Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dara Naquiah denies demanding RM100 million from Johor prince

updated, Fri:
The Star also front-paged the news, and its EIC blogged about it

Original posting:

Only RM50 million.
I'd heard earlier of the multi-million ringgit demands made by one royalty family against another but didn't want to post it. Pooh-poohed it, in fact. But now that Dara Naquiah has owned up to having sent a letter of demand seeking RM50 million in compensation* from the Tengku Mahkota Johor, I'm thinking that maybe I should have taken what I'd heard earlier more seriously.

The Negri Sembilan royalty's beef is with the police, actually. The "victim" told a press conference today that the cops were sitting on the case. What I've heard was that there was no case. But I'll let the cops say that.

Washing dirty linen in public (and in Ramadan, too) isn't going to help spruce up anyone's image, least of all the royalty's. Why can't these people just shake hands, grow up and move on? It's Hari Raya, sama-samalah bermaaf-maafan.

* from Malaysiakini:

(Dara Naquiah) also denied rumours that she had demanded RM100 million from the Johor royal house as compensation.

"I said (to the Johor royals) my son is priceless. Even RM100 million would not suffice," she said.

However, Dara Naquiah said a letter of demand has been sent to Ismail's lawyers for RM50 million in compensation for damages and an apology.


  1. APA KES NI?

  2. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Main million- million club - rakyat juga yg masih bangang!! What you see (close your eyes to and support membabi buta) is what you get beb.

  3. Anonymous7:42 pm

    1. Police’s “serious lack of affirmative action” in its investigations into his alleged assault by a member of the Johor royalty

    Is Hishamuddin sleeping on the job because it involves Johore Royalty?

    2. a gun was held to his head while the alleged assault took place.

    Oh oh. Mandatory you know what sentence at least?

    3. “I was hit in my head and face. I suffered a fracture on my nose and sustained other serious injuries,” he said.

    Grievous bodily harm - Penal Code at least?

    3. lodged a police report on the incident at the Dang Wangi police station the next day, Oct 26.

    A good place to lodge a report.

    4. “Suddenly, some of us were forced into the lift while others were held by force at the lobby,”

    Illegal confinement / kidnapping. Penal Code again.

    5. Tengku Nadzimuddin claimed that once in the lift, Tunku Ismail, who was armed with a gun, hit him on the head and face repeatedly.

    Firearms Act : Mandatory you know what sentence, assault - Penal Code

    6. “He also held a gun in a threatening manner at my head;

    same same

    7. my friend who was also in the lift with me was assaulted until he lost consciousness,” he alleged.

    Grievous bodily harm - Penal Code

    8. His unconscious friend was dragged into the room and left unconscious on the floor, Tengku Nadzimuddin said.

    Many witnesses. Open and shut case.

    But all this can be settled for RM50.0 million? Hmm... Cash, cheque, credit card, gold or silver? Bowl of mosquito hearts also included? Golden bridge from Johor to NS?

    If the RM50.0 mill is not paid, will the Johore princes be stopped from transiting through Negeri on their way to the clubs in KL?

    Will they have to fly - detour over Sumatra airspace?

    Any air to air missiles in Negeri? Anyone knows how to operate them?

  4. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Well Tunku Dara, welcome to the world we mere mortals inhabit. You think you have problems with AG and Police selective inaction - you can speak to rest of rakyat and we have stories to tell.
    Now we've heard your side of the tale, it would be nice to hear the other.
    Sounds like a tale of 2 groups of young rich Royals with too much time and fun on their hands, maybe you need to live like the rest of us.

  5. threaten somebody at GUN POINT??

    hmmm i am not sure if that should be maaf-maafkan.

    But no matter what... the cop should persue the case because it involved the wrong use of fire arm.

    Royal family or not ... it's not the point, it is...

    see some ppl want apology, log police reports, want action and this and that over SLIPPERS ... but this is fire arm i am talking about...

  6. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Pakai pistol, boleh lah.

    Bikin malu orang Bugis!

    -Bugis rock

  7. Bro..

    Bukan Tengku Mahkota tetapi sebaliknya Raja Muda Johor.

  8. Anonymous9:11 pm

    rocky, weren't you part of the tengku mahkota johor's entourage 2009 that goes around to the various johor districts, his annual motorised 'walkabout',as it were.

    if you were, then i would imagine you are not exactly neutral here, are you?

    if my son was really bashed up, i would not be so ready to 'grow up and forgive and forget.'


  9. Passtarboard wrote:

    "rocky, weren't you part of the tengku mahkota johor's entourage 2009 that goes around to the various johor districts, his annual motorised 'walkabout',as it were.

    if you were, then i would imagine you are not exactly neutral here, are you?"


    Dear Passtarboard,

    Thanks for reminding me of the fact.

    This was what I wrote: "I'd heard earlier of the multi-million ringgit demands made by one royalty family against another but didn't want to post it. Pooh-poohed it, in fact. But now that Dara Naquiah has owned up ...."

    If I'd written what I heard back then -- that the NS royalty was demanding multi-million RM in compensation -- you can question my motive. But I did not write it then.

    I write it now bcos Dara Naquiah has made public the RM50 million LOD.

    I have heard of other things, too, and what I heard does not tally with what dara Naquiah's son has told the press conference. That doesn't make him a liar, though.

    Thank you.

  10. Tipah Pepateh9:54 pm


    Agaknya ANTAH dah tak boleh buat duit macam dulu, tu sebab demand sampai RM50 million in compensation!! HAHA.

    Selalunya, mesti ada proposal untuk OUT OF COURT settlement. Berapa million bru? I dengar sampai RM40 million!!

    Kalau Raja MUda Johor tak bersalah, tak payahlah layang Tengku Dara dan puak ANTAH ni. Buang masa saja.

    Yang Benar,

    Tipah Pepateh

  11. artchan9:55 pm

    "It's Hari Raya, sama-samalah bermaaf-maafan."

    Rocky you really wrote that?

    I hope somebody and his gang take a gun and point and you...drag you to a room and beat you up with a gun...and then one year later you come out and maaf him.

    Really is this you? Ptui

  12. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Alahai ... these royalties , aren't there anything morally to do than fighting like kids at the nightclub? (well , that's what heard ).. Being a royalty they have to lead good example. My advise is be like Trengganu now king and Perlis prince regent who are low profile and have no controversy . The rakyat love them.."Jadilah kerabat yang beriman , bertakwa dan tawaduk kepada Allah. Barulah rakyat akan menghormati anda." When they fight against each other for no uncertain reason ,then their own reputation is tarnish . Kedudukan yang ada bukannya untuk bersuka-suka tapi tanggungjawab yang berat dari Allah Taala.. Maka insaflah ..

    Pengundi Atas Pagar

  13. There are always 2 sides to every story - so we have heard one side; lets hear the other.
    Looks like 2 rich kids with their entourages that had too much 'tonic water' to consume and decided to get in some sort of royal rumble.
    Mind you - if a gun was involved then the Police really do need to sort this out.

    As for the AG not being able to make a decision after a year - isn't that standard for the AG in cases like this. Imagine if the other alleged person was not a royal and just an average joe like the rest of us - the AG would have this case in court with a guilty verdict within a month of the incident.

  14. Oghang Ghombau10:24 pm

    Tak malukah Dara Naquiah cuba nak buat duit dari pergaduhan budak2.

    Anak engkau yang buat perangai cari gaduh. Kena belasah nak saman pulak.

    Kalau aku malu, it shows your son is a wimp.

    Piiiirahhhhh!!! Meluat aku tengok anak-anak Tuanku Jaafar.

  15. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Ah Rocky, a good spin even when answering passstarboard.
    If I am correct he is more interested in what you said and so am I.
    You said ,quote Washing dirty linen in public (and in Ramadan, too) isn't going to help spruce up anyone's image, least of all the royalty's. Why can't these people just shake hands, grow up and move on? It's Hari Raya, sama-samalah bermaaf-maafan."

    You being in the entourage is secondary, he is just painting your background. Its the above quote, that show you are bias.

    I wish and hope if you or loved ones ever encounter a similar situation, you can kiss and make up, with forgiveness to boot!!!!!


  16. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Welcome to the real world tunku Dara. Now that her dad is no more around nobody to help her now and I doubt if the present Yam Tuan cares about her problem considering how he was treated then.
    And for the johor royalty what's more can you says (if all these allegations are true) other than "like father/grandfather like son"

  17. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Someone shove a gun to my head, I am NOT gonna shake hands and move on.

    To think I respected you all this while.


  18. Anonymous12:06 am

    Be fair ! A handgun was used to threatened another guy so no two ways about it!He is royalty so that is bad behaviour by our books!Well you know the Johore royals are famous for ?
    Imagine the scenerio had he fired to kill?

  19. Anonymous12:09 am

    50 million..boleh pergi clubbing tiap2 malam sampair beratus ratus tahun pun duit tu tak luak walau..bukak botol bepuluh2 tiap2 malam..jack daniel...chivas..?

    Wow, what a wonderful world it would be indeed :-)

    Ini la cara diaorang habiskan duit dan habis kan masa dia orang. Memang pandai betul diaorang ni. IQ sure tinggi punyer..mungkin ahli Mensa agaknya diaorang ni.

  20. Anonymous1:39 am

    Apa nak jadi?? Kenapa masih ada manusia sanggup berlakon dan berdrama untuk jadi kaya? Siapa tak kenal Tunku Jamie? Kaki clubing di KL, kenapa Bonda Tunku Dara sanggup menipu berkata bhw"..anaknya baik dan baru kali pertama pergi ke Pub tsbt.." Kalau nak tengok org menari atas meja boleh cari di tempat yg Jamie ada.Itulah kata ramai kaki clubing lain yg ketawa dengan pembohongan Bonda Tengku Dara.
    Kalau dah desperate, tak perlu peras ugut sampai 50 Juta hanya kerana cedera di hidung, bertaubatlah INGAT Allah.
    Fakta Tunku Jamie datang ke Hotel Tunku Ismail pada jam 3 pagi dengan seramai 15 org,kononnya ada org Tunku Ismail tel dia bhw Tunku Ismail nak mohon maaf jelas tak boleh diterima akal. Kenapa tak telefon semula untuk jumpa waktu yg sesuai, lunch ke dinner ke?Tengku Dara cakap anaknya menghormati Tunku Ismail sbb itu dia datang ke hotel....hmmmm tak munasabah datang minta maaf jam 3 pagi dengan geng 15 orang,siapa tak kenal Jamie yg ego dan arrogant, dengarnya pernah ada masalah dengan Tengku Mahkota Kelantan dan Jamie juga khabarnya pernah masuk pusat permulihan di Los Angeles US beberapa kali. Buang beras betul budak Jamie ni.
    Hoi! Jamie kalau nak jadi kaya kena usaha kerja kuat2 jangan nak mudah pau orang 50 juta, Ingatlah bila kita meninggal nanti duit dan harta semuanya tinggal di dunia tak boleh bawa mati,.
    Kesian juga Tengku Dara tergagap gagap bila pemberita dari nst tunjukkan surat "peras ugut" minta 50juta yg pada awalnya dia nafikan dan kata anaknya priceless dan tak pernah minta duit gantirugi cuma mahu keadilan.... hmmmm malulah dah tua ganyut masih nak berdrama dan membohong, bertaubatlah,

  21. Anonymous1:43 am

    Dah terlebih tipsy sampai drunk kut, sampai bergaduh2..biasa la tu kat club. Orang islam pegi clubbing minum tak kena sebat ke? Sebat beramai2..good idea tak?

  22. I was in born in N. Sembilan but now resides in Johor (JB) - the very states where the two antagonists involved reside. I know something about the histories of the two royal families. I know for sure that Sultan Mahmad (Johor) will "declare war"!!! Not with guns blazing of course but with expletive verbal tirades!

    Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to you and your family.

    Please visit my new blog:

  23. Dear Artchan!

    Hehe, sorry lah I forgot you were there in the elevator with all of them!

  24. Anonymous5:08 am

    Anonymous said,

    Rocky, did you know that the NS royalty had just finished his chemotherapy? RMJ was lucky he didnt hit his chemo port. Or else he could have died..Then it would be a totally different case altogether..bearing that in mind, I could understand why the mother demanded that. If it were your child, how would you react?

  25. MANTOL5:49 am

    Lahir2 terus kaya-raya. Tak bersyukur ke? Nak buat hal pulak lagi. Nanti rakyat hilang hormat, baru tahu langit tinggi rendah. Nasib baik ada UMNO lawan Malayan Union.


  26. Sri Menanti6:03 am

    Tunku Jamie pergi club minum coke jer !!! Apa tak percaya ke?

  27. Anonymous6:04 am

    why are u guys bashing rocky? He can write whatever he wants. He is writing in his capacity as a blogger not a journalist so he can be bias if he wants to.

    How do u know a gun was used? We only heard one side of the story.


  28. Anonymous6:21 am

    The same rules should apply to everybody. If nothing is done than ordinary people will certainly feel insecure. If a royalty can pull a gun against another royalty and gets away with it, what will happen to a commoner like me. Do I have a recourse?
    Law and order must be felt. We are not a pariah state and lets show it.
    Does AG have a KPI?

  29. Anonymous6:39 am

    Godfather: biasalah tu. To some people, Rocky-bashing is a favourite pastime apa, irrespective of what he says. Betul salah belakang kira, ketuk dulu.. speaks volumes about their pettiness. Don't even try to argue your point.. dah awal2 takmau terima dan takmau dengar.. what else is new?

    So far we hv heard only one side of the story. entah betul entah tidak. anyway, knowing the fun-seeking negri royals, i wouldn't put it past them to lebey lebey..

    Bukan anak omak

  30. Last time citizens bashing Royalty, we were called traitors. Now royalty bashing Royalty, what you call it eh?

  31. wishediwaswrong7:24 am

    This is a welcomed distraction from the seemingly endless political circus put up by politicians on both sides of the political divide since the last general elections. If the theme of the ongoing drama is power and ploy, the new soap box opera will feature glitz, glamour and gore.

    Happy viewing

  32. Anonymous7:39 am


    pasal orang-orang begini la aku tak bagi anak aku pi kelab malam, cari nahas... aku paksa anak aku gi mesjid je... hang bagi ke?


  33. Dear Rocky ,

    Your support to Johore Palace in this issue will secure you plan in tengku mahkota johor's entourage 2010 .

    Tak cukup dgn bodek PM now nak bodek Johore Palace .

    Ketagih pangkat datuk ke ?

  34. Anonymous8:16 am

    Ini geng-geng N9 sudah tarak power..why bother? Depa pun sudah bagitau mau RM50juta, kasi angkat lawyer bagus punya lah..buat apa mau susah2 mau siasat!


  35. Eddie8:27 am

    I bet they went to the night club just to get some Coke, orange juice or just good old milk, as most here will be convinced.

    Not the 1st time it happened, & definitely won't be the last, welcome to the Royal Malaysian Circus. Continuously striving to bring you new entertainment.

  36. Royal Familily supposed to be the guardian on Islam in Malaysia and yet clubbing is one of their favorites. It like a soup. Too many cooks spoil the soap, too many royyal famiies spoil the country.
    Orang Melayu mempertahankan Raja dan lihat lah apa balasan yang diterima. Dulu, masa krisis perlembagaan semasa zaman DR M, ada dengar khabar khabar angin, Malaysi akan jadi republic, mungkinkan bagus?

  37. Anonymous8:50 am

    This case is terrible. Can you imagine if this was done to some non-royal person with no means. Like joe public ? Joe public would not even dare to speak up and the polis will surely not believe joe public kan? Rock, as a journalist and ex-editor you were told of more things during your Johore biketour? Did you not want to know the truth then? Sheesh! Suppose you heard that some guy was shot by you know who, will you not want to make a polis report just in case it was true? You have completely lost my little respect I had for you. Royalty or not, there's right n wrong.


  38. electrocutioner8:58 am

    And our dearest (ex)friend Nalla was almost sent to the gallows just for having extra bullets in his safe.....

  39. Bro,

    This Jamie fella (seems like all NS royalty have English nickname huh..) is one troubled kid.

    I guess a lot of contracts/deals went kaboom for some people when Tunku Mukhriz became the new YdPB NS...


  40. Anonymous9:21 am

    People all this while have negative perceptions of the royalties of both states. And when the so called fighting happened in a nightclub it merely confirmed the negativity. A disgrace to both royal families.

  41. Anonymous9:22 am

    Haha. So much for your Daulat Tuanku.

  42. Anonymous9:37 am

    Entah apa-apa la korang ni..

    Baru dengar satu side of the story dah kecoh sekampung.....

    ni lah mentality rakyat Msia..

    Side RMJ bagitau lepas raya diaorang akan cerita apa sebenarnya yang berlaku...


    Barulah korang nak bash ke, nak sokong mana-mana pihak ke, nak kutuk polis ke....

    Apa lah malang nasib anak-anak korang ni yg dpt bapak/mak yg main komen je pakai otak udang.

    Jgn la emo wonder la Malaysia ni nak huru hara jadinya...sebab ramai rakyatnya fizikal memang manusia...tapi bila scan otaknya....otak udang je dia pakai

  43. The royalty should never be allowed to be in any club at all. it's an insult to the whole royalty family everywhere.

    Caught doing so, should be penalized either by suspension of privilege or grounded on palace ground 'mengaji' old kitab. Cut their allowance and freeze their bank account, after all their entourage pretty much free-load from their account to start with, without which, they won't have any good friend to go around with.

    If these not controlled, when the current ruler generation dies, the Islam in Malaysia were to be govern by these type of leader? If they are weak to control their own self urges, how can they defend our future?

    I’m very concern and embarrass by these incident involving the Royalty of Johor and Negri Sembilan.

    Agong in his capacity should acted on these situation and punish both ground to go back to Islamic teaching and appreciation of Malay Heritage (Not the club).

    These have nothing to do with Malaysia's political party. These have to be settled in royalty mannerism. All of the late Sultans is turning in their grave over this behavior of their ‘anak-cucu’.

  44. Dear Rocky,

    Monetary considerations aside, everyone deserves justic, be it we lowly commoners or royalty.

    To ask to "move on" is quirky a statement given the gravity of the alleged offence.

    However by "shake hands" you suggest that the personalities involved are acquaintances.

    Ulterior motives, if any, in pursuing the matter publicly, will be ultimately revealed in a court of law.

    Also, any police report cannot be retracted. Therfore even if the matter were to be settled out of court, the Police are duty bound to investigate and the AG must charge the perpetrator if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute.

    Thank you

  45. Anonymous10:04 am

    Gi m****s la. Harap kasi hentam lagi dia sama dia,antara mereka, sampai lenyap semua puak2 ni. Membazir duit je. Penat aku kerja tongang terbalik kasi hidup syok,makan free, dari dorang pakai lampin sampai pakai pochong. Contoh tak guna punya.

  46. Anonymous10:05 am

    I am not from NS or Johor, so I am 'neutral'. I have heard stories from people who were there that night and from what i heard, I'm with team Johor and not with the sleazebag NS guy.


  47. What's the big deal? Get to the truth by viewing the CCTV recordings in the lift and corridors. If no recordings at that particular time shows the event happening, then it didn't happen and the liar shoud be charged, but if there was, charge the idiot and his goons for the assault.

    I would think that after a successful chemotherapy course, the NS prince would be in Mecca counting his blessings instead of celebrating at a night club watching gyrating females on the dance floor. Was he drinking zamzam water?

  48. big cat10:34 am

    this farce was actually seen as another opportunity to tarnish a malay-based institution. The stupid NS "former-royals" lost their marbles on this one by going public with such a thing. No dignity whatsoever. Ever wonder why MCA-owned STAR put the story on the front page lead? Do you know how excited those anti-Malay guys at MalaysianInsider were yesterday when they got this story? Melayu sama melayu bergasak memang lah seronok. Especially raja-raja melayu pulak tu. They made it as seems that the two palaces were ready to bomb each other while the actual fact was that the NS side who made the public claims were already out of the palace. I bet the new guys in the NS palace wouldnt give a shit about all this.

  49. Anonymous10:46 am

    I rasa by end of this year you dah boleh start buat Tamil movie hehehe

    Rasa dah lengkap kut;

    All the politicians, sex scandals, free sex jilted, the frogs and Taiwan typhoons, the 16/9 PM,

    Ministers and exMinisters turned to FROGS,the deaths the by elections,the bombs, the accused, hide and seek game, run for cover, the PMs, his wife, Mongolian, TunM TuanA, TGNA & HADI, Karpal the King, Eng Guan Buah Pala, Ong and Ports.. and and and

    demos/candles,Hindraf, kids to Rumah terbuka & on bikes,ISA, kena tembak air, JTAR, Mosque, Kuil, Teoh, Teresa, Ronnie, Khalidx2 and Roddy, Nizar @ Zamri, Speaker & bawah pokok, MP/Menteri berzina.. and and

    RPK wanted man, Anwar Sodomy trial, PM/DPM walk the talk, TGNA & Neraka, Teresa Empress Saman, Eli - Rose Chan2, Tian Chua photo specialistm, EngQuan Buah Pala conqueror and and

    Finally, now the Royals!...

    To us poor RAKYAT yang sudah pening lalat so please drive HOME safely and



  50. Anonymous11:01 am

    RM50 million!!!! That can definitely buy a lot of designer watches and bags.

  51. Bunnies11:08 am

    Aiyooo.. fighting!!! Lucky nobody die hor..

    Sigh.. like that la.. royalties.. each and everyone of them thinks they are the greatest just because they have some blue in their blood. From the grandparents to the parents to the brat itself.. there is no sense of humbleness in these people.

    A shameful disgrace I must say.. to both of them and their parents! Such bad upbringing!!

  52. Rocky,
    I say fuck to any member of the royalty who misbehave!
    While we accept the fact the royalty is part of our constitution they cannot abuse their position!
    Perlembagaan yanbg berteras kan kepada system Raja-raja Melayu tidak boleh di compromi-kan, oleh dik sebabknan sagelintir kerabat Di-Raja (notice in caps) yang bioadasp dan tidak sedar diri!
    Raja adil Raja di sanjnung Raja zalim....masuk kan saja lah mereka dalam jail!

    Anak Cicit Datuk Putih Dari Seri Menanti! Yang masih menayanjung Raja Yang Adil!

  53. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Wah million ringgit claim..
    I want to see RMJ and request for him to punch me, break my nose and abduct me...some more I will give discount and will claim only RM10mil only....ok tak tuh
    Salam Aidil Fitri

    Chivas Regal

  54. Anonymous12:19 pm

    I have sighted SD shown to me stating that T. Dara had claim RM100mil and harassing Raja Zarith tru phone calls but yet she denies this...
    She and Jamie are gud actors..pls award them sumthing...


  55. Brunt Council12:31 pm

    The prince and princess of the late tuanku jaafar plus their children are not exemplary of people.

    She was caught lying right there in a media conference. I just do not buy the rest of her story.

    Dara, ekau pooi mabuklah. Ado nak cari duit free tanpa kerja.

  56. Dara Royal Slut12:47 pm

    Anon 7:42 PM

    All that list ah ... did you ponder to think that tengku ismail and his bodyguard are likely to have license to carry firearms.

    Fuck, who would believe the princess strory when she said her son is priceless and not even RM100 million is worth to sue for but she had actually demanded RM50 million.

    The lift story is just a makeup. Just don't fucking beleive it.

  57. Anonymous12:59 pm

    kaum kerabat ketua agama pergi club minum coke ye? Majlis agama islam boleh lah sue N9 & Johore royalties for 50million each. Jgn lupa sebat as well.

    I don't understand the stupidity of ppl. They want to get their 'rights' but at the same time airing out how the sons/daughters went out for a drink and stuff. But then again, you guys might ask "what's the fuss of ppl doing to clubs and enjoying drinks?". Shutup you, sebat kang.

    ~McD apple pie.

  58. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Day one saja dah masuk elaun kerabat dalam akaun.

    Bayangkan kalo wang ini disalur untuk membina Masjid, mungkin tiap Muslim dalam Negara ini ada satu Masjid seorang.

    Ni pi belanja kat Kelab..

    Kesian orang kampung,

    Berganding bahu bergotong royong membuat kutipan, ada yang sedekah tiang, tembok, gate, tingkap,bumbung, simen, tikar, kipas seboleh2 kerana ingin membangunkan sebuah surau bagi memudahkan mereka berjemaah beramai2.

    Anak Yatim pulak dihulurkan paket Hari Raya setahun sekali, ikut giliran ada tahun tak dapat turn, dalam paket RM50!!

    Sekadar mampu kerja sambilan kat Kelab jadi janitor sahaja..



  59. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Nowadays why so mnay money face.
    Little bit argueent sue this sue that in millions. where is our malaysian culture of multiracilism and nationalism living together in peace, thirty or so years ago, we dont see or hear this type thing - such word racialists dont exisit before, Ayo too educated and high headed malaysians must lower themeselves lah after all one's life is not that long better live peacefullly and be happy.

  60. Purple Haze1:37 pm

    Godfather is right.

    We have only heard one side of the story. Where's the other side ? Has it been told to the AG's office or the police ?

    Since a police report was lodged by the NS prince at the time of the incident, there should have been a police investigation and the story of the other side should have been recorded.

    My concern (whether rightly or wrongly) is that it has been many months since and we won't know whether the story that eventually comes out (whether via the police or AG's Office) is the same as that of the original statement by the other side.

    We have, in the past, statutory declarations made one day and changed totally on the very next day. So pardon my scepticism.

    The assertion that the hotel security refused to help Tg Dara as well as its CCTV switched off appears that undue influence was used to prevent the hotel staff from performing their professional duties.

    Will we ever know the truth ?

  61. Anonymous1:37 pm

    all i can say is that this is a clear-cut CRIME case (involving guns, physical assault ect)...what makes it complicated is the fact that those involved are ROYALS...

    tsk tsk tsk.


  62. All these royalties make a mountain out of a mole hill. If only these guys had been raised in Sentul or Jinjang problem would have been solved a long time ago without having to bring mummy into the fight. now mummy involved, papa also involved....oh dear..I thought I saw it all growing up in Sentul!! I wonder how Tatler will feature Tunku Dara. I wonder if Tatler was there taking pictures?

  63. artchan2:10 pm

    rotan aje diorang ni

  64. Nobody is above the law. That's for sure. However, investigation will definitely be tough especially on the prosecutor, to find concrete evidence to charge the person in court.

    Indeed, "Raja Adil Raja Disanjung" (thank you Pasquale). This goes for anyone conducting daily affairs reasonably and fairly.

  65. Parasites.

    Turning on each other even as they continue to leech off the ordinary folk.

    Maybe the pickings off other blue bloods may taste better to their right royal cakeholes.

    But win or lose, RM100 or RM50 million, the satisfaction of these mamas will still be yoked to the toil and sweat of the rakyat.

  66. Bro

    Kerismudin says sad that Nordin Top could not be brought back to M'sia and be rehabilitated!

    Perhaps they should have offered Nordin the job to manage M1 Glocal C4 Centre with Osama bin Laden as JV Equity partner?

    You think Kerismudin was there when God gave out brains? With relatives and friends like this, PM Najib and UMNO/BN need no other enemies to miserably fail!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  67. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Pantun CCTV

    Mesti ada CCTV jeng jeng jeng. Ataupun CCTV
    i. tidak di servis
    ii. bateri sudah koyak
    iii. CCTV sudah rosak
    iv. video CCTV hilang
    v. CCTV dalam keadaan ok bila belasah berlaku tapi rosak bila asap berlalu
    vi. CCTV tidak rosak tapi pita rakamannya sudah 'tidak boleh dijumpai'.
    vii. kawasan berkenaan tiada liputan CCTV
    viii. demo tak tahu apa itu CCTV

  68. perwira3:42 pm


    apa kena hang ni?

    aku tak detect apa-apa bias pun dalam posting rocky.

    rocky mabuk pangkat?
    the person that rocky is, more likely tak dapat pangkat.

    hey...those people that rocky likes -- well, they should consider themselves lucky.

    lagi pun, considering the fact that he knows TMJ, his posting langsung tak ada bias. yang bias you and all the others dah ada prejudice of rocky.

    zack..hang ni jealous, ke?

  69. bro,

    Ni semua contoh "KEBANYAKKAN" kehidupan kepuraan org-org KAYA yg mengaku islam.

    Ni semua contoh "PDRM" itu "SeLEMBU" di mana kalau boleh kes-kes yg di"sorok" sehingga bernanah.

    org-org begini yg digelar atau mengaku bangsawan dan mempunyai status tinggi dalam masyarakat patut "DIBANGSATKAN" jer..

    mereka ni jenis TAKKAN HORMAT rakyat jelata yg "ala-kadar"

    ps: i NO phren u LA!

  70. Anonymous4:24 pm


    From what I know this is not the first time and certainly will not be the last time such fracas involving the royalties of Malaysia takes place.

    The irony is that the Sultan is supposed to be the guardian of religion. So how come their family members goes clubbing and not being reprimanded or any action taken against them? Why the Religious Department seem to shy away from taking any action against them? Do they have immunity? I doubt it is stated in the Quran. As to whether or not they consume liquor or Coke or even perhaps Pepsi (previously Antah owned)is immaterialise.

    For us the rakyat we normally pray or "doa selamat" once we recover from any illness especially if it is a terminal disease. Guess the royalties have different way to "bersyukur kepada Allah SWT."

    It is a norm for people to immediately jump to conclusion in making their judgement without basing on facts. Whatever it is let us wait for the response from the other party. Furthermore in this fasting month let us refrain from making any false accusations.

    Rocky...wishing you SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN....and to other bloggers who are of the Islam faith.

    Concerned Malaysian

  71. Anonymous4:28 pm

    bila Karpal kata royalty boleh di bawa ke makamah, hangpa terus cap dia pengkhianat....biadap.....balik India....macam-macam....skrang royalty sendiri tak boleh bawa royalty ke mahkamah....police n
    AG powerless...wat was with the Kelantanese prince bashing up his wife....tak de action jugak...spoil our image internationally n got the Indons all worked up n they started bashing Malaysia...kenapa tutup mulut....kotek dah kecut kah?...d truth is in Malaysia, royalties are untouchable...get it thru ur numbskulls ppl.

    by Mwangsa

  72. Prince charming or prince harming.
    This prince is "priceless" or "worthless"

  73. Tng Dara,

    Still a virgins...?

    That's what happened if you spare

    the rods,..

    Selamat berpuasa.

  74. Rocky

    holding someone at gun point and beating them up is a criminal act. Please... dont be ridiculous. If what you say about maaf maafkan then during Ramadan ALL CRIMINAL cases should be pardoned.

  75. Anonymous8:45 pm

    I dunno, but I will be on the side of the Johor loyalty.. As I know what the NS Royalty is like..

    But in this case..
    I really dunno who is on the wrong.

  76. Anonymous8:55 pm

    I agree that the NS royalty shames a lot of Malays and Muslim, being the guardians of Islam..

    Go check out their Palace..
    They got a Bar right inside the palace..
    There are a lot of other stories which taints their image as a Royal family.

    I am with Johor Royalty.

  77. froggie9:00 pm

    Well I think the mother has her merits. Imagine your son being beaten and locked up, Rocky, will you only ask for a salam?

  78. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Dengarnya yg sebenarnya Tengku Jamie dan kawannya bertumbuk dengan Polis yg menjaga Raja Muda Johor di lobi hotel, itu pun krn mereka datang seramai 15 org pada jam 3 pagi untuk ke bilik Raja Muda, kedua Polis tersebut sedang bertugas di lobi dan terpaksa tunjuk kad kuasa halang mereka, tapi Jamie terjerit jerit di lobi dan ramai pekerja hotel jadi saksi. Bila mrk cuba meluru masuk lif kedua Polis pengawal Raja Muda bergelut dalam lif dan 2 org termasuk Jamie cedera. Masa tu raja muda ada di bilik tidur dah terlelap. Kedua polis menahan mereka berlima dan hantar ke bilik security hotel sementara tunggu MPV Polis sampai.

    Lepas kejadian Polis pengawal terus rekod dlm diary dan buat laporan polis. Jamie ambil masa 3 hari baru buat laporan polis setelah mendapat idea nak buat Easy Money dengan buat laporan palsu cuba kaitkan pergaduhan dengal pengawal polis dengan Raja Muda. Kesian Raja Muda tak tahu menahu jadi mangsa orang gila duit macam Tengku Dara dan Jamie. Mudahmudahan Allah tabahkan dan kuatkan semangat Raja Muda.

    Sebab itulah Polis dan AG tak ambil tindakan terhadap Raja Muda kerana jelas ini kes peras ugut dan laporan palsu. Pihak Polis tangkap sahaja Mak Dara ini dan Jamie masukkan dalam penjara kerana nak jadi perompak di siang hari.

    Mak dara dan Jamie, INGATLAH baru baru ini Allah dah tarik pangkat jadi jangan sampai ALLAH turunkan bala kepada kerabat NS ini lagi. Banyakkan baca yasin dan zikir.

  79. Anonymous10:29 pm

    SAM Newman is embroiled in another race controversy after saying a Malaysian man was a "monkey" who's "not long out of the forest" on The Footy Show on Thursday night.

    Newman made the remarks during his Sam's Mailbag segment, which featured an item about a 107-year-old Malaysian woman, Wook Kundor, marrying for the 23rd time.

    Has Sam gone too far? Join the debate below.

    He held up a photo of Kundor and her husband Muhammad Noor Che Musa, 37, and described him as a "monkey".

    Newman's comments clearly shocked Carlton forward Brendan Fevola, a panelist on Thursday night's show, who said, "you can't call him a monkey".

    Newman later said, "This isn't going to Malaysia, is it?"

  80. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Simple solution during Ramadhan, or any other time of year,actually : arrest and whip all those who consume alcohol.

    tiger woodie

  81. Anonymous10:55 pm

    This branch of the Negri Royals sound like they are a little uncomfortable with their new reality hence this comedy of a claim.

    But they themselves might be on the recieving end soon when one of their wives will be sued for child abuse.

  82. Bro, your think is so easy like what you say just shake hand, grow up and move on. Anwar can do that but not any other, not Toyo or even the Royalty.

    That is why Anwar is a good leader.

  83. There's always two sides of a story, lets hear it from the Johor Raja Muda side after Raya as mentioned by his lawyer. In the meantime there should be a complete ban of all night clubbing activities for all Tengkus and junior Tengkus. All Royals should instead spend their free time to do charity work or sports.

  84. how many times have we heard of these young royalties involve in disco brawl? and can anyone remember the last time these brats in the news all for a good reason? they're thugs and dont deserve the rakyat's respect.

  85. Anonymous11:43 pm

    RM50mil is sup sup sui la.

    Hey rocky, why no spin for ur master, the najisman rgd F1?

    F! costs more than RM59mil and how good it is for our country when Najisman decided to live up to his "Rakyat didahulukan" slogan. Yea, rakyat mati dulu!

    Why the silence on this F1? Shouldnt u be spinning on this?

    Try me!


  86. Concerned Malaysian wrote:
    "It is a norm for people to immediately jump to conclusion in making their judgement without basing on facts. Whatever it is let us wait for the response from the other party. Furthermore in this fasting month let us refrain from making any false accusations."


    Dear Concerned Malaysian, 100 per cent with you. Selamat Hari Raya, safe journey.

    And Dear Kerp, "disco brawl"? Heh, your age is showing. It's "club" these days, not disco.

    Dear Ocean,
    Hah! You, too, were there with the Tunkus or Tengkus, eh?

    Like Concerned Malaysian said, let's wait for the other side's story.

    It would help very much if the police would make a definte statement on the case.

    Thank u.

  87. ol' skool bro, ol' skool...

    here's by the way, wishing you salam aidilfitri. ampon maaf dipinta, kosong2.

    tuntut angpow boleh bro? its my last syawal as a bachelor. according to chinese customs, i'm still eligible...kah kah...

  88. Anonymous1:12 am

    RM50m kira OK lah..for royalties,

    tapi cuba bayangkan

    Waaaaa, si Andaratu Teresa Kok dah berapa ratus million saman sana sini? Baru saja tak sampai setahun panas kerusi Exco chengei semacam!

    Kerusi tu dia berangan tahta kut?


  89. Anonymous1:23 am

    I've seen the stupid and arrogant tengku jamie around and i think he's good for nothing, he married one ugly women coz he cant get anyone better, now he's trying to make easy money !
    What a pity and shameful thing that older jamie got beaten up by younger tengku ismail hahaha if its true !
    Johor palace should just pay him RM50 for his broken nose nothing more.

  90. what so important about this case that it needs our attention?

    And how can anyone, you included, makes comment on a case that still runs in a court of justice?

  91. Anonymous2:14 am

    From the beginning, the Johor side seems like trying to restrain this issue from getting big in public.They made effort to resolve it privately between themselves. Let's wait for the other side of the story then as they claim that some statements by the NS are not true. I'm born and bred in NS, but comparing the track record of this Johor Prince and his military training discipline, I'm with Johor on this one. After all, you just lost in a brawl with a broken nose, so just accept it like a man, not like a wimp behind your mommy. What do you expect from bodyguards who have licensed to carry and use guns, of course they used it if you confront them. He came there early in the morning with 15 people because the Johor Prince call and wants to apologize to him and then said he got beat up there for no apparent reason....get real man!!

    Pilah Boy

  92. Anonymous2:16 am

    If those royals drinking night out are exposed , Kartika should be happy as she wont be sebat alone . Hey at least she got 'balls' to let the ordeal be done to her fair and square . repented at the same time .

    Rocky , whats ur take on royals booze behaviour ? Their rights , even they are suppose to uphold Islam .. as they are the religion leader? Remember what happened to one Saud King that was 'cursed' to be on wheelchair for his sins ?

    Jamal JB

  93. Rocky,

    Why such defensive & deferential opinions about Johor's royal family. Have they not been tainted with scandals. murder, corruption? Hiding behind the cloak of Royalty does not make them above the law.

  94. Salam Aidilfitri, Rocky. Maaf Zahir dan batin.

  95. Bro Rocky

    Pardon my digressing a bit.

    You have posted nothing about Kerismudin's publicly declared sadness that Nordin Top was not captured in M'sia so that he could be rehabilitated!

    Brave words AFTER Nordin's death. Why didn't he make that offer to Nordin while he was still alive?

    Perhaps, while there is still time, Kerismudin should make an offer of rehabilitation to Osama bin Laden?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  96. Dear DPP,

    He's quite clever, Hishammuddin. If he had made the offer while Nordin Mat Top was alive, our Home Minister will not only look stupid but he will be bashed hard for it.

    If he was cleverer, though, he'd kept his mouth shut on Nordin Mat Top.

    I'm sure he will issue a statement about Chin Peng ("regret we couldn't bring back Chin Peng to face mass murder chargers!") once the guy kicks the bucket!

    Have a good one, DPP!

  97. Anonymous2:55 pm


    These guys can be rehab. Mas Selamat is no different. His wife will visit him this Raya. She will probably tell Mas to cut the crap, return home, get a regular 9-5 job like anyone else, watch tv, eat dinner at home, have sex with the wife like once a month or if he is lucky once in two months. He will have to visit relatives, listen to the in-laws, pay the monthly instalments, see how much he earns compared to his brothers and sisters and old classmates. All the regular stuff.

    Then again, after considering all these options, he may just decide to graduate from terrorist to suicide bomber.

  98. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Rock Bro,

    To many of you (the visitors to this blog) don't expect some of these peoples to talk nice thing on anything except on their race, party, religion and the great commies.

    The only time they would agreed with you is when your consents are badly needed in order for them to apply for any of the datukship or tan & sri or datuk & sri tittles.

    The only reason they go for a 'free for all' verbial attack here is just because their great grand parents have shown the way. Yes, they were made to believe by the commies so that not to bow to the last emperor on earth due to political reason and power greed.

    Long after that, wonder why are they still bowed to all the relics and the antiques. Is it because they still could not forgive themselves for what they had done to Pu Yi?

    Pious Chinglot

  99. Bro

    Good reply. Either way Kerismudin sufffers from Foot in Cavernous Mouth Disease!

    But I am with those who think Chin Peng should NOT be allowed back in unless it is to stand trial for the thousand of brave M'sians and and Comonwealth troops who were killed during the Communist Insurgency.

    He actually did not surrender, renounce violence and communism or express regret for his horrendous crime. No one can forgive him for that!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  100. Anonymous2:32 am

    All the comments focussed on both royalties. What I"ve heard is that a commoner was badly beaten that night worst than the NS royalty. He was beaten until he was unconsious in the lift. Then was pushed out of the lift and dragged to the room and then got kicked and stepped again and again mercilessly by RMJ and his bodyguards in the room.. Lost his tooth and damaged few teeth..I heard that guy is a lawyer..

  101. Anonymous3:19 pm

    The M'sian Royalty is too much sometimes. They give bad impression anywhere. They are a lucky lot, having been born with a silver spoon, so they won't know the hardship of the common citizens to survive. Other royal houses in the country also do sinful things that an ordinary layman just gasp and say, is that really happening in M'sia?? I, for one, am not surprised anymore. I used to be...

    Anyone's wondering? Well, what about promiscuity? What about being together in close quarters with someone who is not a "muhrim"? What about "zina"? Do they ever get caught because of khalwat? No, they won't. What about drinking alcohol like there's no tomorrow? What about being arrogant, ruthless, proud, ungrateful, high and mighty attitude, revengeful, being heartless even etc? These are VVIPs' traits. They want you to listen to them and do what they say. They also want you to lick their shoes if possible. They think that THEY are above the country's law and God's retribution.

    With that, I thank Dr. M for having the guts to take away the immunity of these royal members.


    - ET -

  102. Anonymous9:06 pm

    In cases of this nature both maintained their innocence. 3 incidents first at heritage second at crown's lobby and lastly in the lift. Where did jamie actually being assaulted? Bearing in mind they have "juruiring" but what did they say? Independant witnesses not helpful coz none wanted to be involved or called as witnesses. Not a straight forward case man.

  103. non-royalty12:23 am

    dear rocky,

    from what i heard this johor prince is nothing like his grandpa, nothing like his dad too, this guy has got class. but in this case he was literally provoked by the bloody negri pariah who followed the johopr prince even to sheration imperial where the latter stayed to further provoke him. this ns bugger was the aggressor all the way and fucking deserved what he got. of course the bloody negri royalty are demanding 50m cos they are fucking broke, bankrupt.
    its not fair for this johor boy to pay for the sins of his grandpa, or be seen as the aggressor.

  104. sick&tired2:34 pm

    I am really curious to see what you will do if someone beats the crap out of you at gun point. I don't mind being the person beating you up!

  105. glassman1:55 am

    does the royals know the purpose of their existence? do they know what it means to be the keeper of islam ? damn!

  106. Anonymous4:50 pm

    After all the news we heard the next thing came in my mind , Do Malaysian really need Monarchy system (Royal Families).
    Actually i'm a guy who like Monarchy cause they are the symbol of unity,power,and honour but now all those i think it's fading ,they are now creating animosity between two states and its people,they are abusing power,and are dishonour to their families ,to their country and to their citizens.
    Umno wants to uphold the Monarchy System, only to protect the Bumiputras and Malay rights?
    Basically all Malaysian knows the rights of the Malays something all non malays will agreed that majority of the citizens of malaysia are the malays and not only their rights also the rights of all malaysian irrespectives of race and religion are protected enshrinced in the constitution.
    We are paying with our tax money all the luxuries the enjoying ,and in return abusing the very luxuries we are giving to them .
    So fellow malaysian think again Do we really need Monarchy system in Malaysia

  107. rakyat6:59 pm

    This Johor prince is the only one I saw driving around in Kancil and very friendly. Heard about this incident last year. I say, see u in court anak omak!


  108. RM100 Million sounds so familiar to me.

  109. Anonymous7:13 pm

    well from what i read is that the other Negeri 9 royal who started the fight by insulting RM(raja muda,Tunku ismail ibrahim idris)..

    so we dont know the real stopy & shouldn't care as this will never involve us & why want to get in trouble 4 saying things that never happened but i do admit that the pistol thing went too far