Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Why I can't support Ali and Mike Tyson"

"I cannot support them, not for personal reasons but for real, practical reasons. The deputy Prime Minister will succeed the Prime Minister. We can’t discount the fact that anything can happen and if anything happens to the PM, the deputy PM will take over. For Ali (Rustam) and Mat Taib to take over, it is not possible and is unconstitutional because they are not even MPs." - Nazri Aziz, de facto Law Minister
"Muhyiddin's my man". Not constitutional to vote in Ali or Mat Taib for the deputy president's post? Nazri is not going to be very popular with either camp for saying this, but then when has the de facto Law Minister ever cared to be popular in the first place?

Read "When money speaks louder than words" Nazri's frank Q & A with Shahanaz of The Star.


  1. Anonymous9:52 pm


    I swear the UMNO plot has more twists and turns than the mighty Yang Tze River. Aww! You know the rule, right? There's no rule!


  2. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Don't know Nazi Aziz, but I believe his remarks are on the same brainwave of ordinary down to earth men.

    It's tough to clear black spots, those spots that people remember to the spine of one's nerve.

    Bad luck really; what's a pity if PM of Japan say to PM of Malaysia, "Howdy, PM Of Malaysia, have you settled the luggage problem while in the airport?'.

    I think Nazri may have his point.

  3. Anonymous10:30 pm


    Nazri Aziz been more rational lately.

    But between rakyats, popularity, money and power, which is his priority, only god knows.

  4. Anonymous10:39 pm

    he he he, nazri wayang and though people are stupid nowaday!! he is same like zahid hamidi wayang cina (people in country height call him)


  5. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I have read DSN's comments in the Star today. Frankly I agree with his least he is bold enough to make that kind of statement. It also gives a clear signal to those delegates coming for the assembly to vote. I do not know UMNO's constitution but by simple logic, a federal minister must be an elected MP.

    In the first place, I think UMNO's constitution should be amended in that number of nomination is not pre-requisite for any elected MP to contest any supreme council posts.
    My reason is this : It is a human factor that makes it difficult for the division to nominate somebody else when that particular division is directly under the wing of a minister or the potential candidate
    who holds a key post in the party.

    Party election should be same as a general/by election. Candidates will submit their nomination papers
    and then hold the party election within 14 days or so. This will eliminate victimisation, reduce (eliminate)money politics and encourage transparency.

    (Staunch UMNO)

  6. Way to go Nazri in fact the whole country supporting his statement
    We cannot see any body else except Muhyiddin to be the no 2 in the country
    Why mike tyson and Ali Rastam failed to see the rational , we are talking about our national leader and to face the global village , mike and Ali not in this leg , you do not have to remember 25 million Malaysian population birthday
    Ali is lucky inherited a dynamic Malacca from RTC since then no new initiatives except a few Sure Hebuh carnival , no body remember Ali speech as VP Umno for the last 4 yrs in Umno annual meeting . Zahid want to take away the training from Ali ( NST interview )
    Mike tyson not worth to comment , for simple reason he cannot fly to Australia wonder why..
    The whole country should voice their opinion...' We want Muhyiddin'
    Malaysia need to strengthen our economic agenda , the partnership of NAJIB-MUHYIDDIN is credible and formidable..

  7. Anonymous11:05 pm

    His son has hot chicks!

  8. Anonymous11:25 pm

    I read that too. To be fair with Nazri, he has the points. I fully agree with him. Other than as the MB of Malacca Ali has nothing to his credit. In the case of Mike Tyson we could give 1000 reasons why he is not the man.
    Muhyiddin may have some hiccups here and there but certainly he has the brain and ability. I would prefer him as PM. It would be a misfortune for Umno if he fails in his bid!

  9. Anonymous11:25 pm

    tahniah nazri, you will continue to be minister until you died, same like wayang cina - zahid hamidi! people will be played with money by him - like when he runs BSN!!!


  10. Anonymous11:57 pm


    Nazri (or "Chief" as he is affectionally called among friends) is spot on this time.

    While he has said a lot of not-so-intelligent things in the past, he has it right this time.

    Imagine Ali or Mat winning? There will be a need for a by-election. As if we don't have enough of it as it is. More by-elections means more name smearing, dirty tactics (to depose or promote candidates, works both ways and applies to both sides), blah, blah, blah, blah.... believe me if this is so the pakatan will be working extra hard to bring down a top Umno man. All that done while the whole country runs on auto-pilot yet again.

    Enough is enough lah! Delegates please go with the logical choice and save us all the hassle.



  11. Anonymous11:58 pm

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  12. Anonymous12:09 am

    Bro Bru,

    I rasa Nazri have his point.

    Ali and Taib. Please. We are tired of you. Yes, money can buy anything. Especially Taib. Pls look into the irror again. Honestly, I and many others dah letih tengok you. Tolonglah. For the sake of Malays.


  13. I do not support any UMNO crooks.
    Why do you do that?
    I support change of government...period!!
    You walk the talks..supporting change of to change..yet you support Musy?
    What is the ulterior motive?

  14. Anonymous12:16 am

    Ini baru saya katakan pendapat yang sangat bernas mengikut acuan seorang yang arif mengenai undang-undang.

    Saya harap barisan kepimpinan kita akan berhujah dengan lebih kritis dan bersandarkan kepada hujah-hujah yang bernas seperti ini dan tidak dilihat lagi sebagai menghabiskan duit pembayar cukai sahaja.

    Ini adalah satu permulaan yang baik sekali.


  15. Anonymous1:30 am

    well deserved...and i agree the fact that ameno filled with self interest members

    a friend of mine(from shah alam) join ameno just to get a job in bank negara and fly to uk with it's scholarship(and yet his father own 500k unit of telekom share)

    How unfortunate of me for not being a member!

  16. he has a point. if indeed mat taib triumph, not just there's every possibility we gonna have a PM not chosen by the people, we may end up with a leader who spik no england.

  17. Anonymous1:38 am

    nazri mudh lupa bila dia utamakan...

    nazri mudh lupa bila dia utamakan seniority. dia lupa tun husin onn lebih junior dlm kabinet banding tun ghafar bila beliau jadi TPM; tun m pula lebih junior banding dgn tun ghafar. tak ada isu. apa masalah nazri kecuali nak bodek TSMY supaya dia dikekalkan dlm kabinet selepas Mac. tk

  18. Anonymous1:39 am

    dlm sunday star 8/3..i/view dgn nazri..dia pandang rendah TSMT n DS. dia sokong kuat TSMY. dia sibuk dgn seniority n pengalaman. dia lupa carter, reagan, clinton, bush n obama..semua mereka tu tak ada pengalaman di pusat. obama tak complete pun his 1st term. betul TSMY ada 23 thn pengalaman tapi tak turun padang n tak mesra rakyat/alam sdgkn nazri sendiri mahu pemimpin mesra rakyat. nazri sendiri biadab n tak mesra rakyat. cermin muka dulu.
    Apa kejayaan TSMY? pegawai kanan pertanian sendiri akui dk effendy lebih berjaya; pegawai KPDLNHP akui dk shahril lebih berkesan drp dia w/pun baru sethn jadi menteri. prestasi DAR lebih hebat drp TSMY. orng johor tahu apa TSMY buat masa dia jadi MB. mereka marah. itu sbb dia perlu bantuan DSNazri.

  19. Anonymous1:40 am

    TSMT sindir TSMY.."It is better not to drop names and to go on our own strength" (lebih baik jgn gunakan nama pemimpin lain dan bertanding atas kekuatan sendiri) [The Sunday Star 8/3]. TSMY asyik menyebut nama DSN; kononnya DSN restu dia saja utk jwtn TP (The Sunday Star 1/3). dia seolah2 mcm budak kecil yg suka guna nama mak bapak kerana tak ada kekuatan sendiri n kurang yakin pd diri sendiri. orng mcm ni sesuai jadi pemimpin? DS tak pernah gunakan nama sesiapa. orng saja kata pak lah sokong beliau. beliau tak ckp. renungkanlah.

  20. Anonymous1:51 am


    NAZRI is a politician, same as Ali Rustam, Mat Taib and Muhyidin. Up to a certain point, they are all the same. Nazri is now saying No to Ali Rustam and Mat Taib. And Yes to Muhyidin. It's politics. He's made some sweeping and uncalled for statements in the past too (to bloggers and past leaders). He's not an angel mind you. Put him next to Mat Taib, maybe you can't spot the difference..I hope Muhyiddin won't be lulled by such seemingly open declaration of support by Nazri. Kadang2, sokongan macam ni bawa rebah bro!!

    ali Bkt jalil

  21. Anonymous3:42 am

    Nazri is the Karpal of UMNO.

    You either love them or hate them for their brash reasoning and stubborn defiance.

    Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they do not.


  22. Rocky,

    This bloke doesn't have to give a damn because he is not contesting in the UMNO elections banking on his ass being safe under Najib.

    Ask him how he became rich?

  23. Jed Yoong,

    With money like his father has, even a face like yours can have hot dicks or even chicks if you're the "happy" kind!

  24. This joker talks about the constitution. ha ha ha

    How about Perak circus? Is this constitutional????

  25. Anonymous8:29 am

    Nazri...Which part of UMNO constitution say the deputy umno chief automatically becomes deputy PM?

    Nazri is backing Najib's horse..simple as that!

    If the reward is right, everybody can say intelligent things.

  26. who is Nazri's choice for celaka UMNO youth chief post ?

    Is his choice the Jantan's son or the favorite son in law or the Indon ?

  27. Anonymous9:03 am

    "I no no speak Ingalalis and the carnival king, either of the one to be DPM...mati lah.....we will need more security guards to look after our cash purse!"
    UMNO seems to have very little choice, one snake more poisonous than the other...can they find a decent bloke?
    Difficult lah, the coming head is the worst of the lot!
    That is how the story goes, that is the 'glory of corruption'.

  28. Anonymous11:12 am

    This guy will end up paying thru his son afterall he can keep smashing up ferraris till kingdom come.Rocky life is a full circle, heaven and hell can be seen in a person's lifetime.

    nazri talk cock

  29. Anonymous11:42 am

    To me even Najib is not fit for President. But never mind, that's another matter. As one commenter said, the Dy President of UMNO is not automatically the DPM of M'sia. It's the prerogative of the PM (constitutionally, the PM himself needs not be UMNO President) to appoint his deputy. Nobody can force him to appoint UMNO Dy President as DPM. It's only a convention. Mahathir used to ignore the wishes of the party when UMNO Youth Head (Zahid) was not given any cabinet post whereas his deputy (Hishamuddin) was appointed a Cabinet Minister (that explains Zahid's brief association with Anwar). And there are many, many other examples. There have also been cases of those defeated in UMNO election but appointed by Mahathir into Supreme Council. This is a clear case of defiance but nobody can LEGALLY (as opposed to MORALLY) fault him as it is within his power. So I wud urge UMNO delegates to vote according to yr own assessment as to who deserve to be Dy President. You may want to take note that although Nazri is a lawyer, his argument for MY and against MT and Ali Ketam contains some legal flaws, perhaps deliberately and cunningly done.

    frm: observer


    R.A.H.M.A.N Theory (Teori R.A.H.M.A.N)

    R - Tunku Abdul Rahman
    A - Tun Abdul Razak
    H - Tun Hussein
    M - Tun Dr. Mahathir
    A - Datuk Seri Abdullah
    N - Datuk Seri Najib

    M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R Theory (Teori M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R)

    M - Mahathir? Musa? Muhyiddin? Mohd Ali? Muhammad Muhd? Money?????????
    A - Anwar? Ahmad Zahid, Abdul Rahim? Abdul Hadi Awang? Altantuya? ???????
    H - Husam Musa? Hishammuddin? Hang Tuah? Hang Jebat? Hang Siapa? ?????????
    A - ??????????
    T - ??????????
    H - ??????????
    I - ??????????
    R - ?????????

    Why teori MAHATHIR? (Kenapa teori MAHATHIR?)


    Answer coming soon! Subject to endorsement by DYMM SPBYD Agong.
    (Jawapan akan menyusul! Tertakluk kepada DYMM SPBYD Agong perkenankan.)

  31. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    This is probably the 2nd time I am commenting on your blog. Eventhough I do not like some of the comments made by the fellow commenters I feel that they are entitle to their opinion.
    I understand what NA was trying to inform the masses but being a seasoned politician I supposed DAR and MT must have given a thorough thought before they offered themselves for the No. 2 position. Although I cannot give any opinion for MT I feel that as a person, born and bred in Melaka I can see that there has been alot of transformation being done in Melaka since DAR took over as the CM. Check the economic statistics, or else why dont those who belittle him come over to Melaka and see with your own eyes. It easy to denigrate someone elses effort but what have you contribute to make Malaysia or your state or for your own family better, other than whining and making fun of other people's name.

    Gajah Berang Old Boy

  32. Anonymous12:04 pm

    monsterball said...

    I do not support any UMNO crooks.
    Why do you do that?
    I support change of government...period!!
    You walk the talks..supporting change of to change..yet you support Musy?
    What is the ulterior motive?


    For the sake of supporting change of government?

    ....from UMNO crooks to Anwar the Monster crooks!

    Like Monsterball?

  33. Anonymous3:33 pm

    JYoong: His son has hot chicks!..

    Yes & i am so sorry you missed out being one of the hot chooks.

    gajah putih

  34. Anonymous4:38 pm

    "JYoong: His son has hot chicks!.."

    What this fella trying to incite? Stupid chinese you are.


  35. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Untuk UMNO bahagian,

    Seorang Timbalan presiden UMNO pada masa sekarang perlu memiliki kemahiran berbahasa English.Adakah Mat Taib @ Ali Rustam memilikinya?

    Aku tidak pernah melihat Ali Rustam communicate well in English dalam media elektronik atau secara live.Mat Taib? dia dah mengaku tak faham bahasa English di Mahkamah Australia.

    Muhyiddin telah terbukti setelah menjawat jawatan menteri perdagangan.

    Dalam keadaan ekonomi global berada dalam kemelesetan calon2 tersebut perlu memahami selok belok ekonomi dunia.Mat taib dan Ali rustam tidak mempunyai latar belakang ekonomi.. Muhyidin ada kriteria tersebut.

    Dua orang calon (Muhyiddin @ Mat Taib) pernah menjadi Menteri Besar dan juga Menteri pusat kecuali Ali Rustam yang dikenali dulu enggan ke pusat selepas selesa sebagai Ketua Menteri.

    UMNO perlukan seorang Timbalan Presiden yang 'berani' bukan saja terhadap pembangkang tetapi juga didalam UMNO. Muhyiddin telah menunjukkan sifat2 keberaniannya tehadap pemimpin UMNO mahupun pembangkang. Ali Rustam dan Mat Taib hanya tau playsafe jika ianya berkaitan UMNO. Selepas kemelesetan UMNO pd piliharaya ke-12 hanya Muhyiddin yang berani memperkatakan soal-soal kelemahan dan kekurangan UMNO.

    Pencalonan tertinggi Muhyiddin menunjukkan beliau diakui mempunyai sokongan yang asli akar umbi.UMNO perlu mengambil kira pendapat parti komponen yang inginkan 2 jawatan tertinggi dalam UMNO dianggotai oleh yang berkaliber untuk mengembalikan maruah BN.Tersalah pilih, mereka akan mudah dipermainkan oleh pembangkang dalam isu semasa.

    Orang Umbai.

  36. Bro, Nazri speaks logic, but UMNO politics is not all about logic more like defying logic. It defies logic that Abdullah Badawi became Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    Times have changed, the silent majority is watching.This time if UMNO delegates defies logic and the wishes of their Division members and vote for either Ali or Mat Taib for the Timbalan Presiden post, I can bet you the UMNO members will turn against UMNO in the next general election in greater numbers by abstaining from voting, undi rosak or vote for anybody else but UMNO.