Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Key Players in Media Prima and NSTP

A & Z.
A is for Ahmad A. Talib, 58. He makes a comeback to mainstream media as Media Prima's executive director of news. That makes him, in effect, the editorial supremo for all the tv stations under the group (TV3 to Channel 9), radio stations, New Straits Times, Berita Harian, Harian Metro, Business Times, and the various news portals, including NST Online and Gua.

When he was squeezed out of the NSTP in 2005 by the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi regime, AAT was just the Group Editor of NST. Pak Lah had earlier sacked Group Editor-in-Chief Abdullah Ahmad, or Dollah Kok Lanas, for an editorial he wrote.

AAT's appointment also marks another milestone for Malaysian bloggers. He runs the blog Pahit Manis.

Z is for Zainul Arifin, 47. He comes back from the "cold" as Group Editor of NSTP (not to be confused with GE for Berita Harian and GE of NST, both of whom report to him with immediate effect).

Zainul's tenure as Editor of Business Times from 2001 was cut short after Pak Lah became PM in 2004. The regime then brought in a foreign wire journalist to head BT.

This Dylan and Beetle (not Beatles) diehard does not run a blog but his column Zainul Arifin on Wednesday is republished on NST On-line under the "Blog" category.

The title of this posting is borrowed from Nuraina A. Samad's speculative posting on Monday. She has an update, here.


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    err i thot there was an article in malaysian insider that aat tak jadi masuk nst

    what happened lah

  2. nstman2:16 pm

    A sad day for the grand old lady of Malaysian journalism. Ahmad Talib is going to destroy the NST. This guy doesnt have the brains to resurrect a paper which has seen better times. it's the end of the NST, and Ahmad Talib has the honour of presiding over its funeral.

  3. Anonymous2:18 pm


    please be prepared to get hate comments.

    they will somehow spin this to criticise you as a traitor and a lapdog! (AGAIN!)


  4. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Talk about news. The Star reported yesterday 19th. May that in Papua New Guinea, locals looted and attacked Chinese owned businesses over the weekend. Locals are angry because the chinese overtook the business center and overcharged locals.

    This is what happens when you stay in your own colonies, enrich yourselves by conducting business-to-business only among yourselves, employ your own people, speak your own language, and creating 2 tier pricing with discounts available for your own kind.

    It happened before in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, the Phillipines, and some other places.

    When you discriminate against some else, regardless of whatever justifications you may employ; that some else will return the favour in kind, also regardless of whatever justifications he may employ.

    In nation building, the better formula (not necessary the best) is that the minorities should assimilate and intergrate with the majority; while preserving their own culture and religion.

    Discrimination, either by the minority against the majority, or vice versa, should never take place.

    Can See Clearly

  5. Ahhh, divine retribution. I love it!

  6. Anonymous2:46 pm


    You are plagarising Brendan's style of writing.

    Brendan used to write A is for ... B is for ... C is for...

    But don't worry. Plagarising is not an offence in NST. At least that's what Brendan taught the NST guys.

    he he

  7. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Lionel, Ah Chai & Chandra

    You need Brendan's shoulder to cry on now

  8. Anonymous3:05 pm

    rpk son steal motorbike??
    he must be a mat rempit....
    ha ha ha we all know RPK all this while is the leader of all those mat rempit...

    true malaysian says

  9. nstman3:15 pm

    Congratulations Ahmad. Now you have a second chance of destroying the NST. But pse make sure you finish your job - that is bury the NST once and for all. Ahmad, I pity the faithful NST workers who will soon lose their jobs once you take over. I predict blood-letting in the paper, with reactionary elements to face the chop. Congratulations once again Ahmad. But the way, if you cannot perform, you can always ask your god, Kadir Jasin, to assist you.

  10. Rocky

    Honestly Rocky it's much ado about nothing. None of the Public, Tun Dr Mahathir included now takes NST Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia seriously.....

    Those days, mainstream media was taken seriously and streetside tabloids were considered Trash. Now its it's Ironical that NST and Associates are considered Trash....Now more Trashy than the Streetside Tabloids.

  11. Marking Bagpie3:59 pm


    Media Prima, therefore NSTP.
    NSTP, therefore News.
    News, therefore Mainstream or Blogs.
    Blogs, therefore Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

    Errr... I guess this is just a way to connect with Raja Petra Kamaruddin, to which I would like to comment now. In his latest article
    "The name don’t maketh the man"
    RPK unleashes a torrent of foul tuduh2an yang belittle people who have the names of prophets but errr... are a bit less-than-holy standing. Am not sure if dia lebih marahkan the NAME or the actual acts themselves, but I suspect its the latter.

    Anyway, talking about names, the name "Raja+Petra+Kamar+Din" is a very noble one. The first two denotes nobility and aristocracy. Kamaruddin would mean "The Moon of Religion" in arabic.

    People berbinkan names such as that sure noble, mulia, alim etc etc punya.

    Except that one Bin Raja Petra Kamaruddin is now languishing in jail kerana ditangkap mencuri.

    Errrmmmm somebody boleh tak remind me that thing about glass houses and rocks?

  12. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Ini biasa lah brother Rocky .. There's the very old Malay adage :: Sekali air bah, sekali pantai (or pasir) berubah :: I have personally seen the change of guards at Balai Berita before when Tengku Razaleigh was out (when Najib's father passed away) and then came the Daim's boys. I was the 2nd wave to leave Balai Berita when the end of year 4 months bonus was trimmed to just 1 month ... Wali Kota

  13. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Rocky, what's the big deal about these Ahmad A.Talib & Zainal Arifin ??
    For all we know, they are`just UMNO stooges, nothing more and nothing less !!


  14. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Minta Maaf. Saya tidak sedikit pun simpati kepada Dato' Hishamuddin Aun. Dia orang yang lupa daratan. Dalam sekelip mata dia menjadi orang hidung tinggi. Bila bertembung dalam lif pun dia buat kita orang ini macam nampak tak nampak sahaja. Memang Allah benci kepada orang yang takabur.


  15. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Will Ashraf be back to?


  16. RockyPru5:00 pm

    this kind of post you need to tackle all the time, Rocky. When you condemn umno vs umno, that will benefits both umno and Pakatan. Most importantly is Rakyat.

    When you try to condemn Pakatan with the spin and unconcrete fact, then you will get bashing la..That will make pakatan even more stronger...

    So, keep it this way ya Rocky.

  17. AminGL5:04 pm


    So are you disappointed that you didn't get the Group Editor of NSTP's job after crossing over to the Darkside?

  18. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    This is the best piece of news we've heard in years. I am sure Datuk Ahmad and Zainul will be able to make NST a force to be reckoned with.

    Remember how Kalimullah and Brenden Pereira destroyed the NST. They did not only bring down the circulation to a mere 100,000 copies but also ensured that the Barisan Nasional Government lost its two-thirds majority.

  19. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    Datuk Ahmad Talib is a good man. I don't know much about Zainul, though.

    I'm sure Ahmad will put in all the right people to ensure all the media houses under the Media Prima stable succeed.

    I have one advice for Ahmad - get rid of those people who you need to get rid.

  20. Anonymous5:18 pm


    Ahmad is a good man. He deserves it. Congratulations. Najib's regime did the right thing.

    and to Kalimullah and Brendan, I have this to say: I haven't forgotten you, I remember you.

    Johnie Walker

  21. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Brader Rocky,

    Ahmad is a professional. Just like Datuk Kadir Jasin was.

    Ahmad is the right choice to helm Media Prima.


  22. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Dear Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, although you will never admit that the appointment of editors and media bosses are done by you, I have this to say:


    He is a loyal dog!


  23. Anonymous5:22 pm


    Remember how you screwed up the lives of all the Malays Editors and purged them out of NST?

    They will haunt you!


  24. Jango5:23 pm

    We have had enough of you, Ahmad. Pse do the decent thing - get out of NST. You are unwanted. You make me puke.

  25. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Saya mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah diatas perlantikan YBhg Datuk Ahmad A Talib sebagai Pengarah Eksekutif Media Prima.

    Saya yakin YBhg Dato' akan dapat membawa kejayaan demi kejayaan kepada semua syarikat dibawah naungan Media Prima.

    Gulam House of Mee

  26. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Siapa yang akan menggantikan Datuk Syed Nadzri, Kamarul Idris, Datuk Manja dan Mustapa Omar?

    Sudah tiba masanya...

    Jiwa Melayu.

  27. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Aged 47? That's the age of a novice in the news media. And news media gets involved in political affairs. At 47, that's going to be a knockout blow for his aspiration. Time will tell soon.

  28. Jango Ang6:34 pm

    Get ready for a fierce round of blood-letting once the new regime takes over. My heart bleeds for the NST.

  29. Anonymous6:38 pm

    yesssssss, at last NST could be free from the clutches of the evil force.
    A&Z shoulder a very heavy responsibility but we in the NST are sure that the two seasoned journos will be able to bring back the glory days of NST.
    Thank you for A7Z's appointment.

    nasi-beringin satuuuuuu

  30. Anonymous6:47 pm

    I might not have thought of him kindly then, but I am grateful to Ahmad Talib for helping to mould my career. Why am I telling you all this? Because Ahmad Talib and Zainul Arifin, both has consistently stamped their personality and character on the newspapers that they led.

    Throughout, however, was their insistence on proper work ethics, discipline and promptness. Now, there was no dark plot to stop or abort, AAT and ZA this time. And, please no dark conspiracy against them. We enjoy the company with them, not the curry. The unique thing about AAT and ZA is when something happened to them, the incidents did not change their commitment to journalism as an agent of change by vigilantly maintaining their role in shaping public opinion. When I joint NSTP group in 1984, among others things I learn is the basics of journalism including news writing and reporting, newspaper operations, core knowledge, Press law and ethics, information technology, and typing skills.

    Well, to AAT and ZA, wellcome back and listen - the importance is team work and preparation for the challenging but rewarding career in journalism. But remember, the paper not only suffered in the quality of its journalism. Intellectuals, particularly journalists, should be able to use their specialised talents to change people, much in the way managers use their skill as a tool to improve their organisations' performance. TQ


  31. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Datuk Ahmad A.Talib adalh pilihan yang tepat. Bukan saja beliau amat berpengalaman malah dikenali ramai sebagai individu yang amat sederhana dan berjiwa rakyat. Lawati saja blog beliau PahitManis untuk menilai kecondongan jiwa beliau kepada isu-isu berkenaan.
    Bukan saja setakat Palestine ...

    semambu striker

  32. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Ahmad Talip ok brader! I duk risau takut PM kita kena kelentong ngan puak-puak spy-Singapura jer.
    Risau juak kalau terjadi macam pada PDRM. PDRM sekarang ni 'are paying foreign spys to do PR for them'.
    Aku pun tak paham la braderrr. Ini apa ke jadah nie? Tan Sri Musa Hassan...please wake up Sir! Badawi dah takde dah, just get rid
    of the 'threat from within'.
    Ok..back to Media Prima. Congratulations Datuk Ahmad Talip


  33. Anonymous8:41 pm

    "the worms are wriggling on hot plate in the NST now. these worms tried very hard to prevent Ahmad Talib/Rocky/Zainul and others with experience and indepth knowledge ant the NST and its staff to lead this paper.
    but i'm glad the PM is a wise man," said rokokbukasatu.


  34. Anonymous8:46 pm

    aaah caiiiiiiii..... mana lu? mauk pakai pampers chai? u cari kerja ka siiikalang?
    dont pee in your pants bro.
    kamalul also mauk pampers kaaa haiyaaaaa.

    lain kali jangan kencing orang lain, ni kan dah terkencing dalam seluar.

  35. Anonymous9:28 pm

    "What fate then had befallen the Mighty Johan, oh the wise and knowledgeable Bru? Pray tell."

    Shake Spear

  36. Anonymous10:04 pm

    I dont understand what the fuss is all about? Hey, this is NSTPlah...hidup segan, mati tak mahu. All these appointments are just political moves aimed at trying to boost egos. The man on the street like me gave up on the NST long ago. It is just a rag. Then again, all MSM with the exception of Sun have become irrelevant. However, some people, you included Rocky,go all out to make this NST jobs like the most important positions in Malaysia. Bro, rakyat jelata tak pedulilah...they don't even know your A or Z or AKJ or whoever. It is just a small group of guys trying to make this a big issue to fullfill personal agendas and ambitions.

  37. Paperboy11:48 pm


    I feel the re-appointment of a Talib is good as he will give more maturity and wholesomeness to the paper. U need an old hand to steady a ship.

    zainul is also a good guy and i think he has done his time and can make good in NSTP. Syed Nazri on the other needs to be relooked.

  38. Some guys are openly instigating staff and reporters in NSTP to post negative comments about Datuk Ahmad Talip and Zainul in blogs and newsportals... or so I was told.
    Being INSIDERS, these guys should stop their antics and try to work as a team.

    Just stop it!

    p/s unless you have reserved slots with the liars, ooops Insiders.
    Who said NO to Ahmad Talib????

  39. Anonymous1:02 am

    i just want to answer one question

    why is it when kalimullah came in and brought brendan, no one said anything everyoione kept quiet. it was then ok
    and now why you people are making noise.

  40. Anonymous1:07 am

    salam encik ahmad talib

    all the best on your appointment. cuma saya nak ingatkan cik mat be careful pasal sekarang anda akan dapat banyak reporter yang tibe tiba nak tunjuk baik dengan anda

    tapi jangan lupa bile anda diberhentikan atau dipaksa berhenti oleh kalimullah, di manakah reporter repoerter itu berada

    sebagai contohbya puan zubaidah abu bakar pernah memberitahu beberapa wartawan muda bahwa beliau tidak mahu pergi melawat encik ahmad pada hari terakhir di nst kerana puan zubaidah tidak mahu encik brendan menyalah tafsir bahawa puan zubaidah kawan encik ahmad

    puan zubaidah berkata beliau tak mahu dicop sebahagai ornag encik ahamd

    tapi pada hari ini puan zubaidah akan tersenyum simpul menyambut encik ahmad. dan encik brendan menaruh harapan tinggi agar baruanya ini akan rapat dengan encik ahmad dan seterusnya melaporkan segala perkembangan dalam nst kepada brendan

    jadi berhati hati dengan puan zubaidah. kalau tak caya tanyalah puan zubaidah ada ek tidak beliau berjumpa encik ahamd pada hariterakhir di nst

  41. nstman1:33 am

    Apanama, yes, I am openly instigating NST guys to say no to Ahmad and Zainul. Any problem? NST has had enough of Ahmad and his goons. Ahmad and Kadir Jasin carried out a reign of terror in the NST for more than 20 years and brought a once-great company to its knees. I believe the staff of NST will break free of the chain of lies, deciet, idiocy, stupidity. The NST cannot afford to be imprisoned in another round of misgovernance and opacity. Bringing back Ahmad is Najob's greatest mistake. Already, the NST staff are hunkered down in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. The very thought of working under Ahmad Talib again promotes horror, which they thought was over when Ahmad got the boot in 2004. Now they will be reliving the pain of the reign of terror which Kadir unleashed in 1998. Once more I urge NST staff to stand up and be counted in this hour of need. We will fight Ahmad all the way. We will let Ahmad and his cronies see stars on high noon.

  42. "Sad day for journalism" "Ahmad Talib is going to destroy the NST"...Wow! That means Ahmad Talib is... Shiva, The Destroyer of Worlds!

    Some people will only be happy if Ahmad Talib's position is given to... Raja Petra Kamarudin.

    That's a fair proposition - they'd argue he "has experience as an editor".

    And unlike these `Mainstream Media' who are naturally biased, RPK is the best choice over all the Mat Talib's in the solar system because he's "brave and is guided only by his principles".

    Yeah, that's why he has bravely avoided appearing in court. All brave persons would do that when their con is nearly exposed - after accusing this and that, when it's time to provide and show "EVIDENCE", that's also the cue to slither away...

    And the "Principles" - Now what is a man without these?? For God's Sake, RPK is serving a ROYAL BANISHMENT and principles say he simply can't be there. Now who says banishment isn't a great thing!

    BTW try asking the Sultan about this "banishment" - the most probable answer is "Beta tak pernah dengar pun... Penting apa sangat dia tu - minor royalty aje"

    Ahmad Talib and Zainal Ariffin - Can't say for sure that they are "the best" for the posts. At the same time, only ignorant sods with some hidden agenda would say they are "the worst choice".

    If anything, the appointments are PRUDENT and PRACTICAL. Realities must be given due consideration - and they are it appears. Both are people who know what they'll be doing - and they know the problems specific to the organisation.

    No, Ahmad A. Talib won't destroy it. If there's a funeral, it'll be because NST/NSTP fail to face and adapt to the challenges brought to the print world by the encroaching Web.

    Play its cards right and NST will still be around for many years ahead. Good luck to the top two appointments. Now, would be interesting to see what the changes inside will be. Please keep us posted, you folks with inside info, ya.

  43. Anonymous6:35 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I think Ahmad Talib and Zainul should boost Media Prima and NST Group with some ex-staff who had left because of excessive politicking before. People like Azam Aris, Othman Abu Bakar (The Edge) and Rashid (ex-Daim Press Sec).

    These people have made it good outside the NST group, and very well regarded among local media circles.

    All is not lost at Media Prime and NST. Both Ahmad Talib and Zainul need these additional outside help to make it happen again at NST.

    Les Sonje.

  44. Anonymous8:22 am


    you should lead the way and stand up and be counted and not hiding and get other people slaughtered. what a coward you are.

  45. BH Daze9:09 am


    A Talib OK! Dia old timer. Zainul Ariffin pon hebat. Tak silap saya Z Ariffin is also a good friend of yours. I hope the bloggers wont run these two guys down. AKJ yang bahaya, sebab dia hatchet man Tun dulu.

  46. Anonymous12:50 pm

    This goes out to Datuk AAT and our brother Zainur.
    Dear A & Z, congratulations on your respective appointments. We, a handful of NST loyalist sincerely hope you guys do not fall victim to those cock-sucking, ass-licking leeches which are just waiting to pounce on you. These arceholes are ever ready to lick up or swallow anything just to come up, while many others, who simply believe in hardwork are left unrewarded. Also, to our brother Zainur, we sincerely hope you will always be the same person as you are now and not let the power that comes with this position get to your head. Wish you guys all the best and hope the NST will regain its glory days which we so look forward to. Cheers!

    Bald & Beautiful

  47. Anonymous2:10 pm

    One of the lickers will be Rehman

  48. Anonymous2:37 pm

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    Dato' Hishamuddin.

    Di pagi Jun 1, 2009, Dato' akan bangun dari tidur menyedari satu perkara == bahawa Dato kini menganggur. Dalam bahasa mudah tiada pekerjaan.

    Banyakkan lah beristifar. Jangan Dato tersilap minta dreber hantar Dato ke Jalan Riong kerana bilik Dato di tingkat 5 sudah menjadi milik Zainur Ariffin.

    Dato' mungkin akan mengembar-gembur wang pampasan hampir satu juta setengah ringgit yang akan dato terima dari NSTP.

    Sebenarnya, apalah ada pada wang. Percayalah, ianya tidak membawa apa-apa makna langsung.

    Yang jelas Dato hilang segala-galanya. Kerja dan rasa hormat orang pada Dato.

    Percayalah, telefon bimbit Dato akan hanya berbunyi tidak sekerap dulu lagi. Panggilan Dato tidak akan dipedulikan lagi.

    Nak minta tiket free pun tak akan ada orang layan lagi apatah lagi nak mendampingi artis-artis muda dan glamor seperti mana Dato selalu lakukan selama ini.

    Tiada lagi gambar-gambar dalam BH atau NST kerna Dato tiada harga lagi.

    Kalau nak tengok F1, beli lah tiket sendiri. Jangan harap dapat free.

    Telefon Kali pun dia buat lali. Dato, mereka tak peduli lagi.

    Itu lah Dato realiti diri. Dulu Dato fitnahkan orang, jatuhkan orang tanpa peduli anak bini orang.

    Tuhan itu adil. Setiap yang kita lakukan akan di perhitungkanNya.

    Yang boleh di selesaikan di dunia, di selesaikan dahulu yang selebihnya di akhirat nanti.

    1 Jun 2009 adalah tarikh penyelesaian untuk Dato di dunia. terima lah dengan redha.

    Selamat bersara Dato.


  49. nstman is so desperate ... why lah brader? have you wronged Ahmad Talib in the past...dont worry brader, the good old Datuk is not like your god-Kali.
    Dont worry happy, your weak heart might just collapse.
    hang pi la bertaubat ka, or just say sorry to Ahmad Talib for being a fulltime passenger in NST..oops and for bitching about the whole world.

    bro, if you really wanna instigate staff & reporters do itla brader. put your face to the movement so atleast the staff would know if you are worth anything at all. tak kan tak berani kot .. u kan terror, Kali kan masih ada.

    be a man, do it man!

    nstman konon, phiiiiirah!

  50. Anonymous4:12 pm


    you should tell rehman rashid, lionel, ahchai and chandra to just get out while they can. they were not chosen on merit anyway. These cheapskate fellows hardly did any recent reporting before. As for Rehman, well, you know...he'll tell you a different story. NSTMAN too is nothing but a coward, always hitting out but not identifying yourslef. That's what you've become.

    chan ex nst

  51. Anonymous12:26 am

    KMH and BP destroyed the paper to the core. and in the process destroyed PL too. In the end, PL had to go. KMH and BP had to go too. Now they want to destroy the rest from outside. They fund M Insider. Look at the NST columnists. They too write for M Insider. And What did syed nazri do? Nothing. What about Hishamuddin? nothing. Syed Nazri, Hisham and Manja are just as bad as KMH and BP. Thank you.

    KP (not Waran)

  52. Anonymous4:58 am

    First, congrats to A and Z in making a strong comeback to helm an ailing newspaper that has been moving south in the last 20 years. Along the way there have been short spurts of upward trends but as always NST just can't keep up for some reasons and compete with The Star and the slide continues, no matter who is in charge. Not that The Star is a great tabloid.

    The sad truth is that most Malaysian newspapers are too politicised and when you get on the wrong side of the people, they abandon you, depending on which camp they are aligned to. The hard truth today is that not many readers are returning to newspapers because of the Internet where information can be easily obtained. Whether the info is true or not is beside the point here.

    People should know better that readers turned away from NST because it has always been a political mouthpiece of whoever is head honcho of the day. The fuss about the different shades of past editors and future editors is irrelevant.

    Newspapers in most countries are losing ground to the Web onslaught, and the trend is not going to turn around anytime. I'm sure you all have read about falling circulation and diminishing ad revenue faced by the industry, not to mention some great newspapers have gone broke.

    Yes, some newspapers are trying hard to address the changing media industry impacted by the Internet, especially in recent years by what you call the Blogosphere.

    How can newspapers come to grips with this paradigm shift of news dissemination? It looks like newspapers have to roll up their sleeves and start changing the way news are presented. If one looks at the daily rags, an intelligent news reader can sense editors could have made better choices in the way they priortize the news that people prefer to read.

    But can we blame the staff, editors and reporters, for doing what they have to do. Basically, they are probably under orders or given directives to "toe the line" to carry stories that put the owner or owners in a good light.

    Many smart alecs that made their comments here, especially those who never work in the newspaper industry (and of course those who do) can put in their two cents worth whether they like this fella or that fella, and I notice this blog happily published their comments. Great, that's one sure way to increase your Web traffic!

    Pundits are predicting the demise of traditional publication but I think it still has some way to go before a total eclipse. Nevertheless, the print media will keep losing ground unless it can find a better mousetrap - by being bold enough to overhaul long-held traditional concept and dramatically embrace the hegemony of the Web using the technology available - video, podcasting, social networking, etc. - to reach out to present and future audience.

    As the news continues to be troubling at best for the newspaper industry there is going to be an increased focus on those newspapers that have ventured into that brave new horizon of online editions only. But having a website that's static as an extension of the newspaper is no longer good enough. Newspapers need to do more than that.

    Watching the news about the newspaper industry is like watching a slow motion train wreck but it is. One can only imagine what the 'industry' will look like, say, five years from now.

    The bottomline is that it's all about revenue. You don't have readers, you don't get advertisers. No advertisement means no moolah to stay afloat. Some may disagree but there's this feeling that traditional print media is a sunset industry. But it would be a good thing if someone comes along with the magic bullet to make things perk up again. Is there such a wizard?


  53. Jango Ang9:48 pm

    Ahmad Talib, if you have any compunction left in you, pse leave. Nobody in the NST wants you. You have no shame. pse get out, we dont want you. We had suffered under you and Kadir Jasin for so many years. We have had enough. Pse get lost.

  54. Anonymous2:11 pm


    U are dayus.

  55. mr objective7:48 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I always believed in cremations because nothing rises from the ashes, except the phoenix. We should have cremated the likes of Ahmad Talib and kadir Jasin back then. Look what has happened now, he has come back to haunt us, and I dare say so will the shadow GEIC kadir jasin. Racism will be back again, and the teh tarik boys will be serving up their crap.

    GOD save us all in NST

  56. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Hello NSTMAN, JANGO ANG and those alike Chandra "Master Conspirator", Lionel Moron, A Chai, Kamrul Idris, Rehman Rashid n Syed Nazri... one message for you stooges .... You Lost! and those of you still around Please Leave!
    NSTP will survive with or without you goons.
    Always remember NSTP under Kalimullah Hassan, Hishamuddin Aun, Brendan Pariah, Syed Nazri and Manja Ismail flopped big time!
    NB: Oww...Rehman... Don't start another scandal will ye #*@$^


  57. Dear Rocky AAT will not be running NST on a daily basis. That job goes to Zainul Ariffin after he does his daily jogs near SKBD. Zainul is bright enough to run the paper but he has to be wary of the booby traps laid out by the various subversive elements within.

    One wonders whether he would be able to entice some of the top Malay editors to come back to Balai Berita and help get the paper regain its footing without sidelining the best brains from the non Bumi group.

    Although Les Sonje suggested Azam Aris and othman abu bakar to make a comeback, Azam is doing well at the Edge while Othman is with Sime Darby and not likely to leave their cushy jobs.

    It is also unprecedented for an individual to be given carte blanche on the news slant from TV to the newspapers under the Media Prima stable.

    Though I hold both JJ and AAT in high esteem, the PM's inner circle's decision to appoint JJ as executive chairman renders Media Prima's outgoing Group MD and CEO Abdul Rahman Ahmad virtually powerless and hence Amrin Awaluddin's appointment as COO, not CEO. with due respect the powers that be should have considered rahman's turnaround expertise and demerging exercise which led to the group's expansion and thus helped an ailing company back to its profiitable days, making all private free to air TV stations to be stationed under one roof, embracing the new media with he did not get himself involved with the editorial politics but acts as the messenger when dollah kok lanas, pak samad, mazlan noordin, aat, hishamaun were given the sack. If rahman had been given the chance to pick his man for the GE post at BH, he would have surely opted for Zian Johari, who impressed both Rahman and Shahril Ridza ridzuan for making HM what it is today. Zian would have then be in line to become the GEIC but God works in mysterious ways. The only blemish in Rahman's glowing CV is his failure to revive Malay Mail.

    Business wise JJ should leave the business aspects of the company to the professionals and not let the political masters dictate terms.

    AAT replaces Kamarulzaman Zainal, Pak Lah's former Press sec and that means TV3 will no longer demonise Khir Toyo but instead advocate fair reporting.

  58. Frankly, I think AAT and ZA will make a perfect blend to the newspaper and frankly, its TIME tooo.

  59. Anonymous8:13 am

    Hey Rocky,

    Have you heard anything about the rumour that Johan Jaafar, Media Prima's new executive chairman since this April, has overstepped his bounds?

    As we know, Johan became chairman with Najib's blessing. Media companies are, after all, usually the first to be co-opted by a new administration.

    However, what we didn't know is that Najib didn't approve for Johan to become EXECUTIVE chairman - and was furious with him when he found out.

    Now, the Board of Directors are in the interesting position of having to reduce Johan's role to non-executive position, supposedly because Najib "changed" his mind.

    Shame on you, Johan!!

    Barbarians at the Gate

  60. Anonymous2:48 am

    Salam Rocky,

    Saya amat tertarik dengan beberapa perubahan yang dilakukan oleh Perdana Menteri di Media Prima dan NSTP. Saya juga amat berharap agar Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dapat melakukan pembaharuan yang sama di peringkat pengurusan Kumpulan Utusan.

    Ini kerana pengerusi dan pengarah eksekutif sedia ada sudah agak lama memegang jawatan itu. Mereka nampaknya tidak menunjukkan prestasi yang baik sepanjang tempoh perkhidmatan. Akibatnya, kedudukan Utusan masih berada di takuk lama.

    Saya juga difahamkan, di kalangan kesatuan sekerja serta ramai kakitangan Utusan termasuklah parap eksekutif berasa kecewa dengan pengurusan yang ada ini. Atas semangat 1Malaysia, saya berpendapat, apa jua gagasan yang ingin ditonjolkan, ia memerlukan media yang benar-benar mampu melaksanakan aspirasi tersebut. -Sumayya-