Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Straits Times confirms Omar rejected

Finally, the story's confirmed by the media. According to the ST piece h e r e, Prime Minister Najib is said to be still keen to have Omar Ong in Petronas. I am not sure that's really the case.

Read my June 12 posting Petronas says NO to Omar Ong.


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    i clicked on image and it only enlarged a teeny wee bit. How to read the text, lah?

    Short sighted dumpster

  2. Good Call....that's all.

  3. Pune Deck12:30 pm

    What happen to Syed Hamid?

    Please lah Najib. Get truly competent, honest, and experianced professionals or civil servants with the wisdom.

    Not young wannabees like Omar. Not politicians like Syed Hamid.

    SH has a string of falure. Dia kedekut taik kucing. Orang kota Tinggi pun tak suka.

    Dia akan jual minyak kita pada Singapura cheap cheap mcm yang berlaku pada pasir dan pulau batu putih.

  4. Sorry bro,

    A bit harsh, "hanya org b$%^h jer yg nak tukarkan Hassan Merican". Although im not petronas worker but for me this guy is one of the best CEO in Malaysia or most prob in the world. The x- PWC partner who identified by Tun M as one of the talented CEO to take helm in Petronas. Therefore having somebody who untested guy to replace him is something illogical n totally bullshit. If Omar Ong is so good then appoint in to any GLC first. Then follow the career ladder like other CEO. To Najib, try to appoint Omar in KUB or MRCB. Look and see if he can turnaround those companies. Let Petronas and Hassan alone. He is irreplaceable at this moment even wahid kasran from maybank.

  5. Datuk Najib is Humpty Dumpty on the wall. Your move, decission and actions are being watch by millions of eligible voters in Malaysia and in PRU13 you will know if the seat you are comfortable seating will still be yours or 'ANWAR'!.
    By the way what so special on Omar that you are dying to see him in the board? Is he talented as Daim Zainuddin? .Your openness on the unity goverment is a blunder, the third bridge another blunder that require 'damage control,Anyway blunders always ended up in video zonkers!. Remember Dato Najib, the real watchman are people like me and those people reading the blogs, newspaper of course the the 'voters' are the diehard fans of yours, there are the real 'watchman' who will then decides whether you stay or off you go.~!

  6. Anak sawa jangan dijadikan pet. Bapa anak sawa ini sedang mengeramkan telor-telor dalam sangkar pemuda. Tidak heranlah Pemuda UMNO sejuk sahaja walaupun negara dilanda global warming.

  7. Anonymous1:52 pm

    The way Malaysia is being run i guess a nut like omar can slither his way into any position he want's,could it be pay back time for what his father did.

    washingtau dc

  8. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Halo bro bru..,

    This young guy receive study loan from petronas. Then he become petronas CEO's. Wonder that he continue his payment if he get that position.


  9. Everbody want to be a director of Petronas.After the rejection of Omar,do not be surprised if Najib nominate Syed Hamid as Petronas chairman,a position which REMBAU has been eyeing since the day Pak Lah was PM.I am disappointed that so far, no one has take my challenge to set up a blog call PETRONAS WATCH as what IZZUDDIN have done on SIME DARBY WATCH and I hope Izzuddin will revive SIME DARBY WATCH. PETRONAS WATCH will be good as many politicians is eyeing the money in Petronas for themselves.So far,LITTLE BIRDS has not answer my call to set up UEM WATCH as I believe he have a lot on infor about the daily happening in UEM.

  10. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    The solution to this Petronas issue is indeed simple. Get KJ to lead Petronas.

    As for the 3rd bridge issue, Malaysia should seal a pact with Thailand. Build a canal along the border of M'sia-Thailand. Thus, all ships from both West & East need NOT go down all the way to Sinagapore. Ships will have a faster & more cost effective route if this canal is to be built.

    S'pore's economy will then die forever & Lee Kuan Yew will then finally commit suicide, while, M'sia reigns in victory!!!

    Yours sincerely,
    Mat Cadangan

  11. serpico3:31 pm

    Mahathir will say no Hamid Albar too. He said politicians should not be appointment.

  12. hussein4:03 pm

    Habis ... lagi baik letak Rocky dan Big Dog untuk jadi director dan letakan Mahathir jadi tuhan Petronas, Kick the mamak out

  13. Leman4:05 pm

    who is mahahthir ma,,,,,,

  14. 1. Politicians or ex-politicians and political aides like Omar Ong should never be involved directly in Petronas Management but definitely there is a case to have different people for the post of Chairman and the CEO/MD to ensure transparency and obviously one person namely Hassan Merican should not be needlessly stressed and highly strung by taking up both posts...will cause serious health problem.

    2. I propose that the post of Petronas Chairman be reserved for retired Ketua Setiausaha Negaras. KSNs are always the cream of the cream of the Civil Service, knows what they are talking about and will have the respect of all including the Ministers and Board of Directors of Petronas. So how about Tan Sri Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan for Petronas Chairman when he retires soon?

  15. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Petronas petrol station bleh laa..

    i am still in doubt najib is trying to put this asshole as director. Hes not that stupid. He knows its suicidal for his political future. Unless this omar ong is grabbing his balls OR a big influence in Rosmah exposure in the news. Which in turn Rosmah is grabbing najib's balls.

    But if najib cant make the correct decision, might as well cut his balls off. hahaha


  16. Anonymous5:52 pm

    I'm glad Najib's still sensitive (albeit selectively) to the noises drummed up by the rakyat.

    But why does Najib has to make so many unnecessary blunders & bad calls? To come across as an able & capable leader, our PM has to consistently come up with thoroughly well thought out ideas & strategies in order to mitigate calls for his blood from his detractors.

    One question to the PM:

    How're meetings conducted & decisions reached by your administration, sir?


  17. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Menteri Perdane ni kena waras lah. Jangan nak ikut hati lantik kroni ke atau sesiapa yang tak ada kelayakan sebenar. aku tengok En Hassan ni dah jadikan Petronas sangat berjaya di luar negara.Bukan senang nak cari orang Melayu macam dia ni bersemangat dan dedikasi. Jangan la nak kacau dia. Nak letak ornag baru bakal merusak kan Petronas, hanya pemimpin bersifat khianat pada bangsa n negara saja buat begitu. Ya ALLAH selamat kan negara ini dan Petronas dari perompak perompak n penyamun penyamun. From:Kuli Shift Malam

  18. Anonymous5:57 pm

    If Omar is so talented, get him to run KTMB. If Syed Hamid Albar is so good, let him run Penang ferry. And tell both of them; Profit Now!!!! 6 months KPI max.


  19. Anonymous6:03 pm

    This Omar Mustapha is none other than Omar Ong, the son of Mustapha Ong, retired diplomat who was involved in bribing taxi driver Jamal Amro with $200,000 to persuade him to testify in court that he procured women for Anwar. This Mustapha Ong was of course acting under orders from then PM Mahathir to nail Anwar in the sodomy trial 10 years ago. Mustapha Ong was recalled home in ignominy. To date he has maintained his innocence, but people can judge for themselves. This Mustapha Ong is one Chinese opportunist who converted to Islam many years back, more to benefit from the bumiputra privileges. That is why his son Omar Ong, was classified as a bumiputra or something, went to boarding schools reserved for Malay students and got scholarship to study in Oxford Univ from Petronas. Omar Ong soon latched up with Khairy and became a close aide of Najib as his pol sec. But with Mahathir still in charge in Petronas and resenting any one associated with Khairy, the mamak certainly rejected Omar Ong as you can see in the above report. Of course Mustapha Ong is unhappy that his son is not selected as top honcho in Petronas, and is likely to lobby Najib. What Mustapha Ong (and his son Omar) fail to realize that just as some people in UMNO were quick to accept them as bumiputras despite their obvious Chinese features, the very same people were quick to point out that they are Chinese (and not bumis) when having no more use for them. This Mustapha has discovered to his chagrin. Lesley Lopez of ST picked up an earlier similar piece posted in Rocky bru where the writer deliberately referred to Omar Mustapha as Omar Ong to show that he is Chinese and not bumiputra. Mustapha Ong of course commented in Rocky bru under the pseudonym of MasAgungKL to refer to his son as Omar Mustapha, and play down his Chineseness, but to no avail. To the more numerous UMNO enemies than friends Mustapha Ong and his son Omar Ong made in UMNO, how much he tried to hide his Chinese surname Ong to show he is Malay has proven fruitless. As for the Chinese, they don't regard Mustapha Ong and his son Omar as members of their own community any more after they turned traitor a long time ago. So they are not bothered when UMNO agent provocateurs in Rocky bru attacked Omar on the grounds of him being Chinese. Mustapha Ong and his son Omar might as well revert to their original Chinese names of Ong Ah Goo, Ong Ah Too or Ong Ah Kow since it is clear the UMNO people in Petronas who are with Mahathir don't want them anymore. Let Mustapha Ong learn that a Chinese converting to Islam is vulnerable to a double-edged sword which cuts both ways. When they want you, you are Omar Mustapha to them. But when they don't want you, they will refer to you as Omar Ong.


  20. buyong6:54 pm

    How come straits times singaporean confirm it?

    It should be Petronas and malaysian who confirm it...aiya.!!

  21. Anybody can recommend me for the Director post in Petronas?

  22. Sorry lah, with the name "Labu" I think you do not stand a chance as candidate for BOD Petronas. He,he,he..

  23. D'Zed Watch8:58 pm

    Alamak, takkan korang tak tahu ... ni suma perancangan D'Zed.

    Budak ni budak suruhan D'Zed. D'Zed la yang suruh letak budak ni kat Peteronas.

    Bila budak ni dah kat Peteronas, senang la D'Zed nak execute skim skim yang sudah diatur.

    Korang suma ni memang hinguih lagi la.

  24. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Omar Ong showed lack of integrity when he absconded from Petronas scholarship. He is definitely not someone to sit on Petronas board.

    Syed Hamid is another bugger who dont add value. Why him? Let him rot.

  25. Anonymous10:51 pm


    Where is the new economic model to propel Malaysia into "Nirwana of South East Asia" as promised by Najib. Please, No more relying on state capitalism to prop up malay economic agenda. It gave false economic hope. Malay leaders and economic gurus should prop up genuine and resilient malay free enterprises such SAPURA, INGRESS, AMBANK etc. I dream of Malay enterprises of equivalent to TATA of India, IKEA of Sweden, Vodafone of UK as umbrellas to Malay economic supremacy. Not FELDA, TNB, MAS, PETRONAS, KUB, KTMB, UEM, SIME DARBY. Najib, Muhyidin,Awe Adek, Stopa Mohamad, Zety, Nor Mohamad, and all malay economic gurus please hurry up.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  26. Anonymous10:55 pm

    kenapa story omar ong tak de dalam berita harian atau NST?

  27. McPapadum,

    I agree with you !
    Let the talented rookie turn around the KTMB, PPSB, and perhaps rebranding to a world class postbrand (Pos Malaysia)

  28. Rocky,

    I agree with Eddy.

    Retired civil servants with illustrious service should be considered for Petronas Chairmanship. This include KSNs, KSPs, KSUs of MITI, Bank Negara Governors, DG of EPU etc. Former CEO of EPF or PNB also should be considered because of the wealth of experience managing very large funds.

    Probably, retired Malaysian Shell Chairmans, like Dato Megat should also be considered.

    Professionals like MIA/MICPA/ABBM Presidents, should also be considered as BOD of Petronas.

  29. Anonymous1:13 am

    Dear Wenger,

    Thanks for articles like these. I have been following your blog for a couple of months and like the many different stories that you write about. Its always different and i feel proud as a Malay that there are those of us who can still be truly 'glokal' in their own way.


  30. ANTI RASUAH3:55 am

    balik-balik hasan merican. woii...daripada 25 juta rakyat Malaysia ni, ingat takde sorang pun yg layak ke??? pleaseee laaa...

    Orang yang takut berubah akan tenggelam dibawah arus. Manusia lemas bukan sebab dia tak tau berenang, tapi manusia lemas sebab dia tak bergerak-gerak. Statik. Beku. Jumud.


    Duit Petronas itu DUIT RAKYAT!

  31. Anonymous6:55 am

    Please answers the following questions!!!

    What is so special in this ... that he has to be a BOD of petronas???? What good can he bring to petronas with his appointment???what is so special in him that Petronas needs to have him that if they dont, Petronas would go bankrupt like Lehman Brothers???

    What is so special to have syed hamid al botak al-bra-bra to be in petronas??? what so special of him that he has to be appointed into petronas? what qualifications, experience and qualities of his that Petronas can share and learn from given this years of its growing and feeding malaysians???
    you need him to sell more oil to singapore besides sand???

    please convince me if this Fortune 500 needs these 2 fellas in them!!!!!!! am not at this stage frankly and perhaps i never will be.

    trust me, still, "mamak" mahathir would do a great job given his specialities, at 80 plus..than this 2 god loving creatures. shame on you malaysia.

    - 1 of the million Petronas loving Customers

  32. Anonymous8:19 am

    Good write-up by Anonymous a.k.a. Gerakilat. It`s as though he has picked-up the facts from my mind!. This Mustafa Ong fellow is a bloody Chinese born opportunist.Converting for the sake of bumiputra `crutch' privileges.He is a typical chink hoping to bandwagon on Bumiputeraism to suit his own purpose. Like they say..`a devil will quote from the bible to suit its own purpose'. After all, he was only an Executive Officer (EO)(Support Group One) in Wisma Putra....not even in the Professional and Management group category of the Administrative and Diplomatic Service.Many years ago, at the stroke of a pen and through an in-house circular, all these Executive Officers in Wisma Putra were elevated to Diplomat status thus the beginning of them being `big-headed'. Others in the same ilk is Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzil....another DKK masquerading as a thorough breed Malay. He too was an EO in Wisma Putra at one time!!!!

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  34. Anonymous12:25 pm

    I think it is a joke that he actually intended to place an unknown youngster into Petronas - even worse a person who failed to show the least sense of responsibility. - AzizRman

  35. i dunno this omar mustapha/ong personally. But i disagree with people who questioned his family conversion to Islam. you can question other things - his work, politics etc but as far as religion is concerned let's just accept him as a fellow muslim.
    only allah knows best who's a good/lousy servant...and who should be appointed to petronas board. ;)

  36. Pak Lah roghtly said on 1 Dec 2005,two companies represent Malaysia. One is petronas, another is MAS

    For entrees on MAS, click

    Thanks, bru

  37. Anonymous2:12 pm

    put your dad become the head...
    stupid dog head

  38. Anonymous2:40 pm

    If he had defaulted to serve out on his scholarship bond, you expect Petronas to entrust him with his Directorship and the billions of ringgit under his purview? Forget what the PM wants or needs. The Nation's interests are paramount above all else. Period.

  39. Zaman melantik orang ke satu-satu jawatan kerana nak kenang budi, atau kerana sekadar 'kerusi politik' dah berakhir. I yakin Najib sedar tentang itu. Sebab kerana lantikan seperti itu dalam kebanyakan anak syarikat kerajaan, atau majlis tempatan, banyak yang kalut. Rugi, pembaziran, projek merepek, perancangan pelik, dan gagal. Lantik orang kerana kebolehan, kelayakan, bukan cuma sekadar nak isi tempat, nak jaga hati atau kenang budi. Nanti jadi tikus baiki labu, jadi kera dapat bunga.

  40. Let PKR handle Kedah4:05 pm

    'Save Kedah before PAS destroys it'
    Jun 24, 09 9:46am
    From: Malaysiakini
    ‘The type of administration by Kedah under PAS really put us Malays in a difficult situation. We don't really need PAS with their extreme policies.’

    On Kedah PKR, DAP told to abandon PAS

    Fairus Hazli: I am a Malay in Kedah but the type of administration by Kedah under PAS really put us Malays in a difficult situation.

    We don't really need PAS with their extreme policies.

    Even the bumi quota which was increase from 30% to 50% is ‘killing’ the Malay contractors as there are now less housing projects in Kedah. That means less sub-contract jobs for us.

    I hope that this can be highlighted to Anwar Ibrahim who will request ask PKR to step in before PAS destroys the whole of Kedah.

    Suresh: Pakatan Rakyat is going to lose in the next general election if PAS still controls Kedah.

    The Indians in Kedah get nothing and no assistance from the Kedah government.

    Even after Manikumar given a post of exco following his Bukit Selambau win, the Indian community is being left out.

    I salute Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang’s idea that PKR and DAP should work with BN.

    But PKR and DAP must be given a main role to play in the Kedah government.

  41. Anonymous4:09 pm

    is this omar ong related to omar ong yoke lin ex-minister during tunku abdul rahman's time,the founder of so-called PERKIM?these r just "yes-man" of those in power,no big deal if he studied at MCKK,STAR,science school or whatsoever school reserved to pruposely served the umno bumiputra agenda.PETRONAS one day will go bankrupt and thats the day the govt will bail out with all the country's reserve.

  42. Anonymous6:46 pm


    Just want to ask Petronas how many senior people in Petronas are from Sabah and Sarawak. How many Petronas scholarships are awarded to Sabahan and Sarawakian?

    Rosli dhoby

  43. Hi Rocky,

    I heard that guy did not fulfill his obligations.

    Maybe appoint someone like that to a kedai runcit/teh tarik stall ok lah, but state oil corporation rank about the most profitable, wise move ke?

  44. Hi Rocky,

    Forgot to add, whether he is an x chinese babi or something else is of no concern to me.

    All people who take people for a ride be damned!

  45. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Kalau Omar Ong betul handal buat apa nak hantar duduk Petronas. Sebabnya dalam banyak2 GLC yang ada Petronas ini boleh digolongkan dalam GLC yang berjaya dan kaya-raya (macam Sime Darby). Kalau betul2 nak tolong GLC dan seterusnya negara hantarlah Omar Ong ini ke GLC yang "kureng" dari Petronas. Hantarlah dia bertapa di MAS ke (tapi mungkin kacau line TAZ yang dah bertahun jadi "understudy" di MAS), di Proton ke. Tapi itu pun kalau beranilah.


  46. http://opssfird.blogspot.com/2009/06/say-no-politician-for-petronas.html

  47. Anonymous11:16 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Anonymous9:12 am

    Salam sejahtera Tun Dr Mahathir, kami benar2 berharap Tun akan campurtangan dalam hal pelantikan pengurusan tertinggi Petronas.
    Ini berikutan kontroversi Omar Ong dan sekarang Datuk Mohd Bakke Salleh dari Felda Holdings.
    Kami dah baca buku THE QUINTESSENTIAL MAN tulisan AZAM ARIS menceritakan perit getir dan pengorbanan serta perancangan terpuji sehingga Petronas menjadi syarikat minyak terkemuka dunia dan penyumbang hasil utama kepada kerajaan.
    Mungkin pemimpin yang ada kini tidak peduli langsung akan mereka yang menjayakan institusi ini.
    Kami amat kagum dengan peranan kepimpinan lampau khasnya Tun Razak dan Tun Dr Mahathir dalam membina Petronas.
    Omar Ong patut rasa hina kerana penipuan beliau dan Bakke pula patut menolak tawaran itu kerana pengganti Hasan Merican telah dilatih dan diasah bakat kepimpinan mereka sejak sekian lama.
    Bakke boleh menjadi pengganti tetapi perlu masuk dahulu dari BAWAH pengurusan untuk menimba ilmu sebelum naik dan perlu berani menolak tekanan politik yang mahu merompak khazabah negara ini.
    Namun, jika ada salah guna kuasa atau salahlaku pentadbiran dalaman Petronas, kerajaan perlu siasat dan tindakan diambil walaupun jika ia membabitkan Hasan sendiri.
    Kami merayu dan berharap Tun dan mereka yang sayangkan Petronas dari dirompak pihak tidak bertanggungjawab, bertindak menyelamatkan institusi ini.
    Bacalah buku Azam Aris untuk merasakan kejayaan negara dan anak bangsa dalam percaturan industri minyak dunia.
    Kami juga berharap Azam Aris akan memberi komentar beliau perihal isu semasa Petronas ini.


  49. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Hahahaha...Wait and see lorr. i can b the Director in Petronas!!!! Bye Omar Ong!!!


  50. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Story about Petronas I cut and paste from Berita Harian Online.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) mencatat pendapatan sebanyak RM264.2 bilion bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Mac 2009, meningkat 18.4 peratus daripada RM223.1 bilion yang dicatat dalam tahun kewangan sebelumnya.

    Bagaimananapun, keuntungan bersih syarikat itu susut 13.9 peratus kepada RM52.5 bilion dalam tempoh kajian daripada RM61 bilion pada tahun sebelumnya susulan penurunan harga minyak mentah peningkatan dan peningkatan kos operasi.

    Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Petronas, Tan Sri Hassan Marican, berkata perolehan kumpulan yang kukuh itu dirangsang oleh jumlah jualan dan harga LNG yang tinggi.

    The largest LNG plant is located in Bintulu. So just want to ask Petronas again, How may senior people (I mean very senior, GM and above)are from Sabah/Sarawak) How many Petronas scholarships are awarded to Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    Rosli Dhoby.

  51. Anonymous2:10 pm


    Just want to ask Petronas how many senior people in Petronas are from Sabah and Sarawak. How many Petronas scholarships are awarded to Sabahan and Sarawakian?

    Rosli dhoby

    Why ask in Rocky blog..write to their PRO lah..

    U sound like a chingkie in disguise.. Sabahan & Sarawakian? plenty lah ..never go to Miri & Bintulu, hah..?

    BTW Petronas normally sponsor their students to top prestiguos U in the world.. a student need to secure a place there 1st, then only scholarship come 2nd..
    Try to kowtow the UCLES or whatever mat-salleh things if u can..

    The best bumiputera pool of world class brains are with Petronas..results matters.. Fortune 500 (2008) - 8th most profitable company in this world..& its the employees of course. Board people come 2nd..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  52. Let us start the campain - POLITICIAN - Your NO Counts for PETRONAS


    to get more details!!!

  53. Talking much is not enough!
    Do give support to campain of POLITICIAN - Yours NO Count!

    Get the banner of it at

    Do put it in your blog to show our support for our national company also for the sake of our country's future!!!


  54. Anonymous6:30 pm

    This is one of the best news by far. There is an overwhelming need to keep Petronas a wholly bumiputera institution come what may. Today, reports suggest that high operating costs were the reasons behind the decline in profits. There is a need to study the reasons, which may be due to the rise in the cost of inputs rather than due to higher dividend payments alone. (Source:http://asia.news.yahoo.com/rtrs/20090625/tbs-petronas-7318940.html)

    Nevertheless, dividend payments increased by 6 billion, clearly emplacing this bumiputera run company as the main contributor to our national coffers..not chingkie scum like an old cock of a kuok or their flyby night, scam by day outfits.

    May I and my fellow Malay brethren never live to see the day when a chingkie or Hindulen bastard, opportunist convert or otherwise assume the post of top honcho of the best run corporation in Malaysia.

    Allahuakhbar. Hidup Melayu!!!!

    Warrior 231

  55. Anonymous9:43 pm

    anon 4.09 pm.

    No, this Omar Ong is not related to Omar Ong Yoke Lin, although I suspect he or his father Mustapha Ong might have want him to become someone like Omar Ong (same name)
    If the 2 Omar Ongs are related, no need for his father to lobby Najib hard for his son to be Petronas CEO. His son would already have got a big corporate position in one of his several cos with bumi status. Omar Ong Yoke Lin was from Malacca and I think Mustapha Ong and his son are from Johor.

    An MCA leader then, Omar Yoke Lin Ong was a typical opportunist who converted more for bumi privileges than belief in religion. Razak was the one who converted him in 1961. The papers then reported that he surprized everyone by dressing up like Malay and going to mosque to pray. I think that was why he could become Malaysian (then Malayan) ambassador to US which has ministerial status. After his return he was made president of senate and today Omar Yoke Lin Ong as he called himself is retired, probably in his early 90s and preparing for the afterlife. Once he converted to Islam, his companies (he became businessmen)received bumi status which means he got all the privileges, loans, etc. For all the impression created that Omar YOke Lin Ong would literally "masuk Melayu" when he converted, I think deep at heart he still considered himself Chinese, at least culturally. When his first wife died in the 1970s, he married a Malaysian Chinese medical student in the UK who was more than 20 years younger than him. Maybe it was for love or someone matchmaking, I don't know. But I'm sure at that time, if he had just sounded the word to many of his UMNO friends, they would have introduced him to many pretty Malay women who would just love to marry him, and he would have "masuked" Melayu and his children would he half-Melayu half-Chinese. That would have pleased many of his UMNO friends who could not be happier to see a Chinese muallaf marry a Malay woman. But no, he preferred this Chinese lady, who was also beautiful and intelligent, she converted to Islam with the name Aishah Ong and I think she bore him a few children, who should now be in the 30s already. One of them was a young boy then known as Tawfik Ong, his picture came up in the papers. I don't know whether his UMNO friends approved, but I think maybe they felt it was his private life, and so long as his wife and children were within the Muslim ummah, they were quite happy.

    Well that is so much for Omar Yoke Lin Ong whose example I think our friend Mustapha Ong wanted his son Omar to follow very badly. But to my mind, there will not be any Chinese muallaf who can aspire to Omar Yoke LIn Ong's status.He could be the first and the last of those Chinese muallafs, because at that time there were very few of them. Razak also converted another MCA leader called Tan Tong Hai, a journalist from Singapore, to Islam with the name Mohd Noh Tahir. But he did not get as many privileges as Omar Yoke Lin Ong got. Unlike Omar Y L Ong, Mohd Noh Tahir passed away several years ago. Today with so many Chinese muallaff, where many of them give priority to bumi privileges, I think the govt is being more selective. You must have UMNO connections, yet the connections must be very strong, otherwise you will be disappointed like Mustapha Ong.

    If he had not converted, I don't think his son can get Petronas scholarship to study in Oxford, reserved only for bumis. I am not denying that his son is not smart, on the contrary I think Omar Ong is a smart boy, but being a Chinese, he won't be able to get such a prestigious scholarship. It is also the fact that he is regarded as Muslim and Malay that Omar Ong got the scholarship. Also Mustapha Ong was very good buddy to Aziz Shamsuddin, then Education Minister, so that could have strengthened his son's application for Petronas scholarship, and also maybe other "jalan2" for Mustapha Ong's business or investments, classified as bumi.


  56. Anonymous9:59 pm

    anon 8.19 pm,

    This DKK called Kadir Sheikh kadir@ mamak bowtie (he likes to wear bow tie)is one of those who forgot he was Melayu when he visited India. There he would simply behave like a Tamil. Only in Malaysia when he is among Melayu did he try to be more Melayu than them. He was the MP of Kulim/Bandar Bahru and some taxi drivers I know said that when he met some Tamils alone, he told them to speak to him in Tamil, after making sure that no Melayus are around! Can you beat it? Mamak kadir is not sincere, he only wants bumi status, marry beautiful Malay woman (half his age) as his 2nd wife, builds big beautiful palace in Baling, his hometown.
    When MIC lost the Lunas by-election to Keadilan in Nov 2000, the UMNO leaders humiliated Mamak kadir by letting him be present to talk to the reporters. His brothers Musa Sheikh Fadzir and Aziz Sheikh Fadzir are equally opportunistic. Musa was the deputy UMNO division chief of Bukit Mertajam when Ibrahim Saad was the division chief. When Ibrahim was with Anwar and riding high, Musa bodek ampu him. But when Ibrahim fell out of favour after losing Permatang pauh by-election against Wan Azizah in 1999, Musa stabbed him in the back, took over from his as UMNO division chief BM. Aziz sheikh fadzir nearly lost in Kuala Ketil dun seat in 2004 general election because the Chinese and Indians voted against him for threatening to burn down Suqiu h/q. Aziz won very narrowly because of Pak Lah's popularity. In 2008, Kadir Sheikh Fadzir stepped down as MP for Kulim/Bandar Baru. Azimi Daim, Adun for Bandar Bahru, wanted to contest the seat, but Kadir lobbied for his brother. Not only that. They played Azimi out and Azimi lost to the PAS candidate in Bandar Bahru in 2008 GE. But Aziz too lost to Zul Nordin of PKRM. This was because the Chinese in Kulim still remembered how he threatened to burn down Suqiu h/q a few years ago. Aziz knew this and tried to get the MCA Kulim to help him get the support of the Chinese. Still they rejected him. The Chinese coffee shop owners in Junjong and other parts of Kulim
    told their kakis to close their doors if Aziz came to campaign among them. They pasted a lot of posters telling the Chinese not to vote for Aziz. Aziz organized a dinner for the Chinese with the help of the MCA. But very few Chinese turned up. In the end Aziz lost his brother's seat to PKRM.


  57. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Brother rocky,

    Why did you let Warrior 231 out of quarantine in Sungei Buloh? He will spread the H1N1 virus to others in the blog. I think many of us would want him and D Muhahaha to be quarantined. If no place in Sungei Buloh, then put them in 38 Flr PWTC which is UMNO h/q ha ha..


  58. Anonymous12:47 pm


    fucking hell..so here's my vaccine specimen skulking around..did this swine-chingkieflu virus missed my M16 shot? go back to your kandang at once..there's a reason why i breed u for..


    Your pigbrain still cannot get it, do ya..? bangsa pendatang mcm ko ni memang bodoh bangang, sombong & tak tahu malu..shameless bad looser..recycling garbage like typical pig behaviour, eating its own shits..takde maruah ka? better take a mirror & revamp your pig-face, looser!

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    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra stupid chingkies-

  59. sniper2:25 pm


    If you 're a reject, you're a reject wherever you are.

    Just Like Dol and KJ

  60. Anonymous12:10 am


    "The largest LNG plant is located in Bintulu. So just want to ask Petronas again, How may senior people (I mean very senior, GM and above) are from Sabah/Sarawak). How many Petronas scholarships are awarded to Sabahans and Sarawakians."

    I think you get into leadership positions because you are good, no matter what.

    As far as I know:
    (1) there are a lot of Sabahan and Sarawakian in senior positions in PETRONAS.
    (2) there are also a lot of folks from other Malaysian states in senior positions in PETRONAS

    And oh, the CEO of MLNG is a Sarawakian :)


  61. Anonymous12:11 am


    "The largest LNG plant is located in Bintulu. So just want to ask Petronas again, How may senior people (I mean very senior, GM and above) are from Sabah/Sarawak). How many Petronas scholarships are awarded to Sabahans and Sarawakians."

    I think you get into leadership positions because you are good, no matter what.

    As far as I know:
    (1) there are a lot of Sabahan and Sarawakian in senior positions in PETRONAS.
    (2) there are also a lot of folks from other Malaysian states in senior positions in PETRONAS

    And oh, the CEO of MLNG is a Sarawakian :)


  62. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Straight-shooter Bakke lined up as new Petronas boss

    Felda Holdings group managing director Datuk
    Mohd Bakke Salleh is slated to take over from Tan Sri Hassan Merican
    as the president of national oil company Petronas by next year.

    The Malaysian Insider understands that Bakke, known in corporate and
    government circles as an upright manager, will be appointed soon as
    executive director of Petronas.

    He is expected to understudy Hassan, who has helped turn Petronas into
    a company considered the country’s most efficiently managed
    government-owned corporation.

    Hassan will retire next February and barring any hitches Bakke will
    then take the helm.

    But Hassan is expected to stay back as chairman of Petronas,
    Malaysia’s only company on the Fortune 500 listing of the world’s most
    profitable companies.

    Bakke’s appointment is likely to put to rest the unhappiness over
    speculation that Najib planned to exert his administration’s control
    over the national oil company by appointing Omar Mustapha, a close
    confidant, a director.

    Such concerns have come about because the government’s hands-off
    approach has been credited for the national oil company’s tremendous

    The Malaysian Insider understands the Petronas board of directors has
    deferred Omar’s appointment.

    It is understood that the board had raised reservations over Omar’s
    proposed appointment as he had defaulted on his scholarship loan
    agreement with Petronas almost 20 years ago.

    Petronas adviser Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had recently expressed his
    objection publicly to the appointment of Omar.

    Bakke’s appointment could allay concerns about the direction Petronas
    is heading, in light of Hassan’s retirement next year.

    A chartered accountant, Bakke is considered to have done well since he
    took over at Felda Holdings in late 2005.

    While there, he managed the assets and investments of the Felda group,
    which is the world’s largest fully-integrated palm oil-based company.

    He is a former property director of Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Bhd
    and is credited with cleaning up Tabung Haji when he was appointed
    chief executive officer of the pilgrims fund in 2001.

    Tabung Haji had come under fire then for risky investments and
    fraudulent withdrawals.

    Bakke was responsible for consolidating Tabung Haji’s 16 subsidiaries
    into four main units.


  63. Anonymous5:27 pm


    Clearly the H1N1 in you has mutated into a serious strain of DEMAM BABI and at the rate you are going, they will have to cull you just like they cull all those Babis in Negri Sembilan a few years ago. Clearly you are now thinking like a babi, and your thoughts are those of a GILA BABI...keh, keh, keh....HAPPY OINKING!!!


  64. Mazlan1:40 am

    What is Najib thinking.
    I may not be a fan of Tun - but on Petronas he makes absolute sense....
    Petronas has a good management team and has a succession plan in place - si if anyone is capable of running Petronas after Tan Sri Hassan - there are plenty in Petronas itself.
    As for Omar Ong - nothing against him personally - but like Tun says he is a defaulter? What example is there to the rest of Petronas to have him on the board? Makes no sense whatsoever. He also runs a consultancy so there is a potential conflict of interest there..?
    The whole thing stinks and sounds like Najib has taken leave of any sense he ever had

  65. Anonymous10:34 am

    Please don't include racial sentiments here. This is a corporate issue. Eventhough PETRONAS is an NOC, however they do have the discretion to run the company. I do believe that the top management, and in fact every1 in PETRONAS deserves to be credited for the achievement. We as Malaysians must stick together, and our differences make us unique. Mr RockyBru, please monitor the comments. Its getting more ridiculuous and insensible.


  66. Anonymous2:24 pm


    Look no further than UMNO agent provocateurs like Warrior 231 and D Muhahaha if you want rocky to weed them out. I agree with you Petronas is a corporate issue involving only 1 Chinese, i.e Omar Ong, but Warrior 231 and D Muhahaha start making racial slurs against the Chinese who have nothing at all to do with the issue. Warrior 231 and DMuhaha are the biggest racists whom you should direct your comments to, annoyed. Don't generalise and don't blame those for reacting to them.


  67. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Refer to this:


  68. Anonymous8:21 am

    Najib will be losing a lot of goodwills if this Omar Ong appointment goes through. Many middle-of-the-road Malays are starting to warm-up to Najib. This Omar Ong issue is such a turn-off it won't be long that Najib will see the same rebellion as what Pak Lah had from these middle-of-the-road Malays.

    Sheikh Azdi

  69. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Wow, vaccine..u had evolved..maybe after 300mil years u will have a simple brain..

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    Here's something for your justice:


    :D muhahaha
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  70. Anonymous9:40 pm

    kalau i nak komen lam ni...i voted for idris jala became the next president and ceo of petronas nasional...why? experience that is,being borned in miri oiltown and a former shell strong man he was..oil and gas is idris jala busines actually..not MAS or Being senator recently appointed by najib, idris should do what he doing best and ask petronas board,Tun mahathir,pak lah and najid to consider..im sure the oposition, BN and others will be happy knowing petronas in good hand. frm hamba Allah.