Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Bumi status for all Malaysians born after 1957"

A Hindraf idea. A leader of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) says he will propose to Najib Razak that the government accords "Bumiputra status to all Malaysians born here after August 31, 1957 to dismantle racial barrier".

M. Manoharan thinks such a move might give the PM's One Malaysia slogan of unity a chance of bearing some fruit, as it would be the first step towards recognising all citizens as equal Malaysians.

I think it's an idea all Malaysians would want to discuss. Pasquale thinks it's a gem of an idea.
"The way I see it this country should have always been about the Malays and the Bumiputras, and those who were born after independence should not have to fight for what is rightly theirs..".
I'll say cheers to that!

Read on here and say what you feel.


  1. Entahlah rocky aku dah pening dah.
    Although it would be nice to note

    I love this country very much,she is my Bumi and I am her Putra.

    hmm... ok jugak tu.

    Ah sudahlah,
    I will ponder in the toilet about this.

    Cakap salah,
    tak cakap pun salah.

  2. anon, a normal malaysian
    3:28 Am
    3:47 AM

    -If any of you have interactions with overseas business people or foreign delegates-

    Seriously, they actually don't care who they do business with as long as there is business. And I do interact with "overseas business people" (as you called it), Americans to be exact, and let me tell you, there's not a lot of love between them and the Chinese. There is a lot of racism against the chinese in the US and in New York, the loathing is even more between the blacks for them. There's this joke a guy told me.."Q:what's the American dream? A:The chinks going back to china."
    So if I were you, I wouldn't put myself up on that pedestal just yet. And please appreciate the bumiputras more because they tolerate you enough to put up with you.
    The grass is almost always never greener on the other side.

  3. hampeh HINDRAF...ada dua tiga ekoq lawyer dah belagak minta status bumi putra..! Tak sedaq diri ka..hangpa tu dari kasta PARIA saja kalau kat India..! Cakap melayu melayu pun tonggang langgang macam mabuk todi..berangan nak minta status bumiputra..ini tanah melayu la PARIA..kari wale..puchik

  4. Anonymous11:51 pm

    no, no and no....

  5. Anonymous1:01 am

    from a normal malaysian,

    Tak kisah orang nak panggil handicap atau mentally inconvenienced or whateve, we BUMIPUTRAS are proud and honoured to be BUMIPUTRAS of our OWN NATION.

    And damn proud to know that THIS NATION OF OURS is doing whatever best to PROTECT the interest of the BUMIPUTRAS. SPECIAL KAN?

    I cannot imagine why Dalits exist and WHY the peasants in Mainland China are being discriminated and oppressed by their very own people, sejenis from the same land?

    And for this I AM PROUD AND FEEL PRIVILEGED TO BE THE BUMIPUTRAS OF MALAYSIA. Yang lain tu cemburu pasai terpaksa terhegeh meghayap dan merempat merata cerok dunia just for a BOWL OF RICE?


  6. Anonymous8:35 am

    they are TESTING the waters again

    so that means the Malays and Bumiputras MUST be prepared to be stripped of their rights

    wake up call!!!

    negotiate FAIRLY, don't be TOO nice again coz they might BITE off the hand that feeds

  7. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Are not Indians already treated as bumiputras by Amanah Saham?

    Do they not also dominate the professional sector, and therefore seem to enjoy special bumiputra status effectively?

    Isn't Anand Krishnan a billionare thanks to the govt extension of bumiputra privileges to Indians?

    Don't they have access even to devotional prayer chants channels in Astro, thanks to Anand Krishnan and their bumiputra status?

    Isn't their quality of life, and intra-group income disparity a whole lot better than in India?

    What more bumpiputra status do they want?

    They should gratefully keep what they have, and get rid of Samy and the Tamil schools, so that they can better enjoy a win-win relationship within the 1Malaysia concept, asssuming the 1Malaysia is a properly articulated one, which it now isn't.


  8. Anonymous5:12 pm

    A. Bumiputra status for chinese and thanks. If any of you in global businesses will know that foreign business partners/owners or embassy delegates labeled bumiputra as privileges for handicapped or mentally retarded or some one that have no capability to earn a living. SO why class your self that when you are not? What so good about bumiputra status? Bumiputra status is a burden not advantage in the new world order.

    3:28 AM

    B. Anonymous said...
    no thanks for bumi status. If any of you have interactions with overseas business people or foreign delegates, you will know discreetly bumi status to them are for people that are handicapped or mentally inconvenience or inability to earn a descent living. It is known to them as handicapped assistance.

    from a normal malaysian

    3:47 AM


    1. Spot the difference between the 2 exhibits.

    2. Note the English, (dealing with foreigners....hahahaha).

    3. study the same tone in the preceding 205 that bleat the same.

    4.Form your conclusions of how Bumis are perceived. Aint, a certain Warrior, Demi Negara et al., been right along so far.

    Seeking Bumiputera status, natural progression as in a) itinerant traveller: I Ching, Fa Hsien et al..

    b) the sea-faring extortionist : Yin Ching, Cheng Ho

    c) the trader exploiter/ traitor: the junk captain who loaned his ship to the Portuguese

    d) the gangster/the pimp/the drug peddlar + the opportunist: Ghee Hin/Hai San, all the chinese Kapitans led by Yap Ah Loy

    e) the comprador exoploiter + carpetbagger =all the foisted off to China , tung Meng Hui/kuomintang, Sun Yat sen. mao tse tung CCP et al.,

    f) the would be subjugator: chin peng. MCP ; DAP

    g) the docile but scheming citizen once pendatang : all the chinese since 1957 and especially post 1969

    h)from citizen to pendatang to bumiputera ; circa 2009, the ultimate comeuppance for the natives...

    Warrior, Demi Negara et al., were right after all...good luck anak watan!!


  9. Anonymous8:44 pm


    h) from pendatang to citizen to Bumiputers


  10. Anonymous11:02 pm


    first the word bumiputra itself originated from india..that also the melayus claim to their their..
    if indian go back to india will melayus also stop using the bumiputra and coin their own melayu word..

    if the indians have to stop using the sari will the melayu women also stop buying the sari material to sew their kebaya?

    will the melayus also stop cooking indian food like puttu piring, kuih bunga etc...

    not to mention roti canai...or hailam mee (melayu style ha ha ha what a joke)

    where were the bumis or what were they before parameswara in malacca?

    there was one comment about keturunan jebat....fool.... jebat was a chinese lah asshole..get ur history right before making a jackass of urself...

    c u

  11. Anonymous3:47 am

    from a normal malaysian,

    If any of you have interactions with overseas business people or foreign delegates, you will know discreetly what they think of you Indians esp those in Malaysia?

    ...all the Brahmins and Dalits and the "if you see a snake phrases" will definitely come out".


  12. Nzain4:35 pm

    "jebat was a chinese lah"

    Oh God, I'm laughing so hard tears are coming out of my eyes.
    I didn't think I could hiccup and cry at the same time while laughing.
    Have to be careful though, not to fart as well.

    Good one c u. That's a damn good joke. Bless your worm infested brain for coming up with that.

  13. Anonymous10:04 am

    c.u said :
    "first the word bumiputra itself originated from india..that also the melayus claim to their their..
    if indian go back to india will melayus also stop using the bumiputra and coin their own melayu word.."

    If that is the case, you should also be proud with the word PARIAH too, which also originated from India.... hahahahaha... :)

    Why you people need to jump like fucking drunkard wild monkeys when people used that word..? YOU should be PROUD of your own ORIGIN, shouldn't you..? If u pariah go back to india, the melayus also will stop using the word about that for a thought? hahahaha... :D

    Tell me, how in hell could any normal brain homosapiens digest a historical review coming out from a pariah brain? What archeological basis present to hold water for that arguments? Since when this land was tamil nadhu outpost? Why you people still remain pariahs & yet throughout history account the melayus were never accorded as pariah like u all?

    Too much consumption of samsu i guess.. pity u all..i suggest after this boozers-loozers party, why not you all go down to railway track and lie down there to show to the world your sign of protest, make it night time for your own comfort, less heat.. try to draw the world attention with this one, its way better than the failed HINDRAF's MEMO, trust me on this one, i'm sincere to help you all and my country, it will work better for you people, really...huhuhu.. kah..kah ..kah..! :D

    You tamil pariahs in fact were the worst diaspora of all in this world, always caused trouble everywhere you 'merempat' & yet expect people to have sympathy & mercy on you people..This just proved to the world that you people on your own were the problem, the disease itself..That's probably why Sri Lanka govt already had enough with these creatures.. why should WE also give face to them? ....hahaha --> ..|.,

    p/s: just c who become a pariah asshole now! c.u.. kah..kah.. kan dah kena time, solve your own inhouse problem first before picking up bones with others.. Please, no more typical pariah attitude, WE're sick of it already!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  14. It's repulsive just to read some of the racist comments made here. But what makes my revulsion even worse is that most of the comments were made by muslims. Don't remember Islam teaching their followers to be racists, not respecting other people and worse use profanity to insult them.

  15. muhammad7:29 pm


    Your argument is really weak actually. Who do you interact with in America? the rednecks?
    Who are americans really? the whites? dare you to tell that to Obama.

    Let me tell you something, there's no doubt that there is racism in America but if you are born in America you are an American. Your rights are guaranteed and if you are willing to work hard, chances of you being successful is higher there than in malaysia. I've met a lot of asian americans, african americans, hispanics students in american universities and had the US practice the policies that we are implementing right now in our institutions of higher learning, you won't see this people anymore.

    So nzain, don't go high and mighty saying the non-bumis should always and forever be grateful because the bumis tolerated them. Being a bumi myself I think I get more from the US government than the malaysian government and I'm sorry that you only interacted with rednecks. I guess bigots will always interact with people their kind.

  16. muhammad7:32 pm


    with all the racist comments made here I'm surprised you weren't arrested and charged under the sedition act like RPK. I guess having friends up there really help doesn't it?

  17. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Dey, have you hypocrite people ever watch tamil movies? Let me tell ya about it in case you never see & know one..

    Do you see what happened to the big bad samseng guy when he almost bite the dust..? He will ask for mercy & sympathy from the hero..try his last breath to manipulate the goodness virtue of the hero in hope for a chance to come up with mischievous manouvre to win..still try to play dirty trick to the last end..

    But the typical ending always the same..The hero sent the samseng straight to hell! If you watch the whole movie from the beginning, you wouldn't spare a shit on that samseng & definitely justify the hero action, would ya..?

    That is what i'm doing here..shoot it straight between their eyes so that their fucking brain can re-activate its useless asshole disintegrating grey matter for a last thought..suit them very well..mau wayang tamil lagi ka?


    Do you mean to say:
    Muslim = tolerance + patient + mercy + giving + etc. goodies..?

    They want you to follow the muslim standard but for them, they tagged us :
    muslim = terrorist + corrupt + womanizer + backwardness + all baddy..?

    Same like melayu: Melayu = toleransi + beradab + budi bahasa + hormat + memberi + all goody2

    They want US to follow the real Melayu standard but they set their own standard on US behind our back i.e Melayu = racist + bodoh + pemalas + all baddy2..

    I say go read the Hindraf memo & spend time to browse for comments in e.g RPK, Haris Ibrahim, the chingkie & hindulen blogs & even Rocky's (way back before GE12)..To make it easy just google it, type muslim/malay plus the insulting words....if u watch the wayang from the very begining then only u know! I'm just their reflection in the mirror which they are afraid to look at it.. MIRROR PHOBIA SYNDROM OF RACIST PENDATANGS!
    Muslim terrorist OK, Islam insult OK.. Prophet insult OK..Allah manipulation OK..?
    Wow, is it being a muslim is all about being a pathetic loosers?

    my dear, if u still wish to subjugate to those standards, may i suggest u be a prostitute?

    p/s: i'm a racist.. not a piggy-brain hypocrites pretender racist from the other camp..neither i'm a pariah like some of the 'malay' here.. I'm a hero of my own bangsa.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  18. Nzain6:00 pm


    WE cannot deny racism exist in every country in this world. Stating the obvious does not make one a bigot or racist. Get real. The US faces bigger racial issues than Malaysia. They have their flaws too.
    I'm glad you had a good US education. I hope that you're putting it to good use here in Malaysia. I certainly hope that you're not one of those kacang lupakan kulit Melayus. Plenty of that going around here nowadays. Pity. You know that kind. Praising the US government to high heaven when it's the actually OUR government that should take the credit for their overseas education. Are you serious man? Running down your own country?

    You can call me a bigot or a racist which I'm neither by the way, but I've yet to join the KKK or the white supremists. Come on, WTF would i have anything to do with the rednecks?! In New York?!But seriously,rednecks are really nice people by the way. Shame on you for being a bigot yourself..pot calling the kettle ye black tsk tsk tsk

  19. Anonymous6:53 am

    To the chinks and Indian who think the Whites are in love with them... Ha-Ha-Ha!! Skalang lu tatak boleh tipu2 sama saya, saya juga ada peligi luar negeli, ada apa lu kata itu *interaction* sama itu folener. Hiya apa macam itu folener manyak maki sama lu la.Its because of you guys Asians get a bad rap ah. But why ah, you worship and praise your China and India so much but then pack your bags and go to NZ/ OZ/UE/US ah??
    Anyway Im glad that most of you are gone. Now ,how can we be of help to speed up the move for the rest of you ingrate leeches?


  20. Anonymous7:39 am


    See,Rocky let all speak like it or not. Some even call him names and bash him in his own blog, then they threaten to go away but will come back and tell Rocky again for the nth time that they will leave his blog..if he didnt say this or do that. Pubescence? Andromenopause? go figure! Unlike that chicken who only allows Malay bashing in his blog,stir some more shit and then run. Now that one has relatives in really high places we all will agree.


  21. Anonymous8:12 am

    Wah,IF Jebat was a Chinese I salute him la towkay because many of his descendants and fellow countrymen here today CANNOT measure up to his sense of LOYALTY and ASSIMILATION. I betcha he spoke with a loghat Melaka too and washed his ass not just wipe it with grass.I will do a detailed research to see if he potong or not because otherwise he never masuk Melayu and cannot claim to be so. How far you guys will go to humiliate the Malays,it does not intrigue me but it certainly reflects on the kind of people you are, even you know it too!

  22. silent-patriot4:22 pm

    haha i find it funny. i am indian and i was born it malaysia, it is my motherland but i havent lived there for awhile. when people ask me where i come from i tell them i am malaysian but my family heritage is from india. i am against this bumiputra for all races as i believe the native people of malayan peninsular should have their bumiputra status. they should be proud of their heritage the same way i am proud of mine. how about the indonesians that come to malaysia and they receive bumiputra status??? that is wrong. the officials has prostituted our country to foreigners just to fill the quota for bumiputra majority? i feel the malays should stand together and protect this status. i for one believe that although the bumiputra numbers may shrink if they dont give it to indonesian, they will never lose their status as the natives or their kings, who is also our our kings by the way. as for the extra perks they get from the government, i believe that 50years is enough for most of them to get their act-together post WW2 and british colonization and if they need more time then:(( sadly the government is failing. as i say i havent lived there in malaysia in a while and i left when i was younger and so i dont have the standard issued malaysian racial hatred burnt into my soul like most of u other gentlemen and women. as for me i prefer to remember malaysia the way i remember it as a child, vividly like one of those malaysia truly asia commercials ahah. maybe i might go back for holidays, unless u guys decide to have ethnic cleansing, then i will go to bali or something. peace people