Thursday, February 11, 2010

Police reports against Nizar, Kit Siang

By now, one knows what to expect: things don't go Pakatan's way, Pakatan makes unseemly remarks and resort to unruly behavior like lying in the middle of the road, and then police reports are lodged against Pakatan.

Same old script.

If the Federal Court had ruled in favour of Nizar, none of this would have happened: Zambry would not have dared make scathing remarks against Sultan Azlan and everyone would have moved on and Kit Siang would declare that justice has prevailed and he may even kiss Sultan Azlan's hands the next time he meets the Sultan.

But the Federal Court did not make that ruling in favour of Nizar and Pakatan, and so that is the fault of Malaysian democracy and Malaysian justice yesterday, or you're made to believe. And it's an excuse for some people to hantam the Sultan and the courts.

Hence, the police report here.

Lepas tu, bantai polis sebab polis buat siasatan. Bila kita kata perangai mangkuk-mangkuk ni macam budak-budak, mereka marah dan panggil kita anjing ...


  1. Suits them well!!

    Wonder when is Karpal gonna be taken to task for contempt of court..
    For he called judge a LIAR!..

    Someone take him off to court too!

  2. Anonymous1:36 pm

    its a sad day your blog has come to this!

  3. Anak Permatang Pauh1:40 pm

    Sebenarnya mereka yang dok menyalak tu la yang ANJING! These DOGS will be barking if the court rules against them. Already, we're hearing about the BABI's sodomy II case, and as shouted by these DOGS, if BABI is found guilty, Democracy in Malaysia is doomed. So BABI is the symbol of democrary, how simplistic are these simpletons mind! We all want a fair trial, fair to everyone, not to BABI only but also to Saiful. Nothing more nothing less. Don't drag in Utusan Malaysia, Najib, Rosmah, etc, etc. My only question as a citizen, DID THE DAMN BLOODY B.A.B.I. STICK HIS DICK INTO SAIFUL'S ASS OR NOT? If proven and found guilty, bye bye, you'll meet Ms Terasa Cock or Ms Sleepy Naked Eli eel in hell. But if there's no evidence, his DICK never enter Saiful's ass (though that doesn't mean he never stick his dick into other men's ass) then Saiful will never see the light of the day. He'll be cursed forever (but of course he'll get to meet Ms Terasa Cock and Ms Sleepy eel in hell too).

    Come on Malaysian! Sudah lah dengan drama-drama BABI. The country needs to move on. Leave BABI behind, IT (mind you not HE, for the human race, sodomy is an act against HUMAN nature) is history ( a bad one of course)!

    Why does the WEST care about BABI's case? Because they can squeeze BABI's ball. It's in their hands!

  4. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Anon 1.36 PM,

    Sept 16, 2009 was the saddest day.

    And you were rooting for frogs to leap back then, right?

    So that Kit Siang can be Deputy Prime Minister and this country can start on the road to become a Republic.

    Jangan bohong!

  5. Anwar got Karpal Singh that will come up with all sorts of reasoning to delay the inevitable, where Anwar will be jail for the 2nd time... not because there is conspiracy against him or anything... it is just that he is a dirty old pedophile that likes good looking boys and young man. Karpal Singh is another character that i'm amazed, he actually accused Anwar to be GAY in the Parliament in the last Sodomy sequel .. and yet here he is defending Anwar... what another clown with a turban... hahaha...

  6. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Alahai Rocky,

    Mat Nizar ni kan half Malay, so kalau DAP suruh dia buat bungee jumping pun dia ikut tanpa banyak soal.

    PAS pun komen juga tapi tak le sampai babitkan sultan.

  7. Anonymous2:07 pm

    atu aje aku respect kat Nizar ni,

    supporter dia lagi ramai dari penyokong anwar di court jalan Duta.

  8. Anonymous2:24 pm


    cuma PR sahaja yg ada hak demokrasi boleh buat komen ikut sukahati bila mereka kalah dalam sesuatu isu.

    BN tak boleh bukak mulut - kalau bukak mulut di kira tak demokrasi, kuku besi, tak adil, anti chelsea
    dan etc etc etc lagi.

    Kalau DAP tak happy duduk kat Malaysia, depa boleh balik ke Singapore yg di perintah oleh PAP yang tiada sultan.

  9. I think the Police should start investigation immediately.

    For too long Nizar or indeed Kit Siang had tempted fate by making remarks which could be deemed to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the DYMM Perak( a Raja Melayu) or against the Judiciary(a branch of Government).

    It is time that that these two politicians be booked and charged for sedition. Freedom of speech in a democracy has its limits. Nizar and Kit Siang have breached that limit once too often. They must take responsibility and pay the price for their action.

  10. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    what Nizar & DAP want is a democracy ala PAP @ Singapore. But they forgot that this is Malaysia @ Tanah Melayu.

    Once bitten, twice shy lol.

    PS I am sure they don't want China to be governed by the Japanese like in the 1930's - isn't it.

  11. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Hey Rocky

    Remember the story of SI KITOL - the guy who sold Malacca to the Portugese.

    Wonder if he's related to Nizar

  12. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Agaknye kalau masa kereta dia terbalik hari itu dan dia cedera parah ( alhamdlliah dia ok ), mesti DAP kata ni kereja orang BN

    grow up lah

  13. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Aiyah, the police are afraid of this pakatan people man.
    Charge them immediately for sedition!!! Apa susah. Lock up that bai lwayer burok also.

  14. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Pakatan sudah mati la, bungkus dia:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 — Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the current infighting in the opposition pact shows that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has failed as a coalition.

    The Barisan Nasional (BN) deputy chairman believes that there will a mass exodus from PR.

    “I imagine that there would be a mass exodus and I think it is already happening for obvious reasons because the problem is very glaring. The dissatisfaction cannot be hidden anymore,” Muhyiddin told reporters at the Felda headquarters here.

  15. tukulbesi3:18 pm

    Anak Permatang Pauh..bro you are 100% right.

  16. Anonymous3:41 pm

    while u are awarded with your recent datukship and the probable fattening of your bank account, others are suffering.

    u have turned your back. The least u can do is not further degrade and insult yourself through your blogs. This is the worse blog posting I have ever come across.

  17. Anonymous4:17 pm

    FYI - contempt of court is only applicable to BN, pro BN and the public only.

    They are not applicable to PR members

  18. Mangkok hayun (MH)....

    MH 1...kalu aku gone,gomen mesti BE GONE as well...if you wanna stay,let me stay...

    MH 1-i, gomen still stay, so peoples must topples gomen because i say so...

    MH -ii, police must go, because i say police is crook, i am hero no bad one,no fault one...police must go, if police wanna stay,police must do wat i say..

    MH-iii, court is DAMN, court is damn because court say no to me, court is heaven if court says i am angle....

    MH-iv,judges must go, judges are liars that is why i wanna come to court!, get paid to say my piece in court, hey judges, you wanna be judges,do as i say you do it.

    MH-v, hey why so many of can not be me, i am,you,you must go..

    MHs-I am must be the only mangkok around...i must be the only mangkok to hayun all of you, you say no you get it from me, i hayun you..some time kalu ketegaq i use my STICK, MH punya stick is thick, looks similar to dicky...
    wanna try MH???

  19. Salam Datuk Rocky,

    Lately you're getting a bit.. aggressive laa Datuk.

    Baguih laa tuu !! You did try to remain neutral thou.!!

    But your detractor's wanna you to be totally on their side and yet you seem rather failed of their expectation.

    You're indeed been walloping both sides of the coin.
    So, carry on Datuk...whatever you think it is good for the nation. You are doing goods.

  20. skilgannon10664:53 pm

    Aiyah, Datuk - why worry?

    Join all the foreign investors who are giving Malaysia a miss in favour of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. You getting the picture, Datuk?

    Why else would the PM launch the GTP and sing siren songs to attract foreign investors to come and do business in Malaysia? And from what I understand, there are more siren songs to come in the next few months.

    Groups like Perkasa can attract demagogues. Challenge them to debate hard facts on the economy and competitiveness and watch them implode in rage-fuelled frustration! Because no matter how much they threaten and bluster, they will not sway foreign investors to put their money into Malaysia.

    Maybe these parties can threaten and cow Malaysians into accepting the status quo, but foreign investors are a different kettle of fish. As more sober elements in the govt and the business community have realised, much to the consternation of the Perkasa wannabes.

    Perkasa and associated parties' huffing and puffing versus a ratings downgrade for Malaysian govt debt? It's not difficult to see who carries the bigger stick!

  21. Anonymous4:54 pm


    Penyiasat persendirian P. Balasubramaniam (gambar) yang dianggap Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) sebagai saksi utama bagi pihaknya dalam siasatan berkaitan wanita Mongolia Altantuya Shaariibuu, menolak syarat agar dia diambil keterangan di kedutaan Malaysia di Singapura.

    “Mereka (SPRM) mahu mengadakan sesi temu bual (ambil keterangan) di Suruhanjaya Tinggi Malaysia di Singapura, tetapi kami tidak bersetuju,” kata peguam Balasubramaniam, Americk Sidhu kepada The Malaysian Insider.

    Bagaimanapun beliau tidak menyatakan sebab permintaan itu ditolak tetapi difahamkan atas faktor keselamatan tidak mahu dikompromi, yang merupakan salah satu syarat dikenakan detektif tersebut.

    Selain itu kata Americk, SPRM juga mahu mengklasifikasikan segala koresponden mereka sebagai “rahsia” di bawah Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA).

    KAH KAH KAH...

    woit.... NAK TANYA APA LAGI.... kah kah kah...

    woit.... AKUAN BERSUMPAH DIA DAH ADA ... BACALAAA...kah kah kah

    woit... INGAT BALA NI BODOH KE ?.... kah kah kah..


    ingat bala ini bodoh macam telor?
    bala ni datang nak bawa bala
    inilah dia bala yang paling bala
    ini bukan kerbau bala
    ini bala datang membalak bala kah kah kah

  22. Dear Datuk,

    1) Nizar & Kit Siang MUST be thrown into JAIL for showing DISRESPECT to our HONOURABLE SULTAN.

    2) Nizar & Kit Siang CAN play their so-called RUBBISH DEMOCRACY GAMES but respect to the MONARCHY must to be upheld.

    3) Nizar & Kit Siang are NOT preaching DEMOCRACY but they are just merely complaining like SPOIL BRATS when things DON'T go their way.

    4) Nizar & Kit Siang DOESN'T even know what DEMOCRACY actually is (let alone executing it). They are using the word "DEMOKRASI" to FOOL 'the rakyat' for their own political agenda.

    5) Nizar & Kit Siang are giving a NEGATIVE IMAGE to our beloved Malaysia because they showing to the world "How to behave like BARBARIANS when things don't go ones way" another words the BARBARIC WAY of conducting a State Assembly under some stupid TREE called POKOK DEMOKRASI + STREET DEMO.

    6) Nizar & Kit Siang should be JAILED FOR LIFE because they both are ULTIMATE NUISANCE & PEST to the country & society. Our younger generations will SUFFER if they learn from these 2 BARBARIANS.

    7) Nizar & Kit Siang is POLLUTING 'the rakyat' minds with their SORE LOSING ATTITUDE. This will only make "MALAYSIA TAK BOLEH".

    8) Nizar & Kit Siang should instead spend more time on how to SAVE PAKATAN RAKYAT although we all know PAKATAN RAKYAT will be FINISHED in less than a year. Will appreciate if someone can DONATE a COFFIN for PAKATAN RAKYAT. Thanks in ADVANCE!!!

    Yours truthfully,

  23. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Anonymous 1:36 PM:
    "its a sad day your blog has come to this!"

    Translation: It's a sad day laa... because slowly and slowly what we THOUGHT of winning the blog war, turns out not to be true. MalaysiaKini lied to us... got numbers yes but not everybody believe in them. MalaysiaToday also kenot depend... RPK deletes about 500-600 pro-malay postings everyday
    so we are given a false sense of belief that EVERYBODY in Malaysia including the malays hate UMNO and the government. I said sad earlier because this Locky blog has visitors and commenters where 99% of the comments are against the Fuckatans.

    Anonymous 3:41 PM:

    "while u are awarded with your recent datukship and the probable fattening of your bank account, others are suffering."

    See? I am suffering. Can't you see? My neighbour Ah Chai can drive a Ferrari oledi but I am still stuck with my BMW. And see my PC? Got only duo-core, maaa. Singapore internet surfers oledi got quad core. Oh never mind there are malay families who still can't afford computers, or to send their kids to college for that matter. Important things is, I MUST ESTABLISH OF MY OWN wealth and pleasure first. And don't you DARE call me Kiasu!

    Anonymous 3:41 PM:
    "This is the worse blog posting I have ever come across."

    Don't tell anybody 'aaa.. But ebeli morning, not yet got my coffee or brush my teeth, I must quickly, without fail, switch on PC and get on to LockyBlu blog first. Because unlike Malaysiakini, Malaysiatoday, and even UtusanMelayu, LockyBlu is a REAL EXEMPLARY VOICE POOL OF THE ACTUAL MALAYSIAN POPULATION!!

    CIFUT B.A.B.I.

  24. nstman5:11 pm

    Continue your arse-licking Rocky. Well done, great job.

  25. Now i comprehend what Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC)is talking about when they say we are veering towards instability! This is all due to the opposition's action! They are the one creating the atmosphere of instability. Ungentlemanly behavior and definitely no finesse. Can't even respect the Ruler and the Courts. Yezzz, they are the cause of instability.

  26. Anonymous5:28 pm


    Judiciary is not a branch of government. Hope you understand doctrine of separation of power before you make such remarks. We have
    1) Legislature
    2) Judiciary
    3) Executive

    All 3 are of equal power.
    Legislature meant Parliament or State Assembly where they make laws (Act), Judiciary are the courts of law where they enforce law, Executive are the present government where they implement the law adopted by the Parliament or State Assembly.

    Problem now is very simple.

    Despite the facts that under the Constitution where they is a clause which clearly stated that "whatever proceedings in the Parliament or State Assembly cannot be questioned by the court of law" even though it is wrong. So when State Assembly of Perak declare the 3 seats vacant but EC over ride their power by saying they have not resigned.

    When the Speaker suspend the
    ADUn, they go and obtain a court order which is useless in theory cause the court and state assembly is of equal power.

    Further the Federal Court said that Sultan has the power to DISMISS an MB and majority not necessary need to be done in Parliament or state assembly ( Vote of no confidence not necessary)

    It render the function of Parliament or State Assembly useless.

    Just think of this scenario:-

    So, if DSAI got the numbers of MP to form government, he do not need to go to parliament seek consent from Speaker for a vote of no confidence. All he need to do is drive quietly to the palace and see the Agung together with the numbers of MPs and said they got the majority. then Najib will be sacked just like that.

    The next morning we wake up... Viola! change of government!

    Do you think this is proper?


  27. Anon wrote:

    Just think of this scenario:-

    So, if DSAI got the numbers of MP to form government, he do not need to go to parliament seek consent from Speaker for a vote of no confidence. All he need to do is drive quietly to the palace and see the Agung together with the numbers of MPs and said they got the majority. then Najib will be sacked just like that.

    The next morning we wake up... Viola! change of government!

    Do you think this is proper?


    5:28 PM


    Anon 5:28,

    Wasn't that what Anwar told the nation he was planning to do on 16/9 2008(another Anon point this out earlier in this comment section)?

    And if he had the support back then (meaning if he had bought over the BN MPs that he wanted to cross over then), yes he could have taken over as PM.

    Where or what is the problem with that scenario?

  28. And, ah, thanks Sifut B.A.B.I for coming to my defence. Much obliged.

  29. Rocky... what Anwar said was to have a vote of no confident in the parliament... not to declare new government at the Istana Negara like what Najib did...

  30. What is wrong with saying 'System Raja Mutlak' or 'Monarchy'?

    Why would that be a case for HINA to the Mahkamah / Rulers?
    Unless he hates the Rulers so much that he doesn’t want them to get involve in any democracy decisions?? Therefore he rejects Monarchy and hates the association of Malaysia justice system to the word Monarchy?

    There are people who would derive to the conclusion that the Penang Government is marginising the Penang Malays and that they are dictator + communist based on the fact that a RM2 malay company was being removed from a project and some illegal malay stalls being dismantled, while conveniently ignore the fact that majority of the project being awarded to other Malay companies and some illegal Chinese stalls were also being demolished.

    So what’s wrong with them labeling that our justice system is Monarchy based on this example? It is truly the fact that a Ruler can vacant a MB post based on his belief if the MB has got the majority support.

  31. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Nizar tu tak cerdik dan tak tajam pemikiranya...

    kit siang babi chauvinist pig tu hanya mengmbil kesempatan keatas Nizar ....

    keadaan skg ni .... oghang peghak tak rela berMBkan si sengal mcm Nizar tu...

    cukup2 lah tu Nizar ... lagi lama kau buat hal... lagi menyerlah kebodohan engkau ...

    dan bertamba2 meluat org melayu kat ngko...

    kau perlu ingat Nizar woi ...dap, parti lubag bontot dan parti ahli syaitan hari tu menang bnyk kerusi pun sebab elemen anti dolah sengal oleh org Melayu.... skg dolah sengal dah tak ader ... so kau jgn harap ler org melayu nak sokong haprak2 mcm korang lagi ...

    dan ko pun kena ingat yg ko jadi MB perak hari tu pun atas ehsan DAP ajer ... so nasihat aku cukup lah ko di perbabikan oleh DAP ...tak malu ker ngko sebagai seorang Melayu di perbabikan sebegitu rupa ...???


  32. mana itu menteri KDN , misti dia beri amaran lagi?

  33. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Ohhh Dato Rocky - new post - New Low..

    So we see Umno protesting in Kedah because they don;t get their man as MB..

    You blinkers are on?

    UMNO and supporters can menganas and mengamok..

    You are a LIAR indeed.


  34. Aziz Bari7:06 pm

    Korang ni bangang ke apa? Tak baca ke judgment paper?

    Sultan Azlan bukan sesuka hato je lantik Menteri Besar.

    Dia jumpa semua 31 MP (28 3) dan kemudian lantik Zambry jadi MB.

    Dia lantuik Zambry jadi MB bila dah confirm Nizar sudah hilang majoriti.

    BUkannya sesuka hati dia je lucut Nizar dari jawatan.

    Hilang keyakinan majoriti, otomatik lah ko hilang jawatan.

    Thomas si lawyer Sivakumar [pun cakap dulu yang tak payah undi percaya pun boleh hilang jawatan.

    Read these please:

  35. Nizar and LKS criticized the Fed Courts decision. I don't see where they insulted the Sultan of Perak in stating their concerns that a situation of absolute monarchy might raise!!

    You mean the Fed is beyond criticism (by what law?) or doesn't make mistakes? Leaving aside any cases before 2010, a month ago the Fed reviewed it's own decision in the 2001 Adorna Propertiess case.

    In reversing its own previous decision (MISTAKE), CJ Zaki said that a 'blatant and obvious' error had been made by ex CJ Eusoff Chin who had (in)famously ruled that M'sians who lost their property by fraud had no recourse for compensation in our Courts, thus throwing into utter chaos the law AND rules of natural justice for 10 years!!

    The very same UMNO/BN supporters who said Utusan and people like Bkt Bendera UMNO Division Chief Ahmad Ismail should NOT be charged with sedition or under the ISA are now baying for Nizar's and LKS'd blood? Double standards?

    You betcha that fool's ass!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  36. Anon5:28pm, aiyo please research before you write, let me explain to you about a government AND separation of powers OK.:

    The separation of powers, also known as trias politica, is a model for the governance of democratic states. The model was first developed in ancient Greece and came into widespread use by the Roman Republic as part of the uncodified Constitution of the Roman Republic. Under this model, the state is divided into branches or estates, each with separate and independent powers and areas of responsibility. The normal division of estates is into an executive, a legislature, and a judiciary.
    The opposite of separation of powers is the fusion of powers, often a feature of parliamentary democracies. In this form, the executive, which often consists of a prime minister and cabinet ("government"), is drawn from the legislature (parliament). This is the principle of responsible government. Although the legislative and executive branches are connected in parliamentary systems, there is often an independent judiciary. Also, the government's role in the parliament does not give them unlimited legislative influence.

    digest the above and read this:

    The politics of Malaysia takes place in the framework of a federal constitutional monarchy, in which the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is head of state and the Prime Minister of Malaysia is the head of government. Executive power is exercised by the federal government and the 13 state governments. Federal legislative power is vested in the federal parliament and the 13 state assemblies. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature, though the executive maintains a certain level of influence in the appointment of judges to the courts.
    The Constitution of Malaysia is codified and the system of government is based on the Westminster system.

    So to conclude the Government is made up of 3 branches:

    1. The Executive
    2. The Legislative
    3. The Judiciary

    So tell me where I am in error please.

  37. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Time to ignore the Pakatan Rascals. They are just a bunch of empty cans making a fool of themselves.

    They used to be con-vincing before they dropped the 'vincing' in their short cut quest to the top.

    They used to be respected but all respect have been eroded by their selfish greed.

    When's the next candle and bicycle event taking place? Also,don't forget to bring a pillow and mattress as it is much more comfortable on the railway track.
    We look forward to it, especially the railway feat. And then toss the blame to the Government of the day.


  38. Anonymous7:30 pm

    tak sabar nak tunggu pilihanraya. nak kasi hantam habis all these bullshit pakatan!!

    people gave them power, and look what they do? how they behave? serving people? macam binatang, bodoh sebodoh bodohnya.

    pakatan dah habis.

    jangan mimpilah. i was 50-50 atas pagar with my families and friends. the current govt far from perfect, but these pakatan lots are disgusting low lifes...


  39. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Dato Rocky,
    i'm so sorry fo you. What have you become? You are a mere prostitute for hire! Selling your soul for money and a datukship. Shame on you!


  40. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Keputusan PERAK,,kemenangan kepada BN,,,,BERANI KAH Najib call for a snap election,,,????


  41. Anonymous7:50 pm

    there are 3 kind of peguam

    - peguamcara

    - peguambela

    - peguambelit

  42. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Most people have a price.

  43. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Ahirudin Attan, you have missed your calling, as Malaysia burns you toady up to those that will pay you mega bucks to write their gibberish.

    I kept your site, and the only one apart from Malaysia Today as any with sanity. That was yesterday, now your blog is history!

    Sorry your attempts to be 'correct, correct, correct' is much mised placed.

    Where there is wrong, dear fellow, do speak out. Be fearless. There is no Tanah Melayu...shit..that died from the very date Malaysia was formed, duh!

    Anyhow, the paper you edit? the Malay Mail, shows clearly your weakness, pretty cheap editor and low in quality, must say, petty and non consequential...cub reported thou art and cub reporter thou will reside -datuk or no datuk. My heighbours all happens to have datukships, we have now lost count. Interesting how meaningless it has become.

    In addition, your English presentation through your writings is pathetic to say the least( the quality).


  44. Anonymous8:14 pm


    Kapal Selam Malaysia TUANKU ABDUL RAHMAN,,,,taboleh menyelam,,,memalukan NEGARA,,ta pon Masyarakat MELAYU buat report,,,DUIT rakyat berbillion hilang,,!!!????

    RAJA PETRA,,,,the great JOKER and cerita katun lain di PERBESARKAN,,,!!!

    Ternyata KEBANGSATAN msayarakat MELAYU,,!!!!!


  45. Anonymous8:15 pm

    It is in the blood of the Chingkie diaspora to lie as that is one of their weapons for survival. After all it is in the nature of scumbags and prostitutes who left by the backdoor after a failed uprising in the 1860s (the Taiping, to be precise) to bequeath their genes to subsquent generations of hogshit and whoreshit. Fuckshits who faked their oaths of loyalty and fealty for a piece of paper rescuing them from throes of illegitimacy just as they are wont to fake their orgasms to cheat their gwailoh paramours of a penny.

    And such is the case with the present day nanyang chingkie.As lying is second nature to cheating (which happens to be his first nature) there is little one can do but debunk the myths he creates with facts. For example, the Chingkie is fond of citing the TI index as indicative of Malaysia's corruption. but goggle the TI corruption Index and you will find an admission that its methodology is highly flawed, lacking in empirical evidence and riddled with inconsistencies that its a wonder that even a moronic ethnicities can belief this mumbo-jumbo:

    The other favie topic of the Chingkie pig is FDI as if Malaysia is doomed without it. Only a pig will oink like a madarse in search of a buttfuck to satiate its craving to put down a vastly superior race particularly given the fact that the chingkie is infinitismally inferior in manners, intellect, morals, hygeine etc than the vastly refined indigene populaion. It speaks volumes for Malaysia's attractiveness as a FDI destination that even a chingkie upstart cant help but dump his quid here :

    China group may set up RM11.8b plant in Johor .... SC receives higher number of IPO applications · Espio to invest RM60m in Sibu project ...

    but of course with onerous conditions attached which we locals must peruse with care lest we end up being exploited as the Africans as Chingkie mother swine is just after the resources and marts, locals be damned:

    though to be fair, this part Chingkie written piece gives a balanced view of things as it glosses over others:

    But we are in a sweet spot. Get the chingkie to part finance the infra and leverage it later for this as it will be in the locality:

    That will be akin to be killing two birds with a stone while keeping the ravenous pig happy tethered as he will be to his resource sty.

    Yeah, i heard the sexy, perky titted Siren singing that Malaysia is the harbour of oppurtunity with Johor set for boomtimes run as it is by Melayu Bernaruah (just heard a Dutch company is gonna invest big there as well) not some chingkie pigface cuntleech who frittered RM10B away cos he dint have enough engineers......hahahahahaha....that must be the joke of the millenium but then Chingkies are born stupid so what else is new...hahahahaha

    Warrior 231

    Just read the PERC report and it aint got no perky tits but it sure contains some perky wacko sense of humour with its arsewholian observations..... hahahahaha

  46. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Oh come on Rocky thanking CIFUT BABI for defending you! God, I thought you got bigger balls that having others to defend you.

    To those that believe Rocky is neutral, got news for you. My grandma is a virgin...

    the real SB

  47. the reader8:43 pm

    allrite allrite PR are definitely evil, we got that...totally...its on tv , papers everyday...wat else is new anyway

  48. Anonymous8:49 pm

    hi rocky,

    Really, your blog are getting more and more, one sided.

    How good is our court system, really? With this type of judgement shoving us here and there. Not to mention, Attantuya.

    Our government, are they working, to serve the people? Or they are just agents for our elected leader? The people know best.

    Sad but Msia will always be truly asia, a truly 3rd world country in asia to many years to come.



  49. The truth9:29 pm

    As expected. The usual.
    Poor losers.
    Dulu menjunjung Sultan, sekarang menghina pula.
    PS. Rocky, dont bother replying to them.
    Don't explain to the asses.

  50. Anonymous9:54 pm

    BN atau PKR sama je..2x5=5+5.nak undi siape ???kaki duit smue..

  51. Anonymous10:26 pm


    Your blog has become a haunting ground for all these SWINE and PIGS from UMNO. Obviously these wild pigs and their kind in police, MACC, judiciary and civil service want to turn bolehland into another zimbabwe. They are afraid of DSAI and call him all kinds of names. The biggest wild pig here is Anak Permatang Pauh. All the names they call DSAI suit them and no one else.


  52. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Dato Rocky,
    Where in the world do they give someone a big fat payment on VSS and take the fellow back on a big fat salary plus promotion.....Surely this guy must be useful for something ...This is one of the blogs that have all kinds of negative comments against the blogger..Never the less, this is the place that I come back to enjoy all the jokes...

  53. Anonymous10:35 pm

    "Lepas tu, bantai polis sebab polis buat siasatan. Bila kita kata perangai mangkuk-mangkuk ni macam budak-budak, mereka marah dan panggil kita anjing"

    Hey wise man, what about the police reports aplenty made by Pakatan folks (following the law of the country) which have not been investigated at all todate?

    Siapa mangkuk in this case?



  54. Anonymous10:41 pm

    You jokers abound.

    This is a country where planes don't fly (for lack of an engine) and Submarines don't dive...

    LOL. what a bloody joke.

    Dato Spin. Sudah lah.

  55. Anak Mami10:44 pm


    As you see, the fuckatan riots fella still visiting your blog because they know you're providing the space for `healthy' discussion and exchange of opinions, unlike Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, Malaysia Inside and other pro-fuckatan portals/blogs, who are giving a false impression of Malaysian public opinion. I've tried posting in almost all pro-fuckatan riot blog, but my posting never see the lights of the day. That's freedom of speech ala-fuckatan riots

    I hate CIFUT BABI!

  56. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Yo Rocky....bila nak buat cerita Abdul Rauf Yusoh kat London ni !!

    Si Abdul ni memang 'hardcore racist' betul, sampai London gi BTN budak2 kat sana !!

    Police reports against Abdul Rauf Yusof, can ??


  57. Anonymous10:57 pm

    just scrap election. hv the courts decide who shld be MB, PM and what not.


  58. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Absolute monarchy?

    Ayoyo Nizar... jangan tipu la.

    Sultan kena masuk campur sebab Sivakumar sudah sabotaj State Legislative Assembly.

    Lu sudah lupa ka?

    Bila ADUN Bota lompat masuk PKR, lu kata itu demokratik. BN sudah reput mau mati.

    Bila lu punya 3 ADUN lompat keluar Pakatan, apasal lu mau marah pulak? Itu pun demokratik jugak. Lagipun its according to law maaa....

    Lepas tu lu kata dia orang sudah tender resignation and DUN jadi kosong kena ada pilihanraya baru.

    Aaicitt poodah!

    Lu ingat orang tak tau ka itu resignation letter tak boleh pakai sebab tarak tarikh. Lagi satu, law pun sudah cakap ini resignation letter tanpa tarikh is against constitution. BN dulu pernah kena itu sebab BN sudah tarak pakai ini method lagi. Lu punya advisor Ngeh bingai tarak baca ka?

    Bila BN mau panggil State Assembly bersidang, itu Sivakumar main sabotaj pulak. Banned Zambry 18 bulan and semua exco 12 bulan.

    Apasal Nizar? Sebab lu tahu kan, kalau buat vote of no confidence, lu mesti padam punya. Kalah. Bungkus.

    Jadi jangan la kelentong dan buat2 tak tahu. Lu jangan ingat kita orang tak tahu. Lu jangan ingat SULTAN AZLAN tak tahu. Lu ingat kita orang ni bangang macam geng tido atas jalan tu ke.

    Sebab lu sudah buat Perak ni jadi macam sarkas, Sultan Azlan kena masuk campur dan selesaikan masalah. Ini semua lu punya taik la. Kemaruk nak jadi MB sangat.

    Sultan Azlan la jugak yang bagi chance lu jadi MB, tapi apa lu buat balik pada dia? Lu kata dia absolute monarchy. Cisss... biadap tak mengenang budi langsung. Kalau iapun lu sudah kalah kes mahkamah, lu kenang la sikit budi Sultan Azlan yang bagi chance lu jadi MB tu. Kalau Sultan Azlan tak bagi lu chance itu hari, aku ingat lu punya standard tahap ADUN Semanggol saja, sapa pun tak kenal.

    Ingat sikit Nizar. Lu dok bising2 absolute monarchy, tapi bila Sivakumar buat State Assembly jadi macam abah dia yang punya, lu tak bising pulak kata absolute Sivaji? Gilo ko apa, main ikut sedap hati dia saja banned orang 1 tahun. Di buatnya tiba2 dia banned lu 1 tahun sebab buat sampah merata2 dalam dewan, tak kan lu kata itu ikut perlembagaan kot? Gilo la hoi.

    Cukup2 la menipu orang tu Nizar oi. Dulu boleh la lu raih simpati tapi makin lama makin orang meluat tengok gaya tak sedar diri lu tu. Jangan satu hari orang datang ludah muka lu sudah laaa...

    samurai konto

  59. Anonymous11:00 pm

    but am glad the no. of readers are dwindling in this stupid blog. LUCKILY last time i didnt go over and shake ur hand in Starbucks while u chat up with a sexy girl in Amcorp.


  60. Rocky,

    This did NOT happen this time as u implied >> resort to unruly behavior like lying in the middle of the road.

    I sincerely don’t believe either Nijar or Kit was disrespectful…is saying these >> Its shameful for the Judiciary”, “Heading towards absolute democracy”….deemed seditious.

    Big dog site had the sedition act excerpts and going by his account the following excerpt would put nasir safar in the same boat isn’t it….

    (e) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Malaysia;or

    And you did not call for sedition…and I agree….no big deal…said fu and move on

    Its democracy and we should allow these differing views without getting seditious!!

  61. Al-Sadr12:43 am

    Bro Rocky;

    You said "If the Federal Court had ruled in favour of Nizar, none of this would have happened: Zambry would not have dared make scathing remarks against Sultan Azlan and everyone would have moved on and Kit Siang would declare that justice has prevailed and he may even kiss Sultan Azlan's hands the next time he meets the Sultan."

    Not zambry lah is Nizar (typo error) duh!

  62. Anonymous1:00 am

    "ROCKY" is a real fighter in the battle for a cause/justice, not the sucker for supremacy.
    You're sucker's bru.

    Dr Zeus

  63. Anonymous1:09 am

    I am an unabashed opponent of BN and to me you are nothing but a sellout. I hope you will think about this when you have your pint at he NPC.

    Have a good holiday.


  64. Anonymous2:00 am

    Alahai...baru dapat title Datuk mangkok bukan main tocang kau ye...

    Ala kau ada perangai Melayu yg agama Islam tapi kuat rasuah...menipu rakyat...buat apa aku nak sokong...baik aku sokong Cina yg tau juga dosa pahala.

    Salah tetap salah...tahi busuk tetap busuk tak kira la sapa pun yg berak...


  65. Anonymous2:28 am

    Kesian Polis, pening kepala.

    Seronok lawyers.. kes banyak berjuta2 ringgit.


  66. Anonymous7:15 am


    You are best blogger in the whole world. So impartial with your postings and not taking sides. When I grow up I want to be like Rocky.

    I can always look in the mirror and be proud of myelf.

  67. Politicians on both sides are equally guilty. If you say Pakatan are at fault here, UMNO were also complicit in the High Court decision to remove the "Allah" ban

  68. Anonymous9:33 am

    anon cokcky ..

    the "rasuah" are you meaning nik ajis?

    spot on

  69. Anonymous9:50 am

    Gosh Rocky!
    Just becAUSE YOU ARE A DATUK does not mean you are a royal now ? Change by all means but not on this account!What is in a title ? A dime a dozen nowadays ! So be neutral and not a rabble rousing lantuk!

  70. Anonymous9:52 am

    these PR lots are bloody racists lots. you can see from their comments and postings.

    you can smell the communism in them from far.

    lets learn from aussies on how to treat low lifes like these !!aussies remain pure all these while becaus ethey have an effective "mosquitoes repellant" mechanisms.

    you go wid the flow, or you just get out. go somewhere else. go to US or Chennai or myanmar or something!!!

    i would love to ride taxis in new york, driven by lecturers, academics, biznessmen, doctors, lawyers, some smart alecks from malaysia!!!hahahaha

    -what a poor loser-

  71. I think you are rite Anon 3.09, KDN will not take any action against PR under ISA. That is the reason why everyone especially politicians couldn't care a hoot about the laws and say anything they pleased. Stop them while we can before it's too late. Jangan tunggu sampai 'Nasi jadi Bubur'.

    During the 90's, we hardly hear these sort of comments coz previous KDN minister will not tolerate any incitements irrespective of your political alliance. We had PEACE as the people respect the laws!

  72. This is a typical Pakatan Rakyat members and supporter mentality i.e when the decicision is in their favour they will say the court is fair and yet when but when the table is turn against them and they are at the loosing end this so call Pro Democracy will cursed the courts and label them as BN dog whatsoever.

    I would like to quote what Zulkifli Nordin said in his blog:

    Melainkan kita ini pengamal fahaman double-standard, saya berpendapat pendirian kita mesti istiqamah dan konsisten. ……. . Jangan kerana terkena batang hidung kita sendiri maka kita kata ianya salah dan tidak betul, tetapi bila membawa menafaat dan faedah kepada kita baru jadi betul. "Call a spade a spade". Yang hak tetap hak walaupun pahit untuk kita menerimanya. Pada saya, sepatutnya apa yang terjadi memberikan kita peluang dan ruang untuk mencerminkan diri kita dan memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada

  73. Anonymous10:54 am

    To many newzy items nowdays.
    Right now another story happend in London making big waves here. many newzy items.


  74. Anonymous11:15 am

    I am Anon 5:28@ 11-2-10

    Dear Rocky,

    U dun see any problem in that? Ok, everybody knows that BN has the number to form the government in Perak. it's a foregone conclusion. But then... we must follow the rules, do you agree with me?
    U dun see any problem in all the Perak fiasco? Speaker denied entry for a proper state assembly. He is still the Speaker at that point of time. BN must admit their mistake when the 3 ADUN jumped over to BN and the Speaker is still from PR.
    I am surprised to hear from you that you do not see any problem in the dispensation of a vote of no confidence in the Parliament in order for a change of Government.

    Dear Rocky, if you check the facts of the history properly, when DSAI said the change in 16th SEPT 2009, he did mention that he wants to do it the proper way (ie. by a motion of no confidence in parliament. He never do what our then DPM did where he proudly announce there is a change of government in Perak with the support of 3 BN friendly independents ADUN). If you think all these are not a problem to you, then hy do we need a State Assembly?

  75. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Anak Mami the latest UMNO swine to pass shit in Rocky's blog.

    What is police going to do about ALL THE 1001 REPORTS MADE AGAINST NAJIS AND OTHER UMNO BABIS, the latest Abdul Rauf who is in London to talk about pendatangs?

    Charge Najis with murder of Aminan Al Tan with C4! Charge Fat Rosmah with same murder of Aminah!

    Get rid of UMNO, mother of all evils in this beautiful country.


    Hidup Rakyat

  76. Anonymous12:05 pm

    nizar=lks=lge=chinpeng=rpk=third world mentality riding on chaos and disorder to get into power=terrorists=communists=anarchist;

    collaborate with asian chapter zionist operatives=illuminati=freemason=brother liwat=kali & gang=syiah-israeli puppets=munsyi abdulla & gang=pakiam=colonialialist;

    made complete by double crossers=sikitol=barua barua kominis melayu=aduka taruna & gang=ulamak palsu dan penipu=lusifer

    their target is one thing only: break malaysia to pieces. from inside and from outside. common targets.

    -clear as day light-

  77. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Oh come on Rocky thanking CIFUT BABI for defending you! God, I thought you got bigger balls that having others to defend you.

    To those that believe Rocky is neutral, got news for you. My grandma is a virgin...

    the real SB


    then your granma must be ugly


  78. Anonymous12:09 pm

    nstman 5:11 PM said...
    Continue your arse-licking Rocky. Well done, great job.

    nstman, ada sakit hati kah???
    Good. Continue reading Rocky'sBru and get a heart attack and die.
    We don't need you here.

  79. Anonymous12:29 pm

    To those that believe Rocky is neutral, got news for you. My grandma is a virgin...

    the real SB

    response: yeah, your granma lived and died a virgin for your grandpa fucked another spayed bitch and left ur pigbuttfacedg ranma to take care of the shitheads he begot which makes your mamma or pappa a b------ and you a -----------, stupid fella(tist). anyway, grandma still an available cougar or MILF cos my friend's dog is interested!!

    2.Ala kau ada perangai Melayu yg agama Islam tapi kuat rasuah...menipu rakyat...buat apa aku nak sokong...baik aku sokong Cina yg tau juga dosa pahala.

    Komen: Ya itu dia...kafir yang dok hina Allah mukmin, yang dok tibai daging babi, solih: yang dok bantai tuak; beriman , yang dok jual ekor:muslim yang dok hambat Melayu lain: mujahid. Chino palt itu maksum; tak rasuah, tak tipu timbang, jujur bagai bapak ayam hahahaha...sah awak babi penjilat dubur babi lain. me you are nothing but a sellout. I hope you will think about this when you have your pint at he NPC.

    Response: good for you Brother Rocky, you cashed out in the nick of time lest you wanna frolick with a bunch of pimps, prostitutes, arsewhores, commieboys, mad turnbans, chingkie cocksucklers and cuntlickers, hindulen cowdung...oh the list is endless. Alhamdullilah, you came to your wits and saw the real pix.. good for Datuk Bru.

    4.Really, your blog are getting more and more, one sided.

    Response:and from your drivel it is clear that you are getting more and more backsided.

    5.ROCKY" is a real fighter in the battle for a cause/justice, not the sucker for supremacy.
    You're sucker's bru.

    Response: So u must be a cocksucker for partaking the Bru.

    6.but am glad the no. of readers are dwindling in this stupid blog. LUCKILY last time i didnt go over and shake ur hand in Starbucks while u chat up with a sexy girl in Amcorp.

    response: number of readers dwindling! must have flunked maths in school while playing truant at Chi Bai's coffee shop. Fast forward:still got warong brains. thank gawd, you dint go over to shake hands for da girl would have run away on seeing your ugly pigsnout. Jealous that bru still has sex appeal, eh, washed up wanker?

    7.UMNO were also complicit in the High Court decision to remove the "Allah" ban

    response: yeah and they were Bee Lan;s pimp as well. anywhere else you would be behind bars for sedition, stupid fella(tist)

    8.Siapa mangkuk in this case?

    Response: sound flummoxed? why suffer in silence, look in the mirror to see a bowl swinging in midair, mangkuk hayun.

    Warrior 231

  80. dear rocky...

    i think it's time you ban comments from anonymous, anon etc... nampak sangat kecut telur, komen katblog orang tapi tak letak nama... bloody shit these people...

  81. Anonymous1:10 pm

    to cocky 2am

    mesti kau dah banyak jilat taik pilat cina pasal tu kau cakap meraban tak pakai otak.


  82. Anonymous1:37 pm

    worrior 231,

    your the man... damnn... the bloody chinky still terpinga2 what hit them... hahaha


  83. Anonymous2:35 pm


    I skip the first paragraph due to low quality.

    “TI corruption Index and you will find an admission that its methodology is highly flawed,…”
    No methodology is perfect but it is a methodology. If you think that particular methodology is flaw, you can always create one that you believe have less flaw and publish it to the world as rebuttal, instead of crying like baby.

    “…as if Malaysia is doomed without it…”, “That will be akin to be killing two birds with a stone”
    So we want FDI or we can live without it?


  84. Anonymous2:41 pm

    DID you know, an independent Malaysia in 1957, was the second most economically-advanced country in Asia after Japan.
    Today, Malaysia's GDP per capita is at US$7,469, while South Korea’s is US$16,450, Singapore US$34,346, Hong Kong US$29,559.
    Private investment is half the levels before the 1997-98 Asian crisis.

  85. Anonymous3:10 pm

    1 Mei nanti kena lah kita membayar lebih untuk satu liter petrol.

  86. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Maaf kerana mencelah dan lari dari topik...

    Mengapa lah sebuah GLC kerajaan tidak ikut stail kerja company saingannya iaitu Maxis. Dah daftar nak masuk streamyx tapi dah dekat 2 bulan takde khabar berita...bila kita call line 100 punya le susah nak jawap. Bila email, lagi la teruk. sampai skrg takde reply...

    Tirulah cara kerja maxis... pagi kita email, petang depa dah jawab


  87. aamanie,

    TM ada twitter you can direct your complaints there. i'm not sure if maxis has the same service.


  88. Anonymous5:14 pm


    Apabenda teruk sangat you ni.. tunggu sampai 2bulan?

    Take a short drive, ambil nombor, nyok nyek sat, bayar yg perlu, esoknya dah sampai orang kat rumah connect.

    Perkara senang macam nih pun nak jadikan susah..


  89. Anonymous5:24 pm

    “TI corruption Index and you will find an admission that its methodology is highly flawed,…”
    No methodology is perfect but it is a methodology. If you think that particular methodology is flaw, you can always create one that you believe have less flaw and publish it to the world as rebuttal, instead of crying like baby.

    Response: Hello, fucktwit, you are back again for more cockrams which by the way is unappealing for the likes of me given your ulcered mouth and cockbusted throat and your pigshit smell. Sooner or later, i reckon you gonna end up in the ENT reconstructive surgery department if you keep your arseantics up, stupid fella(tist).

    You skipped the first para cos it cut close so the dismissive low quality leaf to cover up the elephantine reality before your cumdrenched pupils. Let me get this straight into the useless shitspone you call a brain, chimgkieboy.

    1. TI manufactured that Index to bleat about global corruption but it forgot to follow scientific methodology that is both valid and reliable and you blame me for being a crybaby. Well, let me bawl this into your piggy ears, hogface:

    a. i dint ask no Ti to generate the garbage it did and its not beholden on to rebuttfuck TI as I am no gay either.

    b. why should i come up with one when i dont even have the cockitch to evaluate another's arseshit in the first place. TI did and went about making itself look like a blithering buttfucked idiot which no one but pigs like you oink about.

    c. lets say company A doesnt win a lucrative contract in country Z due to lack of technical expertise, insufficient capital, unable to meet specs etc. and lets say it gets a heavensent note from TI to participate in its survey, you "think" country Z stands a chance, fuckhead moron (oh, I forgot, you cant think, whore cunthing cheapskate louse). Now shithead Chingkie whoreboy high on whorepiss but low on mental fizz, that is what Perception based indices are all about, they give a wrong pix of the situation and that's the reason why the world and Malaysia to a certain extent is in a mess cos too many lazy idiotic moronic fuckheads be they professors, analysts, lawyers or pig sty hands like you cant think straight as they are trapped in a delusional labyrinth where illusion and perception are more palpable than Reality and Truth itself. As I said, only a moronic imbecile ethnic group like goddamned nanyang pendatang chingkies will take TI and other such surveys of perception seriously. Why? Hark back to your roots. For aren't triad gangstas, pimps and whoregirls always easily sold into the grasp of illusions like instant riches, easy pickins' etc and caught in the thrall of grandiose delusions like subjugation being the inferirity-complexed control freaks they really are! Go figure and dont skip any "paras" the next time cos they do matter, pigcocksuckling moron.

    2. As for FDI, calm down and read carefully with dictionary in hand cos I wasn't hankering for any FDI but rather suggesting that if the oppo comes along, leverage on our Malay superior intellect to enjoy two free bungalows with one partial downpayment.That's the best way to leash Mrs Chingkie swine and keep her "underheat" rather than let her overheat......hahahaha

    Ahhh.... i can still hear Sexy Siren singing Johor is the harbour of oppurtunity on the wave of prosperity for it is guided by Malays with dignity who has the dumbarse Chingkie on a leash for perpetuity while Penang flounders into a bedlam of chaos led as it by a Chingkie smallfry deos who will bid the islanders adios when everything's a nasi bungkos.....hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  90. Anonymous5:26 pm

    It's a SAD day for nstman, skewedmoron, ancient stink and company


  91. Anonymous6:55 pm

    warrior 231, best la baca komen2 hang. u really make my day. keep it up mate.

  92. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Warrior 231,

    Go stew in your own pig faeces and urine in your sty in PWTC. The likes of UMNO pigs like you should be shipped lock, stock and barrel to Zimbabwe when UMNO FALLS as it must fall in the next GE. Hidup DSAI!

  93. Anonymous11:52 pm

    “1 (a)(b) and (c)”

    TI create an index base on it own methodology. If someone doesn’t see eye-to-eye with TI index and on what constitutes scientific methodology that is both valid and reliable, well, that’s just the way it goes. Just because someone is preaching it doesn’t mean others have to buy it. I respect your choice and perhaps you should respect others' choice.

    However, your conspiracy theory on company A and country Z is as usual sound very “interesting”. By looking at all your googling and pasting effort of numerous links in the past and in your current comments, I first thought you have zero understanding of “that is what perception based indices/articles/bullshit are all about, they give a wrong pix of the situation and that's the reason why the world ….”

    “… enjoy two free bungalows with one partial downpayment”

    I don’t doubt this at all. Some are even without the partial down payment. This is MALAYsia, man.

    My question remain, can Malaysia live without FDI, is that so hard to answer?

    The rest of your comment is still with very low quality and stink. No wonder the many anon fly love to stick on it.


  94. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Pakatan people are getting worried. Why? Lately some shit is emerging and it really stinks. Their ship is sinking. Make no mistake about it.

    If the courts' ruling is against them, then they throw tantrums just to attract foreign media attention and cover up their mistakes.Same old script.


  95. Jenggg X33:05 pm


    Kementrian Kesihatan telah mengesahkan kes penyakit "Ultra Virus" di Kuala Muda, Kedah petang semalam. Menurut jurucakap kementrian, mangsa terkini merupakan seorang bekas Mejar tentera bernama Anuar Abdul Hamid. Mangsa kini dirawat di sebuah hospital di Sungei Petani.

    Diketahui bahawa para doktor dan saintis dari bidang virioloji dan psikoloji sedang memantau pesakit yang kini berada dalam tahap kritikal. Menurut sumber, mangsa mula menunjukkan kesan jangkitan pada 10 Febuari lalu di sebuah balai polis di Kuala Muda, Kedah.

    Mangsa penyakit Ultra Virus biasa mengalami simtom seperti kekeliruan, paranoia, dan kehilangan kemampuan pemahaman dan berfikir. Pesakit juga boleh mengalami episod carut-mencarut dalam kes kes tertentu.

    Penyakit ini mula dikesan dalam sampel tisu seorang wartawan dari akbar arus perdana 'Utusan' berapa bulan lalu.

    ka ka kah... satu lagi kes gerombolan terjangkit... ka ka kah...

    woit, apa sebab dapat Ultra Virus?

    woit, tak dapat jadi tauke syarikat teksi ke?

    wei, tak dapat kontrek mindef ke?

    ka ka kah... mujurlah ada satu cara rawat... ka ka kah...

    nak rawat... kena berhenti jadi gerombolan...

    kena berhenti baca tukang karut NSt, Star, melayau, hairan dan mastika

    kena jangan percaya setiap kata lebong dari kerajaan

    kena baca berita bukan belit-a

    tu boleh pulih sehat semula... ka ka kah

  96. najib manaukau6:05 pm

    Why are so many pigs , as usual, demanding respect
    when respect is to be earned ? Is it because in your blood to demand for every thing when you have never learned to earn for whatever you want ?
    And to Warrior 231 or better still I should call you the uneducated one which I once said to you. You may be literate but you surely are are an uneducated bastard.
    You can't even convey your inner thoughts and feelings across to almost all the readers. Did your english teachers teach you that to communicate yourself and be understood use as simple and understandable English as possible ? Who are you trying to empress with all your high sounding words ? The pigs of Umno ? If your Allah wants them, including you, to be Malays all of you would have been borne Malays. Instead all of you are of mixed blood and you need Umno to make laws to enable the whole lot of you to become Malays. What a bloody shame, take my offer to have your DNA and of those who call themselves Malays tested. And you have to call yourself mixed blood and you will have to shout your filthy mouth forever. I am still offering to pay for the DNA test if it shows you are indeed a pure Malay and if you are not, you will have to pay.
    Accept please my offer you son of a bastard

  97. charleskiwi6:57 pm

    Najib Manaukau,

    Why are you trying to teach the pigs to earn their respect ?
    They have been demanding everything in their life and would not know how to earn it.
    And to Warrior 231 ,I rather be fucked, just like all the
    call girls from China than to be corrupted just like all the Umno members and the Malays and also be given alms for doing nothing.
    As to be beggars from India please ask your former P.M. how did his grandfather come to Malaya as ? He has never mentioned how his grand father immigrate to Malaya to get rid of the stigma of a pariah even though to become a Muslim he could not do that in Kerala, he had to immigrate to Malaya and then married a Malay to get rid of that stigma. He did that because he could not marry an Indian.

    And why is he having his grand children become Chinese or shall I say more Chinese than Malay or Indian and even to become Chinese. What have you got to say about this Chinese?

  98. Anonymous7:35 am

    And mired in that personal failing like a pig atranded in mucks of shit, the Chingkie cannot but face the truth: that he is innately stupid. For how could anything else explain the glaring fact that the great Chingkie Middle Kingdom has not bequethed anything of note to mankind. Close to 2 billion hogs cannot produce a Toyota, a Sony, an Intel nay not even a Nike.

    2000 thousand years of claimed civilisation cannot even conquer any land beyond its seven seas let alone muster a navy to fight off the marauding West bent on prising open its closed door or even use its selfproclaimed mastery over gunpowder and the art of war to thwart the Manchu barbarian.

    The civilised self still wiping its arse with shreds of paper while not even being able to extend its land territories beyond the Kun Lun for almost 2 millenia save for hapless Tibet and Xinjiang. Yeah folks, the son of heaven stares at a barren cupboard of success whilst the supposedly inferior Japanese ravished it senseless and rose from the ruins of war to give us technological marvels. Why! even "puny" Malacca- a city state named after a tree but led by intellectually superior Malays with dignity could give the Siamese a bloody nose two times over without any Chingkie overlord's assistance (the first conjob of Chingkiedom in local annals, yeah, extort bunga emas on the promise of "protection" like the typical local triad gangster of today),build an empire as far as Sulawesi and fashion a legend as distant as Lisbon and Venice.

    Given all that, Rhan's lack of intellect is pefectly understandable for what i was saying in my first comment in simple English for the likes of him and a whorepiss drunk Najib Manakau is this:

    1. talk of FDI drying up is sheer Chingkie garbage as the stats show.

    2. using our superior intellect we can maximise our returns without an onerous outlay. No way was this refering to the local property sector as the stupid Rhan implies for reasons best known to him.

    3. Only a moronic ethnic group like the Chingkies have an abnormally obsessive infatuation for perception based, unempirical stuff for such a fixation also tallies with their own fixation with the Self, the outer grand facade hiding the inner pigshit

    But there is another reason for (3) as i will explain next...

    Warrior 231

  99. Anonymous8:44 am

    And pray what is that? Well, its called Malay dissing. Any rubbish that portrays Malaysia in bad light is seized upon by the Chingkie pigshit to further his contention that the Malays are incapable of good governance, that the Malays are the reason for Malaysia's supposed malaise. In short, to blare the lie that the Malays are incapable and only the Chingkie scum can save Malaysia, another myth created to further the subjugation agenda.It also flows seamlessly with the prevailing Chingkie obsession of dissing Malay culture, Bahasa Malaysia and Islam, the latest being the aborted atempt to ban the procession in Penang as attested in an official document (see www,pisau,net)

    No they wont cite empirically valid and reliable info like this:

    Rather, it would be peremptorily dismissed as second tier when the two are different onstructs altogether and when Malaysia has led allcomers for three years running.

    That Malaysia is still behind Spore when Spore is meither resource based nor is it in the top tier of its own league given its socalled superiority in Maths, science etc and of course its chart topping antics on perception based surveys. No itu semua tak penting, lago tak penting, no chingkie ountry is mentioned in the top 5 in both rankings.

    Yang penting adalah stats that show the Malays in bad light, that the Chingkiepigshit and Hindulen cowdungs can do it better. Fuck your mommas. guys for the truth is that in 1957, Malaya was ranked 2nd behind Japan. fast forward 17 yeras later after giving our financial rein to 2Chingkie bastards, we had dropped off pace. It took the Malay warrior tagteam of Dr M and Tun Daim to nurse us back to respectability (no! arsewhore doesnt count as he was merely leveraging on Jaim's hardwork)

    It was Malay guidance and support that made Penang what it is today, Ex: the bridge was conceived by Tun Razak and delivered by Dr M)It was Malay sagacity that has allowed this country to prosper and for the Chingkie to reap the rewards in all his kiasu glory. no all that is aint important, what is important is to reassert once more, the ancient Chingkie myth, his supposed racial superiority, But then again that is understandable, for arent all chingkies slaves to the Mother of All Illusions: the paranoid belief of persecution juxtaposed oddly with the delusional feeling that only he, the Chingkie, matters on this earth, an explicit and succint manifestation of Kiasuism

    It is a tragic failing that grips every race that dares to believe its own grandiosity. The Jews pushed the envelope too far and it fell off the edge sanity into the abyss of hate culminating in periodic pogroms and ultimately the holocaust. In the east, th yellow peril was dealt with in different ways.The Indonesians
    pushed to the edge reacted by hunting down the instigators and culling them like hapless pigs in 1965 and 1998; the Japanese chaffed by the perpetual denial of respect discovered the depths and intensity of their Kurtzian angst and butchered the pigs like game animals while the scaws were raped senseless as comfot women. I wonder if................

    Warrior 231

  100. Anonymous10:56 am


    The time has come for the rakyat of Malaysia to VOTE UMNO,THE MOTHER OF ALL EVILS, out in the next GE!!


  101. Anonymous5:24 pm

    UMNO is the only RACIST party left in the world after the fall of apartheid regime in South Africa in 1994. The time has come for the whole world to condemn UMNO's racism. Consign UMNO racists to the dustbins of history.

  102. najib manaukau7:13 pm

    Warrior 231,

    You just didn't get my message, did you ? and you then, as usual, vomited a whole lot of pig shits all over !
    Plus a whole lot of self proclaimed lengthly utter rubbishes that cannot and will not be able to be verified. And if you are so smart just accept my offer to have your DNA tested to show how Malay you are. How many times and what must I do before you will accept the offer. Or is it because you pretend not to understand my offer.By be warned of the results might reveal the kind of mixed blood in you and in your kind and finally what you are ,not Malay at all. Also you are so stupid calling non Malays names ( so sad yourself included) , it must be in your cultures and blood to do so. Or do you have one ? Even to day the very people, the true sons of the soil, the Orang Asli are calling out for help from their hospital. Your kind are indeed heartless and cruel, after you have robbed them of them land and left them in the state they are in.
    You are free to to prove me wrong and take up my offer to have your DNA tested that you indeed Malay ,then have the right to say anything on behalf of the Malays ! Until then shout up forever the filthy mouth of yours and remain a warrior to conquer the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters !
    Or may be the Malays do need half Indians and the pendatang to rob for them. Is it because they are unable to find a true Malay to do the corruption for them ?
    Come on smart alex and uneducated bastard ! Someone who will not survive even a day without being given any help by the very people you call them with all sorts of names who feel so sorry for you. You ungrateful kind and most of all good for nothing bastard. Just look at the non Malays who just took a tiny little island from Malaysia called Singapore with nothing, no oil, no plantations and just non Malays and run it themselves. They now make your kind look so retarded and corrupt that you truly are and good at.
    Finally if you think so badly of the non Malays why then your government are sending delegation after delegation of officials to plea with the non Malay professionals to return to serve the county. Even just a few months ago your pendatang Bugis P.M. went to Singapore and call on the non Malay professionals to return to serve the country and he even offers to reduce their tax rates if they return. Why ? Under NEP or NDP you must have sent hundred of thousands or even millions of 'top brains' Malays to be educated or trained, this is not to mention the millions your own varsities were supposed to have trained. What has happened to these 'top students' ? Or did they go for a holiday or better still shall I say fail to return with the qualifications they were sent to obtain. They must have sent 'top students' like you in the first place.

  103. Anonymous10:55 pm

    China history is well recorded and documented for all to read and study, we can always draw diverse conclusion and different judgment whether Chinese is innately stupid and leave no contribution to world civilization, and as I said, the preaching of one will not change the fact of history. Opinions are like asshole, everyone got one. Anyway, I am glad you have some “basic” understanding of China history, this is many times better than those that commented without any knowledge of the subject matter but rely on his to quoque and ad hominem style to divert. You as the idol of many and with superior intellect of course don’t do something that “cheap”.

    By the way, I have great admiration toward all Malaysia Prime Minister, and the intelligent and maturity shown by most Malay in handling Malaysia social and political affair. Their openness to allow the formation of a multi-racial platform and multi-religion society indicate that they are any time more far-sighted than most US president and UK PM. Hence I have no objection if you said Malay are many time smarter than Chinese. However, what all this have to do with my question whether Malaysia can or cannot live without FDI?

    Take your time to find the answer though I don’t mind repeat it again for the third time.


  104. charleskiwi8:41 am


    Stop twisting and bending history to suit your arguments ! Argue if you must but please don't twist the facts they are well recorded and it is not doing your kind , that you are fighting for, any good just the opposite you are opening a whole can of worms that you may live to regret of what is exposed !
    Just state facts and stop making up story out of spite plus you don't win more readers by using big sounding words. May be the readers of your kind and I doubt even a fraction of them even truly understood what you are trying to convey. Please also stop calling your objectors names and stop using vulgar languages and most of all threaten those who don't agree with you to cut off their limbs and harm them . It only reflects badly on your kind and what you really are ! Two or even three wrongs don't make one right !

  105. Anonymous2:06 pm

    charleskiwi & the many people who want to skin UMNO wild pig Warrior 231 alive,

    This idiot has 231 lumps of pig shit in his pea-sized brain that is causing him swine fever 24 hours a day. Little wonder that he is so full of hatred for all and sundry who are anti-UMNO. Like all those whom the gods wish to destroy, warrior 231 has been made mad with swine fever first. That is making him utter all the venom of UMNO and he will self destruct - just like is party UMNO will be!

  106. Anonymous12:47 am

    UMNO tak dak kerja lain report polis tu aje yg tau..lps tu cari projek bagi kat kroni..projek tak siap duit dah lesap..kalau siap pun mesti ada masalah bangunan runtuh la,atap runtuh la,paip bocor la...kerajaan UMNO memang bengap.

  107. najib manaukau9:12 am

    Warrior 231,

    Where are you ? Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Peking or in Yunan ?
    Have you decided to accept my challenge to have your DNA tested to prove that you are a true Malay that you are so proud of or like all at Umno mixed blood. You tried to be impressive with your English by using bombastic words, I even doubt a small percentage (that is being generous) of your kind or members from Umno that you are fighting for will ever understand you. Umno can try to play Allah and pass laws to make mixed blood like you to be Malays. But if Allah wants all of you to be Malays he would have all of you borne Malays. You don't just become Malays because your Umno laws say as long as you wear Sarong, Baju and are a Muslim you are a Malay !
    The Sakai they don't even wear these and the bulk of them are not Muslims yet they are the real sons of the soil. You and your kind robbed them of that right so in reality you all are pendatang just like Chinese and the non Malays. You are a proven stupid thief !
    Please don't deviate from this subject by calling us names or threaten to have us harmed (please remember the non Chinese may not have the Armed
    forces or the police behind us but we still have our two arms and two legs and above all grey matters in our heads.
    Just short and simple accept the challenge to have your DNA or that of your former half Indian P.M. and half Chinese P.M. tested. I will gladly provide a banker's guarantee, so must you, for the DNA testing process. Come on chicken, once and for all time or shut up your filthy mouth forever and stop calling us pendatang or that you are the sons of the soil.

  108. Anonymous11:34 am

    Wow, Great spin. So, now it is the fault of Pakatan that the Perak government was illegally taken away and all the fiasco that comes with it?

    I think most of us have opinion on the monarchy already.

  109. Those UMNO allies like Tulang Besi and Rocky Bru would not be around after the next GE. They would be out of the country or share the same fate as Paul Augustine. They cannot see UMNO been leading the country into same level as Philippines. Come to Ireland I will knee capped them for you all those UMNO bastards including KJ (who probably wanted Deep Throat,unlike Saiful) no need for C4. The Malay regiment are all toy soldiers, good at shooting innocent Chinese. See what happened in Somalia, where the Malay Regiment was asked to handle law & order, they all ran with their tails between their legs until the American Black Hawk came to save them.

  110. Anonymous10:35 pm

    I can see a lot of smart people here. However, I am still very confuse or maybe I am just plain stupid. Can someone tell me how to F***** a asssss without penentration. Really this is really something many people want to know how to do it. I think majority of the rakyattttt is really not intelligence enough to figure it out how to F***** asssss without penentration.So, maybe people like anak permatang pauh or his gangs can enlighten me and the rest of the rakyatttt.


  111. Anonymous11:02 am

    Part 1

    Najib Manakau, the unwashed, ulcerated lanchiau who spews shit and urine but cant cum. Origins? Many moons ago, a bawling, peeing young pig runt bored his way through his momma’s unwashed arsehole and landed shit splattered on some intern/obstet/dresser’s lap who noticing that the shithead had an empty cranium, scooped up a handful of shit, stuffed it into the gaping cavity, pronto and stitched up the dang hole before handing the yodeling arsehole to his semi-comatose idio(t)pathic Momma who promptly lifted up her samfoo and stuffed her tits into the loudmouth, suckling him back to life from the throes of premature death. All the while, her quivering shitstained mouth mumbled “manakau, manakau” for an infant she had given up for the ghost seeing that her once distended belly was now deflated off its shitgas and no postpartum trauma on her cunthole. An abnormal birth indeed that accounts for his paranoid obsession with DNA tests..hahahaha
    Taoised or Christened Ngah Jee Mankau (the devil that bore thru’ my shithole (in ancient Mandarin, Tang script), this bastard promptly shortened the sobriquet to Najib Manakau so as to hide his grand shithole entry and his eternal mortal shame.

    Many moons later after fattening his girth on Melayu Bermaruah provided food and fuel subsidies and the swill his Jap-ravished comfort sow and her hogfaced boar wangled for him via trickery, thieving and lying, the currently unemployed runt flaunts his stupidity (the sum of his vernacular education) in this blogsphere mumbling like a madarse about deposits, challenges and other shitty mumbo-jumbo . Hear2 folks, Master pig Najib manakau is displaying his shit stains of education (the paltry stuff, his moronic brain eked out of Free Malay provided education: you know, free textbooks, school fees, token exam fees, computer, science labs etc) in this blog, taunting me and behaving like some arsefucked pathetic pigsqueak (ooop, pipsqueak) babi (oops…baby) in search of cum, shit and urine.

    Facts and truth hurts its hide and the cyberants I am gonna deliver, this missive henceforth, is gonna turn his dead cock a beetroot red and sent him into a spasm of madness. Folks lets get, the parting shot in first, a single bullet that will forever gun down the Chingkie lie that the Malays are pendatang:

    Exhibit 1: Sir Hugh Clifford, High Commissioner of the FMS, emphasized in a speech
    delivered to the Federal Council in 1927 that to deny this special status in favor of a
    more democratic approach would "entail the complete submersion of the indigenous
    population, who would find themselves hopelessly outnumbered by the folk of other
    races; and this would produce a situation which would amount to a betrayal of trust
    which the Malays of these States, from the highest to the lowest, have been taught to
    repose in his Majesty’s Government."

    It is precisely the Chingkie and his lackey who are the true-blue pendatangs. Otherwise, why would we have kampung and Bukit Cina/Kg India?Kelings? littering our socio-historical landscape, self –segregated ghettoes into which these morons sequestered themselves on the pretext of preserving their “purity”, their self delusional superiority, their twisted racist bigotry. Only when they ran out of scaws did these maggots go in search of locals hence giving rise to the Nyonya and Babi culture

    Warrior 231

  112. Anonymous11:40 am

    Part 2(a)
    It is precisely these scumbags who should be subject to a DNA test to ascertain their real origins. For instance, the Chingkie boast of pure Han heritage is a fatuous fart for these bastards were in actuality admixtures of Mongol barbarians (hence the prevalence of Mongoloid tendencies), the Manchus, the Uighurs etc. Little wonder, their tendency to resort to barbaric forms of regimentation in their lifestyle and culture: example monochromatic dressing (the infamous Mao suit), feet binding, the mandatory wearing of pigtails during the Ching era, the eunuch system, eating food with sticks, a legacy of their macaque past, the beast laden calendar indicative of their bestial nature and other such uncivilized and barbaric peccadilloes reflective of their savage past, a fact they project onto others via their Middle Kingdom bullshit of civilized Han/Barbarian imagery. Ever heard of psychological projection, fucktart:

    Now why do I say the Chingkies are pendatangs, something they are wont to disown. Well the evidence in history says so and goes further with regard to their loyalty as well (if I may add):

    “………..respect to the latter, three distinctive phases can be identified. In the first period (the
    1850s–1950), large numbers of Chinese (predominately laborers) from South China
    started emigrating overseas, concentrating especially in Southeast Asia. Before the
    end of World War II, a majority of them still considered themselves as ‘huaqiao’
    (Chinese Sojourners or Overseas Chinese), whose political and cultural orientation
    was toward China.”

    Source : Hong Liu in Journal of Contemporary China (2005), 14(43), May, 291–316

    The last portion which coincidentally dovetails with this:

    “more damaging was its (Malayan Communist Party) contention that while dual citizenship obligated Chinese to be loyal to Malaya and China, ultimate allegiance should be owed to CHINA in the event of conflict between the two countries……………..”

    source: Heng Pek Koon in “Chinese Responses to Malay Hegemony in Peninsular Malaysia; 1957-96 in Southeast Asian Studies, Volume 34 No.3, December 1996.

    But elsewhere the Chingkie will cocksuckle the superior Gwailoh who humiliated the Chingkie in the 19th and 20th centuries:

    “…..the fastest growing areas were all concentrated in the industrial nations: Europe (15.4%), America (7.8%), and Oceania (4.3%).1 In this period, ‘the decline of overseas Chinese nationalism was an inevitable process of assimilation and integration of the Chinese communities into host countries’”
    Source : Hong Liu in Journal of Contemporary China (2005), 14(43), May, 291–316

    Moral of story: If with the Whites cocksuckle, integrate and assimilate like there is no tomorrow but dengan Melayu lawan tetap lawan, lanchiau!. The Chingkie is also a wellknown two timing fiend. Two-timing/doubleheaded snake? Read the paper below if you have the balls. It is in the Penang Story portal:

    Re-examination of the “Chinese nationalism” and Categorization of the Chinese in Malaya:The Case of the Chinese in Penang, 1890s-1910s by Shinozaki Kaori, Ph.D. student, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences University of Tokyo

    Warrior 231

  113. Anonymous11:42 am

    Part 2(b)
    As for the whore thingy, others have taken offence to, read this from good old history itself:
    “Secondly, despite the official position that these laborers would eventually be
    repatriated to China, the fact that until 1927 the British made no attempt to control
    the inflow of women and girls (who were used as prostitutes and wives) demonstrates
    that they were aware of the growing permanent settlement of Chinese.”

    Source: Source:

    So as the moron Rhan puts it…”it is all well-documented” and I am quoting verbatim without twisting anything as another unwashed dickhead, pigcock suck;ling idiot spawn of a black kiwi and emu , Charleskiwi will bleat like a demented arsefucked kiwibird

    Now the Chingkie/hindulen slimedogs are wont to chaff at affirmative action , But when they fattened on it, it was all hunky-dory. Look at the table on page 9 of Shinozaki Kaori’s paper. What does it tell you? Note how the Chingkie worked in cahoots with the Brits to rape Tanah Melayu but Chingkie bastards gets worked up if the government adopts an affirmative NEP to redress 150years of imbalance!! Ajaib bin Singh bukan begitu….bloody hypocrite chingkie scum!

    I will deal with the origin thingy with a shocker and crush your Chingkie myth making and fallacies once and for all, next. NO, THE DATA WILL PROVE I DON’T NEED NO DNA TEST BUT YOU AND YOUR ILK SURELY DO, CHINGKIE PIGSHIT

    Warrior 231

  114. This is in response to warrior 231. My previous comment were not printed and the one that was printed, the facts were omitted. If Warrior DNA is Melayu, they came from Yunnan. So Melayu are pendatang. If u like to degrade Chinese with words like pigshit and arsehole, that only reflect your upbringing, malays called kurang ajar, so you have brought up kurang ajar parents, so you became kurang ajar. With all the NEP concoted by the father of all corruption, mahathir kutty, what have Malaysia got to prove??? Fallen behind Taiwan, singapore, thailand, korea, Indonesia into the same category as Philippines. Is that what you so proud about your malay heritage??? Do not insult other races inteligence because malay vocabulary is so limited that none of your Malay colleges are recognised outside malaysia. Go outside malaysia, they die of starvation unless you are one of Mahathir kutty's cronies with millions in SWISS banks. If you have the balls to insult the Chinese, do it openly and do not hide behind your skirts. better still go to China and tell them you are invincible warrior 231. They only need have a fart, you will fall apart. U can talk big with USA and UK, try to talk big with China. If China did not stopped supporting the communists in Malaysia, Malaysia would have been taken over by China. Where were the Melayus during the Jap controlled Malaysia? Who fought the Japanese?? Only the Chinese. Where were the Malays Like you? Shitting in your pants or sucking Japanese penis??? Now u called yourself Bumiputra and you think all the land in Malaysia belongs to bumiputra? What was Mahathir doing during Japanese time? he was lucky, studying medicine in Singapore medical faculty unlike the Chinese Chin Peng fighting the Japs from the Malaysian jungles. You started this cock sucking style in your comments, now take it back since you like cock so much. Since u designate your self as a warrior & I am a ex-soldier, do you want a debate or a fight with me, just name a neutral place and if you dare not show up, you must be a son of a prostitute who can talk cock only. I would love to bash your brains in. Nigell Dunlop. Ireland.

  115. najib manaukau9:33 am

    It has certainly taken you a long time to response ! But it is better late than never.

    As usual you are deviating from the real topic, and also my challenge, you go lengthly into totally different subjects just to confuse the issue and all sorts of stupid excuses of why you are not taking the DNA test. In order to avoid taking up my challenge to have your DNA tested ?

    Stop giving excuses that your kind is so good at. Are you 'chicken' to accept my challenge to prove that you are indeed a pure Malay once and for all and no doubt for all to see that what you always claimed are true and correct. Come on be a man and prove that you have what I got in between my legs ! Am I asking too much for you to do so ?

    Come on, chicken warrior, have your DNA tested plus the pleasure of watching the pendatang paid for the process of the DNA testing and above all to show to the world that you all are not pendatang. Plus the sheer pleasure to watch the pendatang walk all the way back to China ! If that is not enough tell me why else will make you take up my challenge ? Nothing is too much for me you hear.
    For your information I did not receive my education from your country nor did I or my children needed your so called NEP, disguise in the name of 'to correct the imbalance'. You always claimed to have been here years before Chinese. What were you guys doing all those years without us ? And you still need time to correct the imbalance despite the head start ! You and your superior intelligent, my foot !
    You are a typical example of your kind, do not have the audacity to take up my challenge to have your DNA tested just to prove you are indeed a pure Malay that you speak so highly off.
    You should also have Umno ceased sending delegations after delegations, including your pendatang Bugis P.M. from pleading to the non Malays professionals to return to serve the country and might I add with lots of incentives.
    Why ? Can you not find amongst the millions NEP educated stupid pigs to serve the country you called your own that you have robbed from the real sons of the soil ? May be the next time round go on their bended knees to do so !
    Once again have your DNA tested to prove you are a Malay plus the incentives I am offering.

  116. charleskiwi10:36 am

    Come on warrior you call yourself a man ? najib manaukau has challenged you to take the DNA test, a process to settle the dispute here once and for all. Don't change the subject and stop giving all kinds of excuses, just take the DNA test to prove all that you said are correct and that it is not your imagination or your spite. Take the challenge and prove that every word you said thus far are what they are and not story you made up. Unless of course you have something to hide ! He has or the Chinese have never said they are sons of the soil whereas on the contrary you are the one who is always claiming that you are. Have you never heard that actions speak louder than words ? Just remember the DNA test is better prove than history or better still story, that is written or shall I say made up by men like you for your own benefit. Just take the challenge and stop calling people with names that you really are. We are here to settle a dispute and what better way than a DNA test than a test !

  117. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Warrior 231,

    Your swine fever has reached despicable peaks as to make you spew pig shit from your mouth!!! You are polluting not only rocky's bru in blogosphere,but also your extremely stinking kubang babi in PWTC. But maybe that is the perfume for your UMNO babi sials to inhale. Before you start running amok, make sure you have pails of pig shit to pour on your head so that the very people which your demam babi will kill through you will be YOUR OWN UMNO BABI SIALS!!!!

  118. Look at the table on page 9 of Shinozaki Kaori’s paper. Warrior 231, Tulang Besi, Rocky Bru (all these Melayu cocksuckers. u want to use a Jap writer who's government killed millions before and during the 2nd world war as bible, go ahead. No wonder u refused to publish my article "while Chin Peng were fighting the Japanese, the Melayu were sucking the Jap cock". Your father Mahathir Kutty has 35 years NEP to fatten all melayu like yourself, u want some more??? All of you cannot work an honest day in your life, except live off the NEP. Where do you think Khir Toyo got his money to build his mansion? U think the Melayu-ran MACC got the license to kill TBH, and getting away with 2000+ murders under custody (the world is now much smaller, all the stinking bullshit u spinned could be carried round the world in seconds and come back to haunt you). u seemed so proud of UMNO and your malay race, you think you are the only living bastard on the planet? All of you loved living in a corrupted world filled with shit and hatred against other races, your days are numbered. After the next GE be prepared to leave and hide in shame for the rest of your life and suffer like Paul Augustine or Najib Razak's father, for starting the 1969 May 13 riot, killing thousands of innocent Chinese, using Malay thugs and Malay Regiment. Do you know why everytime there is a military exercise involving several countries involving the latest arsenal, Malaysia's role led by the Malay Regiment role is only transport support, even then their military trucks broke down so often, it became a joke? Do not try to give the impression you are warrior like your Keris Hishmuddin. His father was a former PM yet he was so badly bought up (the biggest kurang ajar in melayu). His father must have turned in his grave. So warrior 231, Tulang besi, rocky bru my message to you all is :fuck yourself because your race blend with Mahathir Kutty would sell their mother, sisters and daughters for $2, like the local Govt coroners in TBH inquest. UBS stated officially that Malaysia outflow of foreign exchange for the past 2 years exceed hundreds of billions (USA dollars). Who are the owners of these funds and why are funds send out to Switzerland, Caribbean, London and Australia? These funds are owned by Mahathir Kutty, Badawi, Ling Liong Sik, Vincent Tan, Ananda Krisnan, Rafidah, CM from Sabah & Sarawak and thousands of UMNO cronies including judges, Nasir Razak, Baginda Razak, daugther of Sultan of Perak and they are all fleeing in case Anwar staged a change of Govt. Now Malaysia is so broke that even the second hand, obsolete French made submarine cannot sink. Baginda Razak with his 650 million ringgit commission is living it high in London high society. It would be all revealed soon. Akan Datang. I still remember a few malay words from my days in Butterworth. PKR is coming back with all the facts and truth can really hurt Rosmah & Najib. Bala cannot come back now, wait for GE, they cannot arrest you then because all the Special Branch members would take off when the votes are being counted. Tulang besi, warrior 231, rocky bru - go and spin more lies - you are all a bunch of cocksuckers like Saiful pretending to like it from behind.

  119. warrior 231, I suspect you are hired by KJ to spew on the Chinese. U are either the product of a Japanese soldier and prosititute ( same as Lee Teng Hui who admitted he was a product of japanese soldiers raping anything that walks on two legs). or maybe you are paid by Najib to instigate another May 13, perpetuated by his father and Harun Idris. Or maybe you are one of many illegitimate sons of Harun Idris and the maids he raped while has was MB. U carry so much hatred against the Chinese by quoting all the plagiarised historical notes, trying to show u are an intellectual?? no to me you are just a bloody thief and impersonator. Cannot print this otherwise you will lose your job??? Malaysian degrees except USM are not recognised outside Malaysia.

  120. Warrior 231,

    Where were you when Chin Peng & is men were fighting against the Japanese invasion?? Sucking your mother's tits while your Jap father's cock were being sucked by your mother???

    Check your DNA if you think I am wrong.

  121. najib manaukau3:10 pm

    I do not fear or need any favour from any one least from your kind Rocky !
    He had deleted an earlier posting of mine with more details of my argument just to protect you.
    Nevertheless for your informations in case it did sink into the head of yours the subjects or the topics under discussion is your claim to be the sons of the soil or that you are calling yourself Malay. You tried to confuse all the readers by deviating into lengthly other subjects unrelated to the argument.
    I will cut it short, come on chicken, if you are what you really are just accept my challenge and take the DNA test to prove me wrong, that simple. I have never claimed to be a Malay or son of the soil so the questions is never there to begin with for me to prove that I am. Whereas you constantly claim that you are and
    millions of others and your truly are disputing that. While you have use your right to dispute my argument and to settle the argument once and for all I am asking you to have the DNA test done just to prove me wrong.
    And for crying out loud stop giving all kind of lame excuses just get your DNA test done not only to prove me wrong plus the pleasure of having me to pay for the test and above all walk all the way back to China plus a new incentive for you to so. How about a hundred thousand ringgit from me to you, and to show my sincerely I will offer a bank guarantee for my promise. Come on this is an excellent and easy chance to make a hundred thousand ringgit. Take the test chicken !

  122. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Is Najib squeezing your balls too?

  123. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Najib manakau unwashed lanchiau, here is my response to your shit concern for them Orang Aslis. Make sure you have some basic knowledge of biology and evolutionary history, bastard pigcocksuckling babboon!

    1. Your spurious and laughable claim that questions our, Malay, indigenous status is debunked here
    wherein it is stated that the Malay lineage is traceable to the Proto-Malays. So we own this land by birthright, unnerstand chingkie shitboy? In any case, care to name me a Senoi potentate or a Negrito or Semamng Kingdom or Sultanante lording over these parts until we established our Langkasukas, Gangga Nagaras, ancient Kedahs etc, stupid fella(tist)!!

    Now, Chingkie cocksuckling pigsty cleaner, you challenged me to a DNA test dint you, bastard? Well, looks like YOU badly need one especially when this article clearly debunks all the lies the chingkie bastards have been peddling to con themselves and others about their supposed purity, superiority etc. Fact of the matter is, the Chingkie is actually a stateless bastard! as this (which u can read for free: HERE)implies that your fuckedup race originated from ...wait...SEA which either means:

    a. they were kicked out by my intellectually and physically superior ancestors


    b. they ran away on their own accord seeing that their savage ways and primitive brains couldnt compete with us Malays who were responsible for bringing civilisation here,

    It also means you stole Chingkieland from them Manchus, Mongols and other east asiatics who share a closer affinity with one another than with you as in here.

    In fact, such was our seafaring prowess that we not only colonised Taiwan, Hawaii and New Zealand on the nether corners of Earth but also landed on Madagascar, and the Cape Province in Africa unlike you lot who are so afraid of water that mandi pagi pun tidak!

    So stateless "bastard" chingkie be thankful to us Melayu bermaruah for giving u a place to live in thanks to our Ketuanan largesse. Now keep quiet, be subservient and follow our command lest you wanna be cast...... As for the hindulen coots, remember, we can also lay claim to India as a link I misplaced shows.

    For further reading on the "Out of Africa" thingy, here is an article to salivate over as you lick them hog bungholes clean in your god forsaken sty!

    Now get outta mah sights and save your quid for some whorepiss, for ah m not gonna be any charitable tha next time ' round. Got it, cuntlouse?

    Warrior 231

  124. Anonymous11:07 pm


    Drunk on whorepiss, eh? tsk..tsk... what uncouth and vulgar language and asinine insinuations, Irish boy. Get a Harp lager and chill out mate....the truth is getting to your nerves, i guess.

    The material is all in public domain and i never pass it off my own as I am always careful with them sources as everyone familiar here will attest.

    Najib Manakau,
    You started the thingy about the orang asli and all and holler like a demented fella when I gave you the facts.In fact, you butted into my scope like a busybody as i was aiming at Rhan. Go easy on urself as age must be crimping those synapses real bad.As for the rest of your drivel and the DNA.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz "the less said the best"

    Warrior 231

  125. najib manaukau9:08 am

    Again you go into everything just to avoid taking the DNA test you bloody pig and son of a bastard ? Even the pig has got a cock but you are beginning to indicate that you do not have one. Are you an 'it' ? May be AI can look up for you.
    How dare you call yourself son of the soil by giving the Orang Asli the name of a Malay just so you can claim you did not have robbed them their land. Why are their call Orang Asli and why are they not dressed like you ?
    You can run but i will always taunt you until you stop calling yourself son of the soil. Also if you the ungrateful pirates are indeed Malay ,why then your former P.M. announced that like the Brits who took over the control of Australia from the natives there and call it theirs. And so did the Malays ! To him and all at Umno two wrongs make one right. That is the kind of arithmetic you all learned in school.
    Or was your former P.M. does not know the history the Malay institutions came up with ? Why could you not find a true Malay to be the P.M. ? You had a half Thai as the first P.M., a Bugis as your second P.M., a half Turkish as your third P.M., an half Indian as your fourth P.M., a half Chinese as your fifth P.M. and another Bugis as your present P.M.. Why never a 100% Malay P.M. ? You know why ? Bastard and son of a pig ? Because you are all just making up the claim to be sons of the soil.
    I am here offering you the chance of a life time to prove, once and for all times, that you are indeed a Malay. I will not dispute whatever you may lay your claim on forever, just take the test.

    As usual you will go lengthly into unrelated subjects and history written by authors funded by the Malay institutions just to confuse the issue and the readers and may be even yourself. Once again prove to everyone what you really are, take the DNA test your bloody pig ? The more you resist to take test the more it shows you are just a pendatang ! Come on, cock sucker, that you are take the DNA test otherwise stop calling all your kind the sons of the soil ! Also stop claiming they are another kind of Malay just to justify all the atrocities done to them. The Orang Asli or the Head Hunters and in case you are unaware of this part of Malaysian history they only became part of Malaysia when they had the misfortune to join Malaysia not so long ago. So the Head Hunters were never part of your kind ! So stop twisting history !
    Again come on take the DNA test and to sweeten the offer I will not only walk all the way back to China but will forever stop this argument. Come on take the DNA test pig shit !
    Tell me please here, what else must I offer for you just to take the DNA test, more incentives ?
    You can run but cannot hide forever.
    Come on, come on come on take the test !

  126. charleskiwi10:07 am


    I have never seen anyone just like you !
    A growing number of bloggers are now calling you to take the DNA test just to prove that you are what you claimed you are.
    Go prove that all these people are wrong and just take the DNA test. Unless you have something to hide and the more you resist the more it goes to show what you really are.
    History is written by men and to err is human so stop quoting history that you are very good at, that is all.
    We now live in the world of science and in the year 2010. So stop using make up stories written by authors from the Malay institutions in pre historic days. You never cease to call your peer with vulgar names and that is all you are good at. It only shows what your kind is good at.
    You can run but you cannot hide forever !
    So take the test and collect all the incentives offered otherwise stop calling yourself warrior or may be you are not just a warrior in disguise. May be a chicken at best.
    Warrior does not behave like you ! Only chicken do ! Take the DNA test.

  127. charleskiwi10:08 am


    I have never seen anyone just like you !
    A growing number of bloggers are now calling you to take the DNA test just to prove that you are what you claimed you are.
    Go prove that all these people are wrong and just take the DNA test. Unless you have something to hide and the more you resist the more it goes to show what you really are.
    History is written by men and to err is human so stop quoting history that you are very good at, that is all.
    We now live in the world of science and in the year 2010. So stop using make up stories written by authors from the Malay institutions in pre historic days. You never cease to call your peer with vulgar names and that is all you are good at. It only shows what your kind is good at.
    You can run but you cannot hide forever !
    So take the test and collect all the incentives offered otherwise stop calling yourself warrior or may be you are not just a warrior in disguise. May be a chicken at best.
    Warrior does not behave like you ! Only chicken do ! Take the DNA test.

  128. Anonymous11:38 am

    1.history written by authors funded by the Malay institutions just to confuse the issue
    -Najib Manakau.

    2.So stop using make up stories written by authors from the Malay institutions in pre historic days.
    - Charles Kiwi

    mmm....2 different cocksuckling chimps regurgigating almost identical thoughts. Either puny minds replicate alike or two Hydes lurk in one Jekyll...pretty interesting specimens for psychoanalysis. I wont prolong this arsescratching but here goes, regarding some of the people i quoted at 11.40 am, who like the local rockstar pseudo-intellectual,FN, are funded by the Illuminati, Cawangan Kampung Pondoi, Bongek:

    1. Hong Liu:Associate Professor at the Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore.
    verifiable at

    2. Heng Pek Koon: Assistant Professor at the School of International Service. American University, Washington
    verifiable at :here

    As for the source of the second link at 4.06pm:

    3.Chen Ching-chih is a research fellow at the Institute for Taiwanese Studies in Los Angeles.
    verifiable at here.

    There, 3 academics from prehistoric "local" institutions!!
    All have consented to undergo DNA tests to ascertain that they are not Orang Asli of the headhunting variety on my million dollar guarantee + I take a hike to Timbuktu and don the tutu if they are indeed into voodoo..... hahahahaha LOL.

    Kids, u lot dont faze me an iota, a jot or a bit but I kinda know who are setting you up and when the time comes, that lawyer will have HIS pound of flesh, literally, thats for SURE. Oh before I forget, say goodnight to Nigel as he counts sheep on his Dunlop in Limerick. Now shoo boys, go out and play while momma bakes some pie tarts for her lil upstarts and dada takes a nap from all these crap...hahahahahaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  129. najib manaukau9:02 am

    I ask for DNA test on you and as usual you deviate unto something totally different.
    The issue here is you and the likes of you are claiming to be Malay and I am saying you are the bigger cock sucker than you truly are. Now as usual again and again you are now asking others to do the DNA tests that is unrelated to the confirmation of yourself as a Malay. Most of all to try and avoid and confuse the argument here.How many times must I say the issue here is your claim to be a Malay and I am saying that you are not. So to verify who is right and who is wrong have the DNA test but you would come up with all kind of lame and stupid excuses just to avoid the test. What are you really afraid of, mother and sister fucker that your kind , the uncivilised plus the animals that you are and that is what your former half Indian P.M. said in his book. That was the one of the reasons why your kind are so retarded. Incest and inbreathing, I did not come up with this but he did, he should know not better, as the kind that you guys are always claiming him to be a Malay ! Are you sorry that you claim an half Indian to be a Malay ?
    Now this is a good reason to disown him if you dare and please remember his grand father came from Kerala, India ! May be all the half breed lust like yourself but there may nat be any more Malay if that happens !
    Once more and not for the last time I now plea with you to take the test and may be you can now further confuse deviate from the issue and also as a further an excuse. Ask the U.S. President to take DNA test to prove he is white because he has a white mother. just like your former half Indian P.M. who has a Malay mother !

  130. Anonymous11:03 am

    Hahaha huhuhu hohoho hehehe

    Long Live Warrior 231 and Rocky Bru ...

    for a great expose on the history and DNA of the chi***kes and their behavioural patterns

    it was not only illuminating, it was hilarious too

  131. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Dei najib manakau unwashed lanchiau

    Quit pushing the envelope. You have given yourself enough rope for a hanging. You are a bloody, cocksucking,pigarsewhoring uncouth chingkhead who delights in casting unwarranted aspersions on my siter and mother, which is a BIG NO-NO in my book. Tolerance has its limits, remember that.

    Why should I ,a true blue malay take a DNA to satiate your imbecile craving for one-upmanship? Particularly when you, a Chingkie scum of mixed Mongolian, Manchurian and other unmentionable barbaric ancestry, avoid one like a plague. Your own chingkie bastard scientists have done umpteen DNAs on us in a desperate attempt to prove we are interlopers and come up with not even a shitdrop of anything. All they discovered was that their findings reiterated the unassailable fact that we are indigenous to the core unlike your bastard race who claims to own Chingkieland but ,in reality, stole it from the original East Asiatics as even your own kind obliquely admit.

    From your atrocious grammar, spelling and run of the mill English, it is evident that you are just a pig sty worker, probably a primary 1 droput from a goddamned vernacular ghetto selfstyling itself a school.Hence, your inability to peruse facts rationally and your penchant for mindless rants,gutter language and other forms of worthless gibberish. As i said earlier,I was not in the least concerned about you until you butted in like some lost pig. I dint ask for any DNA as it was you who imposed it on me and I am under no obligation to oblige morons like you with your shittalk of deposits, bank guarantees, long footmarches to China and other garbage. come to think of it, I dont think you have even a dime to spare for a drop of whorepiss, stupid fellatist.

    If you want a DNA real bad, do it on yourself for that will clarify a lot of things including your more recent origins. Now get lost and shove yourself up your momma's arse.

    Warrior 231

  132. charleskiwi4:27 pm

    Warrior but really a chicken impersonating as a warrior,

    So you finally are planning to hide or hibernate from taking the test. You tried everything, so cowardly, just to avoid taking the DNA test. But I will track you down if ever you claim to be son of the soil, to take up my challenge to take the DNA test.
    Of course you can impersonate yourself again as somebody else but for crying out loud don't call yourself 'warrior', anything else will do.
    Or may be your kind of warrior are all impersonators ?
    You are a bloody disgrace to your kind even though a few stupid ignorant bastards ,who do not even understand a fraction of what is being discussed think otherwise. Take the DNA test and be a man !
    How many times and challenges must I utter for you to do so ?
    Now don't deviate from the subject of your DNA test ! Just do it.

  133. Anonymous12:44 am

    Charleskiwi the moron

    "HOW MANY many times and challenges must I utter for you to do so ?
    Now don't deviate from the subject of your DNA test ! Just do it."


    so which is which now, identical twin chimps thinking telepathically alike and spewing the same shit.

    Charleskiwi aka Najib Manakau aka Nigel Dunloptyre aka arsefucked flightless kiwi not even fit for a shoeshine, now listen up real careful.

    1. Dont threaten me like a kid and quit acting like a cheapskate cyberpunk considering you told me the same up there.

    2. Stop begging like the beggar you are for it aint gonna work.

    3. Push your middle finger up your arse and wiggle it in the vacuum. Then smell the shit stained "dipstick", it will cure you of your schizophrenia lest some fine day you want a steel dick aka Luger stuck into your mouth and ur brains blown to piggy hell. You aint know what ur r getting into.

    now get lost, bastard.

    Warrior 231

  134. najib manaukau9:56 am

    Warrior (a mother and sister and even a daughter fuck..)

    You may have learned a few bombastic words but you surely are still a bastard and a pig cock sucker and worst of all a bloody coward.

    Again and again , and as usual, you come up with all sorts of excuses and different subjects not related to our argument just to avoid taking the DNA test. What a crying shame and a bloody coward.
    Don't you understand this argument is your DNA test to prove that you are a true Malay not to mention a true blue Malay. Why bring in tests done long ago on somebody else ? All along i am asking is your DNA test not anybody else, just yours.
    Now stop these nonsense of asking me to look at results of tests done on people unrelated to our argument. Just your DNA test !
    I have never claimed to be a true blue anything so my DNA test is not relevant here.
    But if that will bring you to the test I am ,more than happy to do the DNA test to prove I am not a Malay.I have never claimed to be a Malay but you are the one claiming to be a true blue Malay . So take the DNA test to prove you indeed are a Malay ! Come on it might reveal who you are, or are you afraid that it might reveal to the world that you are a by product of a mother, sister or a daughter fuck...
    Once more take the DNA test to prove that you are indeed a true blue Malay. Simple as that.
    If calling names is to justify your NEP sponsored schooling, not education please, then go ahead and reveal to all of what NEP has done and above all what NEP has done for you and your kind. Throwing pearls amongst the swine ! Do you comprehend the repeated and repeated sentence a simple sentence I Repeated a million times take my challenge and most of all take the DNA test. Do you not comprehend such simple question ? Take the DNA test ! Or may be I just have to wait for you to be sent by NEP for more schooling to learn what I am all the time asking, is your DNA test.
    More excuses again how boring ! Or are you waiting for more incentives ?