Saturday, February 06, 2010

Can I sue your ass today?

Chill lah, YBs. Away from the sodomy trial, buddies are butting each other. Politics, in and out of courts, must necessarily be dirty but I wish my bros YB Jeff Ooi, the DAP MP for Jelutong, and YB Wee Choo Keong, the PKR MP for Wangsa Maju, could somehow stay out of the current political sodomy fest. It's an unrealistic thing to wish for, though: both are Pakatan Rakyat strongmen in their own way and this fest involves their comrades, their bosses, and their political future.

Still ....

BUT if they insist on slugging it out, I'd like to make an appeal to Wee not to resort to legal action in his attempt to shut Jeff up or defend himself. We should use the court for more dire matters, eg in the Wee vs Mbf case. Matters between friends should be resolved through friendlier means. Wee is not Theresa Kok, Zaid Ibrahim, or Lim Guan Eng and should not be inspired to be like them.

When Jeff and I were sued for our blog posts in Jan 2007, Mr Wee Choo Keong was the first to offer to act as my lawyer on pro bono basis. Jeff and Wee weren't MPs then. Jeff was an ordinary member of Gerakan.

Read YB Wee's Politics of McCarthyism by little Napoleons must be stopped.
Jeff sms says he was misquoted by theSun? Read here

pic of YB Wee taken, I believe, by YB Jeff in Oct 2007


  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Wee, nak kena liwat. Ooi nak kena hisap.

  2. as an "ALLEGED" Barisan Nasional paid goon (by your lovable commenters) you are not doing a very good job by being buddy-buddy with the two PR Assemblymen.

    I and Najib is very disappointed.

    bet they won't call you a paid goon this time around.

    Oh well,
    Wee never had much nice things to say on DAP anyway..

    and it seems Jeff is not blogging anymore eh.

  3. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Ini perkara biasa dalam keluarga,,adik marah abang,,tegor menegor,,healthy in a family,,,BUKAN macam dalam BN, ingin membunoh satu sama lain.

    Walau macam mana terok,,,, PAKATAN ta'akan berpecah,,walaupon ANWAR di PENJARAKAN,,,!!!!

    Masyarakat da 'ta BOLEH terima BN,,UMNO sudah NAZAK,,,tinggal jadi BANGKAI ,,!!!!!!

    Boleh tak,,!!!! Concentrate on the economy,,,,Apa sudah jadi dengan KLSE,,,,macam waterfall aja,,????

    Tahun Baru Cina,,,couple of days to go,,,,,BELUM rasa lagi dapat LIMAU FREE,,,as compared during ANWAR as TPM,,!!!

    Banyak GIFTSHOP dah tutup,,,,nobody sending HAMPERS,,,,that shows HOW BAD OUR ECONOMY,,,apalagi USED Car dealers,,taada orang BELI KERETA.


  4. Budak budak bawahan sudah 'lebih lebih'.
    Penasihat parti yang dianjingkan belum lagi apa apa komen.

  5. Rocky,
    The whole world it seem sis being sued by something, you and I are also being sued, why can't we be like Barack Obama resolving issues over a couple of brew, it makes more sense don't you think!
    Ini Jeff Ooi and Wee also sudah naik tochang ma! China tak boleh bagi kuasa lo, sue sana sue sini, pundek la!

  6. Ayoyo! CIFUT BABI (Can I Fuck U Today Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim!)dah terkena SUMPAH SEKUNING KUNYIT la ni!

    Sekarang ni dia semakin kepanasan dan kerisauan kerana ramai dah tahu yang dia suka mai dari belakang!

    Aku rasa banyak lagi yang akan terbongkar dalam kes liwat CIFUT BABI NI!

    Wee, jangan la saman! kawan kawan maa! Senang cite kalau tak puas hati, keluar parti jadi bebas! Senang cite!


  7. Anonymous3:29 pm

    KLSE is normal to drop like that , it's profit taking, just follow other market, if KLSE down other is UP then it abnormal

  8. Wilhelmina Slater4:51 pm

    Quoting Betty Suarez as she was awarded the Blobby Award (Season 4, episode 13);

    "...we're not here celebrating me tonight, as much as we are here celebrating what blogs can do. They can be use to thoughtlessly attack people from a seemingly safe vantage point..which is very regretable. But they can also make it possible for someone who has something to say but doesn't have a TV station or a major magazine to still make their voice be heard and I think that is really important..even if it's just 71 people listening."


  9. Anonymous6:05 pm

    I didn.t pass motion for 2 days...

    This guy must be full of shits!

  10. Anonymous6:08 pm

    " 2 stolen F-5E engines traced to Uruguay were not strategic assets to the nation.."

    and so are your bolas! go loose it, pundek!

  11. Wee Phak Yew6:15 pm

    Hello Mr Kongkek Kuat (Haiyaa, nama pun tarak sedap munyi maa)
    Apa lu cakap UMNO nazak,jadi mangkai ka??
    Hello, lu pegi bedili lepan celimin loh...tengok baik2 sapa jadi mangkai? Gua hingat itu mangkai paling busar punya sikalang sedang tulun naik court maa....Haiyaa, itu pasat jgn hantam balakang loh,nanti mati punya jam olang pigi kincing lu punya kubor maa...!!Gua mau kasi tau lu, gua punya Kampong Baru Cina sekalang 100% suka sama itu 1M'sia maa.Next election gua hingat lu yg mati loh - bukan UMNO!

  12. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Kongkek kuat,
    Orang sibuk nak majukan ekonomi, awak sibuk cari bontot. Macam mana negar nak maju

  13. wandererAUS7:24 pm

    Hello,pig arse! are not even in politics already doing the bidding for your Tong rosak...
    What you are full time a UMNO pet dog, you will doing your licking to glory.

    No problem la, even kena sued, you have Kangaroo Courts to protect your arse!

  14. Kong Kek Kuat,
    Kau ni memang hipokrat betul. Jangan dok kongket bontot aje, nanti kerja lain tak buat

  15. Kamal7:43 pm

    Whatever your political affiliations, it shows that you are indeed a good friend to try to patch things up between friends, albeit, with differing views. It is a shame that we Malaysians are so politically divided and it seems unacceptable for someone from UMNO to sit down with someone from say, DAP, to have coffee, and simply discuss football without tongues wagging. You have shown a good example that friendship should cut across the political divide.We may have differing political views and agree to disagree on some issues, yet we can still remain friends, can't we?

  16. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Well, this is just a leadership excercise, just in case the 100 million dollar boss joins the chain gang. Right now, the PR is on auto-pilot, cruising on confidence.

    But the deputy is not doing his job and there is a scramble for better team players.

    PR is a coalition of loose horses and perhaps only YB Wee can steer the stampede on the right course. But this time, YB Ronnie can rest easy and ask YB Lim to kick some doors in Penang.


  17. Anonymous9:23 pm

    There is nothing wrong in suing people or being sued by people for libel & defamation. It's matter of human rights

    If hypothetically speaking, I were influential fella. I go to a public convention in Suntec City & shouted


    What would be Rocky Bru's reaction?
    Ohhh.....never mind freedom

    Sorry laa.....Rocky Bru......

    Anyway, no damage on Jee if Wee sued him Jeff didn't amnage Wee's name. Perhaps, the media reporting would be kenna hit

  18. Hei can I be allowed to use this new term CIFUT BABI! I like it!

  19. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Hoi nahjis, u arsehole is "not of strategic asset to the nation"...

    So can go fcuk urself or...

    better still go fcuk your sex pet saifool.

  20. Anonymous12:23 am

    Siapa kata jalan ke putrajaya itu mudah?. However, dalam zaman ini, lebih-lebih lagi dengan golongan muda yang berpelajaran, kebenaran adalah tidak boleh disembunyikan lagi. Kalau dalam 5 tahun tak jadi, 10 tahun pasti jadi kalau keadaan sekarang tak pulih ke tahad yang boleh diterima. Tahniah Rocky Bru, dah dapat gelaran Datuk.


  21. Anonymous12:29 am


    Do everyone here a small favor. Please buy a jug for that PK House fella. He needs to chill. Make sure it's branded stuff. I think his brain is out of sync, too much of the cheap toddy.


  22. Anonymous1:23 am

    Once a trouble maker will always be a trouble maker irrespective which party he switches to.

    Just as your dog that eats shits, it will eat shits forever even if you beat it up.

  23. Anonymous5:19 am

    ini lah keterbukaan politik bohh...jgn jadi serupa gerombolan

  24. Anonymous10:29 am

    Depa semua baru sekadar ADUN/MP/CM dah dok sue sana sini..

    Bayangkan kalau jadi Menteri atau PM duk buat camni, tak siapa mau masuk melabur kat Malaysia.

    Ni mesti kecik2 dulu kaki kuat mengacum.. CRY BABIES...


  25. Anonymous12:05 pm

    wee and Jeff are buddies.....DAP guys...saja nak bagi panas ajer.....mula2 main sikit2 ...later2, they will shake PR and DAP.....for umno/bn....

    i coined a term for TUKANG KENCING!.....many will follow suit confirmed fella is Zul nordin.....

    btw, kari basi berkawan rapat dengan latuk blue and ena samad.....malaysia dapat apa?.....daily dosage of manufactured issues to safeguard mamak kutty of kerala, india....

    itu saja!

    budak ma-la-yu


  26. House PK said:
    Ayoyo! CIFUT BABI (Can I Fuck U Today Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim!)dah terkena SUMPAH SEKUNING KUNYIT la ni!

    For all commentators, this guy is the self proclaimed No 1 supporter of Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Is it surprising that TDM attracts such rude,crude and foul mouthed support?

    That is a question for you to answer individually.

  27. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. Just wondering, will Bro WCK be the next PKR leader to face the party's disciplinary board?

    2. PKR has already decided to haul the Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng for his strident criticism of Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng.

    3. Earlier PKR Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin, Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohd Hashim and party supreme council member Mohd Zaid Ibrahim were also referred to the board for criticising DAP and Pas leaders and each other.

    4. I think Jeff will go scot free. The DAP is not in the habit of washing dirty linen in public.

    Thank you.

  28. It was a simple matter, a couple of phone calls, for Wee to verify if Jeff actually named names. Now Wee looks like a right Charlie Ape!

    Once again, Wee has proven himself to be a rank amateur and lazy politician. That's what happens when you accept UMNO/BN freebies to gaji buta at the UN!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  29. Anonymous4:27 pm

    seems like the pariah najis begun unleashing all his mad dogs & ball lickers to seized penang state...

  30. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Haiya Rocky don't make a storm in a teacup la. The Nasir Safar fella must be prosecuted and his sorry ass be put in jail for 20yrs. It's people like him and UMNO machais like you who give Malaysians in general a bad name. You took a 180 degree turn for worse just for some money and datukship. Shame on you, JJ and the rest of the scumbags you now hang out with. How could you sell your soul? Have you no conscience?


  31. Anonymous4:44 pm

    "Now we call for a white paper or a royal commission to study their weaknesses," he told reporters after being asked to comment on the crisis between DAP and the Penang Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) now."

    looks like amno are bend on taking penang by force...

  32. Anonymous4:48 pm

    "The Malay Chamber admits that these stalls are illegal. But they protest the demolishing of these stalls because they are Malay owned."

    bravo amno!!!

  33. Anonymous4:55 pm

    "Berikutan keengganan Ketua Menteri, Lim Guan Eng bertemu para peserta Perhimpunan Sedaq bagi menerima memorandum tuntutan semalam, satu demonstrasi yang lebih besar akan diadakan pada 16 Februari ini di sini."

    WOW ! ! ! So amno is trying to disrupt the cny celebration... in pinang. Are you buggers going to standby and allow this to happen!

  34. nstman4:58 pm

    Rocky, as a good friend of Wee I have one advice for you. Pse urge Wee to leave Pakatan. We have had enough of him. We dont want him. We are sick of him. We are fed up with him. Ask him to join the MCA or Umno. Or better still ask him to join the National Press Umno Club.

  35. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Well said pk now we know siapa main belakang punya kaum.

  36. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Wee is indeed stupid for getting himself into the mess. It's like Wee jumping into the Yellow River, forever be doomed

    I am surprised that Gwo, your wannabe MP is more political savvy than Wee. Now I know why Wee Wee was kicked out from DAP

    Take note that Jeff didn't mention any name except Tee Beng & Zahrain. Ah so, any move from Wee against Jee would be futile. Even the Pakatan Rakyat Council can't lay hands on Jeff.

    If Zul can get away with the barging into a well publicised forum & threatening the panelists to stop the forum, Jeff's action is lathing lah

    Islam kah kalau Beruk Zul menceroboh masuk satu forum dengan menggunakan strong arm tactic untuk memberhentikan forum?

    According to your logic, the Israelis not wrong in barging into Gaza too. Comparing both actions any differences, Kadir

  37. Jenggg X311:50 pm


    KUALA LUMPUR 6 Feb. — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini mengumumkan cadangan konsep pembangunan semula Kampung Baru di sini yang antara lain akan memastikan penduduk serta pemilik tanah tidak perlu berpindah ke tempat lain.


    Menurutnya, kerajaan juga bercadang untuk mewujudkan sebuah badan khas dikelolakan oleh badan amanah kerajaan tanpa penyertaan swasta supaya penduduk Kampung Baru yakin dengan pembangunan yang dijalankan itu demi kepentingan penduduk Kampung Baru.


    Menjawab soalan, Perdana Menteri membayangkan antara aspek pembangunan semula yang bakal dilaksanakan termasuk pembangunan pencakar langit, kondominium, pusat beli belah, kediaman dan peluang perniagaan terutama untuk peniaga bumiputera.



    ka ka kah... ininya ketuanan melayu... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... tanah milik rakyat semua dikebas gerombolan dan kroni sewaktu dengannya... ka ka kah...

    woit, apa ni nak tubuh badan ni dan badan itu?

    weii, badan ni macam badan altantuya yang kena C4?

    ehh, apa ni badan amanah?

    ni badan amanah yang akan "manakah" wang untuk orang kampuing ke?... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... tak percaya pegi tanya orang kg buah pala... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... tanya juga orang kg berembang... dapat habuk roti aje

    woit, mana katak ibrahim ali? mana PERKASAm?

    wei, bila nak datang bakar patung najib?

    bila nak buat himpunan 300 orang dan hantar memo?

    bila nak tunjuk bodoh dan bakar memo sebelum hantar?... ka ka kah...

    wei, nak tunggu bile hujan hujan ke?

    ka ka kah... hujan turun pasti banyak katak katak mari... ka ka kah...

  38. Bro, just the word "Pakatan" alone means a group who are looking for trouble. I think this name is very bad feng Shui, we are coming into the lunar new year of the Tiger some more. So watch out for many more fireworks from within the "Pakatan" for the rest of 2010.

    Maybe Najib want to call an early election in 2011, PKR is in total disarray with its ketua umum facing trial in the dock and apparently the merger with PSM is a shambles. Secretary General resigned and 3 MPs to face the disciplinary board.Many more members leaving and resigning. PAS Nik Aziz now wanting to talk with UMNO and finally out in Public admission by their own partners that the DAP is a chauvinistic party which only fights for their members, a party who wants to be in control of the Pakatan, a party which refuses to accept criticism. Probably a good time to start the BN GE machinery.

  39. asal macam banyak plak post tak relevan dengan topic.

    bodo piang.

    dok cite pasal wee dgn jeff, yg masok cita pasai warung or kg baru tu buat apa.


  40. There was a time when everyone walked together.
    Rocky,BigDog,A Voice,Nuraina, Syed,Kickdefella,Harris, Zorro, RPK, Zaid, Wee,Jeff name a few..had all been seen to walk together.
    Even if not all together on one occassion but at different times.
    So what happen now?

  41. Anonymous11:01 pm

    wak segen:There was a time when everyone walked together.
    Rocky,BigDog,A Voice,Nuraina, Syed,Kickdefella,Harris, Zorro, RPK, Zaid, Wee,Jeff name a few..had all been seen to walk together.
    Even if not all together on one occassion but at different times.
    So what happen now?

    Now the topeng comes off..
    the stakes have been increased.

    & the day of reckoning beckons.

    Topeng besi.

  42. Budak budak bawahan sudah 'lebih lebih'.
    Penasihat parti yang dianjingkan belum lagi apa apa komen.

  43. Kongkek kuat,
    Orang sibuk nak majukan ekonomi, awak sibuk cari bontot. Macam mana negar nak maju

  44. I didn.t pass motion for 2 days...

    This guy must be full of shits!

  45. Leave to politics to politicians

  46. I think we should live the politics to the politicians, tough they are not doing a great job at all.I hope for the sake of the future generations, they will not allow another case like Chill lah.