Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim, just another accuser

One too many, man. Some of my commenters wanted me to comment on Zaid Ibrahim's vicious attack on Najib Razak. In jest, I told some callers that perhaps Zaid had one too many. But that was before I had read his speech entitled If truth be told, he can't be PM here.

Now that I have read it, I must say that I don't find his outburst particularly newsy or interesting. Anwar Ibrahim, Raja Petra Kamaruddin and their followers have made more accusations about the Deputy Prime Minister. I was quite relieved to discover that Zaid, at least, did not go overboard as to swear that Rosmah Mansor or/and Najib were there that night to supervise the killing of Altantuya Shaaribuu. But if he did, I would not have been taken aback. With these people, the burden of proof is wth the accused and not the accuser!

I did find one thing curious, though: the fact that Zaid is still oozing with confidence that Umno leaders ruling this country [see para 39: "There are still well qualified members of parliament from Umno who can be appointed PM to bring us back from the brink"].

Read this: Zaid Ibrahim, a very small man, suffers from an acute case of a personality by-pass!


  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    zaid who?

    another extrovert who is also a bigot and a political hobgoblin!

  2. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Don't worry Mr. Rocky, you will be paid for your loyalty to DPM. Everybody needs to survive and we understand that. You might just get a job in NSTP.

  3. Well, i agree with Zaid. At least he dares to speak out. Look at the purge of those not aligned to Najib. Scarry man

  4. Anonymous4:52 pm


    Do you seriously believe that the police have thoroughly done their investigation in the Mongolian lady's case? Where is DSP Musa? Why was he not called as witness? Do you think the 2 special cops were just trigger happy without instruction? OK Najib might not be directly involve in the murder but not perverting justice? Really? Remember Anwar?


  5. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I find Zaid is very precise. Show one PM including Dr.M who has this amount of baggage to carry into PM office.
    We have Muhyiddin, Rais, Sharir and Ku Li. All of them do not have what Najib has and they are equally good if not better in term of leadership and performance.
    At least with others, you and I wouldn't face anyone to question us if our PM did involve in this or that.

  6. Bro Rocky,

    Have a look at MY list of possible candidates ala Zaid's thinking .

    Had one too many..

    You're right in that its nothing we have not heard of, but do remember that it is for public consumption.

  7. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Bro Rockybru,

    U really like Najib ha? Hope it's due to your belief that's he's innocent from all the accusation, not because of the money he paid you.

    Good luck in hereafter...hehe


  8. So sorry, Rocky. Do you think parading the likes of Barking Magpie as one worthy of a read is the right thing to do? But he is so lopsided and abusive.

    Whylah Brader?

    They say if you have nothing 'membina' to say, then say nothing at all. Also they say, neither should one allow their space to be used by others to launch mischief or in this case spew poison.

    Careful, some people may think your slip's showing, Bro.

  9. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Zor; At least he has the balls, calling a spade a spade. What have you? No balls but, plenty of licking...sad to see, you have gone down the gutter along with all the UMNO goons.

  10. Anonymous5:18 pm

    my goodness, you are such a hypocrite! Just last year when UMNO dropped Zahid for the 13th GE, you were making noise, saying that UMNO needed people like Zahid (or something to that effect).
    Really how low can you go? Its so obvious that you are have been bought over.

    I can bet that the news portal you are planning to launch (to counter MalaysiaKini I assume), is probably going to be funded by Najis & Muhkriz.

    I use to read your blog to get the latest updates on the Malaysian political scene, but now, its more for humor (the sad & lame type)

  11. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Rocky, everybody knows you are implicitly backing Najib but what's the point? Najib has no place for you in the NST or whatever. I think it is time for you to come out swinging, meaning firing on all cyclinders against the Najib cabal.

  12. Anonymous5:39 pm

    It is 'trendy' to bash all things government.

    And naturally, a turncoat will forget his roots.

    Zaid is no rags to riches story but more spoon fed with government linked jobs, but nobody kicks a fuss because he is from the 'other side'.

    The 'other side' happens to be preachers of justice but only in theory.

    In the real world, they are wolves in sheep's clothing on par with the pot calling the kettle black.


  13. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Are you gonna take over NST once Najib becomes PM ? Will you abandon your search for truth and freedom for the sake of more Mahathirism ?


  14. the ONLY person who is fit to be PM from UMNO is ...............errr..........errr...........Oh My God ! There is no one !!!

    There were all banished and punished by Mamak Kutty

  15. Anonymous6:17 pm

    sudah lah zaid---you will run out of arses to lick soon !


  16. Anonymous6:17 pm

    another masterpiece of cut n quote from you.
    With every piece you are closer to that role with the najib media empire.

    more power to you.

    tok janggut

  17. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Zaid is a man of principle unlike some people who are greedy or blindly following and supporting those who are tainted.

  18. Excerpt from

    The brand ZaidIbrahim&Co specialise in advising and providing assistance to clients on corporate and financial law, including litigation in these areas legal advice and legal documents, representation and advices in court and arbitration. Currently, ZaidIbrahim&Co is the largest and fastest growing full service premier Malaysian law firm with over 20 practice areas in Malaysia. The one-hundredth lawyer joined in 2000 and the firm now has more than 120 lawyers, of whom 40 are partners. The firm is also the largest Bumiputra firm in Malaysia, with over 50 Bumiputra lawyers.

    Zaid Ibrahim & Co advises government, statutory body, international financial institutions, etc. Currently, Zaid Ibrahim & Co is the largest firm in Malaysia with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Kelantan and Labuan and an associate office in Sarawak.. There is also an office in Jakarta, Singapore, Thailand and an associated trust company in the Labuan International Offshore Financial Centre.

    Zaid Ibrahim & Co provides services at Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tanzania, Thailand, UK, USA and Turkey. Currently, there is no other Malaysian law firms who focus on exporting services to the countries in South East Asia. The firm plans to strengthen their current presence in Labuan, Singapore, Indonesia and expansion to Thailand.

    I like Zaid Ibrahim. He's a clever man!

  19. para 35. "With all of this, and more, how are we not to feel anxious? How are we to sleep peacefully at night? I know that I cannot."
    Yes we know Zaid.
    You have not been sleeping well for a long time. Thats why you need to have the finest wine collection in the country.
    And if you have also heard, Tun Daim is coming back.
    Maybe his cronies will tag along too. They will remind us how they fed you with the corporate legal work that gave you the millions.
    ..Ini lah Melayu tak kenang jasa.Baru duduk Brighton beberapa tahun dah macam Mat Salleh..

  20. Anonymous6:59 pm

    "With these people, the burden of proof is wth the accused and not the accuser!"

    Brader Rocky..

    What you have said has long been NOT practiced in Malaysia.. Truly Asia.

  21. Anonymous7:35 pm

    At the end of the day the key point Zaid Ibrahim is making is that there are too many questions about Najib's conduct that make him a rather unsuitable PM.
    The public is looking for a reformst and clean PM that will focus on moving Malaysia forward.
    The question is does Najib fall in that category.
    With the disclosures of the direct negotiated and inflated Defence contracts awarded to companies with no track record leave me stunned. And noone has answered the basic questions regarding Altantuya's murder.
    What angers me is that no journalist in this country has the courage to investigate these questions.
    Thus we are left only with people like Zaid to raise the questions.

    Rocky, rather than being snide about Zaid; why not as a journalist look into these questions and help inform us?

  22. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Kacang lupakan kulit. Screw this Melayu lupa daratan.

  23. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Apa lagi tangkap lah si mamat ni,,,!!??????

    Kita kena terima hakikat,,,bukan semua orang suka Najib,,walaupon dia TAK buat salah,,,,tapi "FACE NOT LIKING"


  24. Anonymous8:11 pm

    I see nothing wrong with the speech. It is well written even if blunt and to the point.

    Truth always hurts. But the price we'll pay will be even higher if we choose to ignore it, or worse still shoot down those who try to uphold it.

    mat taib

  25. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Who is Zaid? maybe anyone can enlightened me on this guy.Really have no clue.

  26. Anonymous8:34 pm

    rocky, let be open, he has the right to express his opinion. UMNO must change and i am bit piss-off when i heard the commission of RM400 million. We wait and see.


  27. Anonymous9:40 pm

    We need more Zaid Ibrahim to come out and openly speak against UMNO, today UMNO has become totally arrogant. I say hats of to Zaid for his courage to speak up. Raja Petra is my hero of all times, we need more Malays like RPK and Zaid, sadly we very few such brave Malays. UMNO is so arrogant they could put a donkey and make him PM. Mr. Zaid is absolutely right to ask the Agong not to appoint Najib, he will be a laughing stork of a PM, a Devil in disguise, and the worlds most unrespected PM. How can we expect him to be respected world wide when we Malaysians have no respect for him at all. If Najib has any intergrity and decency in him, he should quit and not bring total disgrace to Malaysia. Thank you Mr. Zaid for speaking up on behalf of all decent Malaysian, we know there are only thieves and corrupt people in UMNO.
    Sadly Malaysian

  28. Anonymous9:51 pm


    Why do you support Najib so so much?

    What's in it for you bro?

    Just curious...

  29. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Zaid had the balls to give up a political career, & resign from his post of Law Minister (defacto) in protest of how the government was doing things.

    And we all know Magpie, just another Najib acolyte. He rolls pretty deep in Najib's circle...

  30. Anonymous10:51 pm

    rocky ular umno

  31. Anonymous11:36 pm


    You linked back to "a blog" who is cursing everywhere and even with "YB Babi stooge" mentioned?

    Freedom of expression is not for us to screw ppl in such a rude way or is this the intellectual discourse we're talking about here?

  32. Anonymous12:17 am

    Hehehe only the rich and spoonfed sore losers from UMNO are the few good men qualified to lead the Pakatan and worshiped by its followers.

    Hehehehe bravo bravo.


  33. Anonymous12:30 am

    Just one point about Zaid that puts him a cut about the rest is that he was identified as one of Asia's top ten philanthropists.
    His foundation has helped many underpriveleged children in terms of education and getting a new lease on life.
    Thus to snidely remark that he is a little man is rather uncouth.
    He has put the money he has made to good use to help those in need. Not a trait you see in many politicians.

    Nik Mazlan

  34. Anonymous1:34 am

    Malaysiakini is an anti BN/UMNO news site. So everything here must be anti BN/UMNO, even if it is totally rubbish. Prejudiced people will believe anything. Of course people like anwar and nizar are saints in their eyes.

    - orang Taiping.

  35. I beleve that Zaid got a point,generally if you are the member of public you believe that there is a connection between Najib and Altantuya,whether right or wrong it doesn't matter as Najib has not done enough to to convince the public otherwise we he should.So far,from my perspective he's even making thing's more suspicious by avoiding answering the question asked by gobind deo about the murder,which is his rights as a citizen of Malaysia,to know whether our in coming PM is a murderer or involved in one or not.Instead,he was slap by a one yaer suspension which is to harsh,and no answers was given.What's Najib is hiding?If you have nothing to hide then answer the question(s)to prove your innocence.(ps what about the Raja Petra photo,I haven't seen,but my friend says that it was quiet real)

  36. Anonymous4:02 am

    If there is a Man who can lead the Country at this critical time esp. with the ALTANTUYA murder accusations over the Deputy Prime Minister Najib's head ,it must be Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.
    Perhaps Tengku Razaleigh can team up with Zaid to stand for PM & DPM..... Tengku Razaleigh & Zaid Ibrahim will be a formidable Team.

  37. Anonymous6:15 am

    Najib is assuming the highest office in M'sia.

    Isnt it obligatory for Najib to clear any doubts about is involvement in the murder of the mongolian girl? why was barriers set-up every step of the way to prevent the real truth from coming out?

    why was prosecution team changed in the last minute? the same with the change in judge?

    why did najib send the smses to Baginda's lawyers?

    why was Baginda's acquittal not appealed since this is a murder case?

    why is Musa prevented from cross examination after all the confessions by one of the cops confirmed he is the keyman?

    There are so many whys and all najib does is to deny and swear before Quran.

  38. Anonymous9:36 am

    Nope, I think Zahid has a point. What he says makes sense and is food for thought for all of us. I urge you Rocky, to not be so biased.

  39. Anonymous9:42 am

    U truely lost it.
    It used to be informative to read ur blogs. but now...
    I guess u had one too many ... licking ass that is...

    why not do it professionally?
    counter Zaid'd comments with facts.

    There are so many things unexplained and obviously covered up in Altantuya's murder case.
    why not u go dig them up and clear your boss's name?

    "innocent until proven guilty" thats right.
    Why didn't u say anything abt Anwar's case 10 years ago?

    what about this?
    "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done"?

    do you seriously think this is the case in current Malaysian Judiciary system?

    hope u can sleep at night


  40. first of all u guys...its not Zahid but Zaid....

    Zahid is of course the F*&%ER who talk BIG about cronyism and nepotiosm at UMNO arrested and thrown into ISA by Mamak Kutty.........

    his balls shrank after that and he went back like a puss to Mamak Kutty apologising to him and then attacked his mentor Anwar Ibrahim...

    if thats the zahid u guys are running down then i agree with you...

    Zahid the puss

  41. Anonymous10:53 am

    Anybody sure Zaid was not drunk that night?

    Words from somebody who grew rich from the government contracts for the last 6 years and facing the fact that he will not get favorable treatment any longer after March 09.

    Well, a drunkard will soon sober up to face reality that without Pak Lah, he is nothing!

  42. Anonymous11:40 am

    barking magpie???? is that your credible source???cmon......

  43. Not too long ago,Mr Zahid,said 'I am a malay,and I came from a poor background,today I can take on anyone, on equal footing'.Such is his self confidence.He said that to inspire the malays,esp the younger generation.But look,some malays here are cursing him left and right.So this how you want your younger generation to be,Rocky?

    Every one has the right to express their views,including Zaid.A mature and a clever person,who doesn't agree wth Zaid,will choose to counter him by coming up wth reasons why he/she doesnt agree,not mock and curse,that shows the siege mentality of such people in this blog.Its all empty up there.Ini macam kah nak menacapai WAWASAN 2020,Mahathir must be joking,anyway he gave up I believe.

  44. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I'm not sure using Barking Magpie as an alternate view of Zaid makes any sense. His piece is pretty nuts?
    To call Zaid a small man with a personality disorder without substantiating it seems pretty dumb. I think when one looks at Zaid Ibrahim with a clear eye one has to focus on his credibility and integrity. And those factors must be weighed in terms of action.
    Here Zaid Ibrahim scores on all points very highly.
    The man came from a poor background; studied hard, made a name for himself in law and built his law firm into one of Asia's finest.
    At the same time he used his wealth to start a foundation to help young people from poor backgrounds get a good start in life. A foundation that has gained international recognition.
    Even his foray into politics was based on a principal to reform the judiciary and politics in this country.
    And rather than compromise his principles he would rather step down than back down.

    Thus when he makes his comments on Najib he does so with a clear legal knowledge and having been closely working in government and actually seeing Najib in action.
    Thus he raises very pertinent questions - and these are questions that journalists should check and either debunk or confirm?

  45. To Anon at 6:15 AM who asked so many questions;

    Question 1
    "Isnt it obligatory for Najib to clear any doubts about is involvement in the murder of the mongolian girl? why was barriers set-up every step of the way to prevent the real truth from coming out?"

    Now why on earth would he want to clear anything? Not a single report was made against him concerning Altantuyas's death, and if any of you PR goon think that's because he's above the law since he is DPM, then remember what happened to Anwar Ibrahim? One might assume that Pak Lah has been surreptitiously helping Najib, but given the current political environments, I don't think it's plausible.

    Question 2
    "why was prosecution team changed in the last minute? the same with the change in judge?"

    Hello! That's AG's chamber's prerogative and business. Now, once again if the Attorney General answers to DPM, why was Anwar's ass dragged to court back then? These Pakatan Rakyat goons, they want everybody to do everything their way and follow their logic, the Sultans, the Public Prosecutor, EVERYONE!

    "why did najib send the smses to Baginda's lawyers?"

    And who told these PR goons that DS Najib sent the SMSs, an anonymous little bird? That's damn brilliant! Putting your trust wholeheartedly in anything bloody anonymous! If have it the PR way, SOON ANONYMITY WILL RULE THIS COUNTRY, NOT COMMON SENSE.

    Question 4
    "why was Baginda's acquittal not appealed since this is a murder case?"

    Again, they're AG's chamber's prerogative and business. They have their reasons to do so, AND THEY DON'T HAVE TO TELL ANYONE ANYTHING since this case is still on trial.

    Question 4
    "why is Musa prevented from cross examination after all the confessions by one of the cops confirmed he is the keyman?

    See? Everybody bloody lawyer in PR what? They want the AG's Chamber to do it their way, they want the Judiciary to do it their way, or otherwise ITS A BLOODY CONSPIRACY.

    Instead, when a PR MP accused a man of murder in the Parliament (their way), HE'S A BLOODY HERO.

    Question 5
    "There are so many whys and all najib does is to deny and swear before Quran."

    ALL NAJIB DOES? Are you suggesting that the Quran is something trivial? Tell it to PAS friends then.

  46. rocky - there are too many unanswered questions. a p.m. should be above this kind of speculation and sadly that is very far from the case with naguib. i am so glad that a respected politician like Zaid had the courage to speak out.

    we'd like proper answers to the question of who killed altantuya (and all the rest of the unresolved issues) until they are - then in our minds naguib (and yesm rosmah too) are suspects

  47. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Maybe Zaid can "save all of us" by just filing in a police report that Najib killed Altantuya.

    Why insinuate or opiniate?

    Just do it Zaid or Shut-Up.
    Follow your "principles".
    The same goes for the rest who have "evidence/true gut feel" of Najib killing Altantuya.

    Simple ain't it?

  48. Anonymous11:47 pm

    That stupid Zaid who made himself super rich from government's contracts?

    That stupid Zaid of Kelantan origin that once claimed God does not exist?

    That stupid Zaid...


  49. Anonymous12:53 am

    Republican Reds,

    Tak laku lagi.. Cari taktik baru lor!


  50. Anonymous11:55 am

    Zaid ?-a respecdted politician ? The man who changed his principles as many times as the side of the fence in which he stood ?
    Go find out more about him before calling him a 'respected politician'. The man has cleverly disguised his dubous nature cleverly as only a crook could !
    Go check his track record at everythibng he touches !
    Between him and a snake, I'd rather let the snake live !

    Zaid--the biggest chameleon Malaysia ever produced !


  51. Anonymous9:46 am

    Oh-by the way ---lets all watch him when (not 'if) Najib becomes the PM.
    Lets see what song he's going to sing then.
    I bet you he'll be jumping on the fence first, then slowly make his way across the fence .
    LETS SEE WHT THIS 'RESPECTED POLITICIAN' WILL DO ! 'respected' ?--I puke on reading that !


  52. "Bukannya UMNO/Barisan nak ambik dia balik... Mahathir nak masuk balik... takda siapa berani tahan dia." - Zaid Ibrahim di

    Wawancara bersama Datuk Zaid Ibrahim! Is he right? Or is he ... ?? Shape your opinions!