Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uthaya back in court over letter to Gordon Brown

"100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide." - P. Uthayakumar, Nov 2007
Around nine this morning (Thursday, 15 Oct), lawyer P. Uthayakumar goes back to the Sessions Court in Jalan Duta, KL to defend himself against the sedition charge leveled against him for the things he wrote in a highly-publicised letter to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Nov 2007.

If you've forgotten what this was all about, I've decided to re-publish Uthayakumar's letter here:-

Hindu Rights Action Force
No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
10 Downing Street, Fax: +442079250918
London, URGENT

Dear Sirs,




We refer to the above critical matters in Malaysia but which generally gets the least attention locally even by the Opposition parties, NGO’s, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission and the media for this community is generally regarded as politically insignificant, do not draw local or international funding and are deemed not pressworthy. To the contrary the Malaysian government has successfully projected itself to the world as a modern Islamic thinking country which is not true.

The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and Malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government.

Among the recent atrocities committed by this government are as follows:-

1.100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide. Despite numerous appeals, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission has refused to hold a Public Inquiry. The UMNO controlled Malaysian courts struck off a victim’s public interest civil suit for a Public Inquiry to be held without even the said UMNO controlled government having to file in their defence. The UMNO controlled Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police refused to investigate and / or initiate an inquest into the death of at least six Indians in this tragedy despite.

2. Every week one person at average is killed in a shot to kill policy and in every 2 weeks one person is killed in police custody. About 60% of these victims are Indians though they form only 8% of the Malaysian population.

3. In every three weeks one Hindu temple is demolished in Malaysia.

The latest being the demolishment of the Mariaman temple in Padang Jawa, Shah Alam, Selangor early this morning (15.11.2007) and the next being the (Mutaiya) Hindu temple in Sungai Petani scheduled for the 29.11.2007.

A violent armed pre down attack at 4.00a.m this morning was launched by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government backed by about 600 police, riot police, Islamic extremist and armed terrorists which completely destroyed this temple.

In an attack two weeks ago, uniformed police, riot police and city Council officers hurled rocks and attacked unarmed Hindu devotees with knives, sticks and iron rods.

At least 20 Hindu devotees were seriously injured and 19 arrested including 4 of their United Kingdom trained lawyers in direct violation of Article 5 (Right to life) Article 8 (Equality) Article 11 (Freedom of Religion) Section 295 (defiling a place of worship), Section 296 (disturbing a religious assembly), 298A(causing racial disharmony) and Section 441(criminal trespass) of the Malaysian Penal Code.

These authorities are plagued by an above the law mindset and in fact liberally take the law into their own hands. These atrocities however does not happen to almost all Islamic places of worship. Please visit for further and better particulars.

4. State sponsored direct discrimination against the Indians in Public University intakes, Indian (Tamil) Schools, skills training institutes, civil service and private sector job opportunities, business and license opportunities and in almost all other aspects of daily life.

Despite our hundreds of letters, appeals and pleas to the Malaysian King and Sultans, the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Inspector General of Police, Ministers, Chief Ministers and the latest being our letters to the Prime Minister dated 29.10.2007 and 30.10.2007 and to the Attorney General dated 1.11.2007 the Malaysian authorities are only proceeding with greater ferocity and with impunity with very little regard for the Federal Constitution and laws of Malaysia. So please help us.


We fear that this peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin having been pushed to the corner and the persecution getting worse by the day may be forced to into terrorism in a matter of time as what has happened to the Sri Lankan Tamils.


On our part we are committed to a peaceful and lawful struggle and pray and appeal that the Government of the United Kingdom:-

1. Moves an emergency United Nations resolution condemning these state sponsored atrocities and persecutions of Malaysian Indians in Malaysia.

2. Refers Malaysia to the World Court and the International Criminal Court for Crimes against it’s own ethnic minority Indians

Thank You,

Yours Faithfully

Legal Adviser


  1. wow continue to amaze me..

  2. La Cha Mau2:24 am

    As Long as the murderer of Altantunya Shariibu is not brought to justice, the deaths of even One Million Indians of Malaysian origin is nothing compared to one Mongolian woman.

  3. Anonymous3:07 am

    UMNO slaughtered indians or indians slaughtered themselves?

    Just take a look at a simple situation where indian couples arguing or fighting about something. They will be shouting like hell and the guy will start slapping, kicking his partner.

    Well, do not deny this because I'm 99% sure that most of us have experience this before. Seeing it live with our double eye.


  4. Anonymous3:12 am

    gila punya Keling

  5. I don't know what La Cha Mau was talking about.

  6. Anonymous8:01 am

    La Cha Mau

    Correct, correct ,correct

    Teoh Nia Mah

  7. Anonymous8:16 am

    La Cha Mau, tiu na ma lu.

    Uthaya, pundek!


  8. Interesting statement 'EVERY 3WEEKS ONE HINDU TEMPLE WILL BE DEMOLISHED' and every week 1 illegal hindu temple being built!
    This guy citizenship should be strip of !

  9. Anonymous9:02 am

    La Cha Mau

    Lan Cau You

  10. Anonymous9:25 am

    Kesian the Indian community di Malaysia. Seksa betul hidup depa nampaknya, kena prosecute and marginalise memanjang. Nasib baik ada orang terpelajar macam Autayakumar ni, boleh jugak bela nasib depa. Saya cadang kita sediakan kapai dan hantaq depa balik ke Tamil Land. Mungkin hidup di sana lebih aman.

    Anti Auta/Putar Alam

  11. Anonymous9:34 am

    Uthaya is right.
    I stay in kg. Medan area and know what happened. The MSM will not naturally report truthfully.
    For 4days the police did nothing, at candlelight vigils the police are quick to act.

    -kali the keling (as malays are frequently calling us)

  12. Anonymous9:56 am

    Tu pasal kita orang melayu panggil dia ni KELING bukan INDIA. Kalau nak dipanggil INDIA..... balik INDIA laaa....

  13. It is idiocy like this "100 killed" that undermines whatever good that Uthaya seeks to do for his community.

    Oh well, as the tune little, two little, three little "I"; four little, five little, six little "I"; seven little, eight little, nine little "I"; TEN little "I" boys...

    Perhaps in Uthaya's case he sang it till 100...

    The Tiger

  14. A charge of sedition is too good for Uthayakumar, he should be stripped of his Malaysian citizenship and exiled to the United Kingdom, I hope Gordon Brown will be kind enough to give him political assylum as I think even the secular India Government would not want him to set up base in India with his extremely racist views.

  15. Anonymous10:11 am

    "100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide. . . . The UMNO controlled Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police refused to investigate and / or initiate an inquest into the death of at least six Indians in this tragedy despite"

    I say thambi, is it 100 killed or 'death of at least six Indians in this tragedy'?

    Yang mana satu? Satu koleh kah enam koleh?

  16. Anonymous10:16 am

    Our Pakatan Rakyat elected reps are now in UN and have spoken at improtant forums on important international matters.

    Instead of Uthaya stories, try 'suggest' our readers to blogs like


  17. Anonymous10:17 am

    Inilah contoh yang paling terang lagi ber'spotlight' apa yang di maksudkan dengan ayat 'Auta' (Temberang, Penipu).

    Atau lebih tepat lagi, P.AUTAyakumar.


  18. Anonymous10:20 am

    People, look at La Cha Mau, Teoh Nia Mah. Anything that points to the blame-o-flammatory allegations on anything Najib, anything Malay they promote, irrespective of whether there are evidences, cooked-up evidences, photoshopped evidences, runaway fugitive evidences, uncorroborated evidences --- as long as it points to the steps towards malay-phobic PAP-DAP arguments.

    In fact it is this very malay-phobic tantrum that resulted in this lot's predicament: and the lawyers of the ChaMaus and the NeohTeohs genres that unashamedly want the government to pull these very people back in. I mean, have they no shame or what? What kind of people, what kind of ethnicity is this that licks back their very own spit? You irreverendly tear your own passports: our very own sovereign-document which take some people 60 years to be approved and accepted and then you want the Bar Council ChauMau and NeohTeoh types to unashamedly plead that you be brought back again after tearing those documents?

    Khaaarrrk ptuiiih!!

    And now this Uthaya Kumar. I would be surprised if Gordon Brown or the Queen herself, to whom the letter was originally written, heed any ear to this I-can't-Rule-Out-Violence son of the estate worker-turned-lawyer. I mean gaaaaad... to vilify, slander, malign an entire nation, complete with false facts (genocide? hahahaha!) - that takes only vermins the likes of Uthaya to be able to do. Of course, the Chau Maus and the Teoh Neohs of this country will applaud loudly and thereafter sembunyi tangan as soon as all the corroboratives are proven wrong (remember how with speed that video about the KarpalSingh-PemudaUMNO skirmish was taken down from DAP/KitSiang's blogsite because the evidences of which they were alleging the wrongdoing of the UMNO youths were visually against them?)

    Well, with this, I feel like I want to do another Khaark-ptuihhh but why don't we all instead be merry and present non-patriots, would-be-non-patriots and always-has-been-non-patriots and cannot-show-vividly-because-nak-cari-makan non-patriots that Proposed Act in Jebat must Die. Then, and only then, we can ALL, and I mean ALL, be very, truly happy.

    Libation Bearer

  19. Anonymous10:23 am

    It is high time the M'sian Govt has an Emigration Department, with incentives to those who want to go somewhere else where the grass is greener than green.

    This Uthaya, the ya-ya should be given a red carpet and a first class ticket to Tamil Nadu.He can bring his whole jing-gang...the more the better, the merrier ..they can dance the bolly samba together...Thambys are thambys, twisted tongue and forked mind......liars of the highest order....Or if not, the govt should put him in ISA for good...he is a hindrance to the progress of the nation and a threat to national security with his false allegations....

    Podah Uthaya, balik kampong India lah....sana boleh senang lah thamby!! Malaysia tak mahu orang macam lu....pengkhianat, penipu dan pembelot.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  20. Anonymous10:27 am

    And suddenly, my favourite ice-cream man on a motorbike arrived at my neighbourhood with a very familiar sound "Kling..kling..kling..."
    : )

  21. Anonymous10:49 am

    Anonymous said...

    Tu pasal kita orang melayu panggil dia ni KELING bukan INDIA. Kalau nak dipanggil INDIA..... balik INDIA laaa....
    9:56 AM

    Is that so? Then how come you are "bumiputra"? That is also Indian, or you can go back to Indonesia with your kris, batik. The only culture you have is agriculture...the rest is all Indian or Chinese. You even look like results of descendants of Chinese/Indian marriages.

    -kali the keling

  22. Anonymous10:51 am

    MrMrsFaiz said...

    I don't know what La Cha Mau was talking about.
    5:56 AM

    Then read it a thousand times till you understand. Bodoh, simple thing like that pun tak faham.

  23. Anonymous10:59 am

    "My itty bitty blog"

    You know with all this ethnic cleansing by the UMNO led government and all that AUTAyakumar is harping on and on and onnnnn about, it certainly distrupted my daily routine a little bit.

    But life goes on. I've got an appoinment with my doctor today.

    On the way out i wave to my neighbour Mr. Sivam and his cute little daughter Shamala. They waved back.

    On the way i stopped by my lawyers office to get some legal advice. "Good morning Anand, shall we get some coffe first?" I said, as he welcomed me at his doorstep.

    Oh! Almost time for my appointment. Made it to my doctors clinic. "Ok! you look very, very healthy. No need to check, let's chat about sports instead" Joked Dr. Sanjay when i came in.

    Before i forget. Got to confirm with my buddy Pathmanathan if the 'game' is still on this evening. Yup, can't wait to beat him at his favourite game of tennis. If he let me that is.

    Well after such a long day. Alone with my thoughts. I thought to myself, "When the UMNO lead government started all this ethnic cleansing business, luckily they spared at least the people i know. Have a good life Mr. Sivam, little Shamala, the best lawyer in 'Malaysia' Mr. Anand, Doctor Sanjay and my best buddy since childhood, Pathma. Good night, i'm lucky to know all of you"


  24. Anonymous11:11 am

    This little Indian man warrants us to take a re-look at the attitude of this ungrateful community. By the law of average, he could be representing 33% of the community way of thinking. And this man is a lawyer, mind you, writing loads of rubbish in a letter to Gordon. Either he is a mental sicko or has a well hidden agenda behnd it.

    He also knows very well nothing going to take effect or happen by writing that letter. So, what does that means? Provocation! Provoke the community to go against the government, MIC and anybody else who are against them.

    They've been building temples after temples, as and where they wish, total disregard for other people's property. And they will fight with their life, if the owner wants it to be demolished.

    And yet the government not only listen but replace and rebuild a bigger brand new temples elsewhere in the neighbourhood.Despite their numbers, it is true that they have more temples than the combined house of worships the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs have...


  25. Anonymous11:14 am

    I don't know what the government is thinking.

    The government should just sue him like what Singapore does to shitheads like this. For Singapore-democracy lovers, yes, they sue politicians sampai bankrap and u cant masuk politik dah. Nice democracy isnt it.


    They should sue him long long time ago...Kasi bankrap.

    Lepas ni kalau tipu saman saja.

    Lain-lain patut disaman :

    1. Anwar (pemfitnah terbesar)
    2. LKS
    3. LGE
    4. PKR
    5. PAS as a party
    6. PKR as a party
    7. DAP as a party
    8. Tantawi
    9. Samsul PKR
    10. Azmin
    11..and all oppositions if they lie.

    Time to act.

    -Gila Punya Mangkuk-

  26. Anonymous11:25 am

    setuju sangat sangat dengan cadangan2 utaya musibat ni dan konco2 nya dihalau dari negara ini hantar balik ke tempat asal mereka.

  27. Anonymous11:29 am

    With your brain and contacts, why dont you go after the Fox contracts. You will do a better and more sincere job.

  28. Anonymous11:43 am

    I disagree of what Uthaya claimed to his 'foreign tuan ' and totally in rage of his baseless accusactions but in the same tone too I disagree the use of 'Keling' to mock fellows Indians as a whole community.Mocking is childish.
    Bagan Pinang has shown to us not all Indian subsribes to ultra thinking of Uthaya and Gang.We should celebrate our moderate fellow Malaysian and keep on working hard to ensure ultra voices will sink under PM Najib ruling.PM seems more concerned about pulling us through the economics crisis and we should be behind him , Love or hate him , he is still your PM.

    Jamal JB

  29. Anonymous11:44 am

    Kalu kat India dah tidor tepi jalan.
    Kelingggggg! Pundek.

  30. Anonymous11:48 am

    What did Gordon Brown do? Middle finger, la dei!

  31. temenggong12:34 pm

    The question is, does Uthaya have a right to appeal to the UK? Rocky, have we not appealed to other countries over various issues, including Palestine?

    All the issues of temple demolitions, police shootings and custody deaths have been recognised by international rights groups. Kg. Medan is now recognised as a pogrom in international academia, fully meeting the scholastic parameters of ethnic cleansing, so that is a settled question.

    So which part of what Uthaya says is incorrect?

  32. vinnan12:38 pm

    See you stupid Hindraf morons. See what happens the moment the UMNO bastards have fractured your political power and the Indians stupidly vote BN again as in Bagan Pinang? Stop being Kelings and start being Indians. Not to worry though the UMNO courts will be easy on P. Uthayakumar. He has already done his job of destroying Indian support for the opposition. Now the Indians can look forward to the good old days of grovelling before their UMNO masters for crumbs again. Yah!!! Long live UMNO.

  33. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Jgn anta pi Kamunting...ngabihkan bogheh jo. Bagi dia naik sampan sughuh dia dayung pi balik India...dia nk pi London pun bleh klu dia laghat....BANYAK PUNYA AUTA!!!!

  34. Now I know why my Indian neighbour would constantly look daggers at me from across the fence. Even with my back turned I could sense his venomous stares. Not even a smile from me, a friendly wave or some freshly fried goreng pisang as a peace offering would change his attitude.
    Sigh. Now I know.
    He must think I really hate his guts.

    Damn that Uthaya. Up yours u paranoid racist.

  35. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Bodoh punya Melayu,
    bodoh punya Kling,
    bodoh punya Cina,
    semua pun orang Malaysia,
    tahu hentam satu sama lain,
    bila orang Indonesia nak
    hentam orang Malaysia,
    kenapa semua orang duk diam?

  36. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Stooping to such methods to garner sympathy and publicity from international bodies is absolutely ridiculous......

    - Joseph Goebbles -

  37. Al-Sadr1:00 pm

    Rocky bru;

    Of late your blog has been litter with vulgar and irresponsible comment.I mean don't you ever do house keeping with your house?

  38. Anonymous1:12 pm

    bila nak kira, kira masjid saja, tak kira surau! Kalau kira surau, mungkin lebih dari punduduk kat malaysia!

    Bila nak bina Masjid, guna duit kerajaan (kita)! Mana achiiiii


  39. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Who moved my cheese nan?

  40. Anonymous1:39 pm

    India ni asalnya dr berak Adam. Letak dlm bluh pastu goncang. Klong klang bnyinya. 2 org je borak cukupla mesti riuh punya mcm 7,8 org. Sy respek kat DS Anuar satu je...dia beri perumpamaan berikut : kalau jumpa ular dgn india bunuh india dulu. serius bro perumpamaan ini dr awal 90-an dlu sampai la ni sumer org tau. tlg trunkan ia dr generasi ke generasi.


  41. Arethenone1:49 pm

    What Uthayakumar did is way beyond many right thinking citizen of this beloved country would even think of doing. He has crossed the border way too far. The word to describe is "khianat". This is the type of person who deserved to be ISAed for the whole of his life. Even IF one day he would he said he has repented and regretted for he's written, never trust his tongue. Look into his eyes whenever he speaks, its full of lies.

    Perhaps, when he wrote the letter, he just had one jug too many of his favorite samsu. So, his state of mine was not stable...that would be his line of defend.

    The questions for many peace-loving citizen is how do we deal with this barang rosak (as aptly describe by Deminegara) of this nation?

  42. It is just so sad to know that the government is not giving equal rights to all its citizens.whether you are a chinese,malay or an indian,put yourself in the other races' position and how would you feel about that?at the end of the day,you are all malaysians!!

  43. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Ini lah keling kacang lupa kan kulit. Ini lah tak tau bersyukur. Keling dengan keling sendiri pun ada masalah kerana terlalu banyak casta dan ikut adat casta. Terlalu sensitif sangat dengan kulit sendiri walaupun dirinya keling. Keling kritian pun tak mau mengaku dirinya keling. Keling mamang menyusahkan bangsa sendiri dan orang lain. Di negeri Fiji pun nak halau pekerja ladang keling balik India akibat tak tau bersyukur.

    Keling untuk semua

  44. kling kling kali the keling.

    shut up you dipshit dipsomaniac!!!not enough samsu?

    "Is that so? Then how come you are "bumip....of Chinese/Indian marriages.

    -kali the keling"

    rocky i like his comment actually,now i have an oppurtunity to bashed him...

    this bastard justified our theory..most of the hindulen are liar and dipso.

    infamous uthaya with his letter to mr koko and queen, are known with his honeyed words and silver gilded forked twisted kali the keling also emerge with venomous words.shut your ass drunkard.

    whats wrong with this word "bumiputra"?tak puas hati?with this word alone you justified this silly words of yours??

    get life la you gullible inbred inebriated drunk!!!

    so you said batik,keris all belong to indonesia?did you ever heard of this words,"school","books","history"?
    indonesia not even a hundred years old to backed your silly statement.this country is a part of malay archipelago,we are free to roamed this land before.

    proud of your heritages and dare to insults us?then,packed your things and flee!!go back to china,india or even british.mayhap they will receives you with flexed muscles to kick your sorry ass!this guy enjoy his new job though,basuh pinggan!!

    "You even look like results of descendants of Chinese/Indian marriages."

    may I suggest you a good advice?"writing a comment with samsu at your hand is not a good habit"

    mu ghoyak gapo nih?farting?.we look like indian/chinese marriages?
    SJKT products??barang reject...buang je la.hahaha.

  45. 'La Cha Mau'- The Mongolian woman was a bloody f___ing whore! Do you mean to say that the life of One Million Indians is nothing compared to an international blackmailer and whore? You need help mate!

  46. Anonymous3:56 pm

    "Is that so? Then how come you are "bumiputra"? That is also Indian, or you can go back to Indonesia with your kris, batik. The only culture you have is agriculture...the rest is all Indian or Chinese. You even look like results of descendants of Chinese/Indian marriages.

    -kali the keling"

    Yes kali the can claim & take that "pariah" with you too..we do not mind at all..coz its an indian thing..

    why're you pariah people so damn piss when we use that word?
    its an indian thing what..u should be proud with that also..its original..


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  47. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Who are the real bumiputra in Malaysia? I think it's the orang asli. The rest comes from Indonesia or other countries nearby. So, please don't simply call people to balik here or balik there , unless you are very sure that all your past generations are born in Malaysia.Many Malays are now mixed with bloods of the Indons. Ask Khir Toyo. These are pendatang too!!

    And please don't simply call people names like Keling! This is very rude and disrespectful. You call these 1Malaysia??
    Boleh balik lah!

  48. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Melayu lancau, bodo punya bangsa... otak budu. kekekekeke


  49. Libation Bearer,

    Tepat dan padat! Boleh join sama-sama meludah secara online? e-ludah :)

    (Khas buat Uthaya, La Cha Mau dan spesis2 yang sama waktu dengannya).

    Kharkkk tuiiii...

  50. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Anwar must have prepared the draft...

  51. Anonymous5:11 pm

    totally a bluff..

  52. Anonymous5:12 pm

    From NOV 2007 to NOV 2009,there are approx. 104 weeks and hence

    1. 104 people have been shot
    2. 52 killed in police custody
    3. 35 temple demolished.

    and all these statements are supported by Anwar.LKS and Nik Aziz.

  53. Dear Sir and Readers,

    Please do excuse me for posting something out of topic.

    Please cast your vote for this survey:-

    "SHOULD the British Overseas Citizen (BOC) BE OFFERED BACK Malaysian Citizenship ?"


    (Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE TO VOTE)

    Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.


  54. Too many rotten Indians in UK for mr Browm to even read these lies, much less care for these instigators, lying, thievin lot. Probably used it as toilet paper

  55. Anonymous6:10 pm

    La Ma Cau, lu bodoh ka!?

  56. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Parameswara said

    "Our Pakatan Rakyat elected reps are now in UN and have spoken at improtant forums on important international matters.

    Instead of Uthaya stories, try 'suggest' our readers to blogs like"

    Kenapa Param? sebab dah kena cornered and cannot argue coherently, nak alih topic ker? kalau tidak engkau yang cukup riuh macam keling karam.

    kali ...
    Datang dari mana 100 mati tu? satu mati pun satu malaysia heboh. ingat kalau 100 kojol boleh kambuih tutupka? aku ada relatives duduk di kg medan. toksah nak auta la kali.

  57. Anonymous7:19 pm

    La Cha Mau

    Your stupidity is astounding. Your statement doesn't make any sense la dey. Don't blame others for your own inability to express yourself well.

  58. Anonymous7:48 pm

    If you don't like the country, the law and the constitution, get the hell out of here and no one's stopping you. Whatever this idiot claimed, he is entitled to, no matter how manipulative it is/was. This is the same idiot asking/claiming to the british govt. compensation for bringing their ancestors' arse out of india and worked to the death in many parts of the country.

    I think samy vellu is much older than this idiot, don't see him talking about slaughter and shit. As for the mongolian symphatiser, same thing, if you don't like the country, don't like the law and the constitution, get your arse out. Don't really need idiots like you in this country. What justice, since there are murder cases within all parts of the community, and I don't see you championing them. Those family murdered by ah longs, people mugged, and yet you want justice for someone who doesn't even abide by our constitution.

    If this idiot hindraf is so very virtuous, why don't you make britannia your country and go bark your rights to them. Ungrateful sons of bitches.



  59. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Response to Malay Mail article calling CPI ‘communist’

    The bloggers annual gathering, co-organized with the National Alliance of Bloggers, is another major activity engaged in by the CPI. In fact, Ahirudin Attan, the present group editor of Malay Mail himself headed the organizing committee of the event — a joint effort between CPI and All-Blogs of which Ahirudin, better known as Rockybru, is pro-tem chairman.

    The keynote speaker at this year’s bloggers forum held in May was none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad who operates Malaysia’s most visited personal blog.

    Rusdi Mustapha’s article imputing that CPI is an anti-national organization is not only lacking in fact but is also full of fancy. It is aimed at rabble-rousing that imperils participants online who are presenting rational arguments to advance critical thinking and knowledge in our society.


  60. Anonymous8:13 pm

    What I'm concerned about is who qualified this fellow as a lawyer? Did he qualify in law from a University? If he attended University, surely he would have acquired a broader mind and sense of responsibility than he does? Writing without checking his facts, making sweeping statements, accusing the authorities with all sorts of nonsense?

    If he qualified from a University, which one? Surely the standard of teaching law is not that low these days. Surely they taught him about ethics and rules of decency. And about being responsible for his words and actions.

    Or did he get do just a Bar-At-Law exams from some insignificant Inns of Court (if such practices are still going on these days)?

    What about those who issued him with a Certificate of Practice? Surely there must have been checks on a fellow's character, interviews to gauge his thinking and disposition, unsolicited references from the fellow's social contacts, chambering employers, etc.

    Tun Dr Mahathir has periodically called on the Bar Council to put their house in order. Breach of trust and many other cases of unbecoming behaviour. They engage in politics and all sorts of so-called human rights activities yet many clients of law firms suffer from their deliberate misdeeds. Shame on them for bringing shame on the country.

    I fully understand and support TDM's call. This Uthaya fellow deserves the maximum sentence if found guilty. He should be found guilty as the letter is a clear evidence against him.


  61. Anonymous8:29 pm

    bro! bapak harimau dah cakap da...jangan kacau anak harimau itu keling kacau juga, sudah kena bising ayo yo!!!

    jb ranger
    jom kena mee rebos

  62. Saddiq Sagaraga9:00 pm

    Dear Queen Elizabeth,
    Gordon Brown,

    Re: S.O.S from Uttayar and Hidraf

    Ref. My letter dated Nov. 15 2007 requesting for your assistance to get the UN to condemn Malaysia for ethnic cleansing of its ethnic Indians, please expedite action. Otherwise there would not be any Indians left in Malaysia.

    If, for any reason, you can't cary out this action, we would suggest that you transport all Indians in Malaysia to UK because we understand that the Indians there are well looked after, so much so that they have taken over businesses and whole neighbourhoods from the whites.

    As your's is a very liberal country, our first projects would be to build Hindu temples anywhere we please on government land.

    For a start, we've identified several sites for these temples, e.g. next to Buckingham Palace, No. 10 Downing Street, Hyde Park, House of Parliament, etc. This will beautify your country and enhance its democratic image further.

    Yours truly,

  63. Anonymous9:36 pm


    'We fear that this peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin having been pushed to the corner and the persecution getting worse by the day may be forced to into terrorism in a matter of time as what has happened to the Sri Lankan Tamils'.

    Keling will be forever keling. Cakap putar2. Over exaggerate.

    Please lah dont make me puke: 'peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin???'



  64. keling tak sedar diri, kalau lah atok ke, ayah dia tak di angkut ke british ke sini.. apa agak nya dia buat kat sana..

    slumdog milliyenair ???

  65. malaysian11:49 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...

    Tu pasal kita orang melayu panggil dia ni KELING bukan INDIA. Kalau nak dipanggil INDIA..... balik INDIA laaa....
    9:56 AM

    Is that so? Then how come you are "bumiputra"? That is also Indian, or you can go back to Indonesia with your kris, batik. The only culture you have is agriculture...the rest is all Indian or Chinese. You even look like results of descendants of Chinese/Indian marriages.

    -kali the keling

    10:49 AM

    ... as the saying goes... if you see a snake or a kel..., hit the kel... first, then hit the snake

    really friends!! no joke

  66. Anonymous11:57 pm


  67. Anonymous12:02 am

    the government should act tough to those who undermined our country image oversea. The Indians kill their own by not passionate enough to help the countryman to have better living standard. Checked around how many of the Indians really cares about donating to upgrade their education system? Almost none. They are more to spiritual development. They are more willing to donate money to build illegal temple rather to donate to build a better school.
    Everyday we only see and listen to their fighting to keep their illegal temple without regards to other communities feeling. We tolerated them for so long but they became big headed. Now they must really learn how to respect others and not by portraying violence so others will be scared of them.

    Apek Kampung

  68. Anonymous12:04 am


    BN MPs are also in UN, New York together with PR MPs sent by M'sian Govt.
    So, what's the big deal with PR MPs in UN ?


  69. Anonymous3:31 am

    "The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and Malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government."

    At least this 'loyer buruk' is literate enough to fully aware about the actual history pertaining to the origin of various races that came to Tanah Melayu a very long time ago.

    So, Uthayakumar are not bullshitting all the way. In that part (Bristish and the Indian), at least, he got it right.

    Pious Chinglot

  70. Pala Otak Hang10:05 am

    Anonymous said...

    "Then read it a thousand times till you understand. Bodoh, simple thing like that pun tak faham."

    Orang bodoh macam kau sahaja yang nak nak buang masa baca statement bodoh cut-and-paste-no-substance-and-evidence-whatsoever macam tu sampai 1000 kali. Bodoh!

  71. Anonymous1:01 pm

    As an UMNO life member I may forgive but I can never forget what this Uthaya did and say in his letter which was publicised globally. I have respond to this in your blog Bro Rockybru when the issue was first blooged by you.

    Thank you Bro Rockybru for reminding the Malays and Malaysians at heart that specie like Uthaya does exist in our 1Malaysian community. The problem is they insist on staying on in our beloved Malaysia rather than proclaimed citizenship in other country. What's obvious is until today their beloved queen E did not send any boats to evacuate them from this so called land of ethnic cleansing.

    The Malays can be accomodating in any issues but for how long?.

    "They" must learn the wisdom from this proverb "DIMANA BUMI DIPIJAK, DISTU LANGIT THE JUNJUNG".

    Ask the local Indons, they subscribe to this and that's why they did not respond to the Bendera's rhetoric recently.

    Good day 1Malaysia.


  72. Dear Rocky,

    Either the letter is a forgery OR one wonders how Mr Uthayakumar managed to pass the bar,as the horrid grammar in the letter indicates??

    A letter sent to the British PM no less!


  73. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Thank you for your Deepavali greetings.

    (I know, they will come eventually, like the way 1Malaysia is bending backwards to try and appease the Malaysian Indians. Who cares about the timing, ANYWAY.)


  74. Anonymous3:48 pm

    RPK versi India ..

    tahniah Uthaya ..

  75. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    It's obvious you do little or no censoring of the comments your readers post. It's wonderful and thanks for the tolerance on your part.

    Reading all those comments has been most entertaining and hilarious! All those fierce insults hurtling back and forth between your commentators do inspire the giggles. This is just like being in a bar room where most of the drinkers are inebriated and rowdy, throwing ash trays and beer mugs at each other. This is most entertaining to watch so long as you don't get hit by one of those afore-mentioned objects! ;-)


  76. Who are the real bumiputra in Malaysia.....of the Indons. Ask Khir Toyo. These are pendatang too!!

    And please don't simply call people names... You call these 1Malaysia??
    Boleh balik lah!
    -anon 4.06

    who are you by the way?malaysian or indian?if you are malaysian why insist on SJKT?why?you keep chants sama rata,adil,saksama,kita rakyat malaysia.but at the same time you ridicules us,your kind even send a letter reek with racist remarks to gordon koko and queen,why is that?care to explain?maybe,an apolagize to us,your host?we are the pribumis(org asli too).so what?which scholar will support ur slanderous statement?dap?karpal singh??HUH???what u can't breath??
    you need mouth to ass resuscitation?anyone?please call anwar..

    i think we need satu sekolah untuk semua la,to resolves our social quandary..for better understanding.
    i will never stop to rebuked all of these kind of statements. i can't tolerate any insults to my race anymore.

    for my dear race and my only country.

  77. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Lu apa cerita macha. Ini macam punya English bole jadi lawyer ka?


  78. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Now hear this, hear this:


    Extracts from “The Real Malay” by Sir Frank Swettenham, in Malaya since 1871, became British Resident in Selangor and Perak, Resident General of the Federated Malay States, Governor of the Straits Settlements and High Commissioner of the Malay States in 1901:

    “His (the Malay) disposition is generally kindly, his manners are polite and easy ...
    is proud and fond of his country and his people … he has a proper respect for constituted authority …

    A Malay is intolerant of insult or slight; it is something that to him should be wiped out in blood … It is this state of blind fury, this vision of blood, that produces the amok … (Note: The word “amok” has even been adopted into the English language; it exists in the Oxford English Dictionary).

    He (the Malay) is courteous and expects courtesy in return, and he understands only one method of avenging personal insults …”

    Note: The above are the observations of an Englishman who lived 30 years in this country, including Singapore, which was then a part of Malaya.


  79. Anonymous10:57 pm

    If the police did stood by and watch, they did the right thing to protect themselves.

    Tau saja ler otak mereka ni, emak sendiri pun dia kasi parang, sembunyi mayat bawah dapur!

    Actually Aney, the fear is the other way round. The rakyats are being TERRORISED by you all la.. dont bullshit

    Kawasan aku dah berapa kena tetak dengan bangsa kau.. Idiots!


  80. rather not put my name here1:41 am

    talking about some comment said to degrade indians by calling them kelings,, there is a keling temple, a temple name keling or kling temple, in Singapore, look it up. and as i always said, the indian embark their journey here from a the port of Kalingga,
    Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you people don't even know your own history, what does that make you?

  81. not my name here bro bru1:45 am

    tonyrose said...
    It is just so sad to know that the government is not giving equal rights to all its citizens.whether you are a chinese,malay or an indian,put yourself in the other races' position and how would you feel about that?at the end of the day,you are all malaysians!!
    yeah,, the malays being the ones who sacrificed the most, I like what Tun Tan Siew Sin said about being grateful

  82. Anonymous2:00 am

    stop the indian minum satu koleh but mabuk enam koleh habbit first la... than only talk bout others thing.


  83. Wow Uthaya!!! Really ah? 100?

  84. Anonymous10:32 am

    You even look like results of descendants of Chinese/Indian marriages.
    -kali the keling
    10:49 AM

    The truth hurts some commentors. Mahathir has a brother…as black as pure Indian…and you will never can see him..hugging or loving that brother who looks 100% Indian…..who lives in Sungai Pertani….short distance away from Penang.
    Has anyone sees Mahathir standing besides his own brother in any photo for all these 45 years?
    Why not???
    If Mahathir can hide the truths…or feeling shameful to show the truths….or unable to share his love with his own brother..proudly……And there is no need to talk of that Sheikh Kader and his family some of whom talk good tamil.
    Most Indians used to vote for UMNO because it is/was looked on as a South Indian outfit.
    A common joke for UMNO is "United Mamaks National Organisation".

  85. Rather than dismissing these claims or believing blindly in conspiracy theories, why not we form a committee to investigate the allegations?

    A very public one, with the results of such an inquest and the steps taken be posted in all forms of media for all to see.

    May the light shine forever.

  86. Anonymous1:26 pm

    I will never resort to name calling for mocking reason . Words like Keling me and family wont use even there is location with the same name associated with it.
    But Vinnan to generalize UMNO bastards , you went a line you cant crossed vinnan ,my grandpa and parents are UMNO members , my uncle adopted an Indian boy in their family. So all UMNO is bastard in your eyes? I sponsored an Indian boy to go to school for 2 years after Dad went away from home and never cme back in Plentong johor , did I overshout it with UMNO badge ? Did I ask for gratitude? Look into your community , look into the social fabric , vice etc .

    Jamal JB

  87. Anonymous3:54 pm

    The danger in charging someone with sedition for writing a letter to Prime Minister of GB Gordon Brown is that such an overkill of a charge has the capacity to widen international awareness of state offences committed in Malaysia rather than to coneal it or stop its spread.

    The definition of Apartheid under the Rome Statute appears to now fit perfectly as a description to Malaysias growing unabated chasm between Indians and Malays.

    A review of that statute and of publicly available material on Apartheid will inform any intelligent reader of the parallels and similarities between both concepts.

    Its application in the form of police 'encounters' (read police murders) have a disturbing similarity.

    This appears to be a set of opening salvos which will reverberate in days to come.

    The comments of one La Cah Mau appear to further reinforce the forms of racism brought about by abject in Malaysia which assists a government to continue to commits acts of a criminal nature with impunity. They derive their support from the La Cha Maus of this world.

    Ron Casey

  88. Anonymous8:59 pm

    "Words like Keling me and family wont use even there is location with the same name associated with it."

    So you call Tanjong Kling as Tanjong Ghafar Baba after the man who oulawed Mandi Safar there izzit? (according to him it was a hindu thing - Indonesia still has it).

  89. Anonymous9:03 pm

    I think AUTAyakumar has all the right to write all he wants, so as the Malaysian authorithy has all the right to take action.

    Lets talk to Air Asia (Mr Tony Fernandez, an Indian) to sponsor one way ticket to Madras for Mr AUTAyakumar.

  90. Anonymous11:05 pm

    stop the indian minum satu koleh but mabuk enam koleh habbit first la... than only talk bout others thing
    2:00 AM

    errr you haven`t been watching Al Jazeera huh?

    The big problem for the UMNO gormen is the malay youth who drink samsu in increasing numbers.
    The nut Hassan Ali thinks he can stop it by getting 7/11 to ban....but you never find samsu in 7/11. Another PAS wayang kulit.

    And if the mat rempits want their samsu all they have to do is pay RM1 extra to the indian felr to get it.

  91. Anonymous3:00 pm

    kali,bosan?all alone with boring chinese on tongkang? want to bring along all melayu on your filthy tongkang?NO THANKS.

    please stop being an indian and chinese,ok.we are malaysian right?look at malaysian with chinese and indian ancestry,nice isn't it?

    still clucthing to SJKT and SJKC relic?wanna go back to India and china?


  92. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Fuck you hindraf indians shooh go back to india. Ungrateful dogs!

  93. Anonymous5:11 pm

    La Cha Mau.. lagi satu brainless pro PR. go lancau urself!.

  94. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Woi JC bodoh. Surau tu kita bina dekat tanah wakaf. Bukan tanah orang. Bangang tak tahu baca ke. Surau tu tak guna duit kerajaan. Orang islam/melayu sendiri yang derma. Dah negara ni negara Islam, rakyatnya majoriti penduduk agama Islam, masjid kenalah banyak!. Kalau bilangan masjid=kuil tapi orang agama Islam lebih daripada hindu.. itu lah yang MANA ACI!.

    Kuil lain. Suka hati buat kat tanah haram. Tanah orang. Tanah kerajaan. Mestilah kena abolish. Dah buat secara haram. Sapa suruh bangang sangat. Ape cuba kamu tiba tiba buat kuil dekat rumah jiran kamu yang agama kristian?. Tak naik darah jiran kamu?

    Bodoh keling tak sekolah.

  95. Anonymous7:59 am

    "...Just take a look at a simple situation where indian couples arguing or fighting about something. They will be shouting like hell and the guy will start slapping, kicking his partner...."

    Dear anonymous(3.07am),
    Which is better
    Father raping his own daughters and the mother pretending nothing happened because if she were to confront her hubby he may talak her and no one to service her.
    Please take care of the shit in your own backyard before talking about other races.At least the Indian father doesn't sleep with his own daughters,if at all he were to do that the Indian mother would kill him.For an Indian mother her children are top priority not sex.

  96. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Pariah is probably the only product from India that remained original over centuries in this land..

    Preserved in its original form from the day their ancestors left their motherland trailing for their British master ass..

    So..keep it up with SRJKT "preservative" to maintain the originality in which they're so damn proud of it, aren't they?

    Talking about assimilation, this hardcore Uthayakumar just proved to us how good he can retained his "pariahness originality" despite living among the 99% majority in Kelantan..Really an "unsoluble substance".. that just explained everything about this you know how dangerous this pariah is..he will only proud to be a Malaysian if only this country become a Tamil Nadhu..

    Read about the early life of this person on wikipedia, judge for yourself about this kind of person.
    The majority Malays can only offer this kind of token for him in support

    --> ..|.,

    fuck hindraf!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  97. You Got Auta-ed by Auta-ya1:13 am

    Gempar! RPK (Raja Pu** Ke****) claimed he has Auta-ya 's latest letter:

    Mr Gordon Brown
    No 10, Downing Street.

    S.O.S. Part XII

    Dear Sir,

    Referring to the above pressing matter, it saddened me that you were never to reply my earlier letters.

    Please be noted that by the rate of killing spree by UMNO-backed terrorists (I've mentioned countless time), the "Commonwealth" Indians in Malaysia is reaching extinction. This is confirmed by the fact we are so lacking, there will be the same face that will lead Malaysian Indian Congress, going by their recent election's results. There's just not enough "Commonwealth" Indians around.

    The UMNO-led government tried to hide this fact, by employing hundreds of restaurant-owning Mamaks to export similar clones with has same amount of melanocytes like us, in order to blur public perception that we are still around in the society. This must be exposed, as not only they are plunging into modern-day slavery, they also wasted thousands of ringgits from taxes paid by our own figures like Ananda Krishnan, Tony Fernandez, Accapan etc into some shit like that.

    We have to admit that we ourselves are uncapable of reproducing more "Commonwealth" Indian descendants, as our intercourses are usually disrupted by neighbours (mostly the Malays skodeng squad members) who will knock our doors due to their inability to tolerate the level of our wives' screams every night during the mating session (have you ever heard a "Commonwealth" Indian woman's scream, Mr Prime Minister?). And as the fact that we are among the ethnic that has the lowest threshold of pain, our wives tend to forgo our request for more babies as they can't stand the labor pain once every 9 months.

    Please be alarmed Mr. President, that although we've managed to send many of our children to study medicine especially in Russia and Ukraine, and although most of them usually will return to become shitful doctors, many of our children are being lured by vices. Not because they wanted to, but because they feel obliged to prepare themselves and create their own gangs, as we are worried that one day the UMNO-protected Mat Rempit gangs all over Malaysia will unite under one umbrella body (some say it is already called Putera UMNO), that will create the biggest triad gang in the world, in pursuing their propaganda to kill as many young "Commonwealth" Indians as they can.

    I've also has received confidential information detailing that there will be follow-ups following the recent sensationalised "cow-head protest" in Shah Alam. I was being informed that in few weeks time, more cow heads will be gathered. This is a clear message that more "Commonwealth" Indians' heads will be chopped in near future. Although some non-believers will say that it is simply the fact that Islam's Eid al-Adha is just around the corner and Muslims slaughter cows as act of gratefulness, please don't be swayed by these lies.

    Considering all these, please deploy help and assistance from your country in order to save us, the peace-loving "Commonwealth" Indians in Malaysia.

    More letters to follow.

    P. Auta-ya Kumar
    Setinggan somewhere in KL.

  98. Uthaya is a dude without a plan B. He rocks the boat for maximum attention and then fails to follow through. That letter was not the whole truth, hence my lack of sympathy with the whole Hindraf modus operandi to begin with.

    Yes, Indians have been marginalised, but so have many others, i've come to realise. that document is not in good faith. I would have engaged my own government, not to go to London and complain to the Brits. Apa locus standi depa? Buat malu je.