Friday, April 03, 2009

81 MPs and 5673 Malaysians don't want Najib

Petite-tion. As of midnight of April 2, the eve of Najib's swearing-in as Malaysia's 6th Prime Minister, a total of 5,673 Malaysians had signed a "no-confidence in Najib" on-line petition.

That's about the size of the crowd at a dinner in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Kuan Tee Association at Simpang in Bukit Gantang, which I covered with several other bloggers who traveled from KL yesterday.

Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yasin addressed the predominantly Chinese audience. The focus of his speech was the economy: he promised more industrial projects for Bukit Gantang, land for some 300 farmers to carry out integrated farming, sustainable economic development. In short, prosperity.

The Chinese, who make up slightly more than a quarter of the voters in Bukit Gantang, are believed to hold the key to Tuesday's by-election.

Dr Mahathir is expected to be in Bukit Gantang on Monday.

The 5673 anti-Najib on-line petitioners are joined by 81 MPs from the Opposition who have asked the King to put off Najib's swearing-in, scheduled for 10 this morning.


  1. Rumpun Jingga1:21 am

    Bro Rocky...

    You really should watch this...




  2. Anonymous1:23 am

    Takut ka ada banyak salah ke. Maybe they already anticipate how fiery najib can be. They prefer the soft spoken harmless Pak Lah and can step on his head like what Anwar / Nizar have been doing.
    Come on you all get real this is about our beloved country. we need strong and capable leader after Mahathir. nobody else qualify other than Najib.Give him a chance. Please stop all yr nonsence ok

    Madam Rochas

  3. Anonymous1:28 am

    I also do not want Najib as I don't like his shifty eyes, just watch any TV interview and you know what I mean, compare him to Obama on TV giving a speech. I think that's a good enough reason..What's yours for liking him?


  4. Anonymous1:34 am

    Why the figure is so little? 5673 only? i though it should be something minimum 6 figure..guess your Lord BABI lah..always talk big thingy only..

    Still perasan this PR..bunch of accidental gainer rejects, not becoz u people are damn good but becoz BN sucks big time during Pak Lah premiership..

    We all know its not Najib that Fuckatan are afraid of.. its that 8-decades old man , the mentor of Najib, that will make your Lord BABI shiver & piss in his pants once again.

    What were these idiots thinking..?

    Najib should not be a PM becoz of his yet unproven Altantuya murder claim ? ..and keep Pak Lah for the sake of PR political mileage at the expense of the majority millions of people in Malaysia with his SIL-baggage & his popular flip-floppy auto-navigation mode system?

    Wow, somehow the above logic seems would only come to sense for a babi brain species...

    :D muhahahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  5. Wow!

    Achtung. Najib is threatened. In danger.

    Bring Anuar the poltergeist in. No exorcist please.

  6. Anonymous2:04 am

    Suruh mereka ni pi korek taik hidung lama2 sikit.. Out of 28million, itu saja? Itupun tak termasuk yang sign dua tiga kali...

    Masa RPK petition dulu, aku ikut juga tiap hari, ingatkan 1juta dalam sehari...

    Malangnya dia stop tak sampai 1persen, buang duit beli lilin saja, buang letrik!

    Orang yang sign petition pun boleh dikategory dibawah "second childhood generation".

    Anwar2, sorong pipi tak tau malu arah, nanti kena penampar baru tahu..

    Pakatan takder standard lor.. sekadar untuk melalak, memang hebat sekali.


  7. what wrong with u all, after mess up pak lah life , now najib. pls think aout our kis welfare , let them di their work ,just leave them alone, dont u all have a better things to do in life,

  8. what wrong with u all, after mess up pak lah life , now najib. pls think about our kids welfare , let them di their work ,just leave them alone, dont u all have a better things to do in life,

  9. Rocky ... apa tak ada kerja lai ke diaorang ni, anak 2 kita mahu makan , biarlah mereka buat kerja mereka , dulu kacau pak lah sekarang kacau najib, kalau susah sangat suruh Mukhriz saja jadi PM, habis cerita, INI semua master plan Tun lah ni , org tyua yg tak ingat nak gol......

  10. Let;s see

    population :27,730,000

    % of population :
    5673 + 81 / 27,730,000 X 100

    = 0.020750090155066714749368914532997 ( not even 1 whole person...)

    Never mindlah we add some mindless arse fucked chingkies from here, who will not counter argue facts with facts but who will spew rubbish from the vacuumed brains like:

    1.SG 1066 - the pondan who runs away when challenged with facts

    2.BE and its several subspecies variety of worthless anonymity; the type who didldoes itself with plastic knives provided by its plastic pendekar paramour...wah such an obsession

    3.Patrick Ivanhoe aka SG in disguise forever in quest of the holy grail of original alliteration but for now a tuppence cut and paste artist

    4.Teo Siew Chin the brave amah cum washerwoman who is prone to cameo entries and menopausal exits....

    5. teo jiji(thiam); the less said the better

    6. eric of candle vigil fame; enuff said

    7.loess74= the rabid mongrel canine who sucks cock like a dog hungry for a hardened shaft

    7. sundry jantan and betina tak berkongkeh (including malay trannies and whores who are chingkie lovvas) who are good at badgering Rocky to tow their line but never good at replying comments regarding their shrivelled cock, arsebled, mouthfucked pin-ups and on and on .............

    maybe then, that will nudge the last digit(7) to flip..ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! LOL .

    Warrior 231

  11. Anonymous4:22 am

    Tahniah Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-6;
    Najib Razak

    (03 April '09)

  12. Anonymous4:42 am

    Muhydin giving projects??? Ya lah. Like he gave all the land and projects in Johor to Singaporean when he was the MB. Maybe this time to the Thais...

  13. No Malaysians like Najib....except UMNO members..yet a sizable amount also do not like him too.
    I heard Rocky hero worship him now.
    I hope that's he told me...he loves Anwar...and I believe in him.

  14. Laser Blade5:42 am

    Salam Rocky.

    That's all? I tot maybe more, like 10 million or so......

    Hey PR goondoos, please lah leave Najib alone to do his work...u think it is easy to clean up the mess that your favourite PM, the half asleep Pak Lah has left behind or what?

    Yes, we all know that your BABI Messiah is afraid of the old he tried all kinds of tricks to discredit Najib....BABI JAHANAM....balik neraka lagi baik lah .....

    oink oink oink oink oink oink ngok ngok ngok.......

    To Najib, I would like to wish you Sir, SELAMAT BERJAYA dan SELAMAT BERJUANG, Semoga diberkati Allah SWT. Please do whatever you can to save the country from disintegrating further.

    Salam untuk TDM juga....semoga sihat walafiat selalu.....Amin.

  15. 5688 so far... hehehehe, how funny.

    They are desperate not to let Najib be the next PM of Malaysia.

    I think the last resort will be Perhimpunan Haram near the Istana Negara tomorrow morning...mark my word.


  16. The country and rakyat want a leader like Najib
    Malaysia need a leader in the mould of Tun M and LKY of Singapore no nonsense
    WE cannot allow PR ( perosak rakyat ) to destroy Malaysia...

  17. Anonymous6:59 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I am wondering who actually is these people want PM to be? The grand liar Anwar? oH my my. Get Anwar be the PM, Khairy be the DPM, afterall Pak Lah and Anwar are good buddy ma.. Pure stupid. Dont be surprise that later this matter will be taken to the street by PKR since they all love to demonstrate on the street...

    Stupid donkey 5673

  18. Anonymous7:23 am

    aih, 81 MPs and 5673 not enough unfortunately


  19. Anonymous7:31 am

    he he he.
    wow. banyak nye. ramai nye. takut nye. kecian najib ramai yang benci dia.
    najib. lu ni tak popular la. tak pa, malam nanti anwar jumpa bomoh syed mahmud dan tunggukan fucktwa dari mu_sick_dol pas pasal najib ni.

    tsk tsk tsk.

    syed mahmod al kangkangi

  20. Yet they claim that they have the majority,

  21. Anonymous7:49 am


    what right minded person would want to have "IT" as leaders.

    to think that IT is a leader is akin to asking the people to volutarily slit their own throat so as to fill IT's tub with blood IT can bathe in it.

    the way of unmo is - stupidity is our strength.

    ( so r u gonna publish this or what)

  22. 5,674th Malaysian7:49 am

    5,673 Malaysians ... Rocky, did you notice that that's still double the 2,600 UMNO delegates at the general assembly where Najib became party president?

    If Najib wants to legitimise his Premiership, he needs to call for a snap general election.

    Otherwise, machais of his - such as yourself - should quit talking through their faecal orifices.

  23. zelot667:51 am

    Muhyiddin promised more industrial projects for Bukit Gantang?

    Mmmmm....a defective specimen taking a desperate move.

  24. Anonymous7:56 am

    Anwar is really pissed off. He dreaded Najib coming into power.

    Najib + Tun Mahathir = Anwar is just a keling botol

    Anwar is pissing in his pants. Err... or maybe panties.

  25. Anonymous8:06 am

    Banyak betul tukang bodek Najib...lepas ni dia pun 2 x 5 dolah...hampa bedal balik...

    Aku masih ingat lagi menangkasakan glokal...ha ha

    Mengabis kan beras adala

    Ayah Mat Cucu Tok Rimau

    Kampung Marhum

  26. Bro,

    Bik Rosmah dah tak sabar nak jadi first lady!

    Tuan Najib sudah kemerah-merahan bibir dan mukanya nak jadi PM!

  27. Anonymous8:43 am

    Oh, oh. Now, His the Majesty The King will be the bad boy for not 'kow towing ' to Anwar's demands.

    The PKR dudes are probably planning to ride bicycles all over the country, marching the streets, looting, causing public disorder, spread malicious rumours and other stupid things because of this.

    To the King and the new administration, please do not get distracted by these low life trouble makers because they are simply rebels without a cause.

    Send these trouble makers to jail and throw the keys into the sea.

    This nation has had enough of the nonsense played by these devils in disguise and it is time to bring back law and order, even if it is deemed draconian.

    Otherwise, it will be like 'give an inch, they want a mile', caper.


  28. Rocky,

    the logo on the right of your webpage ought to be some April's fools joke, right? To the question "Wang atau bangsa?" (never mind Negara, these racists would not even understand this concept) most UMNO leaders would gleefully ask "berapa?"
    The very few uncorrupted UMNO leaders have been shown the door, ask Ku Li and Sharir how much corruption (oops "money politics") they paid for the result they get.
    If there was such a thing as an MACC, UMNO would have had to close shop again.

  29. Ex-Phakatan Rioters8:50 am

    Will these 81 MPs also boycott the swearing in ceremony this morning?

    Only 5,673 object?!!! I thought at Bukit Gantang nomination day alone, there were 100,000 people (as reported by Phakatan Rioters bloggers).

    What happen to the influence of Phakatan top spinner, RPK in that petition?

    What happen to the spin by Anwar sponsored or inspired Liberation 's Thai based-Dubus last minute spin?

    Halo Angwar, with this kind of response, is this not a disaster from your investment made on that Liberation spin.

    Anwar, this Thai-based spinner is not much improved than your local spinner of the like of harris ibrahim, zorro, susan looney etc.

    What you need is very simple - integrity, responsibility, honesty, you lack these qualities now.

    But don't worry, you can cultivate them over time. In the long run, you can be better person.

    Impatience continues to be your biggest weakness. (Remember your attempt to topple Tun M in 1998?

    You please tell these to your sponsored and inspired bloggers!

  30. Anonymous8:55 am

    rocky, i think they should give Najib the change to rule this country. they main concern is najib's wife. that is the real issue


  31. Anonymous9:01 am

    Bro. Rocky,

    I dont think from today onwards you should continue blogging. Blogging in a nutshell is an alternative way to express view which normally would never get any coverage in mainstream media. With your beloved Brother Najib comes into the helm today, one just wonder why do you still need to blog. Daily editorial column in a major english daily is as good as yours. Go ahead and and plez dunt turn back.

    - Dicko

  32. Anonymous9:02 am

    Yalar, since the number is so small compare to the 28 million citizen we have..

    Why not dissolve the parlimen and let the rakyat vote through the ballot box.. NOTHING TO SCARE MA, right?

    I knew you guy will take this opportunity to state your blah, blah, blah....

    There's million I dare to say don't want najib.. Better still, just let malaysia vote (nak najib) or (tak nak najib) and we will see the result!!

    As for "Atan" i'm scare when u know the numbers, guess who will korek his own hidung and makan the tahi hidung!

    I'm not pro-PKR nor I anti-UMNO/BN,
    I just want the man come clean with the altantuya and the submarine case! Why on earth did he pay commission to this Baginda in the first place? What bout the EUROCOPTER? He as a leader should think of the country.. In a company, the GM will go through all the aspect of cost controlling and etc.. He would think of the company first.. I never see this in NAJIB.. So you guy evaluate urself..


  33. By the way, since there are so few opponents to his accession to the premiership, when is Najib calling for snap elections? This would kill 3 birds with 1 stone:
    - his lack of democratic mandate,
    - the impasse in Perak,
    - reduce the number of Opposition MPs since people who did not sign the petition support Najib.

  34. Anonymous9:05 am

    Sapa berani mau joint itu petition, ini negara polis maaaa....

  35. Anonymous9:08 am

    Haiya... tatak belani la mau join itu petition, ini negara POLIS maaaa...


  36. Anonymous9:08 am

    The MPs represent their constituencies. So multiply the people they represent by 81. Let's watch the by-elections results to assess the real situation.

  37. Please repent Anwar !!!9:14 am

    81MPs and 5673 petition signatory -Another failed project by Anwar Ibrahim !!!!

    16 September 2008 - The beginning of the downfall of Anwar Ibrahim.

    What next Anwar? Continue to destablise the country? Continue to spread lie, wild allegation, create negative investment climate? Continue to organise road protest?

    Since released from jail and since come back into politics, tell us what have you done for the Rakyat!!!

    Good orator skill does not mean anything if no action seen.

    You can fool All the people sometime, you can fool some people ALL the time, BUT you CANNOT fool ALL the people ALL the time!!!!

    The recent emergence of new blogs to counter all the lies by Pakatan Rakyat should send a signal to Anwar that free of expression is a double edged kind of thing if Pakatan is not telling the truth ! Bear in mind, mamy people out here is not blind follower as you will expect us to do!!

    Stop being power crazy, do some good deed for the country!!!

    When you earn our trust, we will support you.

    Enough of Anwar for the time being until you show us some positive changes! We have given you chance to govern, we have given you ONE full year and yet you are still wanking around.

    Former DAP voter and supporter

  38. Anonymous9:15 am

    Fellow Malaysians,after reading most of the comments at various topics in the 'blog' I feel quite disappointed....disappointed because its more condemnations than anything else.I have yet to read comments which suggest/give some ideas and above all solutions.

    Let me ask one simple question.Who besides DSN can be our next PM and why??? Since most of our writers are trying to be like judges, then provide solutions. Yes its easy to criticise but it will just end there without giving any workable solutions.

    Whether we are in the private or public sectors,leadership is all about leading and managing the business.I have held senior positions when I was in a couple of multi-national companies.At one time,one executive (he was still blowing his nose then) overtook me.
    Fine with me ...I respected the chair and assisted him whole heartedly by giving ideas,support and solutions.

    Character assasinations,back stabbings and wild criticisms must stop. Its not good for our beloved country. Criticise by all means but please show our concerns by giving workable solutions. If we dont provide solutions,people will say,"cakap saja pandai,suruh buat tak tahu."

    (orang lama)

  39. Dear Rocky,

    Only that figure out of 28 to 29 million Malayisan citizen. LOL.

  40. Anonymous9:22 am

    Bro Rocky,
    Jumlah bilangan tandatangan sokongan dari 5673+(81) orang yang kita perolehi nampaknya usaha kita ini 'umpama Anjing Menyalak Bukit' sahaja. Selepas setahun PRU12 berlalu,sokongan rakyat kepada PKR sudah mula menipis dan PKR sepatutnya kena mengubah gaya dan lagak berpolitik kalau mahu penyokong yang ada tidak hilang apatah lagi untuk menperolihi penyokong baru.

    exPKR Voter

  41. I think it will be a very different picture if petitioners do not have to include their IC details.

    Think of Bala's disappearance.
    Think of the missing immigration records.
    Think of ISA and Kamunting
    Think of c4...

    I think there is a very real fear.

  42. Anonymous9:27 am

    I've visited the site and very carefully browsing to avoid accidently click on agreeing with their petition, he he. Sorry lah PR, there are limit in talking and spewing claim, you need to show result and "HARD COLD EVIDENCE" once awhile.


  43. Berita digeruni Anwar :

    Khamis April 2, 2009

    Yang di-Pertuan Agong perkenan Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri

    PUTRAJAYA: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin telah memperkenankan pelantikan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai Perdana Menteri keenam, Ketua Setiausaha Negara Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan mengumumkan hari ini.

    Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, beliau berkata istiadat pelantikan dan mengangkat sumpah jawatan dan sumpah simpan rahsia oleh Najib di hadapan Seri Paduka Baginda akan diadakan di Istana Negara 10 pagi esok.

    Pagi tadi, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menghadap Tuanku Mizan untuk menyerahkan surat melepaskan jawatan Perdana Menteri, selaras dengan proses peralihan kuasa antara beliau dan Najib yang dirancang sebelum ini.

    Najib, yang mengambil alih jawatan Presiden Umno daripada Abdullah pada Perhimpunan Agung Umno minggu lepas, turut menghadap Seri Paduka di Istana Negara, selepas istiadat menghadap oleh Abdullah pagi tadi.

    Abdullah dilantik sebagai Perdana Menteri kelima menggantikan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pada 30 Okt 2003. BERNAMA

  44. Anonymous9:32 am

    It is so hilarious "5673 Malaysians don't want Najib". I guess the other 27++ million supports Najib.

    With Tun and Najib side by side, let us see how PKR counter the hard-hitting fact finder TUN.

    PKR has been spouting nonsense and till today nothing much has been resolved thanks to their LIES.

    Until today not a single PKR leader has the brains of TUN M.

    Even if you were to combine all the PKR leaders, they will just make up only maybe 5% of TUN's intelligence.

    So all PKR's supporters keep your mouth shut and give them a chance to prove their worth.


  45. sniper9:35 am


    It;s funny for 81 MPs for preferring the lame Dolah to contimue as PM.

    whihc is more important, their survival or rakyat's survival.

    Even Salleh Yaakob did a much better interview to Ally than the lame Dollah

  46. Anonymous9:40 am

    Oh, and I am sure the following guys would not have signed up for this anti-Najib petition. Thier names appear in a blog. Read on.

    Independents Undressed-Bkt Selambau
    Dikirim pada April 2, 2009 oleh Shamsul Iskandar

    While its a national history that 15 candidates are vying for the coveted Kedah state exco seat, many hypothesis had alluded to its phenomena.

    Let’s look at the independent candidates and their background:

    1)ANUAR B HAMID - An ex-Armed Forces major (retired), an UMNO member of Sungai Air Mendidih branch in Merbok division, frustrated with Umno after Dr. Mahathir left the party sulking. He was also responsible for closing down the Sungai Air Mendidih Umno’s Hall.

    2)RADZI B LAZIM - Claimed to be ex-PKR division chief. Its nonsense, he is now an UMNO member with several ex-PKR members including former Kedah youth chief, Zamil Ibrahim & ex-Merbok PKR chief, Mochtar Mansor.

    3)KHAMIS B AWANG - An UMNO member of Sungai Layar branch in Sungai Petani.

    4) ABD RAHIM B ABU - An UMNO member of Bukit Selambau, under the supervision of Pakjang Badri, former assemblyman of Bukit Selambau in the 1990’s.

    5)HUSAINI YAACOB - Also an UMNO member , a businessman who owns 5 quarries in Singkir, Perlis, Bukit Perak, Sik & Juru. His firm owns an UMNO associated company, Kemelong.

    6)FADZIL B ABD WAHAB - An ex-Army Officer who owns a cafe & kedai nasi kandar in Ambamgan Heights, Sg Lalang. He’s well known for his nickname “TokMisai”. He is also an UMNO samseng affiliate @ ‘Ayahanda’ Pekida.

    7)TAN HOCH HUAT - A Gerakan member of Sungai Petani, a component of Barisan Nasional.

    8)CHANDARAJAH A/L TANASEGARAN - A MIC member of Taman Ria Jaya, Sungai Petani. Also a businessman.

    9) G SARALA A/P LOGNATHAN - An ex- Kedah People’s Progressive Party Wanita Chief.

    10)VENASON A/L MICHELE - An ex-MIC member of Taman Ria Jaya.

    11)LOGANATHAN A/L RAMACHANDRAN - An ex-MIC member too.

    12)MOGANAKUMA A/L SUBRAMANIAM - An ex- MIC, a Kedah HINRAF leader.

    13) JAYAGOPAL A/L ADAIL KALAM - An ex-PKR member who was suspended by PKR Pokok Sena Division.

    How is that?
    Can this be verified and action taken by the respective parties against these fellows for going against BN and PR?

  47. Anonymous9:44 am

    It is embedded in UMNO that corrupt people can still be holding high office. Example...Ali Rustam still CM eventhough already confirmed guilty of money politics. Khairy still proudly holds the post of UMNO Youth chief, he was proven to be involved in money politics, this is confirmed by UMNO DISCIPLINARY BOARD, so what else is new in the screw up party ? So we have a badly tainted PM, so what ?? UMNO is a dirty party so all we can expect is dirty PM and ministers including Chief Ministers.
    Sadly Malaysian

  48. Anonymous9:51 am

    hahahahaha. looks like the umno cyber troopers are here. and of cos our bro rocky is not what he used to be. no wonder there isnt much worthy news in this site anymore.

    crap + utter crap commetns.

    najib's murder case wasnt proved? What proof u want when the judiciary is so lame. was najib being called to court? NOPE. So dont tok kok saying he is not guilty.

    ah groo

  49. Anonymous10:06 am

    idup pakatan rakyat! mati tak nak, idup segan.. hehehe

    keje malas.. tau nak kondem je..
    negeri yg ditadbir pun makin ranap.. pastuh mintak duit dari singapore.. apa kejadah PR oooii???!!!

    james bond

  50. Anonymous10:06 am

    Nice article, Rock

    Somehow I felt these 5000+ people are worse than the beggars by the street.

    At least those beggars knew their chances of getting the handouts.

    This 5000+ are begging for further chaos and still doing it eventhough they knew that they will not succeed.

    They just did it simply to ..... (lost my words)

  51. Mat Bundle10:10 am

    My children did not sign the petition, do they want Najib? Or, maybe they want Rosmah!

    Anyway, happy to see your prowess and skill as a media consultant…

    Nice exercise, bro!

  52. Anak Malaysia10:27 am

    Bro Rocky, I'm not a UMNO nor BN member but I do like Najib 100x compare to the 916 Moron.....period

  53. Anak Malaysia10:34 am

    ah groo said...najib's murder case wasnt proved? What proof u want when the judiciary is so lame. was najib being called to court? NOPE. So dont tok kok saying he is not guilty.


    Helo U have proof for all this accussation...if U have why don't U give to the 916 Moron & Gang rather then yelling about judiciary system...I do believe U are one the of the MORON who believe in 916...yes MORON U are!!! adieu....

  54. 5673+81 vs 2.3M ..

    and the winner is .. Najib

  55. Anonymous10:39 am

    The prime minister's office is the highest and most respected position in the country.

    Any aspirant to this high office must not only possess impeccable integrity but must also be seen to have uncompromising values and principles. Only then can the aspirant earn the respect required for effective leadership.

    Surely, the sanctity of the PM's Office, must demand that an incoming PM be cleared of any "alleged scandals" not only in the courts of law but in the eyes of the people.

    Without being seen as a principled leader, the writer fails to see how he can command not only the respect of the people but of his international peers?

  56. wandererAUS10:44 am

    Roc, you must be feeling very proud of yourself...getting UMNO troopers to wipe your ass.
    Who cares if your Mongolian claim his crown, it would make one small bit to the men in the street...and, they are majority!
    Have a snap election and get his mandate from the rakyat, if he has balls!

  57. ISKANDAR10:45 am

    hah---tahu takut najib jadi PM...



  58. Anonymous10:47 am

    I welcome the new pm. Let's give him a chance. After years of listless and drifting leadership, I hope the new PM wd get the ctry working. Truly, I've had enough of politicking.

  59. Anonymous11:14 am

    You carry out your 'running dog' role for BN very well indeed.

    Haris Supporter

  60. The anxious wait
    Will the evil smile?
    The day it is done
    The darkness comes

    The history of the past
    The father and the son
    Playing behind getting wishes done
    Now it is
    The story comes alive

    The heavy baggage
    The heavy load on his neck
    Carrying his personal noose
    He must come clean
    Else it will be
    Bad name for the country

    The current by election
    The voters must send a firm signal
    We don't tolerate tainted and corrupted politicians
    They can be from either side of the divide

    The number 6
    Too many alleged crimes and corruptions
    He must come clean
    Don't shame the nation

  61. Anonymous11:37 am


    Bila nak masuk ketempat baru. Boleh lah belanja teh tarik bro.


  62. Rocky,

    The 81 MPs represent 2,292,296 Malaysians who voted for them.

    I believe that includes you too.

    True Malaysia

  63. Tahniah saya ucapkan kepada Sultan Mahmud Shah keatas penobatan beliau. Diharap gandingan bersama penasihat beliau, Jawi Pekan yang bergelar Tun Mutahir dapat mengerakkan negara ini ke alaf baru. :D

  64. Anonymous11:53 am


  65. Anonymous11:55 am

    "81 MPs and 5673 Malaysians don't want him...

    but those french submarine makers loveeeeeeee him.

  66. Anonymous11:56 am

    Something is rotten in the state of Penang. Their favorite son screwed up as DPM and Min. of finance in the 90s. Another son screwed up as PM. They have to elect a Melaccan as their new chief. Yet their own son screwed up as Deputy CM. Another novice son from Jelutong tries to be a hero in the Parliament and got kicked out. Dont forget Koh Tsu koon whose party was completely wiped out from the Penang political landscape. And another son who said most Penangites are pendatang. And they can't even organise tennis match for retired players.

    They should just bela harimau at the proposed tiger park...then bela ayam at the ayam park...then babi..lembu..kambing...unta...biri-biri...don't forget donkey park...Each party takes care of one park..ok la tuuuuuuu.

    Blackwood Hills

  67. Anonymous12:05 pm

    What to do... die, die the king also want him to be the pm.

    The chinese / indians better pack up and take slow boat back to tongsan / mumbai slum.

  68. cikokui12:11 pm


    mcm mana kita nk confirmkan 5000 org itu adalah org yg berbeza? sebab kita tak boleh tgk sapa yg antar petition dan org2 yg antar petition.

    sume option dia disable so org yg nk tgk sapa yg menyokong itu tak boleh tgk.

    tak mustahil yg sokong itu hanya 80 MP sahaja yg selebihnya adalah org yang sama yang menghantar petition sendiri atau org mereka sendiri untuk menunjukkan semua org tak sokong.

    lainlah kalau kita boleh tgk siapa yg diantara 5000 org tu. betul tak...

  69. firdausf12:13 pm

    To me they are 81 loser MPs and 5673 loser malaysians.

    If they really want to topple Najib, do it the right commendable way.

  70. Allow me please. Hahahahahaha Ngeh ngeh ngeh nga nga nga nga. Hehehehehehehe

    Bergumbira tepok tangan sama-samaaaa. Puak-puak PR jangan sedih sangat tauuuu. Tunggu satu lagi 16 September. Ekekekeke.


  71. orang kata najib willmake a good PM because he is a patient man.

    harap belaiu mempunai banyak lagi sifat lain yang blowh menjadikan beliau PM yang baik

  72. Baruah-baruah dan sundal-sundal DAP: Jangan segan-segan raikan PM baru. TAKBIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  73. I am happy for the new administration!

  74. anak desa12:54 pm

    What lah these people.

    Najib already sworn in as the sixth Malaysian PM this morning.

    What's the Malay phrase for it? fait accompli.

  75. Salam Rockie
    Najib tetap jadi Pm kak.kak..buat apa nak protest lagi.
    Bagi dia chance buat kerja dulu,baru fikir macam mana nak vote dia out.
    Kami perlu sepakat mengatasi global ekonnomi recession-dah cukup huru-hara..

  76. Nzain1:06 pm

    Mak datuk..."banyak" nye Malaysians tak suka Najib.
    Rosmah alone(bless her) can take on that tiny number herself.
    Tahniah Datuk Seri and selamat mentadbir negara.
    Jangan hiraukan petition pkr itu. Desperate people will resort to anything.

  77. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Only 5000? Hm... looks like PR cyber troopers had not doing their work. Could it be that they are are fed up with RPK who only chewing claim but cannot provide proof until to this day? Or Mr. Anwar not satisfied with their "service" last night?

    -Kiew kiew

  78. 81 MPs and 5673 Malaysian?
    81 out of 222,
    5673 out of 26 millions

  79. Anonymous2:09 pm

    he's already sworn in (or so they claim). so how now brown cow?

    - ungrateful Malay (or so they say because I didnt vote for them)

  80. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Anon 9:40 AM


    Candidates 1 to 6 (with Malay names), resume with detailed background. Nak cari bila masa, kat gerai nasi kandar pun boleh jumpa.

    Yang #7 to #13, very scanty? APEK dan ANEY ni kenapa tak huraikan LATAR BELAKANG dengan lebih lanjut? Background kabur..

    Bahaya nih,

    Satni depa ikut teladan yang ANEY lama, disappearing act again, nak cari kat mana pulak! Kat India? Kat China?

    Satni depa menang, then go for “AMOY EMOTIONAL HOLIDAYS” dan “LAND MINE STUDY LEAVE”..

    Bakar Kapok

  81. Anonymous2:48 pm

    i noticed that najib has bring about a sense of urgency and panic amongst the cesspool pakatan rakyat hahahaha

    let see what kind of remedy our new pm has for all these trouble makers.

    munafiqun beware. don't let your seluar dalam terlondeh..

    malu la sikit all people can see your skinny hairy ass


  82. Anonymous2:50 pm

    5674th Malaysian,

    Baru belajar pakai shift F7 ke? can't u just say ass? dumbass.

    oh.. 81 x number of consituents laaa.... and how the *toot do you know the constituents don't support Najib? Go and fly under chinese kat lah.. you douche!

    Deluded. That's what you are.
    Give Najib a chance.

    I voted for PR.
    REGRETTED it sooooo much.

    Former deluded PKR member.

  83. Aku dah bosan dan menyampah betul la asyik kena tuduh dengan puak puak pu**mak fackatan rakyat ni semua

    kalau kena kat batang hidung lancau korang. korang tuduh umno la mic la gerakan la

    tapi bila kerajaan yang kena korang tak bising pun. melancap lagi ada la.

    bila ramai pelawat-pelawat sini bagi komen sokong brader rocky atau PM baru malaysia

    korang tuduh cyber-trooper kerajaan la.

    korang nih semua macam sial la senang cakap.

    dah kalah kalah lah. aku bukannya minat sangat dengan TUN LAH tapi sekurang-kurangnya kerajaan yang memerintah pada hari ini ada telor tak macam korang bangsat ni.

    sekarang ni calar kereta orang. karang kalau kalah nak bakar kereta orang plak. ko bakar la kereta mak pak korang. takpun ko calar kereta korang dulu.

    sorilah brader rocky. aku dah lama senyap-sunyi tapi lama kelamaan aku dah bosan tengok beruk-beruk ni semua.

    asyik pikir macam mana nak psycho orang je puak hantu-hantu ni semua.
    anak haram betul.

    kambing-kambing aku lagi mulia daripada hantu-hantu ni semua. POOOOOOORAH

  84. AminGL3:01 pm

    Malaysia is a funny country. 27,730,000 of Rakyat do not get the change to vote who is our Prime Minister, but it is voted by 2600 UMNO members, not even other BN component parties.

  85. Anonymous3:02 pm

    who cares bout the petition...NR is already the PM...padan muka depa...tapi xhairan keja depa mmg membangkang, kalau karpal singh jd PM pun mrk akan membangkang...Tikam batu

  86. Malaysian3:03 pm

    Sometimes I don't understand these PR pricks, or maybe I never understand them at all. When somebody praises BN and condemn PR, they say it must be the UMNO crooks. What? You think everybody support PR? Then how come BN still win the last election?

    Jokers laa these people. Same lah with Anwar Ibrahim - want to play politic 24/7. You got anything better to do or not? Everyday batu api, make everybody quarrel with each other.

    For the past year, I don't see any improvement to any of the states ruled by PR. Selangor? Everybody korek-korek pasal Khir Toyo. So what? He's useless, so get on with it and focus on US the rakyat. Same lah with Penang, what's with the tiger park? Use your own pocket money la to feed the tigers, not ours. Got so many poor people living in Jelutong, go and help them out la LGE. Not to mention Kedah, what's going on there? Perak? Oh ya, Perak lost already. Kelantan? Same thing for the past 20 years.

    How laa people? Not everybody want to listen to ceramah and go waste their time on the street carrying banners and destroying public properties. We got more important thing to do, we got to feed our children with food. That is why BN kena whack 1 time because they ignore the basic needs of the rakyat - food and shelter. Looks like PR also is heading the same direction.

  87. Anonymous3:20 pm

    So how about now we do a poll:

    1. Should Anwar,Karpal,Lim retired??

    2. Should we vote for MP can be sued in Parlimen?

    3. Should all EXCOs declare thier asset and also declare all their wife,children and parents assets??

  88. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Semoga Tun sihat walafiat agar dpt berkempen di kedua-dua bukit, maklum la nak turun naik bukit berliku-liku pula bukit tu penuh dgn ranjau..jgn2 pula ada saka atau hantu cina kt bukit tu…moga Tun dpt ‘menawan’ bukit-bukit itu dgn jayanya...Selamat berkempen...Tikam batu

  89. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Bro Rocky:

    Your training for the dark side is almost complete. To complete your switch, you must prove to Najib and to Emperor Mamakthir that you are worthy of the dark side. Turn your guns on all the pro-PR bloggers. Delete the links from your blog. Highlight only BN successes and initiatives.

    Only then will Darth Najib and Emperor Mamakthir accept you into the dark side of the force.


  90. Anonymous3:47 pm

    kalau tak ader confidence dgn najib, then dgn siapa you ada confidence...? bagi lah solution atau pun cadangan ... bukan petition bodo mcm ni ...

    man joi

  91. Anonymous3:53 pm

    81 Opposition MP's and other citizens.. sign a petition and it gets this kind of airtime?

    So, should the backbenchers gather together and petition and state they have no confidence in the PR leader then? numbers are bigger, right?

    And many more citizens too who would petition that they don't want a PR leader.

    would anyone pick up on a petition of that sort?


    Pick on a more juicy topic lah weh.


  92. Mazlan4:04 pm

    I thought 5674th Malaysian got it partly right. It is amazing that 2000 delegates ended up choosing the leaders of UMNO - and they mostly ended up voting for candidates that did not have the most nominations.
    So referring to some online petition is again a 'so what's your point?'
    Its the rakyat's vote that counts - and if you want to overturn it - use the Ballot box.
    So what is so 'derhaka' if you disagree with another person - royalty or non-royalty?

  93. Anonymous4:04 pm

    5000+ doesnt want najib and u guys are boasting simply becos the gravy train is strating again. oh yes, how is the smell over there bro rocky?

    why not start a petition and see how many signatures u can get for those who wanted Najis as the PM of Msia. Maybe just abt 2000+.

    Go figure?

    No wonder u guys are the crap and need gravy trains to move on in life.


  94. Anonymous4:08 pm


    Saw ya at a Chinese Restaurant Kuala Sepetang enjoying lunch with a bodyguarded tycoon I believed.

    Anyway ask those malay gila kuasa people in PAS and PKR who else they expected to succeed that weak Pak Lah after he stepped down. They want Hadi, Nik Aziz , Anwar Ibrahim,Lim Kit Siang ,Karpal sigh , or who. Semua mereka ini tak laku nak jadi ketua kampong pun.

    I for one do not trust those janggut people,dahi hitam, berserban, nampak alim kucing, among the PAS leaders for they were the most cunning foxes who cheat,bluff in the name of Islam. They want their followers to die for them while they sit in mercedes and live in luxuries. They accept derma but later turn and twist to say that it is 'rasuah' for they could not fulfill their promises. What a rascal. See what type of car is used by Perak Pesuruhjaya now a MERCEDES Benz E 200 purportedly presented by a Chinese Tawkey. For no reasons.

    Hope NAJIB would succeed in his reform action and strategies and bring back UMNO to life.


  95. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Now that Najib telah selamat diLANTIK,

    I wonder what next those IDIOTS are up to.. Si Anwar, mesti tidok tak lena..

    Just hope they dont come with "Agung Adil" nonsense.

    Hello saudara saudari kat PR.. Dah lebih 1tahun. Football season/American Idol/Got Talent seasons semua nak mula new seasons Bang oooiiii..

    If this is how you behave, siapa berani nak ikut lagi..



  96. Abg Najj4:30 pm

    congrats for being the laughing stock of Asia.. dulu kini dan selamanya at your face at its best.. i think this is the first whereby a prime minister is elected through votes of a single party who say they represent the nation. you call this democracy Rocky?

    petisyen ke tak, tunggu je PR 2012.. rakyats maybe not voice their dissatisfaction thru petisyen , they do it via VOTING.. phm tk? 1 year down sejak March 08, 3 years to go.. cpt aje..

    -Abg Najj.

  97. 'A bigger threat may yet emerge from the resurgent opposition and Anwar, who nurtures a long-thwarted ambition to take the job himself. — Economist'

    Bru, need I say more? The whole world knows that Anwar wants to be PM, and since Najib has now been sworn in, his best bet yet is to kill Najib's reputation.
    Err....who says Anwar is doing this for the country???

  98. Anonymous4:45 pm

    How quick we are to pass judgement.
    How many of these supporters of Anwar actually know him?
    How many of those Badawi detractors know him, when they were quick to jump in on the bandwagon to bring him down?
    We are all biased! period! We all love sensational news, don't believe me? Just look at the number of hits on those headlines in any newsites.
    If it countains sensational accusations, Malaysians will fall for it.
    Don' believe me? Ask Saifuddin Nasution! See how he baits the media? 'If you all don't come , your editors will not like it' and he is referring of course to someone PR supporters loooooove!
    Anwar has some news that involves BN MPs hopping again!

    In doing this, Anwar has managed to fool all you gullible people into believing that he is Mr nice guy to lead Malaysia to greater heights.
    Do not forget what Anwar did to our beautiful Malay women. He covered them up! Closed the minds of malays and help to move Malaysia towards Islamisation!
    Something that Haris Ibrahim despises yet support Anwar for. What fools we all are to believe them!

    Cover me up

  99. Anonymous4:46 pm

    well looks like the good old days a back again, where ppl conected to pm will be taken care of. so will we the rocky in nstp, utusan or bernama, and then maybe he can take care of his ppl, maybe tonyM what say you rocky....forget the poor, forget god.....lets take care of 'me and my friends"

  100. Brovo Najib dah jadi PM. Hopefully after this he goinng to ammend the gambling law by allowed all the melayu to enter the casino at genting and lesen jual arak. Tahniah Najib Razak.

  101. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Enough with politicking and defamation about this and that.

    Let the people in power do their job or vote him out in PRU13.

    Why the fck do you need this stupid petition?


  102. Hyprocrite Lim Guan Eng5:40 pm

    Just saw on TV, Lim Guan Eng is attended the ceremony!!!!!

    What a hypocrite Lim Guan Eng!!!!

    Confirmed not voting DAP anymore!!!!

  103. Anonymous5:57 pm


    Try to be fair la when commenting on statistics like this one.

    You can view it anyway you like. This online petition is not a real indicator. You can make conclusion like this " only 5000 people want him as the boss"..OR "more than 5000 people already signed up to vote against him as the boss"..which both refer to the same thing but reported differntly..whicever way you want to squint your eyes la..

    Like last time I remember some people do online petition for Paklah to quit as an unfit PM.. one of the petition was only signed by 500 what do you say? That aside, I would take this opportunity to wish Paklah a happy retirement and maaf zahir batin.

    Rocky, back to the issue in hand, I thought you shouldnt comment on things whne you are too biased on the issue and yet the figure is a statistic which is questionable. The real test will be the by-election, you will see if there is any real change of heart amongst the common people.

    To me, what Najib should do is be more like his father and although NEP is important to restructure the nation, it shouldnt be the main topic during any UMNO or BN meeting. The welfare of the people and the means to move the economy should be the integral points in any politicians discussion. With this in mind, maybe we dont even need spin doctors..

    Just Walk the Talk.
    Not talk cock.

  104. Zaid,

    I don't think Rocky would dare answer your first posting, nor convey your challenge to Najib. He would lose his career prospects if Najib happens to accept your challenge. But, mark my words that they don't even dare allow Perak to have a fresh election. They only talk big where and when they can manipulate the situation to their advantage !!!

  105. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Can you name 10 CLEAN UMNO MPS. Actually, just 5 will do..


  106. 2000 over UMNO people said he is PM, 5000 plus said he is not. Whatever la, for me... dun see him as a trustworthy leader and my best wishes to him. Time has changed and leaders is about character.

  107. Anonymous6:21 pm

    There're lots more, but their balls are not big enough to sign.

  108. Anwar Breaking News !!!!!6:29 pm

    All abuzz over Anwar's 'big announcement' tomorrow
    S Pathmawathy

    Apr 3, 09 3:02pm

    Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim is to reveal "something big" tomorrow night during a ceramah in Bukit Selambau and that could turn the tide in Pakatan's favour in the three by-elections.

    The revelation is related to Najib "directly or indirectly", said PKR elections strategist Saifuddin Nasution at a press conference in Sungai Lalang, Bukit Selambau today.

    Among the possibilities are:-

    1. 31 MPs from BN crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat
    2. Pak Lah joining Pakatan Rakyat
    3. Khairy Jamaluddin joining Pakatan Rakyat
    4. Tun Mahathir joining Pakatan Rakyat
    5. Rafidah Aziz taking over from Wan Azizah
    6. Chua Soi Lek joining Pakatan Rakyat
    7. Altantuya found alive.
    8. Mongolia agree to join Pakatan Rakyat government
    9. Release of video live recording of Altantuya being C4-ed by Low Gwo Burne
    10. Saiful make Statutory Declaration that he was not sodomised by Anwar
    11. Anwar make Statutory Declaration that Najib C4-ed Altantuya
    12. Altantuya's Statutory Declaration that she will be C4-ed found at Jalan Chow Kit

  109. Anonymous7:10 pm

    This is an excercise in futility. to appoint our own PM we must win the federal govt. in order to do that, we must win the voters in the malay (umno) heartland. pas cannot do this and neither could PKR, at the moment.
    they won the last elections and if they appointed a monkey as our PM, there is very little we can do about it. what with all the relevant institutions currently being subservient to bn.
    so why not we find a way how to win the malay votes. fresh ideas needed.

  110. Mustapha Ong7:32 pm

    Dear Sdra Rocky's Bru,

    What is "81 MPs and 5673 Malaysians petition" reflecting a very stupid survey in order to discredit Najib, who is now Malaysia's 6th prime minister.The majority among the 26 million people is still a factor and if a national referendum is conducted Najib's vote of confidence to lead this nation will surge beyond the voice of the minority in your survey.

    You should not have posted this unrealistic survey, though it is not a significant issue. Let's forget about Anwar's eccentricity and move the nation forward under Najib's charismatic leadership.

    I believe Najib is craving his first maiden speech as the incoming prime minister by early next week before he announces his new cabinet line up, latest by next Wednesday 8April.

    I am confident that the majority of Pah Lah's cabinet members who were seen shaking hands with Najib will be their last handshake in Putrajaya this afternoon.

  111. SALAM BRO...


  112. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Can someone lend me an AK47 or even a bazooka so that i can shoot that irritating & annoying 'babi sesat sundal tunggal' monsterball..
    oinking so wild in this blogsphere..

    microball 5.25am: No Malaysians like Najib....except UMNO members..yet a sizable amount also do not like him too.

    How stupid does that sound considering that 5673+81 doesn't even trigger the value of 0.5% of Malaysian population..that figure result would just speaks the opposite for that matter..

    Even a paid SMS voting for reality show do better than that.. Considering that this online petition only need just a free mouse click & keyboard typing, the end result is so very2 pathetic.. Tak malu ka woi? perasan lagi ka..

    This monsterpig doesn't even understand what is a simple mathematics even he was taught the lesson in either tongkangnese language or whatever language in this world..

    Maybe this babi sesat had too much opium that already caused an irreversible damage to his babi brain.. pity him.. normally in practice, we put this type of poor animal to sleep forever..

    Hey ultra chingkies piggy out there..spare us from this monsterball of yours, will ya.. he just amplified the worst of shit of your kind..

    :D muhahahaha...

    p/s: if these babi wanna do a street need to call FRU..Jabatan Haiwan will do..

    Bro 231, nice blog..solid facts & figures..good one.. i bet that skilmoron will just be a trace of shit under your shoes from now on..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  113. Anonymous9:10 pm

    tak boleh tengok pun nama-nama yg sign petition tu ? takkan lah nak kena sign dulu baru boleh tengok..

    hanchiaaass betul

    apa benda punya petition tah?

    -ah beng-

  114. Congrats to whoever is the PM now.. It's not hard to improve after being so low. The new leader should reflect upon himself why Pak Lah failed. IT is because top leaders did not truly support him. A leader can be weak but it is the people around him who can make him stand strong. A good captain with bad sailors can't navigate a ship but good sailors can definitely make a bad captain looks good. YOU guys are just waiting for Pak LAh to fall. If the current group of leaders are good, why can't they help him?? A word to the new PM, if you can tolerate what happened to Pak Lah, you will be next. TO all Malaysians, it does not matter who's the PM because the country lacks good leaders. All over the world, outsiders recognised 2 person from Malaysia- Tun MAHATHIR & Anwar Ibrahim (surprise??).. i've known a foreigner who thought Anwar is Malaysia's PM. As for Najib?? The foreign intelligence will just think of him as a "suspect". 'nuff said

  115. Senget9:56 pm

    what a joke!! then, why did Lim Guan Eng attend the ceremony at Istana Negara? But politician being politician, one hand pat your shoulder, the other hand stab your back. Same story lah PR, cannot be trusted.

  116. Anonymous9:58 pm

    From M'kini:
    MCA tells Najib to create a 2nd DPM post
    Apr 3, 09 4:02pm
    The MCA, an influential partner in Barisan Nasional, today called upon Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to create a post for a Chinese deputy prime minister and a Chinese deputy chairperson of BN.


    hahaha we MCA men are just rubbing our hands. Najib will give us bigger chunks of bread crumbs compared to Badowi.

    huge chunks.


  117. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Congrats to Najib.

    You have proven yourself are capable person in all ministries that you were the minister!

  118. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Revert said...

    Let;s see

    population :27,730,000

    % of population :
    5673 + 81 / 27,730,000 X 100

    = 0.020750090155066714749368914532997 ( not even 1 whole person...)

    Never mindlah we add some mindless arse fucked chingkies from here, who will not counter argue facts with facts but who will spew rubbish from the vacuumed brains like:

    1.SG 1066 - the pondan who runs away when challenged with facts

    2.BE and its several subspecies variety of worthless anonymity; the type who didldoes itself with plastic knives provided by its plastic pendekar paramour...wah such an obsession

    3.Patrick Ivanhoe aka SG in disguise forever in quest of the holy grail of original alliteration but for now a tuppence cut and paste artist

    4.Teo Siew Chin the brave amah cum washerwoman who is prone to cameo entries and menopausal exits....

    5. teo jiji(thiam); the less said the better

    6. eric of candle vigil fame; enuff said

    7.loess74= the rabid mongrel canine who sucks cock like a dog hungry for a hardened shaft

    7. sundry jantan and betina tak berkongkeh (including malay trannies and whores who are chingkie lovvas) who are good at badgering Rocky to tow their line but never good at replying comments regarding their shrivelled cock, arsebled, mouthfucked pin-ups and on and on .............

    maybe then, that will nudge the last digit(7) to flip..ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! LOL .

    Warrior 231



    Huuu... bodohnya si keparat warrior231 ni. Tlalu asyik maki hamun org hingga silap komen guna Google ID sebenar dia.

    Nama engko' Revert, ke?

    blog awak kat

    Nama depan ko Syamil... haa?

    Bagan Serai engko tinggal ke?

    Aku baru pegi blog engko Syamil, kalo tu nama IC awak... Tulis punya macam sama2 style saja. Tapi awak ni cuba pura2 mcm Revert & warrior231 dua org berlainan. Kedua2 Inggeris cun tapi bombastik jugak...

    Samada ko ni guna warrior231 utk sorok id kau sbenar bile maki hamun/ancam rusuh kaum ... atau engko ni sakit otak... 2 / 3 pesonaliti dlm 1 badan


    Revert = syamil = warrior231

    Kalo awak ni sakit jiwa bole pegi Tanjung Rambutan. Bagan Serai ke Tj Rambutan.... taak jauh tu... sama negri pun. Wakakakakaaaaa...

    Rakan2, tlg sebar identiti benar si warrior231 ni. Dia ni memang dah terkenal kat forum blog lain maki hamun org.

    Eh, -anti hindraf cinkies- pun sama dgn warrior231 ka? Stail tulis pun sama...


  119. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Najib is PM of politik wang UMNO. Why wouldn't Najib allow Ku Li's challenge for the president's seat?

    Najib is not PM of Malaysia, rather he is PM of bought UMNO Napoleons. Unfortunately Najib has to kow tow to the puppet master - BIG MOMMA.

    Lets see how puppet master and the puppet face the world and bring in the millions in new investment. I hope he will not keep on recycling EPF's money as fresh investment.


  120. live cam, virtual tour of Bukit Selambau, click below

  121. Dear Haronjanor,

    Yes, I was at Kuala Sepetang yesterday afternoon with a local taikor who arranged for us to talk to several leaders of the Bukit Gantang Chinese community.

    You may have seen the taikor and I leaned against the wooden railings, looking down at the boats and sampans bringing home their day's catch.

    The taikor told me that the big boats almost always belong to the Chinese and the smaller ones to the Malay fishermen.

    It's not a racial issue, he said, it's an economic issue. Any government that rules the country must help correct the imbalance, he added. As it is, he believes that only the BN government can ..

    Wish you'd drop by and say hello.

  122. Anonymous1:33 am


    Huuu... bodohnya si keparat warrior231 ni. Tlalu asyik maki hamun org hingga silap komen guna Google ID sebenar dia.

    Nama engko' Revert, ke?

    blog awak kat

    Nama depan ko Syamil... haa?

    Bagan Serai engko tinggal ke?

    Aku baru pegi blog engko Syamil, kalo tu nama IC awak... Tulis punya macam sama2 style saja. Tapi awak ni cuba pura2 mcm Revert & warrior231 dua org berlainan. Kedua2 Inggeris cun tapi bombastik jugak...

    Samada ko ni guna warrior231 utk sorok id kau sbenar bile maki hamun/ancam rusuh kaum ... atau engko ni sakit otak... 2 / 3 pesonaliti dlm 1 badan


    Revert = syamil = warrior231

    Kalo awak ni sakit jiwa bole pegi Tanjung Rambutan. Bagan Serai ke Tj Rambutan.... taak jauh tu... sama negri pun. Wakakakakaaaaa...

    Rakan2, tlg sebar identiti benar si warrior231 ni. Dia ni memang dah terkenal kat forum blog lain maki hamun org.

    Eh, -anti hindraf cinkies- pun sama dgn warrior231 ka? Stail tulis pun sama...


    10:45 PM

    Hei Teksidrebar

    Dahlah teksidrebar...bangsat pulak tu..kalau ko cuba baca betui-betui, ko nampak tak artikel aku diletakkan di blog itu atas permintaan dan persetujuan tuan punya blog untuk tujuan dia tongong.aku jumpa dia pun kerana ehsan dari loyar buruk yang ko duk hisap batangnya ( u tanya itu cerita sama dialah..masa minum teh susu cap teko..ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Kami bersatu kerana kami nak ganyang loyar2 buruk yang ko dok jilat pungguk dan hisap lanciau itu. kami dah muak dan serik dah dengan orang macam depa dan balaci tongok macam engko yang ada otak tapi kosong isi.

    Aku sengaja link blog tu sebab tuanpunya juga kekadang ada cakap pasai isu tertentu terutama Perak kendatipun dia malas cakap politik malaysia. Mudah dia bagi susun hujah aku bagi orang yang hendak baca dan fikir bukan macam ko yang bawak kereta buruk kesana kemari dan otak macam besi buruk benggali.Ini pantun buat engkau pikiak sama2 itu benggali bila sudah digari

    :hati-hati bawa teksi
    silap jalan masuk kali
    jangan suka perasan diri
    otak basi dubur dibenggali

    Ok pukimak....puas?..mau lagi..bawa teksi..pigi gali peligi ..cari geng aljuburi. kah!kah!kah!kah!kah!kah!kah!kah!kah!

    Warrior 231

  123. warrior231, looks like you pwned yourself. Don't blame that teksidreba fella, blame yourself for your silly mistake that blew the cover.

    Your little excuses still don't explain why your comment at 3:36AM was made with Syamil/Revert's Google ID, but signed with your name & trademark Tourettes syndrome. Either you're that guy, or Revert actually entrusts you his ID n password (very unlikely).

    Everyone knows the answer...

    Man, Colonel Kurtz went cuckoo in the darkest jungles of the Congo. This guy went cuckoo just being in the boondocks of Bagan Serai. I'm sure you know which author/book I'm referring to. Nice list of books read, btw.

    Come think of it... that explains my blogger friend's reply to my question the other day... 'Tanyalah rakan dia di Bagan Serai'

    Now, you run along n have a good day.

  124. Anonymous1:31 pm

    "Either you're that guy, or Revert actually entrusts you his ID n password (very unlikely)" (BE).

    Correction : Very likely,you arsedicked idiot scumbag we are dedicated to exposing someone out there...(u know who)

    anyway, I have reliable information from your (s)cum friend that you (and your alter ego Warrior 123) are suffering from the stuff below as you are exhibiting the classic symptoms of it:

    The final stage of syphilis, known as the tertiary stage is the stage that occurs in about 15 to 20% of people who have untreated syphilis. Neurosyphilis is a slow progressive, destructive infection of the brain and the spinal cord. Neurosyphilis has 4 different forms; asymptomatic, meningovascular, tabes dorsalis, and general paresis.
    Tapes dorsalis: symptoms include peripheral neuropathy, pain in the extrematies, incontinence and ataxia- shakey and unsteady movements.

    General paresis signs and symptoms include:
    Neurological symptoms include unsteady gait, incontinence, palsy, seizures, ataxia and paralasis. Neurosyphilis used to be called general paralysis of the insane, the result of a debauched and intemperate life!

    A progressive dementia characterized by memory problems, disorientation

    Mood disturbances

    Personality changes, apathy, poor judgement. About 10% to 20% of people with neurosyphilis general paresis experience psychotis symptoms that include hallucinations and paranoia. Some people display what we think of as the clasic symptoms of grandiose delusions. I have met people who thought they were kings, presidents and prime ministers. One person thought he was God!"

    It is getting a bit too late, you bright eyed idiot as your days of being arsefucked. mouth rammed are coming home to roost..dont ya, think. Enjoy while your body is racked with them symptoms, you mouth and arsewhoring SOB,for your "Heart of Darkness" is surely nearby.....

    Have a bright-eyed day..imagining yourself to be God...ha!ha!ha!ha! ..poor sod......LOL

    Warrior 231

  125. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Bright eyes n gang,

    So what?

    If Warrior is Puteri Gunung Ledang or Obama bin Osama.. the point here is he is able to he translate to us and expose the TRUTH what is going behind all your uneasiness..

    Apa kamu semua ingat just because we are tolerant and GOOD NATURED, BERBUDAYA, KUAT AGAMA, BERBUDI BAHASA DAN PEKERTI MULIA we need to keep being polite to hooligans?

    For how long? 50years very long ooor.


    Kenapa Bright eyes, you rasa PEDAS?

    BRAVO Warrior, we are all behind you..


  126. Anonymous5:49 pm

    5756??? as at 5.46pm 4thApril09!!

    Pundek, thats all there is to all the hooohaaaa.

    And U all calim these "the MAJORITY"?

    Sekadar boleh cuba nasib main KUDA, mungkin ada chance menang!! Pi pedegha kat bawah pokok democracy, mana tau nombor ni naik esok?


  127. Anonymous7:28 am

    woi teksidrebar bodoh..

    pergi join makan babi lah dgn geng hang suka hisap batang tu..

    Dasar melayu pukimak bodoh mcm lalang..bahlul..pencacai cina babi, penghisap kote loyar banggali & tadah jubur kpd al-juburi..

    esok2 hang tetap jadi drebar teksi bodoh jugak bila depa naik..tak naik pun sama juga nasib hang sebab yg bodoh tahap cakerawala tu diri hang sendiri..

    sebab mengaji tak tinggi lah hang jadi bodoh tak reti beza style penulisan aku dgn warrior 231..

    sukati dialah nak letak ID blog sendiri ke hapa..jauh lebih baik dari drebar teksi merempat pencacai cina, hisap kote loyar banggali tadah jubur kpd al-juburi babi mcm hang..

    :D muhahahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies + teksidrebar bodoh pencacai cina babi-

  128. skilgannon10663:28 pm

    Warrior 231

    Hey, mein Fuhrer. I have never backed away from a challenge, least of all from some picayune intellectually-challenged posters like yourself (and anti whatever, merramass etc etc ad nauseam).

    Let's see - I challenged you on Malaysia's international competitiveness rankings. Let's see you produce the rankings (unedited, please) and your justifications for Malaysia's position in the said rankings. No ifs, no buts, no spin - just the facts. Or is that too much for your addle-pated, punch-drunk intellect to fathom?

    And if I remember, we did debate about the yuan currency swap between Bank Negara Malaysia and the People's Bank of China. You have not even tried to counter my argument that this agreement was entered into as an acknowledgement of Malaysia's weakness.

    As for Patrick Ivanhoe - what can I say. Apart from the possibility that great minds think alike.

    As for being called a "pondan", maybe, just maybe, it takes one to know one...........What that implies for your testicular fortitude (or the lack thereof) is better left to the imagination!

  129. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Dei Skilly pundek kalathai


    1. You are confirmed mafucking, arsetalking loose "gannon". The rankings are as they are at the respective web addies (WEF) as provided. I dare you to check them yourself. Your reluctance to accept the facts as they are is testament to your "pondanish" two ways about it!!One more thing stupid chingkie, i am not in the business of hijacking this blog to satisfy your pervert craving for unexpurgated stuff. There is just no space..the addy would suffice and the points i made are there for all to see. As i said, stiffen your flaccid cock and go have a look if you dare......come on lanchiau sucking scum surely that is not beyond you!!

    2.The news article i quoted is as published by AFP and there has been no editing..period, idiot!. No way does it mention of anybody's economic weakness, fool!. it is just a concoction of your imagination to laud your beloved homeland's perceived superiority as all chingkies love to oink about but when push comes to shove Chingkieland is mired in deep shit..get that into your wanked up head, fast and real fast..:

    "nothing, that is, except for the fact that China now owns so many dollars that it can’t sell them off without driving the dollar down and triggering the very capital loss its leaders fear."

    and who wrote that, my grandfather, Paul Krugman..Paul who? LOL..:

    3. Patrick Ivanhoe: ha!ha!ha! arsehole dissimulating, equivocating snake of a chingkie arselicker, cocksucking mafucker!At another post..u are on record of uttering exactly the same spiel and attributing it to ex US Vice President plus tax conman Spiro Agnew and his scribe. Dont lie through your arse..your stink of a fart is self condemnatory.

    Testicular Fortitude (culled that from Demi Negara..did you?) took you a whole week to come up with this damp squib of a response (ptui..i wouldnt even dignify it with that remark)hoping that it will be tucked away from notice....Well Chingkie ma-fucking pig..u got it wrong..big time so why dont you just admit it to be so and scram outta here!

    and remember..stir shit and run away..sure fits you> why? after all you a the human version of the beast at the addy below, arent you?:

    Scroll down..drool over it, kiss and enjoy....ha!ha!ha!

    Warrior 231

  130. Anonymous5:52 pm


    My neighbour just came back from visiting his Nenek in China, a 10days down memory lane with the Lim clans.

    His reaction to me... "My first and last visit!". I wont go back there!!

    But from your comments, I am convinced you are not a Malaysian,
    but a Chinaman from China.


  131. Anonymous8:07 pm

    wow..well..well..look who is coming back to show his thick stinky piggy face if its not that shameless sissy babi brain skilmoron..

    still whining around his filthy kandang babi, ruminating his own excreted shit, trap in his own galactical blackhole size asshole mothefucking self-sodomized mind..

    show us some substance lah babi.. counter facts & figures other than that irritating fucking stupid no solid substance verbal diarhoea of yours..

    u really suck big time babi brain skilmoron..

    p/s: did u guys notice or not this fucking stupid chingkie is already bankrupt of ideas.. still recycling his own dead cock shit brain arguments that already people flushed out down to the sewer long time ago..hopeless..

    well what can u say..he really fit as a true pig (bearded pig..hahah)..and that's what pig do best...

    :D muhahahaha...oink..oink..

    pergi balik tongkangland lah babi bodoh skilmoron..we don't want babi like u here.. poodah..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  132. Merramass8:01 am

    Hoi Skilgannon,

    I see that you are always condemning Malaysia. There's always something that you are not happy about.

    If you are so proud of your Chinkieland, then why are you still here? You are always trying to degrade the Tanah Air Tercinta, I wonder if you're really a Malaysian. I doubt that .....You're actually a lost inbreed from Chinkieland, that's why you are not grateful to whatever the country had given you and your ancestors .....

    Your brain is definitely contaminated with wormy/piggly matter coming from the babis that you wonder cannot think rationally....oink oink oink

  133. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Skillgannon 1066,
    Ini yang memelikkan aku.

    Sawah padi dan ladang teh berbukit2, kandang babi punya le besar, reban tikus dalam rumah pun ada. The historical beautiful Temples, pohon oren2 bla bla..

    But why? sanggup atok ayah kamu, did they leave these places and never want to go back? Hinggakan sanggup merempet diTanah setinggan and BEEEEGGGG dan merebut kat sini even for tiny TOL lots? You know, bercambah TOYOTA CAMRY kat sana..

    Why? tak ingin even to go back there again for another visit? Tok pujuk macam mana pun takNak balik?

    WHY.. I am puzzled, why leave and make yourself unhappy elsewhere? . Why Skilgannon?

    Balik saja la kat Kampung halaman kalau tak sesuai sangat tinggal disini.