Friday, October 16, 2009

Dignifying Malays

UiTM Alumni's inaugural discourse
Theme: Strategy Memertabatkan Melayu Di Dunia Tanpa Sempadan
[Strategies to Dignify the Malays in a Boderless World]***
Date/Time: Monday 19 Oct 2009, 9 am - 12.15 pm
Venue: Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya
Speaker: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad*

* Dr. Mahathir akan melancarkan projek Mansor Puteh, Alumnus 1977, yang berhasrat untuk mencipta sebuah rekod dunia yang tidak pernah dilakukan oleh sesiapa, iaitu dengan menerbit sebuah edisi khas 60 judul buku yang beliau sudahpun tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris, dalam sebuah edisi yang dipanggil, The Prime Minister of Malaysia World Record Edition.



  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Before talking about dignify, remove the tongkat la!
    Don't talk about global cause this is a free world, survival of the fittest and you would be sorry if you still depend on tongkat and don't master English, Maths and Science.

    I should not be teaching all this.

  2. Ahh... again the Malaysian obsession with world or national records. Very few of them have any meaning, like in sports for example.

    Maybe we should write a book targeted to get the Novel Prize fro Literature. Now THAT I'd back!

    Not just some Malay dude whose idea of dignifying his race is writing a series of 60 titles in two languages, and then mane in The Prime Minister of Malaysia World Record Edition.


  3. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Calling all Racist, please send in your Hentam Melayu comments now. Would love to see how you think.


  4. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Come on Anonymous posted at 6.13 pm,
    Orang Jepun, Korea dan Perancis pun cakap bahasa mereka dan tak membanggakan pun bahasa orang Putih tu, yang kamu sibuk2 banggakan sangat bahasa orang putih tu buat apa ?
    Tongkat apa pulak tu? Semua bangsa dan agama ada yang susah dan senang, bergantung pada usaha, semua dpt bantuan sama. Mcm saya pun kena berusaha dan berjuang bersama2 dgn bangsa dan agama lain juga , mana boleh goyang kakikan ? Sedangkan orang pertama dan kedua terkaya di M,sia boleh dapat lesen dan permit khas untuk melakukan urus niaga mereka kan? Peluang yang sama

    Apa2 pun sebab awak kata tentang suruh master English, Maths dan Sciene tu....Macam ni lah...Beberapa tahun berturut2 pun Melayu juga yang jadi best SPM student, dan baru2 ni pulak ada yang dapat anugerah khas bahasa Inggeris di slah sebuah tertiary centre di UK.
    Masa Inggeris menjajah tanah melayu dulu , orang Putih tak bagi peluang pada orang Melayu untuk maju, walaupun orang Melayu yang pandai dan bijak pun tak di berikan peluang melopori bidang Science, kritikal dll yang seumpamanya. Di suruhnya buat bidang2 sastera .Mereka bukan apa, tak nak orang Islam maju, satu dunia..itu je.

    Sudah lah tu,berhentikan semua Malay dan Islam Bashing ni. Jangan kacau kami.Faham!!!

    Terima kasih Rocky, informasi yang bagus, dah lama tak dengar ucapan Idola saya, rindu dah.

    Dari Safiah

  5. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Dream on you nincompoop Malays.
    Try something else more challenging.

    Pissed-off Malay

  6. PREACHER!!!12:47 am

    wats this....another 50 years of dignifying malay wats that has brought us?we still stuck in the third world..

  7. malays can stand on their own 2 feet, all they need to do is break away from the mental cuffs which is put on them that says they are weak and need help. can do attitude and passion can take Malays beyond any borders but they must be willing to compete on equal terms which they can. do not listen to the malays are weak theory cos that is required for those who want to benefit from easy money which makes them even more lazy and greedy.

  8. I'm sick of those people who likes to bash the Malay rights.

    I have no problem with such privileges, though as a non-Malay myself I have not directly benefited from it.

    My race still make banks without any special privilege, except the fact that we have been given the right of citizenship, among others, and I'm truly grateful for it.

    Young people nowadays they really don't know how to appreciate the facts and legal originality behind it, or maybe they have no knowledge about it, or worse, learning with the view to abuse and not looking it in an objective manner.

    I have a lot of Malay friends in my business networking and they are a group of Malay entrepreneurs whom I reckon as genuine entrepreneurs.

    We worked together and complimenting each other to expand our businesses internationally. Mind you their privileges means nothing at the global stage but yet they paved their way to success.

    Well true enough some of them are rubbish and ass lickers,especially those who are clingy to politicians too much but heck, that kind of nonsense also an issue amongst us ok. I'm so exasperated with whats going on with ACCCIM!

    My point here is that why are we moving backward? Back to square one?

    Haven't your grand dad told u how difficult life was back then in China? But for the Malays agreeing with British to accept us here as rakyat, we wouldnt be here enjoying most of the cakes of equity (no offence to all my Malay friends, but its the fact).

    If the Malays want to do something to dignify their race or whatsoever, let them be.

    Let's work together, and not against each other.

    Be mature, be wise, use your brain.

  9. Anonymous5:12 am

    The Tycoon mentality is whats lacking among the Chinese nowadays. Thats the problem.

    Most 'i am malaysian but i am not behaving like on' chinese nowadays are just to kiasu. want want want. but dont want to give give give.

  10. Anonymous5:12 am

    The Tycoon mentality is whats lacking among the Chinese nowadays. Thats the problem.

    Most 'i am malaysian but i am not behaving like one' chinese nowadays are just too kiasu. want want want. but dont want to give give give.

  11. Anonymous5:21 am

    Yo anon 6.13, what tongkat ur talking about?

    Aren't malaysian chinese and indian happy enough with the income they earned?

    Apa lagi lu orang mau?

  12. Anonymous7:53 am

    'melayu' maknanya dalam bahasa jawa'pelarian' i.e. refugee

    and now want to talk big like 'ketuanan melayu'

    how can a refugee be a Tuan?

  13. najib manaukau9:15 am

    A blogger of Rocky recently is now claiming the Orang Asli is also another kind of Malay but he failed to mention what kind of Malay is the Head Hunter.
    The third kind or may be even the fourth kind ? How many kinds of Malays are there ?
    And why only now the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters are call Malays ? If they are indeed Malays, is the Malays trying to justify to themselves and to the world that they are not pendatang ?
    I will now refresh my challenge to the bloggers to have their DNA tested if they are pure Malays or even related to the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters they are now claiming to be also Malays.
    Also why was it and still isn't there any kind of NEP implemented for them or any kind of assistance implemented for them. Also may I ask how many Orang Asli and Head Hunters were and are sent for further studying in the local and also foreign varsities just like millions of Malays ?
    And if they are indeed Malays why is it that pariah Mahathir once said that just like the Brits that took control of Australia from the natives and call it their own. Likewise the Malays also took over the control of Malaysia from these natives and call it its own ? How come he never said then the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters were also Malays to justify the control of Malaysia by the Malay ?
    May be the pariah was not authorised to say that on the Malays' behalf as he is only a half Malay or a Mamak at best. Or may be the blogger should go and give pariah Mahathir a few lessons in history of Malaysia. Also to tell him that the Chinese were brought to Malaysia by the Brits as slaves. That was the kind of knowledge of Malaysian history your blogger has or was taught by the Malay Institution. Please may I suggest if the blogger does not know any thing about history of Malaysia, he should say nothing and no one will ever say anything negatives about the blogger.
    The blogger also failed to tell me how the Sultanate of Johore came about ?
    Who was the first Johore Sultan before he came to 'establish' Johore and Singapore.
    Khairy should now instead focus on getting the pendatang themselves how to be less malicious first before trying to become Malaysian leaders. Self praise is no praise at all.
    How can people like these ever hope or wish to become leaders ? Calling people names and threaten them to cut off their limbs and harm to their bodies whenever they cannot win an argument or convince their fellow bloggers of what they have got to say.
    What kind of society Malaysia will be with people like these around ?

  14. antutongkat9:53 am

    Anon 6:13PM

    Yeah, remove the "tongkat". Why not we start with the BASIC TONGKAT first, which is TONGKAT BAHASA?

    You guys still cannot speak fluent BAHASA KEBANGSAAN KAAAA? This Tongkat Bahasa have been given to you all "pendatangs" in the Courts for 10 years!! Even after 10 years you "pendatangs" still need to clutch to this TONGKAT BAHASA !!!

  15. Anonymous9:53 am


    NEW YORK (AP) -- One of America's wealthiest men was among six hedge fund managers and corporate executives arrested Friday in a hedge fund insider trading case that authorities say generated more than $25 million in illegal profits and was a wake-up call for Wall Street. Raj Rajaratnam, who has both U.S. and Sri Lankan citizenship, a portfolio manager for Galleon Group, a hedge fund with up to $7 billion in assets under management, was accused of conspiring with others to use insider information to trade securities in several publicly traded companies.

    Rajaratnam -- born in Sri Lanka and a graduate of University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business -- has been described as a savvy manager of billions of dollars in technology and health care hedge funds at Galleon, which he started in 1996. The firm is based in New York City with offices in California, China, Taiwan and India. He lives in New York.

    Also charged in the scheme are Rajiv Goel, 51, of Los Altos, Calif., a director of strategic investments at Intel Capital, the investment arm of Intel Corp. and Anil Kumar, 51, of Santa Clara, Calif., a director at McKinsey & Co. Inc.

  16. This is only marginally better than that 'longest ketupat' attempt.

    Litle wonder we are losing out on all sorts of competitive edge to our neighbours, indulging in trivial pursuits.

    That Dr.M should participate in this nonsense is all the more worrying!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  17. antutongsang9:58 am

    Tycoon is a Malaysian like me!

    Anon 6:13 and the rest similar, are in the same "tongkang", i.e. "PENDATANG!!!!", balik tongsang you mafakers!!!

    Me and Tycoon shall live happier in our land called Malaysia without you ungrafetul beings called PENDATANGS!!!

  18. Anonymous10:55 am

    TQ The Tycoon,

    Yes, who's perfect? We should the strong, weak, fair, dark, warts-and-all agree to work for a better future.
    (1 Malaysia? The World)

    But there's still the noisest amongst us. It's hard to understand how the Malay/ institution bashers contribute to building a multi-racial nation. To add just a little to The Tycoon, the bashers include so many Malays who wouldn't be given a second look now if they'd not enjoyed the fruits of government affirmative policies. Just ask their Indonesian maids whose earnings are the only hope for their children's education, even primary school.

    This is just our comments. We really hope the best/ Tycoon mentality and success from the next generation.

    Haji M Zin, A Gajah
    'Minority' (Saluran 1) voter

  19. give and take la.

    fair but not equal.

  20. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Frustrated lots are always amongst us, regardless of race. Contented and wanting peace will make us go further. But idiots are always cropping to form a fare share from every race... Humans… that is Us.


  21. Anonymous1:45 pm

    lu betul2 kuat bodek la cockybrudu


  22. Anonymous2:33 pm


    This najib manaukau fellow appears a dangerous fellow. He has behaved the same in previous posts. He uses the term "Head Hunters" to refer to the natives of Sarawak. Surely he knows they have ceased the practice a long time ago and resent being called so.

    He tries to make fun of the archaeologists and other experts' classification of "Proto-Malays" and "Deutero-Malays". Despite being explained the historical facts. And he writes in one long paragraph, perhaps to confuse the issue after he has made insults, snide remarks and innuendos. He must be cautioned that he cannot say just anything he likes, offends and insults people. If he comes out of blogosphere and says those things, he would not last long either among the Malays or the natives of Sarawak.

    He kept asking about how the Sultanate of Johore came about? Yet he didn't tell his version of that. We all know the established version of history. He may have the subversive Chin-Peng-is-a-nationalist versions. Or that which perhaps tries to say that Singapore was founded by and established by the Chinese!

    He also asked who was the first Johore Sultan before he came to 'establish' Johore and Singapore. Again, without giving his version of "history", planting innuendos to distract readers from established history. He is probably implying that the Johor Sultanate, which came from "the wandering Bugis Princes plying the Rhiau Archipelago" a long time ago, as pirates and the like. He reads a little, here and there, heard about one or two things and start planting half truths, sowing distrust, tries to pit the Dayaks against the Malays and so on. He, indeed, is a dangerous, subversive and seditious fellow. He should be hauled in and kept in Kamunting Detention Camp.

    He probably read in a blog about the migration of people from Yunan into the Peninsular and beyond thousands of years ago. Now he exploits that, asking the Malays to do DNA. Again, he didn't state the exact purpose. He just wants to mock at the Malays as probably coming from China. What a skewed and demented fellow, this one is.

    It's time wasting to engage in discussion with this bloke. He is hardcore racist, anti-Malay and all. This writing is merely to tell him, on a one-off basis, that he cannot get away with saying what he likes without being told what he is.

    Disagreeing with Tun Dr Mahathir is his business. But insulting TDM, a former PM, about his racial origin etc is our business. We must not have this kind of blokes in our midst in Malaysia. The time will come when he missteps in other than blogosphere. Then we know what to do with him.


  23. Anonymous3:03 pm


    My comment addressed to you all Folks, regarding najibmanaukau:

    the natives of Sarawak (and Sabah) are also called Bumiputeras.


  24. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Not all Malaysian needs to depend on affirmative action to achieve success in any field. For example the owner of a big transport company would definitely no longer needs another affirmative policy to make more business. The same also applies to their close family and friends. They were given privilege to have this and that when the others are not that lucky.


  25. Anonymous4:26 pm


    Pious Chinglot

  26. najib manaukau6:51 pm


    You keep calling me name but you still have not the courage to take up my challenge to have your DNA tested to prove you are indeed a Malay or related to the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters. Come on is it so hard to have your DNA tested to prove you all are pure Malays and not pendatang !
    You suggested, just like the pariah, to have me locked up in Taiping but isn't that what it was created. Just to shut us them up for telling the truth ? As for your story that the Chinese were brought in as slaves by the Brits,
    is that a fact and recorded in your history books and written by a Malay Institution.

    Would you also be kind enough to tell me when was slavery allowed in Malaysia according to your history since I do not seem to know Malaysian history at all ?
    Or I am behind with such new facts and Malaysian history ? Please remember a descendant of African slave is now the president of America and a Nobel Prize winner.
    Are you guys now is saying that pariah Mahathir did not know what he was saying
    when he claimed that the Malays, just like the Brits who took control of Australia, also took control of Malaysia from the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters and call it their own.
    If there were indeed Malays, why was there the need for the Malays to take over the control of Malaysia from them ?
    Why do they look so different from the Malays, they don't look at all like the Pakistani that pariah Mahathir looks like. He may be your ex-P.M but he is never my P.M. and never will. The worse thing is his descendants are going to be come Chinese. His tainted blood should be kept in the sewage tank, where it rightly belongs,
    In the many years I was in Malaysia I have never once heard of the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters addressed as Malays. Why ? Is it to get rid of being called pendatang ?

    One more thing how come Australia, America and India plus the many countries you guys mentioned in your bloggs do not have a NEP like in Malaysia ?
    The pariah said in his interview on T.V. the NEP is to correct the imbalance. But isn't there poor non Malays and was it the job of the P.M. to implement a policy to look after them too ? Once more I am not against helps for the Malays. In fact my Che'ku a Malay in school was and still is the kindest person I ever met in all my life. But I am most resentful of the so called NEP for not taking care of the non Malays. The policy did not even allow my three nephews admission to MU to do the courses they want. My brother had to beg and borrow to have his children sent abroad for their University educations.
    To day they are all top professionals and even have professional Australians working under them.
    These will never happen in Malaysia especially when one of them had a class mate who did so much worse than him in his exam was admitted to do a the subject of his choice. Yet to day he is not in the profession he once aspired.
    The Malaysian government in recent time had gone to offer my three nephews, with lots of incentives, to return to serve in Malaysia. Of course my brother would not allow the three children to return to serve in Malaysia and once more being called the pendatang by the pendatang.

  27. skilgannon10668:33 pm


    My history books tell me that Admiral Cheng Ho escorted a Chinese princess to Malacca. She married the Sultan at the time.

    Their descendants must be mixed Malay-Chinese, right? With royal bloodlines from both sides.

    It seems that at the time, Malay royalty was not immune to the charms of female Chinese royalty!

    Unless, of course, the history books are all wrong.

  28. NoMalayApologist1:44 am

    Why is it when we talk about dignifying Malays, we bring in these circus acts?
    The dignified Malay already exists...
    however many are uncelebrated..
    There are many Malay doctors, surgeons, intellectuals, bankers, businessmen, economists, journalists, civil servants, politicians, artists, engineers, scientists,writers, community workers etc.
    However, for some reason, they are rarely recognised by the Government.
    This is a serious question to ponder...why are they not recognised?
    Is it out of jealousy, or ostracisation by the Malays themselves, where the talented are always labelled as "not a true Malay" or "arrogant"? Is it because our previous English "Masters" have imprinted on us a sense of low esteem, and the idea that no Malay could ever be better than any other race in the world.
    Or is it because many talented Malays are humble and have no need of such recognition?
    Or is it that the Malays in power in the government today are so insecure of their own qualities that they are jealous of successful Malays to the point of never recognising their contributions and achievements?
    Or is it that those in power have no idea at all of what accounts for true talent?
    I hope its not all of the above!!

  29. NoMalayApologist1:53 am

    Just a short reply to one of najibmanukau;s comments

    "But I am most resentful of the so called NEP for not taking care of the non Malays. The policy did not even allow my three nephews admission to MU to do the courses they want."

    This is not an NEP or racist issue..even Malays have a hard time getting into courses they want...this is more a question of limited places in popular courses

  30. "It seems that at the time, Malay royalty was not immune to the charms of female Chinese royalty!"

    Yes, ur sooo very right Skill, they're STILL coming here in droves to become prostitutes. That profession still never changes for the Chinese ladies, am i right?

  31. Anonymous12:01 am

    najib manaukau,

    This planet does dot belongs to any human being. Not the Whites neither the dark ones. In fact none of you and your ancestors created this planet!

    If that the case then, by right, no individual or groups have rightful claim to any part of Earth and named it as Europe, America, Australia, China, India etc. Why should they? Or are you saying that they could proof those lands are really theirs through DNA analysis?


  32. Anonymous12:16 am

    najibmanaukau said,

    "The policy did not even allow my three nephews admission to MU to do the courses they want."

    At least we can say that you are "cakap tak serupa bikin." Last time I heard that you and your friends were grumbling on the standard of local U was not up to your expectation!

    If that the case then what make you feel so bad when ur nephew failed to get admission into MU? Economic recession? Hypocrite?


  33. Anonymous1:08 pm

    To those anti anything malays wtf why not just throw away your Malaysian passport and migrate to your own choice of Land of Eden like those stranded BOC...

    So, if your fate end up being like those 'BOC people' whom had throw away their Malaysian nationality, do you think your motherland will still accept you? or just end up being a no-land-man on no-man-land?

    If those BOC were given a 3rd chance to choose their nationality..which country would they apply?
    China/India definitely their last choice, of course..

    After all.. these people loved to be a pendatang, coz they used to looked like a pendatang, sound like a pendatang and behaved like a pendatang..

    They do not know anything what's it all about being a "bumiputera".. coz their very own ancestors self-exiled themselves from their motherland long time ago..they're breed and brought to the features of pendatang..really opportunist & ungrateful bunch of bad genes..

    Ada otak fikir..kalau tak boleh fikir baik pergi mampus saja..jgn bagi org majoriti di sini sakit hati..ada faham?

    Do not worry, and keep on going at this rate with this sentiments... the tongkat will be given to you pendatang people very soon..serve in silver platter and we shall help to shove it in your ass for your pleasure since you people are so obsessed with whatever tongkat.. its just a matter of time, meanwhile please be patient..

    p/s: We all should thanx the chinese for supplying the world with their product of red meat between the legs..this one melamine free..just like air asia everybody can f@*k! Credit should be given where it is due..and that is about being fair.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  34. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Nzain said...
    That profession still never changes for the Chinese ladies, am i right?
    10:48 AM

    Idiot - And there are no malay prostitutes???? Ahmadinejad said there are no homos in Iran.....they are a ver hol(e)y people

  35. Anonymous4:02 pm

    as i expected this post surely will attracts all kind of rabid anti-malays.

    najib manakau...quite a dull life on tongkang with kali huh?hehe,look at this malaysian with chinese ancestry.true malaysian,the tycoon you remind me of my friend.he speaks good bahasa and perfect kedah dialect.I hope you too.

    to first anon,what about you tongkat?
    SJKC and SJKT tongkat.
    mandarin tongkat.
    monopoly gula tongkat.
    DUN and parlimen tongkat.

    so many tongkat???so lame.


  36. skilgannon10666:30 pm


    I hear you!

    However, you conveniently left out the part about the Malay royalty of the day succumbing to the charms of a Chinese princess. It takes two hands to clap, right?

    Or, maybe, the sight of Admiral Cheng Ho's little armada convinced him that discretion was better than valour? Which may be the first recorded instance of Chinese military superiority in the peninsula!!!!!!

    anti whatever

    I am not surprised by your posturings. In order to re-orient what's left of your intellect, I suggest you peruse, carefully, the following:

    - World Economic Forum competitiveness report
    - World Bank doing business report
    - UN quality of life rankings
    - World Economic Forum survey of financial systems & capital markets
    - Times HES world university rankings

    and report back, in this thread, your analysis and conclusions thereof.

    Surely that should be a piddling matter to a person with your perspicacity, intellect and passion for facts and figures, yes?

    Not to mention an addiction to red meat.


  37. najib manaukau7:19 pm

    To Antihipokrit,

    My run down of MU is of the present standard of MU.
    At the time when my nephews were applying to go in, it was one of the top varsities in this part of the world. The medical degree was recognised then by the British Medical Society and many other countries. As soon as the pariah refused to accept their requirements not to get politics involved in the grading plus also to lower the standard in the passing of the medical degree as it involves human lives. Failure to agree to their terms was that the degree would not be recognised by them.

    Needless to say the recognition was withdrawn when the pariah would not comply as it would mean his plan and his NEP were disrupted.
    The pariah's reason was that doctors trained in Malaysia are meant for Malaysian and he wasn't concerned if the degree was not recognised elsewhere.
    Typical of this pariah !
    All that took place before my nephews applied to be admitted to study at MU. My nephews would not have done so now that the Malaysian medical degree is no longer recognised in so many advanced countries. Is this the reason why yearly there are so many litigation in
    Malaysia involving Malaysian trained doctors and the patients they killed in the process of treatment. My nephews would not have even considered applying to study for degrees that are not recognised in many other countries even for free.
    Do all that answer your question ?

  38. Anonymous10:20 pm

    najib manaukau said...

    "Is this the reason why yearly there are so many litigation in
    Malaysia involving Malaysian trained doctors and the patients they killed in the process of treatment."

    If that is your perception about the local medical industries then why don't you read this two articles for comparison. Yes, only two out of so many that had been published by the NYT.

    1. At V.A. Hospital, a Rogue Cancer Unit

    Jessica Kourkounis for The New York Times

    Published: June 20, 2009

    For patients with prostate cancer, it is a common surgical procedure: a doctor implants dozens of radioactive seeds to attack the disease. But when Dr. Gary D. Kao treated one patient at the veterans’ hospital in Philadelphia, his aim was more than a little off.

    Dr. Gary D. Kao is responsible for most of the errors, investigators say.

    It was a serious mistake, and under federal rules, regulators investigated. But Dr. Kao, with their consent, made his mistake all but disappear.

    2. Differing Sides of Physician Who Tended to Jackson

    HOUSTON — Dr. Conrad Murray, who became famous for treating Michael Jackson just before the star’s death, has been sued more than a dozen times for claims including breach of contract and unpaid child support. Yet he has never been sued for malpractice.

    Investigators searched the home of Dr. Conrad Murray in the Red Rock Country Club development in Las Vegas on July 28.

    The court record highlights two often-contradictory sides of the man at the center of the controversy over Mr. Jackson’s death from an overdose of sedatives.

    Dr. Murray, 56, is under investigation for his role in administering various sedatives to Mr. Jackson in the hours before he went into cardiac arrest on the morning of June 25

    So, I hope ur nephew don't get their degree under direct supervision from the above fellas.


  39. Anonymous10:35 pm


    If the above does not catch your eyes, what about this one:

    Patel patients targeting police minister

    October 22, 2007 -- Sydney Morning Herald

    Former patients of rogue surgeon Jayant Patel have called for the Queensland police minister and police commissioner to be stood down over their handling of the case against the doctor's former supervisor.

    The Queensland government is attempting to extradite Dr Patel from his home in the United States to face several charges including manslaughter, grievous bodily harm, negligence and fraud.

    The Indian-trained doctor has been linked to the deaths of at least 17 patients.


  40. Anonymous8:58 am

    Sedang kita org melayu asyik bergaduh sesama sendiri...cina sekarang sibuk rampas hak melayu sampai tanah wakaf pun dikebasnya. Refer:

    Bukan kat pulau je, pegi check selangor...tak caya pegi tgk perbelanjaan ADUN cina je yg kebanyakan utk komuniti cina je..melayu melopong je la...

    BTW, hak melayu is for melayu to decide...kaum lain tu apa dok busuk hati kacau hak org lain.. sape racist sebenarnya? fikirlah sendiri

  41. NoMalayApologist11:53 pm

    Quoting najibmanaukau
    "My run down of MU is of the present standard of MU"

    How do you measure this so called decline in standard?
    I believe you are biased...reminiscing on the good old days...people tend to think their own time of youth as the best times..thats why you have grandfather stories starting with "when I was your age"

    MU today has more students, more local lecturers, more facilities, more international students (yes...many are from the 3rd world...whats wrong with shows good contact and good rapport with regional neighbours...and it shows that other developing countries aspire to be like'll only say something good when good old Tuan Putih visits)
    You want to blame English on University lecturers?
    They should have been learning English in Primary and Secondary school. Lecturers in Univ are only there to guide, not hold your hand...the students are already adults! English courses are there, and its up to the student to have the initiative to take it. Or do you want more money spent to implement another time-wasting, compulsory,crash course for the students?

  42. Anonymous12:51 pm

    - World Economic Forum competitiveness report
    - World Bank doing business report
    - UN quality of life rankings
    - World Economic Forum survey of financial systems & capital markets
    - Times HES world university rankings

    Hello skillo fuckhead the economist..still u do not know your enemies, eh?

    I'm in charge of the synical dept. Warrior231 head the fact & figure dept. He seem to be on leave now. Tired lah covering portfolio..

    Instead of throwing all your stale material in raw form to me, why not you cook it for my pleasure to taste & judge it..
    You want to cook what? nasi goreng? bak kuh teh? babi panggang?
    Be precise lah..mind you i don't eat babi. Babi eater is different.

    Basic rule of debating: Be precise on your topics, mangkuk..
    last time you cook something about economy with Warrior & SatD as judges..they were so damn piss off with the shit taste of your cooking and start shoving your ass with the spatula upside down for insulting the whole chef profession..

    Yeah, i'm a bumiputera , i'm so damn "lazy"..its a standard feature for "bumiputera" everywhere in this world except Japan perhaps..We are "reactive"..unlike you "active" provocating pendatang..

    Still remember shoving your ass with something about Petronas and PetroChina long time ago..hehehe

    Too much red meat may not be good for health..but to say someone to be addict on his staple food is so damn stupid & ridiculous..

    but still, i pity on a "vegetarian" like you lah, Skillo..where's your beef? No answer for sure..kah..kah..kah..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  43. skilgannon10665:17 pm


    I seem to recall that a certain prominent member of the Malaysian royalty recently sought medical treatment in Singapore and was warded for a considerable period of time in the royal ward of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital there.

    A Singapore newspaper even showed a photo of the royal smiling from his hospital bed.

    I can even hazard a guess that the specialists that attended to this particular royal are mostly Singaporeans.

    So, can we say that as far as this particular royal family is concerned, they rate the standard of medical care in Singapore higher than that in Malaysia?

    Just asking, ah. Don't be shy to answer. Simple question, right?

  44. skilgannon10669:33 am

    anti whatever

    The topic of this thread is "Dignifying Malays".

    Don't fret - I am putting together the ammo, since you seem to be mentally challenged to pull it all together.

    Oh, btw - I note that Nzain chose not to reply to my point about Admiral Cheng Ho's armada being possibly the first instance of China projecting it's military superiority in the Malay peninsula. Care to take up the cudgels on his behalf?

  45. Anonymous11:56 am

    To skilgannon1066,

    Are you sure that Singaporean doctors? Like we don't know what your government doing with the population policy? Of importing foreign talent (singapork like to call them trash!). With out singapore being on the middle of road, there is no way singapore will like now, with or without LKY or chinkis! Imagine if singapore location is on the tip of timor-leste?

  46. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Actually, what ever race you are, its irrelevant because as a human being and person, we don't choose it or decided on it, we were born with it.

    For those "pendatang" that don't like the policy, well, actually "karma" have re-occurred in Singapore, just ask how the Singaporean Chinese attitude about foreigner (mostly PRC) there, then you know how the Malay would feel.

    Its funny how the cycle continue, the immigrant in Singapore (Singaporean Chinese), now in siege by the new immigrant (PRC Chinese). Truly a Karma...

  47. Anonymous9:06 pm

    skilgannon1066 said...

    "I seem to recall that a certain prominent member of the Malaysian royalty recently sought medical treatment in Singapore and was warded for a considerable period of time in the royal ward of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital there.

    "So, can we say that as far as this particular royal family is concerned, they rate the standard of medical care in Singapore higher than that in Malaysia?


    Many Singaporeans come down to JB during the weekend or public holiday for shopping and sight seeing. Are you going to say that occurrence have something to do with quality of certain products or services over there (their own country)?

    People can buy a product (such as toothpaste A) from the grocery store but at times they also buy the same product (toothpaste A) from the hypermarket. Are you saying toothpaste A from the grocery store are of lower quality from that of the hypermarket?

    LKS is entitle for treatment in first class ward, what would be his reaction if the hospital reception simply put him into the third class ward? Are you going to tell him this: "that is good for you YB LKS, at least you can mix around with your supporters in the 3rd class ward."

    Regardless of the class of ward a patient is admitted into, treatment for fever is still the same ie they were given 'panadol' for that. Based on your assumption those doctors who work in Singapore are of different quality. If that so, are you assuming internist down south were using something else for treating fever instead of panadol?


  48. skilgannon106612:33 pm


    You are waffling instead of answering my question: why did this particular Malaysian royal choose to get medical treatment in reputedly the most expensive private hospital in Singapore instead of seeking treatment in Malaysia?

    To use your analogy of shopping, I see plenty of Malaysian-registered cars in the car parks of the major shopping malls in Singapore, especially during the Great Singapore Sale. Can we say that Malaysians who choose to shop in Singapore, especially at the top malls where branded goods reign, are making a lifestyle choice?

    Or are you equating choosing where to get medical care to buying toothpaste from a supermarket, hypermarket or mom-and-pop kedai down the road?

    Your analogies are so asinine that they defy comprehension.

    And, yes, I have no qualms in saying that the standards of medical care and hospitals in Singapore are way higher than in Malaysia. Go visit a typical government-subsidised polyclinic in Singapore and compare it against a government polyklinik in Malaysia. Or compare the Spore General Hospital against the KL Hospital.

    Let's not even talk about the standards of medical education and medical specialists in the two countries. Or the medical schools recognised by the governments of Malaysia and Singapore.

    So, what do you have to say?

  49. skilgannon10668:49 pm

    Part A

    It is indeed strange that this thread is about "Dignifying Malays". Should it not be about "Dignifying Malaysians"?

    Or did that get lost in translation somewhere?

    Which, given the level of English prevalent amongst the politicians, isn't exactly surprising.

    Be that as it may, it is often thought that dignity has to be earned, not demanded or awarded by fiat or decree.

    Should not a country's dignity be equated with that country's standing in the international pecking order?

  50. Anonymous11:06 pm

    I have given you the most appropriate analogy and with that I had fully answered your question. Full stop.

    If you couldn't comprehend those analogies, it only reveal one thing: you will never satisfy unless I say "yes, you are right".

    The thing is you will never hear that kind of remark from me especially to people like you. You think that you are smarter than me but in actual fact, sorry to say, that you are not.

    Again if you don't even know the meaning of "entitlement", what else can I say except this one: "it is good time for you to go back to school".


  51. Anonymous10:12 am

    Hey skillo..

    Everytime why only do the questioning and other need to answer you? you think we're in charge of the information counters?

    The royalties & some politicians seek treatment outside Malaysia is just becoz of something of their own personal..risk of sabotage..accountability & liability and mainly - the medical record confidentiality (record are only traded between their own private doctors and the medical institution..the public know ziltch..just like hollywood star,eh?

    .. and apart from that..the privillege to lavish tax payers's money for the bill..

    That's all..understand? To go beyond it speculating and drunkard spinning about there is lot better, here is looser is just a mental total stupidity..

    Coronary bypass, endoscopic , endogram, wtf procedure are the same worldwide..same equipment,all European & US made, same qualification doctors & probably graduated from the same University only work in different places..

    Even India is also better that anywhere developed nation in terms of availability of " human spare-parts"..

    So, even if you have a 1st up sky class facilities.. without the spare parts available.. you will still be dead, die in a bed of roses for a different perhaps with extra cost, eh? That's all..?

    ..only final result matters..there is no such thing as God Kingdom in this world..if there is, everybody would go there for a 2nd wtf?

    Hey skillo, i also got one question that keep on mind boggling my head..

    about that Cheng Ho guy lah..

    How come he was elevated at a very high post as the Fleet Admiral of Ming Emperor?

    Wonder why was it so possible at that time, the acceptance & tolerance level are so damn high compared to everybody today....In history, just becoz of differences, the 1st Chinese Emperor had ordered to burn all those Confucious books..

    He is a muslim and not even a Han, and his historical account retained his original identity for the world to he is more muslim than the malays at that time..

    Can you explain and englighthen me about that, skillo...? Pls la.. You're a should know it better than a malay like me..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  52. Skill

    Sigh. How la to reply to your incorrect version of Malaccan history?

    Sultan Mansur Shah who made Li Po (there are no Imperial records that stated she was ever a princess)his consort reigned Malacca around 1456-1477.

    Admiral Zheng Ho, who btw had a Muslim name of Ma Ho, his father being a Muslim Haji had taken the family name of Ma as to represent the Prophet Muhammad, made his seventh and last vogage around 1431-1433. Some records stated he died around 1433-1445

    They never met.

    The good Admiral commanded what the Chinese described as Treasure Fleets, mostly used for trade and barter but also for explorations and expeditions. The only 2 battles ever recorded in his diary was against savage pirates around Sumatra during his 2nd voyage and against the King of Ceylon( Sri Lanka)on his 3rd voyage.
    He made his last voyage in 1431-1433 which included an attempt to promote peaceful relations between Malacca and Siam. Which was succesful.
    The Chinese just had a superior hold in trade, explorations and goodwill missions,but not so much for military presence. I admit though that Zheng Ho was the greatest and most glorious Chinese explorer of all times.
    And a Muslim.'re not smarter than a 5th grader.