)! OTK can now join the growing number of independent MPs.

  15. Anonymous10:46 pm

    don't be sarcastic la Rocky !!

    of course it's the end for 'Ong Takut'......

    as for PKFZ, we got to wait till PR to form next gomen then catch the big fish !!


  16. Anonymous10:52 pm

    it's good that he won the erection..i meant election...damn..

  17. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Comapre that to the UMNO guys who were implicated in:

    a. Minor's privacy invasion
    b. Cash in briefcase

    Did they get re=elected?

    Funny eh... real culprits who do not admit their follies get kept away.

    Chua admitted his role in the video, resigned as a matter of principle.

    Now its payback time and his party delegates voted him again.

    Honesty you agree?

    Let UMNO leaders, who go to the extend of swearing and bringing in religion to prove their 'innocence' learn from this incident


  18. Anonymous12:22 am

    HaHaHa..In Bolih-Land any body can be a Leader.

    Truly Democracy.. it does not matter black or white ,front or back , left or right , top or bottom as long you can stand and ada gaya , mutu dan keunggulan.Syabas.

    Alice in the wonderland.

  19. "Is this the end of Tee Keat?"

    Probably. But it's certainly another nail in the coffin of MCA's impending demise. A leader who has lost moral authority will be the butt of all kinds of sneers and insults. I can foresee tons of new dvd's emerging on youtube and in blogdom!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  20. nasi dagang1:36 am

    HAHA...padan muka ong tee keat...tu la sapa suruh dedahkan skandal PKFZ...hehe..lepas ne kenalah lepaskan jawatan Menteri Pengangkutan....caya lah chua soi lek..kaki seks pun bole jadi org No.1 MCA...seterusnya Menteri kabinet...wohoo!!!

  21. Anonymous5:08 am

    Rocky - you're surely jesting. If OTK has less clout -u expect him to open further the can of sh#t which is PKFZ.

    Jibby must be laughing out loud today.

    The nation (of crooks) is rejoicing because OTK is now gone.

    Even a clown lie donald duck Lim Siang chai has scored a win.


  22. Kamal Hassan7:43 am


    convention has it that once u lose the presidency, u r no more a minister. so how can OTK "focus on the ministry and on resolving the PKFZ?"

  23. najib manaukau8:10 am

    We now have a sex maniac as the Malaysian Chinese Association !

    Don't they have a better man to represent them ?
    Until now this new MCA chief has not even apologised for his 'star' performance, what a bloody disgrace !

  24. Now that the problem in MCA settled (part of it), hopefully they will help BN to regain supports from the non-Malays especially the Chinese.

    It's a hard task to do. The Chinese prefers to offer their support to the DAP.

    Anyway, best of luck ;)

  25. Anonymous10:31 am

    The party has chosen who they lek and who they don't lek. Now it's time to kerja sama and sama-sama kerja.

    Kita jangan banyak komen, the Malay commnunity pun banyak skeleton in the closet.

    --Nasi Kandar Kudu

  26. If you can write matter-of-fact like this from now on, nobody can accuse you of being an UMNO/Najib Blog ! Ever !

  27. Anonymous11:02 am

    Now the question is, will PM Najib appoint a minister who has through video evidence been proven to indulge in "sexual intercourse against the course of nature"?

    Anwar has to spend time in court while this character gets to lead the MCA. Talk about BN shooting themselves in the foot. The opposition is going to have a field day.

  28. Anonymous11:05 am

    Anwar tak bolih !

    Soi Lek bolih?

    Malaysia BOLIH!!!

  29. MMMMMMM, to me as far as i am concerned,, MCA is already irrelevant.

    What good can CSL do,when he loses the support of the masses,even if he is the no 1 in his Party.

    The coffee shops talk now is," we just dont care who helms MCA, they are just so irrelevant, they fight for their interest on the pretext of fighting for us."

  30. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Rocky the dark knight:

    Why don't you ask Ibrahim Katak what he thinks of two MCA ministers losing their posts in the party ? Ibrahim thinks that the posts of Transport Minister and Minister for Local Housing should now go to the Malays to reflect the 67 pct Malay population. In fact, can you ask your boss to give one of these posts to Ibrahim Katak ?


  31. witchy bru12:08 pm

    please read my blog. Rocky I love you!!

  32. Anonymous12:12 pm

    If You are not happy with my win, have a BANANA.


  33. Anonymous1:14 pm

    YESSS..He won the erection..i meant election

  34. najib manaukau said...

    We now have a sex maniac as the Malaysian Chinese Association !

    Don't they have a better man to represent them ?
    Until now this new MCA chief has not even apologised for his 'star' performance, what a bloody disgrace !


    I don't support anyone in this, cause it's an MCA matter.

    BUT. The sex video is between Chua SOi Lek, his wife and his family. And the girl.

    We have nothing to do with it. It's his personal life.

    Now, if he sodomised the girl, and used his position to cover it up, that would be a legal matter.

  35. "BUT. The sex video is between Chua SOi Lek, his wife and his family. And the girl."

    Bro Amir

    Under M'sia's penal (or penile) code, oral sex and bigamy are crimes. There's no two ways about it.

    So, why have the IGP and AG not investigated and pressed charges against CSL? Why the selective treatment here?

    If we accept your argument, then the AG should not have proceeded in the case of Anwar and Saiful, which is also surely between two individuals and none of anyone else's goddamn biz?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  36. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Now that he is president, MCA will have to put a boudoir next to the MCA President's office. It will need a discrete separate entrance, too. And make sure no hidden cameras.

  37. Anonymous4:15 pm

    PAS mursyidul am Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat will be regarded as an accomplice if he stops people from exposing the wrongdoings of others, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    He said this in response to Nik Aziz’s call to former PKR leaders to stop exposing dirt on opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    “Covering up for someone who has done wrong is akin to being an accomplice,’’ he said.

    StarOnLine 29/3/10

    So what about Dr Love Dr M? Who is covering-up for him? The 900+ members who voted for him must be accomplices?


  38. Anonymous4:22 pm

    In response to Anon (YNMA) 7.55pm: Who else is more suitable to "bare" with Tousism Minister other than Dr Love himself!

    zule rule

  39. Jenggg X34:27 pm

    ka ka kah... ini berita amat bagus... ka ka kah

    Dengan kangkong macam CSL sudah sah MCA akan dikuburkan... ka ka kah

  40. Anonymous5:10 pm

    if italy had a porn star as an elected member
    of the house of representative, we too have
    our very own energetic but reluctant porn
    star chualeklek who would bring a lot of
    middle aged ladies to the party dos...

    so malaysia bolih..

    our mp ought to emulate silvio berlusconi.

    The next time pornstar chualeklek give a pc , have it
    onboard a boat [a yacht will do] and just wearing a
    bathrobe with a healthy
    gf in a skimpy bikini in the background.

    that will bring in women in droves-

    the new image of mca.. My Cherry Arsed party


  41. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Hello MCA

    What I notice with my Apek neighbours;

    When MCA organize free lunch or dinner (non halal), all will go, bring whole family some more, tapau bawa makanan pulang kasi anjing2 kat rumah kenyang.

    When they have problems with the authorities (mostly cannot read or speak BM/BI) they will go to your MCA ADUN/MP to ask for help..

    When PR fella come to our area to give speeches and of cos, free makan, they also go and tibai the food..

    But listen, ELECTION time, they all VOTED for the opposition!!

    Why like that one?


  42. charleskiwi6:22 pm

    Now let us be very fair, Anwar is charged for unnatural sex whereas Chua had sex with a adult female which is not an offense and besides he is not a Muslim. His sex outside his marriage may not be acceptable but it is not illegal ! While Anwar's lust for the backside is, that is the difference !

  43. Anonymous8:23 pm

    i thought it is a crime to have oral sex... no? only anal sex meh?

    make sure you buggers get the right hole the next time.

    Anwar should have oral sex instead.

    blardie farker

  44. Anonymous12:21 am

    that motherless bandit ... see how long he can last... jordan

  45. Mazlan7:35 am

    MCA? Do they still exist?
    A complete irrelevance.
    With Soi Lek in charge BN has no right to give lectures on morality to anyone from now on....

  46. Mustapha Ong12:25 pm

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    Like many of us, I have been trailing the MCA political upsurge for the last few months since October 2009.Finally the party election for the new CC lineup has proven to be the delegate's best choice for the top MCA's leadership before the party's election in 18 months' time.

    Like many others, I am pleased with the result as well as to sincerely welcome the new MCA leadership under Dr. Chua Soi Lek.Congratulations to Dr. Chua as the MCA president and his new team and hopefully the party's transformation process will begin in order to redeem the pride of the Chinese representation, that had been eroded in the last few years due to power struggle between the various factions.

    The new combination of central power seems to be acceptable to party members, that will spearhead and consolidate the inner political strength of MCA as the voice of the Chinese community. The delegates' choice was wise, as CSL will have to work closely with his newly elected deputy Liow Tiong Lai, who will be the next president in the making.

    I suspect that the CSL-Liow MCA leadership is not only the ideal political collaboration, but also the wishes of the other component leaders of BN under the current leadership of Najib Tun Razak.

    Having said that, I hope that CSL will keep to his promises not to add further political liability to prime minister Najib and his team. It's best that MCA maintains the existing status quo in MCA's cabinet representation, perhaps until the next party election. I believe CSL has the political goodwill to convince prime minister Najib of his good intention, not to antagonise the big losers like Ong Tee Kiat and Kong Cho Ha.

    I hope the other new VPs can wait patiently for their time to be slotted into the administration.At least two of the VPs namely Donald Lim and Choe had their terms in the previous Cabinet. Any changes will only defeat the true intentions of MCA to reunite the best leaders to play a positive role in new presidential lineup under the leadership of Chua Soi Lek.

    Many of us agreed that the sexual liability that had implicated CSL had been written off by MCA's voice of majority with his impressive win of 901 votes.CSL's exposure of his sexual adventure is now history and everyone should respect this new political development in MCA.

  47. Anonymous6:14 pm

    PR supporters..

    Your Andaratu bagi greenlight untuk mereka2 yang sewaktu dengan dia jadi PEMIMPIN. So this is nothing new eh, ikut teladan U all le..

    Lagipun TGNA pun restu dengan kelakuan Amoy tu, Karpal dan LKS pun tak buka mulut (kira setuju ler tu, yang puak pompuan PAS pun sampai peluk2 bagi sokongan moral kerana tak bermaruah, tak pun dia jatuhkan hukum hudud keatas Lover Amoy yang Islam tu, so kira OKEY la, why want to make noise?


  48. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Mustapha Ong,

    Just like your boss Na$1b, you condone the election of a porno actor to MCA's highest post, a day of shame and infamy to the Chinese community. But you no longer regard yourself as Chinese, so that is expected of someone like you. And why not? You are equally tainted, but perhaps not as much as Chua Soi Lek, in trying to bribe Jamal Amro to lie in saying that he procured young boys for Anwar in Sodomy I. Nevertheless the stigma is there irrespective of how much you tried to hide it. Maybe Ibrahim Mat Katak of Perkosa has raised the stds of being bumi so high that only the likes of Cina munafik like Ridhuan Tee Chuan Seng Abdullah can qualify. That perhaps places your bumi status in jeopardy, as you have not reached the status of condemning your original community like Tee Chuan Seng did, just to be accepted by the likes of Ibrahim and Ahmad Ismail. And you are perhaps thinking of joining MCA should the likes of super ultra Ahmad Ismail kick you out of UMNO. Good luck to you in supporting a new party president like Chua Soi Lek@ porno actor. But perhaps you should also revert to your original name of Ong Sua Too. And also suggest to the porno party president to legalise his sex video clip.

  49. For all the uninformed:

    "377A Penal Code. Carnal intercourse against the order of nature.
    Any person who has sexual connection with another person by the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature.”

    So, it does not matter if its done by male or female and to whom by whom, or if you are Mulsim or non-Muslim. Oral sex and bigamy are crimes under M'sia law.

    So, I ask again, why has the AG not charged CSL but has gone hammer and tongs at DSAI? Selective prosecution? Correct, Correct, Correct!!

    We are all of1 race, the Human Race

  50. Jangan Main Belakang10:26 pm

    C Soi Lek Harus Bertaubat....

  51. donplaypuks said:

    Bro Amir

    Under M'sia's penal (or penile) code, oral sex and bigamy are crimes. There's no two ways about it.


    Honestly, I never knew that. Damn. Oral sex. Is it a crime?

    What about extra-marital sex? Bigamy in this context is adultery, no? Cause if it's just bigamy, then just don't get married la. Fuck only.