Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nor Mohamed Yakcob's pol sec

Jinxed post? The Star, which is an MSM, has the scoop here and Big Dog has the name of the guy here. If he is indeed the guy, then the next political secretary to Nor Mohamed Yakcop will do well do watch it. The one named by Big Dog, was made pol sec to NMY (when he was Finance Minister 2) after the then pol sec Norza Zakaria (right) was nabbed by the MACC. Norza is currently facing corruption charges.

Parliament also heard of a wife of a Cabinet Minister who has been sending money out by the buckets via money changers ....


  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Jadi berapa kali lagi nak bodohkan kita? Dulu pun Norza yang kena rasuah itu ialah pol sec Nor Mohd Yakob. Sekarang pun yang rasuah pol sec Nor Mohd Yakub sekali lagi. Sampai berapa kali kita nak jadi bodoh? Berani kah pol sec rasuah kalau boss dia tak rasuah? Jelas kalau pol sec rasuah boss dia lagi rasuah. Saya tidak hairan langsung mendengar bahawa setiausaha politik yang ditangkap itu bekerja untuk Nor Mohd Yakob, Menteri EPU sekarang dan dulu Menteri Kewangan No. 2. Dulu Abdullah Badawi dan Khairy amat gembira mendapat seorang Finance Minister 2 Nor Mohd Yakob yang begitu seronok mengikut semua perintah mereka. Tapi apa yang Khairy tidak sedar (dan juga Najib sekarang) ialah Nor Yakob bukan “Yes Man” begitu saja. Dia lagi pandai daripada Khairy, Abdullah dan Najib. Nor Yakob mempunyai pengalaman lama main duit besar. Dulu dia lebih sedar Abdullah pun crook juga. Apa saja yang Khairy atau Abdullah hendak dilakukan, Nor Yakob rela buat. Untuk pastikan Nor Yakob akan ikut segala perintah, Khairy pula melantik sec pol Nor Yakob pada masa itu. Nor Yakub peduli apa. Ini crook sama crook. Sewaktu di Bank Negara dia telah akibatkan kerugian besar RM17 Billion apabila guna duit Bank Negara untuk main judi Forex Trading. Tapi ramai orang tidak tahu bahawa pada masa yang sama, Nor Yakub juga menggunakan jaringan money changer dan Forex trader daripada kaum mamaknya untuk berjudi matawang Ringgit Malaysia untuk menguntungkan dirinya. Ini adalah perbuatan salah dan pecah amanah. Bila dia jadi kroni Anwar pula di syarikat pelaburan dana Abrar Asset Management, Nor Yakub telah pecah amanah sekali lagi mengarahkan Abrar Asset menggunakan duit pelabur am untuk menyokong harga saham Mun Loong Bhd di mana Nor Yakub adalah pemegang sahamnya juga. Ini adalah satu lagi kes pecah amanah yang amat serius. Tapi tiada tindakan diambil. Akhir sekali Mun Loong dan Abrar Asset Mgmt keduanya bankrap. Sekarang setelah dilantik menjadi Menteri, bukan saja Nor Yakob jadi lagi kaya tetapi kroni tertentu, ahli keluarga dan setiausaha politiknya semuanya menjadi kaya. Di ketahui umum bahawa seorang anak lelaki Nor Yakub sekarang memandu Lamborgini. Kononnya terlibat dalam bisness dengan taukeh China. Tetapi yang pelik sekali apakah sebabnya Najib begitu dunggu sanggup melantik orang yang telah disahkan sebagai terlibat dalam ‘financial scandal’ menjadi Menteri dan juga diberi tempat menjadi Wakil Rakyat? Sekarang sudah dua sec polnya sabit dgn rasuah. Malu bukan sebab rasuah saja. Malu sebab PM pun dunggu. Orang yg confirm rasuah dilantik lagi.

    Dah Fed-up

  2. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Why MACC no nab Khir Toyol and Wife ?? also, why MACC nab no one in PKFZ ??

    MACC selective prosecution.....


  3. Our politicians, their families and cronies are nothing more than a bunch of thieves and robbers.Worst than Nik Aziz's doa, I hope all of them will bleed their asses to death.

  4. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Hi Rocky

    Which Minister ?

    UMNO Watcher

  5. a pol sec can make so much what more about the boss.there are rumours that yakkaop is the biggest money changer in the country , during his tenure he practically control 95 % of the mamak operators .n monthtly they have to pay tribute..

  6. Anonymous4:15 pm

    How about ex-polsec to Syed Hamid and Shahrizat who are currently staying in Country Height? Another 3-4 houses in Klang Valley. Plus fleet of cars despite being a polsec for only one and a half term??


  7. Anonymous4:44 pm

    rocky brew..


    Launched just two months ago by Najib Razak, the Makkal Sakti party, one of a host of disparate political parties formed from what remained of the Hindraf movement, is now in turmoil with a majority of its leaders calling for its president R S Thanenthiran to quit with immediate effect.

    The group of dissidents, led by deputy president A Vathemurthy is claiming the backing of more than 15 out of the 27 central committee members.

    “We want Thanenthiran to relinquish the presidency. A motion to remove him was supposed to have been discussed today but the central committee meeting was cancelled at the last minute,” said Vathemurthy at a press conference here.


    woit… TAK SAMPAI DUA BULAN DAH PANCET…kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… INI MESTI BEREBUT REBUT NAK BANTU ORANG MISKIN..kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… SAMPAI TAK ADA INDIA MISKIN LAGI YANG NAK DI TOLONG…. kah kah kah..


    kah kah kah…TAK KAN ANEEE INI DAPAT TODI MASAM…kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… YANG LAIN DAPAT BLACK LABEL…. kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… MESTI LAAA MEMBER BENGANG…kah kah kah..

    woit… MANA MAT MONGOL NAK SURUK MUKA….kah kah kah..

    woit…JAGA LAAA SIKT WATER FACE….kah kah kah..

    Ciiiiit … BIKIN MALU….POOOORAAAAH… kah kah kah…

  8. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Out with BN in GE13. No two way about it.

  9. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Bayan Baru MP Datuk Zahrain Mohd Hashim also wants Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat to “come clean” on the diesel multiple unit (DMU) commuter train purchase.

    “Other than an investigation by PAC, we also would like the minister to come clean on this issue because we saw many matters which do not make sense. How can Costa Rica pay 2 million euros and we pay 6 million euros for the same thing?" Zahrain told reporters in Parliament today.

    nevermind..GST will help thee...

  10. skilgannon10666:31 pm

    Coming on the heels of the reported Bank Negara investigation of a money changer who is supposed to have helped a certain VVIP to send RM10 million from Malaysia to another country and the MACC accusation that billions of ringgit in development funds have been siphoned off in Sarawak, this latest report shouldn't come as a surprise.

    It looks as though the MACC is working overtime to rehabilitate it's image and reputation.

    It's a weird world where the Dubai govt can say that it has never guaranteed the debts of Dubai World and where Malaysian authorities have to admit at an investors' meeting in New York that bonds issued by a private company will be honoured by the Malaysian govt. I refer, of course, to the ongoing PKFZ imbroglio.

    I note also the recent remarks made by the Second Finance Minister where he more or less admitted that the old way of doing things in Malaysia did not work and resulted in the country falling behind it's competitors in the region. I think he specifically mentioned Singapore.

    Hmm...I wonder what the "stalwarts" such as Warrior xxx, Antihipokrit and antiwhatever have to say to this?

  11. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Will the PR guys run berserk over this? It means witnesses must come forward during office hours and obviously, this case will drag on till Zimbabwe sends a man to the moon.

    Wonder what DAP, PAS or PKR has to say. Perhaps ikan bilis case?


  12. Rambo Malaysia7:13 pm

    Cukuplah menangkap ikan bilis saja.

    Bila nak tangkap Mahathir yang songlapkan RM100 bilion dan ada kait hubung dengan VK Lingam?

    Bila nak siasat Najib dan kontrek tentera dgn komisyen ber-ratus juta?

    Bila nak siasat Samy Velu?

    Ling Liong Sik bila?

    Rampasan dan rasuah Mohamad Isa Samad sewaktu dia Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan bila?

    Kenapa nak kejar ikan bilis saja?

  13. White Spider7:16 pm

    Fire Nor Mohamad Yakcop!!!

    He has cost the country billions and billions.

    His son is driving a lambourghini. He is equally corrupt.

    Investigate this black spider and put him behind bars.

  14. Donga-Donga7:40 pm

    Cabinet Minister atau Menteri Besar hantar pakai money changer?

  15. KickdeNMY7:47 pm

    Nor Mohamad Yakcop is BAD NEWS SPIDER.

    He is a Pak Lah financial hatchet man.

    Should have kick this corrupt long time ago.

  16. Anonymous8:19 pm

    O editor of the paper that cares, do care to check this out; MidValley (Megamall) charges the same amount (RM1) parking fee for both cars and motorbike. The only difference being RM 1 for car is for the first three hours, and their parking spaces are smack within the mall itself. I sometimes go to the MidValley using my kapcai, and I don't think I've ever spent more than three hours there (not that it's not a place someone would spend three hours in). The disadvantages to the motorcyclists do not end there; their place to park is farther away, smells of gasoline and trash and hey, it takes 5, 6 bikes to fill one parking space for car so how come RM 1? This is discrimmination and I don't think anyone cares because we motorcyclists are all rempits and peraguts and so uncivillized that we don't know proper English nor read blogs written in English.

    Sorry I got carried away.

    And, sorry this has nothing to do with the post. Heh


  17. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Why must these people be so corrupt?
    It spoils the nation. Perhaps it is time to implement China's way of dealing with this kind of problem. Just take him out and shoot him. Then bill the family for the bullet.

  18. Anonymous12:54 am

    Najib cakap aje pasal nak kurang rasuah. bila orang macam MB Negeri Sembilan transfer 10 juta, yang kena siasat money changer, bukan mat hassan.

    najib, mahathir, pak lah sama saja. cuma slogan saja yang lain..

  19. Anonymous1:01 am

    Anyone noticed or not? Malaysian Insider quiet like mouse when it comes to Nor Mohd Yakcop. Sure lah, kawan Kalimullah, Brendan and KJ what ... Kah kah.

  20. Jenggg X31:15 am

    KAH KAH KAH...

    ka ka kah... bagus! satu lagi geng gerombolan kena ketuk... ka ka kah

    woit, ini pasti bukan madey punya geng...

    ka ka kah... kalau dari geng madey, tentu takda bising dari sini...

    ka ka kah... tapi pasti tim pakatan akan buat bising... ka ka kah...

    geng madey ke, geng khairy ke, geng isteri rosmah ke... semua akan tim pakatan buat bising... ka ka kah...

  21. Anonymous1:54 am

    Saw this anak menteri in one of them luxury car the other day.All I can think of when we look at them was 'berapa banyak bapak dia sudah sapu from the rakyat?'. Sins of the fathers yes. Them expensive sunglasses, clothes and imported perfume just not enough to cover up the smell of shit that will linger around them for generations. I shall not forget!

  22. Anonymous2:02 am

    Saya percaya lah isu ini tidak akan kemana,in the end of the day tidak ada siapa yang salah ,tengok lah kes Kasitah Qadam , Perwaja atau pun kes duit PPRT,LTAH ,PKFZ ,ini semua hanya lakunan je.

  23. Anonymous2:02 am

    Saya percaya lah isu ini tidak akan kemana,in the end of the day tidak ada siapa yang salah ,tengok lah kes Kasitah Qadam , Perwaja atau pun kes duit PPRT,LTAH ,PKFZ ,ini semua hanya lakunan je.

  24. Saudara Rocky,

    Bagus kalau SetPol Nor Mohamed ni kena (kalau cukup buktila)!

    Ini sebab sejak pemilihan UMNO Mac lepas, tak da sekor pun yg berrtanding tu kena heret oleh Lembaga Disiplin Parti. Tak kan dlm berpuluh yg bertanding MT UMNO tu, sekor pun tak main 'politik wang'?????

    UMNO perlu tunjuk pada rakyat yg sistem mereka menolak pemimpin yg amalkan rasuah, termasuk politik-wang.

    Selagi pemimpin UMNO tidak berani "bite the bullet" dan selesaikan episod 'politik-wang' yg makin kronik membelengu UMNI, maka akar umbi akan makin hilang keyakianan.

  25. Anonymous3:50 am

    bersih kan UMNO dari baru barua korup ni!!

    especially those yang muka dua umno cakap tamil kat rumah!!

    memang pelik, kenapa org macam khir toyo tak disiasat? sebab orang tak suka dia lah, selangor jatuh ke tangan pakatan!

    dah bagi dia penyapu ke belum?

  26. nstman5:02 am

    All these wayang kulit makes no difference to MACC because MACC will give the standard operating reply: No case.

  27. Danny9:01 am





  28. Rocky,

    Dakwa org ni cepat.

    Bila pendakwaan, jangan lupa panggil media utk buat cukup liputan.

    Yg penting sekali, make sure masa SPRM buat siasatan, jangan buat lepas pukul 500pm. Kang melenting pulak Karpal Singh & DAP!!!!

    Oh ya, DAP tak kan buat bising la kalau si Hasbie ni kena siasat 24/7. Sebabnya, dia Melayu!!!!

  29. CIA Agent10:49 am

    Heheheh... all these BN cronies making corrupt duit as much as they can before scurrying overseas to enjoy their ill-gotten gains once BN loses the federal govt in the next General Election. The end is near... and they will not repent. When the new Pakatan federal govt is set up, they will overhaul the MACC and allow it to hunt down these corrupt bastards wherever they are in the world and drag them back to face justice. That way these rats will never sleep in peace wherever they are.

  30. Anonymous11:57 am

    btw NMY tu bukan melayupun. amcm mamak pekat tu boleh joint umno. dia jg kaum dia je tak caya tgk kat mana2 kedai mamak berlambak tu sumer si yakop la yg payung. persatuan mamak digalakkan berniaga restoran dn pinjaman trus direct kpd yakop.
    P/S: nak mkn kdai mmak klau waitersnya dtg suruh mengucapke @ bc apa2 surah utk pastikan btul2 islam. klau tk tahu confirm keling.


  31. skilgannon10665:46 pm

    Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the KPK has started a probe into the bailout of Bank Century with the roles played by V-P Boediono amd Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati under investigation. With a lot of publicity and street demos to go along, some of which are, no doubt, orchestrated.

    But, in Indonesia, there is an apparent willingness to go after politicians, no matter how highly-placed or influential.

    As for Malaysia, there is a report by Leslie Lopez ("KL money changers aiding capital flight") in today's Singapore Straits Times.

    Quotes from the report: "Malaysia's nationwide crackdown on money changers has lifted the veil on the huge amounts of capital fleeing the domestic economy, which bankers estimate could be in excess of several billion US dollars each year...

    "The sums involved are huge. Bankers and government officials said that a single money changer can boast a turnover of roughly RM300 million each month, or about RM3.6 billion annually......

    "Bankers and money changers said a bulk of the money leaving the country comprises funds from the country's so-called black economy, which thrives on kickbacks from large public sector contracts and illegal businesses such as drug trafficking and prostitution...

    ("Black economy"? "Illegal businesses such as drug trafficking and prostitution"? In Malaysia? What is the govt doing about this?)

    "'At one time, the main people taking out money were the Chinese. But these days, a large number of them are the rich Malays,' said one money changer in Kuala Lumpur, who asked not to be named."

    Hmm.....are the "rich Malays" hedging their bets on Malaysia now? No wonder the private bankers who make flying visits to KL or entertain their Malaysian clients overseas are a happy lot these days!

  32. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Nor Yakcob memang x boleh harap...penipu besaq tuuu...janji macam-macam kat kawasan ,byk yang tak ditunaikan..