Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ah, YB Zul Nordin!

Riding MP riles again! Even though we've never met, The Riding MP has been on my blogroll since before March 2008. After stopping the Bar Council's "conversion forum" in August that year, YB Zul has been dogged by one controversy after another. He is an honest politician to some, an idiot to others. Either way, he's a pain in the ass.

On the front page of The Malay Mail today, this is what he wants everyone to remember: "I don't bow to Anwar, PKR or anyone ...".

Is this guy for real? Well, he has already lodged a police report against another Pakatan Rakyat MP. See the Star's "PKR Tension" here. And just last Nov, that slugfest with Sivarasa, remember?

Zul is that last thing Anwar, who is facing a monumental court battle in Feb, needs right now.


  1. Anonymous3:29 pm

    PR , PAS , PKR have lost it.
    As YB Zul said it "an issue that threatened the social fabric of Malaysia and was not a political matter".
    The 'Allah' issue had cut deep into the Malay-Muslim sentiment.
    Politicking or posturing on the issue will only bring
    more damage.


  2. Anonymous3:53 pm

    A typical basterd who think he is bigger than the party.

    Got balls then resign & fight as an independant...

    otherwise go suck pig dick.

  3. Anonymous3:57 pm

    very much hope UMNO will take in Zul...Zul belongs to UMNO!!!

    Hidup Zul , Hidup UMNO !!


  4. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Fcuk BABI for allowing useless arseholes like him to talk kok & instead of serving the people.

    BABI should get rid of all the shitheads by starting with this maggot.

  5. Anonymous4:00 pm

    mp - it ain't stand for marderfarker pig, so stop acting like one!

  6. i used to admire this zulkifli bloke.

    but somehow, you can't trust pkr drama these days. Next thing you know, they made up each other and holds hand. remember a certain hassan ali and ronnie liu?

    let see in a few days to come... he has some balls, but wait till anwar squeeze it..

  7. Anonymous4:18 pm

    It's UMNO's fault. Betcha that's the headline with the PKR media tomorrow.


  8. Anonymous4:25 pm

    jgn.lak lepas ni salam2, peluk2 selesai lepas tu buat statement pakatan rakyat bertindak profesional hehe..nuar beraim penyelesai masalah..wtf - dzul melaka

  9. Anonymous4:29 pm


    why dont all of you post something not related to politics........

    post something related to everyday problem of the people....

    what we read in blogs are pure petty politics bullshit and even you are sucked into it..........

    this country and people going towards developed nation or zimbabwe/burma politics??

    indian malaysian

  10. Bro. . Si Anwar memang begitu dah tak boleh nak apa dah.

    Bro rocky, bila nak datang lepak Toast box lagi? heh!

  11. Rocky

    YB ZUL ni pejuang penduduk /pengundinya DAN JUGA PEJUANG HAK ISLAM Di Malaysia.

    Aku heran camana dia boleh jadi MP PKR dan bukannya PAS.

    Cuma YB Zul, Anwar dan Orang PAS je yang boleh jawab noo.

    Yang aku paham dia ni memang bukan typical politician.

  12. Anonymous4:59 pm


    is this 1Malaysia or 1Melayu issue?

  13. Adil kah KEADILAN jika YB Zul di gag tetapi YB Khalid di benarkan bercakap.

  14. Saya rasa YB Zul jujur dalam memperjuangkan issue ALLAH.Saya rasa pendiriannya selaras dengan pendirian majoriti Umat Islam dalam negara ini.Anwar ibrahim pasti sudah melupakan apa yang dicanangkannya semasa dia menerajui PKPIM dan ABIM dahulu. Sebab dia mahu jadi PM yang nampaknyanya semakin jauh dari capaiannya...

  15. Anonymous5:49 pm

    This Allah issue is really terrible, there are several issue that cause the world violence, and religion dispute is one of them. Because religion deals with a faith or blind faith believe irrespective of what you really believe or is true. Radical believers, in the sense truly the believer would act irrationally from their norm behaviour would commit violence in the name of religion. And people being manipulate by the politicians to inflame on the topic.


  16. I agree that nobody should bow down to anybody BUT this guy has seriously lost the plot! His portrayal is like he is the defender of Islam and it seems like he is taking a very extreme measure to resolve this matter.

    He's better off on his own, unless UMNO would have him?

  17. Pune Deck6:19 pm

    nanti peluk2 bercemolot ...show us u can go all the way

  18. Anonymous6:40 pm

    you can say what you want,rocky can try his best 'fitnah' pakatan,come election time rakyat knows better.goodbye to BN

  19. augustine yeo7:49 pm

    This type Yang Bodoh(YB) don't get any support from non-bumiputra voters. Come next election you will kick-out by us. From where did you learn your ill manner. You don't have any words of shame in your dictionary. If you are my son I would be very shameful to face the public with your outburst. People will call you "anak Kurang Ajar". People have ears, eyes, and feelings. You only knows how to make people angry. If you are true Muslim you should have learn history of Arabic world. What RPK have said about ALLAH referring to Arabic history is perfect and history don't tell lies. You have a very bright future with PR, but you make stupid of yourself.

  20. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Must be one of those sickos that love to eat & shit in a same room.

  21. kAsimKoRn8:50 pm

    i think he is more umno-centric and perhaps its better if he just join the party. If he did he is probably one of the most honest guy in the party and he will fight what he really believe in which as always favoured to some but not to many. If he really want to stay in PKR maybe he need to reconfigure his though and this prety much is not going to happen.

  22. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Rocky, to waste pixels on a stupid moron like anwar ibrahim is a sin, to put it mildly. Tell me what has this mediocre polly ever done to befit such sinfully wasteful coverage. His knowledge of economics is zero, his understanding of geopolitical realities is zilch, his recognition of local socio-economic-politico realities is kosong and worse his adherence to democratic norms and constitutional due process is nil. He can neither string together a coherent policy to address issues pertaining to contemporary and emerging political and economic paradigms nor craft a comprehensive policy document to address pressing issues like growing income disparities, reinvigorating the vital SME sector, retooling our industrial base, initiating a concerted paradigmatic shift into high technology industries, develop the bio-technolgy and pharmaceutical sectors, foster the development of the halal food sector and its certification services, encourage the growth + optimisaton of our agro industries by leveraging on our inherent advantage as a producer of primary commodities, sow the regrowth of our food and livestock sectors and generaly promote the emergence of Malaysia as an economic powerhouse through corporate/personal taxes reductions, the streamlining of the tariff/duties structure, the astute provision of incentives like tax allowances for capex, venture capital funds to finance promising startups in strategic high tech/green tech areas, leverage on our advantags in sukuk/islamic financing to expand the reach and offerings of our financial services, pare down subsidies and implement a progressive GST system, reform the education system, optimise limited budgetary resources and usher in a new financial architecture that will facilitate rewarding the efficient and the resourceful while punshing the inefficient and the wasteful, devise a viable National Automative Policy, effect the emergence of an enlightened and responible polity under the 1Pribumi initiative while keeping the pendatang scum under a tight leash etc, oversee the development of a sustainable and balanced economic model that synergises export strengths with domestic consumption through productivity-related wage increases, a baseline wage structure, equitable income ditribution via narrowing Ginis etc etc. No, Anwar does not have the macro/micro economic/political nous to effectively tackle these issues inherited from a sleepwalking bastard. All anwar can do is to dress spiffily, exude false charm, evince a superficial aura of intellectualism while peddlng snakeoil potions with charismatic elan.A pompous, affectatious, imbecile of a chameleon mired in a quagmire of personal shenanigans is NOT the person to lead us to Dr M's visionary 2020 goals. None of the opposition can nor can Najib if he continues with his stubborn dalliance with 1Malaysia. Malaysia needs a benevolent, technocratic dictator and the sooner the better.

    Nah...anwar can never do all that and more. Little wonder, he indulges in bullying small fries like Zul to stroke his ego but turns tail and runs away when confronted by the Dogs and Pigs gangsta coterie.

    Warrior 231

  23. Anonymous9:19 pm

    You are wrong, Rocky. If there's anything that Anwar needs at the moment, it would almost certainly be YB Zul. He seems the be the thin straw that connects the Sodom-allegee to the general malay psyche. He goes, and Anwar goes. He represents the last of the moral-backed, islamic-centric YBs in an otherwise diversely brewed setting. Through him, islam-loving malays that do not favour PAS can have a face to turn to. Dr Badrul Amin they have chucked out long time ago, when he branded Dr Asri as "Bapak Syaithan".

    Way I see it, Anwar needs him more than he needs Anwar. He has already amassed a following and he can stand on his own irrespective of whatever platform he runs on. But chuck him out, and a chunk of malay support base goes with him.

    Anwar must understand that no number of Beerguzzling Zaids, Pantyexposing Elizabeths, High-chapparal-Stammering Khalids, or the Tianchua-Srivasa paladins will be able to replace YB Zul.

    Marking Bagpie

  24. Anonymous9:27 pm

    We want people like Zul more in this world, not afraid to tell what they sincerely think is right. Not some many idiot in PR who just bow so that they can become MP.

  25. Anonymous10:18 pm


    dont invite him into UMNO please.


  26. Anonymous4:45 am

    abes la aljuburi kali ni, parti banyak masalah kikikiki

    Belia Benci Anwar

  27. Anonymous8:32 am

    The "Allah" controversy has made us into an international laughing stock. Thanks to Najib and his gang of pretender defenders of Islam. There is also the tea party held by his cousin Hishamkerismudin for the cow head protestors and the Penang Bukit Bendera warlord, Ahmad Ismail, who called his fellow malaysians trespassers. So what is this 1Malaysia? So who is Najib calling the few individuals who committed criminal acts under the pretence of defending their religion? I just named three.

  28. Anonymous8:32 am

    Finding unity in diversity?! What 'diversity' did Najib mean exactly? Perhaps diversity in political maneuvering, including fanning racial and religious hatred in UMNO's mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, cordoning contemptuous acts of protest against a court decision by UMNOputras, a home minister congratulating cow-head actors in an official press conference in a government premises, etc. It's the highest form of irony to find unity by first sacrificing it for political gains. Congratulations Mr Prime Minister. You missed it by a mile!

  29. Anonymous8:32 am

    So who is the suspect, if not Khir Toyo as no arrest so far. If Hussein can be remanded just after receiving report why not Khir Toyo. Waiting for BN to topple Selangor..

  30. Anonymous8:32 am

    Najib appears to be doing damage control public relations with politically correct sweet talk. Who created the Allah issue when there was no issue? Malaysians have come to disassociate sweet talk with action. Why can't Najib rein in Utusan when this trashy excuse for journalism is owned by Umno? Where is the real will to act, the action to back the words? What is 1Malaysia when Utusan is allowed to run riot with racial hate mongering? Anwar goes directly to the core issues and the causes while Najib's words are as hollow as 1Malaysia.

  31. Anonymous8:34 am



    MY TAKE:

    DSAI believes that all Malaysian share a common humanity and dreams of seeing all Malaysians as ONE. Najib's mindset is deeply rooted in the past fifty years.

  32. Fatimah Zuri8:38 am

    Dear Rocky,

    1.It is sooo funny reading the many comments in various pro-opposition websites e.g. MToday, MKini,TMI etc.

    2. If one were "obsessed" in reading this "news portal" one would think the whole country is up in arms with Zul Noordin.

    3. However the fact is that many of those comments calling Zul Noordin with all kinds of disgusting and racist names are made by "you know who"...

    4. Anyway, I dont think Anwar has the guts to do anything to the guy. Zul Nordin has Anwar by the throat/bum...lol

    5. But a PAS higher up told me that Khalid Samad will get punished instead.

    6. Apparently PAS is losing support amongst its Muslim voters as a result of Khalid's "liberalization" of the Islamic faith.

    7. Sensing Anwar is a goner, Hadi wants to get back PAS supporters who have been disillusioned esp over the Allah controversy.

    8. The way to do that is to "shut" Khalid Samad up. In a couple of weeks time, he will be punished by Hadi's team over Khalid's dispute with Hassan Ali.

  33. Anonymous8:42 am

    This is all propaganda by PKR to get attention from the public.


  34. Dear Rocky,

    Don't fell for it. It's just another orchestrated roleplay by Nuar.

    We'll see in the end, YB Zul will hug Father Khalid like Hassan Ali vs Ronnie Liu's soap opera.

    "It is the wisdom of top PKR leaders that has brought this conflict to rest. All has been settled in harmony and with the spirit of syura"

    Yucks! Part of the act bro.. part of the act

  35. Anonymous10:04 am

    Well at least Zulkifli Nordin has been very consistent in his position, religion above politics! I say yea to him. Hopefully more in PKR will see the light.

  36. This reminds me of the story about a midget who is battling the two giants over a sanctuary where the cowardly midget hideously pelted pebbles to one giant illusioning it as if the other giant is doing the pelting. The two giant fought to death over this and the midget got the sanctuary due to his wisdom. Congratulations Rev Murphy Pakiam, the Muslims are now slitting each other's throat over a small pebble.

  37. Canny Boo10:32 am

    If Anwar doesn't sack him this time, the rakyat will sack him in the coming election. There is no place for this moronic religion extremist in this conutry.

  38. Know the traffic lights
    On the road on traffic junctions
    You have the freedom
    You have a choice
    It doesn't mean
    You can break the traffic rules

    What will happen?
    You know the law
    You know the consequences
    You are equipped with it
    Why forget your training?

    Some people
    They never know
    With qualifications and experiences
    They can't see beyond
    Only in the coconut shell
    They talk so great
    Amongst themselves

    Other people of different views and religions
    The premise of tolerance and understanding gone
    With egoistic plundering the rights seem lost
    On a journey on the traffic light junctions

  39. Anonymous10:45 am


    Malaysia komited membangunkan sektor teknologi hijau dan tenaga boleh diperbaharui untuk muncul sebagai antara negara maju dalam bidang itu pada abad ke-21, Najib Razak.


    woit… INI BUAT KEPALA PENING… kah kah kah…

    woit… MACAM MANA NAK PUTAR NAMA HIJAU NI… kah kah kah..


    kah kah kah… KALI INI TERPAKSA PAKAI WARNA PARTI MUSUH…kah kah kah..


  40. Anonymous10:48 am

    Plots hatched to topple Johore MB
    Wed, Jan 27, 2010

    JOHORE BARU: Several plots are being hatched to topple Johore Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (picture), according to Umno insiders.

    They say that two Umno leaders keen to see Ghani replaced is Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who was removed as Johore Menteri Besar in 1995, and Higher Education Minister Datuk Mohammed Khaled Noordin, a classmate of the new Sultan.

    "They also said that Muhyiddin and Khaled are believed to be the only two Ministers among all Johore Federal Ministers invited for Thursday’s investiture ceremony of the new Sultan’s first son as Tengku Mahkota at Istana Besar.

    The order is believed to have come from the palace, they said.

    Umno sources say the late Sultan Iskandar had backed Ghani and until his death refused to entertain Muhyiddin or Khaled’s overtures for an audience."


  41. Anonymous10:49 am

    It seems the trouble in UMNO is far serious than all the troubles in PR combined! Only thing is that the MSM chose to ignore UMNO’s troubles and highlight PR’s.

    It is good to note that the trouble in UMNO involves all the senior leaders from President to Deputy, and Vice presidents and Menteri besars. UMNO’s strength is just a myth! No matter how much they spend using APCO, the internal fightings and sabotages will see its demise.


  42. Anonymous11:57 am

    Mampoi Zul!

    Pengundi Kulim

  43. Anonymous12:57 pm


    There may be something else going on here. Zul Noordin purposely looks like Anwar (small janggut, voice etc). He is an Anwar man 'till death do them part.' I dont believe Zul and Anwar will part ways.

    This is a wayang. Anwar is planning long term - for the time after his release from jail say in 2016 (if he is jailed 9 years for sodomising Saiful). The way things are going now, Zul Noordin looks very attractive to UMNO. Come 2012 or 2013, UMNO may offer Zul Noordin to be their MP from Bandar Baru Kulim.

    Then Zul can become yet another Anwarista 'spy' inside UMNO. The VC's of the main universities are already Anwaristas. There are Anwaristas in Petronas. The Son In Law is an Anwarista. Some people say that Ministers like Sabery Cheek are Anwaristas. Even Zambry the MB of Perak has Anwarista 'memories'.

    Zul could be a Trojan Horse to penetrate UMNO.

    Hj Hoe

  44. Anonymous2:13 pm


  45. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Begitulah Politik Melayu,,,,Melayu bunoh Melayu,,,Semua kepalu Batu!!!!

    Lebih baik tengok katun Calvin & Hobbes,,,!!!!!!!!


  46. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Will throw any/all BN and PR candidates to the dogs if I can have one like YB Zul in my constituancy.

    Spana Hidup

  47. Anonymous5:16 pm

    wondering why people like YB Zul still remain in PR if he is so adamant with his stand on Allah issue. He should be an independent candidate already. Actually, many said that an MP like him is a person without principle. Why? If you can't get along with your housemate just move to another house by your own.

    A voter who hate inconsistent rep

  48. So ...you kept your promise...Malay Mail is free and only available at bank counters.
    To me...this spells the end of the paper......killed by you.

  49. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Saya doakan YB Zul agar diberikan kekuatan oleh Allah SWT dan terus istiqomah dalam perjuangan.

    Kalau kita tengok video yg pernah disiar dlm Rockbru's dan cek dlm inetrnet, wajar kita tahu siapa yg konsisten dari dulu dan siapa pulak yg sentiasa menari ikut audience.

  50. Nik Hadi Nasharudin7:22 pm

    Anon 3.53

    Why don't Anwar sack him then? YB Zul was one of the lead counsel in Anwar's sodomy case in 1998. He is privy to information that can be very damaging ......... like (maybe) Anwar is really a faggot! He can squeeze Anwar's balls anytime he wants.

    Should we ask Anwar to suck whatever you ask of YB Zul?

  51. Anonymous9:14 pm


    I read with interest the interview with YB Zul carried by NST this morning. (Sorry unable to obtain a copy of MM.

    Not too sure what is his motive knowing very well that Anwar's case coming up next week. Is it another diversion or political ploy that is well orchestrated?

    For all you know once the court case begins all of them shall be reunited. Frankly I don't see any potentiality of YB Zul resigning and neither will PKR sack him.

    Well, perhaps we should let them play out their respective roles in the drama that they had so well written and we wait for the final scene.....a happy ending!


  52. Anonymous10:55 pm

    yup. some people already smell the rats. zul is a long term plan under anwar. no, not about next GE, more than that.

  53. KARL MAMPUS11:44 pm



  54. YB Zul has super immunity in PKR,

    YB Zul is the face of Islam in PKR,

    YB Zul goes, PKR then loses a lot of Muslim Malays support as no matter what Anwar says majority Malaysian Malay Muslims are very, very, very uncomfortable with the political stand taken by the Pakatan Leadership in the "ALLAH" issue.

    Anwar will never give YB Zul the boot, Zaid Ibrahim might as well leave PKR because lets face it a liberal Zaid Ibrahim can be easily replaced but YB Zul has built a strong following and Islamic credential that PKR cannot possibly afford to lose him.

  55. Anonymous9:29 am

    Insiden kepala babi yang dilontarkan kedalam perkarangan dua buah Masjid sekitar Jalan Klang Lama iaitu Masjid Jumhuriyah, Taman Datuk Harun di Petaling Jaya dan Masjid Al-Imam Al-Tirmizi, Taman Seri Sentosa, Jalan Klang Lama pada 27 Jan bukanlah suatu insiden yang baru dalam lipatan sejarah tanah air kita.

    By Anak Sungai Derhaka

    Sebenarnya pada sekitar tahun 1945 pihak British pernah melakukannya bagi mencetuskan pergaduhan antara kaum di Tanah Melayu dan hasilnya rusuhan kaum telah tercetus di Batu Kikir, Negeri Sembilan.

    Pihak British secara sembunyi telah mengarahkan seorang agennya, orang Tionghua, menyembelih seekor babi dan mencampakkannya ke dalam sebuah masjid di kampung dekat Batu Kikir. Sebaik sahaja hari cerah, berita itu pun segera tersebar.

    Orang Melayu merasa amat marah di atas perbuatan yang merupakan satu pencemaran ke atas agama Islam dan penghinaan kepada orang Melayu. Maka sekumpulan anggota parang panjang dari Juasih menyerbu ke sebuah kampung Tionghua di Batu Kikir.

    Kerana menyangkakan orang Tionghua menghina agama Islam dan bangsa Melayu, mereka memarang semua orang yang mereka jumpai, tidak kira tua, muda, lelaki, wanita dan kanak-kanak.

    Perkara ini telah diceritakan oleh Abdullah CD (Pengerusi PKM) melalui tulisannya didalam Memoir Abdullah C.D. Bahagian Pertama: Zaman Pergerakan Sehingga 1948, diterbitkan SIRD, 2005.

    Pak Pandir

  56. next pru yb zul tanding kat shah alam. kita ganti khalid samad