Thursday, August 27, 2009


18 lives are lost on our roads daily and this new, personalized campaign aims at reducing that death rate. The aim of Mufors, or the Malaysians United For Road Safety campaign, is to get 250,000 people to raise their hands online and pledge to do their bit for road safety. Launched on July 15, the campaign has so far drawn about 15,000 "pledges". Long way to go.

So if you'd help support this campaign, please go to

My own pledge, signed and delievered yesterday, is to make sure I belt up, without having to be reminded by my 6-year old.

Updates: 27/8 IGP: Ops Sikap will start a week before Hari Raya on Sept 20 to help reduce road accidents during the festive season/STAR


  1. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Boss Rocky,

    manalah cerita 'Kartun' ?? what say you, Rocky ??

    dulu hang kata under 'Najib', ada lebih freedom, tapi sekarang rakyat nak ketawa pon Najib tak benarkan !!

    Bila nak tibai Najib di Rockybru ??

    freedom o' freedom !!


  2. This is funny, Rocky. If I were them I would not have chosen that acronym. MUFORs in another culture could mean something totally "not nice" about mothers. LOL...

  3. I've just pledged at the website Bro, "I pledge to keep my cool on the highway even when a Kancil overtake me when I am doing 110km/h".

  4. Anonymous6:49 pm


    uiks.....skip pasal keputusan PRK pematang pasir ekk?.......

  5. Ops Sikap has become a bloody joke. Why not do something more positive. Get people who have to use the roads to leave early and not be rushed! And Plus can help to spread the traffic load 24/7. when they charge the same amount for the entire day, it makes no difference what time people decide to start traveling. Give a significant discount for those who enter the closed toll after, say, 11.00pm and get out by, say, 7 am, you'll find a lot of traffic moving towards that time period. This way during the other "peak" time with less congestion, maybe,
    people will not feel rushed.

    Also, drivers must be encouraged to drive at or close to the limit for the designated road. On all Plus highways its supposed to be 110km/hr. And as far as I am concerned that is supposed to be on all 2,3 or 4 lanes. Yet Malaysians believe the outer lanes are for slow drivers. And so they go their merry way.

    Hey, why not look at it another way. If you cannot drive at or close to the speed limit for the road, maybe your license should be revoked and you should not be on the road! Period!!

    Some may say they got an old junk that cannot go at those speeds. May I suggest that then that vehicle is not road worthy and should be scrapped?

    I was a reckless speed hog once. But now I try as much to keep to speed limits. Follow the law, as I have been advised! What I find annoying and that then forces me take the risk of overtaking by cutting out and back into lane is when I got a vehicle that is slow in front of me. And by slow, I mean a lot slower than the speed limit on that road.

    There has not been any attempt at educating Malaysian drivers to drive up to the speed limit. Even RTM radio DJs seem to believe that when there are three lanes one is supposedly for slow moving, the next for cruising, and lastly for over-taking. When I asked if they can point me out to any road sign anywhere along Malaysian highways that would tell me so, they go on and on about "that is how it should be". What I know is that when I read the road sign that says 110km/hr, it applies to all 2,3,4 lanes. When it says 50,70,80 or 90 on a rural road, just run at those speeds or close enough to it.

    And if you can't, then take the bloody bus for heaven's sake!! Just don't drive!!

    For those balik kampung people, you want to die, just go kill yourself. But that little baby of yours wants to live. Your mum and dad want to live. Your brothers, sisters, and wife want to live. And all of them, want you to live as well!! Get it, thick head!!

    Adn for all of those who want to live, have a merry Hari Raya!!

  6. Anonymous8:06 am

    nanti DAP kata banyak kemalangans ebab ada UMNO memerintah. dan oleh yang demikian, terlalu banyak pemandu melayu diberi lesen walhal mereka tidak kompeten...

    DAP..oh DAP..


  7. Anonymous10:18 am

    Yeah, Rocky. Belt up, before you become too old to remember such a simple thing.

    Me, I've done all I could (I still do, of course) in the name of safety. The best I can do (and pledge to do) is to continue whatever I've been doing.

    Why don't we all pledge to make the Government overhaul the driving school system?

    As bad as it is now, it is also a money-making scam between the driving school operators and the dirty Road Transport Department people.


  8. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Rocky, kita akan lihat nanti jari-jari menuding kepada pihak polis, jpj, kerajan dan pihak-pihak lain dan menyalahkan mereka kerana kadar kemalangan akan meningkat di musim perayaan.

    Namun saya berpendapat pemandu-pemandu di negara kita adalah golongan yang tamak dan tidak sabar serta tidak bertimbang rasa.

    Berapa sangatkah rakyat Malaysia yang mematuhi peraturan jalan raya? Kita sering berlumba-lumba, memotong barisan, memotong dari lorong kiri, berhimpit-himpit seolah-olah satu inci yang kita perolehi itu menentukan hidup atau mati, dan memandu seolah-olah kitalah raja di jalan raya.

    Jangan sangka kemalangan hanya boleh berlaku kepada orang lain, malah ia akan berlaku kepada siapa saja tidak kira raja jalan raya atau sebaliknya.

    Tengoklah diri sendiri dahulu. Berhemahlah di jalan raya. Sesal dulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna.

  9. Rajagopal1:13 pm

    Wei! Kalau hands up, tak boleh pegang steering wheel, lagi banyak la accident wei!!!

  10. why is Tepakbersulam so angry with the late Yasmin Ahmad. Is Yasmin Ahmad Film shows the real one malaysian that Najib wanted. read

  11. Anonymous2:14 pm


    One way to reduce traffic congestion along the highway is by encouraging more car owner to use either Smart Tag or Touch & Go card.

    Last week, on way to Penang, I pulled-in at the Changkat Jering R&R to top up Touch & Go card.

    It was told by the petrol station operator (not Petronas) that I could only top up RM 50 maximum at one time!! For that service, customer is charged RM.50 per transaction.

    If I need to top up RM 100, 150 and so on...the operator would have to swipe customer's card twice, thrice and so on!! Hence customer have to pay RM1, RM1.50 and so on as service charge!!!

    No doubt this petrol pump operator is a business minded person but are they allowed to impose any "smart" regulation just to increase the profit margin?

    Would this lead to a win-win situation or win-lose situation? Of course the operator would make higher profit but for the customer they have to spend more on commission for using the T&G!!!

    In the end this will discourage people to use T&G, further deteriorate the traffic congestion and not at all helpful in reducing the road-accident statistic.

    Road User

  12. der what happened to this highway-massage centre bro.

    Malaysia offers motorway massages