Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim's strange leave

Updated 21/10/09
AA says "No Friction". So how, HI and BK?
Read On Leave or Leaving?
Aspan, a Ku Li faithful who is close to Zaid, says it is Azmin Ali's handiwork.
"Zaid was invited by Jeffry Kitingan, the then chief of Sabah PKR to attend Hari Raya gathering on the 17th of October (today) in Kota Kinabalu. Jeffry had made arrangement for Zaid to speak to 2,000 guests and Zaid accepted the invitation instantaneously.

He was also arranged to attend another gathering on the 18th in Kuching arranged and set up by Sarawak PKR leaders.

But these invitation was taken as a threat by Azmin who now heads Sabah PKR and he puts wedges between Zaid and Anwar."
Read his entire posting here.

Also, Syed Akbar Ali's Zaid Ibrahim Jumps Ship Again?
The Unspinners' Zaid Tersentuh Sarang Tebuan

Original Article:-
AA behind Zaid's "frustrations"?
Zaid Ibrahim makes an intriguing subject for students of politics, Nuraina A. Samad told me when we heard of news the Umno-2-PKR man is taking a leave of six months from PKR. I'm quoting Nuraina because I got close to Zaid through her (they were college mates at ITM or something like that).

But what's more intriguing at this point, if you ask me, is the fact that all's quiet on the PKR blog front where Zaid's strange leave is concerned. Barisan Rakyat bloggers Haris Ibrahim and Bernard Khoo make it very clear where their sympathy lies but Zaid's own party bosses Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali (pic) have remained mum on their blogs.

AA was mentioned in HI's latest posting Skulduggery ala PKR as the culprit behind Zaid's dilemma but I can't say for certain he meant Azmin Ali. My initials are AA, too, see?

Except for Mana-Mana, the non-PKR/Barisan Rakyat bloggers seem uninterested with this big piece of news about Zaid.

Are they not interested in Zaid anymore, or is there something else? A pro-Umno blogger called me up and asked if I thought Zaid was an Umno plant in PKR that's about to cause a lot of damage to the party from inside. Oh. Uh. I seriously doubt that. But I've been wrong many times before ...


Anonymous said...

Since he joined PKR, Pas had lost one state seat and nearly lost the other one. How to explain that?

Anonymous said...

azmin knows the truth about his wife shamsidar and anwar

hence anwar will never not support azmin

even his most faithful ezam loses out to azmin and zaid is new in pkr

eddy said...

Zaid an UMNO plant? That makes for a good Deepavali humor, imagine if cows can fly.

Anonymous said...

Rocky u have the exactmentality of UMNO goons. I use to honour ur writing once upon a time but now you are the biggest hypocrite of today

Anonymous said...

PKR is completely infested with plants and spies. And not all are UMNO. Their every move is known ahead of time. Their innermost discussions are known to outside almost instantly.

nadzri said...

Liberalists are meant for liberal organizations.

Rock On said...

Should read this version by Ku Li loyalist who is a close friend of Zaid.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan should have fielded Zaid Ibrahim (also found guilty of money politics ) against Isa Samad in Bagan Pinang, but then pakatan will not be able to raise any issue or personal attack. Pakatan did accept Zaid tarnished by money politics, but who are we to tell them?

Anonymous said...

Zaid pun satu, kenapa potong garisan? Beraturlah. Disiplin kena pegang. Bukankah sabar itu separuh dari iman? La ni, beri canlah pada AA. Jangan potong steam dia. Tak baik.

Kepada PKR duo, janganlah khuatir. Takkan lari kerusi TPM yang dikejar. Ia ada kat situ. 4-5 biji dah sedia menanti. Tak cukup nanti memanda tambah. OK bro.

Dulu pas

Anonymous said...

Leave of absence? What does that mean in plain language? When one goes on leave, he will be absent for sure. Or is it just leaving?

It's quite strange for a new recruit to simply take leave from a demanding job just like that. It sets a bad precedence as it portrays PKR as a party for honeymooners.

Since speculation is rife, here's one more to add to the confusion :

The PR boys are running short of funds to sponsor silly promises and Zaid is no small time street peddler. He has been used to extravagant living and joining PKR with zero chance to make a buck or two under their 'cleaner than clean' policy is not making it any easier to keep up with the Jones'.

A six month leave?? Hey that's a pretty nice job, ain't it? And who's paying for it?


Anonymous said...

Oops, its Enemies in Unity as the slogan to oppose One Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

What a barking mad-pie!
October 17, 2009
by Reina & Eyes Wide Open

Rotten journalists, like old generals, should just fade away. These are journalists who use the media to push their personal agenda or for some megalomaniac purpose, or to ensure the interests of their master/s are protected.

Anonymous said...

Will NST also be introducing the 1Toilet?

Anonymous said...


Opposition will always crumble within 24 mths after general elections.

Check history and we will see the same trend.

Irreconciled idealogy, power hungry maniacs, racist goons, chauvinistic mafias, religious extremists, underperforming idiots passing off as wakil rakyats etc..

People must be drunk assuming this bunch can provide leadership to us..



Anonymous said...

Dr M dismisses Khairy’s call to end ‘siege mentality’

“Well, maybe some of us feel that we are already successful, so we don’t need to be under ‘siege’,” said Dr Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

bro, check this out, confession from a young chap...


Anonymous said...

DoubleA sacrificed a lots for the Boss until there is rumours about his boss is also sharing his wife. That's a very big sacrificed. Your own Dignities is gone. Truly speaking ZI is just a spoilt and discarded stinky rubbish recycle by PKR. Why? You know better b'cos their boss like to use stinky back door la. Lagi busuk lagi suka dia hentam.
Another one is CJM, who also joint them but rumour said that he has been crying days and nights since the MCA EGM la lol. B'cos he will the one who is capable to replace OTK ma. Now God show His Greatness. He should quit PKR now before it's to late. He took the wrong bet at a wrong time. Better he stop now since luck is not with him.

Fortune Teller

Anonymous said...

Good spin,
When a man got loaded with VSS and still can go back and get the same job from the old boss. What do you call that?
If he dares to write anything against the boss, do you think he will get another vss or just get fired !!


Anonymous said...

A six month leave?? Hey that's a pretty nice job, ain't it? And who's paying for it?
8:21 PM

Unlike you, he is gainfully employed qand has his own legal firm. Let us know when you go to him for legal aid

Anonymous said...

UMNO malays steal from saudara,

KEPALA BATAS: UDA Holdings Bhd has asked villagers in the 200-year old Kampung Tanjung Tokong in George Town to stop protesting against its proposed mixed development project there.

Its chairman Datuk Hilmi Abdul Rashid said the affected villagers are being offered adequate compensation.

“We are not trying to rob the villagers of their homes. We are offering them better housing units with modern facilities and infrastructure,” he told reporters at UDA Land (North) Sdn Bhd’s Hari Raya Open House celebrations at Dewan Milenium here on Saturday.

UDA Holdings is developer for the project.

Anonymous said...

This Zaid is a "6 month Guy"...

1. How long he wanna take political leave?
2. How long he was a Senator?
3. How long he was a Minister?

Anonymous said...

"Another one is CJM, who also joint them but rumour said that he has been crying days and nights since the MCA EGM la lol. B'cos he will the one who is capable to replace OTK ma. Now God show His Greatness."

And what is God`s membership no. in MCA? Wat year did he become member?

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk low can one go?

peminat rocky said...

they know they can challenge UMNO -BN. Problem is the Pakatan is led by Malay-dominant PKR. So, they wait and engineer PKR downfall first. PAS`s turn will come later... divide and rule..

they is the DAP...

sigh said...

tsk tsk tsk - any lower and you might meet the lowly worm.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME to Zaid Ibrahim & Co, a full service premier Malaysian law firm. We are the largest law firm in Malaysia with more than 130 lawyers in offices located throughout Malaysia. We have successfully developed legal solutions for many of Asia ’s largest deals in the private and public sectors.

Arethenone said...

Why am I not surprised! Zaid, another Malaysian-made(or born?) chameleon and an opportunist. After the PRU12, his calculation is that UMNO/BN is doomed. So he jumped ship to PKR, thinking PKR will be the next `lubok emas' for him to enriched himself,as he did while in UMNO. Knowing very well, Anwar has the financial backing from the US (Al-Gore/George Soros), certainly he can gain from his new found love, PKR.
Remember, he was the one who file a suit against the PAS-led Kelantan state government for approving the Hudud Law. He wants to be a hero. So PAS, if you think you have to fight against DAP/Karpal Singh, you have another one sleeping on the same pillow and under the same blanket now, Zaid. Can PAS survive having two sleeping partners of that kind? Surely, kena depan belakang! May be PAS like both ways too.

borhan said...

Zaid memang begitu. Dia mahu jadi pemimpin tetapi tidak banyak orang yang mahu jadi pengikiutnya. Kalau dia berjalan dulu dia tidak boleh diikut. Apabila dia berjalan dibelakang kaki anda akan disepaknya. Anda tidak jatuh kerana dia tidak akan ada keupayaan untuk menjatuhkan anda. Tetapi cukup untuk membuat anda tidak selesa. Dia hanya baik untuk dirinya sahaja.
Semasa dia menuntut di ITM dia pernah bertanding sebagai calun untuk Majlis Kesatuan Siswa.Kempennya cukup hebat dengan perarakan motosikal keliling kampus serta kain pemidang besar tergantung dilaluan utama kampus. Dia menang dan terpilih menjadi Naib Presiden Kesatuan Siswa ITM. Tetapi hanya untuk beberapa bulan bulan saja.Dia letak jawatan mungkin kerana wawasannya tidak diterima atau dia tidak punya keupayaan untuk menegakkan wawasannya.
Saya rasa dia tidak akan membawa impak besar kepada mana-mana parti politik.Di Kelantan sendiri dia tidak diterima.Malah dia akan membawa masalah kepada mana-mana parti yang dianggotainya.

Anonymous said...

Zahid, you get it. because of you ,we, the govt. servants and pensioners didnt get our bonus. Why youre afraid to go to Sabah. Your capuai doesnt work. Do you know how smart you are, but still you are anuars toy. Be wise. Just leave them and consentrate with your bussiness.

Anonymous said...

The dictionary defines opportunism (qualities of an opportunist) as follows:

Allowing of due or undue weight to circumstances of the moment;

preference to what can to what should be done, compromise, adaptation to circumstances;

putting of expediency to before principle or place before power;

political time-serving.

Do the above fit in with the Zaid fellow?

Tun Dr Mahathir pointed out that the man got huge fees from the many Government and party legal work given to him. Yet he criticised the party and absconded to PKR. Wasn't he also a Malay apologist saying NEP no longer necessary, he having got tons of NEP benefit? If so, very fitting that he joined Anwar Ibrahim who reportedly has amassed RM2 billion during his Finance Ministership and spoke for the return of communist Chin Peng.

And someone advertised his firm in one of the blogs here. Inviting readers to come to his law firm of so many lawyers. It could well be one of his lawyers doing that. Professionals are, by the ethics of their professions, not allowed to advertise. But then, are this kind of people ethical in the first place? Do they even know what ethics are? Like the Uthayar fellow who is being hauled into court on a sedition charge. Sad state of affairs in the Bar Council.


Tanduk said...

Unimagined if Zaid is UMNO fomented strategy to chaos PR.

UMNO had long ago abandoned this useless Zaid. He was being hand-picked by useless PakLah even though most of UMNO members disagreed.
Now his is being picked-up by inmorally behaviour PR leader (Anwar) to be team mate with inmorally bad attitude of this Zaid useless.
Since PR was formed by DAP's ultra kiasu & ultra hypocryte China people, fanatical unislamic PAS and PKR's strange behaviour, they will become great Dajjal party try very hard to rule this beloved country (god forbid, insyallah)

Anonymous said...

1 toilet concept is the best. Give NAJIB the noble peace prize and STOP mispelling his name as N A J I S.

Anonymous said...

Zaid was only brought into Cabinet for "perception" purpose by the BN govt, and that move backfired

Anonymous said...

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said that when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak becomes the prime minister in March, he will have the option of assembling a younger and stronger Cabinet.

"To do so, he will have to disband half of the present crop of Ministers, who have in any event certainly passed their shelf life. There are many young leaders in Umno and the BN who are capable technocrats but, more importantly, they are not the typical Umno idealogues and are more moderate in their positions."
"Khairy Jamaluddin is capable and has enough gumption to effect changes the new Government may need to effect. He could be a star in the future, if he is not buried or sidelined in March.

"And another young Umno leader is Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah - the present Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development.

"These are bright BN second liners and will make good Ministers, '' said the lawyer who was appointed a senator and made a minister by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after Barisan Nasional's poor performance on March 8.

Zaid had a tough time in Cabinet and his desire to push through judicial reforms quickly was resisted by several Umno ministers.

He resigned from government after the Internal Security Act was used on a journalist and an opposition politician.

Anonymous said...

Aii Che det, u tak suka saya, takape, tapi u jangan nak pandai sangatla oran tuo.

Khairy Jamaluddin

Anonymous said...

sdr anwar,tak payah susah2 kat sabah/sarawak lah,bukan kah mp bn semuanya nak lompat masuk pr?

gingger said...

Apabila Tun sudah mula balun Azalina - watch up

june said...

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antubiul said...

The picture tell a thousand stories. One of it is' Datuk AI tidak boleh melakukannya tanpa saya (AA).'
AA adalah tongkat AI.

Anonymous said...

This Zaid Ibrahim is a publicity seeker.

Nobody has really taken him seriously in life until he got jiggy during the doomed Pak Lah administration.

This guy wants to project himself as a hero. To be remembered in history's hall of fame. To be received, to be the HERO to anybody who wants him.

So i dedicate this song to him, by Tina Turner (altered a little bit laa):

"We Don't Need Another Hero"







Anonymous said...

Shahnon’s depiction of the tyranny of poverty is a universal theme. We see this in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, the travails of a sharecropper’s family in drought-stricken Oklahoma of the Depression era, and Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth, also about a peasant family, this time in pre-revolution China.

Today, the descendents of Steinbeck’s Tom Joad are busy running the thriving agro-businesses in San Joaquin Valley, while Buck’s Wang Lung’s grandchildren are actively trading in US Treasury papers.

In contrast, Lahuma’s cicit (great grandchildren) are still scraping a harsh living in their disintegrating kampong; his fears of their being reduced to begging painfully prescient. Over half a century of unchallenged UMNO leadership, Malays are reduced to begging: begging for handouts from their government, begging for economic scraps from non-Malays, and begging for respect from others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

Im surprise to read that a few maron followed your blog not because the points and ideas that you wrote in this blog..but because you critic government....they enjoy your writing as long you keep write something bad about government....When your writing seem supporting government or critic their political parties...All this fanatic will start to condemm you...Rocky...don't care about this low IQ reader....Write the truth regardless from government or oppositions....but for now...I think PKR is suck....DAP is the greatest and PAS is a good follower of DAP....

and for Anwar master of spin....he keep lie and long he can become prime minister....sure he willing to geng up even with evil for the sake of becoming PM... can lie most of Malaysian once....but not everytime..I admit I have been cheated once.

Anonymous said...

"In contrast, Lahuma’s cicit (great grandchildren) are still scraping a harsh living in their disintegrating kampong"

2:47 PM

At least kampung's peoples are much better of in the sense that they live in peace and harmony and because of the continuing development, by the time Bakri Musa return to his own motherland he would find it difficult to trace his ancestor. He will miss the serenity of the past.


Anonymous said...

But you will not balance your blog with this latest clarification below by PKR?

Because your sole purpose is to 'pretend to be blind' towards the other side of the story, but continue to spin and create links to similar 'spins' by others who are of the same pro-BN frequency as you are?



In light of the exaggerated, slanted and half truth reporting in both the mainstream and new media on alleged serious discord in PKR on Sabah, Azmin Ali and Zaid Ibrahim arising from last Tuesday’s political bureau meeting, PKR wishes to clarify on some of the issues raised although these meetings are usually confidential.

Whilst it is true that there are some disagreements within the party on several issues including on the restructuring of PKR leadership in Sabah, it cannot be overemphasized that these are the usual disagreements within the party (as is normal in any worthy political party) and not anything so fundamental and serious to warrant the sort of press that it had undeservedly generated.

The purported heated political bureau meeting was actually quite uneventful. Both Azmin Ali and Mustafa Kamil were asked to report on the situation in Sabah and Sarawak where they have respectively been appointed to lead the Majlis Perhubungan Negeri (State Liaison Council) in order to assist in the states’ leadership restructuring and in representing the Majlis Pimpinan Pusat (MPP).

During the meeting, PKR Sabah did not hand over any memorandum of protest, Azmin did not throw any tantrum, nor was there any power tussle between Zaid and Azmin as reported. It is sufficient to state at this point that the PKR Sabah leadership is being restructured and is an ongoing process that will of course attract differences of opinions.

The only highlight of the meeting was about Gabriel Adit, Adun of Ngameh, Sarawak and his impending resignation from PKR and plan to form another party.

The political bureau meeting is a regular meeting held weekly among the top leaders to discuss many agenda including regular matters like situation reports on Sabah and Sarawak and urgent matters like Gabriel Adit.

As for Zaid taking leave from the political bureau and the MPP, this as explained by Zaid was merely to enable him to concentrate fully on drafting Pakatan Rakyat’s all important Common Policy Framework that will take the opposition coalition to the next level in challenging the BN as the Government of the Day.

Zaid it must be emphasized has not left PKR and is still a PKR leader, a valuable asset and committed to the various party activities as can be seen in his upcoming schedules.

Latheefa Koya
Information Chief of PKR

Anonymous said...


apa sebenarnay hang nak.cukup la dah kaya dah.

zaman mahathir hang dah dapat banyak kontrak/kes government to handle.amboi tak kenyang lagi ke.dok diam2 dah

bertaubatla,berhenti minum arak tu,sembahyang jangan tinggal,sedekah banyak2, cakap yang betoi2 sudah.tok sah nak belit2.tobat la.nanti kot tak dan.kena strok.koma sebelah,ha tak leh dah nak beribadat..pi la mekah tiap2 tahun..buat umrak banyak2..hai,, takut tenguk hangpa orang ni.tak sedar2..

mek kelate

Anonymous said...

ZAID is the epitome of an unprincipled Malay. The specie
is concerned only for its future success. Unfortunately it
thrives in both BN and PR.
Look at Zaid's achievement and his success stories.
He runs the largest legal firm in the country. The unprincipled
Malay thingy fits in Maslow's hierachy needs perfectly.
First the guy gets his wealth . Then he needs more than wealth
thingy- get himself elevated as a judge or minister. Look
at the hard ladder that he forced himself to climb.

In the 1980's when Dr M sacked Tun salleh, nobody in fact
supported Dr M saved for a few top civil servants whose motto
is to serve the leadership-whatever the cause. out of the blue
came Zaid, the President of the Muslim Lawyers Association, who gave
dr M wholehearted backing. My take on this is dr M is not impressed=
it was bad enough that what he did to Tun salleh was unsavoury
and he certainly did not need a pseudo islamic leader like Zaid
to endorse his action. No promotion for Zaid to be minister
or judge when judgeship could easily be dished out .

Next came the Slumberjack regime aka tun mat ngantok. Zaid
impressed the PM and was made a minister to overhaul the
judiciary. Guess what - Zaid upped the ante. he wanted to be hero
-no less. And there was a limit to the patience of tun dollah
and Zaid was received with open arms by brader anwar.

For whatever new issues that zaid want to be hero in PKR,
my take zaid is a political lame 'calamity jane ' or more
properly a 'calamity jack[ass]'

Apkrius Bonuskaris said...

Will UMNO leaders understand the way to discuss? I assumed they solely know how you can shout down other people and pan any resistance. Even within Parliament UMNO parliamentarian don’t know the way to argue and as a substitute begin utilizing racial slurs after they can’t get their position across.