Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malaysia's latest political party

Human Rights Party. Former ISA detainee, lawyer P. Uthayakumar, may have secured the approval to set up his own political party, which will be known as Parti Hak Asasi Manusia (PAHAM). I was told the launch is scheduled for around the third week of next month.

Uthaya, the former Hindraf leader, will be PAHAM's pro-tem Secretary.


  1. Alamak, another Indian based Party? How many parties does Malaysian Indians actually want until they are satisfied.

  2. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Uthataya should made himself "paham" that this country is originated from Malays' courtesy granting to others as citizen. Be grateful.

  3. Another base party:



  4. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Uthataya should make himself "paham" that this country was born when the Malays with all the courtesy giving others citizenship. Be grateful.

    Melayu Tidak Lupa

  5. Another base party:

    Parti Untuk Kaum India MAlaysia.


  6. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    orang India banyak faham lah

    Org Felda

  7. I think they'll satisfy until Prof Samy Velu step down...

  8. They will satisfy until Samy step down...

  9. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Dah lulus ke ?

    Kut ade yg tak PAHAM ?

    PAHAM ?

    Nani Cheras

  10. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Saya tak PAHAM.

    I think Tamil Nadu politics is something Pakatan needs right now..... hehe

  11. Malaysia have more kuil than masjid yet Indian is merely minority here. So Indian might have more party than any other race in Malaysia as well

  12. Human Rights Party but it will be MIC. Just like GERAKAN called themselves multi racial but actually mca. So the trend now is to carmouflage the racial settings with multi racial names. Lol

  13. Anonymous12:42 pm

    masyarakatnya cuma 1.8 juta tapi parti mcm puak majoriti..tak sedar diri langsung hehe

  14. salam bro rocky minta izin lalu

    hindraf tubuh parti baru nama PAHAM ? hindraf ni paham tak apa yang dia nak buat ni ?

    tak paham la bro ! tapi satu perkara rakyat malaysia harus paham..iaitu pada 8 julai seluruh rakyat malaysia dijemput untuk hadir menyokong saiful bukhari..

    yang ni baru boleh paham.

  15. Dey, ini bukan Indian Base lah dey ada 'PAHAM' ka kalu talak 'PAHAM' kasi bukak itu dictinory la. Ini parti untu sumua 'PAHAM' ka. Ini 'parti hak asasi manusia' PAHAM!'. Jadi ini Parti Manusia ala PAHAM. Talak PAHAM tak apa lu betul jugak!

  16. Anonymous12:51 pm

    rumors is that..... 'Madey' with be appointed as 'PAHAM' advisor !!


  17. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Can't help but notice this minority group is now split into so many political ideologies. At the end of the day, with so many political representation, they will still shout marginalisation. Aren't they better off fighting as a human race than one race?

    garfield zzzzzzzzz

  18. Pemimpin PAHAM yg selalunya tak paham beza antara Hak Asasi Manusia dengan Hak Asasi Rakyat.

  19. Anonymous1:24 pm

    indian make up of 7% of m'sian population, so we hope each of this 7% owned a party, so standby ros..
    -party orang ramai ada hak- PORAH..

  20. Yeah... let see how long will it last.. will it be as long as AKIM, HAMIM, Berjasa, PAS-51, S46, Parti Negara, Islah, CCC and myriads of other partys?

  21. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Yeah...its true, Malaysia may have numerous Indian based parties, but ask yourself this..Which one actually represented the rights of the Indians ever?? MIC?? Are you kidding?? What Indians need here is a political party which can do something worthwhile for the community and not just enrich themselves and a few other generations after them!!

    Bald & Beautiful

  22. PAHAM ni faham betul ke..?...nanti ramai pulak le yang tak faham sokong PAHAM...:D

  23. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Alo Eddie,

    what lah you? You don't know how to count..ha. It will as many as Hindu temples in Malaysia lah my friends.

    Cikgu Sathia

  24. Anonymous2:02 pm

    What's their official drink?


  25. ShokorBotak2:14 pm


    Too many lah "Indian Party" in Malaysia Bro...berapa banyak dah...jalan cerita sama aja. Last-last gaduh-gaduh pastu "BUBAR", buat parti baru pulak.

  26. zainal mohd jais2:23 pm

    Bila Samy Vellu berjaya melemahkan MIC dan sukses mengecewakan masyarakat India, masyarakat itu seperti anak ayam kehilangan ibu. Orang India bukan marah kerajaan BN, tetapi sangat kecewa kerana tak terbela oleh kepimpinan masyarakat mereka sendiri, tapi mereka tak ada cara lain selain menghukum BN yang tidak menghukum pemimpin mereka yang gagal. Mereka benar-benar dahagakan seorang "Leader" yang sebenar.

  27. Anonymous2:36 pm

    The Indian community is small but they want to make it even smaller and fragmented.

    Perhaps they want to follow the British Divide and Rule policy.


  28. Race base parties
    The doom into the minds
    Enough of racial intonations
    Time these people buck up

    Enough of Bee Anne
    Race base leaders harping the old stories
    Here we are.........
    Hindraf and other former leaders
    Set up race base parties

    Malaysia isn't for a race
    She isn't selling to any race
    She is a potpourri of many lights and colours
    She has no time with racial parties

    The landscape has changed
    The leaders who fail to recognize it
    They will be left far behind

    The band wagons of racial parties
    Claiming to fight for its own rights
    Read and understand the Constitution
    It is there only race base leaders refused to see

    The groundwork has shifted
    The minds have changed
    No more going backwards
    It is forward marching
    To claim our place
    In the world stage

  29. Go Underdogs2:54 pm


    It would split the pro-Pakatan Indian votes to a state of blissful irrelevance.

    This is the best thing to happen to Semi Value.

  30. Another new party will be called Parti Untuk Kaum India.


  31. PAHAM???
    what hak he want... Hak as rakyat malaysia biggest hak he get but now he want more hak kah???

    Wah... i`m very pening with my Utaya

  32. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Sorry eddy, this party is for all Malaysians who value human rights irrespective of race or religion. If you cherish individual freedom and value human rights you are welcome to join the party. All are welcome.


  33. Anonymous3:28 pm

    masing-masing gila kuasa dan mahu jadi hero..ada FAHAM...!

  34. Anonymous4:05 pm

    He should name the party HAMPA
    Hak Asasi Manusia Punya Angkatan
    Tak habis habis nak publisiti

    Raja Paper Kutuk

  35. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Hindus are the rasist race I ever known . Great! another party to spread hinduvath!!(or something like that ) - dont even bother to check ...


  36. Anonymous4:26 pm

    hak asasi manusia ni bukan parti, lebih mirip kepada pertubuhan. lagipun hak asasi manusia yang mana dia nak perjuangkan, satu dunia ke? palestin ke? pembangkang iran ke? ini la nak buat tak pikir, tak paham.

    Parti Hak asasi manusia, terutama anak keling, PAHAM TAK?

  37. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Pres DS Vellu reported that Msia is residence for 1.8 million Indians and 1.4 are of Tamil origin.
    Actually MIC and IPF ar tru blu Indian based.
    The others are 1Msian wannabes.
    So its ok lah.
    Mah Ngah Tong

  38. Anonymous4:38 pm


    kenapa tak pakai je nama Parti Hindu Semalaysia?


  39. Anonymous4:45 pm

    wow.just wow.Isn't he the same person who demanded sanction on Malaysia?

    In the name of democracy, we have to tolerate this Hindutva.This supremacist can hide behind human rights to promote his political party. Perhaps UMNO should be called Fighting for Malays' Human Rights organization - maybe then UMNO will be invited by UK and UN.

    - san diego

  40. bendera merah5:07 pm

    ..the ball start rolling..bro rocky ;)..don't cruise with 5.0 ok...

  41. Anonymous5:53 pm

    "Now i will be able to fight the Hindraf cause through PAHAM!! Though i don't really PAHAM yet what i'm gonna do... but by... Zupp! Dish! (sound effects) i'm gonna be bigger than Semi Value and M.Kayveas put together!. Then, the Indians of Malaysia will truly be freed from, er from the colonialist plant that is that's called Dey*@#%pundek BN, who have made our lives miserable all these while!!! Cit Podahh! Karawale! punya kerajaan! Ada PAHAMMMMMM????!!!!!

    Now i'm off for some much needed golf. Cheerio."

  42. Anonymous6:03 pm

    One Indian does nothing
    Two Indian form an Union
    Three Indian form a political Party

  43. dey macha hindraf

    kalau awak tubuh PAHAM sebagai menwakili kumpulan hindraf..

    bagaimana pulak nama kumpulan india yang tak sokong hindraff..TAK PAHAM ke !

    dey macha..baru buat nama lu sudah kasi tada paham la maca...

    bro rocky...ada paham ka ?

    kempen sokong saiful di blog gerakan anti pkr aka gap..

    yang ni kena paham !

  44. Dah jadi cam mushroom lepas hujan. Next to come:-
    Party Vadai, Party Tosai, Party Apam,Party Papasom, Parti Rasem ect etc etc

  45. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Saar, I yam telling yu wonly, no wan yelse wokay. The Yeendian peepel dey reaallly like to arrrrgyu an arrrrgyu wall the time wonly.

    Saar, yif yu have too yeendians yu vill have five paarty. Wan paarty for wan yeendian, anatha party for the atha yeendian (too oredi).

    Then yu have anatha party rrreprresenttting for the too of them togetha (paarty no.3)

    N then they will shtaart fighting. Ven they shtaart fighting, one fello will make anatha paarty to fight opposite the atha fello (no. 4).

    The atha fello olso will make anatha paarty to fight the first fello (no. 5)

    So yu c saar, wonly too yeendians can have five paarty oredi.

    Now saar, yeemagin if yu have tree yeendians. 'ow many paarty they can make.

    There is very gooood reeson saar vy the yeendians like sew many paarty. The yeendian are not kotta tonggi. Saar yu know vart is kotta tonggi? 'anging from balls, saar.

    The yeendians no 'anging from balls'. They just 'anging only.

    Long time no 'oegarten. Wan pint wonly saar.



  47. the open road7:08 pm

    Anon and others who are of the opinion that non-Malays must be "grateful" to Malays for "granting" them citizenship is conveniently ignorant of history of this country and of her peoples.

    Replacement history false tales spins many a wayang. Who are the so-called "original" inhabitants of this land? The lying has taken an art form especially with Malay Muslim zealots doing very much the same ethnic cleansing their cousins are doing around the world.

    That’s why objective historians never get an opportunity to present their research or findings here. In fact all artifacts of non-Muslim cultures that inhabited this country way before the 13th Century is being destroyed. Sounds familiar? Talk to Farish A. Noor, he will be glad to enlighten you.

    Yes Paham may rise up to be the party Malaysian Indians have wanted. Unlike the Malay-Muslim centric "ketuanan" parties, I see Paham more like a Nelson Mandela reformist party. It has the potential to instill a sense of solidarity among the community.

    Uthaya Kumar has walked the talk. He has been exposing prison abuse and deaths in Malaysian police lock-ups way before the Umno anjing mata mata realised what he was doing was exactly what the rukun negara is all about. Every Malayian citzen should stand in solidarity with those who soldier for the oppressed and down-trodden.

    Police lock-up brutality and torture of especially Malaysian Indian suspects has not ceased,it continues to occur at an alarming rate. No one is losing any sleep over this - not MIC, not the so-called human rights groups, not even the judiciary.

    The reason is simple. The caricature of the poor working class Indian has been reinforced by the perpetual "ugly Indian" caricature. Unlike the "ugly Chinaman, or the ugly Malay man" the ugly Indian always ends up dead in prison. And strangely enough even by those who claim to be repulsed by it all somehow contribute to the fatalism.

    Umno and its keris cronies has engaged the police force and other bureaucracies to make killing Indians an easy and fun-sponsored sport. The Barisan media is ever ready to engineer cleverly invented stories like the LTT connection or even Indian Taliban terrorism to add to the plot.

    As a non-Indian, I am astounded at the restrain Malaysian Indians has demostrated, and especially from those of the Hindu faith. All this in the face of systematic demolition of their temples and century old houses of worship.

    Imagine the scenario if such magnitude of orchestrated demolition were carried out against mosques and suraus in Malaysia. Hold that thought for a moment.... It is no secret that the ketuanans harbour a deep unfettered malice against Malaysian Indians. It is a hatred that goes back in history.

    Malaysian Indians have once again discovered their voice. They will no longer apologise to any quarter for the atrocities they face. the concealed genocide being directed against their youth and community must never be justified.

    It not an issue of the Indians against the Malays or any race or community, it is about being acknowledged for who they are; a people who are contributing to the economy and stability of the nation. In fact, they are partly responsiple for the long road to Merdeka.

    No one can deny that without the solidarity of the Indian and Chinese communities, there would have been no merdeka - no negara to call home. Now is the time for Malaysian Indians be freed from all forms of oppression, apartheid and marginalisation.

  48. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Bro, one thing you notice this Indian politician are doing? They form party so that they themselve and a few of their cronies get to work with BN so that they are given high up position and source of wealth. The monkey from PPP is one example.

  49. Anonymous8:46 pm




  50. Tulang Besi9:14 pm

    The Tamil Nadu politics is entering Malaysia..!!!

  51. Dear Readerz9:21 pm

    Da double dee double di Uthaya.
    Zahid Ibrahim may join diz party as advisor.

    Everyone Has A Cliche Story To Tell

  52. Anonymous10:44 pm

    For a community ranked third in terms of size (in fact probably even smaller than immigrant population), there's too many political parties. Its no wonder nothing gets done.
    To be honest with all this talk by some racist about the rights of minorities is a gift not a right, I sometimes wonder if during the 1400s China should have just invaded Malacca instead of making than a vassal. Also not withstanding, Malays are not the sons of the land. Orang Asli are. Malays heritage is from any other country BUT Malaysia. So funny. Hahaha.

  53. Bagus, lebih banyak parti berasaskan ras lebih baik. Pada pilihanraya ke-13 nanti semua parti bertanding atas tiket parti masing-masing bukan atas komponen parti. Daripada itu, baru kita dapat tahu ras mana yang paling berkuasa di negara ini.Saya cadangkan kepada UMNO jangan beri kawasan majoriti Melayu kepada komponen parti lain. Untuk keadilan semua, bagi kawasan majoriti Cina biar MCA dan Gerakan bertanding dan India (jika ada) biar MIC dan PPP bertanding. bagitu juga di Sabah dan Sarawak.
    Dengan cara ini barulah semua bangsa faham apa erti kompromi orang Melayu dalam mengagihkan kuasa di negera Malaysia ini. Cara BN membahagikan kawasan kepada parti-parti komponen yang mana MCA ,Gerakan dan MIC menangi sekarang bukanlah kawasan majoriti ras mereka tetapi kawasan orang Melayu. Ong Tee Kiat, Koh Tsu Koon, Samy Vellu dan Kaveas - sedarlah dan fahamlah apa itu erti kongsi kuasa yang diamalkan oleh UMNO. Melayu tidak mungkir janji.

  54. No big deal Indians are known to form a party with two people

  55. Anonymous12:31 am

    How can they get the approval? There must something foul afoot.

  56. Anonymous12:33 am

    Maybe, they join BN. And kill off MIC and PPP.

  57. Anonymous2:29 am

    @ the open road.

    What a delusional person you are. Malay Muslims zealot and their cousins are doing around the globe?

    wow.This kind of hateful remark from Farish Noor's reader speaks volume of who and who are reading him.

    Do I need to mention how Muslims are suffering in China and India respectively? When you are talking about Malay Muslim zealotry, were you referring to the zealotry of Hindu chauvinism running amok in India and now in Malaysia or is it against political correctness to even equate Hinduism with a deep seated hatred towards Malays/Muslims?

    The Hindu empire was a colonizer of the Malay archipelago.If you want the Malays/Muslims to celebrate that colonizer ala Farish Noor's celebration - perhaps we should ask the Ukrainians to celebrate their Nazi past and the Dalits to celebrate Brahminism.

    Now,a delusional person like you could twist words and turn Hindraf into a reformist part ala Nelson Mandela but you are a bigot and an Hindutva apologist. It is people like you who are far more dangerous.

    Hindraf is an anti-Malay,anti-Muslim hate group.Its 18 policy demands contained the most hateful and violent and delusional accusations towards Malays.

    - san diego

  58. nstman4:32 am

    Hindraf has now become a stooge of Umno. Hindraf must be destroyed. The frankenstein we created has morphed into an uncontrollable monster.

  59. Anonymous7:55 am


    - Faham2..

  60. Apalah korang kecoh-kecoh.

    Parti ni takde kena mengena dengan malaysia pun.

    Diorang nak minta Queen (tak prasan lak yang england punya or the one with aids) bayar pampasan. Actually at this moment, nama PAHAM tu pun belum lulus DBP lagi.

    And their spritual leader is the Tamil Naidu minister kat India sana.

    So biarkanlah mamat tayar ni, dia masih confuse samada nak teruskan championing bende bodoh dulu tu ke nak belit cerita lain lak.


  61. Anonymous9:06 am

    The name should be:


    The name best described its modus operandi nature..

    Now you go figure out its abbreviation your own..

    Ada paham ka?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  62. Anonymous9:18 am

    if ROS approved their registration..give them each a bottle of samsu to celebrate..

    After that they will each form more party..

    p/s; did ya all get the abbreviation i had previously mentioned?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  63. Anonymous10:06 am

    hahahahha bertambah pening la kawan aku di Pejabat Pendaftar Pertubuhan tu kah kah kah..

    Mcm dia cakap org India ni kalau boleh setiap org nak jadi Presiden dan ada Parti sendiri...

    And please take note kawan aku tu India

  64. Anonymous10:36 am

    For those who are so dumb that they thought Malays are not the sons of the land.

    What is the name of this country ?

    What was the former name of this country ?
    Persekutuan Tanah MELAYU

    What is the name of this peninsular?
    Semenanjung Tanah MELAYU or MALAY peninsular

    So ... ada faham ? If not you can join PAHAM. PAHAM's protem secretary also TAK PAHAM. Hopefully by joining PAHAM sooner or later all of you will PAHAM.

    Well PAHAM's protem secretary also did not understand the meaning of word 'genocide'. Do you ??

  65. Anonymous11:20 am


    There is a serious problem impacting Hindus, especially the poorer Hindus who are the bulk of the Hindraf supporters which we are not aware of.

    Most civilised societies prohibit incest. In Malay it is called sumbang mahram. The Chinese are paranoid about sumbang mahram.
    They do not even allow people with the same surname to marry. A Lee cannot marry another Lee.

    From very early on in human history, we have learned that close family intermarriage (like cousins marrying each other, generation after generation) can cause inbreeding.

    Various genetic based diseases can result including mental handicaps, lower intelligence, terencat akal and so on.

    Unfortunately among the Hindus, it is allowed for an uncle to marry his own niece, ie his sister's daughter.

    This is an extremely common practise among the Hindus, especially the Hindraf supporters. This is actually incest or sumbang mahram and is not a healthy practise at all.

    For generations, Hindus have been marrying their sisters daughter (their own niece).

    Putting it another way, a Hindu man's son can marry his grand daughter. If a Hindu man has a daughter and a son, his son can marry his daughter's female child. Uncle can marry niece.

    The result of this incestuous practise is that generations of Hindus have suffered the ill effects of inbreeding and incest. Their preponderance for violence, talking loudly, loud behaviour, shouting at the top of their voices and being melodramatic all could be the result of bad genes pooling around within them.

    To help the Hindus, we should make a law in Malaysia and make it illegal for any Hindu to marry his own niece. This may go some way to solving the frequent dysfunctional behaviour of the Hindraf and others.

  66. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Dear bro bru..,

    At least he Paham the word Paham although the spelling wrong faham.


  67. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Auta-yakumar. Pooooodah! Batu Besar ada Kapla.

    Auta K%L@#G

  68. Anonymous1:35 pm

    This Indian minority is crazy to establishe party. They should to serve the people to imporve their standard of living and abolish casta ego attitude. They like to associate themselves so that they can drink more toddy mix with whisky and mabuk all night long.

    3 Little Indians

  69. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Let it be 1000 party of Indian comunity. It come and go but MIC remain...this Mr.Samy Valuable 'kata2 azimat'


  70. Anonymous2:14 pm


    Tun Dr Mahathir did say something about indian and politic in his interview with Malaysiakini..well he quoted what Tunku said actually..

    "Indians are very political, Tunku Abdul Rahman used to say if there is one indian there is one political party..if they are two indians there are two political parties"....

    camner la tadbir negara sesama sendiri pun takleh nak PAHAM....


  71. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Assalamualaikum Rockybru,

    As long as this new political party doesn't incite violence, aggression, racism, crime, terrorism, chauvinism, anarchy, militancy, rebellion and all negative and subversive elements, We must try to respect its' constitutional right in formation.

    Warmest regards,
    Hakimi bin Abdul Jabar

  72. Anonymous3:35 pm

    talking cock lah..all the people here...
    malaysian malaysia...
    No to racist...

    Then indian dont support/dont care..
    btw..i'm not a indian says...

  73. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Itu ularkumar cakap sudah mau mampus dalam ISA , sekarang keluar boleh tubuh party lagi... sudah tukar ka ??


  74. so many racists here....

  75. Anonymous5:36 pm








    "saya yang tarak paham"

  76. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Another stupid racial party is all I can say...oh when will I see the light of the day when a party is neither race based? MERIT MERIT! Quality, mutu, keunggulan, itulah Dunhill...uh, I mean BEST FOR THE NATION.

  77. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Dey, open road. Open your eyes lah. How many hindu temples appear overnight? As for surau or masjid, they r supposed to hve at least 40 muslims registered to the said before it can be built. I am not sure about hindu temples but as long as they continue to sprout like this, they r bound to obstruct one or another. What if they build one next to your house?
    Raja paper kutuk

  78. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Smells like another cepat-kaya- scheme kari for a few.

  79. Banyak nye party kaum India!

  80. The Tunku was reputed to have said in jest: "If there are 10 Indians, there will be 10 political parties ..."

  81. iskandar12:15 am

    What's with all of you? Will you guys actually read what you're saying? Kenapa nak berunsur perkauman sangat ni? Saya ni orang Melayu jugak, tapi tak payahlah nak racist sangat.

    All he wants to do is to form a political party, that's all. Apa salahnya?? Why is there the need to come up with rude acronyms (AMBAJ) and say that they tak sedar diri (Dr Sid) and bring in temples and stuff?

    Just as not all Malays support Umno, neither do all Indian Malaysians support Hindraf! Why is it necessary to be so racist? Let him form that little party of his, and let him see for himself how many supporters he really has. I doubt he has many.

    But until that happens, can we not be so racist? Yang Melayu sangat yang komen kat atas ni, malu lah sikit. Dalam Quran mana ada kata kita boleh racist macam ni. Nabi Muhammad would NEVER say the things you did. If you're secure enough in your belief that you're a good citizen, there's no need to put down those who do not have a bin or binti like you and I do.

    Kepada yang Melayu yang tulis komen macam-macam kat atas tu: Assalamu'alaikum. May you have better manners next time.

  82. Anonymous12:48 am

    party orang ramai ada hak - PORAH...

  83. nstman4:49 am

    Dont test our patience, Hindraf. patience has its limits. Dont push us. Dont think you can ride roughshod over us just because Umno is behind you. Bodoh.

  84. Muhammed Bakri bin Samad9:51 am

    Nstman dan melayu bodoh yang suka rogol anak tidak ada kuasa untuk ajar siapa pun tentang isu demokrasi atau apa sahaja. balik pulau cina dan mancing ikan seperti bapa awak. tolong berhenti tradisi rogol anak untuk kebaikan bangsa ada... pui!

  85. Anonymous9:59 am

    tak abis2 nak party sendiri....ya betul nak jadi hero mesti rasa masuk dalam jail baru hero kan....faham2 aja la...lihat pak anwar mereka tu hero baru betul skrg jual kerusi pulak hahahahahaha

  86. Anonymous10:29 am

    Dear Rocky, do you sometimes wonder about the IQ levels of some who add their comments to your blog? Some badly need English lessons, while the rest should not even bother to read your blog in the first place.

    I agree that the Malaysian Indian population now stands at around 1.8 million. A small minority which has for many years been represented by the Great MIC - which at one time was the sole Indian based party in the country. The problem is that this party did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the community.
    The great DSSV was only busy enriching himself. He has fattened himself so much at the expense of the community, sad to say a majority of whom are still illiterate and blindly trusted this conman. Over time, several other Indian-based parties were formed and sad to say, they too failed miserably in helping the community.

    To the Indians in the lower income brackets, they needed a party or a sole leader who is actually interested in helping them improve their lives and not some overweight politician lying to them and cheating them of the very little they have. I, as an Indian agree that there are too many Indian based political parties in the country. If you add the alleged memberships given by MIC, PPP and the IPF, it would far exceed the entire Indian population in the country!

    What would be the best bet here would be to totally wipe out these irrelevant parties and replace it with just one which is genuine enough to pay heed to the needs of the community. Like the many other races in the country, the Indian population has also wisened up and this was evident when they almost wiped out the MIC on March 8 last year.

    Let whoever wants to form a political party do so. It is up to the ROS to approve their formation. At the end of the day, it is up to the community to decide whom they want...be it PAHAM or LEBAM or whatever. The Indians just want an end to the lying, cheating and corrupt Indian politicians who have been silently robbing them all these years. If Uthayakumar is genuinely sincere in what he wants to do, then I think it is only fair we give him a chance in this new political environment which the country is experiencing.

    Bald & Beautiful

  87. Anonymous12:16 pm

    nstman said...

    Dont test our patience, Hindraf. patience has its limits. Dont push us. Dont think you can ride roughshod over us just because Umno is behind you. Bodoh.

    4:49 AM

    Kerja kamu ni cuba nak spin story. Orang bodoh macam kamu ni yg kata UMNO di belakang HINDRAF.

    Kamu tahukan di belakang HINDRAF tu ialah deva kamu Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)Al-Juburi. Dia dan barua dia Uthayaxxxx tu yg mencipta Hindraf untuk menggangu ketenteraman negara!

    Tongong la kamu ni sama macam Malaysian Insider.

    -tukang perati

  88. Ferrum Magnesia4:29 pm


    Tak paham, banyak auta lah .....

  89. Anonymous6:08 pm

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    yaw yaw Geng2 india saya dah buka party baru....YAhooooo...

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  90. Anonymous6:13 pm

    saya suka...
    saya suka...
    saya suka buat malaysia seperti bapa saya yang punya..muhahaha

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  91. Anonymous12:54 am

    Wowowo.... everybody talks crap over here... Democracy have limits too... But you guys over here have no limits at all.

    Incest... what incest you are talking..Please go and study deeper of Hindus before you come and talk here.

    Tanah Melayu....Malayu..the name even exists before 15th Century. Where the name came from? Sanskrit was ruling this region during those times. Pergi bacalah sejarah. Bukan Sejarah terbitan ala Malaysia Boleh but World History...

    Baba & Nyonya, Seranis came here almost 500 years ago and yet they are not Bumis.. But Malays came from Riau, Sumatra after that is Bumis.. Please think for yourselves.. I think with brain and not with emotions unlike 99% of people do here.


  92. Anonymous9:21 am

    Pukimak mana yang cuba meniru nickname aku lak nih.. takde maruah ka?

    6:08 PM; 6:13 PM ??

    Hmmm.. nowdays people can go cheap when they're bankrupt of substance to take down somebody....

    anyway...they can have my name or even my dick to suck and my ass to lick..but that's nothing proximate to my brain quality...pity those fat dream loosers.. :)
    So simple & no substance ranting in malay..? amateur? hihihi..

    I'm already becoming a phenomena here.. :D muhahahaha..

    I like that boom boom pow
    Them chickens jackin' my style
    They try copy my swagger
    I'm on that next shit now

    and the answer for my abbreviation question:

    Parti Ajak Ramai India Amuk - P.A.R.I.A @Hindraf

    I know..i always invent a masterpiece with words.. that is why u can expect cheap stunt coming from these loosers such as that..hahaha..

    p/s: I'll keep the last laugh..show me what else u looser people got to take me down..bring it on.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  93. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Dear open road

    who is farish noor? is he a hindu god?

    your ranting is full of accusations, you should stay in the prisons long enough to do a thesis on police conspiracy and brutalities

    you might earn royalties together with farish noor - if your sweat and blood gets past ANY publication (even as a fiction)

  94. Anonymous2:58 am

    Ini strategi yg bagus oleh pihak yang berPakat.
    BN terselamat dengan keutuhan kaum India yg masih menyokongnya. Dan sekiranya dalam keadaan Gerakan yg sering acah-acah BN dan MCA yang suka bermain digaris sempadan, perpecahan kaum India adalah jalan terbaik untuk menghancurkan BN. Justeru, PAHAm ke apa ke yg akan ditubuhkan oleh kaum yang berkasta ini, matlamatnya satu. - GG JOHORE

  95. >>sri tribuana said >> Malaysia have more kuil than masjid yet Indian is merely minority here.

    Perhaps true but find out the 'building cost' of each place of worships then try understanding what the blogger statement means or whatever he is trying to imply.

    >>Anonymous said...11.20am said INCEST A PART OF HINDU LIFE.
    This is an extremely common practise among the Hindus, especially the Hindraf supporters.

    What a piece of shit. No balls to put your name per your comments. It may be happening but its not common. If indeed this practise is so widespread you would expect various genetic based diseases can result including mental handicaps, lower intelligenc....then why is all the freaking outsoucing jobs from USA going to INDIA - PLACE WHERE MOST HINDUS LIVE.

    I don't belong to any PUKIMA party; be in BN or PAHAM...whatever narrow race based party.

  96. Mohd Rosli3:14 pm

    One common trait of the ketuanan mat rempit rogol anak tribe is to blame everyone for their contagion.

    Blame the hindus, blame the chinese, blame the orang putih, blame their datuk for raping a close relative, blame their mak cos the daun pisang did not automaticaly fill up with nasi tomato dan sambal ikan belacan.

    It is a disease the ketuanans inherited when they were swinging on the trees and missed those musang with their blowpipe darts. Well, i have news for you mental-midget incest-driven ketuanan scums... no one owes you a life... not the Chinese, not the Indians, certainly not the kadazans or ibans, not even your corrupt blood-sucking barisan half-breed fathers.

    And no mater how many handouts you lazy mongrels get, you end up at the bottom of the sewerage. Put simply, it is that mindset that has been depraved by all the "in-breeding." Its a paradigm paralysis of a community in denial.

    As Mahathir wrote in "the Malay delima",until you are prepared to acknowledge your own carnality and sins, you will never breakfree from your bondage. Melayu muda lupa... lupa chaya, lupa kebenaran, lupa tangong-jawab dan lupa wawasan berdikari. Bodoh!

  97. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Mohd Rosli @ parian in disguise..

    You should be eating your own shit now with that.. you need it more than the bumiputera here do..go see yourself in the mirror pendatang malas dan bodoh, kaum pengotor & suka meminta-minta, kaki mabuk, pukul bini, pukul anak, lacur bini, bunuh bini, bunuh anak, curi tanah, curi pokok ..buat kuil atas tanah curi & mengaku hak sendiri.. sungguh tiada maruah ..serupa binatang bodoh..

    Merempat negara orang lagi tak sedar diri pula, buat macam tempat sendiri.. pergi balik Tamil Nadhu lah bodoh kalau kemaruk sgt nak jadi bumiputera...

    Now go down the line with a mirror tell your own people with that piece of shit you had try so hard to excrete out from your mouth to get it coming.. its a kind of nature reverse process that u idiot trying very hard to struggle .This is a democracy nation, in democracy the majority words matters lah bodoh! And the majority here happens to be the bumiputera..who care about the minority especially when they are worst than the majority itself..same rule..same field..we do not spell our own rule for that..

    Do you really think the world revolved around the hindulens & chingkies ?? What make u feel so damn important here when the majority of u people who love to talk high about other countries not even dare to make a move to RE-immigrate to proved yourself worth there? just what the fuck hah, bitch?

    Perhaps the 'bumiputera' of Tamil Nadhu and also the ethnic Han of PRC also want to listen to your preached piece of crap shit after this..go & preach them there if u dare..i bet u won't, coz its your own kind..

    Listen here pariah.. it is you & your people that are the source of the problem here.. why alone blame others around you ..? Cannot take charge of your own problem? Get your identity crisis & your inbreed social caste problems resolved first before blaming others..

    You pariah can't even toppled Sami Vellu and need more political party than anybody here do to do that..? Still you dare to try US hah, fuckhead..? I dare to say that if the same 1969 tragedy hit u bastards like what the chingkies had before, due to your insignificant volume, none of you can slip to be spared to bitch again in this land forever.. 1.8mil? why so much trouble..?

    so.. just keep on harping & wish-wash your shit-thingy till the day come for your kingdom to come, ok fuckhead...? only idiot wish for something that they would later regret.. once a pariah always a pariah...its all i want to say..you can try to remove the word from each & every dictionary in this planet to cover your inbreeded humiliation, but the saying & defination will always remain..nothing much u can do about that..hahaha...

    U do sound like a typical frustrated pariah with an inferiority complex syndrom to me to come up with that verbal doarhoea..here, we call it: a tamil movie!

    Sri Lanka, Fiji just name it...you people are always in to trouble with the locals..why & why?
    It all just come back to a classic case of one who loves to point finger to others but forgotten that three are pointing back to him and another one hit straight between the eyes..

    p/s: all that we ever asked is for them to assimilate with us, that's the first step to anything..i.e become one just like in thailand & indonesia...not that we asked for them money & them girls..just see the way they talk & retaliated..simple request end up made so complicated to resolve..

    lagi kita mau bagi muka kah?
    baik bagi ini lagi bagus--> ..|.,

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  98. Anonymous1:42 pm

    gud day,
    lepas baca semua komen komen, i sendiri pun tak tahu nak cakap mcm mana. nampak mcm api dlm sekam pun ada yg tunggu masa nak menyala nyala dan merebak. is this what we really want? ask yourself.

    to bald and beautiful, at one point i agreed with u about malaysian indian problem. it actually internal problem from normal citizen up to MIC leader. and i agreed that malaysian indian need to do something to improved thier life. but, why must hindraf say this is all about others specially malays, UMNO to be precise yg cuba melakukan penindasan pada kaum india or cuba buat perbersihan kaum?
    its 1.8 million miniroty tak bertambah bukan sebab melayu yg buat. masalahnya ialan mentality kaum india sendiri, statistic show kaum india suka bunuh diri sebab sebab yg kadang kadang tu kecil, gansterism yg kalau begaduh asyik bunuh, bakar, then tak berminat dlm pendidikan. yang mati dlm lock up tu pun tak banyak kalau nak compare with the numbers as per what i said kat atas tu.
    tapi ada jugak malaysian indian yg berjaya dah lebih kaya dari org melayu sendiri. contok the media mogul ananda krishnan.
    then pasal kuil kuil dirobohkan kebanyakannya dibina atas tanah haram, dari segi undang undang negara mana pun dlm dunia ni tetap salah dan kalau owner nak ambik balik untuk dibangunkan itu hak dia....kenape kena relate this thing to racism? itu yg melayu tak pernah puas hati tu.
    baik cina dan india tak nampak 100% keikhlasan pun bila melayu bercakap pasal satu malaysia. kenape org melayu je yg sibuk nak kearah kedamaian dan kemakmuran? org cina dan india mostly tak kisah pun untuk menguasai bahasa malaysia bahasa rasmi, tak hormat pun sangat pada raja raja dan sultan yg menjadi lambang pemerintahan malaysia. malaysia is malaysia bukan negara cina ataupun negara india. kita ada cara kita sendiri. cuba lihat indonesia, org cina kat sana pun takde nama cina dan bercakap bahasa indonesia. baru nampak satu. ini baru nak buat satu sekolah untuk semua tak setuju pulak. so kalau mcm tu memang susah la kita nak menjadi satu.
    yang org melayu pun satu specially yg memerintah...banyak sangat perkara perkara yg buat org sangsi dan tertanya tanya sampaikan org lain pun bengang.
    to all indian and chinese, org melayu yg bawah bawah ni pun susah jugak. yg kerja kerajaan tu boleh kata gaji dapat tiap tiap bulan pun tinggal berapa sen sebab tolak hutang piutang.
    for me this is not a race issue. its all about politician yg politrick sebenarnya...yg susah kita yg kat bwah bawah ni.banyak cara nak luah kan or nak tegakkan keadilan dgn tidak merisikokan keamanan dan kedamaian.



  99. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Enough is enough Uthaya ! V r already broken into 7 pieces.No more please. Join DAP,the only party which fights downto the earth.From the days of Patto,David and so on.If you join them it'll be a boost for our young fighters like Kula,Gobind,

    The Hindraf indians hv a high respect for you.Pl don't get your name smeared like that of 'bloody' Thanenthiran.

  100. wah... ramai plk yg kepok.. kekeke negara bebas, bebas berparti dan berpolitik. dia bukan minta duit, dia nak buat parti jje... biaq pie ler.. hampa duk kalut ape?? uthaya, ngko buat parti baru, jgn plk nak join ngan BN @ BA, nanti busuk nama ngko. kalau ngko nak buat baik kepada rakyat, jgn kawan ngan depa nie