Friday, December 04, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

This billboard has the PM's picture! When he became PM, Najib Razak said he didn't want his picture or those of his ministers splashed on billboards. [here and here]. For a while, they heard him. But the apple polishers and kaki-bodeks don't know how to get lost forever. Najib can have all the best intentions in the world but if the people under him don't care about what he stands for, he's screwed ...

This photo was taken last night by someone who just came back from Ipoh.


  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    Funnylah the billboard picture hahaha!!!


  2. Night Traveler2:31 am

    This one is just at one location Rocky. Take a drive around Ipoh and the rest of Perak, and you will be greeted with many more of the same! And smaller banners hung on streetlights with faces of Zambry and Najib too. Talk to Perakians, even those pro BN, and they will tell you how "meluat" and "menyampah" they have become and it seems that the state BN leaders have not learned anything at all after the last GE. Especially those from Perak!

  3. Alamak bro! That is the state where I was born 42 years ago.

    We will see whether it stands forever or else.

  4. Purple Haze3:02 am

    Insubordination by Little Napoleons within his watch was one of the causes of Abdullah Badawi's downfall.

    Najib better get them to tow the line or else he may face the same fate.

  5. Dah start la ni, kat perak pulak tu, aduh, apasal la depa ni!

    Dulu rakyat naik meluat tengok gambar si kaki tido tu, la ni depa nak buat sama ka?

  6. Anonymous6:58 am

    Najib takut letak gambar kat billboard pasal takut kene kencing lah tu.


  7. Anonymous7:09 am

    Dan Gambar PM lagi Diperbesarkan.

    Kalau Kerajaan BN sendiri tidak ambil kisah arahah PM, siapa lagi nak peduli.

    Saya dah jemu dengan gambar pemimpin tak kira BN atau PR.

    Kaki ampu ada dalam semua parti.

    Apa Si Zambry Kadir tu buat?

    Tak kan intelek macam dia pun kaki ampu juga.

    Alang Jah

  8. Give chance la for some poor sod to make money. If the Perak Tourism chap did not give out this contract to make some money himself then what is he to do? Some more I am sure all the Perak fellas know they are on a short leash. Net GE they'll have to looting season is on la.

  9. Amused8:26 am

    "Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan", in Perak, of all the places?? How ironic, ahahah! An early April Fool's joke?

    Syabas to the joker who mooted the idea for this advertisement.

  10. Maybe the kaki bodek knows that Najib does not mean what he says. Surely they know the maksud tersirat ...knowing all of their leaders are high level hypocrites.


  11. Anonymous8:50 am

    'Land for poor gobbled up by Umno cronies - Malaysiakini

    Perak PKR challenges the MB to act against Umno members allegedly 'stealing' land allocations for the poor.

    satu lagi projeck kerajaan barisan nasional!

  12. Anonymous8:56 am

    "The penalty imposed on Fatine may be more severe than the two-year passport issuance deferment as he has brought great shame upon us," Immigration Department director-general Abdul Rahman Othman said

    Abdul Rahman, you really want to know what SHAME is?

    We should be ashamed that:

    That 114 cases involving illegal funds transfer were detected from 2006 to 2009.

    In March 2008, a wife of a senior minister transferred funds amounting to RM600,000 to Dubai. Between June and August 2008, a 'Tan Sri' transferred 3.5 million pounds sterling (RM22.2 million) to the United Kingdom.

    Last week, Bank Negara confirmed that it is investigating Negeri’s MD Mohamad's alleged transfer of RM10 million to London.

    Last week billions were siphoned off in Sarawak!

    Shouldn't we be ashamed that:

    630 Malaysians leave the country everyday!

    304,358 Malaysians were reported to have migrated from March 2008 to August 2009.

    You not ashamed of:

    our shambled judiciary

    our mounting crime rates

    illegal immigrants galore in our midst

    2000 over deaths in custody

    There are too many things for us to be ashamed of, I am ashamed of these, are you?

    The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit) wasted;

    The Maminco attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million (RM1.6 billion);

    Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s;

    Perwaja Steel resulted in losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion). (Eric Chia was charged with corruption for allegedly steering US$20 million (RM64 million) to a Hong Kong-based company.) but was acquitted.

    Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn. Bhd. operation to shore up the stock market;

    Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam;

    The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of €75.99 million (RM 348 million);

    Wang Ehsan from oil royalty in Terengganu amounting to RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007;

    For the past 10 years since the Philharmonic Orchestra was established, this orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million;

  13. Anonymous8:56 am

    Perak tourism ? Hmmm ...

  14. Jempol9:00 am


    Dont try to support Najib lah by saying that his kaki bodeks are doing it, it is not his fault.

    Your cara untuk spin is so subtle and dangerous man.


    Tapi you tak boleh tipu kita dah Rocky.....


  15. Anonymous9:03 am


    Walaupun menteri besar Negeri Sembilan sedang disiasat Bank Negara berhubung dakwaan pemindahan wang RM10 juta ke luar negara, ia tidak menghalang satu aduan polis isu yang sama dibuat lagi di Bukit Aman.

    Mohamad Hassan, dikaitkan dengan kegiatan itu, apabila bank pusat Malaysia membatalkan 20 lesen perniagaan pengurup wang hujung Oktober lalu.

    Beliau didakwa memindahkan wang tersebut pada Mac tahun lalu melalui syarikat Salamath Ali Money Changer Sdn Bhd.


    woit…. KENAPA BUAT TAK TAHU?.... kah kah kah…

    woit… SATU MALAYSIA SUDAH LETIH… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… BERAPA BANYAK LAPORAN DIBUAT…kah kah ka…

    kah kah kah…. SAMPAI KIAMAT PUN… TAK ADA YANG AKAN MENYIASAT…kah kah kah…

  16. Anonymous9:03 am


    Seorang setiausaha politik menteri kanan yang dikatakan telah mengumpul berjuta-juta ringgit dalam masa yang singkat sedang disiasat oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

    kah kah kah…. BIAR BETUL… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… DIJAMIN MALAON INI BUKAN DARI PAKATAN… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah…. KALAU DARI PAS… MESTI NAMA DAN GAMABR ADA..kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah…KALAU DARI PKR… MESTI HEBOH SATU MALAYSIA…kah kah kah..


    kah kah kah ….KALAU AHLI PKR… MESTI ADA GAMBAR DALAM TV…kah kah kah..


    woit... SIAPA MENTERI MALAON INI?... kah kah kah

  17. Anonymous9:04 am


    woit… HANYA SENARAI HITAM?... kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… NAK BUAT APA SENARAI HITAM… kah kah kah..

    woit…MALAON INI AKAN TUKAR NAMA YANG BARU..kah kah kah..

    woit… APA LAH NGOOOK SANGAT…kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… NAK HITAM MACAM MANA LAGI… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… TAK KAN TAK CUKUP HITAM…kah kah kah


  18. Anonymous9:09 am

    rocky brew...

    dekat satu bulatan kat ipoh tu..ada billboard besar gajah

    zambry tak habis celebrate deepavali lagi..

    tak percaya..

    pergi je dekat bulatan dekat rumah MB/ipoh parade tuh..

  19. najib tak mau... tapi ada ramai yg nak bodek najib, tetap buat billboard ada gambar najib... nak buat cam mana

    alaaa.... biasa la tu...

    kat kelantan ni ada yyg buat billboard besar2 siap ada pakej gi mekah lagi.... hehehe

  20. Anonymous9:41 am

    With all these 'disgusts' surfacing, you were right to swing your OUTRIGHT support for Najib and BN, instead of choosing to remain neutral?

    And you want the rest to also follow your drift?

    Are you nationalistic or blatantly being 'UMNO'istic?

    Why must this nation lose rational ones like you to the lousy system that is bleeding the nation like this?

    You owe the public some form of feedback to maintain whatever that is left of your integrity


  21. maybe he said only he dont want,but deep inside he really wants it. hehehe anyway i support him lah.

  22. Anonymous9:53 am


    Lu kan kata lu dah semi-pencen....bila najib naik, nama lu dah tersenarai semula dalam 'alam media'....

    maka lu pun tiap2 ari 'polish' telur najib....

    samalah lu ngan mamat2 kat perak tu yang pasang poster tu....apa beza lu ngan depa2 ni?....

    Bro, budaya ni dah lama wujud di malaysia. gua heran lu tulis artikel ni....apa lu terperanjatkah dengan budaya MEMBODEK ni?....zaman mamak memanda dululah budaya ni bermula....bodek punya bodek, hingga kini, mamak tu dah pencen pun, namanya terus dibodek!....abis lu buat2 terperanjat pulak.....

    lu ni lawaklah bro....tapi lu punya lawak ni tak setaraf dengan lawak MAT SENTOL lah.....yang tersirat dalam artikel ni, lu nak jual nama najib sebagai seorang yang sudah terlambatlah bro....satu malaysia udah kenal boi fren ziana zain dan altantuya ni!.....

    lu tak tahu ke hal2 ni?....pegi pencen truslah bro....kesian gua tengok lu.....

    The MIND!!!

  23. Anonymous10:26 am

    Posting of this nature should be in the front page of MSM so that more people can have good laugh.

    apple polisher

  24. Anonymous10:35 am

    If anything unfavourable to the regime, either defend or stay rocky silence.

    It does not matter black or white , right or wrong.

    CMF- (cari makan fella).

  25. Anonymous10:44 am

    If the people under him dont care about what he stands for -

    What's wrong with him ?
    It seems now everybody works on his own and rotten to the core.
    (quote from the seniors)


  26. Anonymous10:49 am

    We are tired of you , the Great defender of the immoral.

    Man of many faces.

  27. Anonymous11:01 am

    Is the Perak BN striving to remind the people what happened in February?

  28. Anonymous11:12 am

    Bukan nak bodeeeeek.....tapi dapat bussiness dan komisyen.

    Awe klate

  29. Durian Polisher11:20 am

    Aisay Zambery ... kasi kipas ka??? Takut Hamidah takeover ka???

  30. Dear Old Fart,

    The thing is, there are quite a few billboards and banners with Khalid Ibrahim's face, too. We told him during our one and only meeting he held for bloggers that his government should not be doing it. It was Patrick Teoh who pointed out his disgust at seeing the MB's picture, Azmin's and Anwar Ibrahim's all over the place. Khalid said he'd see to it. Tarak apa pun ...

    As for making money from billboards, someone would still make same kind of money without putting Najib's face on the billboard. But since the PM has said his face or his ministers' faces shouldn't be plastered on billboards, I have to point out that his instruction or request is not being heeded to.

    If such a simple request can be met, what of the more complicated ones? Ditto, Khalid Ibrahim and gang.

    Thank you.

  31. firdausf11:33 am

    its a way to show to all tourists who are in perak that this state is rule by Barisan Nasional and not Pakatan Rakyat. i dont see it as 'bodek', i see it as a statement.

    Its not that Najib put his picture alone like what Selangor state did before...fellow malaysians were in the billboard as well.

    you guys are just blowing this out of proportion. if perakians hate it, then its a browny point for u guys lah..u guys should support this practice and hope it will continue until next GE, hoping that it will backfire Najib's administration.

    im a perakian and i am neutral with this. so i guess, what Night Traveler said needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    dah, aku nak sambung buat keje. let's have a productive day ok!

    fence voter.

  32. Don't underestimate Najib's stupidity, bro...

  33. Anonymous11:42 am

    Saya yg pasang papan billboard tu.
    komisen nya lebat wei, sekali pasang 2 bulan x payah kje mkn tdur je. tp kualiti kna jg psl ni gmbr najib kalau projek jmbatan gantung yg runtuh tu x kisah sy buat ala kadar bkn sy yg gunapun. ni saya nak tukar nama syarikat sy psl nama dlu dh xleh pakai....

    gaban z ptong 2

  34. Hi Rocky ...
    Seems that all 'sama saja' ... be it UMNO or pembangkang yg ex-Umno jugak. Penyakit sama saja ... tak berubah-ubah walau pun kita sudah jejaki alam moden ni. Typical Malay attitude ... but now ... the 'penyakit' has grown to be in line with PM's slogan ... 1Malaysia ... all participating parties pun has absorbed well this 'penyakit'!!

  35. Anonymous12:29 pm

    instead of his face on the billboard, maybe should plaster his butt there. That's where all the najis is oozing out from anyway.


  36. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Gambar Nik Aziz berarak kat mane2, xde sape bising pun...

  37. I hate to see billboards/banners with ministers/politicians pics because the designs are mostly shite! Pics low res and size according to level of importance.
    Samalah BN or PR. Kalau area Gombak, Ulu Kelang banyak billboard/banners dengan muka anwar, azmin, khalid.
    Dan 'rakyat di dahulukan' slogan ni pun nampak macam cakap tak serupa bikin. Kalau PM attend functions ada so called VIPs, mesti puak VIPs tu yang didahulukan. Apa salahnya kalau PM, wife and other VIPs are spread out dan duduk bersama commoners.

  38. Rocky, this billboard is not the only one. I live in Ipoh, Perak.

    There are several more banners (colored) with pictures of the leaders at roundabouts, traffic lights etc.

    I was surprised when I got back from Australia and saw the pictures of Najib and the leaders on billboards and banners.

    Surprising indeed since the PM once warned about this matter.

    This could be a bad move, you know as it could backfire. Perakians feelings might have cooled down but we should not take it for granted.

  39. Gilos Billboard2:39 pm

    Hahahahahahaaha....kes billboard lagi...nanti aku letak billboard gambo aku sendiri.Gambo orang lain tak boleh atas alasan membodek...Kalau gambo sendiri kes ape plak?

  40. Well said bro Rocky, i seriously can't stand to see the GAGAP BINGAI'S face at almost all the corner around Shah Alam and many other places!

    Kedah, Kelantan and many more fuckatan's riot state all are full with their mo fo leader's banner! Tension wooo, but the point is, we should not follow them!

    They are GILA GLAMER same like our Sleepy Head akak KJ's FIL, what we shpuld do now is to work and work for the people!

    Tak payah la nak tunjuk gambar terlampau banyak sangat!

  41. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Rocky, lu pon sama jugak "apple polishers and kaki-bodeks " !!


  42. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Ahh.. Fuckatanist.. typical of them..tarak tengok you punya pemimpin ka?
    People in Selangor are puking out to see the faces of Anwar, Khalid Ibrahim and the rest of the Fuckatanist Circus everywhere on billboards & banners..

    See also in Kelantan & Kedah..those turban lollipops clan also 2x5 lah. Lanciau punya ular dalam semak..
    I thought 'idolizing leaders' is proximate to syirik.

    What? You fuckatanist think you are divine creatures, kah? wtf lah..

    Generally, the rakyat are disgusted to see politicians ugly faces everywhere, anywhere and somewhere out of nowhere! .

    Ingat muka u all hensem/cantik mcm model ka? Cermin lah diri sikit..kalo ada X-rated picture mcm Eli Wong gantung sana-sini ok lah jugak..worth a 'free' a.k.a 'on indirect tax payer money' show.. The worst is to have that Bik Mama in G-string..after all she's trying very hard to promote herself as a 1st Lady.. uweekkk...that can make the whole Malaysian puke all day and nite and die dehydrated..

    Last time we had enuff with Pak Lah...the only moment you would not able to see him sleeping while on duty is only on the billboards.

    The math equation:
    Numbers of self-idolized pictures is directly proportional to the level of hypocriteness and 'poyo'-ness ...

    Now you people can gauge for yourselves.

    Is that too complicated to understand? Please lah politicans.. we know you all are stupid but do not make it too obvious lah..Get to work lah rather than keep on syok sendiri..mau honeymoon lagi ka?

    P/s: Where do these fucking politician learn it from? Uncle Mao? How i would love to have my hands on Altantuya boobs before someone explode her, but I can't stand those reflection coming from Najib's forehead. Pls put Zambri's picture next to him to neutralized the glare.. 2 in 1.. that would work perfect compared to going up the hill with that 1Malaysia..

    Off the billboard will ya?

    :D muhahahaha
    - anti hindraf & ultra chingkies
    Support SSS! Fuck all the alien chauvinists. -

  43. Anonymous7:59 pm


    Siasat penasihat Kerajaan Negeri sama ada dia ada kemampuan nak menasihat ke tidak. Kalau nak membodek jer kerjanya baik pecat serta merta, terutamanya Strategic Communication Director dia.

  44. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Eh tadi bawak kereta jalan , terperasan plate WTF dgn 4 digit .
    So nak tanya ada tak yg dah pakai WTF 1 ? Hari ni sakit kepala nak kritik apa apa.
    Eh Rocky boleh tak tanya PM NAJIB , sesiapa yg nak sponsor signboard tu , belanja duit tu buat signboard jalan , kalau nak kredit pastu letakla nama sendiri ke , nama company ke .. kalau nak ikut zaman letaklah 1Malaysia kat bawah.
    Win-win situation apa.Rakyat tak minat la baca sapa donate tapi sekurangnya dia boleh pakai signboard cari jalan.Tau la , budget JKR pun kena potong 15% tahun depan

    Jamal JB

  45. Hai! Najib cakap tak serupa bikin nampak.........

    Ini mesti diposkan dalam blog Najib 1Malaysia.

  46. Anonymous11:08 am

    Dear Jempol, anon 953am, anon 435pm, dan mereka yang sewaktu dengan nya:

    tuan puan pakatan rakyat;

    tips yang akan diberi ini, amat lah berharga, untuk tuan puan, walaupun pahit bunyi nya.

    ia dapat membantu tuan puan menang dalam PRU13. ia mengandungi formula yang amat dahsyat.

    dengar betul betul.

    TIPS nomor satu:

    Pada PRU12, pakatan menang di selangor, perak, kedah; sebab orang dah tak tahan, BENCI & meluat, dengan badawi's extreme unbelievable incompetence, dan keberanian yang amat sangat oleh daylight robbers macam khir toyo.

    orang dah tahap maksima nak meletup, melihat negara di rogol oleh grup kj-kali, tingkat 4, dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

    kemarahan dan kemeluatan, bertambah tak terbendong bila di apikan oleh poster-poster mempromosi diri, oleh si khir toyo penyapu, everywhere, yang tak sedar diri.

    MAKA orang main pangkah APA SAJA. kau tarok parti sotong kering, atau parti doremon, pun, orang akan pangkah.

    jangan syok sendiri.

    BUKAN sebab orang suka atau kagum dengan pakatan. BUKAN sebab orang lebih percaya. ada perbezaan yang amat BESAR disini.

    TIPS nomor 2:

    Kau dengar elok elok.

    Najib tu memang banyak salahnya. UMNO dan BN tu, siapa tak tau, banyak cacat cela nya. Siapa pun tak boleh deny ini perkara. Bohong, kalau siapa kata, najib tu dulunya bersih, BN dan UMNO tu, cantek.

    Nasib baik badawi dah takde. Umno ikut messej rakyat. In this regard, umno has won. tu je yang orang nak.

    Biar aku bandingkan BN dengan PR. nak tau analogi dan persepsi?

    Kalaulah Najib, UMNO, dan BN itu, sebungkus nasi lemak yang basi, berbau, dihidang bersama air kosong dari sungai;

    PR itu bagai, makanan yang fresh, kari yang lemak berperisa, baru di masak, kari kepala babi, dihidangkan bersama vodka, berserta beberapa titik air kencing.

    Kalaulah kau fikir, rakyat akan membuat pilihan, untuk diSELAMATkan dari najib "nasi lemak basi", oleh anwar-limguan eng-lim kit siang-ronny liu-karpal "kari kepala babi";

    kau silap besar. kau bukan melayu. kau bukan islam. walaupun kau mungkin sembahyang sikit sana sikit sini. adalah short circuit somewhere. mungkin mak kau tertolak kau masok perigi kecik kecik dulu, atau, terjatoh dari buaian banyak kali sangat.

    memang orang tengah tunggu alternative baik dan bersih.

    orang memang nak sangat, di hidang kan lauk segar baru yang bersih, walaupun nasi puteh ikan kering. kalau ada lobster dan nasi beriayani, lagi bagus.

    tetapi, realiti nya, belum ada.

    jangan lupa. tak payahlah kau nak highlight keburukan najib like there is no tomorrow. walau apa pun, it is comparing, like nasi lemak busuk basi, versus, kari kepala babi.

    dey, ada paham kah?

    kalau kau tak paham jugak, baik kau pergi mati je.

    -bodo betul, kencing lebih, syok sendiri-

  47. Anonymous8:33 pm

    hahaha,,,,memang betol sangat tulisan anon 11.08. saya setuju sangat anda sudah luahkan untok saya but u write it better.

  48. Anonymous5:37 pm

    If Najib already told that he doesnt want anymore of portrait billboard, and the people below him keep on doing it. Then it can only be -



  49. Anonymous12:02 am

    Itu bukan tourism punya gambar ada yg tumpang billboard ni masa Najib rasmi kempen SATU MALAYSIA.Dulu gambar mmakanan terkenal di Ipoh. Lepas tu baru gambar ni
    ....Mak Timah Kuala

  50. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Itulah payah tu, kalau dah kaki bodek tu kaki bodek gaklah. Rasanyalah taukeh buat billboard tu kawan orang yang buat tu kot. Katalah yang buat tu UMNO Bahagian mana-manalah, ketua bahagian yang buat tu tak guna duit poket dia? Tentu guna duit ahli-ahli cawangan yangn sepatutnya digunakan untuk faedah penduduk kawasan berkenaan. Dia bagi kawan dia buat billboard tu ... katalah paling koman pun RM5K, tentu dia ada komisyen, masuk poket dia ... kalau tidak pun kompeni yang buat billboard tu dia sendiri yang punya ... habis tu camno .... adeh letih aku nak fikir kalau ramai ketua cawangan ngan ketua bahagian macam ni ... tu yang aku tak nak daftar jadi ahli tu ... nilah kesnya. Sedar dan taubatlah dunia ini hanya pinjaman....

  51. Anonymous8:47 am

    Apahal melalut lalut anon tu sampai ke negeri Jerman kaitkan sal bilboard tu. Sikit punya pasal da, tanya org MBI mereka punya gambar la apa nak sangkut sana sini.

    Mat Jenin

  52. Ikutkan Hati hendak letak gambar PM sebenar aka PM de-factor, tetapi malangnya tidak ada 'billboard' yang "super-size". Selalu masuk muka depan UM bersenam robik sana sini, lawan badminton sana sini, tetapi tak slim slim jugak. Tu yang cemburu dengan Si Aminah dan Ziana. Maklumlah ORANG PAHANG.