Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet OO, latest Petronas director

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Original Article:
Omar Ong. He's young, he's bold and he's on the Board of Directors of Petronas!

Read the Malay Mail, here.


  1. I mean he can't be that bad no?

    Oh what the hell,

    Let the fireworks begin!

  2. Omar Ong appointment confirmed the fact that Hassan Merican (WHO DID A FANSTASTIC JOB IN PETRONAS) tenure in Petronas will come to an end in FEB 2010.With Hassan out of the picture,Petronas can pour BILLIONS into 1 MALAYSIA F1 without any resistance and TONY,Kamaruddin and Nasaruddin will be laughing all the way to the bank at the taxpayer expense.

  3. drMpower11:41 am

    finally, he got to the big stage.

    i dont know whos kid he is, but my perception upon him is not pretty.his previous involvement with some bad image personalities in the past got me to think twice about this guy.

    with KPI reports coming n rumours about small scale cabinet reshuffle, and also adding this appointment of OO to the petrolnas board, is the power gone back to little napolean?

  4. Anonymous11:54 am

    Is he by any chance Aishah Ong's son?

    I sure do admire this fantastic lady and her contributions. If so, hope he will perform as well as his mum!


  5. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Ha ha......He is probably put there by Rosmah to suck Petronas dry. A steping stone to take over Petronas.(outlandish?..Thats what I thought until I saw Khairy and Pak Lelah bring Maybank down to its kness with the ridiculous overseas deals)...

    Petronas is one of the few Malaysian Co with a Fortune 500 status. Please dont mess it up .

    But again, the Malays are destined to be controlled by the Chinaman. One or two Chinaman can out manouvre a bus load of Malay corporate man in GLCs.....Even the so called Malay corporate figures have Chinese parentage...read..Jamaludin Ibrahim, Azman Mokhtar, Amirsham Aziz, Wahid Omar, Pardas Senin, Che Khalib etc etc.( Luckily we have these people and the mamaks to defend the Malays!- when they are not enriching themselves!))........Jangan marah but please reflect on our weaknesses and for goodness sake act positively on it....

    The official numbers say it loudly......In Indonesia 3% Chinaman controls 70% of the private economy, In the Philipines 1% controls 60%, in Malaysia 26% controls 50% (despite all the affirmative action). In Thialand 15% control 70% plus the politics ie the PM is purely Chinese eg Taksin, Abishit, Leek pai etc....

    So Melayu...please do not sell you people and the country. Be proud to leave a legacy not leave with a lot of ill gotten gains......
    Truth Seeker

  6. Dear Rocky,
    How come this technoCRAP has been appointed director of Petronas Najib O Najib. Najib must be out of his mind!

  7. Kerana kehabatannya atau kerana ada 'tangan bunian' yang meletakkan dia di situ?

    Petronas, lembu susu yang sesiapa yang jadi tuannya, akan dapat laba yang bukan sedikit.

    Tahniah Omar!

  8. Anonymous12:48 pm

    ha ha ha . finally. Congrats to Omar Ong and PM. When a decision is made it is made, no flip flops.

  9. 'Rakyat didahulukan' kata Mr Najib, walau pun rakyat tak setuju dg perlantikan Omar Ong , namun perpatah tinggal perpatah. Perpatah yang sebenar sepatut nya berbunyi 'Najib didahulukan, rakyat dibelakangkan'

    We are counting your mistakes Mr Najib!

  10. big cat1:00 pm

    Lantak lah. Malas aku nak ambik tau lagi dah.

  11. vinnan1:20 pm

    'But again, the Malays are destined to be controlled by the Chinaman. One or two Chinaman can out manouvre a bus load of Malay corporate man in GLCs.....Even the so called Malay corporate figures have Chinese parentage...read..Jamaludin Ibrahim, Azman Mokhtar, Amirsham Aziz, Wahid Omar, Pardas Senin, Che Khalib etc etc.( Luckily we have these people and the mamaks to defend the Malays!- when they are not enriching themselves!))........Jangan marah but please reflect on our weaknesses and for goodness sake act positively on it....'

    Do not blame the Chinese for what the UMNO bastards have done to you. There is nothing any Chinese can do if a Melayu chooses to rob and rape another Melayu in the name of 'Ketuanan UMNO'. Do not gets the Chinese involved in your Melayu Najis. We are proud of what we have because we work for it.

  12. There goes Petronas. How can someone who did not pay back his study loan be appointed a director. Is this what we are calling 1Malaysia?

  13. Dear Rocky,

    Had commented on this impending appointment at JMD.

    What is the justification? For a 39year old to be a Petronas board member, he must be having skeleton keys.

    Chairmen TS Syed Hamid next?

    Truly losing faith in BN.

    Thank you

  14. So now you want Petronas contract you got to be friends with OO is it?

  15. Anonymous3:05 pm


    If that's so your campaign to discredit him has failed....

    Joe Black

  16. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Ask your boss what is the agenda to put someone who is as controversial as this guy as a director, and after the Board of Petronas had rejected his nomination the first time around.

    So that he can make Petronas more commercial, and more attuned to the needs of businessmen sucking up to Rosie ?

    Wakey wakey, Bolehland....


  17. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Is there anything that we, the rakyat, can do to stop all these crony nonsense?? i am very concerned for Petronas. Cant bloggers or ex politicians such as TDM do s'thing about this. This is another reason for everyone to join forces, such as the IJN episode, to stop this from taking place. Petronas belongs to the rakyat....please dont let it fall into the hands of the wrong ppl.

    Little Red Riding Hood

  18. I think there are enough controls in mighty Petronas that could handle a new Director such as Omar Ong.

    A lot is happening behind the scenes I guess, maybe paving the way for Tan Sri Hassan Merican to become the next Head of Khazanah Holdings or even a full Cabinet Minister in the next cabinet reshuffle? Why not.

  19. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Buat masa ini, BN masih korup dan lemah. Korupsi dan kelembapan BN bakal humban BN ke dalam tong sampah pada 2012. Bagi saya kelemahan yang lebih besar ialah ketandusan idea dan keupayaan baru (new capability)

    Benar komen yg katakan Badawi dan menantu paksa Maybank rugi duit utk beli bank di Indonesia. Yg kaya menantu, anak, Amirsham, Nor Mohd Yakop dan segelintir orang.

    Jika benar duit Petronas akan digunakan utk F1, Tony Fernandez dan kroni, saya khuatir penyokong BN yg masih ada juga akan lenyap.

    Perlantikan ini juga menunjukkan Najib tidak khuatir komen dan bantahan ramai orang termasuk Blogger pro BN.

    Saya percaya Blogger pro BN seperti BigDog, Voice, Scribe, sdra Rocky sendiri dan ramai lagi boleh jadi jelak dgn BN.

    Pandangan dan 'feedback' mereka mewakili pandangan umum. Jgn tersilap kira.

    Jangan pula Petronas terlibat dgn apa jenis salah guna wang atau scandal sebelum pilihanraya. Kalaulah berlaku apa jenis salahguna pun, maka tiada maaf lagi bagi Najib dan PM.

  20. Anonymous4:33 pm

    habislah petronas dengan mangkuk hayun Omaq Ong dan Hamid Albar menjadi kapten dan Pengurus pasukannya. Saya nampak Petronas bakal diperkosa oleh najib dan geng tanpa apa apa halangan lagi.

    sri hartamas

  21. Anonymous4:35 pm

    PERWIRA 11.54 AM

    Aishah Ong tak mungkin emak kepada Omar Ong. Aishah dapat ONG nya daripada Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin yang menikahinya.

    sri hartamas

  22. Anonymous5:07 pm

    In bolehland only garbage can be recyled 10 times.

  23. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Dear Anon,
    Please open your mind and heart. Why shouldn't a non Malay be appointed to such a post? Personally I felt any Malaysian who is able to bring our beloved country to a greater high should be given a chance. Other country is trying very hard to lure our best brain to work for them yet we are totally unappriciate toward their talent.
    Congratulations DS Najib for walking your talk by looking at talents and not their race. I am sure this will get down well with the non Malays.

    Malaysia Boleh

  24. Kalau benar Najib yang meletakan dia disitu, kita tunggu PRU13 UMNO/BN boleh bungkus. Najib pun lebeh kurang sama Dollah tido.

  25. Anonymous6:34 pm

    it seems like najib has no control of the administration.. another puppet PM?. no wonder TunM start shooting so soon.
    It seems this OO punya cable lagi besar than the PM himself..
    Coming GE mmg confirm BN bungkus.


  26. Orgkpgdoha6:50 pm

    The End of Petronas story...Tak ada org lain yang layak..."touch of Tkt 4"

  27. Anonymous6:53 pm

    another greedy man... wat la! UMNO UMNO

    umno pick isa o ISA... same same no brainy malay!

    aiy0 biasala MAKAN DUIT

    another UMNO man in PERTRONAS!!!

  28. ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. feel like counting dots today........................................................................................................

  29. Anonymous7:46 pm

    You lost the battle, Mr.Rocky. Even with the Tun's backing, you have to eat crow.

  30. hi rocky, how did u get wind of this? is petronas really going to announce it? i think if anyone's going to, it should be from najib, not petronas. after all, who decides on the appointment? sendiri pikirlah.a

    i hope this appointment will not affect petronas as a business entity - what it has been all this time, despite the many controversies surrounding it. well, it IS a glaringly obvious political move, but echoing the overwhelming opposition (blogs, general sentiment) when the rumour first came out - omar ong: we dont know how or exactly why you got this gig, but do play nice and leave the experts to do their jobs.

    any political intervention at this point can only spell disaster for a company which has done pretty well on its own without all that jazz.

    i suppose all we can hope for is a smooth and 'quiet' transition. if indeed he's been sent as a spy, or to pave the way to fund the ridiculous 1Malaysia F1 project or to use petronas as a private piggy bank or WHATEVER..could there have been a more subtle way to do it? .. with this administration, i guess not.

    one thing for sure is that the day Tan Sri Hassan leaves will be a sad, dark one.

    with all sincerity and a genuine will for things not to get convoluted, filthy,bigoted, unscrupulous, twisted, foul and even pornographic (a.k.a. Malaysian politics as it stands) i would like to wish petronas all the very best.

    "Never underestimate your problem or your ability to deal with it."

    aah, a fitting quote, no?

  31. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Cant believe it!
    He was my junior in MDC and I know he don't have any illustrious background experience. I don't believe he has hands-on experience and a good practitioner, though. No doubt he is a good 'con-and-insult' who can be a good proxy, who writes and talks well, just like Mus, the father.

    With Hamid Albar at the helm, don't be surprise Petronas money will be distributed freely amongst the warlords and the little Napoleons.

    To those of you who think Petronas oil will dry soon in 10 years, dont be stupid, under Hassan strategic decision, Petronas has invested heavily overseas - Middle East, Sudan, South Africa and including buying a stake of Russia's Rosneft, among the world’s two largest oil producers, to supplement its ventures in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

  32. salam bro. mintak d satukan suara kita semua d bloggers supaya d adakan kempen menyelamatkan petronas sama seperti anda dan rakan blogers yang lain menyelamatkan ijn. bersama2 kita.

  33. Carbonara11:11 pm

    Omar Ong gets into Petronas...Isa Samad gets to be nominated in Bagan Pinang.

    2 tight slaps from Najib to Che Det... Looks like the old man advise has no value to the current administration.

  34. mazlan11:43 pm

    Wow Rocky, you changed your tune on this one pretty quick.
    The guy did not fulfil his obligation with Petronas. He has a consultancy firm that has been given sweet deals to consult for Felda, Mindef and Ekuinas. So will obviously try to get one in Petronas.
    He is there to do Najib's bidding. There is a logical reason for Hassan Merican's and the Boards resistance to him.
    Unfortunately politics has trumped good corporate governance again.
    And the Malay Mail despite your earlier questions is toeing the party line.

  35. Anonymous11:46 pm

    people dont want isa, but he selected isa.

    people dont want omar ong, but he selected omar ong.

    people dont want najib, so please do not select najib or anything related to najib after this.

    .sad people

  36. Anonymous12:28 am

    I do not want to pretend I know the man neither wants to be judgmental on his character or his future actions. However after reading the article in the MM, left me with wondering what equal opportunity means in this country when someone from well to do and well connected family able to secure Petronas scholarship. Maybe opportunities and riches are meant to be shared and equal between those who haves and those who haves not? On the other hand just remembered what Tun Mahathir used to say many years ago that Malaysia and the West are not even on the same level playing field when the west was pushing Malaysia to agree on free trade agreement.

  37. Teoh Nia Mah8:37 am

    If this moron can be a director of Petronas, I see no reason why my little chihuahua baby can't be one of them in Petronas

  38. km ng9:59 am

    Bold as in breaching scholarship agreement with Petronas?

  39. Anonymous10:00 am

    From its very beginning, Petronas has been made up of bright, hardworking and professional Malays who have made this institution the only viable and profitable national asset.
    Bringing in this dubious character is like putting the fox into th he-house!
    When will you stupid Malays learn - doing the Tengku Abdul Rahman thing of trusting shady friends and connections and end up selling the malays and the Nation into the clutches of foreigners south of the border and beyond!

    Heaven help Petronas and Malaysia.

    Sceptical Malay

  40. Anonymous10:17 am

    Mr Rockey's

    Saya percaya sebilangan besar rakyat Malaysia tak kenal Omar Ong. Mungkin Najib dan Rosmah sahaja yang kenal. Jadi tolong siarkan latarbelakang Omar yang menyebabkan Najib meletakan dia diPetronas dan apa yang diharapkan daripadanya.

    Selamat menyambut kehancuran UMNO / BN / Melayu.


  41. How many of you do know Mustapha Ong personally and really well? Not many, but I will allow you only one secret! He is loyal and able technocrat and a smart one, and that he is one of the very few people Najib can actually rely upon and trust.
    Running a country with a lot of venomous snakes around! Mustapha is akin to a good and rare snake anti venom that Najib needs! Leave it be man!

  42. Anonymous12:02 pm

    what so surprising when they keep endorsing greedy and corrupted flers as candidate in a by-election...

    just to show, corruption is in our blood and culture.

  43. Should Petronas fail, then the nation will fall as well. And should that time comes, we will not see any of our BN leaders around. They would be out somewhere with their stolen catch lavishing, while the country sinks.

  44. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Another project by BN .. Petronas board of director .. ALL should protest .. let 1 malaysia know who is this joker defaulter ..

  45. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Tenguklah profit & Loss account Petronas tahun depan .. LINGKUP ..
    Loan defaulter dilantik director ..! 1 lagi projek UBN


  46. Anonymous1:26 pm

    TOP 5 hundred company having a loan defaulter as director ..Malaysia bolih .. The world will be laughing ...


  47. Anonymous3:49 pm

    cina laknat

    Mus Ong

  48. Anonymous4:09 pm

    "There is no doubt Hassan Merican has done a good job but he may have been there for too long. Sometimes to get things going again, you need new blood." sais Mustafa Ong in the Malaysian Mirror.
    Hassan - Melayu. Omar - Cina. Kalau orang Melayu berjaya, pasti si Cina kena halau. Jadi si Cina berkomplot dengan kaki pompuan untuk hapuskan Hassan. Aibkan bangsa MELAYU.
    Ros "HANGAT" Mah.

  49. Anonymous4:49 pm

    "my wife is unbearable!". so said Najib Tun Razak, according to a Malaysian Insider report. Perhaps thats why, Najib likes to fool around with Chiness girls. Is Omar your BAPAK AYAM'ah NAJEIB?


  50. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Slap head!


  51. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Is he Ong Kee Tiat's brother?

  52. Anonymous9:08 pm


    double whammy lah dalam one week. Omar Ong and Tan Sri Isa. Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas lor.

  53. Anonymous9:41 pm

    neutral daily... somehow i dont see neutrality in your so-called news. you hentam dap and pkr and try to be seen as neutral. but u r a pas portal. u dont have an iota of -ve comment for pas in your site.. just like malaysian insider, m2day, i have stop visiting them and for info, i will not even visit your site.

    tipu la budak umur 6 tahun..


  54. Anonymous10:36 pm

    i been with PETRONAS for more than 17 years,start my career as apperentice and climb as midddle mgmt as per today, love this company so much ,profesionally managed and out of political at least.
    the appointment of omar ong????????
    need to wait and see.....dont let PETRONAS to become another PERTAMINA and dont want to see brain drain flows to middle east once again. second wave??????
    capabilty building?contribute to the nation and people?
    what we can do?

  55. syabas najib hahahaha teruskan konsep 1malaya mu. jgn dilayan melayu2 haprak yg jeles dgn mu heeheehee

  56. Anonymous12:19 am

    he's young, he's bold, he's roastmah's boy. he's crony, he's lackey, he's the key to F1 major sponsor.

  57. Agent 00, Licensed to plunder money wantonly, perhaps?

    Watch the consultancy and commission contracts flow!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  58. Anonymous12:33 am

    Dato Seri PM should rethink and take into serious consideration the voices of the rakyat. it will be sad if eventually dato seri failure was due to this..he can replace ts hassan but not with oo..there are others to consider...you are smart enough to avoid unnecessary risk..at this very moment your main task is to build the rakyat confident in you. "beralah itu tak semesti nya menandakan kelemahan". strategies are build on your strengths and opportunities which should compensate and eliminate your threats and weaknesses..


  59. wishediwaswrong12:42 am

    Petronas, watch out. It's going to be a big payback time for all those irritations caused regarding scholarship money.

  60. Sisingamangaraja Gorgor9:08 am

    Bro Rocky... Kita dah nampak ape mangkuk2 tingkat 4 ni dah wat pada Negara mase zaman dollah dulu... Takkan itupun najib tak nampak?...~

    Nih pulak pendapat haku tentang najib...~

    1. Bubarkan kementrian koperasi dan keusahawanan... Spatutnye kementrian pelajaran tinggi yang dimansuhkan dan diserapkan lam kementerian pelajaran & tubuhkan 2 agensi atau majlis universiti/kolej, 1 tuk universiti/kolej awam dan lagi 1 tuk universiti/kolej swasta, just like Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia (LPM) for UPSR, PMR and SPM & Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) for STPM...~

    2. Liberalisasikan Bank Islam (70% for foreigners???)... Pasni GLC mane lak yang jadik mangsa... Banyak lagi cara len nak promote investors...~

    3. Tak sambung smula projek "Jambatan Indah"... Tapi wat projek jambatan len pulak...~

    Yang ke-4... Letak salah sorang mangkuk tingkat 4 kat lam Petronas???... Oh! My God!!!... Baru yang ketiga "I've just lost my confidence on him already"...~

  61. Anonymous10:30 am

    Seam like UMNO, BN and now NAJIB has thrown away their own “ONG” / luck for their selection of this CRAP guy for our “petroleum Negara” and with Isa on this upcoming PRK, it not an absurd move but is was a stupid and brainless move by those call their self as champion this NEGARA.

    So disapoiment…


  62. Anonymous1:32 pm

    George Choo :

    ape yg ko merepek ni? Ape kene mengene 1MF1 dengan petronas? ko bace paper ke tak?

    BN 4eva

  63. Anonymous4:53 pm



  64. skilgannon10666:51 pm

    Truth Seeker 12:14 PM

    The point that you are trying to make being....?

    Oh, well - blame it all on the British! If they hadn't encouraged migration to the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States way back when, the country would not have been in such a parlous (or perilous) situation now.

    Yah, sue the Brits! In their bloody simple-mindedness, they royally screwed up the status quo. And that's a heinous crime, right?

  65. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Lagi 1 Cina mengantikan Melayu,,,kan Melayu Bangsat,,mana boleh Melayu memerintah di Tanah Melayu,,!!!!

    Tukar Nama Melayu or masuk Islam melalui PERKIM,,,dapat kaut Harta Melayu,,Ta'percaya lihat apa jadi pada PERKIM,,,!!!!!

    PERKIM,,,a BIG JOKE by the non MUSLIM,,!!!!

    KRONI-KRONI Naji naik semula,,,,Tengok VINCENT TAN berseri kembali!!!!


  66. Anonymous10:11 pm

    You are wrong. Mus, kaki bodek, lalang and ular

    Anon 9:58

  67. Anonymous10:14 pm


    Soalan pertama yang kita patut tanya dalam masaalah ni ialah macam mana PM boleh masuk campur dalam hal korporat (dia ingat ini company bapak dia punya ke macam Gentingke, Berjayake, Naza ke) Siapa mula ni dulu.... tak de safety net ke?


  68. Anonymous11:09 pm


    if you such a good corperate governance why dont you do business such as in singapore or in China?

    dont you think this will help reinforced your expertise and experienced?

    ignore Najib recommendation as he himself become more and more a liablity to umno.

    No, No, No, this is not national service, we dont need you.

    everybody know you were placed there to become ears and eye for Najib.

    But Najib why do you need such thing? dont you trust anybody in Petronas anymore?

    Or you have your own interest or a hidden agenda?

    We thought this najib is as good like his father and what a mistake, a big mistake!!!

    well, DAPigs and the cheater gang is sooooooo happy with this appointment though....

    Najib you need to improve, your own KPI index show that your performance indication had become from bad to worse.

    by the way what have u done so far for my race and religion?

    sorry, no hard feeling to pro najib supporter.


  69. Anonymous11:14 pm

    takda mercy pi sumatera ke bro?

  70. Anonymous11:21 pm

    apa guna cakap banyak kat sini,kalau tak puas hati bunuh sajalah omar ong tu,malayu memang terkenal sejak berkurun dahulu dari sumatra,dari patani dari sulawesi ,dah kalah semua datang sini tanah kepunyaan jakun sakai jadi raja lalu tukar nama jadi tanah melayu,sejak bila melayu ada keadilan?keadilan terletak di hujung keris bermandikan darah,bunuh sajalah omar keparat purapura masuk islam nak jadi melayu tu! ingat 1malaysia ni najib mongol punya ke?

    piut panglima hitam

  71. Anonymous11:25 pm

    latest news we read is :

    `Najib going to assist and financially aid Tamil school'

    so there goes our `satu sekolah untuk semua ' dream.

    as long we have the racist DAP pig in this country, dont ever dream further la....


  72. Anonymous11:46 pm

    melayu dlm umno mmg bodoh dulu, kini dan selamanya.pembela melayu bangsat.

  73. OO NOES!

    Some guy just leapfrogs straight into the upper management of Petronas. Nothing wrong with that, but he was a defaulter and a courtier of Mr. & Mrs. Jib.

    Thats gonna work wonders for the morale of employees.

    And Carbonara... make that 3. Num3 being from Semi Value when MIC disregarded Mahdey & UMNOs advice.

  74. Omar Ong has already received his letter of appointment from the Prime Minister to sit on the Board of Petronas.

    All those who oppose the appointment should stop this futile attempt.

    Even if the majority of public opinion reject Omar Ong, accept the fact that he is already a Director at Petronas.

    The Prime Minister cannot revoke the appointment as;

    1. He will be seen to be a weak Prime Minister in doing so. He will then be no different.

    2. He will be seen as insincere by the Chinese and Indian communities in his efforts to build One Malaysia

    3. DAP and PKR are waiting to pounce on him to make the mistake of revoking the appointment.

    The above are a few simple reasons out of many, for the masses to digest.

    I do not know anything about Omar Ong and his background, his loyalties, his beliefs etc except for what I can find on the Net.

    I do believe in giving a man the opportunity to prove himself irrespective of race or religion.

    As long as Omar Ong's blood is red, then I believe that he should be given an equal opportunity as well.

    I deduce from the Net that he is guilty by association.

    He is deemed unfit to be a Director because he knows Khairy Jamaluddin and Ahmad Zaki Zahid.

    He is also deemed unsuitable because he is an Oxford graduate.

    Well then, those who are relatives of the Mamak and M16 Gangs or those who know Khairy Jamaluddin and Ahmad Zaki Zahid might as well pack their bags and leave Malaysia immediately.

    Apparently, Malaysia does not want you.

    All Malaysians currently studying in Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, please do not come back to Malaysia.

    Apparently, Malaysia does not want you.

    Politicians play games all the time. Politicians are full of drama.

    The way I see it, if Omar Ong is a threat to Petronas and national security, all those in a position of power and influence in Malaysia would have ensured that the appointment does not take place.

    It did and this speaks volumes of either actual intentions or one's existing political influence.

    Remember, news of the move to appoint Omar Ong to be a Director of Petronas has been circulating for some time now. This is nothing new.

    I sincerely hope that we do indeed have the 6th Prime Minister currently leading Malaysia and not the 5th Prime Minister still.

    Khairy Jamaluddin was the 5th and he brought Malaysia to her knees.

    I believe that Datuk Seri Najib is leading Malaysia now and I sincerely believe that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak made a decision to benefit Petronas and Malaysia.

    If, IF Omar Ong or the honourable Prime Minister [as per the claims on the Net] or ANYone in any way harm Petronas and Malaysia, we, Malaysians will make these people pay.

    Barisan did not get my support in the previous General Election.

    Pakatan politicians have been major disappointments and recent developments under the current Government makes me want to cast spoilt votes or vote for independent candidates in the next General Election.

    I will change my mind about casting spoilt votes for both the Parliamentary and State Seats in the next General Election if Petronas is harmed in any way by anyone.

    I will vote for the Opposition instead.

    Omar Ong, congratulations and we want you to do a good job!

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, there are many Malaysians like me out there and if you want our vote, be sincere in leading Malaysia and you will have our support.

  75. skilgannon10669:44 am

    Hang on a sec! The country is desperately short of bright young Malaysians with an Oxbridge education!

    So, why deny these creme-de-la creme of the academic elite in Malaysia opportunities to rise and shine, be it in politics, the professions, academia or the corporate world?

    Another instance of the "tall poppy syndrome" Malaysian-style?

  76. We must be forgiving of others, and give them a 2nd (or more) chance, just like we've given Mohd ISA a 2nd chance even though he was involved in $ politics!

    1MY - let's all support race-blind cronyism

  77. Anonymous1:05 pm

    handsome bugger. must be quite a lady's man. yeech!

  78. There are many ways to read into Omar's appointment. To me, there are serious national security repercussions in his appointment. That should be enough in us bloggers to try to uncover the underpinnings of the appointment in the context of our national security.

    Read my take on this in: http://alizul2.blogspot.com.

  79. To Aaron,

    "Omar Ong has already received his letter of appointment from the Prime Minister to sit on the Board of Petronas.All those who oppose the appointment should stop this futile attempt.Even if the majority of public opinion reject Omar Ong, accept the fact that he is already a Director at Petronas....................................
    The above are a few simple reasons out of many, for the masses to digest."

    By rescinding the appointment, DSNR will not be losing face but gaining the respect of the majority of BN supporters. DSNR should know better by now what 'advisors and consultants' had just recently gotten him into, need I elaborate? I do not see what race has got to do here and to hell with DAP or PKR. Strange that you do not include PAS.

    "I do not know anything about Omar Ong and his background, his loyalties, his beliefs etc except for what I can find on the ........................................................................................It did and this speaks volumes of either actual intentions or one's existing political influence."

    This is your problem, you rely on the net (with all its red herrings and flags) thus missing the relevant points why this appointment has received such resistance and trepidation. I can give you one of many points - when has any Petronas Board appointee received so much flak? Here's another - How and what can he contribute to an already SUCCESFUL team of BOD? Here's another - What is the criteria in the appointment? And another - What is his credentials in the oil and gas industry? For example, if Idris Jala were the appontee, would he had received the same brickbats? No. And another - the consequences affecting the TOP Rank and BOTTOM File in the Company? These are salient points. This is no drama, this is reality. "all those in a position of power and influence in Malaysia......political influence" How naive you are. His scholastic qualification or from where it comes from, is not in question. What is this rambling of those academes?

    "Remember, news of the move to appoint Omar Ong to be a Director of Petronas has been circulating for some time now. This is ................... and he brought Malaysia to her knees."

    That is exactly why this appointment is being viewed negatively. Think la why this was 'leaked' earlier and from what source, from the Govt or Petronas? On the onset you comment of guilt by association and KJ, then you say that KJ "Malaysia to her knees." What gives man?

    "I believe that Datuk Seri Najib is leading Malaysia now .....................................................................!Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, there are many Malaysians like me out there and you will have our support."

    The Net again. What does it matter to you when you yourself admit to voting for the opposition. In the last GE, even though I was very, very indignant after 4 years (from 2004) of inept adminitration, I still stuck with BN. Even you,now concede, the the PR is a disappointment.

    Thank you

  80. ismail kerbau9:59 am

    Sudah tiba masanya utk DS Najib melantik Dato' Seri Shahidan Kassim sebagai Pengerusi Eksekutif Petronas.

    Dulu apabila proksi Pak Lah Mat Isa Sabu di lantik sebagi MB, ada janji utk melantik Dato' Seri sebagai Pengerusi Eksekutif Tabung Haji tetapi lepas jadi PM senyap sahaja.

    Dato' Seri Shahidan pun dah banyak buat jasa pada Tabung Haji hingga pajero pun Dato' Seri Shahidan dah sedekah kepada Tabung Haji Mekah.

    Sedarlah pengaruh Dato' Seri Shahidan masih kuat di Perlis.

    Hidup Shahidan!

  81. Anonymous4:35 am

    Sometimes, for a good reason and if there is a clear mission that the rakyat just can't see, the prime minister may do something which is out of people's mind.



    This is just a reminder. Yes suara rakyat is suara keramat. Tapi tak semestinya suara rakyat adalah yang paling tepat.

  82. Bro,

    Lat Wednesday (Sept 30),Malaysian Mirror carried an interview with Mustapha Ong, Omar's father, who appealed to give his son a chance, for he's there on the board of Petronas not to witch-hunt but to improve the company.

    I choked with tears. I mean, the pride Mustapha has for his son is priceless. But he missed one question that I (and millions of other Malaysians, I guess) want answered:

    Whose interest is Omar Ong representing in Petronas? We all know that apart from those from Petronas, its board members are made of people from the Government, representing Government's interest in a Government-owned companies. So, I repeat: whose interest is this businessman representing then?

  83. -Orang Kampung -12:23 am

    why we need to change when it is not broken?

    Is petronas loose money?
    Is petronas has been mismanaged?
    Is petronas bring ashame to Malaysia?

    1Malaysia.. penyamun diutamakan...

  84. Apakah ini akan menjahanamkan negara atau petronas mari kita fikirkan sama ada melayu pun ikut terjun kelaut untuk mecari minyak mari kita tengok. Sekarang ini bertambah kalut tak apalah tunggu sahaja NAJIB balik tentu ada info dari dia sabar ya sayangggggggggggggg

  85. the debate should shift from personalities to strategies and ideas, people!

    as the saying goes, small minded people talk about personalities, big people discuss ideas...

    I think we should see omar ong's appointment from a different angle. it should be about an honest examination of where petronas as the national oil company and the country's biggest earner has fallen short, where it has succeeded and where to go from here. What are the strategies needed and the line of thinking it requires so that it remains competitive. surely if the government can be held to account by the people through elections, Petronas can be put under scrutiny too by anybody the powers-that-be sees fit.

    rakyat are stakeholders too in petronas but in our system, the Prime Minister is the Minister of Oil. He has full mandate to chart new direction for Petronas. If he does not succeeded, he is no longer PM and Oil Minister. That's how accountability works.

    Also Petronas should not be about individuals. It is not Hassan Merican's nor Omar Ong's empire. It is an institution that needs to be protected in order to protect the interest of all.