Saturday, January 09, 2010

The King calls for calm

"To ensure peace and harmony among the followers of different religions, the meaning and reference to "Allah" in the general context should conform to the description fixed by Islam because this practice has all this while been accepted by Malaysians of other faiths." - The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin

General January 08, 2010 23:01 PM
King Reminds People To Remain Calm, Respect Houses Of Worship

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 (Bernama) -- Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin wants all Malaysians to remain calm in the wake of the High Court decision on the use of the word "Allah" and respect houses of worship irrespective of religion.

In a statement issued by Istana Negara today, Tuanku Mizan said he very much hoped that the spirit of unity and mutual respect which formed the backbone of the nation's strength would at all times be safeguarded.

His Majesty said he was expressing this hope in view of the government taking the necessary follow-up steps following the court decision and all quarters respecting the sanctity and position of Islam as the official religion of the federation.

"To ensure peace and harmony among the followers of different religions, the meaning and reference to "Allah" in the general context should conform to the description fixed by Islam because this practice has all this while been accepted by Malaysians of other faiths," said Tuanku Mizan.

On Dec 31, the High Court had ruled that the Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia could use the word "Allah" in its weekly publication, Herald.

On Wednesday, the same High Court allowed a stay of execution on the use of the word following and agreement between the Home Ministry and the church in the national interest.

Three churches around Kuala Lumpur, the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati; the Assumption Church and the Life Chapel in Petaling Jaya were subjected to attacks last night and early today.



  1. Anonymous3:49 am

    Alhamdulilllah. Daulat Tuanku! AllahhuAkbar!

  2. Anonymous4:56 am

    if u got a pm ( pm doesn't mean Puki Mak ) encouraged & endorsed mass demonstration against its minority citizens...

    that guy can go to hell!

    WE hope the head of all the states in the world could ask him to do the same as well... go fcuk urself in hell!

  3. Anonymous4:58 am




  4. Anonymous5:06 am

    wow! how convenience can you get, using the king to pacify the situation?

    u sure that the statement came from king mizan himself ?

  5. Anonymous5:11 am

    bravo to najib!

    you make this country an anti-christians territory.

  6. Anonymous5:16 am

    "Four churches attacked - government powerless, says Najib"

    jeez, what an uselss fucker!

  7. Anonymous5:18 am

    "PM: Don't blame Umno over attacks"

    and who is this motherfucker shithead...?

  8. Anonymous5:22 am

    Khairy: 'A sad day for Malaysia'

    lol! hoi budak go back & play with ur iphone.

  9. Anonymous5:44 am

    Stupid fool, by burning other people place of worship Allah all mighty will burn you to hell. Allah all mighty hate those who claim to protect his name but create trouble for others.

  10. Anonymous9:26 am

    Terima kasih Tuanku.

  11. Anonymous9:32 am

    The events that leads to the burning of those churches goes to show that we have a really really sick ceo when he encouraged one group of citizen to demonstrate against another group.

    This is a sick minded person without a single shred of decency left in his morally decaying being.

    This ceo who was never elected but squeezed in from the backdoor will always be remember as a pariah.

  12. We should all heed the call by the DYMM Agung.

    Daulat Tuanku.

  13. Anonymous9:38 am

    As usual the King was a bit late is'nt ? Something like Rome was burning and Nero was playing the harp and singing!

  14. What does that even mean? Sounded a little non-commital, if you ask me.

    The King should come right out and say what he really means - "In Malaysia, only Muslims can use Allah" or "Everyone can use Allah, like how it is around the world and how it has been for the last 50 years until some smart aleck decided otherwise".

    All this ambiguity is not helping anyone. This is just gonna be another round of Molotove Cocktail on the house.

  15. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I am looking at two situations:

    a. Selangor state anthem, which reads:

    Duli Yang Maha Mulia
    Selamat di atas takhta
    Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku
    Rakyat mohon restu bawah Duli Tuanku
    Bahagia selama-lamanya
    Aman dan sentosa
    Duli Yang Maha Mulia

    b. Baca doa in public events and in Sekolah Kebangsaan.

    In both instances above, the non-Muslims have accepted the fact that Allah is used and in the case of 1 above, non-Muslims also sing the state anthem. I remember doing that in primary school in K.L when the city was still under Selangor.

    The scenario now seems to be:

    a. Whatever UMNO introduces, non-Muslims must accept without questioning, including mentioning of the word 'Allah'. There should be no cause for alarm among the non-Muslims and they should not raise any concerns.

    b. But when the Catholics in Malaysia want to use the word in Bahasa Malaysia communication specifically for its Church goers only, UMNO wants to deter such action.

    Since when did UMNO take on the role of interfering in the activities of a Church?

    Does this not point out to just one fact - UMNO never tolerates any action by those in Malaysia, when it does not match UMNO's crude agenda.

    If this is not the snobbish and arrogant 'ketuanan' that is being forced down the throat of non-Muslims, what else can we call this?


  16. Anonymous12:46 pm

    His demeanour and words now and before have a been a model of elegance, wisdom, and piety. Model of reassurance and peace.

    Better fit to the model of peace and mutual upbuilding which bible's mission is than the brother in charge of the Roman Catholic church here.

  17. This is why we shouldn't be playing with fire in the first place. There is no rewind to life so we can't undo what's been said or done. Examples going on around the world has shown us what will happen when Muslims feel threatened or pushed into a corner. They will inevitably fight back.
    We in Malaysia don't learn from all these examples. We think we can learn to live in peace and racial harmony but without sensitivity and respect, harmony cannot flourish.
    I believe that in order to be respected one must also do the respecting.

  18. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Kasi demonstrate salah. Tak kasi demo, salah jugak! Pakatan Ruckus betul la.


  19. Anonymous1:16 pm

    " Ultimately the buck stops with me. As resident, I have solemn responsibility to protect nation and our people, and when the systems fails, it is my responsibility"
    ... President Obama

    but the pm of bolehland says... "Don't blame Umno over attacks"

    so as president of umno, what does he mean by that? don't blame him?

  20. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Damn if you moi damn if you don't in the case of Najib, of course he has to ask the king for the king is the commander in chief of the country, for others to ask Najib to go to hell he has a nasty job to execute and to insinuate that he is encouraging demonstratioin I believe you are Tian Chua China puki mak who pretended to be anonymous!
    If we dont support Najib now the country will be brought down by the fu@king Chinese and Indian led opposition supported by a disgruntled Malay politician who is also a buggerer! There I have said it I hope you dare to
    publich this Rocky!

    Fed up!

  21. Dear Readers,

    It's really funny - kinda of sad-funny - that some commenters and bloggers try to blame PM Najib for the church arson.

    Let me share once more my SMS exchange with John (JB) yesterday. I hope JB doesn't mind. And I hope we use our head before we accuse anyone and submit ourselves to rumours and hearsay. Let's not be so gullible, guys.

    The SMS exchange:

    JB:Big mistake by Dr M in not placing Najib under ISA, totally responsible for attack on churches

    Bru: This is a joke, right?! Hehehe.

    JB: Maybe to u, but ppl not stupid , when blatantly told to protest

    Bru: Aiya, I thot we all believed in right to express? I took part in yellow march, lawyer walk, etc. So muslims want to protest, Najib told them to do it in the mosque area not out in the streets. He told anti-govt protesters to march in stadiums, remember? He's being consistent. But damn if he does, damn if he doesn't! If he had told antigovt groups NOT to march or protest, he'd be accused of being a dictator, undemocratic. He allows Muslims to protest but in mosque, people want him detained under ISA (the same ISA these people want abolished)! Come now, let's calm down. Let the leaders from both sides sort this out. We the people should not dance to their tunes.

    JB: No, he first said DO Not Potest and then changed his tune, why is IGP saying no protest, he should hav called Archbishop to his offce n work out a solution, he wants ds to happen

    Bru: We can second guess but I don't see how this is going to benefit Najib or IGP. I can see how this can benefit the "other" side but I won't be so quick to make allegations.

    JB: Pls remove rosaries and all religious articles from your cars now. They are smashing cars with christian articles. Started all over bangsar... Protest going on now in pj n shah alam. MSG frm fren is ds true

    Bru:It is not true bro. Average Malaysians (muslims or non-Muslims) don't do that, only samsengs.

    Bru again after checking with my editors at the Malay Mail: Fr my desk:- So far, takdak report pun bro...kalau ada, will alert

    JB: Say so on ur blog bro too many rumours

    Bru: Will do.

    Thank you.

  22. Anonymous2:04 pm

    alamak do u all noticed that this is a trap? BN survived the last election because of votes from sabah & sarawak. The word "allah" has been used there by the christian since ages ago but nobody made any fuss but then suddenly an idiot from peninsular decided to ban the usage and all hell break lose. Now the non-muslim folks (which maybe consist of 40% or more population of Sbh & srwk)from there might have realised that .."dude we better vote for the opposition because they don't mind us using the word". Najib should check his own men because some of them might be Anwar's barua and working silently to destroy BN especially UMNO. One more thing to Najib.... control ur wife laa bro..she is getting too much coverage in the Media (ni bukan PHD tau) and will be one of the factors contributing to ur downfall(banyak shopping kat dubai & Milan??), grassroot dah muak dahh

  23. Anonymous2:40 pm

    We must all respond positively to the King's call for calm.

    Btw, I thought I read that the Judge was a Christian. If so, why did she agree to sit on the case? Why did she not recuse herself? Didn't she have a vested interest in the outcome of the ruling?

    And why didn't anybody complain about this? Even say anything about it in blogs?


  24. Terima Kasih kepada UMNO untuk mempamirkan satu lagi sandiwara politik untuk rakyat Malaysia. Tetapi skrip sudah dipakai terlampau banyak kali dan agak membosankan. Mungkin Dato Seri PM bolih mendapatkan penulis skrip yang baru!
    Salam Satu Malaysia?

  25. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Woi PARAMESWARA @ 12:36 PM

    Explain why REJECT the use of the word TUHAN?

    This word is the accurate translation - non-political and non-religious.

  26. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Yeah the judge is not impartial if she is indeed a christian

  27. Apa salah PM Najib? Bukankah ramai kat blog ini yang mahukan demontrasi dibenarkan? Wah kalau kena kat orang Islam dan Melayu nak buat demontrasi dalam amsjid pun tak boleh?

    Yang membakar tu belum tentu melayu. malah tak mustahil org kristian sendiri mewujudkan suasana sebegini sebagai taktik mengurangkan kemarahan orang islam.

  28. hanya Pakatan dan Anwar Ibrahim yang dapat untung dari isu pembakaran gereja ini. Jadi fikir-fikirkanlah siapa punya kerja.

  29. Anonymous4:08 pm

    anon @ 9.32am,

    you said, //Stupid fool, by burning other people place of worship Allah all mighty will burn you to hell.//

    Ahem, aren't we getting carried away a little? Only one house of worship got sort of burned; in the other two the incendiaries didn't work.

    But yes, I agree that Allah Almighty will punish the perpetrators and they deserve Allah's punishment.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

  30. Anonymous4:11 pm

    anon @ 9.32am,

    you said, //Stupid fool, by burning other people place of worship Allah all mighty will burn you to hell.//

    Ahem, aren't we getting carried away a little? Only one house of worship got sort of burned; in the other two the incendiaries didn't work.

    But yes, I agree that Allah Almighty will punish the perpetrators and they deserve Allah's punishment.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

  31. Bunnies4:28 pm


    Dont be an ass!!

    So, if the judge is a muslim, he/she should also rescue himself/herself from this case too? Did the judges in Lina Joy's case, who by the way were Muslim rescue themselves and say.."oh! we are not the best people to judge this case because it is about our religion!" YOU ARE MAD OR CRAZY?! Which is which?

    The judge has delivered a judgement based on the constitution rights. She is not wrong about it. The wrong part is the government and everyone who is so ultra senstive and insecure decides to act like a spoilt brat who is so in need of a good spanking!

    The government shouldnt have stroke it but indirectly approving and encouraging demonstration after the friday prayers! What do you call Najib's or Hishamuddin's remarks? Sternly discouraging!? FOR THE LOVE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH LA!

    If the government could have and did come down mighty hard of people who hold candle vigil in the name of justice why cant they bring in the cannons and FRUs to the mosques and bashed these crazy imbeciles up?! Why the double standard!? I for one never agree in demonstration! It is not the way to go about things in this society.

    This whole church burning issue could have been avoided if the PM has done his duty! He is ultimately responsible for this and thank the almighty ALLAH, nobody died in this incident!!

  32. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Since everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon and propaganda of blaming UMNO for the recent incident, let me just say that If indeed UMNO were the perpetrators, then they certainly did a downright lousy job of trying to burn down the churches. setakat baling molotov untuk hitamkan dinding je buat ape.

    there are 1,001 people you can blame for this incident but as usual, it is convenient for the opposition and their followers to just blame UMNO.

    from bumiputera rights and privileges to now the name of God...cucuklah lagi until it one day just explodes and the malays and muslims say enough is enough.

  33. mahogany5:23 pm

    see rocky...

    listen to this guy 4:56AM. see how he spins what the PM says.

    I am all for democracy. I am all for people expressing themsleves -- about freedom, about the ISA about ...heck anything.

    the PM did not endorse mass demonstration against its minority citizens.

    can you beat that? Now that's an agent provocateur if ever i've seen one.

    i sokong the PM that people can protest. isn't that what the pakatan supporteds wanted?

    and where was this protest? at the mosque...people just stood out...a little bit of expressing which is expected. very peaceful.

    you anon 4:56AM and the likes of you are the FASCIST in this country.

    you sure show yourself as anti-Najib and would just attack him.

    you know what. If the PM said cannot protest, i can bet you these assholes will blame the PM for the arson attacks.

    they will say, no less: " Stupid Najib, clamping freedom that's why people go around burning churches!".

    these are not people concerned with what's going on. these are saboteurs.

    listen you bigot, you want to hate Najib bcos you want Anwar or Lim Kit Siang to take over...but please-lah...don't spread lies!

  34. Anonymous5:24 pm


    if indeed you are what you sign off as...then you are a real keling.

  35. giselle5:31 pm

    dear rocky,

    thank you for posting this bit about the SMS.
    i don't know you at all. only through your blog.
    you must be one cool dude. and a brave one, i might add, publishing all these comments from, as one of your komentors said, bigots.

    i detect so much hatred for Najib and Umno. i imagine it must be from the same old people. either the DAP or Keadilan or both.

    it makes no sense to blame Najib and Umno for the arson. i don't see a basis. just baseless allegation.

    najib didn't play around with religion. it wasn't najib who took the Allah case to court. It was not Najib who made the ruling in the high court.

    you know what i'm saying. if you want to blame someone, then, it has to have basis.

    i dare not blame anyone for the torching of the churches except some samseng, as someone said.

    in fact, if najib is to be blamed, it is not taking a strong action from the start.

  36. Anonymous5:51 pm

    They are trying to create disharmony amongst the BUMIPUTRAs Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak..

    Guess who will benefit if this happens?

    Imagine even adultrated photos of Najib to convince the Rakyat, even accusing the wife of the impossibles

    I think these group of IDIOTS are damn desperate..

    Yes, Islam mengajar kita BERSABAR..

    Berkat atas kesadaran kita selama ini, Allah dengan terang telah memberi petunjuk, satu demi satu helah muslihat mereka ni yang kian lama kian melampau..

    Lari dari negara asal kerana hidup tak senang sampai mati, datang sini mau kasi lain orang have nighmares like them? Cheh!


  37. Anonymous5:53 pm

    the 'It Is Islam!' link on the main page, was that done on purpose? Cause it's a link to a very polemic, anti-Islam opinion piece.

  38. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Anonymous 2.04pm is absolutely right I think. This is a brilliant strategem to alienate East Malaysians. Rocky please look into highlighting this!

  39. Anonymous6:11 pm

    and i thot anwar encourages demonstration? he's the head of all the demos in malaysia....hypocrite!!


  40. Anonymous6:59 pm


    How did this become an issue in the first place?

    Is there any chance of going back to before it became an issue?

    What will that take? Any other solution?

    Your views plse.


  41. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Sdr Parameswara,
    Janganlah jadi bebal bila hendak mengaitkan penggunaan perkataan Allah dalam Selangor State Anthem. And menunjukkan sikap Jahil sama seperti Tan Sri Khalid bila menggunakan ini sebagai satu satu lagi alasan dalam usaha menyokong penggunaan kalimah Allah dalam terbitan Herald versi Bahasa Melayu. DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor adalah ketua agama Islam Dan semestinyalah perkataan Allah digunakan Dan bukannya Tuhan atau Jesus. Lagi bodoh jika MB Selangor tumpang sekaki menggunakan alasan ini.

    Cuba kita renungkan kembali keperluan bertolak ansur dalam kehidupan masyarakat majmuk. Kenapa pihak Herald begitu gigih dalam mendapatkan penggunaan kalimah Allah? Pihak KDN juga membenarkan terbitannya dengan syarat terjemahan Tuhan digunakan. Adakah pembaca yang membaca risalah tersebut tidak dapat memahami isi kandungannya sekiranya kalimah Allah tidak digunakan. Nampak pelik bukan!
    Katakanlah kalimah Allah dibenarkan maka sekiranya Rukun Negara - Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan dicadangkan pula ditukar kepada Kepercayaan Kepada Allah, maka Akan Ada lagi tindakan mahkamah mempertikaikannya. Sebabnya adalah terdapat golongan beragama Buddha, Hindu, Sikh Dan Free Thinker yang lain membantah penggunaannya pula. Saya berharap pihak kerajaan Benar-benar tegas dalam menangani isu ini. Kalau tidak sampai bila pun tak selesai. Pihak Herald juga tidak perlulah mengada-gada menimbulkan permintaan ini tanpa memikirkan sensitiviti agama lain.
    Kalimah Allah adalah satu Universal language yang digunakan oleh semua umat Islam baik di Afrika, Cina, Amerika, India Dan dimana adanya umat Islam semuanya menngunakan kalimah Allah. Tetapi di sini dalam agama Kristian penggunaannya lebih kepada kepentingan tertentu kerana ianya tidak meluas. Dalam negara ini sahaja penggunaannya adalah tidak seragam, dalam Bahasa Inggeris digunakan Lord Jesus, Bahasa Cina "YeaSoh", India taktaulah saya.
    Demi keharmonian negara tercinta, saya berharap pihak Hearld menarik balik secara sukarela penggunaan Kalimah Allah. Jika kalimah Tuhan digunakan saya berpendapat ianya tidaklah seburuk memesongkan pegangan penganutnya. Kepada umat Islam/kaum Melayu yang menyokong penggunaannya Demi hak kemanusiaan sejagat dengan harapan tidak berlaku penyalahgunaannya seperti kata TG Nik Aziz baiklah berpijak di Bumi nyata. Lihat sahaja penyalahgunaan edaran Harakah, Suara Keadilan Dan Rocket yang dihadkan kepada ahlinya sahaja tetapi boleh didapati berleluasa Dan bersepah. Kalau tak percaya berhenti sahaja di kedai majalah buka tingkap kereta Dan anda boleh membelinya dengan mudah. Janganlah jadi Hipokrit Agama, Bangsa Dan Negara kononnya hendak menunjukkan sikap keterbukaan.
    Saya melihat walaupun terdapat bantahan di Sana sini tetapi adalah beradab Dan teratur Dan bukan seperti yang dianjurkan oleh parti-parti politik yang lebih bersikap ganas Dan menimbulkan banyak kesulitan kepada orang ramai. Pihak berkuasa sepatutnya membenarkan ianya dilakukan sekiranya ianya dilakukan dengan teratur Dan tertib. Biarlah Ada ruang melepaskan sedikit pandangan Dan bengang kepada mereka daripada terbendung takut pecah perut pula.

    Daulat Tuanku Semoga Rakyat Dibawah Jajahan Takluk Tuanku Terus Hidup Aman Damai.

    Apek Kampung

  42. Anonymous8:30 pm

    it looks like umno has evolved into a terrorist organisation.

    Najib encourage demonstrations
    Hisham encourage demonstrations
    Zaid Hamidi uses reverse psychology to encourage demonstrations

    Their propaganda arm "utusan msia" encourage demonstrations

  43. Daulat Tuanku...

    Memandangkan perintah ini datangnya dari DYMM YDP Agong, maka as Malaysian, we have to follow & calm down...ada benarnya titah YDP Agong BERTENANG...

    As Ketua tertinggi agama Islam & Ketua Negara..we have to obey...or else...all the scumbags have to be out of Malaysia...They are not fit to be Malaysian...

    Nampaknya YDP Agong "senada" dgn PM. Ada dikalangan korang yg bagi komen kat sini & tuduh PM punya "angkara". Korang ni memang "buta" & pikir tak pakai otak ke? Korang pikir lah betul2 siapa "punca" kemelut agama ni? Who's the hell is the "fire starter"??? Dan aku pikir...sapa yg blame Najib tu memang sengaja nak jadi "batu api" utk meneruskan kemelut ni...they are the real culprit! They are the one who should be detained under ISA (padahal diorg jugak yg suruh hapuskan ISA!) Budussss...diorg tu tak layak jadi Malaysian...Perkara RUKUNEGARA pun fail...rukun no.1 pulak tu! Elok halau keluar & tarik balik kewarganegaraan...

    Sepatutnya...perkara ni dah tak jadi isu dah...dah ada rundingan yg dibuat dan dah ada hasil rundingan...yang korang bising2 ni apasal? Bertenanglah...lets the ruler make the call...korang tu sapa? YDP Agong dah bertitah suruh bertenang...Najib pun senada suruh rakyat bertenang...they have more civilize ways to settle this problem...korang jangan la jadi "batu api" pulak! lepas tu blame Najib pulak? Akal ada ke...

  44. Anonymous8:59 pm

    muslims can calm altought christian make fucking funny joke..translate God to Malay is Allah...

  45. R

    Najib did say that the goverment cannot stop them if they want to protest ...

    well ... can you not see the double standard?

    can you not see the act of condone?

    it's not only this, the government have been fanning the issue and the utusan has helped really well...

    can the government come clean from this?

  46. Why herald provoke the muslim community?

  47. Allah Tuhanku10:44 pm

    Mari semua amalkan doa-doa elak fitnah di bawah, memandangkan ketika ini fitnah cukup berleluasa yang menggugat agama dan ketenteraman hidup kita semua.

    Dan marilah kita jauhkan diri kita semua dari buruk sangka, adu domba, mencela, menghina dan manjatuhkan maruah saudara saudari seagama kita.

    Ingatlah sangat berat siksaan dari Allah bagi orang-orang yang merosakkan persaudaraan sesama Islam dan yang tidak henti-henti membuat fitnah.

    Doa Perlindungan Dari Fitnah

    [1]“Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung denganMu daripada azab neraka jahanam, daripada azab kubur, daripada fitnah semasa hidup, fitnah semasa mati dan fitnah al-Masih Dajjal” (Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

    [2]“Ya Allah, jika Engkau kehendaki berlaku dalam sesuatu kaum itu fitnah, maka matikanlah aku dalam keadaan tidak terfitnah” (Riwayat al-Imam Ahmad)

    [3] “Wahai Tuhan Jibril, Mikail, Israfil, Pencipta langit dan bumi, Mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nyata! Engkau yang menghukum apa yang hamba-hambaMu berselisihan antara mereka. Tunjukkan daku kebenaran mengenai apa yang dipertikaikan dengan izinMu. Sesungguhnya Engkau menunjukkan sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki ke jalan yang lurus”. (Riwayat Muslim).

    Salam Ukhwah

  48. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Sekadar bertitah agar rakyat bertenang ,dalam keadaan sekarang dimana banyak pihak semacam tidak menghormati kedaulatan raja raja dengan mempersoalkan kuasa dan peranan mereka,barang kali ianya tidak akan membawa apa apa makna,khususnya kepada mereka yg sudah membenci kerajaan,anti Islam dan anti Melayu seperti diperlihatkan melalui komenter2 di dalam blog ini.Walauapapun,ianya patut disambut baik dan ditaati olih rakyat jelata yg berfikiran waras dan rasional yg cintakan kedamaian dan keharmonian di dalam negara yg tercinta ini.
    Apa yg perlu disedari bahawa apa yg berlaku ini adalah permulaan dan amaran kepada kita semua iaitu bencana dan malapetaka yg boleh merusakkan kerharmonian hidup kita di bumi bertuah ini akan berlaku jika ahli ahli politik dan mereka yg mempunyai semangat perkauman yg menebal teru menerus membakar sentiman kebencian diantara kita dan bermain api kemaharahan dengan membangkitkan perkara perkara sensitif yg selama ini menjadi pantanglarang untuk diperkata secara terbuka dan keritikal.
    Jika kita rasa kita sudah bosan dengan kerharmonian dan keselesaan hidup yg kita alami sekarag ini,ayoh marilah kita gunakan hak dan kebebasan yg kita ada yg amat kita banggakan itu untuk melahirkan apa sahaja yg kita tidak puas hati ,hatta melahirkan kebencian terhadap sesama kita ,mana mana agama, pemimpin negara dan kerajaan asalkan kita berpuas hati kerana dapat berbuat demikian.Persetankan dengan kesajahteraan hidup kita dan generasi kita saterusnya.
    Askar Tua

  49. Anonymous12:13 am

    pls stop demonize UMNO becoz they fight for muslim malays..
    use intellect to sort this out

  50. Anonymous1:24 am

    salam rocky,

    if possible, please do some publicity for this blog,

    Combined Forces of Malaysian Bloggers

    thanks Rocky. i love u

  51. Anonymous7:34 am

    Fellas, according to estimates based on the Quran, there are 99 Names of Allah, also known as The 99 Most Beautiful Names of God.

    Can't you guys even share one?

  52. Anonymous8:35 am

    Daulat TuanKu,

    I respect the King, but my respect for Najib drop down quite a lot..

    I'm beginning to think Najib should be called the Father of Disunity:
    - Cow head protesters
    - Bombed churches
    - MCA infighting
    - MIC infighting
    - Penang BN infighting

    1 Malaysia indeed! and there Najib stood yesterday defending his slogan and doing absolutely NOTHING except "condemning" the action. He has the capacity to DO a LOT of things..

    for those who think it might be PR hands behind all these; have you ever stop to think that there might be some factions in BN or UMNO who wants to see Najib down? Look at the level of cooperation between the BN or UMNO ministers/members; it's even worse than that during Mahathir's reign!

    There's a conspiracy to bring Najib down, and it comes from within BN/UMNO.

    = SINCERE-Opinion +

  53. Anonymous8:56 am

    correction, the Herald DID
    Not provoke the muslim community.
    It was the Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar that issued that condition and Ban upon Herald's
    permit, so please DO NOT twist the
    facts around, your ignorance to the
    facts will further stoke and fan the stupid behaviour of some half baked muslims that resorted to violence. I am no fan of any Political Parties, just a reader of this Blog.

    ziggy, NZ

  54. Anonymous9:24 am

    Agreed with one condition. Send the trouble makers to where they belong..... ISA.


  55. Charred Chapels: Part (i)

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    No matter which way you look at it, the burning of a place of worship is just wrong. Not through theology, not through sociology, not even through Sun Tzu’s Art of War. For even though in the unlikely event that Christians and Muslims excalate themselves towards aggressive conflicts, Islam will never condone the burning of a house of worship. Gather 10, or 100 or 1000 of the staunchest and most fanatical Islamic scholars the world over, and I bet not even ONE of them will be able to bring themselves to issue a fatwa regarding the burning of ANY place of worship. And this is for a purely simple reason: the prophet Muhammad himself condemned it, the Quran itself condemns it, and Allah Himself condemns it. Case closed.

    This matter then leads us to conclude ONE thing: the perpretators who performed these heinous acts did NOT do it for their love of Islam. The action is NOT an Islamic action, not endorsed by Islam or any other scholars or personalities connected to any Islamic teachings.

    Well then perhaps they are done by some kampung rempits with little Islamic knowledge but lots of pheromones to burn? That is doubtful too. They’d be better off molotoving some 7-11 tellers or banks and run away with cash than do these… stupid things which afford them neither monetary rewards nor heavenly ones. Well one gets dosa and punished in the hereafter is what one will get and I doubt that these rempits do not realise this also.

    And then who then. Who?

    Of course some commentators in the blogs and political opportunists out there already have the answer: the culprit is UMNO. It is UMNO who torched the buildings, it is UMNO who instigated the riots, it is UMNO who is responsible. Short of saying UMNO is responsible for the macdonald’s waitress in section 17 PJ spilling coffee, UMNO is currently a favorite dumping ground for all the troubles and ills of this world.

    And not just ordinary UMNO, mind you. Some whimsical pundits had already zeroed-in further: It is Najib. Or it is Hishamuddin. These two arsonists would be better off preparing some alibis and throwing that box of matches they have in their pockets.

    You see, the sympathy and solidarity the other 99.99999% of the local muslim populations accord to the christians in this case is now compromised by some irresponsible scatterbrains alleging untruths and pinpointing to wrong parties, or simply diatribing Islam as a whole in a bad light. It backfires. It makes those having any empathy towards the victims make a sudden twist and began … hating, mistrusting them instead. Unless this is what certain parties want.

    Which brings us to the next thought-provoking question: Who benefits by this event?. What advantage does one get doing it? Surely not Islam and the Muslims. Heck, a bad publicity and a disgraced demeanour is what the muslims will get internationally, and this can be seen coming from miles away and no one, representing any solidarity islamic group in their right minds, will follow this course of action.

    Who then. Who? The answer lies in another question:


  56. Charred Chapels: Part (ii)

    Who wishes to see our Malaysian multi-ethnic, multi-faith communities now strike at each other’s throats? Who is it that benefits from seeing a destabilization of peace and harmony for the purpose of building another political pillar amidst the ashes of the anarchy Phoenix? Who rubs their hands in glee now that the Muslims in Malaysia, who had previously snubbed their counterparts elsewhere by demonstrating a degree of tolerance, harmony and peace amongst a community of multitudinous other faiths unparalleled elsewhere, are now projected as a mean, discordant, pugnacious and church-burning community?

    Who indeed? Perhaps those who point out that Najib and UMNO are responsible for the happenings could shed a light on this question, no?

    But then I look at it from another angle. The events seem to have followed some kind of pre-destined path or natural logic and mathematical postulate: A insults B, B reacts with a heightened retaliation, A re-reacts and before you know it blows are exchanged, wordwars fly and things become cinders. All these algebra, of course, are within the sample domain space named Religion: that abstract discipline in humanity governed by an even more abstract discipline called Faith: an invisible, non-tangible and non-reproducible set of standards that rule a person’ outlook, behaviour and, ultimately, actions.

    What I am trying to say is this: when there are issues that touch upon the sensitivities of a certain community’s faith, then expect nature to take its course when this most fragile of sarang terbuan is prodded.

    And this does NOT in any way imply that certain parties are perpetual perpetratos while certain others are always unwilling victims. Muslims, anywhere they may be, would be doing the faith a great disservice once they start to do things which they themselves hate to be done onto.

    Perpretators of houses of worships are not confined to followers of one faith alone. Some bloggers and commentators have expounded here and here and also here. Even the community that hosts the Vatican are not spared in this cornucopia of hatred.

    Lets all install some sense, shall we? Let us all prove that if certain things are both obnoxious and diabolical, nature do NOT have to take its course. Let us all build a better bridge of understanding. What in heaven, hell or earth, could ever beat THAT?


  57. Anonymous10:38 am

    Hello donplaypukks, parameswara, and "anti malaysia, anti islam & anti malay" indian anons here:

    Another Indian attacked set on fire, anti-indian racist attack in "Civilised" & "Cultured" & "Equal Opportunity For All", Southern Cross, Australia!

    Viva Australia!!


    The Hindraf indian lawyer guy, mr tiramisu or something, who ask for his White God's help from 10 Downing Street to attack and punish Malaysia;

    The Two indians Jet Fighter Engines thieves;

    BEST sent to Australia!! Let the Australians teach them a lesson!!

    Muslims and Christians lived normal peaceful life, for decades;

    UNTIL pakiam the christian extremist and christian terorist, SABOTAGED IT.

    he got overly confident;

    that his decades of efforts to focus & converts malay muslims goes "unnoticed" by government, regardless of muslims complaints;

    he got overly confident and assume that the political climate is best to do more, with fake malay-muslims like anwar ibrahim, hadi, khalid samad, wanting to win the seats of power at WHATEVER costs;

    and on top of that, DAP has renewed energy and inspiration, when their God chin peng, returning and leading, and construct active plotting with them;

    .... so, he striked it out!!

    with the help of the judge of course.

    true christians would REJECT extremist and terrorist like pakiam;

    destroying everyone's life, breaking the sacred peace and harmony build with so much hardwork, blood, sweat and tears for decades;

    simply to satisfy his narrow and tunnel visioned obessions....

    -you miscalculated pakiam-

  58. Anonymous10:50 am

    Rocky, nobody is suggesting that Najib or Hisham is behind the torching n attempted torching of the churches. They would be mad to do so, and your bosses are not mad, except for gila kuasa. However, through their lack of decisive action and thinly disguised encouragements for their supporters to demonstrate against the church, they have to take some responsibility for the recent events.

    What did Hisham say ? It's OK to demonstrate peacefully. What did Najib say ? We are powerless to stop demos. What did Toyol say ? I am in mourning.

    The dark side of the Force must own up lah !


  59. Anonymous11:13 am

    My Dear Muslims and Christian Friends!!

    Eureka!!DIscovery!! When you replace word God as Allah in Bible, THIS IS THE RESULT!!........

    Jesus said: "Allah is greater than I" (John 14:28),

    Jesus said the most important commandment is "'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our Allah, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your Allah with all your ...heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." (Mark 12:29-30)

    "I am Allah, and there is no other; I am Allah, and there is none like me" (Isaiah 46:9),

    'One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to Allah.’ (Luke 6:12),

    "Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by Allah to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which Allah did among you through him, as you yourselves know." (Acts 2:22),

    “I am the LORD your Allah, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:2-3; Deuteronomy 5:6-7),

    Jesus prayed to Allah:

    ‘Going a little farther, he (Jesus) fell with his face to the ground and prayed, "Allah, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will." (Matthew 26:39),

    Brothers in christianity and in islam!!

    In the bible, suddenly it becomes clear, Allah is One and Only, and Not The Son, Nor is He The Father or Holy Ghost!!!

    Welcome back brothers!!!

    -did you calculate this pakiam? You cant fathom how Allah works-

  60. Anonymous11:28 am

    We, the 'silent majority' Malaysian should openly condemn this despicable act. Our divesty is the strength of Malaysia, lets not pawn it to a bunch of losers. Do not be swayed by some unethical politicians both ruling and oppositions (past and present), and especially some bloggers who 'baling batu (rock) sembunyi tangan' type.

  61. Anonymous11:34 am

    Allah....God....I'm getting really tired of this...I hope some semblance of normalcy will prevail now. Anyhow, I see one good thing: So many people suddenly started uttering the Almighty's name!


  62. Anonymous12:05 pm

    We must all respond positively to the King's call for calm.

    Btw, I thought I read that the Judge was a Christian. If so, why did she agree to sit on the case? Why did she not recuse herself? Didn't she have a vested interest in the outcome of the ruling?

    And why didn't anybody complain about this? Even say anything about it in blogs?



    Hahaha, stupid! Stupid! If the judge is a christian she shouldnt sit in. Well u r correct! correct! correct!

    So get a malay judge who is a muslim? Will it ever end?

    STUPID! Stupid! STUPID!


  63. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

    Herald started it? Go dig ur stupid brains. The East Msian ppl hv been using Allah for so many years no problem. Then suddenly our dear botak hamid alblur made a hoo-haa over it.

    Go google youtube and see what Ahmad Deedat has to say about allah in the Bible.

    Still i m amazed at how many misinformed readers u hv in here, Rocky.

    Not very bright either!

    Umno needs to hire more intelligent cybertroopers to create a decent argument.


  64. Anonymous12:30 pm


    Don't be stupid.

    Look at the context the word Allah is used in the Selangor anthem. In Britain, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and even atheists, sing God Save the Queen, "God" meaning the Christian God, specifically the God of the Anglican Church.

    It is people like you, who have nothing substantial to say but want to open their traps regardless, that are causing problems.

    Not all of Rocky's readers are, as you imagine, simpletons who shoot off anything that enters their tiny minds.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

  65. Dear Godfather, you wrote:

    Rocky, nobody is suggesting that Najib or Hisham is behind the torching n attempted torching of the churches. They would be mad to do so, and your bosses are not mad, except for gila kuasa. However, through their lack of decisive action and thinly disguised encouragements for their supporters to demonstrate against the church, they have to take some responsibility for the recent events.

    What did Hisham say ? It's OK to demonstrate peacefully. What did Najib say ? We are powerless to stop demos. What did Toyol say ? I am in mourning.

    The dark side of the Force must own up lah !

    Godfather, syabas! You sound exactly like Kit Siang in his posting here

    Just so we don't get further confused, the church arson took place BEFORE the demos, mate.

    So the demos DID NOT lead to the arson. WE've had many demos in the last 2 years, none led to unrest. Only inconvenience. And some tear-gas, if we get lucky.

  66. Kit Siang's posting, here

  67. Every one must remain calm because violence never solves anything...

    Therefore, the advice by YDPA and our beloved P.M. should be heeded by all Malaysians.

    Don't let emotions ruin the harmony of Malaysia that we had for so long now.

    The CIA or any foreign agents could be the culprit of these incidences.

  68. Anonymous1:34 pm


    I see you all over the places in Rocky's Bru. So far, not a single nice, complimentary, or cool and decent statement.

    Are you that frustrated? Do you sometimes think before you say?Speaks a lot about your upbringing.

    Now you say, "Hahaha, stupid! Stupid! If the judge is a christian she shouldnt sit in. Well u r correct! correct! correct!

    So get a malay judge who is a muslim? Will it ever end?

    STUPID! Stupid! STUPID!"

    Couldn't you think it possible that a Buddhist or some other Judge might lessen the impact of the decision?

    You know, when you niaseng readers all the time, people can also niama you.

    mon amie.

  69. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Ada jugak orang yang sembah patung buatan manusia lebih-lebih pulak kat sini..

  70. Anonymous1:52 pm


    I support Flabbergasted.

    You may not agree but must you start an argument by telling the fellow "Don't be an ass!!"? Why can't you be civil about it and argue in a sane and rational manner?

    As I have said to niaseng, why can't you think it possible that if the Judge was a Buddhist, the impact might have been different?

    Again, do you have to be rude and ask people "YOU ARE MAD OR CRAZY?!" Goodness gracious.

    The English you use suggests that you have better education than niaseng but the way you argue shows no better.

    Let's be civil, my friend, (hope you don't mind my friendly gesture of addressing you this way). Let's argue in a sane and rational manner.

    mon amie.

  71. Anonymous2:37 pm

    dental floss tycoon should use his own dental floss now it only stinks. Suddenly, god save Q. is his defense and btw not all muslims sing it (check with that anjem choudhury) just as large no. of muslims refuse to sing the indian national anthem.

    second thots, u could use dental floss on your brains also, if you can. Mahathir said Tuhan is Christian God and all the malay muslims folo him like lemmings bcos now the old duffer is begining to have visions....his ascension (or descension) will be interesting.

  72. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Wahhhh ini Aney semua sudah naik tocang...

    Never once in 12years!! Last night, Aneys had a party right in front of my shop entrance, leaving behind ground-nut shells and 30bottles of Carlsberg..

    Mungkin celebrating the rise of a new Malaysian Pope kut?



  73. Anonymous4:23 pm

    I blame it on PKR and PAS, if they don't support the use of Allah by the Church, those Herald will not be brave enough to go on in the court. By seeing that there is a middle ground created by the PKR and PAS, they test the water to see how far they can go.





  75. BRU,





  77. Anonymous3:59 pm



    ziggy, NZ

  78. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Hey Max

    You have got yourself supporters ...


    and rocky you condone these comments in your blog?

  80. Anonymous12:11 pm

    mike tak sekolah kot! nama ALLAH untuk ISLAM je!!!
    nama tuhan mike banyak......
    contoh ' tiger beer '
    kah! kah! kah!

    jb KemPas

  81. Bunnies10:10 am

    mon amie,

    I must apologize if I have offended anyone but very frankly, I dont mean to be rude. That's the way I like Gordon Ramsey in Hell's kitchen. Did you know he is coming here and I am sure his habit of saying Fcuk is not going to vanish...He is not known as Hell's Kitchen for nothing.. hmm.. anyway,

    The point that I am trying to say is this. If we believe that judges are going to be influenced by their religion/race, than we are so extremely fcuked! As the judge in this case has explained in very clear detail as to why she has pass on her judgement as such, I should think we should respect her judgement. She is afterall doing her job justly and can put aside her religion/race preference. Please all not forget that she is the same judge that grant the stay of execution to Home Ministry for this matter. She can jolly well not grant and what can anyone do about it? Bite her?

    So in theory, I would like to believe that all judges can be apolitical and judge based on law. A judge once told me this.. when you seek the court to judge, it is not about who is right or wrong. It is about what the law says and sometimes, it is not really correct in terms of humanity or logic or best interest but the law is made such to serve a purpose.

    So, if people would to think like flabbergasted, than we are more than just so fcuked! We have to either make sure all judges are robots or does not belong to any religion or gender or color because if it is true, than it is a mockery to justice! There will bound to be "preference" may it be for a race issue or gender issue or whatever. So, is it possible to have robots as judges or judges that are not in any religion/race/gender? NO right...

    And also, by saying something like perhaps we should have a non christian to judge this issue, we are questioning the integrity and professionalism of not just the judge but the whole system!

    Lastly, it is rather hard to be polite to insane thinking. It is perhaps a "zonked" out expression equivalent to "WTF!? is wrong with his/her brain!!?? Terpesong until to space and beyond ah!? Unbelievable!"

  82. skilgannon106610:16 am

    Adey, Max

    So brave, ah?

    Go throw stones at the US Embassy and see where that gets you. Or better yet, go slap the faces of the Marine guards at the Embassy and see what they do to you.

    Why should you do this, you so brave one?

    Simply because the US govt is interfering in Malaysia's internal affairs. How?

    Because the US govt watchdog on religious freedom has spoken out on the situation in Malaysia:

    "We are very concerned with events in Malaysia as the church bombings have shaken Malaysia's delicate political and ethnic balance...How Malaysian leaders settle these matters will determine that country's political and economic future" (Leonard Leo, chairman of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom).

    You can bet your bottom dollar that coded communications are already flying between the US Embassy in KL and the US State Dept. How long before Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama weigh in on the matter?

    And will the Malaysian govt have the nerve to tell the US govt to butt out? After all, Malaysia's "political and economic future" is apparently in the spotlight.

    Yah, go teach the US a lesson by demonstrating in front of it's Embassy! Got the testicles for this, ah?

  83. Anonymous10:04 pm


    Lu olang, jangan sekadar US marine guard, dari jauh nampak truck FRU pun sudah tutup kedai, tingkap semua kasi rapat, kasi notice besar2 lagi..

    "Shop under renovation!!"



  84. Anonymous10:35 pm

    "How long before Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama weigh in on the matter?" - skilgannon's prayers

    if this fella can remember, Al Gore also interfered in Malaysian domestic affairs, but what happened to algoreng??

    non-entity, heh heh

  85. Anonymous10:42 pm

    skilgannon modus operandi

    #1 read as many news sources as possible

    #2 out of loneliness - comment in blogs

    #3 quote after quote OTHER people's opinion/speech

    #4 convince himself he's an intellectual (coz no one else is convinced)

    #5 then criticise pro-govt commenters ala self-righteous priests

    #6 instigate others to take action

    #7 while he sits and stares and usually type out 'clever' arguments (konon)

    #8 sorry got to go loo ...

  86. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Anonymous 1035PM said...

    Don't mention Hilary Clinton in sensitive issues as this laaaa... her husband's cigar pun she cannot jaga in his pants, masakan nak sibuk jaga tepi kain pelikat orang lain pulak!


  87. Anonymous8:14 pm

    For someone who does not know his rukun negara at all Skil can sure talk as if he is so smart.
    Ok Skil, come on! Let's start reciting the 5 rukuns.

    1. Kepercayaan kepada _ _ _ _ _ ?
    BEEEEP. Wrong answer! It's tuhan for you not Allah. Bodoh! Keep up for God's sake.
    2. Kesetiaan kepada? BEEEEEP. Aiyo wrong again! It's Raja dan Negara lah not Lee Kuan Yew dan keluarga. Apa lah bodoh sangat ni? Kata pandai.
    Please, pegi main jauh-jauh boleh? And don't forget to take your brother niaseng and sister bunnies with you. Not appreciated.

  88. Harmony can be achieved if nobody goes higher than the Malays/Muslims. We must remember Ketuanan Melayu. They are numero uno, number one.
    Just remember that and we are going to be just fine.

  89. skilgannon10665:17 pm

    perwira 10:04 PM

    Podah! Do you think that the FRU would dare to approach anywhere near the US Embassy in KL without "permission"? Or that the Malaysian govt would even remotely countenance such a provocation?

    Seems to me like another instance of wishful thinking from wannabe samsengs!

  90. skilgannon10665:20 pm

    anon 10:42 PM

    And what's wrong with my MO?

    It's a lot better than shooting off asinine comments under the guise of patriotism and loyalty!

    Go debate with me point by point, if you can.

    Oh, I forgot - maybe, just maybe, your English not so good, leh. No worries, mate - pidgin also can!

  91. skilgannon10665:22 pm

    anon 8:14 PM

    You mean there's 2 versions of the Rukun Negara - one for Malaysian Muslims and one for every other Malaysian? Can you please provide the links to the relevant websites that codify this?

  92. Anonymous2:31 am


    kesian sama lu.... relax lor bruder

    Go, take a flight to Sentosa Island, it sure will stabilize your nerves!!


  93. Anonymous6:33 pm


    You seriously think that the 1st rukun negara is really Kepercayaan kepada Allah and that I've given you a different version?! OMG!
    Jeez, you're a real joke my friend.

    For my uninformed friend skilgannon1066, here is the Ikrar taat setia and Rukun Negara...(no other versions)
    "Maka kami rakyat Malaysia berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut:

    Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
    Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
    Keluhuran Perlembagaan
    Kedaulatan Undang-undang
    Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan"

    Tolong jangan selalu buruk sangka kepada orang Melayu dan orang Islam kerana anda sendiri telah buktikan yang anda itu seorang yang rasis/bigot/bodoh sombong/hidung tinggi dengan kata2 kamu sendiri.."You mean there's 2 versions of the Rukun Negara - one for Malaysian Muslims and one for every other Malaysian?" when you are actually the stupid one.

    Anon 8.14pm

  94. skilgannon10664:34 pm

    anon 8:14 PM

    It's passing strange how, in your rush to score debating points, you end up shooting yourself in your foot.

    If the Rukun Negara, which applies to ALL Malaysians, uses the word "Tuhan" for "God", then are Malaysian Muslims especially favoured since they call "God" either "Tuhan" (as per the Rukun Negara or the National Anthem) or "Allah", depending on context and circumstance?

    Whereas Malaysians who are not Muslims are "restricted" to the overarching word for "God", i.e. "Tuhan".

    I thought I raised this question in another thread, to which, if I remember, there was a deafening silence.

    So, how, boss?

    And, btw, I didn't call Malaysian Malays racists, bigots or proud, stiffnecked individuals. Only those who threaten the "pendatangs" with warnings "not to cross the line" or "try our patience" are graced with these words.

    And why would the PM, in an interview with the 'Okaz' newspaper, which was published in it's English-language sister paper 'Saudi Gazette' say that the incidents (attacks on churches in Malaysia) did not reflect the feelings of most Malaysian Muslims? To quote:

    "This (attacks on churches) is a minor aberration. National unity and mutual respect between various racial and religious communities in Malaysia has been a cornerstone of Malaysia for a long time."

    Note the term used by the Boss - "minor aberration".

    Now, what will the PM say to his Indian counterpart and the Indian media during his official visit to India?

    Stay tuned, folks.

  95. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Aiyo apa lah cakap pusing2 ni?

    Your comment in Rocky's ' Malaysia Allah's' dated Thursday, December 31, 2009
    "The Rukunegara - the National Pledge, which was formulated after the May 13 incidents - contains, among others, the following phrase:

    "Kepercayaan kepada Allah" (which translates as "Belief in Allah).

    The Rukunegara is a pledge said by all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion.

    The National Anthem, sung by all Malaysians, uses the word "Tuhan". The Rukunegara, said by all Malaysians, uses the word "Allah". Are these words a common denominator for all Malaysians, and in their context, interchangeable, with the same meaning?"

    Please don't deny you don't know your rukun negara. Please admit for once that you made a mistake. Say one thing then deny saying it then say something else to cover up. Podah lah! Lancau.

    Anon 8.14 pm

  96. skilgannnon106610:03 am

    anon 8:37 PM

    Unlike certain people who post in this blog, I am not ashamed to say I got it wrong in my post on the 'Rukun Negara'. For this, I apologise.

    I re-checked; the 1st line of the 'Rukun Negara' reads as follows:

    "Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan" (which translates as "Belief in God").

    Now, this is where your arguments go awry.

    The 'Rukun Negara' and the National Anthem 'Negaraku' both use the word "Tuhan", viz

    "Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan" and
    "Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan" (from 'Negaraku'; the phrase translates as "Blessings of happiness, may God grant")

    So, all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, address God as "Tuhan" when they recite the 'Rukun Negara' or sing 'Negaraku'.

    You with me thus far?

    Ok, then how is it that the majority community in Malaysia can also use the word "Allah" when they worship God or The Almighty?

    Surely, those who wrote the text of the 'Rukun Negara' and the lyrics of 'Negaraku' would have thought long and hard about whether to use "Tuhan" or "Allah" as the word for God. They decided to go with the word "Tuhan", perhaps because it was then (and is now) accepted by all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion. Or did they have some other reason for doing so?

    Wait, there's more.

    The Johor State Anthem's lyrics read as follows (and I hope I got it right here):

    "Allah peliharakan Sultan
    ...Allah berkati Johor
    Allah selamatkan Sultan"

    Why "Allah"? Why not "Tuhan"? Can non-Muslim Johoreans use the word "Allah" here without being criticised for causing "confusion"?

    Incidentally, this whole ruckus might have been avoided if the government at the time had decided to continue with the use of English as an official language and with English as the medium of instruction in all schools. Who knows - we might then have by now a generation or more of Malaysians fluent in English and comfortable in using English in their prayers and worship for those who are Christians.

    Unintended consequences from well-meaning policies.

  97. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Hey skilmoron,

    Better shut the fuck up from now onwards bitch if you got nothing intellectually worth to say..


    verbum sapientis satis..

    How to beat people if you cannot rebut their argument instead you run away from a debate pretending nothing ever happened and thinking you a winner..? how many time do you wanna be ass busted to your humility you shameless chingkie pig? Really a pigface eh smartass 'anon'? Oh, yeah right, pigface like you where got any maruah in the 1st place..that's why u can live with it..

    No comprende eh bitch?
    thinking of flip floping again pigface?

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  98. skilgannon10664:57 pm

    anti whatever

    No worries, mate - your vitriol, like much of what passes for arguments, are piffling hot air.

    So, "Tuhan" in the 'Rukun Negara' and 'Negaraku', right? All Malaysians must use this word when reciting the Pledge and singing the National Anthem? Good, no distinctions based on race and religion.

    And "Allah" in the Johor National Anthem, yes? Non-Muslim Johoreans cannot use "Allah", according to Jakim. Then, how?

    Context? Maybe something that is alien to your thinking.

    'Maruah'? Mebbe. Doesn't pay your way in the world, though. 'Maruah' and 'meritocracy' - synonymous?

  99. Assignments for Allahs.

    I am NA, your Grand Master (GMNA), Here Thee Hear Thee, Thou Allahs.!

    NAGM: I shall now assign tasks to Allah 1, Allah 2, Allah 3, Allah 4 and so on ...

    All the Allahs: Yes Sir, Grand Master NA;

    NAGM: Now you Allah 1, you go take care of Sabah and Sarawak!

    Allah 1: Yes Sir, Grand Master NA, I shall go now;

    You Allah 2: Yours’ Penang!

    Allah 2: Yes Sir, Grand Master NA, I shall go now;

    NAGM: You Allah 3, take care of Peninsular Malaysia and remember the restrictions!

    Allah 3: Yes Sir Grand Master NA, I do and I shall go now;

    NAGM: Allah 4, now, you wait here, I may have to assign you overseas but you have to wait first!

    Allah 4: Yes Sir Grand Master NA, I shall wait for your command.

    That’s how it looks like, doesn’t it, different Allahs for different geographical regions.?

    Friend: Eh you stupid! How can you do such things? Who do you think you?

    That’s the trouble with people like who don’t know Religion, Akidah, Tauhid, Fekah, Syariah, Tasauf, Al-Quran, Hadith, etc.

    Don’t pray pray ah!

  100. skilgannon10669:22 am

    anti whatever

    Little old me flip-flopping? Are you sure that you are not confusing me with certain politicians and ministers?

    I have stated my case. If you don't accept it, fine, no biggie. There are bigger and better fish to fry.

    And if you think that the international community is going to give the Malaysian govt a free pass on this issue, then think again.

  101. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Ahh..after avoiding me all this while, the pigbrain decided to fight for his pigface..finally..

    No worries, mate - your vitriol, like much of what passes for arguments, are piffling hot air.

    - Ahh, that is something embedded in your own deluded illusion..stagnant in denial syndrom..whose piffling hot air, eh? is it me or you? who's your mate anyway? perasan & syok sendiri..hehehehe..
    I saw mine coming solid..mine have echo & carried mass unlike yours..if more than one people in this blog labeled you as an idiot, skewedmoron or wtf, what make you then? Be honest to your own self lah for once, idiot!

    And "Allah" in the Johor National Anthem, yes? Non-Muslim Johoreans cannot use "Allah", according to Jakim. Then, how?

    - still no comprende sie, bitch?
    Ahh.. idiocity has no cure for you..pity you for the terminal stage.
    Let me tell you something which your pigbrain do not have the capability to digest..Sultan of Johor or any Raja-raja Melayu are Muslim & as Ketua Agama Islam Negeri, what make you think they wanted to associated themselves with blasphemy, moron? They & everybody know who is the Sultan's God, why would they make a fool of themselves by generalizing it? its definetely not just any Tom & Harry's God or Gods to plug in the equation..a fuck up pigbrain like you cannot even distiguish between 'specific' & 'general' references..? Explain a lot why the pendatangs love so much generalizing the malays..its a mentality problem.. Is it wrong if i say the Trinity God save the Queen of England? I don't even belief in Trinity..ahh, a rotten egg even once hit the Q of E.. I bet your pigbrain cannot even digest anything coming from the SatD blog about Theory of Tiangle of Meaning. But the situation is damn different here coz that people wanted to belief in something imported differently to what their own fundamental theological belief is to be suit as their original belief..sound like a screwed up mind..that why the old man in the Vatican City never put to any agreement officializing that?

    Use Allah if you're praying to Allah the One and Only God..if you are praying to babi or money, what relation is Allah to do to you hah, fuckhead? Praying to something that is not in the person own belief is totally idiocity & magnanomous hypocrite! and that is so wrong. Sound like a symptom of a schizophrenic mental psycho..split identity..two of a kind? now that does sound like you, ain't it skilmoron?

    As for the Negaraku & Rukunegara, its general..they used Tuhan so any non-muslim or ungrateful pendatangs like yourselves can make yourself feel the belonging, having common pride & pledging loyalty to this nation in general. And now look at you pigbrain, to which nation do you belong? Is that so difficult to understand, moron? I bet you can't coz you're an idiot.

    'Maruah'? Mebbe. Doesn't pay your way in the world, though. 'Maruah' and 'meritocracy' - synonymous?

    - yeah, good for you..sound like the tagline for hookers in geylang.. that's why I know all this while you can find your way
    living with it..kah..kah..kah. Just savour & live your numbered pathetic life your way, pigface.. shoosh!

    Depression , frustration, envy? What make you think you got what it takes to take me down, moron?

    Hope by this time you know why people in this blogsphere think you as an idiot. Really fun to have you around, skilmoron..
    Now run piggy, you always done..hehehehe.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-