Monday, February 22, 2010

Road rage Down Under


"Now he will return home for good .... in a coffin." - Saemin Mongjin, the dad of Malaysian-born Australian Mohd Shah Saemin, 43, (pic) battered with a hammer and knifed to death by two men who chased him along a Sydney street in what the cops said could be a case of road rage.

NST has the story He promised his mom to return for Raya.

Original article:

No, it's not hate crime. But if you have to travel to Australia now, avoid driving when you are there. Read the story here.


  1. Dear good fellows, dont worry at all. Our friends 50 Australian MP ready to fight for justice for that Malay. From here, Anwar,Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang,LKS,LGE,Karpal Singh,Ronnie, Elizabeth Wong,Sivarasa,Wan Azizah,Nurul Izzah,Azmin,Khalid Ibrahim and many others will help and preparing demonstration and roadshow much bigger than seeking justice for Beng Hock or justicefor Kugan. Be ready and standing high with them.

  2. Anak Permatang Pauh9:32 pm

    Where's the 50 Kanggaro MPs who are busy policing other countries, wherein their own backyard, crime against coloured is rampant.

    Another thing, I'm dissappointed with PAS for recognising the anak haram of Soh Cher Wei as the son of Teoh Beng Hock. This child has no legal and moral rights to be claim as TBH's son. Read reports today. PAS memang sesat.

  3. Anonymous10:19 pm

    errr if he has become Australian citizen, why headline says Malaysian??.. why care??


  4. I would like to see those 50 MP's do something.

  5. Better still stay away from Australia for the holidays until their Government can give unequivocal guarantee that this kind of road rage/murder is not racial based. They have not solved the indiscriminate stabbing murders of Indian Nationals there also and now these road rage murder, so something wrong somewhere over in Oz, I just hope it is not motivated by race hatred.

    read more here:

  6. Sometimes you have to avoid driving even in Malaysia...

  7. Anonymous11:04 pm

    "No, it's not hate crime. But if you have to travel to MALAYSIA now, avoid being C4 when you are there and also avoid doing 'So-do-mee' because tiada maaf bagi mu !!

    Down & Under MP

  8. Anonymous12:54 am

    Datok (A) Rocky,

    Apa tunggu lagi PERKASA....lets beat the war drums and do the demo infront of the Oz Embassy. Ozzies sudah bunuh melayu, especially the deceased is a diaspora malay.

    Datok(C) Abdul Rahman

    P.S Hang Datok Anugerah, tetapi aku Datok Cucu.

  9. Anonymous12:55 am

    Oh ya ker?

    Boleh kira dia orang ini macam gangster juga ya.

    Kalau begitu gaya orang zaman sekarang, kat Australia pun susah nak hidup ya, apalagi kat Jeli tu,kena pukul sampai mati juga.

    Mana nak duduk selamat Dato?.

  10. Anonymous2:02 am

    Just hope when they catch the murderers, the politicians there don't decide to silently close this case!

    Over 20yrs ago, a lady accountant that I knew, disappeared into thin air, in Australia.

    She was last seen going into a Laundry.. Anyone remember this case? Not even her body was found till today..

    Now makes me wonder, did they simply drop this case too?

    Omputih sasau..


  11. Indian bashing turn to Malaysian bashing , what do you expect from Kanggaraos

  12. Anonymous7:38 am

    kek kek kek - ai yo yo, desperate Locky Blu trying to portray him to be a malaysian to score points I presume!! I know lah latuk, you will find pitiful excuse and say - "I never directly mentioned that he is "malaysian" !!!

    Bernama reported this morning that road rage was a possible motive for the vicious murder of the 43-year-old man who had become an AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN and had lived in Sydney for about three years.


    "Trying to get latukship"

  13. Anonymous8:31 am

    Rocky, you seem to see things in one dimension. To you everything is about race.
    Why don't you focus on road rage menace in Bolehland,Mat Rempits, blatant disregards to all trafic rules and road deaths every single day on Malaysian roads.

    As i have said before, you are a real BATU API.


  14. GoalcoastSurfer8:49 am

    poor malay driver who become the sacrificial lamb of the Malaysian Opposition and the 50 Oz MP's...and who do you think is behind we need another inquisition after the post mortem?All roads lead to the ...hmmmm the watching eye.Now you see they can go to this extent...break the nations...but they under estimate us...they are waiting for ourmove...bloody Oz!!!!

  15. Anonymous8:51 am

    "They have not solved the indiscriminate stabbing murders of Indian Nationals..." - eddy

    eddy o eddy how many time shave you been told to get more learning, yet you persist in no0nsense.
    They know who is doing the stabbing:

    "Lebanese Muslim gangs attacking Indian students in Australia"

    In Malaysia they carry cowheads...or have you forgotten or were you sleeping.

  16. Anonymous8:55 am

    Do you know that 7,000 people die every year without fail on Malaysian roads? That’s 7,000 in a population of just 27 million people. Do you know that 2,700 people die every year on UK roads? That’s 2,700 in a population of 72 million people.

    We should cane these Muslims who kill 7,000 Malaysians every year -- maybe on their genitals. And I do not need to hold an international conference to come to this decision.

    Aiyah! Why are Muslims so full of bullshit?

  17. sila baca tulisan ini amat penting bagi ahli UMNO

    arpukari akan jadi beban kepada Dr Zambry dan UMNO

    February 23, 2010 by admin (Edit)
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    Tan Sri Muhyiddin menyarankan agar ahli UMNO menyelesaikan segala masalah dalaman segera agar lebih bersedia untuk menghadapi PRU13 yang akan datang. baca sini Malangnya apa yang diharapkan oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin tidak mungkin akan tercapai selagi Tan Sri Muhyiddin sendiri memberikan muka dan juga mengikut segala kehendak bloggers yang pro Tun Mahathir. Jelas Tan Sri Muhyiddin terlalu memberikan muka kepada mereka ini dan mereka ini sebenarnya (beberapa orang yang sememangnya perasan mereka ini boleh mengoncang kan Tan Sri Muhyiddin malahan bloggers ini pernah mengugut untuk tidak menyokong Tan Sri Muhyiddin jika Khairy Jamaluddin diberikan kerusi sebagai menteri.

  18. Anonymous9:25 am

    Wah oang melayu pon bermastautin kat ostralia. wah org melayu pon lari jugak lah.

    Dia org ostralia jadi apa peduli sangat ?

    Kalo dia org cina - ingat rocky peduli tulis??

  19. Anonymous10:01 am

    The poor chap is now an Australian. Finished story. The report in the newspapers were just to rile you all up (in view of the recent Anwar case). There are people getting killed all over the world, malaysians included. Death is the final "appointment" in life. It was meant to be that way for the poor chap. If we want revenge, it will never end. Let us pray for peace amongst brotherhood of mankind, let's do this. I just wonder how many amongst us remember to include this in our daily prayers? My sympathies to his family and friends.


  20. Anonymous10:24 am

    Anak Permatang Pauh, listen carefully:
    If your memory serves you well, a certain chief minister had an illicit affair with a schoolgirl years ago, which resulted in the birth of a child. That child is alive and well. TBH's son deserves and has legal and moral rights to TBH's name. What's the difference between these two children? I know only one: one baby was born in a hospital attended by doctors and nurses and will receive sympathy and love from his loved ones. His mother did not lie about his existence. The other baby was born in a home for "wayward girls" and does not have a "binti" to her name. Remember, someone had to go to jail for this schoolgirl's lies and deceit. But the difference is so small, we still love and cherish such children, for us, children are just like angels, at birth clean and pure. It's only when they are given names (haram) that turns them to be ugly ONLY in your eyes.

    Anak bin Bapa

  21. Anonymous10:27 am

    How is that possible that those fellows are allowed to demo without a polis permit? If they can we can too.

  22. Jebat Must Die10:49 am

    My condolences to the family of the deceased.



  23. jehovah10:53 am

    it is HATE CRIME.

    The Australian ONLY WHITE policy is far from dead!

    they're trying to put up a screen. but the reality is Australia is a RACIST country!

  24. Anonymous11:05 am

    Ba ba Black Sheep,
    Have you ada any maruah?
    Yes sir, yes sir tiga bakul,
    One for PM, One for BN,
    and for A little brother BN who lost every seat in in PR2008....PPP!

  25. Anonymous11:08 am

    Ha,ha....datang betul-betul nak tenguk mahkamah produk Australia....kah,kah,kah

    Mahkamah Kangaroo !!!

    Keputusan dah tahu....kah,kah,kah

    Cakap ketuanan melayu....tapi masuk mahkamah orang putih....kah,kah,kah
    Memang sial tahap bebal pemimpin dan ahli Umno ni....!

    Mahkamah Melayu tak ade ke ?

    Siang baca kitab tajul muluk,malam telan...BALUN dan BERAK....kah,kah,kah

  26. Anonymous11:09 am

    ini demonstrasi jalanan, ini bukan budaya kita, jalan-jalan jadi sesak, peniaga-peniaga ramai yg rugi, imej negara kita akan rosak, pelabur-pelabur asing akan lari...kah kah kah

  27. Anonymous11:10 am

    Wartawan & cameraman pun dah 50

  28. Anonymous11:11 am


    Dulu 4B tue maksudnyer...

    Bohsia, Bohjan, Beranak, Buang... hahahaha

  29. Anonymous11:14 am

    kalau co jepun 4M tu
    Man,Method,Machine ,Material tapi

    tok Jib lagi hebat ek..4M

    Menipu,Merompak,Merasuah,Menyelam..opps x leh menyelam rupanya...

  30. Anonymous11:48 am

    How do you know it is road rage? Why cant it be the UMNO/Perkasa demnonstartion. After all, he worked for the Malaysian consulate. Are you sure he is just a driver. Can he be more - an underground operative for UMNO.

  31. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Al-Fatihah to Mohd Shah Saemin. Takziah kepada keluarga beliau juga.


  32. Anonymous12:41 pm

    My condolences to the family of the deceased.However, there are also many cases such as these, maybe not leading to death, but NO ACTION TAKEN.
    MM should focus on these homeland cases, highlight the many traffic crimes that are happening in KL.
    Double & Triple parking causing traffic jams, motor bikes, especially, beating traffic lights, U-Turn in no U-Turn areas, Commercial buses and lorries parked indiscrimately, Public buses and taxis stopping anywhere they like, bus and taxis stops at stupid places, cars parking at bus and taxi stops, vechiles at yellow boxes and many many more, and this is only in KL. These serious traffic crimes happens in front of the many police and bandaraya employees, WHY NO ACTION. Ask your reporters to "hit the streets" instead of wearing jeans and tshirts and trying to lick your balls. By the way, MM is always at the Maybanks even after 10pm, big stack, are your distribution boys checking or also trying to lick your balls.


  33. Why is evertying racial in your eye?

  34. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Anon nicknamed Two,

    He was Australian but he was more Malaysian. Not just because he was born in Malaysia but because his family all in Malaysia.

    His body will be flown back to Malaysia also. And he will be buried here.

    Australian only on paper, in other words.

  35. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Al-Fatihah dan salam takziah buat keluarga.

    Ada kalangan org liberal dan barat double standard menganggap darah orang Islam spt di Iraq, Palestin dan Afghanistan lebih murah dan boleh diperlakukan sesuka hati.

  36. lucius2:47 pm


    kalau cina atau india malaysia mati lu sudah pasti protest gila.

    rocky buat posting pasal melayu mati, lu ingat rocky tak ada maruah.

    ini lagu untuk lu:

    baa baa black ship

    lu kepala gila,

    suka tuduh

    senang sahaja

    kalau pakatan

    semua okay

    kalau bukan

    memang tak boleh!

    semua makna

  37. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Hoi mamat yg suka berdekah kah kah kah...Hang ni gila meroyan kah? Baik hang pi melancap baguih...kah kah kah sekoq lg mamat PKR kot...kah kah kah..

  38. Anonymous7:36 pm


    wa klimax after baca all the comments. apa mcm lu? they hate u but keep coming back. woha!

  39. Anonymous9:03 pm

    It's `good' to see that people like anak bin bapa dan hishamudin talk-cock rais visit this blog. Congratulation Dato Rocky, what ever you say, you're able to attract this KIND to this place. ..KAH...KAH..KAH...KAHAK!

  40. Anak Permatang Pauh9:31 pm

    Anak Bin Bapa, listen and listen good.

    It is because of the attitude people like YOU that condone sex before marriage that teenage pregnancies and having child out of wedlock, whether you agree with the label anak haram or not, which among other things, led to the moral decay of our society. Wait until one day your own unmarried daughter bring home her baby, and say 'papa here's your grandchild, but i forgot to ask the name of the guy who fathered this beautiful baby' and see what's you reaction.

    Imagine, in Europe, the case of child out of wedlock (anak haram) has increased from one out of four in 1997 to one out of three in 2008! Let me rephrase, if you math is bit elementary, 30% of the children in west were born out of wedlock, and the rate is increasing. You're proud?

    I can hear you small brain trying to argue, "so what"? No, I'm not going to argue further with your secularist, atheist position on the issue of legally married.

    But of course, your KIND, would condone anything from the west as civilised, man marrying man, human being marrying horse! If only the horse can speak or would laugh and say "ada hati konon, besar mana barang?"

    These are the kind of living that your KIND would support in the name of individual rights. What's the right of this animal? Do these animals have the opportunity to say "nay, I'm not interested, your is kinda tiny.." What happen to their rights. I wonder what the animal rights got to say about this marriage.

    Whatever it is, Islam will never condone sex before marriage. Sodomy, Man-Animal marriage. Period.

  41. Anon8:51am, waah you must be a one super armchair crimebuster ah? One link to a muslim hate blog and hey presto murder solved.Ada bakat jadi Pegawai Polis Australia kau ini, candidate for soon to be formed psychic section, easy job ma assigning blame based on just hearsay and unfounded allegation.

    Anyway, I'll do you a favour OK anon, its the least I could do for a pathetic ignoramus like you since you might be living in some sort of a virtual tempurung, so let me update you OK, the murder of Indian National Nitin Garg in Melbourne have not been solved.

    You ought to make a police report to the Aussie police in Melbourne on your findings from that blog as you might have evidence to help the Aussie police solve the murder mystery. Becareful though, as making a false and unsubstantiated police report is an offence in Australia as well as Malaysialah.
    My deepest and heartfelt condolence for the family of Allahyarham Mohammed Shah. Alfatihah.

  42. Anonymous10:44 am

    Australia is still a racist country for some people. This is a fact that the government trying hard to hide.
    It is not wrong in Australia to categorize people as Australians (this is for the whites), Chinese Australians, Indian Australians, Indonesian Australians, Lebanese Australians, Somalian Australians, Vietnamese Australians etc etc ...
    Yet Malaysians want to change to Malaysian Malaysians. Why?
    As for the deceased guy case, the whole news in Australia refer him as Malaysian Australian. Although he already becomes Australian citizen.

    - Malaysian in Australia -

  43. So the person charged for the murder was an Indonesian.

    Will Perkasa now demonstrate outside the Indonesian Embassy for this 'hate crime'?

    Or will they put their tails between their legs and back down?


  44. Anonymous3:51 pm

    I don't know about racial. For all the fuss we make in condemning the Australians, it seems that the guy arrested for this was Indonesian born, Hazairin Iskandar (

  45. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Update -

    Taxi driver charged with Malaysian driver’s murder


    MELBOURNE, Feb 24 — A 55-year-old Sydney taxi driver has been charged with the murder of Malaysian consulate driver Mohd Shah Saemin in the Sydney suburb of Leichardt on Sunday.

    Hazairin Iskandar, 55, was charged in the Burwood Local Court Wednesday with murdering Mohd Shah, 43, just before midnight on Sunday outside Shah’s home at Leichhardt in Sydney’s inner west, the Australian Associated Press reported.

    He elected not to face magistrate Christopher Longley, who formally refused bail and adjourned the matter to Sydney’s Central Local Court on April 20.

    Mohd Shah was stabbed and bashed, allegedly with a hammer, before dying on the footpath outside his Marion Street home in front of shocked onlookers.

    A second man seen fleeing the scene is still being sought by police.

    Indonesian-born Iskandar was arrested at his Croydon home, in Sydney’s west, just after 10pm Tuesday, along with a woman who has been released pending further enquiries.

    Iskandar’s wife worked with Melaka-born Mohd Shah, who was divorced and had lived in Australia for about 10 years. — Bernama

    Some of you jumped the gun. :)


  46. Anonymous5:04 pm

    ANON:Whatever it is, Islam will never condone sex before marriage. Sodomy, Man-Animal marriage. Period.

    ya kah?

    have you seen the stats man?
    90% of sex crime in bolih is by which ..?

    90% of ayah merogol anak is which..?

    90% of penangih dadah & orgi sex is which..??

    Does that mean your guru never taught you properly OR could it be that your are hiding under your religious mask?

    Org Alim konon nya. uh?

    Pak Janggut-lebar-panjang

  47. Cabbie accused of killing wife's lover

    A Sydney taxi driver has been charged with the murder of his wife's lover, dispelling suspicion the killing was a random road rage attack.

    pls read this as a journalists sake.

  48. Anonymous8:46 pm

    So much for blaming the WHITES.Now that it's reveal the killer is an Indonesian taxi driver....

    aussie lover

  49. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Anak Permatang Pauh,
    Would you prefer these babies to be abandoned, stuffed in a plastic bag, and left at doorsteps? Many have ended up dead. These are the sins of their parents, why blame the child? And I ask you "if you daughter too?" Are you going to chase her off, where will she go? If it was your son who got a girl into trouble, will you give the same punishment? Ask your big brain what you will do! Forget about giving statistics from the West, what about Malaysia? Do you have any? Are not the half-way homes for muslim girls almost full every where, whether for drugs or family-related problems? Where are you in trying to help out whether in "dakwah" or voluntary help? By the sounds of your reply, you are just a by-stander. Go out and see the real world and listen to some of the unhappy stories that come from these homes! Go tell PAS what you think!

    Anak bin Bapa

  50. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Rocky - you seem to have been guilty of jumping to conclusions because of your biasness?/you were trying to please your bosses?/you wanted to get back at the Aussies for their support of AI?/any other dishonourable motives?

    How about a retraction if you have any honour!


  51. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Turns out he was having an affair with a woman. His alleged killer is the wife's husband.

    What road rage?

    What racist crime?


  52. Anonymous3:24 am

    hey hey Locky - you jumped the gun thinking this is hot news to jerk the ozzies- but at the end kaum sendiri jugak yg bunuh ...


    Family held over death of wife's workmate at consulate
    February 25, 2010

    Beaten ... police re-enact the Leichhardt murder. Photo: Quentin Jones

    HE WAS the divorced driver, she the married accounts clerk.

    Most days they ate lunch together at the small Malaysian consulate where they worked in Bellevue Hill. Sometimes she brought him food.

    There was gossip, but Nita Eriza Iskandar and Mohd Shah Saemin were just ''very good friends, close,'' she said yesterday. ''He's like a part of our family.''

    But police allege her husband saw it differently.

    The last time Mrs Iskandar, 46, spoke to Mr Saemin, 43, he was screaming for help down the telephone after being set upon by two men with a hammer on Sunday night outside his home in Marion Street, Leichhardt.

    He called to a woman standing nearby, who threw her body over Mr Saemin's in the hope it would stop the attack.

    But Mrs Iskandar arrived to find his lifeless form slumped on the pavement and wept as police attempted to revive him.

    Late on Tuesday detectives raided the Iskandar home in Brighton Street, Croydon, and arrested her taxi-driver husband, Hazairin Iskandar, 55, charging him with murder. Mrs Iskandar was also detained and released pending further inquiries.

    By yesterday afternoon they had arrested her again and detained the Iskandars' only child, Andrew, a tertiary student, in Jakarta, after he boarded a plane in Sydney at 7am.

    Colleagues and neighbours were taken aback at the developments in what was first thought to be a road rage investigation.

    Mrs Iskandar, an Indonesian-born Australian citizen, has worked at the consulate for about 10 years and has been on leave since Monday.

    Mr Saemin began working at the consulate three years ago after moving to Australia in 2000.

    ''All these twist of events is confusing,'' the consulate director, Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan, said. ''We're not suspicious of people when they hold hands or whatever. That's how we're taught.

  53. Anonymous6:36 am

    So Mr. Newspaper man.. there have been further developments in the Saemin case. How come no update from you la? Why don't you go ahead and let everyone know what these developments are? Tak cukup sensational ka?

    As for Anifah Aman's comments regarding the incident.. please, Mr. Menteri, pull your head out of your rear end and do some real work. Maybe drag attention to the ceasefire agreement signed in Darfur, something which our gomen never took a stand on. Something constructive la for a change.

    Amacam, boleh ka?


  54. Anonymous8:19 am

  55. Anonymous8:22 am

    Boo hoo!!

  56. Anonymous9:21 am

    what la this guy was doing somebody's wife=crime of passion.

  57. Anonymous9:44 am

    Somebody "merapu" about the west and its immorality and giving numbers to substantiate!! Why bring the horse's rights in? Nothing to argue, is it? Hey, Mr. righteous, look after your own backyard.We know your religion well, but do you practice what you preach? If this is the way you want to argue, its you who have a small brain. Talk about horses, konon. Jalan lah.

    Just u wait n see

  58. Anonymous10:54 am


    This was a nice way to link this issue with the protest of the Aussie MPs, wasn't it?

    Well, latest news is that his colleague and her husband, both Indonesian Muslims, have been arrested on suspicion of murder. That's right - charged and arrested, not "co-operating with police enquiries". Apparently, the husband thought his wife was having an affair with the deceased and decided to take matters into his own hands.

    Please don't report rumours and innuendo about Aussie "road rage" when you don't have the facts on hand, and then start provoking people into saying that Australia is a racist country because they targeted an innocent Malaysian. As it is, the accused attackers come from a land not a million miles away.

  59. What ever the intent of this posting with the kind of headlines shortly after the demo at the Australian High Commission where you called for "buggers" to join in, Bro, I think you got to have this name etched in your mind forever, "Hazairin Iskandar"!

    Do the right thing Bro. Do the right thing!!

  60. Anonymous11:53 am


    There you go.
    It was a fellow "Asean" Indonesian" who whacked the life out of our Malay brother in of all places, Sydney Australia.
    The world is round and what goes around it.
    Crime committers are of every race,religion, colour and nation.
    It time we wise up to this instead of alluding anything else.

    Feeling Ashamed Fairplay Malaysian

  61. Anak Permatang Pauh12:56 pm

    Anak bin Bapa,

    My point is why the government is giving Soh Cher Wei such a extremely-extremely special treatand privileges to the point of breaking the country's law. Why? What has she or TBH done for the country. Treat her as other citizen, her son cannot be named after TBH. That's the law of this land. Period.

  62. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Rocky, u r right. It was a hate crime, but not the way you xpected it. It was an Indon on M'sian in land of Oz.
    Nazir Udeen from Muar.

    PETALING JAYA: An acquaintance of Mohd Shah Saemin has been charged in a Sydney court with the murder of the Malaysian consulate driver.

    Businessman Hazairin Iskandar, 55, was arrested at his home in Brighton Street, Croydon, before midnight on Tuesday, said Malaysian consul in Sydney Dr Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan.

    Dr Nasir said the consulate was informed that Hazairin was charged yesterday morning at the Burwood Local Court and was refused bail.

    Mohd Shah was allegedly attack ed with a hammer and stabbed by two men outside his unit in Marion Street, Leichhardt, at about midnight on Sunday.

    Police are still looking for the second person believed to be involved in the attack that killed 43-year-old Mohd Shah on Sunday, Dr Nasir added.

    “Hazairin had actually volunteered to accompany Mohd Shah’s body back to Malacca.

    “Police have not ruled out jealousy as the motive for the murder,” he said when contacted.

    Dr Nasir also revealed that the Indonesian-born Hazairin, working as a taxi fleet operator, is the husband of a 45-year-old consulate worker who was close to Mohd Shah.

    All three were Australian citizens. Dr Nasir, who is also Malaysian Students Department Australia director, said Mohd Shah had no family members in Australia and was divorced from a 58-year-old Australian woman.

    He said the consulate received the post-mortem report from the Forensic Medicine Department yesterday, but was still awaiting the original death certificate from the New South Wales’ Office of Deaths Registration.

    “The airline transporting Mohd Shah’s body needs the original death certificate,” he said.

    Dr Nasir also said that the body would arrive in Malaysia by today or tomorrow.

    Mohd Shah’s body has been embalmed and was taken last night to the Lakemba mosque for prayers.

    Bernama reported that a woman who had witnessed the alleged attack and tried to intervene, was praised for her efforts.

    Having lived in Australia for several years, Mohd Shah, formerly from Malacca, had become a citizen and worked for the past three years as a driver for the Malaysian consulate in Sydney.

    Sydney police have appealed to those with information to contact their nearest police station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

  63. Dato' certainly the Pakatan fanboys are having a field day about the arrest of the murder suspect. Hindsight is an exact science isn't it.

    Australia according to them have a great Judiciary, so why not leave it to the Aussie police to investigate further and then recommend for the suspect to be charged and tried for murder according to due process of the law.

    But no, these Pakatan fanboys will use a newspaper report and say crime is solved the murderer is so and so, Rocky Bru you sudah salah. What a pathetic bunch of Pakatan people that we have lah.

  64. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Anak Permatang Pauh said...

    Another thing, I'm dissappointed with PAS for recognising the anak haram of Soh Cher Wei as the son of Teoh Beng Hock. This child has no legal and moral rights to be claim as TBH's son. Read reports today. PAS memang sesat.



    Pas memang sesat tapi you memang bangsat.

    Anak Langsat

  65. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Whaaa !!!!

    where are all of you now who were blaming Aussies for this incident??

    Top of list - datuk rocky - where is your update and apology for trying to mislead your readers in your covert style???

    waiting waiting waiting for Rocky's response.


  66. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Killed by a fellow serumpun race and fellow muslim from indonesia... for having an affair with his wife...

    gee, dont u look like an absolute nitwit as usual rocky..

  67. Anonymous3:01 am

    Hey Rocky, I think you just lost that little credibility you once owned!

    "Seasoned Journalist"

  68. Anonymous5:28 am

    how can he do the right things old fart? sulah lapat latok!! skalang mau latuk seri dan kontrak

  69. Lockie, Dickhead was banging someone's wife, got killed by the jealous husband and an enraged son. You owe an apology of sorts to the Ozzies. Basically there was stink of racism in your post. Nothing to do with the Ozzie's. It is an Asian value thingy. Slain consulate driver’s lover paid to have body moved

  70. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Well, all those people who jumped to the conclusion that this was a race hate crime - it's time to eat your words and cover your head with a bag to hide your shame!

    Let this be a lesson to you. Don't rashly jump to conclusions until you have enough evidence in hand.

    Hahaha to the Empty-headed Gasbags

  71. Old Fart,

    The Australian police initially said that this guy could have been a victim of road rage. How stupid was that?

    So you see I may have been wrong -- this wasn't a hate crime after all. It was a crime of passion.

    Kalau it was the PDRM who said this could be a case of road rage, it would have been crucified!

  72. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Anak Permatang Pauh:
    After TBH died, Soh underwent a customary (adat) rites, which gives her recognition in TBH's family. She is now known as the "widow" of TBH. As to legal rights, the issue can best be heard in a family court first (fill up many borang and produce proof after proof, blood tests, and good lawyers for those with means). Whether the child can claim inheritance (later on) is to be decided only by the family. Regarding PAS, this is a "sweet" side that we did not know about, but shows them to be civil. As for the privileges accorded by PM, take it as "rezeki budak". Yes, ALLAH is fair to every one.

    I do not wish to take up the horse talk, its trash-talk!

    Anak bin Bapa

  73. Anonymous12:15 am

    Now that it is ascertained that it was a not a hate crime but a crime of passion, i wonder if all those earlier commentors saying otherwise especially and against the ozzies would wise up or even apologise. wont be forthcoming based on previous experiences.
    "Some would even twist and blame Eve whom God put there for their eating the apple in the EDen".


  74. Anonymous12:53 am

    now now all you fellas tossing barbs at rocky over this tragedy. did rocky start foaming at the mouth like bigdog n other pro-bn bloggers and blame the white aussies for the crime?

    well dr. watson, looks like the sydney affair was a case of 'cucuk bini orang, akhirnya kena cucuk jugak'

  75. Anonymous1:15 am

    With all due respect to the deceased. This guy gave up his Malaysian citizenship that menas he has turned his back on this country. How much taxpayer's money was spent on this case such as bringing back the body for burial in Malaysia? Why must we spend Malaysian taxpayers' funds on someone who has turned his back on Malaysia?


  76. Anonymous8:57 am

    errr ROCKY. You are wrong again!!

    Asked if road rage was a motive for the attack, Supt Woolbank said: "It is one of the possibilities".

  77. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Road rage happen anywhere in any parts of the world. So bro, you may also wannna highlight that based on the ratio of casualties on the Malaysia roads over total population in the country, we are extremely on the high side.Corruptions do kill innocent people on our road. The combination of corrupt practices when new drivers obtain driving license and corrupt contractors doing shoddy works over road infrastructures are all that make our death toll on Msian road extravagantly higher than any countries with similar size of population.


  78. Anonymous2:08 pm

    hallo Dato',

    your article should rather be entitled with DONT TRY TO MESS WITH AN INDONESIAN WIFE. Malaysian men are okay if their wives screw by other as they too screw around more often than that.

    - Suparman Budiarto

  79. Anonymous2:23 pm

    This article implied too mediocre by any standard of tabloid journalism. No wonder at Carrefour Ampang almost on daily basis by end of the day more than half of stack of The Malay Mail remains there. Nobody care to pick up although it is FOC.Surely no one wanna waste time reading rubbish tabloid.

    -The New Malay Man

  80. Anonymous2:26 pm

    They are all Australian citizens and the crime was committed in that country, so what is the big hu ha over here???

    - Kaypoh Man

  81. Anak Permatang Pauh1:39 am

    -The New Malay Man.

    So, i believe you yourself must be a mediocre at best. You keep coming to this mediocre blog, and always on the look for a free copy mediocre Malay Mail everytime you visit Carrefour. I believe this is a case of benci tapi rindu kind. As much as you say you hate Rocky and his MalayMail, you cannot lie that you actually love them. Kesian...

  82. Anonymous11:17 am


    Condolences to the family of the deceased.

    The question bugging me is why does the Malaysian Consulate employ an Indonesian to work in the Consulate? Fair enough she is a Locally Recruited Staff (LRS) but I am sure there are other Malaysians residing in Australia who could perform the same job function.

    I guess we never learn and takes things for granted. The Consulate represents Malaysia and there are a lot of confidential matters pertaining to trade, defense, education etc whereby the files are kept in the Consulate! So what security measures are in place to ensure there no security breach? Agreed in some countries we do employ the local population to work in the Embassy or Consulate but in this case an Indonesian working in the Malaysian Consulate and in Australia?

    My fervent hope the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be more more sensitive in such matters that relates to security of the information at our Embassies and Consulates. Let us be proactive and not retroactive. As the Malay proverb says, "Sudah terantuk baru nak tengadah".