Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kapar Land Grab: MACC slays Messengers

updates: NUJ blasts MACC for high-handed treatment of journo
Original post:
Malay Mail journo queried, laptop and mobile seized. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) leapt into action yesterday following the Malay Mail's front page report on the long-standing Kapar land scandal. But instead of acting on the complaints and several police reports against the alleged perpetrators, our Anti-Corruption boss went for the messengers.

The Malay Mail reporter was detained for six hours till 2am for questioning. His mobile phone and laptop were confiscated.

The MACC appears peeved over the Malay Mail report, quoting Kapar Member of Parliament M. Manikavasagam, that files containing reports on the Kampung Perepat Green Revolution land grab issue had gone missing. The Commission's director of investigations Shukri Abdull has demanded the MP and the Mail's reporter apologize.

But even if the MP and the newspaper had gotten it wrong, their "crime" hardly deserves such harsh and high-handed reaction.

I say: Act against the "real" crime here, Shukri.

General June 22, 2009 22:44 PM
MACC Shows Missing Files, Wants Apology

PUTRAJAYA, June 22 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has refuted Kapar Member of Parliament (MP) S. Manikavasagam's allegation that files containing reports on the Kampung Perepat Green Revolution land grab issue were missing.

Manikavasagam's allegation made headlines in a local English daily, Malay Mail, today.

MACC director of investigations Datuk Shukri Abdull has demanded that both the MP and the daily's reporter apologise to the commission.

"If the MP had really said, as reported in the newspaper, then he should apologise because it is indeed, a slanderous statement and purposely made to tarnish MACC's good image.

"The report also includes a statement allegedly made by me, although I had not spoken to the reporter," he said, while displaying the purportedly missing files at a press conference here.

Shukri also showed reporters a copy of the police report which the MACC lodged in Shah Alam this evening.

Manikavasagam was quoted in the daily as saying that last Friday, he had gone to the Selangor MACC office where an officer informed him that three reports lodged by Kampung Perepat pioneers, as well as the one he personally filed last year, could not be traced.



  1. Anonymous11:50 am

    Is this not the type of 'fast' action by the MACC that was applauded by the 'majority' peace loving Malaysians when it came to the 'cows and cars issue' in Selangor and also the 'quarry matter' in Penang?

    Was not the MACC commended for its detailed 'on-going' investigations into the 'alleged abuses of authority' by the former Selangor MB and also its position on the PKFZ issue?

    Even the number of issues by Citizen Nades also, the MACC took a remarkable stand that was well appreciated by 'most' Malaysians.

    Come on Rocky, MACC is a very neutral and exemplary organisation in this country - actually God sent! A classic example of how organisations should function to realise the 1Malaysia concept!

    Dont tarnish their image in your blog, please.

    It does not do any justice to this organisation that has done a 'lot' to 'improve' the nation's international ranking in terms of 'transparency' and 'the fight against corruption'.


  2. There's goes the MACC... killing the messenger rather that take the right action to investigate the main issue...

    That's why no one respect MACC nowadays....

  3. Anonymous1:19 pm

    MALAYSIA BOLEH,semua boleh.


  4. Anonymous1:24 pm

    yeah..They should look into the matter wisely.not killing the messenger in the 1st place.gosh!


  5. simple logic1:55 pm

    hmmmm....wats new here..

  6. Anonymous2:15 pm

    I wonder how they prioritise against each cases ?

    Why they never get hold of ex-MCA until now with a handsome sum of 4.6 billion or 12.5 billion ?

    And the kapar case, they quickly get hold of the messenger. Not even the Datuk ?

    Asian Godfather

  7. nstman2:24 pm

    MACC is a joke, a veritable sick joke.

  8. Anonymous3:19 pm

    so what Bro.? Just becoz the head huncho of Malay Mail now happen to be a close ally of najib administration the daily is untouchable????? piiiiiiraaaaaaa!!!!

  9. Anonymous4:24 pm

    told you so bro..it wont work under the present regime. Get rid Barisan!

  10. dua sen6:01 pm

    Welcome back to earth, bro ! Keep up the good work. Couldn't agree with you more. Catch the culprit and not the messenger.

    MACC chief is still missing from PAC hearing on PKFZ for the 2nd time. Wondering who is the boss, civil servants or lawmakers ?

  11. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Rocky bro, beware. By going against the MM reporter, they are signalling that you may be next simply because you carried the story. The message is clear that even though you are appointed to some high post in their establishment, they can just do anything to you anytime. Play it safe bro. Take care

    fellow journo

  12. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Did the MACC investigate how the murdered Mongolian woman's name just vanished from the immigration's record ?
    What was the outcome ?

  13. Cannot understand what the problem is. This is normal MACC practice isn't it? Always MSM keep silent over these actions. Why now make noise for? Just because blogger now head MSM story change is it?

    I forget, by can you remind me how MSM painted the same MACC action when some idiot reported Selangor MB for corruption over his cows and his car?

    MSM cannot just change tune as it suits fine la....

  14. There you have it Roc... so much for MACC's impartiality & effectiveness in combating corruption.

    12 billion ringgit loss staring at us in the face, MACC prefers to evade and/or not show up.

    Land scam in Kapar (FYI, Kapar UMNO bigwigs are also implicated in the PKFZ scandal), but MACC prefers to target the journo & MP. QED

  15. Anonymous9:42 pm

    MACC - curse of the rakyat. Disband this useless organisation. It is wasting public fund. Its management is a disgrace of good governance. It is bordering on criminality.

  16. I'm sure you know this poem Rocky..turn back to the path of enlightenment, and unite to FOSTER Malaysia..

    In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

    And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

    And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

    And then... they came for me... And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

  17. Anonymous10:56 pm

    MACC - Fail. PDRM - Fail. AG's Chambers - Fail. Judiciary - Fail.

    My, my, my, the only hope is to get rid of all these failures.


  18. And I was wondering why PWC did not want to release their report on PKFZ without any guarantee or protection from persecution. Kill the messenger, indeed this is Malaysia boleh!


  19. bro are you surprised? it is normal la for us to go after the messenger instead of getting to the bottom of the issue and catching the culprit.

  20. Anonymous8:40 pm


    You have officially crossed over to the Dark Side. Wonder, how much their dark lords are paying you to spread lies about the missing files. With this deed, you have sold your soul to the Devil.


  21. Anonymous12:02 pm

    ini MACC (MACauhaiChief) depan PAC dia punya 'kontol' sudah kecut, hilang pegi mana ntah...


    People..and children too..

    get ready for more spicy sodomy lesson...KYed....live from the courts of UMNO..

    probably Anwar will be acquitted by the High Court...and UMNO will let the PR leaders to comment like this "surprised...bla..bla..bla..good judgement...bla...bla...bla...independent court...bla...bla...bla..."

    next day court of appeal will sit at 1230pm sharp (lunch time),a one man bench will deliver judgement during that lunch time to set aside the High Court judgement..

    anyone wanna take a bet on this??


    Rocky..1998 you kerja kat NST ka? Bukan apa..Masa tu NST dan Utusan ada educate the masses on liwat..

    1998 front paged news:
    Liwat ialah memasukkan zakar kedalam dubur...

    Liwat ialah memasukkan zakar kedalam dubur...dengan pertolongan KY jelly...taruk sikit 'WOW' factor la bro...

    mesti malay mail laku punya...muahahahahahaha

  22. artchan10:23 am

    MACC is a joke..we all know that

    But when MACC was ultra fast on the cows and cars...you tak complain

    Just becos you head MM..you whine in your blog when your journo get hauled up.

    Take the MACC head on and show your true colours..expose them for what they are worth, using your media MM. So that more can read about the failings of MACC. You can do it...but can you do it?
    Any expose on MACC in your front page will surely up sales.

    I have not bought a copy of Malay Mail for ages...but i promise i will buy when I see the Headlines: Malay Mail to take on MACC

    But you won't..have to jaga rice bowl.