Monday, January 25, 2010

Anti-palm oil and Marks & Spencer

Ah, Apple Warrior! A new kid on the blog, maybe, but Ghaz is a seasoned PR man and one of the pioneer TV3 newsreaders in the Eighties.

His first posting - on Marks & Spencer's anti-palm oil campaign - is worthy of a newspaper front page. Wonder what Marks & Spencer (Malaysia) has to say about it.

Read applewarrior88's posting here.


  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    They are just expressing an opinion, they are not stating a fact. And in the name of free speech, please do not harrass M & S Malaysia.


  2. Anonymous4:28 pm

    another (new) blogger UMNO ??

  3. Anonymous5:53 pm

    THere are many food related opinions out there - be it on trans fat, solid fat, canola oil (suprisingly is not good for you), vegetable oil, sunflower seed oil and Palm oil.

    So are they all ANTI oil or are they expressing an opinion based on a study?

    So this is Malaysia where people CANNOT have opinions?

    Dumb & Dumber

  4. Not only Marks and Sparks. You may start with the Unilever Group, Cadbury and many more companies. All of them succumbing to the threats and the pontianak stories told by Green Peace and that lot of tree huggers. Somehow, they shut eye to the fact that for every acre of palm oil they condemn they also support 16 or more acres dedicated to soya as both produce about the same amount of cooking oil. Similarly, to substitute the palm oil that is now not produced by their bans and their boycotts, they need an x factor of that number of acres of palm oil to get from their beloved corn, sunflower, rapeseed or any other oils including coconut oil.

    Long long ago when the first Palm Oil war commenced, where it was the technical properties of palm oils that the other oils had targeted, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board did a great job of defending itself.

    But now, with the assistance of Green Peace, the other oils are quietly relishing the hit that palm oil is getting from this new "Tree huggers" initiative. I honestly suspect if this Green Peace initiative is authentic or if it was something that might have been initiated by the members of the other oils.

    Maybe it is about time Malaysia too takes on an underhanded way to deal with this onslaught on Palm Oil. It is about time we get Green Peace to answer some damning questions like, how it is they failed to notice that many more acreages are annually planted and rooted, planted and rooted and planted and rooted to get far less oils than palm oil is able to from far less acreages planted and not rooted for the next 20 years or more.

    No one has bothered to deal with this silence from Green Peace. After all if it is the carbon loss from the destruction that they are talking about, let us do a wholesome computation then, for instance, over a 20 year period.

    Maybe we should recruit Tun Dr. Mahathir to lead the charge. After all he is beginning to look like a loony when he directs his guns at Avatar and 9/11. Here there is something more biting and a lot more relevant to us.

  5. Anonymous7:56 pm

    I am a graduate student undertaking research on the palm oil industry.

    Like any other seeking companies seeking profit to survive, Marks & Spencer only responds to the demands of today's consumers.

    Like it or not, consumers in the west (the developing world is picking this up too) are becoming more aware of environmental and welfare implications of oil palm plantations.

    For one, oil palm is the main cause of forest destruction in Indonesia at present and Malaysia in the past. If we compare this with soybean harvesting, it is not the acreage that concerns environmentally conscious consumers most but the fact that oil palm are planted in areas where tropical forests provide a major carbon sink, not to mention the huge inventory of flora and fauna that the forests support.

    Secondly, if we think that palm oil plantation provides job opportunities, the majority of plantation workers are actually foreign Indonesian workers.

    It is futile to confront or "battle" the western conceptions of palm oil. The battle is not with firms or companies or with the western public consumers.

    And the Malaysian Palm Oil Board MPOB) is aware of this; it realized that for Malaysian palm oil industry to sustain its competitive edge through carving out a niche in further downstream processing such as oleochemicals. After all Malaysia is fast running out of viable land for oil palm plantation, except through its investments in Indonesia.

    I believe that MPOB and the Malaysian palm oil industry is on the right direction. More research is needed to increase yield per hectare (so as not to further encroach on forest land unnecessarily) and to look into other advanced downstream processing of palm oil (indirectly this will induce technology transfer and development of higher human skill).

    As for the "battle" with western "mis"conceptions on palm oil, there is no greater demand factor than price. And for that, palm oil has the advantage over soybean oil in the international market.

  6. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Would not be too worried about M&S. They were a force to be reckoned with when they turned their focus onto the gourmet food segment from clothing in the early 2000's. But no longer. Just let them be. Consumers are price conscious and will always want to buy the cheapest. Palm Oil is the cheapest oil out there.

  7. Ehmm.. have anyone been to Sarawak? I have been there and seen the disparity between the plantation owners ( your normal orang cina and some political folks) and the bumis. Do go there and tell me how you want to help the locals there?

  8. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Opinion without the facts same as dumb! Remember, simple fact 10 acre oil palm how much liter you will gets? 10 acre soya oil, how much you gets? how long the soya can live after harvest? that was dumb who give opinion with out knows the truth behind lies. this is economical matters, between big country try to monopolies other lope hole in business. every one watch TVs, Everyone knows national geographic and discovery or animal planet... Watch and learn, at last you know who are the real liar, abuse animal, cut all trees, and lots of fact. but people still blind to see the true behind that.

    Professor M.

  9. Anonymous10:02 pm

    million of dollars go to green peace NGO for funding this organisation. where the money gone? did they help to grow back trees they shouted abt?

  10. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Not sure how true this is but I heard that this company contributed funds to support the Israel army

  11. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Dumb & Dumber @ 5:53 PM

    Hahaha such an apt name

    one research says coffee is bad for you, another research says it is good

    one study found that soya bean is nutritious but another says it causes an allegic reaction

    then of course a researcher found NO evidence of cancer causing agents in smoking cigarettes but govt stand is that smoking causes lung, throat etc cancers

    a well-funded study found no evidence that handphones affects your brain but of course some insists these image products do

    actually, dumb and dumber, you should petition for studies into eating pork and its effects on human bodies

  12. Anonymous10:42 pm

    ancient stink

    you should start a petition to impose heavy penalties for every country that has high air-conditioners use, large vehicle population, massive factories space per square metre for carbon emission

    and ensure that the WHOLE world reverse this so-called western-led 'progress' and start adopting the people in the trees lifestyle

    china should also be told to jam-brake their progress for the sake of mother earth

  13. vinnan10:55 pm

    Tell those 'treehuggers' to plant their own trees if they want to reduce carbon emmissions. These European/American pieces of shit can start by withdrawing the subsidies they pay their farmers to produce mountains of commodities they do not need. This way millions of hectares of farmland would be freed for reforestation. If these so-called green fuckers do not wish to plant their own trees, they also loose the right to tell others not to cut down their forest for agriculture purposes. It is high time the palm oil producers tell the shithead Mat Sallehs and their kangkang cronies to go to hell.

  14. Anonymous11:08 pm

    For this issue I have to agree with Old Fart.Getting sick of them targeting our industry , same time why not they check their McD corporation , damaging South America forest for cattle raising to fed their craze over their quater punder and Big Mac...which taste like bad meat anyway

    Jamal JB

  15. Bunnies11:38 pm

    I dont know much about palm oil except that it is one of the most valued commodity and that a lot of natives has been driven out of their land in East Malaysia by these plantation giants. To me, that is really bad! It is outright wicked for these plantation giants to cheat and bully these East Malaysian natives into giving them their land.

    I too never believe there is such thing as good fats and bad fats. All fats are bad for you but it doesnt mean we totally cut it off. As long as we take it sparingly, it shouldnt matter much whether it is palm oil or peanut oil or olive oil or coconut oil. It is just a mater of taste and cuisine.

    So, taking all these into consideration, I think M&S is just doing their little bit for the environment and humanity. I will support M&S in their campaign to say NO to palm oil. NO TO PALM OIL UNLESS OUR GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT THE NATIVES AND PUT THEIR HERITAGE AND INTEREST ABOVE THESE PLANTATION GIANTS!

  16. Bunnies11:38 pm

    I dont know much about palm oil except that it is one of the most valued commodity and that a lot of natives has been driven out of their land in East Malaysia by these plantation giants. To me, that is really bad! It is outright wicked for these plantation giants to cheat and bully these East Malaysian natives into giving them their land.

    I too never believe there is such thing as good fats and bad fats. All fats are bad for you but it doesnt mean we totally cut it off. As long as we take it sparingly, it shouldnt matter much whether it is palm oil or peanut oil or olive oil or coconut oil. It is just a mater of taste and cuisine.

    So, taking all these into consideration, I think M&S is just doing their little bit for the environment and humanity. I will support M&S in their campaign to say NO to palm oil. NO TO PALM OIL UNLESS OUR GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT THE NATIVES AND PUT THEIR HERITAGE AND INTEREST ABOVE THESE PLANTATION GIANTS!

  17. Anonymous2:30 am

    but palm oil IS grown at the expense of our rainforest.
    instead of going into a fit, why don't we show that there is willingness to listen to our consumers and take steps to improve on agriculture management?
    can't we take active steps to address their concerns and balance them with actions that can work for the good of all?
    by doing such, we can take this opportunity differentiate from other palm oil producing nations (who are equally bad if not worse at destroying forests and animal habitats), thus giving consumers the option to buy from a responsible source.
    consumers, especially those from more developed countries tend to favor the practice of fair and responsible trade.
    to cut down a large area of rainforest takes days, thanks to modern day machinery but to grow it back takes hundreds of years.
    nobody likes to be a guilty consumer, so why don't we take this opportunity to respond to this emerging market?

  18. Anonymous5:56 am

    well, rocky is also exercising his right of the freedom of speech as well by highlighting the issue... or is it you the anti government, anti UMNO are the only ones who have freedom of speech? do you you all prefer rocky to express his freedom of speech ala AdukaTaruna?


  19. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) tells Marks & Spencer a story that they are working to rehabitilate the rain forests in Borneo. Marks & Spencer in return tells the world how WWF are working with the governments of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia to repair the damage. So it appears that our country and neighbours are singled out as culprits. Here's how Marks & Spencer puts it, "Our work on palm oil ties in with our partnership with the WWF, in particular our support of their conservation work in the Heart of Borneo region. This project aims to work with Malaysian, Indonesian and Brunei governments to end deforestation and to create incentives to make forests more valuable standing. The project will rehabilitate over 120 acres of forest - and work with forestry and plantation management companies to obtain sustainable certification for their practice. In addition to the wildlife corridor which has already been created, by 2011 a further 247 acres of damaged rainforest in the Heart of Borneo will be restored."

    Claims of deforestation is nothing new. Wherever the rest of the world grow its crops and commodities, there's bound to be forests cleared. I have never been to the heart of Borneo to see the damage. And I wonder if the WWF and Marks & Spencer have been to the rest of the world to take developed nations to task.

  20. Anonymous9:39 am

    Bro, while we are at it, we should stop eating rice too. Didn't they clear forests to make way for paddy fields? and veges, and ubi kayu, and anything grown that could have been better used for forests.
    since I'm entitled to an opinion, I opine that M&S are idiots. As are anon 4.17 and anon 5.53.


  21. Anonymous10:45 am


    See people, another issue to upset Malaysia together with Brunei and Indonesia??

    Post Palestinian project, huh??

    Wonder who gets to benefit on the quiet?? Ssshhhhh ...

    p.s. Bunnies, you should really examine your IQ health, esai beh??

  22. Anonymous11:08 am

    Why target biscuit lovvas when Meat eaters are the bigger culprits

    also gun down air-con addicts, vehicle owners, factory tycoons and the list is so long ...

  23. Anonymous11:16 am

    Bunnies ,

    Finish your education first,get a job,pay bills and mingle with real working people then you will get some senses how the world operates.

    I get irritated reading comments who do not know the whole picture but just keep on whining for the sake of whining.I have no problem with disputes over politics but when it threaten our exports that the line I will defend.
    Few points for you to think about

    -MPOB is very serious about ensuring good seedling harvested on our soil.Thus ensure high yield per acre.What does it mean?We dont have to acquire more land for the same output.
    -With enough kernel,I have seen plants like in Lumadan that run purely on biosystem power generation.TNB is NIL .
    -The soya VS palm has been going on for years.its a trade war,but covered with deforestation etc.Buttt very one sided because
    -whats the yield of soya VS palm per acre?
    -whats the livespan of soya plants?
    -Why such heavy subsidies on soya that make us have to push lower our price?
    -Is Greenpeace really sincere a sincere environmental org ? no fund from West corporation ? Please...I am that young to believe.
    -Foreign worker?soya based in US not using MEXICAN LABOUR?I been there,seen it with my own eyes.
    -Talking about MALAYSIA as eco-nemesis , who pollutes the air more?who own heavy industries?who drives a V8 SUV just to send a kid to school? Ok lets impose tax for carbon fooprints for each country !

    All this sound like those 'white man burden' crap all over again!


    P/S : I dont own a single acre of palm oil plantation but know how important this industry to our nation

  24. Anonymous11:20 am

    Dear Bro Rocky...

    sorry 4 out off topic..

    Public Mutual is not sensitive! Our kiblat direction now is to Taiwan

  25. I wonder if Marks & Spencer has done its own independent research before being caustic on palm oil and before knocking countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

    Alan Oxley, chairman of the World Growth International, a US-based non-governmental organisation, said major palm oil producers should be wary as some groups like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace were campaigning to pressure processors and consumers to boycott the commodity and the European Union to block import.

    In fact, the EU Renewable Energy Directive restricts the availability of palm oil, he said, adding that the World Growth had launched "Palm Oil Green Development" campaign to correct the myths, misconceptions and falsehoods perpetuated by these groups.

    "Even if they cannot succeed in stopping palm oil expansion through the treaty, they can restrict trade and aid to countries that converts forest land to oil palm estates," he said, adding that such a move was contrary to the Bali Agreement which states that climatic change strategies should support and not undermine economic development.

    Oxley said one reason for the smear campaign is because palm oil has become a strong competitor to other edible oil such as soyabean and rapeseed, accounting for 32 per cent of global production and 59 per cent annual export.

    "Demand for palm oil has increased dramatically over the years. It has a number of advantages over competitor products. When new products have an impact on markets, there is a natural process of adjustment," he said.

    He said palm oil cultivation has proven to be an effective tool in combating poverty, citing Malaysia and Indonesia where 40 per cent are owned by smallholders, and similar efforts are being taken to introduce the crop in Africa, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Laos.

    "It has become a substantial export and a key contributor to poverty alleviation and higher living standards. In the 80s when palm oil was grown in Malaysia, the World Bank rated palm oil cultivation as one of the most effective ways to resolve poverty," he said.

    He also said oil palm uses less land than crop-based oilseeds, using only 0.26 hectares of land to produce one tonne of oil palm, while soyabean, sunflower and rapeseed need 2.2, 2 and 1.5 hectares, respectively.

    On claims that the oil palm industry was destroying forest biodiversity in developing countries, Oxley said in Malaysia, world's second largest producer, the crop was restricted to 20 per cent of the state land allocated for agricultural purposes.

    "Both Malaysia and Indonesia have set aside 55 per cent and 25 per cent respectively for forest conservation while the European average is 25 per cent.

    "Both countries are also important contributors to programmes to protect endangered species such as the Orang Utan," he said.

    The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation had stated that deforestation was largely due to human settlement and not commercial crop, he added.

    -- BERNAMA

  26. Anonymous11:29 am

    Bunnies@rabbits brain,

    Even Old fart , always acting like a ardent life sworn enenmy of BN AGREE ON THE ISSUE , what does this mean ?
    Its bigger that politics stupid.

    Idiot Hater

  27. Dear Apple Warrior, a great piece indeed.

    While being a human being we are supposed to be taking good care of our green earth.

    But unfortunately this issue is being used as an economic sanction tool by the west.

    Funnily, the UK has deforested more than 51% of their land, but yet they are the one who sets the rules.

    The US is the biggest contributor to the Copenhagen and Kyoto failures, but yet again they are THE RIGHT PARTY.

    It has always been like that!

    Take for example, Barack Obama. This man received a Noble Prize purely for a Wishful Thinking; nothing has been done actually.

    When are we going to wake up and actually be counted?

  28. The blog "Anti-Palm Oil Campaigns: A Carefully Planned and Coordinated Global Agenda?" by Jon Tomcyzk says the palm oil industry is more than a century old and today, it is the most widely used edible oil in the world. With a productivity of 4.5 metric tons per hectare, compared to 0.5 metric tons per hectare typical of competing oil seeds, palm oil is popular with food manufacturers for several reasons.

    First, as a function of its high productivity, it is relatively cheap. Secondly, as a vegetable oil, it is trans fat and cholesterol free. Thirdly, as a cooking oil, it is relatively tolerant of high cooking temperatures, making it a preferred edible oil for use in food manufacturing, baking and fast food chains. Finally, palm oil is naturally endowed with heart friendly vitamins such as Co-Enzyme Q10, beta-carotenes and tocotrienols ( a superior form of Vitamin E).

    It is also suitable as a component of biofuel and bio-diesel and in view of its productivity and lower costs, its potential as feedstock in the production of bio-fuel and bio-diesel is enormous.

    However, it is precisely for the above reasons that in recent times, palm oil has come increasingly under attack. First in the mid-eighties, the dubious Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) launched a scathing campaign alleging falsely that palm oil was unhealthy and bad for the heart. When the weight of scientific evidence was brought to bear on the issue, proving through many scientific studies that palm oil was, in fact heart friendly and good for health, CSPI quickly abandoned this campaign.

    However, they were not done yet. In June 2005, CSPI changed tactics and launched another campaign called “Cruel Oil” alleging that palm oil production promotes destruction of the rainforest, particularly in Malaysia and Indonesia and that further loss of forest may push endangered animal species, including orangutans, Sumatran tigers, and Sumatran rhinos, into extinction.

    Disingenuous and this is because Malaysia at that time was the world’s largest producer of palm oil. Despite cultivating palm oil for more than a century, the small country could still boast forest cover of more than 65% which is far higher than the 20% prevailing in the US and the industrialized west. Again, CSPI’s claims against Indonesia were also disingenuous because Indonesia can also boast of the same percentage of forest cover. The claims of potential extinction are totally unjustified because the orang utan population in the wild in Borneo alone currently stands at close to 69,000. Talk of extinction is, in the view of the Palm Oil Truth Foundation stretching the strings of credulity to breaking point!

    To the Palm Oil Truth Foundation, what is disconcerting and patently obvious even to any casual reader is the manner in which the environmental organizations take turns to attack palm oil, launching their anti-palm oil campaigns one after the other, like an unethical game of opprobrious musical chairs. Organizations like Wetlands, followed immediately by Friends of the Earth who is then followed by Greenpeace and currently the Rainforest Action Network appears to have picked up the baton. Their campaigns appear to be well funded and the timing of their anti-palm oil campaign launches appears to be coordinated and carefully scheduled.

    This clear pattern has emerged and it would not take a genius to figure out that some unseen hand is at work here. Just who is funding this anti-palm oil agenda?

    In the view of the Palm Oil Truth Foundation, the obvious answer has to be a competing country or oil seed lobby – an industry that stands to lose big if palm oil continues to make exponential growth in its exports into the traditional edible oil seed markets. The advent of bio-fuel and bio-diesel and palm oils suitability as a feedstock for this green fuel appears to have triggered this “Stop Palm Oil At-All Costs” global agenda.

  29. Rocky, isn't this deja vu for us? Remember the 80s, when Malaysia had to battle US soybean growers' palm oil smear campaign?

    The world has gotten flatter. It all boils down to how consumers view how a nation makes its living; as well as how healthy our food is.

    NZ suffers from the same smear campaigns -- excessive cow farts (carbon emmission), etc etc...

    Generations of Malaysians have grown up with palm oil, now there must be science to show either it is a nation filled with heart diseases and the negative effects of consuming palm oil. At the end, the science of it will decide whether consumers will continue to use palm oil...

  30. Anonymous12:41 pm

    For you all info, bunnies is just another typical lost soul ahbeng restless wondering in this blogsphere..

    Just like the farts in the air, leaving no substance except for foul smell in all direction..
    No mass, no focus, no basis..just a plain pure idiot.

    Guess where this type of people get their early education from? Alien freaks! Wait for his retard pigbrain brother, the skilmoron coming to bring you all to witness the next level of ultra chingkie stupidity..(especially when i touched his fetish & worshipped island)

    Check this out.. List of country by CO2 emmission percapita

    The top of the list were dominated by oil producing country, including biggest soy oil producer like USA. But wait..walla woi..for such relatively small size, the tiny red dot even top it at 23rd producing a hell number of CO2..Malaysia of bigger size is only at 56th ..hhmm, they don't have oil rig, why so huge then? are they so much condensed with smoke emmitting factories..or must be from their kiasu fart then, i guess..hehehe..

    If they follow what the stupid bunny had said..the Singaporean will be forced to squat inside their tiny Woodland and Bukit Timah reserve to live like org asli in sardin can..will they do that? Of course country in this world would ever think of it even among those fucking western that love to dictate others to do this & that even thought they themselves not willing to do & were the biggest culprit behind all that..

    Go figure out throughout history which people contributed the most to the extinction of certain animal species, deforestation, biggest pollutions of CFC & radioactive substances, building war machines et. al. that is opposing their own context of mothernature & humanity? Greenpeace - the yuppies club is just a tool for their declaration of indulgences. a.k.a sins/shits cleaning after they already enjoyed the spoils.


    M&S owned by Robinson Group of Singapore? Fuck the west and fuck Singapore & fuck Greenpiss..and fuck the alien freaks over here in Malaysia that condone such act of sabotage towards Malaysia economy..

    :D muhahahaha
    - anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  31. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Apple warrior, BORING lah your post. Rocky pls forget this dude lah.

  32. Anonymous1:58 pm

    I like jamal JB posting... Kilang Felda Gula Perlis is running on biosystem power generation too. Who needs TNB??

    Mat Chuping

  33. Bunnies2:14 pm

    Jamal JB,

    That's right.. it all goes down to dollar and cents. You have not seen first hand how these plantation giants abuse the natives in East Malaysia, than I suggest you, the one that has finished education, pay bills and earn a salary go buy an air ticket and get your sassy ass to East Malaysia and have a look.

    Nobody is doubting anything about MPOB and their work. They can produce the best seedlings but it doesnt mean that there wont be greedy plantations owners who will not try and steal other people's land or bully simple natured people into giving them another hectre or so to plant these better seeds! Dollar and cent my love!

    We can all talk about how valuable this commodity is and how important it is to Malaysia, blah, blah, blah, blah.... but seriously, such things only benefit the big plantation giants and of course the government. Whether, the government gives us back in the same ratio in terms of benefits and all, I seriously doubt. Dont be fooled by all these government propoganda about how much they are subsidizing us in this and that. Everything is more expensive in Malaysia compared to other countries in terms of dollar for a dollar.

    So, very simply, in a very housewifey logic, I am not getting rich here from all these palm oil growing, you are not getting rich from it either since you dont own any palm oil plantations or seeds..BUT, we will all suffer from all the effects of defrostation, lost of precious wild life, plants and global warming (ya la, other countries contribute but must we find comfort in that fact that we are lesser of the devil??) and please not forget a very very important factor... HUMANITY! The heritage of these natives in East Malaysia. They are human too! They have not benefitted a single bit from these so called valued commodity. Their people have been abused, raped and victimised all in the name of our economy. It is pointless to be a rich nation at the expense of its people!

    Like I have said, the government reap billions from this palm oil game and yet, they have not given much back to these natives. It is by the grace of the almighty ALLAH that these natives won a court case in land issues. And did the government help them with lawyers fees? HELL NO! The whole case was fought by lawyers who did on volunteer basis. So, where is the benefit of palm oil to these natives?

    You people dont be so blinded by economy and all la... there are much more important things in life than that! You are not put on this piece of land called Earth to make as much money as possible at the expense of another human being. If there are countries who can prosper without this commodity, than why cant we? Why must we abuse our own people just to get by.

    Go to East Malaysia and see with your own eyes how these natives are living and see the abuse they have to endure and then come and tell me if it is all that worth it! I bawl my eyes out when I was there!

  34. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Housewife Bunnies great wisdom, "Dont be fooled by all these government propoganda about how much they are subsidizing us in this and that. Everything is more expensive in Malaysia compared to other countries in terms of dollar for a dollar."

    Hahahahaha typical housewife, (desperate or not) donno leh ...

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  36. Hang Sebat3:16 pm

    Why do they always single out small coutries like Malaysia? US is the worst polluter of the environment in the world and until TODAY they HAVE NOT ratified the Kyoto Protocol which speaks volumes of its commitment towards the conservation of the environment. Yet, no one dare to question them but instead go after the small nations.

  37. Anonymous4:12 pm

  38. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Bunnies ,

    My wife is local East Malaysian , local like pure local not PATI campuran etc .
    I do have an office in KK and Kuching operating monitoring system to ensure wastage at mininum.I employ all locals there to ensure they got a decent job,best what I can do rather than whining and talking on web while chit chat on Facebook.Most importantly do not ill treat them by paying same salary as I pay those staffs here.
    Like it or not plantation did bring money to the locals by small and medium scale.These are the hardworking one,they deserve it.
    For your 'anger' of giant plantation taking their land for plantation , I did my part to advise them them to gang up to create consortium to ensure their productivity and bargaining value with the mills.
    I exposed subsidized diesel mismanagement for the poor fisherman there,I am doing this even as my inclination is to the ruling party(I know must like to connect everything to politics). AND it was successful until someone got transfered.
    If you have news of natives being victimized with proof , expose it , not whin.
    Same time,I am teaching those who interest to harvest something that increase their income.Doing these for free..why ? Because I love Borneo for giving me my wife and 2 daughters!

    And my 'sassy ass' in to KK tomorrow flight for a week. A monthly ritual to ensure my half Borneo kids able to escape here , full of people with such hatred.

    Its my bad to call for you to finish ur studies , but being a person who drove on my personal account to mingle fr KK to Kudat, To Semporna , Beaufort , passing by Sinduman to Lawas , Limbang , Miri , Sibu all the way to Kuching , drive again to Samarahan , I think I know what I am talking about.
    If there is a cause to fight for is to ensure workers there get better wages , I was in a saw mill , they are paying 280 per month while the bosses with their Rolex King and 400K 4x4.Exposure these people too.

    Jamal JB

  39. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Pemilik Proton di Malaysia semuanya dah kena tipu …..Hahaha

    Harga Persona kat Saudi = SR 36,100
    Harga Gen2 kat Saudi = SR 33,600
    Harga Waja kat Saudi = SR 37,950

    1 Saudi Riyal = RM 0.94

    Maknanya harga Persona kat Saudi = RM 33,934 aje
    Maknanya harga Proton Gen2 kat Saudi = RM 32,256 aje
    Maknanya harga Waja kat Saudi = RM 35,673 aje

    1 Malaysia bayar RM 66,799.97 untuk 1 Waja di Msia! RM31,126.97 lebih MAHAL!

    Saya bukan hanya anti Proton. Saya jugak anti oil palm dan Palm oil. semua nya untuk UMNO.

    Pak Korek (middle finger).

  40. Anonymous11:45 pm

    all u need to dig up is information on whether palm oil is used as an ingredient/component by the westerners in the making of a vaccine for some life threatening disease/illness. perhaps it is, who knows? and the buggers want to keep it all to themselves.

    - HITMAN -

  41. Anonymous1:24 am

    Mat Salleh ni semua kurang asam... DULU they came and dig out all OUR hazanah bumi, they cut and destroyed our forests, planted coconuts/ rubber/oil palms... untung semua kasi naik kapal balik to enrich their countries..

    Now, having little or no say left here, they hingak2 pasai rain forest preservations and what not!

    Ni bangsat yang tak tau suluh cermin muka..

    Hoi kamu2 yang takder knowledge about plantation life..

    With this industry it also brought in LIFE and facilities to the natives there.. (yang duk merungut tu semua yang malas malas kerja sahaja);

    - their kids get to go to school,
    - household regular monthly income,
    - they enjoy modern facilities taken by granted by you town people here, basics such as TV/Fridge/Electricity and treated water..
    - the estates provide medical care
    - Recreational/community activities organised for them on regular basis
    - And even those from real interiors (jungle) get to come out and trade their jungle produce

    No to OIL PALM - is plain sabotage effort to bully our Nation!


  42. Anonymous1:32 am

    amoker 8:46 PM...

    Jangan sekadar tengok saja...

    Go in and live in the Plantations for 20yrs, then you will have a better feel of what to comment here.

    They have better facilities inside there compared to those living in rumah setinggan in the Klang Valley meh!


  43. Anonymous12:35 pm

    So what about allegations of M&S' sweatshops in China? Is child labour ok with them?


  44. vinnan10:36 pm


    Couldn't have fucked those greedy whites better myself. In many parts of Malaysia for the information of those 'whitey' and their kangkang cronies, the plantation is the ONLY place with some semblance of modern amenities. Imagine building a clinic in the interiors with no means to staff or supply the clinic with clean water and electricity. Maybe those green idiots would like to donate their financial resources and go live in the interior so as to preserve the 'asliness' of the natives and their environment. The plantation provides the financial impetus to maintain a piece of civilisation in the middle of nowhere. Donors anyone among you treehuggers?

    Basically this whole anti oil palm issue boils down to white supremacist bastards supported by their Asian dogs using the environment issue to give the whites an advantage in an industry which they can't compete in.

  45. Anonymous4:00 am

    Hoi Bunnies,

    You must have visited your Apek friend's plantation there to have observed all those abuses!

    Still going around to Bond the natives with your business squeeze! A small TV for a year's catch of udang galah..Blood suckers!.. Ceh

    See... we had to chase the whole bunch of you out from our property "NO ENTRY/PRIVATE PROPERTY" to protect the natives there from being conned by people the likes of you..


  46. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Anonymous 2:43 PM

    Wah, pergi sana sini naik basikal ka lu? Hari2 masak guna kayu api sama arang? Mesti lu anak2 pegi sekolah jalan kaki hari2, atau naik beca?

    Wah, must be very healthy.. tambah lagi tak pernah sentuh gula.. nasi pun tarak makan?

    So Lu punya komputer pun powered by kayu arang?