Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Yellow to Black

6/5 PAS and PKR leaders Mat Sabu and Badrul Hisham arrested in KL, believed to be over planned gathering for Perak assembly sitting on Thurs/STAR
When I was taking part in the Yellow March in Nov 2007, I had to buy a yellow t-shirt. It was not easy to find a yellow t-shirt. The one I got was a size too small. I was happy enough when it rained so I could hide it under a baggy, more comfortable raincoat.

The organisers promised us that the street rally was not going to involve politicians. No, no politicians would hijack the event. It was a march by the people for the people. It was for clean and fair elections. I marched in searh of my own idea of justice.

At the gates of the Istana Negara, the destination of each of the 30,000 or 40,000 so marchers that day, the politicians suddenly appeared from nowhere, some on motorcycles! Speeches were made, photos taken for tomorrow's newspapers and the blogs, and many of us bitched about the "hijacking' of the rally by the politicians for weeks and months to come.

For tomorrow's Black Malaysia Rally in Ipoh, I'm not sure if the organisers are making the same promises again. I hope they are more honest this ttme. Tomorrow's Black rally is about politics - by politicians, because of politicians and for politicians.

I have lots of black t-shirts, shirts, baju Melayu, jackets, singlets, boxers. Black is my favourite colour. I may wear black tomorrow, but I ain't going to march for no politicians again. Once beaten twice shy.


  1. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Politicians? Aren't they the ones guilty of ruining this Nation? Some do it for their masters. Some do it for their ego and self-esteem. Many do it for their personal interests. And very few do it for the interests of the rakyat and good of the country. That's what Malaysian politicians are all about. Next to greed and power, the word 'politician' is the most ugly word in our local Dictionary. Especially the Barisan politician.

  2. Malaysian Insider is very happily being biased towards Anwar Ibrahim on the Perak power grab issue.

    WHY? Kalimullah owns Malaysian Insider. KJ and Kalimullah satu geng penyamun. Anwar Ibrahim and KJ are love birds...DUH!

  3. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Ni follow Thai style la niee...kat sana ada pakai kuning, merah...lately biru pun ada...and man, they really fight each other sampai ada yang mati. Harap2 kat sini tak dak laaa sapa2 yang mampus masa demo. Kalau nak gaduh cakap awal2, sapa nak gaduh, tang mana, pukul berapa. Bukan apa, kita pun kena laa elak tempat dan masa bila depa gaduh. Trafic pun jam, buang masa, nanti kereta pun rosak. Errr buat demo, dapat pahala kaaa? Saja tanya....sebab Cina DAP tak pernah nampak pun join demo secara besar besaran. Depa sibuk jual baju kuning dengan air mineral kot? Ya laaa, buat demo tengah panas, kena la minum. Cerdik sungguh depa nie...yang bodoh, sapa?


  4. Anonymous7:10 pm

    arrest all these bast**

    we want a peaceful life and we want our leaders who can focus on getting us out of this economic problems

    anyone who do not like BN,must wait for the next GE and changed them.

    For now,prove yourself with the 5 states(now 4)that the rakyat have given you.

    The rakyat watches both the BN and PR and they shall speak at the next GE.

  5. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Are you really going to Malay Mail?

  6. YO Madey,
    If you're reading this, harap2 janganlah turun ke Penanti.

    BN akan kalah, dan KJ akan mengunakan pengaruh medianya untuk hamtam lu kaw2. Cerita2 mengenai perpecahan di kalangan Pakatan hanya bohong2 belaka.

    If Madey leads the BN machinery and Anwar leads Pakatan, disebabkan faktor tempat, BN akan kalah.

    Kalau Anwar mau lawan, ajak dia naik Jerlun atau turun ke Kubang Pasu.

    Madey, lu kena hati2. Budak Singapura masih lagi pegang MEDIA KERAJAAN.

  7. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Terima Kasih Najib & Madey for appointing our Rockybru as new CEO of Malay Mail. Expect more great spin and bullshit coming our way !! hooray...

    Of course, Rocky.. you won't be joining "Black Malaysia Rally" in Ipoh tomorrow... too much to celebrate tonite and beside you don't have to wear black coz' you're already on the DARK side...

    May the Force with those brave Malaysians in IPOH tomorrow.

    Hidup Rakyat !!


  8. Anonymous7:29 pm

    madey tak patut turun Penanti. Duduk rumah sembahyang hajat.

  9. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Good. Hear you got a new job.


  10. Atta' boy Rocky. Well written.

    It sickens me how a march about politics for politicians is being veiled as a march of the people.

    And so many fooled, too.

  11. Anonymous7:41 pm

    "The march tomorrow is political. ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY" Bullshit rocky. And you know it. Don't you try to use your involvement and your supposed 'anger' due to 'hijacking' by politicians to justify your distaste towards tomorrow's march. You showered in all the glory that is anti-UMNO at that time. If you think the stench of dirty money around you can drive away people from fighting against you spewing nonsense on your blog, YOU'RE WRONG.

    Tomorrow's march is about the HIJACK OF PERAK. People are NOT HAPPY about having their POLITICAL WILL subverted. Opposition politics konon... my ass!

    Eh, please la, you're the new editor of a newspaper now, show some sense of respect for your reader's intelligence, boleh tak?


  12. First things first Bro, Congratulations I read in MI just now that you have been appointed CEO of the Malay Mail.

    I hope the PDRM will do the necessary to ensure no form of demonstration would happen tomorrow in Ipoh. Its about time the PDRM be allowed to do the necessary for safety and security of this country by arresting Mat Sabu, Chegu Bard and that Bersih fella or anybody else for that matter who are intent in leading provocative demonstrations disguised as defending justice and democracy.

    Pity the Pakatan leaders and supporters who do not know that they are defeated through a democratic process but insist on cooking up and defending their fairy tales to stem the inevitable.

  13. black t-shirt kita jom !

  14. I ain't marching cos I have to work. But I'll wear black in solidarity.

    Cos I believe that there should be elections to determine the ruling mandate in Perak. Not a katak maneuver. That's hijack!

    A katak maneuver is a betrayal of your voters' mandate regardless which way you jump.

    That said, black is a staple in my wardrobe...i'll be spoilt for choice.

    Remember that song? Hitam la Hitam, si Musa Hitam...hahaha.

  15. 1st Month = 1Malaysia...2nd Month = Ops Lalang..hahaha...

  16. Don't worry, the drama king will appear again with all the reporters for photo session.

  17. I think it's 'once bitten, twice shy.'

    But we'll forgive you the slip of a pen.

    But can you confirm MI's Stop Press! that you are the new CEO of Malay Mail? If so, congratulations!

  18. The new Malay Mail's CEO..well done bro..baa rakallahu fika..

  19. You won't march for politicians, but you can write and speak for them...

    Congratulations on your appointment to the Malay Mail...


  20. You've made it ! Congratulations Rocky for being appointed the CEO of Malay Mail.

  21. penangboyumno8:45 pm

    congratulation for the appointment. May Allah Bless You And All Your Effort Always.

  22. peace9:01 pm

    Please do not repeat what happenned in Thailand like those red or bllue shirts gang.

    Do you think the activists here are non-political?

  23. suaramalaysia9:06 pm


    as many had predicted, your colours had changed and are showing, and I am not talking about yellow t-shirts or black baju melayu either.

    one thing that churns my stomach like a photo-op politician is a journalist that becomes an establishment emir.

    you have a right to play concubine to ol anti-semites like mahathir that emasculated this country's judicial and constitutional system, but for ali's sake, get a grip on that wheel of reference.

    the najis regime is in motion with synchronised detentions and unlawful arrests of those who choose to dissent.

    rpk, uttaya, manoharan, wong chin huat, mat sabu, solidarity anak muda malaysia... we are currently experiencing state terrorism under the BN regime. it has abused ISA, the emergency ordinance and used other draconian laws against any individual or group that calls it to accountability

    if you think that standing against corrupt regimes like the BN is a one-sided affair you are right... it is one-sided as it takes courage to go against the flood. and very often there is a price to pay.

    I am not ashamed to stand in solidarity with such, because the ultimate measure of a person is not where he or she stands in moments of comforts and convenience, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy.

    come to think of it rocky, the only difference between photo-op regime politicians and flip-flop journalists is the way they bend over.

  24. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Good One Bro. It is about time that Malaysians scrutinise every high-falutin statement, investigate every dubious claim, peruse every statement/story rationalising every perfidious act, inquire into every tract written impugning certain legal acts etc.

    Democracy needs an educated, perceptive, socially conscious polity to function effectively NOT rabble rousing, belligerent road porikees (NOT you, definitely) flamboyant minor wakils out for a bout of macho chest thumping, dissolute parliamentarians (young and old alike) dedicated to testing constitutional limits with LITTLE or NO knowledge of Constitutional provisions and procedures, compulsive liars and cheats who promise change at the drop of a hat but who can never deliver anything except berate the past, fritter away the present and mortgage the future on the altar of personal interests; social scum who bring social and political institutions into disrepute with their personal antics whether monetary, sexual, family or otherwise.

    Last but not least, its about time that Malaysians say a resounding NO to political perverts who are ever so willing to bugger Constitutional norms and rape democracy like some harlot with their desultory frog croaks of treachery, caterwauls of resignations and empty challenges plus their putrid rhetoric of slander, rumour, and character assasination.

    For all the above, we need an enlightened, critical and educated electorate who are capable of making important decision based on reason and facts NOT thought zombies brainwashed into parroting inanities, unthinking scounderels who are moved by charisma rather than performance, uncritical, holier than thou scounderels who are driven by personality cult worship and emotion than by objective logical analysis or even worse stupid sheep and road rolling munafiks who are prone to resort to tantrums and bouts of violence rather than assuming a detached mien when perusing an issue. And of course, we dont need an electorate moved by rabble rousing speeches,enamoured with political theatre, easily tricked by charlatans who claim to bring change but dispense small change for huge investments of hope and trust.

    Yeah, Malaysians need to grow up if they are to enjoy a viable and sustainable democracy not a sham like the ones in Taiwan, and Korea where once stable and prosperous societies have degenerated into laughing stocks simply because the naive polity were taken for a ride by gremlins and jesters who jumped onstage when the shackles were loosened. The alternativ is simply too gruesome to contemplate.

    That is why I have always averred that the best form of rule for Malaysia (apart from an Islamic technocrat theocracy or a brilliant Statesman like Tun Dr M)is a junta-backed administration helmed by a knowledgeable abd personable technocrat like HRH Raja Nazrin. To those who rail that that form of rule is inimical to prosperity just take a peek into the petticoats of History and look at Korea under Park Chung Hee, Chun Doo Hwan; Taiwan under Chiang kai Shek; and one party rule in China, Spore, Japan and the first 46 years of Malaysia when firm leadership was the flavour of the day.

    Malaysians, make a resolution today to THROW OUT the scum you brought inadvertently into Parliament and 5 state assemblies the last time round, to make sacrifices made by people like Rocky worth their while.

    P/s : Military rule does not mean the end of the Constitutional Monarchy, Thailand is a classic case in point of having navigated through those waters.

    Warrior 231

  25. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Now it is confirmed..

    u r going back to ur old masters..(prostitutes' den).

    Don forget to wear something..and pls dont use black for tmrow. U disgrace the occasion!

  26. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Wise decision Rocky. Those who march tomorrow are half-baked clowny goofs. They do it only to please the other goof.

  27. no black9:27 pm


    This black thing is political!!!

    Please no black , yellow, blue or red shirts demo. We are not Thailand!!

    Wong Chin Huat is just facilitating media attention in the namesake of democracy, for the Mr Man Man Lai Angwar!

    Wong Chin Huat is not fighting for the rakyat but he is used as a tool for DAP/PKR/PAS, see Sivarasa, Tony Pua at that press conference which Wong Chin Huat gave.

    Enough of Pakatan spin!

  28. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Congrats Bro

    I was too busy typing out the last comment to notice and only realised of your appointment when i sat back and read the other comments after posting mine.

    This is great news for the Mail which has been bludgeoned into near anonymity since you left. Clear the paper of a few scum, revamp its content and reporting, make it vibrant and breezy and you will have my subscription back. Remember i wrote i was once an avid MM fan back in October.

    However, the report i sourced from MI left a bad taste in the mouth with their twisting of facts and casting aspersions regarding your neutrality etc. Never mind Bro, i am sure you will do well despite people with small minds and big grudges. I wish you the best.

    P/s: would this mean, you are gonna give up blogging, Rocky. Would be a waste if you let this forum to disappear into oblivion. Anyway, your call.Congrats, again

    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Eddy, 7.49pm
    As usual, you tooks the words off my mind ; ), you r da man

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous9:58 pm

    who the hell want to joint the Communist DAP organised rally which is supported by PAP and anwar ibrahim the sodom aka the condemn prophet luth follower aka the `store kunyit'.

    where ever they `cari makan' always create trouble.

    a parasite still a parasite.

    send all of them to biro tatanegara

    make a mandatory requirement for them to sit and pass the exam before given them the warganegara.

    a cheater still a cheater no matter what type of mask they wear.

    fight them!!!!

  31. Bro Rocky,

    Just read the news at Malaysian Insider that you are now the CEO of Malay Mail. Congratulations!

    Hope you would do well and not forget your buddies in the blogosphere.


  32. temenggong10:16 pm


    MM is financially not feasible. Apart from Star (and some chinese papers) no paper is. It will never be feasible, as it simply does not have the volume, and never will. Printed matter is on the way out. I an an accountant and I know the figures. This position is just an ego trip, and bread of course.

    There will be a new PM within a year or less. Take a VSS and quit in a year's time.

  33. Anonymous10:21 pm


  34. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Your comments smell of insincerity all over. Can't you see it that obvious!


  35. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Habis India tak boleh keluarlah besok?

  36. Anonymous10:55 pm

    you are not going for tomorrow's march because...
    (oh, puh-leez! We RAKYAT MALAYSIA know which side are you on!)


  37. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Yeah ...Malaysian politicians are all the same. All motivated by power and money. Rakyat are last in their list of priorities. That is why they are fighting cat and dog in Perak.

    People used to say lawyers are first on the line to hell. But I think Malaysian politicians are first in the line ... well actually Malaysian lawyers turn politicians are first on the line to hell.


  38. Anonymous11:18 pm

    apa ni bro, tak approve comment saya pulak, xkan lah dh jadi CEO The Malay Mail dah sombong dh?


  39. neodeca11:31 pm

    Ye la tu... now Pak Lah already gone your mission accomplished. I thought you are a voter in Perak. you should be concerned.

  40. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Good to know u don't support politicians march. Good bye!

  41. Congratulation on your MM CEO appointment.
    Lets hope MM will return to the good old "The Paper that Cares"...putting out government mismanagement without fear nor favour.
    Let hope this "Afternoon Paper" really report latest news of the day.
    I enjoy reading the sports column ...with truly... latest news.

  42. Enough with this crap!
    What next ? Malaysia's version of Thailand? No doubt, Anwar has given heads up to his supporters, i.e western media, in BBC, AWSJ, and the same.
    WE DO NOT NEED THIS! PR lost 3 of their inept ADUNS. PERIOD! Nothing else to it, and BN gained these 3 idiots! And who is to blame? THE PEOPLE OF PERAK FOR VOTING THESE IDIOTS IN! NEXT TIME VOTE FOR CADIDATES WITH CREDENTIALS!
    Then we won't have to go through these kinda stress! 5 by elections and counting. Well done, the bum loving guy!

  43. Purple Haze12:35 am

    Congrats to you on your new appointment as CEO of MM.

    Of course you should not be seen at the march since this could be tantamount to behaviour not becoming of a CEO but nothing wrong with writing about it even if you don't support the cause.

    In the end, isn't that what reporting is about ? Hopefully, with you as CEO of MM, events (both for and against the govt of the day) get reported on and not blacked out.

    In a way, you might be the hope of Malaysians to have more information available than the current situation.

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but should not be deprived of the facts.

  44. Anonymous12:43 am

    cukup la rocky, i know you're one hell of a 2 faced man...

    you just wanted AAB out just to get your Malay Mail CEO position.

    i know what i will use that newspaper for now - to wrap my vegetables

    and i'm repeating what you said again: once bitten twice shy.

    this is the last time i'm visiting your blog, heck i have not even visited it for a long time already. I will even ask my friends not to trust you anymore - and stop visiting your blog.

    and no wonder, it seems that the comments to your blog have been dwindling lately? is it because you had to delete some unsavory comments like mine? all the best bro, and to hell with BN-UMNO

  45. Congrats on your new appointment! Looks like it pays off handsomely to pretend being "neutral" wink, wink.

  46. Anonymous2:11 am

    Someone commented on Malaysian Insider that you are a prostitute, Rocky.

    No different when Brendan ran NST. He was a prostitute to many including Pak Lah and Kali

  47. Anonymous2:11 am


    Write lah something in your blog pasquale/barking magpie

  48. Anonymous2:14 am

    Rehman Rashid

    I know what you said at a meeting last monday and I know what you have been doing all this while.

    Just follow this blog and I will strip you bare.

  49. Anonymous3:03 am

    1.Somebody got appointed MAS adviser recently. Any conflict of interest while sleeping on the job with this?

    or are we seeing the unseen monkey at his old tricks again

    2.Regarding the colonel, RPK and Najib, did anyone ever query Ku Li about one Mak Foon Than, Allahyarham Jalil Ibrahim, George Chan, Hashim Shamsuddin, Lorraine Osman et al. People who live in glass houses should not.............

    Things to mull over in your new job. Cheers, bro.

  50. Anonymous3:04 am

    1.Somebody got appointed MAS adviser recently. Any conflict of interest while sleeping on the job with this?

    or are we seeing the unseen monkey at his old tricks again

    2.Regarding the colonel, RPK and Najib, did anyone ever query Ku Li about one Mak Foon Than, Allahyarham Jalil Ibrahim, George Chan, Hashim Shamsuddin, Lorraine Osman et al. People who live in glass houses should not.............

    Things to mull over in your new job. Cheers, bro.

  51. hope they'll give him a very good salary. after all, this appointment marks the official launch of mahathir-najib joint-venture.And the truth is reveal. No wonder Rocky has been selling out with his pro umno and anti pakatan blogs. So the traitor is rewarded at last.Another joke for the day. Silly real silly more crabs coming out to walk smart.
    Rewarded for supporting Mahathir and denigrating Badawi? Rocky can now rock, roll and spin with glee. Congratulations, Rocky, for stroking and scratching the back of the right horse.A slave returning to the master..wat do you expect.Good luck Mr prostitute! Good luck to the people on the Malay Mail. They need it.Guess we should stop reading Malay Mail, papers or online. It will more pro-gomen. Don't you think this will augur well for you, traitor.I've always suspect that he's pro-BN. Is he clean? Now, I'm curious if he's just like other BN folks.
    This con man had blogged that teresa's suing utusan is a violation of the freedom of the press and of speech. I had posted in his blog that he was angling for a MSM appointment - so for those who were so naive as to support this con man just because he criticised AAB, please learn your lesson.

    The signs were there for all to see in the last few months.
    After helping his master to hit the master's former master, he is richly rewarded.
    Now, he will be going after all the bloggers, on his master's bidding.
    Yes, master .................

    If anyone has the time to follow his blog, the trend is there. Oh, he will raise some issues here and there but you just can't miss the slant. Of course the blog owner picks and chooses his issues, but the way he addresses most of the major ones did leave me with the question, "What did they promise him?"

    Well, now I have the answer. The second instance of BN's reform promise goes down the drain. The MSM is still wallowing in the BN muck.

    The only thing that beats this was the Zaki Tun Azmi elevation to CJ. That was the first instance.

    Seriously, what is the difference between Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib? Precious little. So be wary when they start peddling the reform song-and-dance in the next few years.

    All the pretend came off at last. Impatient to see what his self-appointed apologist Warrior231 will have to say now?
    Rocky, you sold yourself pretty well. Lucky, unlike him, some others still have principles.
    written by amoker, May 07, 2009
    hahaha.. rocky as CEO. that is his present for being loyal but he lost out the NSTP post that he actually wanted.

  52. Congratulations Rocky, you wanted NSTP but got Malay Mail, so you still got screwed like the ass-licking prostitute you are. Hope you can sleep at night as one of Najib's corrupt media hounds.

  53. Anonymous6:24 am


    Pretty unconvincing and I have to say, lame, excuse. Try another one, please.

    Of course it is about politics when yellow was worn and now it is black.Frank

  54. Anonymous6:24 am

    Fluff fluff and more fluff. I really hope this isn't what you're going to be churning out at the Malay Mail.

    Who really cares what you think about marching?

    Do you agree with the Govt actions to arrest people? On what charges? Planning? I feel sorry for Malaysia if nowadays you can get arrested for PLANNING things.



  55. Anonymous6:55 am

    yeh rocky, jgn nak buat dalih kata bersih kena hijack ngan politicians. esok pun org nak pakai baju hitam sebab nak tunjuk yg negeri perak dirampas dari politicians yg diorang pilih. shame on you rocky.

    lepas ni dah naik kat malay mail boleh la pesong sana sini kan? bagi berita selok belok macam time mahafiraun dulu..

  56. Anonymous8:00 am

    It's true that the the Black T-shirt is about politic. But you can't deny that politic influence our life too. Look at BN corruption practices that affect all of us. We've corrupted police which resulted high crime rates. Corruption affect all race. There is law on forming new government but did the Sultan follow the rules. Because of politics, folks are hired to run government link company because of their connection and not talent. Lastly, politics affect all Malaysian.


  57. Anonymous8:19 am

    rocky, now you are really BN people, why the black malay shirt got to do with this gathering? stupid you because you start to bias to BN!! oh forgot sorry rocky, you are waiting for the perks!!! right

    dato zambry

  58. So it proves to me that everyone has a price? Congratulations,are in order. Anyway you can take off your balaclava now and come out straight, you must stand on the left or right hand side of the road, not in the middle. If you stand in the middle of the road and pretend to be neutral, you will be squashed, by the rush of the oncoming traffic. Nothing must stand in the way of greed and ambition. Sacrificing ideals and morals is okay. Good move, to sell your soul. You aimed for it and got it. You have applied the first principal of war diligently, which is, "The selection and maintainence of aim ". You did not deviate from that. Congratulations, for being steadfast, once again.

  59. Rocky,

    1. I am so MAD with MalaysiaKini!!!

    2. They CLEARLY manipulated the words of Tun Dr Mahathir until it seems as if Tun was supporting the sick notion by PR that Sultan has no power to remove MB.

    3. If you look at the video in YouTube, CLEARLY Tun Dr M NEVER...i repeat NEVER said such thing!

    4. The weird thing is the YouTube video is by MalaysiaKini!!!

    5. Apparently the writers at MalaysiaKini do not watch their own stuff! Idiots!

    6.I am so sorry for the strong and harsh words but it is clear what these so called 'independent media' such as MalaysiaKini and TheMalaysiaInsider are doing.

    7. They are trying to 'laga2-kan' Tun Dr M with Najib. They want UMNO and BN to hate and despise Tun Dr M.

    8. They know Najib-Mahathir team is a formidable team and can bring danger to the PR.

  60. Rocky,

    Sorry forgot to attach the video link...

  61. They will say they are even getting support from foreign tourists.
    Those purdah clad ladies from Arab countries.

    Tahniah Rocky , lu jadi CEO MM kena bol la mcm ni.Gua takat dapat makan lontong cukup la. Paling best dekat Taman Selera Kg Baru , jalan tembus ke HKL.So bila boley set brader?
    ..hehehe gurau je...

  62. The true color of Anwar8:48 am

    BN will be trapped again by Anwar if BN react to the provocation by Anwar!!!!!

    PR intent in leading provocative demonstrations disguised as defending justice and democracy.

    Beware Rakyat!!!!

    Matthias got a point here:

    ".....Anwar wants maximum media coverage and he will get it if Barisan Nasional is stupid enough to react to his immature nonsense and provocation..."

    "........Anwar has to have noise, lots of noise to stay relevant.
    of provoking a crisis...."

    "...Anwar and his storm-troopers are up to no good once again in Perak....

  63. Anonymous8:50 am

    The basic rule in life is "Trust Nobody", not even yourself.

    Trusting politicians?? It makes me laugh.

    They are the best poker faced players and can win soap opera awards hands down.

    They can even talk a bird down from the tree, what less the ignorant masses?

    To hell with all those street hooligans.

    I hope the Police will hand them Striped T-Shirts and escort them to jail.


  64. artchan9:09 am

    hahahah..rocky ..if you are not into politics or writing for political causes...maybe you should start a gardening blog..or cooking blog? Since you are "muak" with politicians hijacking this and that. Perak was hijacked wasn't it?

  65. Anonymous9:10 am

    Oh how convenient. The peoples' cause has been tainted by the association with politicians specifically opposition politicians.

    Your wheels are just spinning in the mud throwing it onto the faces of your paymaster, Mr. CEO sir.


  66. Hey, congratulations on your new appointment...CEO MM!! How's that going to be different from your previous position there? New table and new chair?

  67. Zombie DKK9:35 am

    Now that you've become the Malay Mail Honcho, and have achieved your aim by being awarded for your spin, are you trying to pretend that you're out of the dark side by wearing black? I am not impressed.

  68. Anonymous9:52 am

    No wonder one of the of reasons which you crossed over to the Darkside is to get the job of either Group Chief Editor of NST or Malay Mail to rule the Bolehland together with Darth Vader N and the Emperor M.

  69. Anonymous10:04 am

    Even Zambry attending the session today in Perak state assembly is already black.

    Why need for others to 'wear' black?

    Zambry is already carrying that message for the rest.


  70. Anonymous10:11 am

    How about marching for mahathir or najib???? Can?

    Btw I don't understand when people say malaysian insider is pro pakatan when it belongs to kalimulah...surely it is pro pak lah and kj, no?

    mat taib

  71. Anonymous10:38 am

    This is what you called "mercenary blogger".

    - Dicko

  72. Ah..Rocky, did u get the "carte blanche"?

    And why didn't u stop Tony frm leaving?

  73. Hi Bro,

    A really sad day for Malaysians today. Don't this BN goons have any decency left in them. The Port Klang scandal which involves billions will be swept under the carpet as usual.Nak rompak berapa billion lagi.
    I will be wearing black for sure!The rakyat will have the last say.

  74. Anonymous11:09 am

    Now we have 2 speakers in the Perak Assembly. What a load of shame. What's next ? 2 sets of Exco's ? I appeal to Raja Nazrin to talk to the Perak Sultan and dissolve the assembly before it become a mini zoo! The world is watching!!

  75. Anonymous11:17 am

    Uncle Rocky,

    Congrats on the new job,

    i always felt there was somethin for you at the end of the road...

    rakyat biasa

  76. Submarine Putih11:20 am

    Black tshirt? aku ade with "SLAYER" on it. kira ok la tuh eh.

  77. Assalamualaikum Bro,

    Congratulation on your appointment as the CEO MALAY MAIL. I hope you are able to attract readers back to reading the malays Mail and enhancing more writers and columnist for the paper. Good luck.


  78. Anonymous12:01 pm

    no need to wear black la... most of you already have black hearts, dark souls and charcoal aura.

  79. Anonymous12:42 pm


    Why on your appointment, you are slow to blog about it?

    Why other news, you can break it faster than even other blogs?

    Hmm, very strange-lar

    Anyhow, good luck on your new post

    -Sick of this Life-

  80. Anonymous1:02 pm






  81. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Fucking troublemaker politicians..
    Thier assholes deserved to be stucked with C4s and then detonated to pieces..

    Black? better blast off this political bastards outta this galaxy to blackhole for good..


    i saw a few fuckatan scums mentioning madey should not go down to penanti.. twice? why?

    Well rocky bro, what say u.. two 'NO's can also make a 'YES'!
    Belum apa2 lagi dah tak mahu madey turun..bukan korang patut minta madey turun ke kalo yakin nak bg menang senang? kalau geng UMNO yg cakap lain lah..ini geng PKR? haha..
    reverse psychology game?

    :D muhahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  82. bukit lanjan by-election?1:42 pm


    Can confirm the rumor that is going around since last nite that Bukit Lanjan by-election coming true.


  83. Anonymous2:13 pm

    wow! appointed the chief entertainment officer ke?

    go, go ahead and entertain your readers...

  84. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Nothing wrong for Rocky to support the govt. As long as he does not spin and write false news.

  85. Rocky,

    Apa pasal Nizar susah sangat ??

    Sepaham saya demokrasi ni"

    Democracy is a form of government in which state-power is held by the majority of citizens within a country or a state. It is derived from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokraticelegiencala (info)), "popular government",[1] which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos), "people" and κράτος (krátos), "rule, strength" in the middle of the fifth-fourth century BC to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens following a popular uprising in 508 BC.[2]

    Kalau dah tak dapat sokongan dari majority makna nye dia dh takde kuasa la. Dalam kes ni, PR dh x dapat majority, dh kira tak bolih berkuasa la. Apa yang nak kecoh sangat. Jadi lah yang berbudiman. Serah lah kuasa kepada yang dapat sokongan majority.

    Kalau lah ini cara PR, depa ni lebih teruk dari BN. Itu pun kalau apa depa ckp pasal BN tu betui..

    porah la Nizar.. macam sial ajer

  86. Anonymous2:37 pm

    "8. They know Najib-Mahathir team is a formidable team and can bring danger to the PR".




  87. Anonymous2:41 pm

    ha ha now you try to do damage control if you dont naive also can be Malay mail Chief ah?


  88. Anonymous2:45 pm

    just like in his cabinet, your master is damn fucking good at bringing back all the deadwoods.

  89. Anonymous2:49 pm

    "perak fiasco... ya, arrest all those bastards causing all the ruckus in ipoh..."

    and we says yes, and including that bastard fat boy!

  90. I really can't believe these commenters...


    I don't know you and just read your blog for updates. I am not your friend nor an acquaintance so I really don't have any right or business to say that you have sold yourself or whatever. After all its your life.

    Hence, I read your blog at face value and nothing more. I do not get constipated or epileptic when I feel that you have purported ulterior motives as It really doesn't affect me as we are able to think for ourselves.

    But these commenters talk as if you are their bosom buddies, blood brothers, machas for life etc when the fact is that they themselves don't even know you and you owe them jack shite for a living.

    Why are they so pathetic with all this houlier than thou attitude?


    Please get a life la.

    And by that I mean a real one.

    The economy is bad so please concentrate on your work to ensure that you dont get laid off while using company property.

    Because seriously, no one gives a shite about your opinions.

    If you are so full of it - just open your own goddamn blog and continue your rubbish there.

  91. Anonymous2:56 pm




  92. Anonymous3:04 pm

    " There are several policemen in the hall now. They lift and remove the Speaker’s chair from the hall..." to be relocate to Losmah's chamber.

    AT FRU SG SENAM : "Thirteen of the 64 people arrested this morning are released. The 13 were nabbed for going against the court order barring anyone without business in the Assembly from gathering within a 500m radius of the state secretariat building... and carrying dangerous weapon like unbrella"

  93. Anonymous4:01 pm

    funny isnt it..

    when someone appoint by BN is call prostitue...

    but will called hero if appoint by PR...



  94. Have been following events in Perak and I think Najib has to be ashamed of himself. The way BN conducted themselves and all their henchmens' actions are digraceful.
    Dont talk about 1 Malaysia and all that crap when you cant get the basics straight.Cakap tak serupa bikin! Even Tun M was not happy with the way BN did things in Perak. We are going back to the stone-age with these BN fools!

  95. Rozzo4:53 pm

    bro, your best friend zorro kena tangkap..wakakakkakkaka

  96. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Dear Comrades:

    Please click on the link below to view a short documentary on the roles of new media in malaysian latest general election March 2008.

    axis of monkeys

  97. Anonymous5:13 pm

    For those who were your Blogging comrades in arms when you started and knew you then , you have lost total respect of your Blog, and your so called (now fake)ideals.

    Maybe personally you shud just give up your bru now that you got what you wanted with a nice pay and nice status , like that JJ fler. Then at least ppl will say you jaga your rice bowl only ma, which is short of saying you are now no longer a hypocrite ! Money & status is not everything you used to say fast things change

    true colors

  98. professional malay5:22 pm

    UMNO has never learnt from stupic era under Pak Lah...
    - Rakyat are just sick and tired with their corruption, lust and greed.
    - UMNO are now even worried to face Rakyat in open election.
    - But they are still trying to hide behind Sultan and Malay sentiment.
    - Now everybody knows that the root cause is just corruption, lust and greed.
    - UMNO dramatized the above again in Perak State Assembly.

    Tak kan macam ni bodoh sangat pemimin melayu nak menyelesaikan masaalah. Atau orang bodoh kat atas orang pandai kena pijak.

  99. MM ex reader5:25 pm


    congrat for being appointed as CEO - Malay Mail ( source the sun )

    Hope you'll stay proactive and neutral.

  100. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Dei Reymond Grey

    Quit mentioning my name and dragging my reputation through your self created muck:

    "All the pretend came off at last. Impatient to see what his self-appointed apologist Warrior231 will have to say now?

    You gave a major tickle with your unorgasmised take about Rocky's appointment but you stirred a hornet;s nest with your asinine imputations of me.Fuck Shit, do you know who are you trifling with, SOB?

    Hey, mafucker, pa buggered son of a whore, you get this straight:

    1. Rocky Bru need no aplogists, he is a man in his own right, a damn good and professional journo whose blog is the epitome of freedom of expression.No bias, no judgemental spiel, just plain outlining of the facts and the issue.

    2.The guy has nothing to prove, he was already an editor before, worked his way up the newsroom ladder. You are just a jealous pundek scum because you cant even write like him.Your truncated ideas and emotional rantings are symptoms of a demented, delusional arsefucked sod! You sound more like Monsterball. Are you his alter ego?

    3.From your rants, I can clearly see that you have just emerged from the Fakatan sewer where rats like you thrive by the truckloads. RPK, Haris, Zorro are your wanked-up idols of truthful reporting. If thats the case, i suggest you get a life real quick for your current predicament is already impacting on your cognitive development and emotional health as your mindless rant against all and sundry clearly imply. Pity, you are trapped in a small, shit strewn, piss-water stagnant mental dungeon where worms feast on your grey matter and where them synanpses have long since short-circuited themselves beyond repair for want of stimulating thought and mind-provoking input. That is precisely the symptoms exhibited by your fellow journeymen and women stuck in the dungholes where the 3 masters of spinmeisterism, as mentioned above, peddle their sewage.

    You better get out real fast or else whatever remnants of sanity that still clothe your brain will be shredded to pieces in due course. You cant even get 1/100th of his hits and you talk like some unfucked old wife who is willing to be throat slammed just to get some cum into her system. What's wrong with you, arsedigged, butt slammed cumguzzling peice of shit? You have got a huge "brick" on the shoulder like some of the other brainwanked commenters down here, born loser? No whisper of a promotion, no prospect of a salary increment, no hope of a ever fucking again, eh reymond? Dont take out your failures and insecurities on others. Scrutinise your every deed and examine your every motive to ensure that they are suffused with sincerity NOT selfishness, envy etc. Then the rewards will come in due course.

    Finally, cease being a thought zombified, brainwashed loony who can only repeat inanities sowed into him by them master "tailors". Critically evaluate whatever you read and form judgements based on logical deductions and available facts not emotional tantrums and one-sided news. Only then you would realise who are genuine bloggers disseminating truth and who are the egomaniacs out on an ego joyride. Rocky belongs to the former, idiot while your idols are firmly entrenched in the latter twilight zone.

    Finally, dont ever deign to tangle with me again in cybersphere much less in real life. For i swear, I will turn your face, pale face and ashen grey after I daub your grey-matter all over your cumsplattered, mouth raped, nose slammed piggy face. Get it! Now scram into your momma's cunt and remain there until the coast is clear cos i wll going on a walkabout real soon.

    Warrior 231

  101. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Dei Reymond grey Cuni

    one more thing, u know why a total of almost 11.5million have visited Rocky's blogs. here is why:

    1, The guy has no time for heart rending grandmother fairy tales or rabble rousing samseng rants. Just plain facts for rice and objective insights for curry will do. If only you had seen how he dissected the IJN issue, only then will you understand how a professional journo operates.I doubt you did, probably mired in that MT swamp, frogwatching and little bird spotting.

    2. He does not self promote himself like some democracy warrior does in his parliamentary chambers, sounds like a demented swamiji to me.

    3. Rocky never ever relies on hearsay, the tidbits spewed by desultory characters are the staple diet of your masters and their ilk..not Rocky Bru, he is above that garbage.

    4. Rocky will never squeal on his sources/informants unlike some namby pamby gay who sucks up to certain shadowy figures.

    Got that into your cum swamped get lost, barua reymond g(r)ey aka arsewhore

    Warrior 231

  102. Anonymous6:25 pm

    CEO MM

    head Honcho of Malay mail/male

    hmmmm i always thought there was some crustaceans behind tha ROCKy.

    Enckik udang galah

  103. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Good job Ahirudin Attan. You got the job as CEO of Malay Mail.

    You will resort to tried and tested crap like Page 3 girls in Malay Mail with hope of increasing circulation numbers right? We look forward to more innovative ideas like that from you Ahirudin.

    The single malt McCallan whiskey shots tastes even better than before doesn't it Ahirudin now that you got yourself a big ass pay off after all the UMNO ass kissing?


  104. Anonymous7:21 pm



  105. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Do you know why you are not going to wear yellow( with or without the politicians?
    That's because you have turned coat already.

    Orang Sabah

  106. Hey Rocky man, when's your first editorial coming out?

  107. Anonymous9:09 pm

    I don't understand the people here. As usual lah, all want so called freedom to say anything, but can't stand it when people like Rocky write what they feel. Bugger off lah you clowns. It's OK for you to have opinions but to come to someone else's blog and insult him is just rude. It's fine to disagree, but why must you insult to no end.
    As for Galadriel, what the hell is she going on about? After all, she worked with the MSM for more than a decade. Not that she was such a fantastic reporter, either.


  108. Congratulations on your appointment as CEO of MM Rocky. Guess we won't be seeing you in rights marches anymore eh?

  109. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    I am sure if the march is against Pak Lah and KJ, you will wear all black including black underwear. That's you man now, pathetically pro-Najib.

    Going to get a well-paid job in NST soon.

    Let's see how far BN will go. After what happened in Ipoh, it is the beginning of the end of BN and Najib...

    Rocky's POO

  110. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Hey Warrior 231,

    Here's why Rocky got so many's all because of his anti-Pak Lah anti-Brendon anti-KJ stuff. A lot of his bvisitors WERE his friends before. He's slowly losing them.

    Btw, you ought to have you mouth and brain chlorex-ed and dettolled quite badly, really. That is if you want to be taken seriously. Most of us don't take such sewer-mouthed foul-brained seriously at all.

    Hope you don't have kids because it will be a shame for them to see their dad swimming in the cesspool.

    May the Good Lord forgive you for your filthy outbursts.


  111. Anwar - Get Lost !!!!12:28 am

    "........Calling for protest and gathering, whilst proceeding to 'hantam' the government seems to be the tactics that Anwar was so fond of. And he is doing it again. Create civil unease, stop the inflow of investment, and then wait in the sidelines, and hopeful to claim the throne, and then, wallah, open the rear doors to his foreign friends......"

  112. Think Thank1:29 am

    Haha..tahniah rocky...peganglah jawatan baru anda seerat-eratnya..

    Just courious why suddently you change side? Is it you frustrated when they abandon you while you been sued by Kali and NSTP?

    and is it worth it to do so?

  113. Anonymous7:02 am

    as things are so fluid and lawyers being arrested and things taking a turn for the worse it's amazing how you can sit by and not comment about the recent event. fair enough tht politicians tend to make an ass of themselves, but that does not make it an less credible tht you decided to support the cause for what it stood for or stands for. so why the sudden double standards and apathy, dude.

    event surrounding the brickfields police station have just become nonsensical with 5 legal aid lawyers arrested for doing their job. it is also with amaxing speed that the police intend to charge them in court today. wht gives?

    you support peaceful assemblies and have been to many. the police are hell bent on taking away and trampling on that right.... why have you been silent and disinterested?

    thugstone souljah

  114. Anwar - Go to H**L9:01 am

    Something is not right with Najib's grasp of media.

    Was listening to FM98.8 channel on radio last 2 days on a Call In and Chat program between 8am to 10pm. (I think this FM98.8 is a related or belong to the Star Publication).

    If you follow the conversation tone of the host and the guests, the issues that they discuss, iformation and facts, as an independent listener, you would certainly think that this FM98.8 a Pakatan Rakyat radio station:)!!!!!

    It is so imbalance!!!

    Last 2 shows of that program discussed about the Perak Crisis and the Assembly. They (the host and guests) talk as if they are Pakatan politicians emphasing the power of Sivakumar, the statesmanship of Nizar, condemning Hee Yit Foong, the brutality of the police by gatecrushing the Dewan, name it all the Opposition tone.!!! I have no problem with that opinion in the context of freedom of expression!

    Yesterday the host and guest was condeming the action on wearing black as promoted by Bersih Wong Chin Huat. The worst thing is the host and guest twist the fact on this black shirt issue. They were happily making fun of the government stupid rules against wearing black but ignoring the fact that Bersih call was akin to incite protest in a group by wearing Black- the same modus operandi in Thailand!!!
    But what is missing is where is the fact of BN has the majority of 31 Vs 28!!!!

    Where is the discussion of the Anwar's immoral act of frogging in Perak that started this crisis.

    Why condemn Hee Yit Fong for it is DAP who have failed here, you can stop people from quittiing the party - this by right democracy.

    Why is the topic of security that has resulted in meyhem in Thailand recently!!!!

    Why did the host and guest not dwell in the implications of "herd mentality" when a group wearing in same color shirts may become emotion and may start provocation!!! I have no problem wearing black, but when you are in group, the tone may change and become rowady and emotional and that is where the problem will start. Did they not see those Pakatan/PAS supporters throw water bottles, stones at the Royal entourage recently near the Istana Iskandar in Kuala Kangsar !!!! Isn't this not good evidence for the police to arrest Wong and the rest of emotionally charged PR supporters and bloggers!!!!

    Why is FM98.8 behave like this. Someone close to Najib should study this. Is there some duri dalam dagang symptom. Incidentally, Star has made some top management changes recently.

    On the other note, I feel the PDRM has done great job yesterday in Perak. Do you notice the protesters they are not the locals but many people from KL or others areas attrated by the PR/DAP/PKR and their pro bloggers, who just want to see chaos and nothing else.

    One up for Hishamuddin!!!

    We dont want another Thailand here. We plebian rakyat suffered enough with the economy gloom for the past one year.

    Say no to Anwar Ibrahim. Go face your sodomy trail and don;t mess around of dirty politic for your own self interest to become PM of Malaysia!!

  115. Anonymous9:38 am

    rocky pun terdesak tak cukup makan macam Ruslan Kasim..CEO gaji besar beb..spin spin la rocky..jgn lupa buat sujud syukur.


  116. Anonymous10:07 am

    What a disgrace to BARISAN NASIONAL

  117. Anonymous10:22 am

    Dei Pundek kalathai teacher @ wathiyar cuni,

    You get this embedded deep into your shit soaked, cum flooded pea brain, no one, yeah NO ONE, is begging you to drop by unless you yourself enjoy this blog and are hankering for some arsefuck despite your gutterish rant:

    "Btw, you ought to have you mouth and brain chlorex-ed and dettolled quite badly, really. That is if you want to be taken seriously. Most of us don't take such sewer-mouthed foul-brained seriously at all."

    What you think you are some Jabatan Kesihatan Sanitation Inspector wallah on your monthly rounds to have the gumption to deliver me that public health notice for my supposed misdemeanour, arsewhore? Do you know who you are tangling with pei pundek ma fucking, dog buggering, chicken arse slamming runt of a cunt? Get a lifelah, teacher, rather than preaching dog shit in cyber square.

    I have two wonderful grown up doctors graduated from the UK and Ireland on PA's money, mind you! who are very proud and supportive of their pa's crusade so dont you go ranting that they would be embarrased with what their dad is doing...get it dog shit, kuthian!

    You must be some teacher to have the gall to tell me to cholorox (idiot, get your spelling right) and dettol, what you think I am some "acid guzzling" fiend, you cheapskate cum guzzler and cunt- licker. What I said would have hit a raw nerve for you to come out with that diatribe, son of a arsedigged whore, and your wanked up brain and sensibilities STILL can't digest the fact that Rocky got the job on MERIT.

    This blog receives its hits on quality alone, your asinine bleatings of friendship, anti-pharklah-ism aside. People like hanging out here for the news and commentaries which are based on FACTS and which are delivered in a staright forward manner and a vibrant, open comment section, not out of support for any goddamn cause your cum hungry brain is imagining..get it?

    i can vouchsafe that for in February when Phark Lah was still around wiggling his sleepy arse and scratching his pecker while thinking of the next flipflop, the number of hits stood around 8.5 million, today it stands at 10.3million, an increase of around 1.8 million in the 3 months since the last count or average 600000 per month which works out to 20000 hits per day.

    20000/24 = x /60mts = roughly 14 page views per can got that sort of daily hit rate and page views per minute on your cum-splattered, shit-daubed, urine flooded blog if you have one? Amswer= you CUNT! so you come up with some itchy-clit grandma story of friendshiplah...courtshiplah blah..lah..blah as if the blogmaster owe you scum a life for saving his ass when he was unjustly exiled by some mafucking, pa-buggering son of a bitch.The gall of you people to claim 'copyright'and credit for everything and nothing under the sun! With fair weather friends like you, Rocks doesnt need enemies, you cockwhoring, mouthfucked, arsewhacked cum guzzler. Now scram outta here, crying to your momma that you have been unfairly bushwhacked and scramble up her tombstone stuffed cunt real fast lest i catch you sleeping in some classroom with your "buat kerja sendiri" mien switched on for your students' benefit. Bless my kids for not having you as their teacher all those years ago..

    And pray we dont cross paths, for this 50 year old ex-commando still got the muscles to give you a good ol bashing, splatter your brains on the sidewalk before plastering your pecker into them cobblestones! Get the hell outta ma sights, you slimeball, cocksucking, arselicking, shit swilling, cumdrinking piss-water drenched whore of a teacher
    before ah blow ur brains to cyberhell....ah gotta no time for you friggin shitarse!

    P/S : Rocky, u must be some necromancer for 600000 "friends" to walk through your portals every month..........LOL.

    Warrior 231

  118. Anonymous10:41 am

    Hey Airuddin

    Congrats on your MM job.

    You did good little dog.

    Maybe next your court case will go away and you will no longer be bankrap too.


  119. Anonymous11:20 am

    congratulation rocky for the appointment.thanks you....for your spinning and with such delicate subtlety,for ass-kissing...


  120. Warrior, as usual you take my breath away..
    Betul. These Pakatan people are all PHD holders.

    It was sooo damn satisfying to see Nizar and Ngeh being reprimanded by the Regent. Damn! Puas hati betul. They should have CARRIED Sivakumar away along with his chair, Roman style. That would have been hilarious.
    But it's actually not funny. The rakyat (the ACTUAL majority that voted for the present Govt) are certainly not amused and impressed.
    I can never appreciate nor support Pakatan's style of politics and leadership. What a disgrace to Pakatan Rakyat. Hidung tak mancung pipi sorong-sorong. (jeez, i hope i got it right)
    I tau lah siapa nak undi next election.

  121. Monkey Trainer12:12 pm

    The only politician who should be arrested is the Kera Jantan. Since the government has become increasingly dictatorial, I don't think we need a reason for this. That the Kera Jantan is arrested for being himself, is a sufficient reason in itself and should be wholly acceptable to all patriotic Malaysians. :)

  122. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Bodoh lah orang PR ni, cakap bro Rocky Spin spin, ... kau baca berita di tu betul sangat ke?!!! Masalah dengan orang PR ini dia cakap demokrasi, kebebasan memberi pendapat, TAPI!!!! tidak dapat terima pandangan yang berbeza dari orang lain. Malulah wooiiii.


  123. Anonymous1:06 pm

    But you work for the politicians who caused this debacle.

    Why pretend to be impartial?

    Don't complain about t-shirts being too small. Consider losing weight. Plus black is a rather slimming colour.


  124. Anonymous1:56 pm

    umno = untuk mahatew najis only
    pdrm = polis dera rakyat malaysia
    People vote for good governance, security and the like but sadly, people get the above sampah!

  125. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Yo! to all the morons whoever this may concern..

    warrior 231 was just demonstrating to all on the proper way to engage in verbal exchanges (communication protocols) with the below entities :-

    1) savage decendant of pendatangs
    2) melayu pariahs
    3) others 'swine flu & mad cow' infected...

    ..We Malays have a high standard of adab, budi bahasa, tatasusila & hygiene practice in our culture, the courtesy, the gesture & the manner on how to communicate with elders, families, guests & acquaintances.

    ...but unfortunate this does not apply anymore to people belonging to those 3 group mentioned above...
    (credit should goes to Nikky Aziz on his fatwa mencarut too.. :D )

    We do not need swine flu infected teachers for adab, budi bahasa & tatasusila class, worst if the teachers come from the 1st group...

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  126. Jenggg X33:30 pm

    ""And pray we dont cross paths, for this 50 year old ex-commando still got the muscles to give you a good ol bashing, splatter your brains on the sidewalk before plastering your pecker into them cobblestones! Get the hell outta ma sights, you slimeball, cocksucking, arselicking, shit swilling, cumdrinking piss-water drenched whore of a teacher
    before ah blow ur brains to cyberhell....ah gotta no time for you friggin shitarse!""


    ka ka kah kah... tengok si lebong ni...

    budak kecik yang suka maki
    mulut dibersih dengan cili
    kalau takut temu orang 'gano,
    jangan lakun macam komando

    ka ka kah kah

    oii, hormat skit kepada cikgulah... si ngook!

    ka ka kah kah

  127. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Dear Mr Rockey.

    A little out of topic. But I could not keep to myself ...a little infuriated.

    Please ask Hishammuddin Home Affair Minister...What is his motive to release the ISA detainees. Its either political or security . Take note they were placed under rehabilitation for security reason and not political. They are not his political enemy but the enemy of peace loving rakyat of Malaysia. Do not bow to political pressure for peace and stability is hard to achieved with the mentality of the opposition. If Hishammudin is so open and care about the rakyat, do not waste time ; straight away revoke the ISA and see what will happened after that. Tell him the history when Malaya was run by the MPAJA. Who were our enemies.

    Hishammudin belum pernah makan ubi kayu.....


  128. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Hey Warrior 231,

    I wouldn't resort to your gutter language because I don't have toilet brains. I may not have enough vocabulory from the cesspool to match yours but I refuse to be drawn into your kind of language.

    Shame on you 50-year-old. I wish you would show your writings on this blog to your two doctor kids (and I am sure they are nice great kids too - cos they must have got their genes from their mum!) and see what they have to say. Do that if you dare.

    But then again my belief has been no children should go through any form of humiliation for their parents' actions. So I guess it will be better if you keep your filth in the cyberspace to unfortunate people like us.

    And don't scare me with the ex-commando stuff lah..pleaseee.

    I know your toilet brains' gonna start flushing again after reading this comment. I am here not to hurt you or provoke you. My message is clear - let us try and keep the language clean as far as possible. If you can't, nobody can do anything about it. Go ahead and smear everyone because what goes around comes around eventually, me included.

    I will not be responding anymore to your comments that carry more filth than facts. But I will definitely respond if it is clean and clever. From the looks of it, you seem to have some brains...use it lah.


  129. Anonymous2:00 am

    after scrolling through so many snide and asinine comments from those who come to this blog to lepas some juvenile geram at rocky for whatever reason, i have to say i truly enjoyed reading W-231 magnificent ripostes, his colourful language notwithstanding.

    at least his/her cuss-laden counters are neither patronizing nor sanctimonious nor oozing the typical banal sarcasms, so obviously borrowed by one insipid poster after another until their pathetic venom were quite offset by their unoriginality.

    tak entertaining langsung!

    pity lah, ramai yg hentam rocky bunyi mcm orang sekolah tak habis. akal tak canggih, menulis pun tak pandai. woi, sebelum nak mengata, baik ukur t-shirt awak semua (tak kira warna apa) kat badan sendiri dulu. sebaik-baiknya depan cermin!

    btw W-231, many good points you have there. looks like there is a lot of truth in the maxim that people truly deserve the government they get.


  130. Well Teacher, what do you expect from self proclaimed paper tigers/keyboard komandos/plastic pendekars like that warrior fella? If they can't argue properly with their half-baked 'facts' they resort to pouring out their racist & Tourettes-afflicted mind. Very easy to get these people to make fools of themselves.

    Even the so-called facts they use have no logic... apparently to him Penang & Singapore are similar because both places have international airports & electricity service. Lol!

    Budak sekolah rendah pun tahu beza... Ha Ha Ha

  131. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Who heard the whisper beside the two of them? Nasrin, a commoner has never used the expression "beta" in his life. This was cooked up by the MCA propaganda rag - The STAR.

  132. teo siew chin2:14 pm

    "We Malays have a high standard of adab, budi bahasa, tatasusila & hygiene practice in our culture, the courtesy, the gesture & the manner on how to communicate with elders, families, guests & acquaintances."

    I most certainly agree to that!

    By the way, are you Anti-watever and Warrior 231 Malays?

    And how did you accumulate such hate and bitterness towards the nons to the extent you are willing to forsake your 'budi' in your quest to degrade us and wipe us out?

  133. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Two persons on an edge of the cliff,which one shall I topple over first, mini mini mynie mo? Ok, the little prepubescent girl,Bright Eyes first.

    This kid is easy meat as it does not have any sense of history and in keeping with its prepubescent mental state, i guess it hardly reads the stuff, I link nor the books (the title: ISBN; even page number provided)I refer to. In short, it exhibits the classic symptoms of wannabe commenters, people who never do any research,analyse the input critically or even attempt to verify facts before commenting or debunking an oppsing view. These are the type of commenters which Jeff Ooi once berated and which Oon Yeoh once critiqued when they first started so-po blogging themselves in the hope of developing a critical, analytical and well-informed civil society.

    As there many variants of BE here, I dont see the emergence of the hoped for civil society anywhere. Rather, i see a regression to a form of intellectual barbarism and thought dwarfism which I think is very inimical to the continued viability and sustainability of democracy. If for so long, the west has sarcastically critiqued Third World variants of democracy for the lack of information, the dearth of free access to information, the suppression of free expression et al, the Internet has ironically revealed the fallacy of their arguments.

    In a zone where censorship is virtually absent, where information can be accessed easily, where freedom of expression even allows for the most vile of racist epithets and religious insults to be hurled with impunity, it is shocking that the self-styled local liberal, who railed against suppression of opinions, curtailment of freedom,prohibition to information etc, are the very same people deploying primitive tactics when confronted with opinions/comments patently discordant with their own views.

    BE is a classic case, it cannot argue for the want of facts, it cannot understand for the want of cognition, it cannot debunk for the want of intellect so it resorts to the classic strategy deployed by primitive brains the world over since the age of Socrates,Aristotle, al-razi,ibn khaldun et al., Pray what is the strategy, I am refering to? In the military, the air wing would call it "carpet-bombing" with of course the inevitable collateral damage, in pleibian speak, we call it insults, and that is where cretins like BE excel. Asinine figures of speech like 'plastic pendekar''paper tigers'keyborad komandos' are coined to mask the real situation which subtext's reads as: "I cannot debunk him what else shall I do, never mind start casting them epithets, hurling innuendoes, cracking jokes and pray he runs away".In view of these tantrums, it would be too much for me to expect the historical parallels, I was making about Spore and Penang in another post to be understood by the girl, I mean BE. Alternatively, BE could also be reacting nonchalantly as such a comparison had potentially exposed the latent thoughts of the secessionist Chingkie like BE so she laughts it off without attempting to debunk it.A futile retreat into guilt's embrace.

    Apart from the above strategem, the threat of a well-argued idea replete with the relevant facts that is threatening to cherished prejudices, inherent bias and small weltanschungs etc is deflected through another clasic defensive strategy symptomatically peddled by imbeciles and infantile minds alike.Hence, nomenclatures like "half-baked facts";"hearsay""rumours et al are trundled out, dressed up as projectiles to be launched against the opponent. This is the hallmark of indolent minds, the stamp of imbecility and the seal of 'moronism' with the underlying narrative being: "I am too lazy or stupid to check this out, to verify it...ah why not accuse him of peddling lies...that will drive him away".
    Sadly, such accusations flounder in the bog of stupidity for "half-baked" is not disproved with "fully-baked" assertion/facts and by leaving it disproved, BE adopts the classic strategem deployed by PR cultists here and in numeorus other blogs.: i.e., run away after hurling the neccessary epithets hoping that readers here will accept her view of things. Of course, such a mode of action is in line with the PR crowd for they are nothing more thought dwarfs and brainless zombies.

    Such responses (i will term it "a charlatan response) is pernicious to the self and democracy at large. In the former, a charlatan response further weds the self to false belief as such responses bore fresh holes into the mind for the roots of prejudice, false ideas, faulty opinions et al,. to burrow ever deeper into the mind's soil and grip it within their paralysing hold while above their thick foliage shroud the sunshine of reality and the light of reason.

    For a democracy, the effect is potentially fatal if not permanently debilitating.In simple words, how can a democracy maintain its vigour, sustain its growth and preserve its ideals if the polity that supports it are nothing more than a hoi polloi of ignoramuses imbued with prejudicial thoughts, are generally uninformed, intellectually uncritical?
    In a perverse manner, such a polity is merely affirming the thesis postulated by Western critics i mentioned earlier BUT with a significant difference.This difference being the polity are NOT suppressed, are NOT DENIED access to information; are NOT LACKING in information in the Virtual World. In other words, a surreal situation has arisen, information is there, freedom of expression is there BUT yet the polity cannot argue rationally, analyse crically, debunk differing views convincingly. It is a situation that suffuses all polities in differing degrees but particularly prevalent in Third World societies. The simplistic reason attributed for this malaise being the education system and nothing can be further than the truth. Due to the constraints of space, I will just mention, in passing, that the home environment is the most important factor in generating critical-minded and knowledgeable informed individuals tasked with the onerous duty of making the importants decisions that will govern people's lives, traita that are the hallmarks of a living and thriving democracy.

    That is precisely why, I have forcefully argued elsewhere that the best course for Malaysia would be on the lines of strongman rule ( a well-educated, knowledgeable technocrat ala Raja Nazrin backed by the military) who can effectively mediate the competing needs of a varigated polity while sustaining prosperity . Tun Dr M was one such man, LKY was another as was Park Chung Hee, Chiang Kai Shek, Deng Xiao Peng, the current cabal in Beijing, the Vietnam Communist party, the virtual one party rule of the LDP in Japan et al.,

    Westminster democracy in Malaysia has always been fraught with contradictions between parochial pressure and national interests. But the happenings in the virtual demonstarted, which i have demonstrated above, clearly imply that more freedom does not neccessarily lead to a more progressive society in fact it could well be a precursor to chaos, fragmentation and the end of Malaysia as we know it. Not a new malaysia reaching for the stars but a Malaysia broken into a thousand shards each reflecting the loss of future potential and the very stars they aspired to just because a troop of babboons and their follower monkeys deigned to give the shining mirror some extra buffing.

    The monkey antics of BE, Teacher, JengggX3, Gano Lucerne et al., have all amply demostrated what freedom can do to primitive minds. Fortunately for Malaysia, this emerging reality, unpalatable as it is, has only been exposed in the Virtual World (The Internet in this regard has been akin to the models that engineers, environmentalist use to test certain scenarios). It is clear that if this scenario is extrapolated onto the real world Malaysia will buckle into smithereens. In short, we are NOT equipped for liberal democracy. You have been warned my fellow, rational thinkingMalaysians.

    P/S: Intellectual barbarism and thought dwarfism are racial and cultural independent paradigms. Rather, they subtly burrow into the souls of the indolent, the naturally moronic, the emotionally immature of all races.The manifestations of such ignoramuses are widespread, BE is just one variant for an even more venal and debased variety of thought dwarfism is manifested by the likes of JengggX3, Gano Lucerne et al and the other idiots who troll this blog, baiting Rocky from being biased to being a paid writer and sign off with their vampire shrieks.

    For this variety (which i would call the Intellect Rempits),virtually NO reading of views, posts or articles is necessary. All they do is just hop onto their emotional bikes, rev up their defunct mental engines and spew epithets, unfounded accusations, vile commentaries etc through their exhausts before wheeling away in glee. Collectively, the likes of BE and these Rempits thrive in their mutual ego stroking and playing to the gallery antics so as to give meaning to their totally worthless existence. These PR cybertroopers are so stupid that they do not realise that their childish antics are destroying the very fundamentals of the democracy they espouse.But then again the nurturing of democracy and the development of civil society behaviour are the very ideals that PR wishes to least cultivate.

    For them, democracy as i have demonstrated yesterday is just the pathway to power and once safely ensconced in the seat of power, dont be surprised that these same folks are the ones who will intoduce the most repressive of laws. The frogging plan of 2008;the outright refusal to accept the results of march 2008; the slew of unfounded allegations; the disrespect shown against the Malay rulers; the fooling around with the electoral process (through a series of orchestrated resignations); the ceaseless politicking to keep the economy on nerve's edge; the disregard shown to Constitutional provisions in Perak; the utter contempt shown against HRH the Regent, the fracas in the Legislature are just manifestations of how this tribe of pedants, humbugs, hypocrites and dissolute charlatan will behave when they assume power. In short, the use of violence, samseng behaviour and street thuggery is subtly being introduced into the local body politic sanctioned by self-styled charismatics, liberals, turbanned munafiks, chauvinist swine et al.,

    Once in Putrajaya, wealth, gals, pretty boys?,champagne and above all power and its many trappings will occupy their lives while the hoi polloi will be tossed some victuals and generally left to fend for themselves.Scaled down versions of these future shenanigans are already evident in corrupt practices in Selangor, Penang, the racial discrimination in Perak; the rape of forest in kelantan (Gunung Stong)etc etc all within 14 months, (not a bad record!)...

    Warrior 231

  134. Anonymous9:23 pm

    But the happenings in the virtual demonstarted, which i have demonstrated above,

    should read

    But events in the virtual world, which I have amply elucidated above ....

    Sorry for the typos

    Warrior 231

  135. Anonymous9:50 pm

    a. By the way, are you Anti-watever and Warrior 231 Malays?

    response: The curt answer is : Yes

    b. And how did you accumulate such hate and bitterness towards the nons to the extent you are willing to forsake your 'budi' in your quest to degrade us and wipe us out?

    Response: This is simple and self explanatory. There are plentiful examples of provocation, insults and humiliations but one will suffice to illustrate my point, for starters:

    Chingkie show of support:

    1.In fact, Meng Chee should be commended for his very clear expression of patriotism in articulating the frustrations of the ordinary rakyat at police corruption, civil service bureaucracy, discrimination against Chinese education and the insensitivity of the authorities — which must also be the concern of all Malaysians who love the nation.



    Imagine what happens when the shoe is on the other foot, example 1:

    Teo Siew Chin

    "Melayu bermaruah tidak lupa. Bila agama dan bangsa dikutuk dan dipermainkan" rest assured there will be defenders of religion and race ready to rise and defend our sacred cows be it in cybersphere or elsewhere.

    Wipe you out? You are putting it down too mildly.

    P/S : the above example is just the tip of the iceberg of the humiliation we have had to endure over the years. Enough is ENOUGH!

    Warrior 231

  136. teo siew chin11:45 pm

    The Malays are angered cos their "agama dan bangsa dikutuk dan dipermainkan".

    The Nons are angered cos they aint got justice nor fairness and their mere existence in this country is being threatened.

    I say, somebody has succeeded in effing up everybody!
    WHO the heck is jerking everybody around man?

  137. Anonymous1:52 pm

    1. I wouldn't resort to your gutter language because I don't have toilet brains. I may not have enough vocabulory from the cesspool to match yours but I refuse to be drawn into your kind of language.

    Response: Hei fucktart, you aint got a brain to use much less a toilet brain. You cant even spell right, you call yourself a teacher, shame on you arsefucked, cockrammed, slimebag of a shitcunt. You are not a mutant from the cesspool but a pukimak piece of shit marooned in the shithole. Dont try to elevate yourself up the evolution tree. Darwin would have pissed on your ancestors unawares all those moons ago and would still have been pissing away at you in that dang shithole if he was around today, that's just to illustrate you being trapped in an evolutionary ci-de-sac mafucking, cumsplattered, shit swilling vermin..

    2. Shame on you 50-year-old. I wish you would show your writings on this blog to your two doctor kids (and I am sure they are nice great kids too - cos they must have got their genes from their mum!) and see what they have to say. Do that if you dare.

    Response: You want to shame me! buttfucked part-time night soil inspector. You have wolfed down too much shit and gulped down drams of urine to speak like that. That is what you end up with if you get yourself marooned in that shithole you are yelping from you dogshagged cuntwhore throatshafted, mouthraped scum.

    Dei ma fucking runt, you trying to talk cock about them genes, that's a 23/23 split you fucked up slimedog pauper. Your lack of knowledge is frightening, shithead. Your brains are so wanked up, you hoe bag, slut faced, whore!! that you cant even get your basic biology right.learn some here:

    Quit talking cock through ur cunt and start taking in cumming cocks for a change, cock juggling thundercunt or are you a cunt licking butt fucking arsewhore

    "Ma girl tell me that ah gotta a huge fan base in Ireland, ah will be signing them autographs for dollars real soon" You can do that, assbitch hoebag, You CUNT get it, so stop draggin ma gals and ma scaw into this. You know you made a boo-boo for in the very next paragraph you fucking retract your dare. What's up friggin shit? you lost your marbles..yeah, I c you wanna the wHOLE stuff for yourself, never mind have it in truckloads wankedup teacher :

    "it will be better if you keep your filth in the cyberspace to unfortunate people like us."

    and only u arseshit slurping worms call that filth. What you are now the official filth inspector in these parts, since when Bru appointed you the moral keeper, you bastard whore!

    3. "And don't scare me with the ex-commando stuff lah..pleaseee."

    Response: are trembling already, your "pleaseee" is indicative that your clit is shivering in them panties, you cockless trannie slut.You are so scared, you cunt even spell right. You are going to be scared real stiff when those knuckle dusters bust your shit brain, cunt faced cock stroking bitch.Keep ur doors bolted and quit wasting your time at school lest i walk in there and give u a right ol bashing and squash your arse and face right into the pavement with my jackboots with your students yodeling and ululating away in glee.

    I dont respond to any cheapskate dare masking a trap,(SO QUIT wasting ma precious time), for I will INVITE myself to do my talking at my own keep a lookout for u will bump into me 1 on 1 anytime near the place you are for you mighty easy to trace, u bloody fuckheads(jengggX3, BE included).

    4."I am here not to hurt you or provoke you. My message is clear - let us try and keep the language clean as far as possible."

    response: Ah! you are trembling in fear like a leaf already. You have not hurt me but you HAVE damned well provoked me with your asinine shit. And you try to show your supremacy by sending me a message, you shitfucked cuntbrained PR arsewhores. What you are a part-time posttrannie now, you stupid arsedigged, ear fucked animal!Dont ever again dare to message me like that.

    I will concede one thing though, "what goes around does come around, bangsat juboh!" (only now that got into your dog poo brain).When you were making fun of my race, religion, language,and rulers,everything was hunky dory for you PR scum. Now , you are a groveling piece of shit begging me to stop after i unleashed a small sample of my arsenal, you pussy licking babboons. It aint gonna be that way, chingkie swine, hindulen running dogs for you lot are a bunch of dissembling pariah whoreaddicts, proven by Mano's and Uthaya's responses today.

    When the going gets tough, you beg for mercy. I will only stop when i see you STOP, get it. No two ways about it. For you may have grievances (tell me who doesnt) but no one drags race, religion etc into it unless you wanna go Northern Ireland.

    5. "I will not be responding anymore to your comments that carry more filth than facts. But I will definitely respond if it is clean and clever. From the looks of it, you seem to have some brains...use it lah."

    response: Your response or those of others is immaterial to me unless you want to contest my arguments.Since you have such a hoitty toitty notion of yourself alluded by the fact that you will only respond to "clean and clever" arguments, you can find someone to cross swords with probably a pliant, sanitised imbecile chingkie arse licking scum like JengggX3 who wont argue back.

    Furthermore, I doubt you have the wherewithal for propounding any logical argument given the fact you spell bad, you lack basic knowledge and are constantly flipflopping your stance. I suggest that you better scram up your momma's tombstone stuffed cunt lest I take you to the cleaners if you ever dare to tangle with me again.Now get outta here!

    Warrior 231

  138. And now here he goes again... a long winded post lecturing everybody on the proper ethics & decorum of internet communication & debate. Until he starts snapping at the next commenter...

    Can anyone say 'Cakap tak serupa bikin'?

    Speaking of facts, its amusing he now shifts goalposts to include Chinese & Indians in a bizzare attempt to equate Singapore & Penang. But mind you even with both ethnic groups added:

    Sing - 84%
    Penang - 52%
    Selangor - 41%

    Even a 'budak sekolah' can tell the % margin between Sel & Pen is closer.

  139. Anonymous4:26 am

    Dei BE @ sweet Girl aka Chingkie whore

    First things first. Have you read my posts regarding the issue carefully. I did mention this:

    regarding your rejoinder about Sgor:

    1."moreover, no weakling will ever deign of giving up a major state on the mainland unless he wants to be publicly "harakiried".

    and using the same flow of logic, i put this down within the same comment:

    2."If that's the case(taking out SP from the equation which is more likely, for no chingkie would want to be burdened with a large malay polity on the mainland and no federal govt will want to give up a portion of its peninsular landmass),

    Its u who have been shifting your cunthole, girl each time i deign to insert my cock..(dont worry, it wont hurt you, girl). First you laughed at the MRT, next you trundled out Selangor, then the electricity thingy came out and last, the population stuff?

    what's up girl, PMS, menstrual cramps or post menopausal flashes. Take it easy girl... see a sinseh, he will rape you off it!lest you like to dissemble like some freaking whore with ticks on her clit.Must be pretty itchy and painful especially if you have to serve them Rempits in Weld Quay....

    If you understand what i mean, the parallels hold despite the port being at Butterworth, a deep water facility is still in existence in Penang island at Swettenham Pier,the spot of the original port. it is undergoing change to be cruise liner terminal. Dont believe me:

    "The Redevelopment of Swettenham Pier to handle cruise vessel up to 70,000 tonnes."

    In fact, the island port was thriving right into the 1960s (until the free port status was revoked) when it provided employment for an assortment of chinese coolies, amahs,gangsters stevedores etc who were involved in a number of trading activities ranging from the legal to the illegal:

    "The area was once (and still is, though far less) reputed as dangerous and unsafe, a haven for thugs and underground activities. In the past, government officials have declared it a hotbed of secret society gangsters, smuggling and drug addiction."


    Hence, building a port on the island would be no big deal for any independent country as Malaysia has amply demonstrated with Pasir Gudang, Tanjong Pelepas, Bintulu etc.

    (digression)See the above about the clans, just validates what i, anti-whatever, tongkang et al having been saying all along. We hit bullseye when we told you that 90% of Chingkies here were descendants of such social pariah vermins (including yourself). Deny me...well tell that to the author who is also a chingkie professor..hahahaha, No wonder your kind and the injuns behave the way you do...rude, uncouth, asinine wankers!

    Demographics: extending from the above, the island portion of the population would be more closer to Spore than any part of the Peninsular. I dont have the specifics but i dare say it the C/I would be in 70% or thereabouts.For instance: the Tanjong Parliamentary constituency is almost 90% chingkie. Even Balik Pulau town has got a majority of Chingkie bastards although the town itself is located in the Malay hinterland.So dont sound like a fucked up know-it-all whore when the truth is closer to what i am saying than what you are trying to deny.

    You are prone to theatrics and hysterics but then that's normal as some girls are vulnerable to those weaknesses but i would rather you keep your tantrums locked up in your unwashed arse girl, for its so unbecoming of a woman....

    "And now here he goes again... a long winded post lecturing everybody on the proper ethics & decorum of internet communication & debate. Until he starts snapping at the next commenter..."

    Response:I stand by what i wrote girl and there is no contradiction. It encapsulates my perceptions of all the PR scum here and elsewhere.

    Regarding etiquette, I cunt-fucked teacher for she requested it herself (i think she is a "she" like you):

    ""it will be better if you keep your filth in the cyberspace to unfortunate people like us."

    see, she was literally asking for it seeing that her days are full of drudgery and mental strain and emotional pain handling them kids hence "unfortunate people like us". No surprises then as to why she needs some thought masturbation that i am providing FOC, i bet she is orgasmised now thats why she is as quiet as a peep probably sleeping off my cyberdicking of her cunt hole. u know, to recuperate for school tomorrow..

    I am a good man, BE, a respectable one (ask Blake Lively)..i dont trash talk or cuss in public or even in cyberspace for its not an edifying spectacle.But if you start the game, all bets are off and that's the maxim i live my bohemian life by. Be that as it may, my travels throughout Malysia and abroad have opened my eyes to many things. For example, seated in a swank restaurants or common eateries, pubs, scotch or vodka in my hand, I have often overheard the slurs from the middle/upperclass non-malay curs who having enjoyed it all still dont show an iota of gratitude to us Malays and even have the temerity to pan our religion ( ah may not be the best allround muslim as ah am human, but casting slurs gainst Islam is a NO NO, No GO to me!)

    And when them folks start the game and ahgravat it, ah 'ad to get my double barrel cussgun and start shootin 'em up. Dont ad hominem me ma'am and i dont cuss you but if you wanna some kicks, ah 'm pretty ready to oblige.Even friggin shit,is that them sliteyed chinks and them coots have 'ad it pat and easy for so long,so ah think its 'bout 'igh time to equalise things, ma'am and ah' will stop at MAH biddin like an army 'fficer 'uold! ma scaw and ma gals are mighty proud of their paw in every way! so dont drag 'em into this for they are not involved..ok fuckshit cuntwhore..ooops girl.

    my girls from Kuantan GH and from Ireland (finishing her postgrad) send their regards. Wifey sends her kisses too....take care, sleep well and horror dreams!!

    Warrior 231