Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brazilian USD5 billion samba in Perak (or Return of Tajudin Ramli?)

Who gets the credit? Vale SA of Brazil plans to invest up to US$5 billion on a massive distribution centre in Perak. That's great. But PKR and BN's upmanship on who gets the credit could force Vale to pack their bags and go. That would be a shame, for a nation suffering record unemployment.

By the way, the company that is selling the land to Vale SA is Harta Makmur. It is 54 per cent owned by KYM Holdings Bhd, Bursa Malaysia record shows. Harta Makmur is a company that has long-standing links with Tajudin Ramli, the forgotten tycoon, while KYM is owned by KY Lim, a banker with longer standing ties with TR.

So who are the lucky 46 pct owners of Harta Makmur?


  1. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Raja Petra ???

  2. When there is a pending court decision on who is the legitimate Perak statement government, this would be of a higher concern to Vale. Upmanship is normal la for political parties. Vale's decision would be more legal based.

  3. Rocky,
    I was told that TR transplanted his whole family to the US in Louisiana, he not only transplanted his family but also his fortune. My take is how come MACC and LHDN do not investigate his wealth while he was MAS top honcho and while at it I was also told a certain person, KH, is also divesting his wealth to be taken out of the country possibly to Australia and why is the authority not doing anything to investigate if there is any irregularity in transferring one's wealth out of the country without proper clearance?!

  4. Tony Fernandez tsk,tsk,tsk...if this is true then I can never be proud of my Air Asia anymore! Tell me it is not!

  5. Anonymous11:07 am

    I dont know who owns Harta Makmur, but i do know from tweets that RASI YATIM is so ancient he can settle the debate over who started using ‘Allah’ first.”
    RAIS yatim, is one of the top 10 Twitter topics worldwide.

  6. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Is it really true? that Malaysia is suffering from record unemployment? Walking around supermarkets and observing shoppers laden with bags of stuff doesn't seem to suggest a critical unemployment situation here.

    Tak Convinced

  7. Anonymous1:55 am

    unemployement??? my company is having a hard time to look for staffs (spm no exp basic RM1300)and we conduct daily walk in interviews. Our attrition rate is quite high which is a normal thing in our industry worldwide. Oh yeah we are in BPO (business process outsourcing) industry. Malaysian don't like to handle another irate Malaysian, i suppose.

    Another Call center agent

  8. Purple Haze5:32 pm

    Why is Perak deemed to be suitable as a distribution center for a Brazilian company like Vale ?

  9. VALE SA saya bawa dia ke perak sebab saya beli DRI Pelat untuk Asian Steel Market

  10. skilgannon106612:03 pm

    Hasn't TR got an outstanding RM13 billion suit against Danaharta?

    What happened to this case and his allegations, as reported in the NST, that he was forced by the then powers-that-be to do "national service" by acquiring a controlling stake in Malaysia Airlines (MAS)?

    Have all these been conveniently forgotten.

    I note that bravos like warrior xxx and antiwhatever have chosen to stay clear of this thread. Why, ah? Sensitive topic, meh?

  11. Anonymous9:32 am


    "I was told that TR transplanted his whole family to the US in Louisiana, he not only transplanted his family but also his fortune"

    You must be a moron to spread nasty rumours like that. Goes to show some bloggers are just a bunch of liars.

    I know a couple of his family members personally and they are firmly planted in Malaysia.

    Go back into your box.

    Adam R