Thursday, May 28, 2009

Logging Kenyir

The Yang diPertuan Agong's home state losing its wilderness. The Star has an excellent write-up here (Lost Wilderness, by Tan Cheng Li, 26/5/09) on some UFOs (unexplained felling operations) that are threatening Terengganu's reknowned Kenyir.

There are enough hints in the article to suggest that someone, or a group of someones, is making tonnes where they shouldn't, at the expense of Mother Nature and all of us in general.

"As if it is not bad enough that over 6,130ha of wilderness will have to make way for the two reservoirs, the Terengganu state government intends to log another 12,620ha around the inundated area.

Much is at stake: forests and riverine habitats, together with the flora and fauna within. What worries conservationists is that the forest here is among the last few refuges of the highly endangered Sumatran rhinoceros, Malayan tiger and Malayan gaur (seladang). It also harbours the Asian elephant, tapir, primates, wild cats and plants, of which 94 species are Red Listed as threatened by extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Last November, Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said told The Star that the logging was to prevent loss of timber revenue when the area is submerged – but he failed to explain why the state is allowing logging of an extra 12,620ha outside of the 6,130ha that would be flooded."
I'm very interested on who these logging companies belong to. I hope The Star follows this up with the MB. Surely, he knows who the loggers are and, more importantly, who the people behind these loggers are.


  1. Alahai.. Teganu kitee...

  2. Anonymous11:26 am

    people behind the logging? His Highness' family lah! Why did u think he wanted Mat Said to be MB so much? Bcoz Hj Idris wouldn't let them get logging concessions....


  3. Anonymous12:26 pm

    In Malaysia, politics reign supreme. The Monarchy is subservient. The Malaysian rakyat are but slaves to the regime whoever sits in Putrajaya. Accountabibity and Transparencies are not in the politicians' dictionary. The big guys call the shot. Ant the stupid voters put them there and gave them the mandate. Blame who? Blame ourselves.

  4. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Rocky, baik alih soalan pada kakitangan NST dan BH di T'ganu. Dengar khabar orang kanan NST dan BH di T'ganu, memang dah kena suap habeh habeh.... Patutlah, STAR ada rencana... NST dan BH ada habok.

    Nelson dan Halim, memang hebat suap suap suap.
    MAN kidal.

  5. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    Saw you in Bangsat Telawi 3 area last night talking to a don't look too good..has this got to do with the missed CEO job at Malay Mail??

  6. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Been there during CNY holidays. One of the nations richest river resources in now a pasar malam, a far cry from before logging tracks were opened. More anglers and drift nets than fishes. Gone are the kelahs, tengas, kejols, sebaraus and other river fighters. SAD, REAL SAD.


  7. petestop2:48 pm

    Biasalah... satu lagi project kerajaan Barisan Nasional

    Already 50 years go raped by BN, what more with this small mosquito bite on the arm.

    It is YOU the voter that voted them in !

  8. Anonymous3:22 pm

    "I'm very interested on who these logging companies belong to. I hope The Star follows this up with the MB. Surely, he knows who the loggers are and, more importantly, who the people behind these loggers are."

    No need to guess la! Just follow the trail & it will lead to... Najis Tong Rosak Ltd.

  9. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Idris Jusoh had halted logging in Terengganu. The beneficiary of this new logging phase may well be the Terengganu royals - this is certainly the opinion of the logging fraternity here in Terengganu. The 13,000 hectres of forest now to be clear felled (100% DESTRUCTION)is done for no good reason, in fact it will impede the new hydro electric project now underway - the lake for this project has already been felled (the 6,000 hectres), so the MB lied when he talked about getting back revenues. The 13,000 hectres now to be logged is above the new dam - its pure greed and stupidity.

    The area needed as habitat for the tiger, rhino, tapir et al is very large - this logging will destroy them, fact. There is nothing left, especially as the hydro electric dam also must have a space cleared for power lines.

    I had suspected that the Sultans decision to kick out Idris was suspicious - the logging was announced in Mat Saids time.

    The royals in Malaysia are greedy for money, and now they have the power. Their main incomes have always been from logging (they have concessions ala super-rich logging Pahang), its just that now it has become dangerous. Does the Sultan of Terengganu, for instance, get a royalty from oil and

    Thankyou Rocky for taking this on - I hope others will add in.

  10. Anonymous7:24 pm


    ini mesti kerja klentong Pak lah dan geng-gengnya !!

    Saya ingat Rocky dah 'destroy' Pak Lah....nampaknya sisa-sisa Pak lah masih ada-ada !!

    Teruskan lagi....bro Rocky !! hancurkan mereka, bila ada lagi Mustapa Ong punya cerita ???


  11. lalok7:44 pm

    NST's former bookie turned the most powerful executive editor lee ah chai is one happy man.

    machai has told his cronies that he is in a strong position and no one can shake him althopugh there is going to be a regime change

    machai said that he is not afraid of zainul or even ahmad talib as they cannot do anything about him

    the reason being machai said if he was transferred or removed, his budak budak would create problems and this would cause aheadache for teh enw regime

    in facr machai has lined up his team of people to do the dirty work for him if at all he is removed from his position

    machai is a racist and he just does not like the idea of the malsy doing well

    let us see how successful machai would be

  12. anon 2:13... move your finger to the left a little... unless that was pun intended.

    Roc, thanks for the note on this impending destruction of our forests near Kenyir. Same thing's been going on in every state. Lets see who's behind this... from the state admins down to the companies.

  13. Anonymous9:51 pm

    nst has released the names of reporters and editors who would be promoted when ahmad talib and zainul come into power. they are all promoted not because they are good or qualified or deserve it but because they are kaki bodek. and another important criteria is because they are all of the same race:

    1. sharif
    2. kamarulzaman
    3. fauziah
    4. ramlan
    5. noradzman
    6. shahrum
    7. zubaidah
    8. sajahan
    9. firdaus
    10. chok suat ling
    11. suraya
    12, azura
    13. faridul
    14. shuib
    15. faezah
    16. alang
    17. fadhal
    18. hamzah
    19. anis ibrahim
    20. syed umar
    21. ahmad fairuz

    not all these people are pure malays like kamarulzaman and sajahan are full mamak who behave as if they are more than malays. firdaus is another case of an indian convert who thinks he was born malay. suat ling is a chinese mmarried to a malay and takes advantage of that

  14. Anonymous1:57 am

    Why talk about Nelson. They are Kalimullah's blue eyed boy. They were groomed to receive suap.

    Nelson is an ikan bilis in NST like any other ikan bilis nabbed by MACC.

    The jaws are left to roam around. Most of NST editors are worse than Nelson.

    Ex editors like Mr DA & Mr KH scooped tonnes of money through reports published in NST. Where are they now? Flaunting their wealth and those ill gotten wealth were either made through arm twisting or loot sharing.


  15. Anonymous9:22 am

    It would be interesting if the Star does a follow-up as those who rape our environement for their selfish interests should face the rap irrespective as to their political affiliation. I am all for this expose as we,humans, have long lost the moral right to exploit nature for our progress since we have hard wired ourselves to the assumption that the environment is ours there for the taking.

    Moreover, ecological disasters and impending catastrophes should alert us to the fact that the developmental model we have hitherto pursued with reckless abandon demands reconfiguration, a pardigm shift that is well overdue.personally, i am an advocate of a humane, sustainable growth paradigm where the quality of life takes centrality and precedence over crass GDP growth figures,per capita incomes etc. For life is more than mere material progress (though i do not deny it is an important subset of a new holistic socio-economic paradigm).

    It is also interesting whether the Star is fair enough to look into the neighbouring Stong issue, given that the approval to rape that entity was given by no other than the latest proponent of change to hit our local political catwalk, a guy by the name of Husam bin Musa...rings them alarm bells doesnt it:

    "State Economic Planning, Finance and Welfare committee chairman Datuk Husam Musa said the government had approved the land to Maxson Sdn Bhd, whose biggest shareholder is Ruzaini Razak."

    Why not an expose about the faces behind Maxson by a rag that has been the main apologist of the opposition (Perak and all) lately.Moreover, I am sure malaysians would love to know more about the credentials of Husam bin Musa, the new corporate swinger on the block who served his corporate tutelage undder one well known corporate lebai, Nikki Lee Aziz.



    Warrior 231

  16. Anonymous11:19 am

    Let's face facts. Malaysians just care two hoots about conservation and this is a proven fact.

    Look at the state of our rivers, coastal towns, islands and water impoundments.

    They are filthy and has been filthy since Merdeka, and getting even worse by the day.

    Conservation plans have never been serious business but environmental degradation is an everyday affair.

    So do not waste time highlighting problems that will never be addressed by the Government. If at all, it will only be lip service. A Minister will visit the affected site, the press will blow up the visit, and in two weeks, it is all forgotten.


  17. RockyPru11:24 am

    so, Rocky..
    can we comments the story of PKFZ now?
    or maybe no need..
    because this case can be like Eric Chia...
    nothing at all at the end..
    masuk peti sejuk.....

  18. Anonymous11:46 am


    "Under the 212MW hydroelectric project in Kuala Berang, 65km west of Kuala Terengganu, Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) will dam up Sungai Terengganu Mati and Sungai Tembat"

    I say Bro, Che Khalib is crying that he has to pay capacity charges to the IPPs, he has to suffer high reserve margins and so on. If so then why does TNB want to generate even more electricity? Why are they building another 212 MW of capacity?

  19. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Logging is a well planned stunt - legal or illegal.

    Everyone has a hand in the cookie jar. JKKK, Ketua kampung must close eyes, District Officer must close eyes, Jabatan Hutan, Perhilitan, Land Office ... all the way to the top. It also needs hefty fundings, heavy machinery and good logistics. So, people involved are powerful, with good network and in cahoots with authorities, politicians etc.

    I work in the countryside I know.

    If the government is really keen to stop illegal logging, analyze daily satellite images will do.

    Ikan kekek.

  20. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Anon 12.40pm

    Si nelson tu bukan kena suap. Dia pemalas. tak kan tak tahu.

  21. Anonymous10:14 pm


    Logging in Trengganu, Port Kelang cover up and please check also the takeover of KL Monorail.
    The people in MOF especially in the MOF Advisor office is doing things as though the own the country.
    KL Monorail will soon be the next big issue in the country bro.

    Station Bukit Bintang

  22. You need Citizen Nades from the Sun to do a thorough investigative report to see who has been raping the State.

    Many of the big operators hide behind the veil of limited companies and nominee shareholders and directors.

    Follow the money and you will find that this business is controlled by 1 or 2 timber tycoons with close links with the powers that be.

  23. Anonymous12:59 am

    Oh! utusan rocky is also blacking out the report on the newly released PKFZ financial report!


  24. alahai rosakla habis balak balak kena tebang..habis punah khazanah hijau..alahai

  25. Anonymous2:51 am

    nampak macam Husam ni semakin kaliber dari Anwar Ibrahim... steady je dia..

    Semut Api

  26. Anonymous10:46 am

    What lah you Rocky, you don't know the very establishment that you support, that you work for, that you help them to spin stories are robbing us the Rakyat dry since 1957? Just like the Perwaja, the MBF, PKFZ etc etc.,...

    Don't be a hepocrate lah Rockey!


  27. Anon 2.13pm sounds like a desperate human being.
    The issue is illegal logging or more specifically 'legalised' illegal logging.
    You could be Anon 6.30 (half past six)la Anon 2.15.

    p/s go get a name

  28. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Aku bagi beberapa tahun jer lagi, abis segala hutan asli d Msia ni botak licin. Harapkan pagar,tapi pagar ni semua da lama kebas padi,rumput lalang sampai kutu badak pun d lahap sebab tak cukup nak sedut abis selagi boleh. Tak ya la hairan binggong lagi kenapa selalu banjir sana sini, sudu udara smakin menjengkit panas, penyakit asma dan paru2 dll kerap lagi. Masa depan anak cucu jenis ni da lebeh dari terjamin, apa2 pun cabut lari ke rumah2 jutawan d merata dunia.Rakyat biasa masih tak reti apa nak buat?


  29. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I aint malay..but the ppl listed for promotion deserved it..i know them..they are hard working journos..i'll vouched for them...the fucking coward who tried to make it seem its like a race thing should be hung..revive then stabbed again..asshole...probably frust coz the jackoff can't get noticed ..what a dick!


  30. Why even bother reporting this? Nothing is going to be done anyway..who are we kidding?