Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr M at The Mines today, F1 Spore tomorrow

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be honoring the Singapore F-1 tomorrow night with his presence. The man who helped bring F1 to this region via Sepang will be watching the race, together with the "drivers" of the RM308 million-a-year 1Malaysia F1 team [see excerpts below and link here], from a super-exclusive paddock, which should also see S.M. Nasa, the son of the late Nasimuddin, founder of the Naza Group, making his first public appearance with the 1Malaysia team.

Tony Fernandes has so kindly invited me to join the Tun but I had to decline, even though I will be in Singapore to celebrate Eid with friends and relatives. I will be watching the race from elsewhere just to experience the "unique" night F1, but basically I am not a motor sports fan.

For those who can't join Dr M at the Singapore race but want to wish him Hari Raya personally, his Open House today beckons you at 58, Jalan Kuda Emas, The Mines, Seri Kembangan, until 5pm. Expect the longest queue, though, because I hear a lot of those who could not make it to his open houses the last 5 years are making their enthusiastic comebacks today!


  1. skilgannon106611:47 am

    Interesting, this. And after TDM's "rants" against Singapore.

    Oh, wait - he was unhappy about LKY's recent visit to Malaysia.

    Maybe TDM will take out his little notebook and make notes on how Singapore is promoting the "only night race" on the F1 circuit.

    And is there a possibility for some "off the record" "on the sidelines" diplomacy to resolve some of the pesky bilateral issues? Like the rumour going around that a deal is being worked out over the KTM land and Tanjong Pagar railway station in Singapore?

    In any case, the Naza group has secured the Ferrari dealership for Malaysia. And good friend Ong Beng Seng's (who is still a Malaysian) Komoco group has clinched the Ferrari dealership for Singapore.

    An interesting confluence of events. A coincidence? Maybe.

  2. Anonymous2:11 pm

    RM300 annual budget....just like how AAB sucka-ed the T'gganu folks with his Monsoon Cup.

    You do ONE , I do ONE.

    Great leaders we have!

    Rakyat dimatikan dahulu.


  3. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Hi Bru, how come UMNO bloggers like you, Voice, Big dog are not against 1MF1 unlike Eurocopter, IJ and Labu case.
    I know the reason why but maybe you would like to clear the air.


  4. Niaseng

    you are as smart as you sound

    a Rm300 annual budget for F1 is really small, tail ender budget but if we can be in the midfield with that budget it would be great.

    anyway the recent rounds of budget cuts may prove that Rm300 million to be sufficient to propel the 1MF1 team to be a challenger, especially if we can tap Lotus and UK's racing car construction skills and teach them to our own boys

  5. Anonymous4:01 pm

    September 26, 2009

    McLaren Mercedes' driver Lewis Hamilton. (AFP)

    Singapore F1 Track 'Dangerous': Hamilton

    Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton took a swipe at Singapore's street circuit before qualifying on Saturday, calling the city-state's track "very dangerous".

    The McLaren driver, out of contention for this year's title, complained that the road circuit was dusty and bumpy and that improvements promised last year had not been implemented.

    "It's such a bumpy track and the ride on our car was quite poor," Hamilton told reporters in the paddock at the Singapore Grand Prix.

    "It's shaking so much. The car is bumping and bouncing and sliding. It's still very bad. I don't really think it's changed at all to be honest."

    Hamilton also hit out at changes made to the chicane on turn 10, where curbs had been built up.

    "It's a lot worse than last year," Hamilton said. "Last year, it was a weird little corner anyway but it was quite good -- a quick left, right, left. Now it's big, fat curbs and there's no runoff, so it's very dangerous.

    "I'm sure in the race someone will crash there. If someone blew a tire and had an over-steer moment and slid and hit one of those curbs, they would fly. It's not very safe."

    Hamilton said these issues had been raised at the drivers' meeting on Friday, and the sport's governing body the FIA would be asked for further improvements for 2010.


  6. Anonymous3:36 pm

    September 26, 2009

    McLaren Mercedes' driver Lewis Hamilton. (AFP)

    Singapore F1 Track 'Dangerous': Hamilton

    Fascinating 1st class facilities!

    I'm eager to see what sort of reaction will come from those S'pore worshippers against something coming from a Brits like this one..(especially that numbered fella high above..hahaha..)

    Nope..Malaysia definitely got nothing to do with this one for sure..spare MY country..

    Don't miss the shot this bullets will not work if u intended to shoot Hamilton's country who share the same nationality with Raffles, a demi-god worshipped by Singaporean regime..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  7. /// Singapore F1 Track 'Dangerous': Hamilton
    Fascinating 1st class facilities! ///

    That was during the practice session. When he won the qualifying race and got pole position, he sang a different tune. And when he won the actual race on Sunday, he was all praise for the circuit.

    First class facilities and organization. Bear in mind this is a street circuit and not a purpose built and under-used circuit like Sepang.

    Eat your heart out.

  8. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Read carefully..

    "Hamilton Singapore F1 GP win First Class"
    Nobert Haug

    The praise given by Mercedes Benz motosport VP Nobert Haug & Hamilton himself was not to the Singapore F1 circuit but to the McLaren teamwork in winning the race,

    you can read this in most of the British newspapers (the Telegraph,guardian,Time24 etc)

    ...sheeesh some people

  9. /// ...sheeesh some people ///

    Indeed, some people. My earlier remarks was to Anon @ 3.36PM. He was sarcastically referring to Singapore's "first class" facilities - meaning he didn't think Singapore's facilities is first class.

    My point is - Lewis made 3 comments during the practice, qualifying and final races. He started with dishing Singapore's circuit as "dangerous, bumpy, etc," Then when he came in first during qualifying, it became "challenging". And when he won on the final race, he commented: "But the track is fantastic. The fans here are amazing..." See how he flip-flopped like politicians.

  10. Anonymous2:05 pm

    "That was during the practice session. When he won the qualifying race and got pole position, he sang a different tune. And when he won the actual race on Sunday, he was all praise for the circuit"

    (really?? :D practice make perfect lah ..he already awared of the potential danger after the practice..but whatever thing he complaint still remain.. moron, itu pun tak faham, ka?).

    "First class facilities and organization. Bear in mind this is a street circuit and not a purpose built and under-used circuit like Sepang."
    (Ingatkan tak pandai buat comparison, hehehehe...maybe Malaysia can have it also in KL afterall they already did it for that stupid bike race..)

    Anon 12.19pm ....bro, what else can we say for these over syiok & perasan bagus type of people..just see this guy above coming to the defend line of his worshipped nation..

    That's why no action was taken even thought they already had complaints lodged last year.. everything is perfect in S' their country, nobody ever complaint! hahahaha.. :D

    City circuit? Never heard of complaint in Monaco for a comparison..

    Tell me why shouldn't i be surprised..Just see lah...That's how narrow minded the way these island worshippers creature think when it come to comparison and how they love to land themselves in self idolized selective conclusion.. always so clever eh they think..? must be a joke then..

    Otherwise they won't compared a country like Malaysia with a city-state like S'pore..why not compared to Vatican City?
    How many city do they have in Singapore country?
    :D hehehe..funny, eh?

    Of course lah..give them some credit.. taking care of a small kandang is a hell lot easier..

    Nothing to brag about lah except for some like of syok sendiri cretin creatures..plenty more of these species over here in Malaysia from where this kind of people coming from..

    Singapore? still a 3rd class mentality trap in 1st class facilities..not to mention the 3rd class attitude when they came out from their police state..2x5 with Malaysia..

    ..not so great lah..whatever..

    Its all about enforcement.. only force & action can tame these wild animals to be civilized..back here in Malaysia our stupid leaders taking a contrary soft approach like pondan bodoh with this kind of people..that's why we have hell lot of problems.. now you know why..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  11. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Monday, 28 September 2009

    Nope... during the lenghty press conference after wining the race, there were no mention at all of 1st class facilities or even praises..just complains again on the bumpy circuit ( paragraph 4.)