Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peter Slipper says sorry to ex Prime Minister

"I didn't know what I was talking about". Peter Sugumaran from Paya Besar division admits to The Malay Mail that he was the one behind the Garland of Slippers idea. He's remorseful and wants to apologize to Dr Mahathir.

Read the story here.


Anonymous said...


he thought samy will protect him, now he kena victimised

the slippers should still be thrown at him

atanjamilselamat said...

in this auspicious month lets us forgive and forget. 1Malaysia would be meaningless otherwise.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

Cepat benar sedar diri? Hmmmm

Hai nanti SB mai check latar belakang susah nanti. Hina Negarawan is no small matter.

Balik rumah cepat teliti semua dokumen diri dan dokumen2 keluarga? Semuanya beres and in proper order? tulin? Ori? Bukan melalui ajen?


donplaypuks® said...

You should first apologise to Muniandy!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of Ramadhan and the incoming Eidulfitri celebrations it is about time we leave the issue behind and moves forwards.

Dua Sen

pakteh adam said...



Itulah kandungan sebahagian besar kualiti apa yang terpacul daripada mulut mulut pemimpin dan penyokong PR.

Yang dia tahu, benci, dendam dan berangan angan menjadi barisan kepimpinan negara bagi menjalankan hukuman keatas musuh politik, musuh hati mereka yang penuh dengan benci dan dendam yang tidak dapat di kenalpasti kenapa perasaan tersebut wajar diberi perhatian dan diperbincangkan seterusnya untuk diselesaikan.

Anonymous said...

An Indian saying sorry to another Indian, this is an Indian problem anyway so it must be solved by Indians.

Both their grandfather knows only India as their country of birth but the grandsons life was very different. One became a member of MIC the other became a member of UMNO who eventually climb to became a PM.

Indian are great.

Anonymous said...

Dont get taken up. Forked tongue Bru. Or Shall I be a racist and say a toddy tongue.

But having said so, I don't think Tun Mahathir needs rooting for. He is totally capable of holding his own. This Slipper Peter is too small for Tun to be concerned with.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a group of people from one community have this disease.

Anonymous said...

Hey peter something...i dont even want to know your name???bear this in your fcking mind...
this fellow is surely RPK friend...
each of you can go and fcuk each and other backside....

Tan says

Anonymous said...

as long as he's sincere.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah,

As usual racist biggot aka pendatang will say this is only "my personal opinion". If Malay says that, I guarantee, the whole fucking world will say, that malay is a racist.

[anti hipokrit]

Anonymous said...

Once ouT of THST, you tagged, once in, you BETRAYED.
Come on lah bro !
You are a self server first, then you swing with the winner!
Please stop the SPINNING.

Anonymous said...

Like they say always say, it takes a strong man to say sorry.

Though what the guy said is hurtful, we should no longer dwell on the matter.

It's nearing the end of Ramadhan - time for forgiveness.


Anonymous said...

Peter Slipper is Samy Vellu's fall guy. I dont think this guy can even think. He only did what he was told. Find the pupper master behind.

Anonymous said...

After he sober up from todi, now he wants to say sorry to Tun. He reminds me of a very good Indian friend.Will say anything once alcohol drowned him...he even will tell me of how he screwed his wife the other night.Pundek punya orang.

Anonymous said...

if we may suggest all future MIC meetings (from branch to federal level) all member must be freed of samsu otherwise same thing will happen again and again

Tarak Faham Punya

apanama said...

Why UMNO is so quiet? BN should kick MIC out and admit IPF as MIC is no longer a party that represents the Indians in this country.
MIC is a Sendirian Berhad company that is wholly owned by Datuk Seri Samy Vellu & Family.
I'm bloody sure that 11 out of 10 Indians in Malaysia do not support MIC under the current leadership, and the future leaders look as scary as the current batch if not worse.
MIC has reached a point of no return. Kick MIC out or risk the spread of a political cancer.

anakbukitgantang said...


Anonymous said...

I believe him when he said he didn't know what he was talking about.

He was reading from a text prepared by Samy Velu !!


antubiul said...

Haiya Peter Selipar , just say 'It god act' and escape the gallow like what your beloved Samy no Value no more does.

wwf said...

Sorry bro but I've stopped buying Malay Mail as it has been all about politics since you took over. It's becoming boring.

Anonymous said...

NOW when is those who paraded the cow head going to apoligise to the Indian community???

One-sided Umnos

bronaga said...

maybe this super slipper man, just having his samsu before his talk show...yeah why not cheers mate..hehe you stupid kaodang..., i keep on wondering what the hell this MIC still doing in BARISAN..

Anonymous said...

Punish MIC!!! Kurang ajar


Anonymous said...

Aiyah, enuf of this petty slipper thing.

That fler already says sorry la!

When the penan childrens & women got raped & left to die in hunger, yet that najib bugger do nothing...

Anonymous said...


Curious why you did not say a word when the "Semuanya OK" ex-MB Selangor presented a broom to a Municipal Council President?? Oops, forgot that time you were not wearing "I am an UMNO spinner" cap...what a joke Rocky...

Anak Omak said...

Tak usah cayo.

KJ sebona yang ngatur Dr Mahathir dihina di Perhimpunan MIC.

Baca sini

Anonymous said...

Typical Samy Vellu's diehard supporter. Cowdung in the head.

Non-partisan said...

Let us not be hypocrites.

Whilst we strongly condemned the MIC idiot who had made disparaging remarks against TDM, an internationally recognised statesman and who had made great contribution to this country, what about those UMNO leaders who had in recent past acted likewise? They set the ball rolling.

If UMNO itself has not shown any further respect for TDM, its own former President for about 22 years can we blame the MIC or other parties?

Nzain said...

I can't stand Anwar, the 2 Lims, that Singh is King family, DAP, PKR, Pakatan, their supporters and fans, and of course, the whole Selangor Government. I wish they would just vanish off the face of the planet.

Oops...what did I say? did I just say all that? Good Lord, what the hey came over me, it all just slipped out of my mouth...of course I didn't mean it. Nooo, nooo. I value these people so much. I would never wish anything bad on them. Never.

ps. now i've got to wash my mouth out for saying I value them so much. Cheh

Anonymous said...

Yes, i believe it when sugumaran said he didn't know what he was talking about. I also believe that mic leaders and members don't know what they are talking about. And lastly, I also believe that people don't know what mic leaders and members are talking about. The indians don't care a damn, the people don't give a shit about mic. That's why mic can terjun lombong beramai-ramai.


abusyukri said...

please do not worry because each of us have got two cheeks.

to err is human and to forgive is divine.

God forgive all the sins except one.So keep your distant guys. The messenger will forgive and forgets.

Since we ain't no messenger or God ,we should emulate them.

No point crying over spilt milk , when the cow are in front of you for the milking.

Forgive, forget and move on to the land of opportunities.

Or sulk , take revenge and progress to nowhere.emm How matured is that...

Okay kids, take your ang pows ,seek forgiveness from the elderly and go play elsewhere..

For the matured ones, God blessed.

Happy eid al mubarak.

Ahlan wa sahlan and marhaban (to the opened houses)

Anonymous said...

Dr M dont care what some drunk tambi said about him. But this mabuk tambi better apologise to the rest of the Malaysians who have better manners who have very high regard for Dr Mahathir. We want some assurance that Samy Velu and the MIC will attend dog training school where someone can teach them to sit, stand, roll over and stuff - you know - basic how to behave in public stuff. They really need it.

eddy said...

Peter the Slipper is not the only one who should be apologising, MIC President Samy who is the man behind this kurang ajar episode should also go with him and apologise as well.

After that Peter the Slipper should be sacked from the MIC and then Samy Vellu takes MIC out of the BN to show to Dr Mahathir that Dr Mahathir was wrong and that Malaysian Indians still love and trust God's gift to Malaysian Indians, Dato' Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu.

I would not worry about MIC joining the Pakatan as with Samy brand of politics he would create trouble anywhere he goes and even Hadi,Kit Siang and Anwar will be wary of him joining.

Samy Vellu and his MIC can then contest the next election on their own and lets see if they can win any state or parliament seats at all without UMNO/BN support.

Anonymous said...

Cakap ikut sedap. tak guna otak mamat ni. sekarang baru nak terhegeh.


km ng said...

Other than don't know what they are talking, may I add most MIC delegates:

1) Don't know what they are doing - they only know how to carry Semi Value balls.

2) -ditto- seeing - they only can see $$$

3) -ditto- thinking - oops, can they think??

Anonymous said...

Sorry no cure !!!!


Anonymous said...

"I didn't know what I was talking about".

Is this something like "It sounds like me but it's not me"?


Mustapha Ong said...

Dear Rocky Bru,

Looks like after a few rounds of political hide n seek, our MIC friend "Sugu or Suku shab" decided to admit that it was a slip of his tongue! An old Indian story, but very difficult to believe if that guy is really admitting from the bottom of his heart.


So Sugu or Suku (one quarter ripe in Chinese),even if Tun is so humble and accepts your open apology, the majority outcry from the people who still adore and respect Tun, the final decision is NO, NO, NO.Humility like charity also begins at home!

Nope, President Samy will still has to bite his tongue and close his mouth and eat the humble pie like Humpty Dumpty.No way, Samy has to personally led an MIC mighty SC Delegation and seek an open public apology from our beloved Tun Mahathir. We shall arrange for a media coverage, including those "kiasu" hostile foreign press agencies to cover the Samy Live Show with Tun Mahathir.

I opined that after more than 30 years as MIC President and having also presided over the MIC Annual Assembly for decades, Samy should realize that being the supreme Assembly Chairman for the two day sessions, he was legally bonded by the Assembly Standing Order. WHY DID HE NOT INTERCEPT SUGU'S SPEECH, AT THE VERY MOMENT WHEN SUGU INSULTED TUN MAHATHIR????


So so sorry dear Samy, the issue remains politically hot and not closed yet although you had suspended sugu's membership, that's an internal decision, but you have yet to resolve the issue directly with Tun Mahathir and intermediary is not accepted o.k.

Anonymous said...

hindraf is the icon and proof of mic failure

Anonymous said...

mereka ni keturunan pendatang

dan dikatakan mengamal sistem kasta

oooppps minta maaf, saya terlepas cakap, saya tak sedar apa yang saya katakan

maaf zahir dan batin, selamat hari raya

Rocky's Bru said...

donplaypuks@ wrote: "You should first apologise to Muniandy!!"


Dear DPP,

Remember the day the MIC youth, abt 100 of them, protested against the MM?

The night before that, I was on the phone with Muneandy, the MIC man and the boss of Indian vendors KL. We discussed the article on MIC caste politics that had riled MIC leaders and we talked about the Malay Mail, how the paper has helped the underdogs and the downtrodden of all race and walk of life.

At the end of the conversation, I told him the Malay Mail would publish an apology to its readers, especially Indian readers, who were hurt by our report on the caste politics in MIC. He was happy and said so.

The very next day, Muneandy lodged a police report against me and my paper!

Now, that bad experience wouldn't have stopped me from apologizing to Muneandy if I was wrong. Thing is, I wrote my posting carefully as not to make a baseless allegation against him. And the minute I got confirmation that the Slipper Man is Peter Sugumaran, I quickly updated my posting.

Muneandy's name was first mentioned by Utusan Malaysia. Peter Sugumaran's name was first mentioned here at Bru.

Thank u and Selamat Hari Raya.

Anonymous said...

Now,it is too late to say sorry as your boss would not be defending you in this incident.You are digging your own grave and only the almighty can help you now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"NOW when is those who paraded the cow head going to apoligise to the Indian community???"

One-sided Umnos

As the Indian comunity in Selangor, we hereby declare that the peoples of SS23 had actually done no wrong to us. It is purely a political ploy by the opposition to create a sense of hate towards the Malay community for political gain.

May God bless you folks (SS 23) and may God curse you the politician's ballickers for trying to instill negative sentiments between us and our Malay brethren.

Peter Ballapan Sundram

Anonymous said...

Nice reply Rocky! It is a Tit for Tat for what Muniandy did to u and MM. I must learn more from you.

Is there such a big deal really when Sugu said gv TDM the selipar? How many times have TDM himself gvn out such remarks? Yes, even as a PM!

UMNO is a bunch of hypocrites. Anyone said anything when one UMNO jerk tore up KTK's pic? Not like I am a fan of KTK, but tearing up a pic is akin to action. Whereas this drunk thambi is only saying it. No action.......yet.

Is TDM crying now? Who is crying? I think TDM cant be bothered with such remarks. Words cant hurt this man.

Dont be a cry baby.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ...Dr M tak ambik pot pun...dia juga kata hari ni yg dia bengang bila org UMNO (ada la Menteri tu) dan juak juak lagi dok kata dia dulu...suruh pecat la dan macam macam...

Takdak pulak hubaya hubaya yg bising...Kaduk oh kaduk...

Anonymous said...

Kah kah kah...

ntv7 nanti hilang lesen ke? ka ka kah

macam mat salleh kata... kill the messenger. ka ka kah

- mat motorola

donplaypuks® said...

"Sep 17, 09 6:15PM

Slipper jibe: Dr M says Umno leaders did worse!

UPDATED 7.45PM The 84-year-old statesman dismisses the insult from a MIC member but recalls how the likes of Nazri Aziz had poured scorn on him in the past." Mkini.

All credit to Dr.M!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Hey, this from Dr M himself:

PUTRAJAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is neither angry nor saddened by the “slipper” insult hurled at him by an MIC member.

The former prime minister said on Thursday that he did not feel anything by it and added: “Nothing would have happened to me.”

Instead, he said he would have felt angry and saddened if such an insult had been made by Umno members.

“This is not the first time I have been insulted. People might have forgotten how Umno leaders had insulted me. Nazri (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz) and the previous mentri besar of Kedah wanted me expelled from Umno.

“However, then no one had any reaction. No one dared to say anything,” he said.

Tun also said:

“I have been with Umno since its formation (except for short spells when he was expelled and when he resigned as a member). The people who talked bad about me weren’t even born yet,” he said.

Dr Mahathir added that if he were back in power now, he would drop these people from the Cabinet.

On Sukumaran’s wish to apologise to him, Dr Mahathir said: “Apologise also okay, don’t want to apologise also don’t matter. It’s only when my own people hurl insults at me that I feel slighted.”

So not only Semi Value and his henchman got to be sacked but those others from UMNO who insulted Tun as well.

Anonymous said...

Good reply Rocky. Tells a lot about this guy's class (or lack of).

Sugumaran didn't know what he was saying at an important MIC wonder MIC is screwed up. This would be funny if not for the fact that this screwed up party spawned Hindraf.

Anyway for Tun M, it's mind over matter. Tun M doesn't mind and Sugumaran and MIC don't matter.


Anonymous said...

Tun M single out Nazri Aziz, now the ball passed to him already, Peter! you are safe by now...


Anonymous said...

There is lesson to be learned here.

(1) When you bodek Samy Vellu by insulting another person, dony assume he will protect you when the shit hit the ceiling.

(2) Samy Vellu will throw you under the car the moment he sense he is in trouble

(3) you can support Samny Vellu, but he will never be your supporter

(4) Samy Vellu will support only when it is advantageous to him

Anonymous said...

I had expected such reaction from such a great Negarawan!

Bayangkan kalau monyet lempar pisang kat kamu, you want to waste time nak paksa dia mohon maaf? 84years old, macam pisang dah dia rasa.

Australia dan Israel pun TunM bedal, what are monkeys to him?

Good or Bad, to me he is one GREAT ORIGINAL LEADER yang susah dicari ganti.

Mohon Maaf? No, the best is to sendiri cermin muka, migrate and never come back ever to Malaysia.

And this poor chicko MIC Pemuda fellow. Ceh baru nak belajar lagu

"one little two little three little @#$*@#,, four little five little six little @#$*@#, seven little eight little nine little @#$*@#, ten little @#$*@# boys" !!

Suruh pi jumpa PM India mungkin terkencing dan terberak dalam seluar ketaq lutut terus demam..


Anonymous said...

takpelah, sure u dont bear any malice. Mahathir is not God, anyway. if Peter suggested the slipper garland on someone else, i wonder whether the outburst will be this big.


Anonymous said...

Mr Rocky's

Sorry to post this comment. Hindu mempunyai banyak kasta. Yang tertinggi adalah gulongan bukan 'pariah'. Kasta pariah terdiri dari gulongan 'good servant' but turns to be 'bad' masters. The British termed the Indians such.


Anonymous said...

peter said the wrong thing....he aplogized. but u fellows r talking like this was the crime of the century. TDM powdered arang on ur faces by saying this was no shit...compared to what the malays did to him....itu baru derhaka betul....u guys shd know abt derhaka more than the others, rite.....
but i dont understand why u link peter to mabuk and drunk n other nonsense.....u orang tak minumkah? hell...kartika tak minum....menteri menteri hangpa tak minum....anak anak menteri tak minum....ur celebrities tak minum.....hell, ur own royalty drinks n clobbers each other to death....
cakap jangan sebarang cakap....u ppl r no angelslah.....pikiak dulu sebelum buka mulut hangpa yang busuk tu......

Anonymous said...


It seems that many of the comments here (probably made by the PR holyarse supporters) have shown some degree of consensus on the suggestion made by the MIC members that a former PM shall be garlanded with slippers and this seemed to their rightful immediate reaction on anyone who are making negative comments on MIC!

If that the case, based on that arguments, look as though all the leaders, least of all from PR, should also be garlanded with slippers for failing to fulfill their GE promises. The question is why can't these sniffers / cunnilingoers make this slipper issue as a slap on their own leaders' face? No balls?

Ha, ha, if they have balls, just can't wait to see LKS, Hadi and Anwar's neck garlanded with slippers by their holyarse sniffer cum cunnilingoer in the near future! Welcome you bro to PR holyarse land of dubious carnal desire.

Ordinary Sapi

Anonymous said...

kes mabuk la ni...

Anonymous said...

Dear sdr Rocky,

Here is some news to chew on and spit out.

Samy Vellu has cowed the government into accepting his 'dog' and 'candidate extraordinary' to the prestigious Public Services Commission ( Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam)

His name is G.Perumal a Divison Three - S (M) 26 former Information Translator who then moved to Malaysian Nanban as a political reporter. He was bias in his reporting of the Malaysian Indian agenda and often churned our editorial work to hit at Dato'S.Subramaniam, especially during the recent MIC debacle.

Even the Human Resources Minister Dr.S Subramaniam is dismayed with this appointment but he has to toe the line for his party supremo.

The question is why is there scant regard paid to many accomplished individuals some of them, who are former Ambassdors, Professors from the academia and holders of Doctorates. These accomplished individuals are not considered for the job.

Many in the know are utterly disgusted and feel violated on hearing the news and that to in the very arrogant manner that Samy Vellu has antogonised the leadership of this nation.

He has even failed to contain his followers from passing seething and unruly comments about the former Prime Minister...has he got something against the government that we do not know about.

The position to sit on the SPA( PSC)is normally given to civil servants who have given impeccable service to the nation.

This very corrupt ( bodily and otherwise ) G.Perumal who normally permeates with body odour and halitosis is given the job instead of deserving individuals. He has no sense of diplomacy and is known to possess dubious qualifications.

This will ultimately cause irreparable consequences to the civil service where future cronies of political agendaists are given priority over others.

If he is a paid mercenary of Samy Vellu, then he is not to be trusted to sit on this august commission.

In the words of the wise Tun
'In other countries, when a leader fails, he resigns voluntarily. In Japan, he commits harakiri (suicide). We are not asking him (Samy Vellu) to commit harakiri'.

Pencapaian Di Utamakan !!!!

Pegawai Khas Menteri

Anonymous said...

Why are we bashing Peter Slipper?
Because we dislike Samy Vellu intensely. Peter Slipper is a mindless hard core Samy supporter. He is our surrogate target for bad old Samy.

Anonymous said...

brapa samy no value bagi kat mat slipper penghuni paya ni. kaum keling ni x tahu malu...bila cakap keling marah...kita kena tukar lah bangsa ni yang suka kata dia orang INDIA - tapi nak jadi rakyat MALAYSIA. sama dengan orang Cina...panggil je apek. asal kena relate dengan CHINA..keling dengan Apek kan lagi sinonim dengan malaysia.

gopeng anti komunis