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Not anti-English, not pro-Bahasa .. Just politics again!

General March 07, 2009 18:15 PM
Expediate Decision On PPSMI Issue, Abdullah

PUTRAJAYA, Mar 7 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hopes that a decision on the issue of teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) is made immediately to prevent it from becoming a bigger issue. -- BERNAMA

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Tear gas, Smashed Screens and Kote Naga. I was told that the people who took part in today's street protest against the use of English as the medium for teaching Maths and Science in schools included Bangsa Malaysia who neither speak nor respect the national language.

It didn't surprise me. This issue has become yet another political tool for some people. It's got nothing to do with the love of Bahasa Malaysia for I know some of them have none, despite the Government having changed the name Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia. And it's not about concern for the school kids' welfare either (in fact, the Ministry has said that the kids do better in English!).

I was asked if I'd join today's street march against Maths and Science in English. I, in turn, asked my two kids aged 14 and 13. Both pleaded with me NOT to support the switch back to Bahasa Malaysia: The boy: "Ala, tak nak la. Pening. Why do they want to do that?"

The children are the ones who are going to be badly affected if the Government gives in to the illogical demand of the protesters and do another flip-flop here. Therefore, it's great to know that for their kids' sake some parents -- Malay parents who love and respect Bahasa Malaysia -- have started their own blogs h e r e and h e r e to convince us why Maths and Science should continue to be taught in English.

Another parent's take: I am all for the use of English for Maths and Science
and for 18+, read Kote Naga or Why I support learning Math and Sceince in English.

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he participation of top PAS leaders such as its president Hadi Awang and other MPs have raised many eye-brows. Didn't the pro-Pakatan Rakyat supporters say they are now liberal and reasonable politicians?"

Op-Ed: Democracy vs Demo Crazy!

Bibliobibuli agrees with Hisham the Minister, Why raise the issue 6 years after the policy was formulated? here and points us to A Voice's take, Political hypocrics in the opposition against PPSMI


  1. Anonymous6:40 pm


    Agreed with your observation. Some people are looking at the political mileage they will get for opposing the use of English language in Math & Science.

    Some people are taking advantage to use everything to promote hathered such as this moron SUKJ

  2. Anonymous6:49 pm


    Muka yang dahulu tak pernah nampak datang masjid, tiba-tiba datang masjid pulak. Ini kerana nak berjuang tentang bahasa atau nak berpolitik?

    Melayu jadi begini akibat hasutan Anwar Ibrahim dan kuncu-kuncunya. Sedarlah bangsa ku. Jauhi lah diri anda daripada makhluk bernama Anwar Ibrahim ini.







  4. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Many of the participants in the march (or demonstration rather) would probably fall within the targetted group of people referred to in the recent public press statement of HRH Raja Of Perlis and the Sultan of Selangor. They are manipulated by some devious politicians bent on gainging political mileage at the expense of the Nation. We have seen them for too many ywars. This situation would not change faster than the recovery of the global financial crisis. This culture was ingrained in the mindset since the days of the former PM. It works down to language, religion, NEP, education and all spectrum of the Malaysian daily lives. Honestly, these people are not able to differentiate what is black and white. They are horned to oppose for the sake of opposing. UMNO knows what this is all about.

  5. These peoples are the exlusive Malay peoples , they speak very fluent and eloquent english yet they do not want another class of malay speak like their class
    If you list out the back ground of their children both either they are from BN or Pakatan supporter and inc PAS you 'll see their children in english class and most likely study abroad

  6. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Huhhh!! That is truly funny!

    AP Selasa.

  7. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Kalau dulu zaman pre-independent and few years post independent, all goverment school used english as medium for all subjects taught at primary & secondary school. But these people that we know now still good in bahasa.

    But the goverment change for only two subjects!!! why malay so for their children own that their children can master english and its application...nowdays all books are writen in english..if they are not fluent english..they will ignore the knowledge vastly writen in english...then the malay always being knowledge ignorance as we already see. Very little malay interesting reading books. The malay will contiuously weak.

    Nasib melayu ditentukan oleh bangsa melayu sendiri. Kelemahan bangsa melayu adalah disebabkan oleh mereka sendiri.


  8. Anonymous7:29 pm

    the series of madness all started the moment anwar was released from prison


  9. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Alert! Alert!...

    There's trailer out called Toxic Skies, the link is below. In the middle you will find the character refering to Malaysia as the source of a flu plague infesting a town in US.

  10. Anonymous7:38 pm

    What we Malaysian should do, I humbly suggest is for the country to have a referendum, let the common folks decide. Not what the politicians and people with vested interests, like the Chinese/Tamil/Malay vernacular schools forcing the issue to their own narrow needs, and holding the government to ransom. The Minister of Education, without a doubt, has to shoulder some of the blame, for his indecision,but his political conscience tells him to accede to the demands of his party members and the so-called nationalists to remain popular (as the UMNO election is just around the corner) whereas ,his good conscience tells him otherwise, that the country has progress so well with English,etc. etc. So he is in a Catch-22 situation, damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.....The Silent Watcher

  11. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Well,well,well. The 'democratic' right to do whatever they please 'for the love of the country' is once again another stupid ploy by the PR to fool the masses.

    What about Bahasa Baku? Another demonstration for this?

    To hell with those anti-progress devils. Jail them and throw the keys into the lake!


  12. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Deyyy... yennadeee....punggeyyyy.. rocky deeee...piiiiiiiiiii daaaaaaa!!!!!

    - Dicko

  13. When are we going to stand up and start giving this 'low class opportunist racist politician' our piece of mine.

    All these 'Bangsa Malaysia' and 'Against Math & Science In English' campaigner are just a bunch of SICK RACIST!


    They do not care if the unity and country suffers; because they thrive in those condition!!!

  14. They are their own worst enemies, these 'ultra super patriots and nationalists!'

    If they wish to do away with teaching Science & Maths in English, then they must first ensure that English Language (grammar, sentence construction, essay writing, comprehension etc) and English Literature must be made compulsory from Standard 1 to Form 5 & 6.

    And, we must have sufficient teachers with the right qualification, training, commitment and desire to excel to teach English and be fairly rewarded (as in S'pore) in turn. Not the kind who teach Manglish and add an 'isn't it' at the end of every sentence!

    English is the lingua franca of the World and we will effectively be 'cutting our nose to spite our face' if we abandon it completely as it will deny many access to the Internet and from being competitive in a Global Economy.

    Do not use the red herring of those in rural areas not being able to cope with English. All it means is that the Minister and the Ed Dept must focus and allocate more resources and efforts to improve this neglected area.

    I urge all, especially the Malays, to think carefully on this subject instead of indulging in knee-jerk reactions!!

  15. Brother,

    You are among the "elite" few. And the elite few that you are, you are the minority (please understand the whole matter - YOU ARE THE MINORITY!). The majority are those who live in rural areas who have to struggle, and in the end are the ones not benefitting from this PPSMI "bull-shit" crap. And this majority represent the 70% of those students that can't answer in English. You are only in the 30% "elite" group whose kids are fortunate enough to have a father and mother who can speak English at home, and not to mention "blogs" in English.

    Those who went to the streets are those who act not out of interest for politics, they are concerned for those 70% who are left behind, while you elite few are taking advantage over this whole thing.

    The next time you walk into a 7-Eleven store, go pick yourself up a magazine called FORWARD (it's in English - you should be able to understand it easily), flip to pages 56-62, and feed yourself to the datas that had been presented by a Tan Sri Isahak Haron. He's a Tan Sri, his datas should at least mean something, plus he's a Professor too. He's an intelect. And as far as I can remember, Prof. Ungku Aziz is also against this crap PPSMI. And I know well that Prof. Ungku Aziz does not represent any political interest. That my friend should be an eye opener to the "smart" Education Minister who is not even a Professor.

    Here's my dare to you, prove that the Tan Sri is wrong in his data, you go on a long leave go out to the rural areas and conduct your own research, then you come back here and you show me, and them who had walked the streets today that we are all wrong.

    Are you chicken to take up the dare?

  16. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Where is UMNO? The supposedly defender of Malay right? I didn't see them today.

    I am for all support the use of Malay language to teach science & mathematics. Remember, bahsa jiwa bangsa.

    Don't tell me the France, Germany, Korea or Japanese people is lagging behind in science and technology just because they don't use English to teach their school kids.


  17. Anonymous8:08 pm

    I am having difficulty trying to understand what the Government is trying to do. In the early 70s when we had good english teachers and we switched to Bahasa Melayu with the help of sub-standard Malay Language teachers. Today we have trained Malay Language teachers and we are trying to teach science and maths with sub-standard english teachers.

    I am reminded that Language is only a tool. Please do not turn it into an ideology.Ramlax

  18. Anonymous8:11 pm

    I agree. No one seems concerned about the children or their future.

    I am all for my children learning M & S in English. If the teachers find that tough, then they should be retrained.


  19. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Salam Rocky

    Saya seorang melayu yang mengkritik bangsanya sendiri. Saya jelik dan jijik dengan melayu saya sendiri yang tidak membuka minda mempolitikan isu bahasa ini unuk populariti individu sendiri.

    Mereka yang taksub berdemo tadi adalah melayu yang gagal dalam tujuan dan arah bahasa melayu itu sendiri.

    Sasterawan negara serta bijak pandai melayu tadi tidak berdemo,mereka sampaikan bantahan bertulis sahaja dan mereka ini
    bijak pandai.

    Yang berdemo, yang menjerit, yang menganas, yang degil ikut arahan, yang taksub tanpa pedoman adalah melayu yang tidak menggunakan akal yang di anugerah Allah. BIADAP dan KURANG AJAR MELAYU INI. ANDA MEMALUKAN BANGSA MELAYU ITU.

    Sudahlah ada pemimpin yang tidak gunakan akal memerintah negara, perlukah lagi melayu kurang gunakan akal ini mencemar bangsanya sendiri.


  20. and that stupid moron of a Prime Minister was insinuating over TV3 news that Ministry of Education should follow the NGOs demands.
    This stupid Prime Minster should just go and not ruin our life any further.
    Don't ruin the future generation with your stupidity PakLah, enough of us suffering with you as the PM.

  21. Anonymous8:22 pm

    salam bro rocky,

    saya seronok melihat adik ipar yang masih kecil pandai menggunakan English dalam menyelesaikan homework Maths. "senang je", katanya bila saya tanya susah tak belajar dalam English. bagi seorang anak luar bandar seperti dia, saya kagum dengan pencapaian yang saya dapat lihat sendiri ni.

    jadi sekarang, mengapa harus undur ke belakang? teruslah maju ke depan, kuasai pelbagai ilmu untuk kemajuan agama dan negara.

    yang berdemonstrasi tu tolong fikir jauh sikit. adakah anda sedang dipergunakan ahli2 politik yang nak popular semata-mata?

  22. Anonymous8:34 pm


    kebenaran yang pahit..
    couldn't agree more..
    bak kata hishamudin rais,
    amah indon pejuang bahasa sebenar.!

  23. Bro, all this drama has got nothing to do with the future of Malaysia/Malaysians or the love for our Bahasa Kebangsaan.
    This is all about wiping out Dr.Mahathir's legacy.
    I suggest the Ministry of Education conduct a nationwide survey among parents, students and also seek advice from university students pursuing Science and Mathematics-based studies.
    We should not allow IDIOTS to hijack our future for their narrow political agenda.

  24. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Typical la Rocky, these particular 'bangsa malaysia' we know oh so well their true colors and who they really are when push comes to shove!

    Nuke em!

  25. Anonymous9:06 pm

    this is just plain diversion. what the fuck is wrong with us. everytime we take one step foward,some mother fuckers drags us two steps backwards.U can have ur maths n science in malay,coz i dont give a shit anymore."saya dah tidak ambil peduli lagi"............(hatiwaja)

  26. Anonymous9:06 pm


    I support the use of the English language in Math and Science.

    But, before they implement this, did they make the necessary preparation.

    I mean, are the teachers equipped with proficient English language skills.

    The problem with the government on everything is that they are not very thorough on everything they do.

    Jay Bee 2009

  27. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Batu a.k.a Rocky..he.he

    On the same note, Less spin please...It applies to you too!
    'cos IT is Mahathir's programme

    You know the Kampong kids are struggling with the language but nobody fights for them until now!

    Batu Putih

  28. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Malaysia took a very big step backwards when the medium of teaching was switched from English to Bahasa Malaysia. In the old days Bahasa Malaysia is a compulsary subject and you fail the complete exam if you do not passed Bahasa. That is agreeable and well supported by everyone. But one very smart Education Minister had to change the medium of teaching to Bahasa in every subject, so what is the final result? We have students today who cannot compete internationally because the English is so poor, some graduates can hardly speak proper English. Malaysia has taken a very gigantic step backwards. Who should be blame ? damn UMNO thats who should be blamed. Now the teachers cannot even teach in English so they want to revert back to the backward system introduced by no other than the idiotic Education Minister at that time. It has always been UMNO politics that screwup the country. Yes it is POLITICS and POLITICS that has caused the screwup.

  29. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Rocky, what's happenign with our people? Everything want to go street protest. They want to be like Zimbabwe ka? Why dont we sumbat all these people to jail. Can't this issue be discussed in an academic discussion? Everything want to go use it for political mileage. Dah tak ada modal ka. I am sure they dont do it for the love of BM, or for the anti-english..Real Bastards. The government should be more strict with street protesters. They are wasting the majority's time, resources and imposed inconveniences to everyone especially in town. Ptui...

  30. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Dear Bro.,

    I strongly support teaching Math and Science in English. PERIOD!

    No Arguments and No Discussions for the sake of our future generations and Malaysians.

    What have to be improved are the implementations and supportive materials.

    Demonstrations on this issue will not bring us anywhere. It is STUPID. We should join efforts on how to improvise the present teaching in English for Maths and Sciences.

    Thank you
    Srazali Aripin
    Brisbane Australia

  31. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    What a surprise there is not a single chinese registered for standard one (darjah satu) at Sekolah kebangsaan USJ20 this year. Young Chinese bigots are flocking and cramping the Chinese Vernacular School this year, so do Tamil Bigots, they are flocking and cramping their Tamil vernacular schools. Good news, Young Malays have lead advantage in mastering english. I hope ruling government will force the young chinese and tammil to learn Science and mathematics in their mother tongues and maintain that the malays who study in sekolah kebangsaan to learn mathematics and science in english. In ten years we are going to have level plying fields or infact leap frogging advantage to compete with the local chinese and tamil for pieces of global economy and global diplomacy. GO TO HELL WITH ANWAR and his GOONS for trying to deprive the malays of this global opportunity. May dogs piss on his and his goons graves upon their demise.

    I spit at you Anwar.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  32. Anonymous10:02 pm


    These Gabungan Hapuskan PPSMI is a joke. I don't think any of them ever studied science or mathematics, much less in English.

    Be that as it may it has made an unholy alliance of Dong Jio Zong and the Tamil Foundation, what great sleeping partners they are. In other circumstances these racist groups would be at each other's throats.

    Now for the pejuang Bangsa Melayu, why the hell are you so focussed on the national schools where 60 per cent of the medium of instruction is in BM, while only 40 per cent in English.

    If you are really pejuang Bahasa why not focus on the vernacular schools, where less than 20 per cent of intruction is in Malay.

    LESS than 20 per cent! Gapena can you count, you idiot. Maybe you need to learn some mathematics, you jerks.

    Why not march and require the Chinese and Tamil schools, which produce tens of thousands high school graduate who cannot speak BM , except pasar Malay, which you do not need to go to school to learn.

    You bunch of hypocrites. Now what kedaulatan bahasa melayu are you talking about.

    And dont give me the bullshit about rural kids having problem. You think rural kids are stupid? Don't patronise them, you idiot.

    A survey at a rural schools showed that overwhelming majority of students want to learn maths and science in English. And they could include anak cucu orang Gapena. Hah!

    How many of you Gapena members are from the kampungs? Some of you can even speak English.

    If you want to improve the stature of BM, you idiots should get vernacular schools to really accept that BM is the national language, and not a third language as is now.

    What kedaulatan Bahasa Malaysia is that?

    Dont go after easy target like national schools because Anwar told you so.

    Incidentally, it was Anwar as the student leader at University Malaya who went round with a can of paint to paint over all English signboards on campus. Now you know where the rot start.

    Look at the politicians leading the demonstration, and folks, you are looking at the future of Malaysia because many people are so stupid and blindled by their politics that they do not mind their kids being screwed up as long they win.

    BTW this will surely guarantee the Malays remain where they are. Why would Dong Jioa Zong be so happy to collaborate anyway?


  33. It really depends on who you talk to. As far as I know it is 50-50.

  34. Anonymous10:15 pm

    I fully support teaching Maths & Science in English. The problem are not with the language, they are young so it's not the problem. The real problem are incompetent teacher, implementation and other technical aspect.

    Some people said rural area has the problem, do they have any research to prove it? I had an opportunity to visit a school in rural area in Kedah that have excellent in English, who are children of fisherman, rubber tapper and other kerja kampung. They can do well in class but another school that in the same district have problem. After study made the conclusion was the implementation and method of teaching. The headmaster not take serious about it.

    So please fix the problem! Go to the problem not bakar all kelambu!
    Matematik itu Mudah, Sains itu Indah!

  35. I just got back from Gua Musang only to hear news of what happened to the thousands of GMP (Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI) demonstrators as they marched peacefully toward the Istana Negara. I am astonished at the way they have been treated. Was it necessary to tear gas Malay teachers and linguists, and a 76 year-old national laureate?

    This government appears to be no longer capable of dealing with the rakyat without the use of force. This comes at the end of a week in which the Executive Branch has violated fundamental principles of the Constitution, and deployed the instruments of state against elected representatives of the people. A government sworn to uphold the Constitution now tramples upon it, and sets itself against the rakyat it was elected and appointed to serve.

    Umno is utterly alienated from its meaning, purpose and spirit. No longer the party of the Malay schoolteacher but of the power that directs water cannons and teargas at them. No longer the grassroots party of the Malays, but of opportunists who hide behind the Rulers while they fan hatred between the people.

    -Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah-

  36. Languages
    Why restrict one's learning process?
    The more one acquires
    The more advantages one will get

    Never learn one language
    It brings you nowhere
    Look at the Chinese
    Now they learn English
    You think they want to fall behind?

    The short sighted of many
    It isn't about race and language
    It is about politics
    It is the way one is tricked

    I mean stand in the world stage
    Where will one be?
    Even Thais and Japanese
    They mastered English
    They don't want to fall backwards

    Don't stick to one
    It never brings you real progress
    Believe me one needs many
    In this borderless world

  37. Anonymous10:24 pm

    THE CAR IN YOUR BLOG DESERVED TO BE SMASHED ANYWAY. Kita tahu siapa yang empunya, so be it after all who ever utilize the vehicle is irresponsible as they know even the crowd set fire on it they couldn't care less as it is not theirs.
    Stop bragging that you have clever clever kids - in BM budak memandai mandai- don't have to use them to convince people. If you wish to send them to UK, USA or Zimbabwe - may God bless you.
    People want their voice to be heard, that's it!!! NVG 3rd Gene.

  38. Tuan,

    Saya mewakili ramai ibu bapa di taman perumahan saya dan saya yakin ramai lagi di luar sana yang memang menharapkan PPSMI tidak ditukar balik. Saya mendapati pelajaran Sains dan Matematik anak saya tidak menurun dengan berbahasa Inggeris walaupun Baba mereka ornag kampung. Saya berada di sana dari tengah hari hingga ke petang. Apa yang saya dapati hanyalah sekitar 20,000 orang. Kebanyakannya fanatik Pas & PKR yang memang suka berdemontrasi dari zaman Anwar dipenjara. Ini belum termasuk orang awam seperti saya dan pelancong asing yang merakamkan adengan "circus". Persoalannya, adakah kerjaan akan mendengar permintaan dari golongan kecil pendemontrsi tegar ini atau golongan majoriti "silent citizen" seperti tuan dan saya. Fikirkanlah.

  39. Rocky!
    My sister was a victim of an education system under Education Minister Khir Johari. When Khir decided to switch the language from English to Bahasa, my sister until now could not converse in English although she can understand it. Education is also about conditioning.
    I was lucky in many ways, since mine was the last English system to be taught in school, thanks to the system I can now spell the word Glenlivet and understood what it means! Cheers buddy! Lets go to war for some excitement, at least we can read the weapon manual in English!

  40. Syabas Rocky,

    I fully agree with you that Science and maths should be taught in English, or maybe even Arabic but never in Malay.

    The Malays had never been a race of mathematicians or scientists, so they don't even have one original Malay word in science and mathematics. Even the title word Sains and Matematik is an English word, depa tukak ejaan je.

    I will give you an example that shows the stupidity of the Malay language in Maths:

    Square is Segi Empat Sama, and
    Rectangle is Segi Empat Tepat.

    I was arguing with my primary school kid, I told hin "tepat" means perfect, so Segi Empat Tepat should be a perfect square. But my kid was right, it is a rectangle and Segi Empat Sama is a square. Dont you think its very confusing, let alone you need three words to denote a square.

    Bahasa Melayu is good for satera, syair, sajak and gurindam but never for science and maths.

    This the first time I'm agreeing with you since you became a paid-blogger.

  41. Anonymous10:51 pm


    Thousands of FREE ONLINE sites on MATHS and SCIENCE (in BI)to help our children in these two subjects for reference and revision at home.

    I dont need to send my children to attend extra classes or buy additional workbooks... you can get all this at a click of the button.. Financially and time wise, it helped us so much.

    Can these protesters guarantee that they WILL make available all necessary materials/references and ensure latest developments on MATHS and SCIENCE updated daily Free online in BM?


  42. Anonymous10:53 pm

    "...included Bangsa Malaysia who neither speak nor respect the national language."

    Just say it rocky! Just say it! So we know who YOU really are!


  43. Anonymous10:54 pm

    I remembered Prof Diraja Engku Aziz once said and I quote "Pendidikan bukan bolasepak yang boleh ditendang ke sana dan ke sini".

    Let politics be played in other parts of life but not in education.

    I think our politicians has done a great job in other fields. Hey.. just look at Perak and you will surely understand their achievements.

    And to all the politicians concerned PLEASE STOP playing this issue according to your whims and fancies.

    I am a teacher and I agree with the implementation of PPSMI.


  44. I was suprise with the Malays and guess what! A.Samad Said was there!. What on earth he doing, Has he lost his mind?. We are talking about A.Samad Said the repected 'Sasterawan Negara'. He tooks years to build his reputation as what he is today and he destroy it in hours just like what Shanon Ahmad did.His image may be hight up to the moon in the Pakatan Rakyat and Some NGO's but the facts is how on earts do we ordinary Malaysian and school children whant to respect and adore him? We do not want another 'BABI' novel to hit the streets. I have seen A .Samad Said walking down the KL Klang Bus Stand, Subang Jaya etc and I was amazed with his personality but A. Samad Said tell me what is wrong learning Maths and Science in English? I learn Maths and Science in English and I can still count in Bahasa,still speak Bahasa fluently. I still wear Bju Melayu and songkok even if I talk to my non Malaysian friends. SO what Pak Samad what is wrong with english?. Bahasa Melayu is a speaking language not oringinally a written languange. We borrowed Jawi to write Bahasa. We do not have originally in writting bahasa alphabet, correct me if I m wrong. Hindi, Chinese, English and some African tribes have their own identity in writing but not us Malays. We always borrowed even words form Arabs, Hindu etc. So what is wrong teaching English and Science in English. We are just borrowing English as usual to improve our knowledge and to compete internationally in Maths and Science and aint that good or it is just that you and the rest who Demo have children with short tounge unable to pronounce 'R' and'L'. Try saying this 'rrrrrrrrr'. Please fight for the right thing on the right platform.

  45. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Siapa yang mulakan protest ni ?

    Parti mana ?

    Let us know Rocky if you have the info...

  46. Anonymous11:22 pm

    apa yang you tulis tu rocky - it is not politic lah, it is about english lah!!! i know that you are malay but you yourself hate to write or talk in malay.


  47. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I first came in contact with Thai Govt officers way back in the 60's. Very few of them could speak plausible English. I had to communicate via interpreters. In the late 70's I was once again had the opportunity to work closely with the Thais. This time around I did not have to use interpreters as most of them could speak good English. The teaching of maths and science in Thai schools remained in the Thai language.
    In '76 to '77 I attended a one year course in Bandung. Some of the lectures used English text books. I had an additional task by becoming English translators to my Indonesian colleauges.
    16 years later I attended a conference in New Delhi and one of my Indonesian colleauges was also there. What surprised me was that he actively participated in the various discussion in fluent and effective English. Yet Maths and Science continue to be taught in the Indonesian language.
    I wonder whether these two subjects are taught in English in Japan and South Korea where technologically they are already so well advanced.
    Teach English in subjects that pupils can practice the language both written and spoken like English literature. It's often found that those pupils good in Maths and Science generally are not good in communication in whatever lanuage.
    Let's stick to Bahasa Melayu in these two subjects that at least will contribute to ensuring that the sense of belonging to one nation persists.
    With the ongoing political fiasco and the comedy of error that has been taking place, let's not pollute the situation further and turn this beautiful country into a failed state.
    So says Dzulman from Shah Alam.

  48. Anonymous11:43 pm


    Kawan sepejabat kata di Sekolah Cina murid akan diajar Sains & Mat (S&M) dlm bahasa Inggeris. Mereka ada kelas S&M dlm bahasa Cina. Jadi murid akan lebih faham S&M.

    Kalau Sekolah Kebangsaan buat yg sama tentu murid tidak ketinggalan dlm BI, S&M sekali.

    Win-Win solution.

    Just my thoughts.

    Nani, Cheras

  49. rocky can you please check for us whether the percentage science and math scores throughout the nation has increased for these kids? Also how does the urban and rural kids compared against each other?

    Why does the Japanese, Korean, Germans, French, teach their kids in their own languages and not English?


    We need any language more than just to communicate
    Especially one to acquire knowledge and disseminate
    Let's not waste time to slowly and fully contemplate
    Whether we want progress or pride to resuscitate

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030309
    Tue. 3rd Mar. 2009.

  51. Anonymous11:59 pm

    You must be out of touch with the Malays, especially those who are in the kampung. True. PPSMI has become a political tool. Although many in UMNO do not believe that PPSMI improves English, Math and Science for many students, they still keep up with it because their political party is for PPSMI.
    Rocky, blog less and listen more to the kampong people who don't blog.

    Kampung Seri Iskandar

  52. Anonymous12:02 am

    so what are you trying to say is that it's okay for UMNO to hold demonstrations condemning PR for the Perak fiasco alleging that PR were disrespectful to the Sultan & Raja (it's not just politcs eh?)

    ...but it's not okay for others to hold demonstration to voice certain issues for whatever that issue might be..

    i'm not pro-opposition or a pro-BN supporter but obviously your post here is obviously biased and although you are entitled to say such things since it's your blog, but unfortunately i would have to disagree with you on this one..sorry mate...

  53. Anonymous12:05 am

    It is unfair to say that those joined the demonstration today have political motives when tthey themselves don't speak Malay language. I should have no problem with PPSMI, my daughter speaks and understands English very well BUT I strongly support the motion AGAINST PPSMI because I have to think of my fellow relatives and many more kampung folks who hardly understands English. That will limit their learning process. Use English if you like in PE lesson, sports, music which have less importance rather than in Maths and Science. At least have some mercy on those who needs knowledge, not just think of ourselves whom English is common. It is now time for us to start thinking about others especially those who are less fortunate. There are many of such. Let them have easy access to knowledge at that young age. Don't make foreign language as barrier.

  54. Anonymous12:07 am

    hampa duk bandar, pikirlah sikit orang kg.Mana ada gred subjek ni improve... itu marking pakai graf la tu. Tapi saya sokong juga belajar dlam BI ni, biar padan depa yg tak pandai tu.

  55. Anonymous12:11 am

    Again people fail to see the real issue. Its the quality of our schools and our teachers; not the medium used.
    Although I am no fan of Dr M he was right in that the English medium is the standard language for technology and science.
    Our students who do not master English are unemployable in a global economy.
    But we also have a situation where our teachers are poor at teaching in EnglishM
    It is rather sad to see government officials and civil servants not being able to communicate to an international audience.
    It is time to take politics out of the classroom and focus on actual delivery of a education system befitting a globalised world.

  56. Politic can happen in everyway and any form.
    In school, we also got politic, in working place, we also got politic, in business world, we also got politic. In your blog, u also talk about politic.
    Therefore, what's the big deal for this antiPPSMI also involve with political tools?
    Don't condemn for the sake of condem!
    Don't b'coz you yourself is pro BN and therefore whicever orgn oppose to BN policy will be consider as political motivated!

    What's the ground for the govt to continue with PPSMI? Speak with fact and data! Don't just simply shoot without direction!

  57. Anonymous12:33 am

    Place: Science lab.
    Time: 8.45am
    Subject: Biology

    Teacher: Anu-ar, what is 'main bontot?'
    Anu-ar: Sodomy...just like me!!

    Lesson of the day: Learning science in English is fun. And it rhymes too!

  58. Anonymous12:41 am

    Too many stupid and narrow minded Malays in this country now ..

    You can make an advanced if you can change your mentality and attitude..

    The Spirit of Freedom

  59. Anonymous1:13 am

    Why don't we accept the fact that this UMNO-BN govt screwed up the educational system in this country.
    It took a long time for these nationalists to realize that Bahasa Malaysia is worth 2ct, once you leave the shore of this unimportant peninsular. Using the English language to teach Science and Maths is not of want but, out of necessity. UMNO goons are not that generous to reintroduce English if BM can be use as a substitute.

  60. Anonymous1:52 am


    PPSMI ni Tun nya idea pasai tu hang sokong..Tapi hang pikiaq la budak-budak luaq bandaq sama,depa tu susah nak faham dah la cikgu yang mengajaq pon tak baguih english pastu nak ajaq budak-budak ulu ni dalam english..aduyaiii..Kalau nak bagi anak melayu mahir english bukan nya cara belajar sains dan matematik dalam english..Aku tak pernah dengar profesor bijak pandai mana dok habaq macam tu..Kita yang bijak pandai sekarang ni pun sekolah rendah dulu belajaq matematik dan sains dalam BM saja.Bro rocky ni terer english pasai belajar matematik dan sains dalam english ka masa sekolah rendah dulu??..Nak menguasai english bagi la anak-anak melayu di sekolah kebangsaan dengan teknik pembelajaran bahasa inggeris yang tinggi standard nya dengan menyediakan cikgu-cikgu bahasa yang terbaik bukannya dengan belajar matematik dan sains dalam bahasa inggeris..Ni semua politik ja lebih..Aku tension betoi dengan pemerintah sekarang ni tak pernah nak dengar majoriti rakyat yang tak suka PPMSI ni..Benda ni patutnya dah lama dah dihentikan tapi pasai idea TUN punya pasai semua pakat tak bani takut orang tua tu kecik hati..podahhh..bekas timbalam menteri pelajaran datuk Mahazir Khir dalam astro awani semalam pun cakap dia tak setuju dari dulu lagi dengan PPSMI ni tapi kerajaan lemah tak reti nak bertindak.Kalau dah dah tak tau nak nak buat camna elok la tu tunggu pilihanraya sekali lagi baru nak tau kot..MANGKOKKK HAYUNN nyer menteri pelajaran.

  61. Anonymous1:57 am

    i think the whole world should speak Malay. hehehehehehe

  62. Anonymous1:58 am

    Jangan jadi bodoh lah, aku dulu belajar Sains & Math dalam bahasa Melayu dan dapat anugerah pelajar terbaik dalam Sains, tiada masalah. Masalahnya bukan soal bahasa tapi soal motivasi, soal keyakinan diri, soal tabiat. Kalau balik rumah bapak tengok bola anak tengok Akademi Fantasia, mak tengok Melodi, belajar pakai bahasa apa pun tak boleh majukan sains dan matematik.

    Isu ini menunjukkan ketidakfahaman masyarakat pada isu, tidak jelas tentang matlamat, hendak belajar bahasa Inggeris atau belajar Sains & Matematik? Apa yang jadi sekarang adalah mengasingkan budaya sains dan matematik dari bahasa Melayu. Akibatnya, cita-cita hendak membudayakan sains dan matematik dalam bangsa Melayu akan jadi angan-angan kosong kerana bahasa Melayu tidak dapat lagi dikaitkan dengan Sains & Matematik. Kalau Ungku Aziz yang profesor itu menolak pembelajaran Sains & Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris yang lebih faham tentang sains & matematik, kenapa pula kita memandai? Ini sama seperti kes di Perak, tiba-tiba sahaja ramai yang menjadi pakar dalam perlembagaan.


  63. Anonymous2:05 am

    Malaysians has gone crazy or what ???

    this is pure stupidity!!!!!!


  64. Anonymous2:09 am

    spare some thought for kg people folks.people in east coast and all over the kg,be it malay,chinese or indian.
    learn from the french and japs.

    all of us here are from the urban area,so we dont know hoe they feel.go to the kg and see for yourselves.
    if it does not bother us,we will say what is wrong,if it hit us,we start complaining till lembu balik rumah.

    i support the use of bahasa,but teach also other languages.

    new gen.

  65. Anonymous2:17 am

    Hey, why only Science and Math?
    We also need to use English to learn Bahasa Malaysia.

    MOE, please change your outdated syllabus to teach Bahasa Malaysia subject in English.

    And then, why bother to use Malay name, just change your name permanently to Stylish English name.. err example from Ahiruddin to Rocky...

    Also it is weird that the Malays use the word "Bahasa Malaysia" instead of "Bahasa Melayu".

    Look the examples below

    In Great Britain - They using English Language (Why they not use Great Britain Language as they also including scottish, Irish etc)

    Is it true that "Bahasa menunjukkan Bangsa"?

  66. Anonymous2:23 am

    "Therefore, it's great to know that for their kids' sake some parents -- Malay parents who love and respect Bahasa Malaysia -- have started their own blogs h e r e and h e r e to convince us why Maths and Science should continue to be taught in English."

    Ini ibubapa orang bandar , apa pula suara ibubapa melayu luar bandar yang tak ada komputer


  67. Anonymous2:31 am

    Melayu yang tidak yakin pada bahasanya sendiri. Menyedihkan. Tengok dalam perniagaan... kenapa ramai graduan Melayu tidak dapat kerja? Mereka kata kerana Inggeris, sebenarnya itu hanya daun sahaja, akarnya adalah kerana ramai Melayu yang tidak berani berniaga. Dan apabila ramai melayu yang takut berniaga dan peniaga kebanyakkannya datang dari kaum bukan Melayu. Graduan Melayu akan menjadi pilihan terakhir dalam sebuah perniagaan, walaupun hebat mana Inggerisnya.

    Masalahnya bukan bahasa Inggeris, tetapi orang Melayu yang hebat berbahasa Inggeris ini sebenarnya pengecut! Tidak berani keluar berniaga dan hanya tahu makan gaji. Makan gaji dari siapa? Dari bukan Melayu.

    Dalam Malaysia ini, dengan 65% bumiputera, bahasa Inggeris tidak diperlukan jika orang Melayu itu berani, berani berniaga, berani ambil risiko, berani bekerja kuat. Tetapi sayang, orang Melayu berada dibawah telunjuk orang lain. Isu bahasa Inggeris ini hanyalah daun sahaja, akarnya permasalahan adalah kegagalan orang Melayu itu sendiri. Malah, bahasa Mandarin lebih utama dari bahasa Melayu itu. Tidak percaya? Tengok invois dari syarikat, bahasa apa yang ada, pertama Inggeris, kedua Mandarin, mana bahasa Melayu? Orang yang jahil akan mengatakan sebab itulah kita kena belajar bahasa Inggeris. Tetapi itu adalah masalah daun, masalah utamanya adalah perniagaan itu, jika Melayu bekerja kuat membina perniagaan dan mempegang kuasa ekonomi, hendak letak bahasa Kadazan/arab/asli pun tiada masalah.

    Masalahnya bukan bahasa Inggeris, tetapi orang Melayu yang hebat berbahasa Inggeris ini sebenarnya pengecut! Tidak berani keluar berniaga dan hanya tahu makan gaji. Makan gaji dari siapa? Dari bukan Melayu.


  68. Anonymous2:32 am


    Dalam satu tahun ni dah berapa demonstrasi?

    Kesian mereka ni. Segalanya cuba sedaya upaya nak rampas KUASA.

    The next time, jangan bagi water canon. Sembur dengan taik babi, baru padan muka.(Bahan boleh diperolihi dari Negeri Selangor dan Kedah).

    Yang lari lintang pukang pun senang sikit nak ditangkap..


  69. Tuan2 dan Puan2 yang mintak simpati untuk anak2 kita di kampung, seolah-olah budak kampung tak pandai dan tak boleh pandai, tolonglah jangan angkuh sangat hanya sebab anda ni orang bandar. Tak payah simpati pasal budak2 ni pandai belaka. Saya ramai anak2 sedara, sepupu duapupu dan ipar duai di solok dan di ulu beb .. genius2 belaka. Kalau Math dan Sain diajar dalam BI, diorang score beb. Dalam BM pun diorang score jugak. Bezanya satu aje: kita nak diorang jadi jaguh kampung atau jaguh global. Kalau nak anak Malaysia jadi world class, kita biasakan diorang dengan bahasa global beb.

    Tengok orang2 kita dulu, hampir semuanya exposed to English. Terer semacam walaupun datang dari ulu dan solok. Especially those before the Arabization of our education system by some Pak Sheihs ...

    And Pak Sako,

    Aku tak de pun tanya Tun Dr M pasal benda ni. Macam posting aku lah .. aku tanya anak2 sendiri. Diorangnya cikgu pun struggle jugak dalam Bahasa Inggeris, but they are all -- kids and teachers -- making sure progress.

  70. Anonymous2:46 am

    Dear Rocky..,

    Awat hang tak gi pusing Malaysia pi kampung-kampung pinggir bandar dan kampung luar bandar tengok ngan mata sendiri tentang hal bahasa ni?

    Hang dok pikiaq budak bandar aje.., tak aci lah kalo camtu, Hang pi la tanya guru-guru kampung luar bandar, tanyalah depa berapa peratus bebudak tu faham dalam Sains dan matematik?

    Zaman dulu tengok bape kerat orang Melayu boleh pegi jauh bila sekolah guna sepenuhnye bahasa nie? Hang kira lah sendiri.. bape kerat benor yang lepas..

    Hang salah seorang yang terlepas, tapi cuba hang toleh tengok.. bape ramai kekawan hang yang tersadai sampai lar ni sebab bahasa ni..

    Hang pikiaq sendiri lar.. Janganlah sebab hang pandai cakap omputih sikit hang nak kondem orang melayu lain bodoh dan malas..


  71. Anonymous2:57 am

    Hadi Awang was there? I didn't know that ... Siol!

  72. I forgot to mention which edition of Forward, it's the February 2009 - Teaching in English - Who has benefitted?

  73. This one is for Mike.

    You seriously don't know a thing about the history of the Arabs do you?

    Were the Arabs mathematicians and scientists before the era of Islam? No, they were NOBODY. A NOBODY who lived in the deserts and with no special knowledge in technology. During the time of Islam, the Prophet SAW had encouraged the Arabs to further knowledge and get as much as they can from the civilizations around them, including China. So they sent people to be scholars in the knowledge and come back translate the knowledge into Arabic. Hence now, if you look carefully, influence of the Arabic language still exists in today's tecnological terms and examples are: Alameda (the star), Alcohol, Algebra, Almagam.

    Malaysians should learn from the Arabs, how they learn and transfered technology to be their own and further advance it.

    PPSMI only benefitted the elite few...not the rural masses. But hey, this is Malaysia, the elite few are the ones creating and imposing the policies around here, wrecking the lives of the majority.

  74. Anonymous4:23 am

    Shame on you Bro!

    Called youself a journalist (investigative?).. but failed to see the problems faced by the common people..teachers and students alike.

    Go to smaller town or less urban areas (mana kampong tempat anda dilahirkan?) and dare you to come up with a survey instead of quoting your kids opinions..

    Keep on spinning mate and forever bodek your masters..

    A real typical product of NST-brainwashed.

  75. Anonymous4:37 am

    Ramai orang tak faham kenapa ramai pejuang bahasa termasuk ahli akedemik tidak menyokong PPSMI dan anggap mereka hanya kuda tunggangan politik sahaja.

    Saya sarankan pembaca dapatkan edisi e-book percuma buku ini kenapa mereka bantah PPSMI untuk tahu alasan yang sebenarnya.

    Judul: Mengapa Kami Bantah PPSMI (Edisi Kedua)
    Penyusun: Profesor Emeritus Dr. Abdullah Hassan

    Saiz: 6″ x 9″
    Penerbit: Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia Pengedar: PTS Publications & Distributors Sdn. Bhd. (Tel: 03-6188 0316 E-mel:
    Format Buku:
    Fizikal: RM15 (Beli dengan PTS di
    E-book: PERCUMA (Download di


  76. Anonymous4:57 am

    salam + hi rocky,
    this is my 2nd comment in your blog.
    like i mentioned earlier, i'm a phd student in math at scotland.oh my god! this is just a political issue..the main director as well as producer is anwar.
    i support the english usage in both science and mathematics.
    one could comprehend pretty fast upon say, calculus/functional analysis/differential equation theory etc if her/his english is averagely ok..but that doesn't suggest he/she has already deleted the culture or the malay language itself.
    mathematics is the queen of's a tool for any kind of field, including,in a study of language. i can tell a whole bottle of benefit why learning mathematics in english is so damn important in order to upgrade the malaysia's r&d..i was invited to attend prof di raja ungku aziz talk about 'sci & math in english' before i came to scotland...we can't compare our hardwork with the japanese/korean etc because we know how malas we are.

    i'm so upset what anwar has drugged to certain of people..

    itu brother upah indon lagi kah utk buat demo?

    ---Malay PhD(in Math)at Scotland---

  77. Anonymous6:38 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I used to love and proud of Bahasa Malaysia. But I stopped reading/applying Bahasa after secondary school because:

    a. The language is not properly uses even now in TVs and newspapers;
    b. All my college's study materials/references were in English;
    c. A lot of contents in Bahasa especially by MSMs were racist (they still are).

    I believe this protest is not about protecting the language. It is the PAS's way to emulate UMNO's mob protests using ever sensitive "Melayu" issues. And here it is proven that the Police is ever lenient/supportive to UMNO's mob protest but not to others.

    Thank you, ChoonLee.

  78. Anonymous7:26 am

    I'm a Chinese and when I did my SPM Bahasa Malaysia (it was called Melayu then), I got C3 and my oral test was good. In other words, when I was studying, I did better than Malays in their own language and outdid them in English (both SPM grade and Cambridge O level measure). I may not speak as fluently, know the 'kinks' of the language but I did write better and speak more proper Bahasa. Point? If education now becomes political, about 'protecting' and what not instead of 'the best'. If it becomes from 'to provide the best' to 'provide politically right', then politicians have got their priority wrong. BTW, I was told it was Anwar that pushed the change from Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu...

  79. I am vehemently against teaching Science and Maths in Bahasa Melayu. But I think the action by the police using those tear gases and upon old people like Sasterawan Negara was equally stupid. They should just let the mob go and handover whatever it was that they wanted to hand over, and thereafter ignore them. It’s not like they were going to storm the Bastille or bring down a government or something. They were just schoolteachers and pak lebais. Well, not counting the many Pakatan provocateurs there who were delighted with the opportunity of demos laa.

    The following are excerpts I had written in Deminegara’s blogsite regarding this issue, paraphrased for the consumption of the RockyBru gang..

    The only way one can excel in Science and Mathematics in the global participation of these disciplines and bypassing the use of English is via translations. (The other alternative: to produce original scientific ideas, literature and technological products totally in-situ and in Bahasa Malaysia is totally and ridiculously wishful thinking, and I don’t care if anyone tells me I am unpatriotic when I say that).

    But believe me, the scientific world out there is a tad more involved than a tingkatan-1 Penunu Bunsen. The rate of production of Scientific ideas, ergo the scientific terminologies that accompany them, is very copious---much more than the rate at which one can translate them. There are scientific terms which haven’t even been translated yet.

    I was once tasked by DBP to translate two text books for use in our local universities: one in Civil Engineering and the other in Plant Physiology. After several months of toiling, we completed them, only to receive the announcement by the ministry that both books are no longer used in university curricula: they are outdated. Heck, let’s not talk about new books. New editions of the same book are coming out almost every other year. What are we to do then. Keep translating?

    And let me share with you something I found out regarding these university translators: some of them, it’s as though they would like their excellence to be measured by the amount of translations they do and the sophisticatedness of their trans-literation works. Oh yes, they might be able to come up with a whole volume of “Relativistic Quantum Fields” and are already perhaps in the discipline of High Energy Physics. They’ll come up with flowery scientific translations of words alright but to come up with a single contribution in that field, haram jadah!!

    Anyway, what I want to know is this. What’s wrong with Ultra Violet or Floppy Disks? Why must we use Ultra Lembayung or Cakra Liut? Do we want to communicate or impress? If the former, then to whom? If the latter, then to whom? Or could it be that, deeply entrenched in our psyches, Science and all its relatedness, is an internal issue: a closed-form discipline that no outsiders should interfere, where we can brag and impress our like-minded kampong audiences, too chicken and too little to even stand on the same platforms as world workers in that discipline? where in a totally bahasa-dominated scientific scenario we are King of the Hill, and perhaps elated by the false feelgood fact that outsiders cannot even begin to criticize and comment our “scientific” treatises in our own language, much like how in the olden days the DAPs were stumped by Anwar Ibrahim’s gabs in parliament where he laced his orations with semi-arabic malay vocabularies and they couldn't even know when to even interject? Do we feel that there is no need to exchange discoveries and ideas with the outside world?

    But wait a minute, I hear some say. Isn’t it true that the Russians, the Japanese, the Chinese, all have their own languages that teach the entire Science and Mathematics? And yet they can excel?

    Well this is where some people have taken it wrongly, you see. These countries excel because they already have a mass of scientific workers sustaining the discipline from within. Russia already have their Nikolai Teslas, the Germans their Albert Einsteins, the Japanese their Heidi Yukawas, the Chinese their Tsung Dao Lees contributing greatly towards the fundamentals of global Scientific knowledge. It’s different from our case here in Malaysia. We can’t just forever quote Zul the garage mechanic who comes up with the automatic windshield wiper (already published as hobbyist works in Popular Mechanics) to justify that we CAN bypass English now. Scientific education is still very much dependent on foreign sources, and the longer it takes for us to admit this, the harder the casualty is going to be.

    Before English was “accepted” as the default language of Science and Mathematics, copious scientific discoveries and papers were already written in various languages, most notably German and Russian. And even before that, during the “dark ages” of Europe, Arabic was the lingua franca of Science. Works by al Jauzi, al-Biruni, Ibn Sina, Ibn Firnas, ar-Razi and others had to be fervently translated into the European languages lest they lag behind in progress and still kept in the dark … ages.

    So yes, English may not always have been the language of choice in high education, but then something happened historically, and we just cannot ignore history. After the end of the 2nd world war, there was an exodus of scientific minds, notably from Europe, to the United States of America. Suddenly, European scientists already working in their respective fields of excellence had to convey their ideas in English for acceptance by their newly-found land-of-plenty. The rest, of course, is history: America (and the rest of the English world) now claims that Rocket Technology, Space Travels, Nuclear Fission, Quantum Theory, are all the byproduct of the English mind. That is as far from the truth as Hugh Hefner is to a Catholic Sainthood.

    And we want to revert back to using Bahasa for Science and Mathematics which, in the first place, was never meant to be anyway? How does that sound? Heck, 50 years ago perhaps we probably thought the word “mine” solely means “saya punya”, prompting the translation of the poster for the movie “Enemy Mine” as …. Musuh ku!! No! I don’t fee like laughing. I feel like weeping.

    We must not use Bahasa Malaysia as the choice of medium in the education of Science and Mathematics simply because the language has never been a scientific language ever since Hang Tuah and his five comrades came out of puberty and chased those lanuns on the shores of Selat Melaka to kingdom come. In order to incorporate the Sciences in Bahasa Malaysia, we would have to increase the size of our Kamus Dewan to twice its present volume and even that is an understatement. It’s too far ahead to catch up. Too many resources will be wasted to do this catching up, and it would be wiser instead to just hop on the wagon of already existing scientific language and just sail away.

    But more succinctly stimulating is the following clotheless-emperor question: is excelling in English, irrespective of whatever discipline one is in, a sign of a decrease in Patriotism to our nation?

    No, because we need people who are versant in the language to argue for our case, and bring forthwith to the world on where we stand on issues that are dear to us Malaysians. Case in point: Kijangmas (Deminegara) himself. How much of Kijang-mas’ (sorry: there are many others in the blogosphere who command the language excellently as well. Too numerous to mention.) ideas can be conveyed in this new cyberspace if he had not written things in English? By just only using bahasa, he would probably be reduced to another Sayuti Omar or Faizal Tehrani, frequently lost in the global picture of multi-lingual readerships but adored only within the confines of the Bahasa audience, irrespective of how factual or how sensical their analysis could be. Don’t get me wrong. These writers are good. Darn good. But only within the boundaries of the Bahasa-speaking readerships that they can be realized for the true worth that they are.

    What would happen if our leaders do not have the required degree of acumen and articulation (read: tak reti cakap omputih) in international platforms to argue for our country? We would lose more than just Batu Putih, believe me. See, people can be patriotic in excelling in an international language. It is wrong to label them as a bygone remnant of colonial thinking.

    Teaching Science and Mathematics in English will in no way reduce our young students to ungrateful bigots of Modern Tanggangs. In fact, if in turn these young people were to become internationally acclaimed scientists one day, through their exposure and training in a language which every other international scientist use, who then will claim pride, if not us Malaysians?

  80. Anonymous7:46 am

    Setuju rocky, ni semua mainan politik B.A.B.I & konco2. Bapak sedara aku yng ambik MCE kat kampung tahun 1974, ok jer..takde masalah, infact his English & BM much better compared to those who take SPM nowadays. Jiwa tetap melayu. I even asked my son, nephew and nieces about the idea of reverting to BM on Maths & science subjects. They said "susahla macamni...nak kena revise subjects kot BM pula. We are very comfortable now"

    B.A.B.I & konco2 memang suka "pandang belakang'


  81. Anonymous8:22 am

    In 70s, Malaysia Edu is among the advanced in developing countries, But since the waked of the so call Pencinta Bahasa Malaysia/ Melayu & they tried to change many thing in our edu sys, we are among the worse. I was told our SPM level is also not recognized to enter most good UK & US colleges, where else there was not that much problem 20 years ago.
    Go to any bookshop, most good books are in English, only love books are in BM. Who are in disadvantage - We MALAY, and the politician like Anuar Ibrahim.

  82. Perhimpunan 100,000 Rakyat Mansuhkan PPSMI bukan kerana politik. Penglibatan PAS ialah kerana mereka bersetuju bersama pejuang bahasa dan orang-orang Melayu yang sedar dan nampak kegelapan PPSMI untuk mendesak KERAjaan UMNO -BN melihat dengan serius isu PPSMI. Cukuplah lidah politik Hishamuddin yang berbelit2 dan menipu rakyat yang katanya mahu ambil tindakan tapi diam sahaja walau didesak oleh tokoh-tokoh bahasa dan golonngan intelektual pelbagai bidang di negara kita. Kalau PAS jadi parti pemerintah sekalipun nanti, kalau membuat dasar PPSMI rakyat tetap akan menolaknya. Kalau UMNO membuat perhimpunan-andaikan-ketika PAS memerintah pun rakyat akan mengikut UMNO. Parti adh kompenan dalam sis demokrasi yang malaysia amalkan sejak sebelum merdeka lagi. Isu PPSMI adalah isu bahasa kepentingan bahasa dan kepentingan tamadun bangsa Malaysia. Bagi rakyat yang faham konsep negara bangsa akan memahami sejauh mana pentingnya bahasa kebangsaan! ISU PPSMI adalah isu pendidikan kebangsaan. Kebangsaan adalah dasar perjuangan parti pemerintah UMNO. Penglibatan parti politik tidak dapat dielakkan lagi kerana hanya dengan penglibatan mereka rakyat akan jadi kuat dalam menuntut hak-hak mereka sama seperti UMNO yang dulu berarak meminta kemerdekaaan drp penjajah. ISU PPSMI TIDAK dipolitikkan!GMP dan pejuang mencari parti pembangkang kerana utk mendesak parti pemerintah yang menguasai kerajaan yang berkuasa meminda dasar dan parlembagaan supaya mansuhkan PPSMI yang JELAS memaijak bahasa kebangsaan sebagai bahasa tamadun dan ilmu.

  83. Anonymous8:26 am

    I studied in a goverment boarding school in Rawang during my secondary years, and I had friends coming to me with long Malay essays, pleading me to translate the entire essay into English for their English for Science and Tech(EST) assignments. And this is Rawang we're talking about, not even some unknown ulu kampong.

    That is how effed up the English standard is in rural areas. It sure as hell isn't easy for them, and I have first-hand(albeit exasperating) experiences of this.

    It's frustrating enough to teach my friends what past-participle tense means, and how and when to use proper articles in their sentences. During that time, my empathy for those students struggling to complete mere 2-page essays on EST had no end. This has nothing at all to do with M&S.

    It's the system. Teachers who teach PPSMI don't know what they're talking about half the time because their English, in some cases, is worse than the students'.

    The initial proposal to teach M&S in English was a very ambitious one, but unfortunately(and not surprisingly), it wasn't a very well-planned one.


  84. Beberapa bulan lalu aku berkenalan dengan seorang guru PPSMI yang sedang menjalani praktikal di sebuah sekolah rendah. Dia mengajar subjek Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris di sebuah sekolah pedalaman di Sarawak. Aku berdebat dengan dia tentang bahasa. Dia mengalah akhirnya. Aku bertanya adakah dia tahu apa itu Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan Dia mengakui dia tidak tahu. Aku sangat hairan. Aku mempersoalkan takkanlah dalam silibus pengajaran perguruannya itu tidak diajar benda-benda yang aku nyatakan itu...Dia mengatakan tidak ada. Aku tambah hairan dan pelik. Aku pun merisik lagi. Dia menyatakan program perguruannya adalah kerjasama antara Maktab Perguruan dan dengan sebuah universiti dari Australia. Tenaga pengajar diimport dari Australia. Aku tambah pelik dan hairan. Maktab yang diselia di bawah Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia bekerjasama dengan universiti luar untuk program perguruan Sains dan Matematik kepada bakal guru Sains dan Matematik di sekolah-sekolah di Malaysia TETAPI TIDAK ADA DALAM SILIBUS/BAHAGIAN TENTANG DASAR PENDIDIKAN KEBANGSAAN DAN SEWAKTU DENGANNYA!!!
    Patutlah dia tidak tahu tentang Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan yang menyatakan bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa pengantar dalam semua subjek kecuali dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Aku pelik dan hairan. Mengapa tidak ada subjek amat penting ini dalam program perguruan mereka ikuti ini?Dia memberitahu aku lagi yang sesinya di maktab tersebut terdapat hampir 200 orang bakal guru Sains dan Matematik sedang diprogramkan untuk menjadi guru Sains dan Matematik di sekolah-sekolah Malaysia TANPA MENGETAHUI APA ITU DASAR PENDIDKAN KEBANGSAAN! Ada 2 kemungkinan : 1 Lanjutan daripada kebodohan menterinya. 2. Memang disengajakan! Tujuannya agar guru dapat diprogramkan semaksimum mungkin untuk MENJADI ROBOT YANG MENGIKUT APA YANG DIPROGRAMKAN SAHAJA!
    Hishamuddin Sila JAWAB!

  85. Beberapa bulan lalu aku berkenalan dengan seorang guru PPSMI yang sedang menjalani praktikal di sebuah sekolah rendah. Dia mengajar subjek Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris di sebuah sekolah pedalaman di Sarawak. Aku berdebat dengan dia tentang bahasa. Dia mengalah akhirnya. Aku bertanya adakah dia tahu apa itu Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan Dia mengakui dia tidak tahu. Aku sangat hairan. Aku mempersoalkan takkanlah dalam silibus pengajaran perguruannya itu tidak diajar benda-benda yang aku nyatakan itu...Dia mengatakan tidak ada. Aku tambah hairan dan pelik. Aku pun merisik lagi. Dia menyatakan program perguruannya adalah kerjasama antara Maktab Perguruan dan dengan sebuah universiti dari Australia. Tenaga pengajar diimport dari Australia. Aku tambah pelik dan hairan. Maktab yang diselia di bawah Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia bekerjasama dengan universiti luar untuk program perguruan Sains dan Matematik kepada bakal guru Sains dan Matematik di sekolah-sekolah di Malaysia TETAPI TIDAK ADA DALAM SILIBUS/BAHAGIAN TENTANG DASAR PENDIDIKAN KEBANGSAAN DAN SEWAKTU DENGANNYA!!!
    Patutlah dia tidak tahu tentang Dasar Pendidikan Kebangsaan yang menyatakan bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa pengantar dalam semua subjek kecuali dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Aku pelik dan hairan. Mengapa tidak ada subjek amat penting ini dalam program perguruan mereka ikuti ini?Dia memberitahu aku lagi yang sesinya di maktab tersebut terdapat hampir 200 orang bakal guru Sains dan Matematik sedang diprogramkan untuk menjadi guru Sains dan Matematik di sekolah-sekolah Malaysia TANPA MENGETAHUI APA ITU DASAR PENDIDKAN KEBANGSAAN! Ada 2 kemungkinan : 1 Lanjutan daripada kebodohan menterinya. 2. Memang disengajakan! Tujuannya agar guru dapat diprogramkan semaksimum mungkin untuk MENJADI ROBOT YANG MENGIKUT APA YANG DIPROGRAMKAN SAHAJA!
    Hishamuddin Sila JAWAB!

  86. Begitulah pemikiran orang-orang yang sentiasa buntu fikirannya. Tak diikut kemahuan mereka, tunjuk perasaan. Dasar orang suka menunjuk perasaan sahaja. Begitulah akhirannya. Bila Polis tangkap, polis pula yang dipersalahkan. Tak cukup-cukup buat masalah pada negara.

    Kesian Sasterawan negara...

  87. Balik-balik kata kesian orang kampung yang tak pandai bahasa Inggeris. Sejak bila pula orang itu ada rasa kesian? Jangan buat bodohlah brader...

  88. Anonymous9:01 am

    Anwar Ibrahim - Bapa Demo Crazy!!!!


  89. AAB is dreaming again no big issue
    The government had decided 6 yrs ago
    only the implementation and the enforcement
    Do not fall to the Malays bigot who do not care about the welfare of the stakeholder vis a vis the student
    Looking at the demo yesterday either they are no longer productive ( grand father or single old men ) and the young not yet married...we can even see some PAS leaders probably their children somewhere abroad for study...
    Even AAB son and daughter study abroad...

  90. Sadly, those most vocal on this subject are the politicians. Malay, Indian and Chinese! This does provide them a platform to raise their voices and head above the rest. But these same guys would be only too pleased to have their kids educated in any of the English speaking countries if only they could. Promoting culture, mother tongue and so on is just plain bullshit.

  91. Anonymous10:03 am

    By the way could we be the only country trying to learn a language through science and Maths and not through teaching of literature?Ramlax

  92. Anonymous10:11 am


    For the love of Allah and our country, you must stop your sneaky and sinister spin-doctoring and discuss issues fairly, minus your political bias.

    You state in your writing here: "I was told that the people who took part... in protest... included Bangsa Malaysia who neither speak nor respect the national language".

    You can say that this is grammatically correct, but you could have said it differently, like this "... included Bangsa Malaysia, some of whom neither speak nor respect the national language."

    It is wrong to tar everyone with the same paintbrush, Rocky. It is misleading and evil.

    I won't be surprised if there were also the 'Bangsa UMNO' folks who also were part of the protest!

    Let me tell you are wrong and why why you are being sneaky and trying to sinisterly paint 'Pakatan Rakyat' in bad light:

    You see, I am an Anak Bangsa Malaysia. But unlike your claim, I believe the use of English as a medium to teach the Sciences is important. Also at the same time, unlike what you claim again, I do speak and respect Bahasa Malaysia as the national language.

    See how this goes contrary to your false statement of 'fact' about 'Bangsa Malaysia' who "neither speak nor respect the national language"?

    So, as an anak bangsa Malaysia, I say to you, Ahiruddin Atan, in both languages:

    "Rocky, janganlah jadi batu api dan memperlagakan penduduk Malaysia yang pelbagai bangsa dan tidak kira pegangan politik, semata-mata untuk mencapai matlamat politik peribadi anda atau matlamat politik mereka-mereka yang kamu sokong itu."

    "Rocky, please don't pit one Malaysian against another, Malaysians who are of all races and who may have different political views, just because you want to fulfill your personal political wishes or the political wishes and goals of those politicians that you support."

    Ini saya ucapkan bagi pihak seluruh rakyat Malaysia. I say this to you on behalf of all Malaysians.

  93. Saya menyokong PPSMI 100%

    Kalau nak ditukar semula kepada PPSMBM, biarlah ada 2 aliran di sekolah...satu PPSMI dan satu lagi PPSMBM..saya akan suruh anak saya belajar aliran PPSMI....ini barulah demokrasi....biar yang bantah PPSMI itu hantar anak mereka belajar dalam aliran PPSMBM....anak saya, jangan terkial-kial apabila masuk universiti nanti macam bapak dia...

  94. Anonymous10:58 am

    Hoi Siti Amalia Fariha..

    Who do you think you are? talking on behalf rakyat M'sia..pigi dah! Jangan perasan. When we appointed you to become our spoke person? You don't represent me. Another thing, don't try to be holier than thou kinda person.


  95. Anonymous11:17 am

    Mansur Puteh The Prickhead,

    Malay Minds and Civilisation has not historical development and achievement in Science and Mathematics as compare to Mandarin Chinese and Persian. Malays have been suppressed long enough. We have been suppressed during feudal era., viz before the collapsed of Malacca Empire. The Advisors and the learned person in the royal household in that era were either Indians or Arabs. When the Europeans ruled Malaya, Malays are denied access to knowledge again.Chinese and indians are at forefront of knowledge and able control the mercantile and civil service bacause they sent their sons to Jesuit Schools. Malay were outcast and the underclass until the Independence. So please lah Mansur Puteh, after 500 years of living in darkness lets give the chance for the malays to acquire knowledge in science and mathematics in english. Damn it. You just can't compared the fate of American Indians and Maori with the fate of Malays. American Indians and Maori are sytematically being sideline by the white settlers, like the Jewish settlers sidelined the Palestines. We malays are the ruling race but with poor civilisation. We need to leapfrog by reading science and mathematics in english to redeemed the lost years. Lets the tamil and chinese learned their Mathe matics and science in their mother tongues. Or I do not mind the malays Literature students to read Becket's " Waiting for Godot" in Malay translation.

    Damn it you Mansur Puteh the prickhead.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  96. Dear Rocky,

    Well your kids is ok with PPSMI because surely they can talk in english.
    The problem is like this:
    - If you want to teach PPSMI, first make the teachers can talk fluent english first. This PPSMI is force in the school even before the teachers are given a training in english. I had a friend where his wife is a science teacher. She is from east coast and cant talk english fluently. Then when they are forced by the education ministry to teach science in english... lorr! sendiri pun tak pandai cakap english mau ajar dalam english.

    - How about the peoples in rural areas where parents dont know to speak english. Majority is malays. how can they teach their kids in the languange that they cant understand?
    The kampung kids also.. they cant speak english. tak tau! everybody knows that the Edu ministry lowered down the graph to make UPSR result looks ok.

  97. Kepada yang memberki komen tidak kira dengan nada menyokong atau menentang saya ucapkan terima kasih. Tapi saya rasa perlu saya jelaskan sedikit.

    Ada yang mengatakan saya seolah menghina bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) dengan penulisan ini. Sebenarnya ketika cerpen ini ditulis Rocky belum pun menulis tentang PPSMI mahupun tunjuk perasaan di Istana Negara berlaku. Ianya sebenarnya adalah sebuah penulisan ringan dan lebih kepada jenaka namun mempunyai maksud dan ulasan tersirat di balik gelak ketawanya.

    Kalau saudara/saudari baca penulisan saya di blog ini percayalah saya sebenarnya banyak menulis dalam bahasa kebangsaan dan sangat sayang dengan Bahasa Melayu. Cukup pantang mencampur adukkan penulisan saya dengan bahasa inggeris seperti mana ramai yang lakukan. Saya juga baca A. Samad Said, Usman Awang malah Ramli Awang Murshid pun baca.

    Akan tetapi,
    tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, kadang-kadang sikap "Pragmatism" lebih penting dari nostalgia dan emosi kenangan. Masakan Ilmuan barat sanggup belajar bahasa Arab dan Latin untuk mempelajari ilmu-ilmu, sebagaimana begitu jualah Ilmuan arab belajar bahasa Yunani untuk memahami ajaran ilmuan Greek.

    Biar mati anak jangan mati adat.
    Tapi kalau anak sudah mati,
    siapa yang hendak meneruskan adat?

    Tak Begitu.

  98. Anonymous12:02 pm


    Please allow me space to say a big 'thank you' to Apocryphalist for such indepth piece. It's insightful and an eye-opener. I enjoy reading such well-thought out and balanced write-up, presented in such pleasant tone.


  99. Who to blame when the rural are not good in Science/Match taught in English.Blame the children?.Or blame the teaches?.Why?.Teaching Science/Math in english started many many years ago and what are our teachers standards?. Have they took the oppurtunity to brush up their English skills. If the students fails its means the teachers failure.Teachers who loves teaching and if there are not good in English there will ensures to obtain the skills and live up to the expectation. Any changes in the education policy that is good, teacher have to equip themselves with all the necessary knowledege and skills so that the children benefits. Of course parents mus played their roles.Those who claims rural areas will fails if learning Science and Mathematics in english if its true, are they really no good or not motivated or just an act of laziness or tidak apa attitude?.Teaching Science/Maths in English is not a big deal. Teachers can teach in broken english ie mixing the Bahasa/English but all terminology must be in english like 'rectangle', square roots, chemical, kidney etc. Pro active action should be taken by the goverment agencies especially Information Ministry. Children loves to watches cartoons, childrens shows etc. They likes to watch Ultraman, Ben 10, Disneyland and so on but does it served a purposes if those are being dubbed in Bahasa/Mandarin/Tamil?. Even though it an option in Astro , but what good it brings. Wouldnt it be better if the shows runs in it original languages with sub title in Bahasa?.It's an early steps for children to recognise foreign languages. Since as claimes by critics that rural malays will not excell in english was it not because from youngs they are expose to the likes of cartoon and children entertainment dubbed in their mother tounge languages?. In Malaysia nowdays blame the goverment for the misdeed of some people who actually misdeed themselves. Mahathir was right with he Malays tidak apa attitude. Even today we have Malays like PAs Nik Aziz who are ashamed to be called bumiputra for the sake of his political survival. And when the Goverment introduces steps to improves Bumiputras standard these people who are ashamed of being bumiputras are the ones who made the loudest noise!

  100. The opposition is spinning again. They are stirring-up the emotions of the Chauvinist , Extremist and the Nationalist.

    Once again we are gonna suffer. Once again we are gonna fall to the demand of a group of aggressive minority in the hands of the silent majority.

    We had closed the good traditions of convent and colonial schools that have over the years produced good all rounded leaders at all levels of the society.

    We had sacrificed the middle with two extremes and at this very moment, we are paying the price of our earlier mistakes. We should be given a choice.

    The poor must be given a choice. The rich can send their kids to international schools but the poor dropped out of school at the secondary/ tertiary stage..

    We have problems and we will continue to have problems. The urban folks are in favor of a moderate approach in the interest of education. The opposition parties are being irresponsible when they inflame the people with racial radical emotions.



    i longed for the rational, critic

  101. Since somebody shared their SPM marks here, I also want to do it.

    For my SPM, I got A1 in BM. And A1 in English. And 1A in 1119.

    And I'm from a small kampung in the East Coast.

    I have no point to add, cause I think this is a stupid issue.

    I just want to gloat about my grades. And to ensure that no one would say that they did "better than the Malays in their own language".

    Oh, and in my school, no one got C3 for BM. NO ONE. Seven kids got A2, and they're the lowest of the low.

  102. agree with you entirely, Rocky, and as an English teacher and teacher-trainer am grateful for a voice of reason.

    the Malay language is important and needs to be taught, cherished, respected as it deserves to be.

    but English is also important as a language of international communication 9and particularly (in the field of science). teaching it as a subject is not enough. for it to be really effectively taken on board, content has to be learned through it.

    maths and science wouldn't have been my first choice of subject (i'd have preferred a 'softer' subject such as geography, social science) - but after 6 years of incredibly hard work on the part of students and teachers and teacher-trainers, there are signs that the policy is working.

    so as soon as that happens the nay-sayers want to tear it down citing nationalist sentiment. i am sad and disgusted with the mob behaviour which to my mind has no connection at all to reasoned debate. political mileage is all it can be.

    first and foremost, as you say, we must think of the kids and their future.

  103. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Siti Amelia Fariha said...


    For the love of Allah and our country, you must stop your sneaky and sinister spin-doctoring and discuss issues fairly, minus your political bias.

    You state in your writing here: "I was told that the people who took part... in protest... included Bangsa Malaysia who neither speak nor respect the national language".

    You can say that this is grammatically correct, but you could have said it differently, like this "... included Bangsa Malaysia, some of whom neither speak nor respect the national language."

    It is wrong to tar everyone with the same paintbrush, Rocky. It is misleading and evil.

    I won't be surprised if there were also the 'Bangsa UMNO' folks who also were part of the protest!

    Let me tell you are wrong and why why you are being sneaky and trying to sinisterly paint 'Pakatan Rakyat' in bad light:

    You see, I am an Anak Bangsa Malaysia. But unlike your claim, I believe the use of English as a medium to teach the Sciences is important. Also at the same time, unlike what you claim again, I do speak and respect Bahasa Malaysia as the national language.

    See how this goes contrary to your false statement of 'fact' about 'Bangsa Malaysia' who "neither speak nor respect the national language"?

    So, as an anak bangsa Malaysia, I say to you, Ahiruddin Atan, in both languages:

    "Rocky, janganlah jadi batu api dan memperlagakan penduduk Malaysia yang pelbagai bangsa dan tidak kira pegangan politik, semata-mata untuk mencapai matlamat politik peribadi anda atau matlamat politik mereka-mereka yang kamu sokong itu."

    "Rocky, please don't pit one Malaysian against another, Malaysians who are of all races and who may have different political views, just because you want to fulfill your personal political wishes or the political wishes and goals of those politicians that you support."

    Ini saya ucapkan bagi pihak seluruh rakyat Malaysia. I say this to you on behalf of all Malaysians.

    10:11 AM

    Woi! Siti Amelia Fariha,

    PR kamu la yang menjadi batu api!
    Anwar Al-juburi kamu tu la bapak segala batu api!

    Kamu la yang tongong mengatakan diri kamu mewakili seluruh rakyat Malaysia! Muka tak malu! Siapa lantik kamu Ha! Pi la jilat si moron Anwar Al-jub kamu tu! Kamu dan Si moron kamu tu yang perasan!

    ..tukang perati

  104. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Well Siti Amelia Fariha,

    You've just said what I wanted to say...

    I've gotta disagree with Hishamuddin Rais this time over Science n' Maths in English. On the other hand, I'm wondering why our Education Ministry doesn't expend the use of English beyond these two subjects.

    We made a mistake years ago when the role of English was strongly diminished in our edu system. Ironically, this move partly helped to resuscitate the dying vernacular schools (the schools that rocky's pals love to bitch about), that was seeing dwindling enrollment from Chinese & Indians.

    At that time, National schools, with its English medium was the prime choice for Chinese & Indian parents. By removing English, and the subsequent decline of quality in many National/Kebangsaan schools, these parents switched their preferences to the Chinese vernaculars which became the better option.

  105. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Dear Bro,
    I must say, Demo is not one of the solution to problem but it is indeed a way to highlight the grievances of our people. Do you Not agree with me the Indian society now slowly improving, and there are policies introducing to assist them now? it will not happen without the help of HINDRAF Demo.

    I also notice our beloved Hissamudin ask, why Demo now, and not 6 years ago. what I want to say here is, Indian has been suffering, why not 50 years ago, why not 10 years ago, and why now? Sometimes, the minitry does not know what they have done wrong and become sluggish, this is how we tell our dislike to them!

    Some claims it is political motivated, then let's not forget what UMNO youth has done lately, holding major gathering in Perak, and other places to vow to protect their 'Ketuanan'; I can say it is even MORE politically motivated and associated than this one, and it seems to encourage racial hatred than racial harmony! Yet UMNO loves it, yet MCA and Gerakan shut their mouth.

    Is teaching Math and Science in English is an issue, Yes, and I think it causes more issue for Indian and Chinese. For Chinese,in Primary School, they have Math and Science are now taught in English, and Chinese, it means they have additional 2 subjects in English! Knowing that our children already suffered a lot carrying the heavy school bag, and yet govenrment is still introducing the more burden to our children...

    Is teaching Math and Science in English the solution; NO, I am from S.M.K. Seberang Perak where 99.9% are Malay students; and Chinese students constantly got bullied (under BN government in Kedah, Now it is more fair under PAS governance!they really look into it!), and yet we did so well still in both BM and English! This is not the issues with Math and Science now...the government simply want a quick solution...I will certainly object to it...

  106. Sdr Rocky, your headline says it all. It is obvious that the policy is succeeding in developing the minds of the less well off. This is good for Malaysia but bad for those who need followers who can be easily manipulated.

    Premier Wen of China proudly gave a speech this year to the University of Cambridge that 300 million Chinese are now learning English and a million are studying outside China. This number, when compared to the number of Chinese students in China is very significant. See how forward looking and strategic these Chinese are in today's global scheme of things.

    Well, if the reversion is made, our unfortunate under privileged Malaysians will only progress if they have the desire and passion to beat the odds for a better future, and you know how few will have the chance to do so.


  107. Anonymous3:12 pm

    PR Batu Api?
    Siapa tu yang katakan "Pendatang"..?
    Siapatu yang 'Derhaka'?? sudah lupa tentang terengganu ke?

    UMNO tu cakap and buat tu lain...
    depan orang China and Indian katakan Bangsa Malaysia, tapi depan UMNO punya orang, 'Ketuanan Melayu'...

    Depan orang Indian and China, katakan perpaduan...dekat UMNO Youth gathering, angkat keris nak bunuh orang..siapa tu?

    dalam parliment pun nak cari pasal, duk sekat Kapal Singh, dan polis buat apa kat situ? diri and tengok saje! ini kah kerajaan yang wak nak?



  108. Anonymous3:21 pm

    what is the fuss about it? it is time for malays to brush up on their english. otherwise they would be more left behind. already they are being left behind. most local university graduates cannot even pass their interviews for jobs. if not for the government we will really be having a problem as the job market will be too hostile for them as they could not speak english properly. nobody wants them because companies want to safeguard their image. actually what can you do with someone in this modern world who cannot speak proper english??


  109. Anonymous3:37 pm

    There have been great differences in view between supporters of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and Barisan Nasional (BN) on a diversity of issues such as the economy, law and the tolerance for corruption. This is a very healthy development for our country which for decades has seen slavish unstudied conformity with what the establishment pronounces as the truth or what is best for society.

    But on this PPSMI issue, despite the evident protests, there is actually convergence in view between the two camps -- an agreement -- amongst a segment of Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional supporters on the continued use of English as a medium of instruction for Maths and Science. This fair proportion of PR supporters who concur with a fair proportion of BN supporters in support of the use of English are made up of (but are not limited to) the highly-educated urban Malay and non-Malay constituencies.

    This issue prominently shows that PR and BN can have a great many differences in various policies and issues but a common platform amongst partisans on both sides can indeed be found.

    This is a positive development.

    I am therefore inclined to dismiss as highly inaccurate Rocky's unfounded and sweeping insinuation that all Bangsa Malaysia folks protest against PPSMI. I also disagree with Rocky's insinuation that the Bangsa Malaysia lot neither speak nor respect the national language. I am living proof of his factual error.

  110. Aku nampak anak aku (Tahun 4 ) tadi dok ketuk-ketuk keyboard, rupanya dia update blog dia...baca lah apa dia tulis, budak Tahun 4 pun cakap macam ni setuju PPSMI...

    A Good Thing...

  111. Anonymous4:11 pm

    see what happend to kampung kids.
    PPSMI pro guys, do think others pls.

    for those educated people .. ok la
    what about those anak petani all.

    come on la guys, this is democracy, let them have a choice.

    Rocky bru,
    kalau tak nak join itu lu punya pasal.if your kids dont want, its ok, but dont think that what ever decision you've make are agreed by others.

    its democracy anyway.

    - openmalay


    Patik sekalian membantah PPSMI dan meminta kerajaan memansuhkannya atas beberapa sebab utama seperti yang kami jelaskan berikut:

    1. Dasar pengajaran dan pembelajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Melayu (iaitu Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia) di sekolah kebangsaan yang telah dilaksanakan sejak Kemerdekaan berdasarkan Ordinan Pelajaran 1957, kemudian Akta Pelajaran 1961 dan seterusnya Akta Pendidikan 1996, telah mencapai kejayaan yang luar biasa dan tidak pernah menimbulkan apa-apa masalah yang besar dan serius. Banyak pelajar kita, beratus ribu banyaknya, malah lebih 3 juta (dari tahun 1957 hingga tahun 2003) telah berjaya mempelajari ilmu sains dan matematik dalam bahasa mereka sendiri dari peringkat sekolah rendah hingga ke peringkat institusi pengajian tinggi. Semua orang tahu akan kejayaan dasar yang asal itu dan banyak bukti tentang kejayaan itu dapat kami tunjukkan tetapi kami tidaklah berhasrat untuk membebankan pembaca dengan datanya yang agak banyak dan panjang.

    2. Tidakkah orang yang membuat keputusan yang tidak munasabah itu sedar bahawa hasil daripada dasar pelajaran kebangsaan yang menetapkan bahasa Melayu (Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia) sebagai bahasa pengantar utama, ratusan ribu pelajar kita (seperti yang tersebut di atas) pandai sains dan matematik dalam bahasa sendiri, dan ribuan daripada mereka berjaya menjadi profesor yang mengajar sains dan matematik di peringkat pengajian tinggi dalam bahasa sendiri, menjadi ahli sains, jurutera, pakar-pakar perubatan, pandai berbincang, mengarang buku sains, menerbitkan hasil-hasil kajian saintifik dalam bahasa sendiri, iaitu bahasa Melayu, di samping bahasa Inggeris (kalau perlu)? Tidak mereka tahu bahawa sebelum tahun 2003 jumlah tesis Sarjana Sains (M. Sc.) dalam bidang sains dan matematik yang ditulis dalam bahasa Melayu berjumlah lebih 2,000 (dua ribu buah) manakala tesis Doktor Falsafah (Ph.D.) dalam bidang tersebut yang ditulis dalam bahasa Melayu berjumlah lebih kurang 400 buah?

    3. Maka kami berasa amat hairan dan terperanjat mengapa dasar yang sudah baik dan berjaya itu, dasar yang tidak menimbulkan apa-apa masalah yang besar dan serius itu, tiba-tiba dimusnahkan dan digantikan dengan PPSMI?

    4. Keputusan PPSMI yang dibuat dalam tahun 2003 itu dibuat dengan mengejut tanpa apa-apa perbincangan, tanpa apa-apa perundingan dengan pakar-pakar pendidikan dan bahasa, tanpa memikirkan baik buruknya terhadap bahasa Melayu dan terhadap pelajar dan guru yang telah cukup biasa mengajar dan belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Melayu di Sekolah Kebangsaan (atau dalam bahasa ibunda di Sekolah Jenis-Kebangsaan Cina dan Tamil) selama lebih 37 tahun! Tiba-tiba anak-anak kita yang tidak mengetahui bahasa Inggeris sepatah pun, kebanyakannya dari kawasan luar bandar, dipaksa belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa yang mereka tidak tahu itu. Beberapa orang ahli bahasa di Barat menganggap bahawa ini adalah contoh dasar English linguistic imperialism atau dasar penjajahan bahasa Inggeris yang berlaku di beberapa banyak negara bekas jajahan British, menyebabkan kebanyakan bangsa peribumi atau negara itu tidak maju sains dan teknologi.

    5. Antara sebab yang dikemukakan oleh pihak yang cuba mempertahankan PPSMI ialah: Kalau orang Melayu atau pelajar Melayu mahu pandai dan maju dalam bidang sains dan matematik mereka hendaklah mempelajarinya dalam bahasa Inggeris, tidak dalam bahasa sendiri, yakni bahasa Melayu. Mengapakah setelah lebih 37 tahun pendapat yang salah dan karut ini digunakan untuk mengubah dasar asal dan menggantikannya dengan dasar PPSMI? Tidak ada bukti ilmu dan empiris yang kukuh untuk mempertahankan alasan itu. Hampir semua bangsa dan negara yang maju sains dan teknologi mengajar sains di sekolah hingga ke peringkat pengajian tinggi dalam bahasa kebangsaan atau bahasa ibunda mereka masing-masing. Sekadar menyebut beberapa contoh, Negara China, Jepun, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, semua negara Eropah (termasuk Britain), Rusia dan negara-negara Skandinavia tidak mengajar sains dan teknologi dalam bahasa asing.

    6. Kebanyakan negara Afrika yang menggunakan bahasa Inggeris atau bahasa Perancis sebagai bahasa rasmi dan bahasa pendidikan, baik di peringkat menengah dan peringkat tinggi, mahupun di peringkat sekolah rendah, tidak maju sains dan teknologi. Negara Brunei Darussalam tidak menggunakan bahasa Melayu untuk mengajar sains dan matematik di sekolah menengah dan di universiti dan kita tahu negara itu tidak maju sains dan teknologi, yakni negara itu tidak sama taraf kemajuan sains dan teknologinya dengan negara seperti Jepun, Korea dan negara China atau Taiwan.

    Korea Utara adalah negara kuasa nuklear. Negara itu tidak mengajar sains dalam bahasa Inggeris. Begitu juga, di Filipina, negara berbahasa Inggeris yang terbesar di Asia atau Asean, tidak menggunakan bahasa Filipina untuk mengajar sains dan matematik di sekolah menengah dan di peringkat pengajian tinggi, dan kita tahun negara itu tidak merupakan negara maju sains dan teknologi. Kebanyakan eksport Filipina, menurut seorang ahli ekonomi Filipina, ialah pembantu rumah dan pekerja biasa; kelebihan mereka ialah, mereka boleh bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris di peringkat rendah.

    7. Beberapa banyak kajian yang telah dilakukan oleh pakar-pakar pendidikan dan bahasa di seluruh dunia membuat kesimpulan bahawa manusia, mulai peringkat kanak-kanak, lebih mampu berfikir secara kreatif dan dapat memahami konsep-konsep ilmu dengan lebih mudah dan cepat dalam bahasanya sendiri. Hal ini dapat kita lihat berdasarkan hakikat bahawa semua karya besar di dunia, baik dalam bidang sains mahupun sastera, dihasilkan dalam bahasa ibunda atau bahasa asal atau bahasa kebangsaan pengarang itu. Kebanyakan pemenang Hadiah Nobel tidak datangnya dari golongan berbahasa Inggeris. Yang terbaharu, Hadiah Nobel Fizik tahun 2008 ialah 3 orang ahli sains Jepun yang menghasilkan kajian dan karya mereka dalam bahasa Jepun.

    Kajian di Amerika Syarikat, Kanada dan beberapa buah negara di Eropah dan Afrika dan Hong Kong menunjukkan bahawa pelajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa bukan ibunda merosot prestasi mereka dan tidak pula meningkatkan penguasaan atau kemahiran bahasa asing mereka. Pertandingan antarabangsa sains dan matematik yang diadakan tiap-tiap tahun untuk pelajar sekolah dimenangi oleh pelajar yang belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa ibunda masing, tidak dalam bahasa asing.

    8. Setelah enam tahun berjalan, PPSMI masih tidak berkesan dan banyak menimbulkan masalah yang kebanyakannya tidak didedahkan kepada umum. Pengumuman Keputusan UPSR Tahun 2008 menunjukkan hanya 31.1% (159,234) murid sahaja daripada 511,875 murid Tahun 6 yang menjawab Kertas Sains dalam bahasa Inggeris. Ini bererti sebanyak 68.9% (352,641) murid tidak menjawab dalam bahasa Inggeris. Ini bukti kegagalan mengajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris, walaupun dipaksakan kepada pelajar itu.

    9. Dalam mata pelajaran matematik pula, 46.6% (238,153) murid daripada 511,499 jumlah murid yang menduduki peperiksaan Matematik UPSR menjawab dalam bahasa Inggeris. Ini bererti 53.4% atau seramai 273,346 murid menjawab dalam BM atau BM/BI. Ini juga bukti kegagalan pengajaran matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris kepada pelajar berbahasa Melayu.

    10. Kedua-dua angka yang tersebut pada para 8 dan 9 di atas menunjukkan peratus pelajar atau seramai 352, 641 pelajar tidak faham bahasa Inggeris untuk menjawab soalan dalam bahasa ini, dan seramai 273, 346 murid tidak memahami matematik yang diajarkan dalam bahasa Inggeris. [Catatan: ini tidak bererti bahawa pelajar itu tidak mempunyai “otak” atau minat untuk belajar atau memahami sains atau matematik; puncanya ialah, mereka tidak memahami soalan yang dibuat dalam bahasa Inggeris, samalah seperti kita cuba mengajar sains dan matematik kepada pelajar Inggeris di England dalam bahasa Melayu atau bahasa Jepun dan bahasa-bahasa lain yang mereka tidak faham satu patah pun].


    11. Hasil kajian sebenar dan bebas yang dilakukan oleh pasukan penyelidik seramai 50 orang pensyarah dari 7 buah Universiti (UPM, UiTM, UPSI, USM, UUM, UMS dan UTM) dengan selain Permuafakatan Badan Ilmiah Nasional (PEMBINA) di 70 buah sekolah menengah (pelajar Tingkatan 4) dan 90 buah Sekolah rendah di seluruh negara (murid darjah 5) membuat kesimpulan bahawa PPSMI telah gagal memberikan manfaat kepada pelajar, khususnya pelajar-pelajar Melayu di sekolah kebangsaan luar bandar. Di beberapa buah negeri, misalnya Perlis, Kelantan, Sabah dan Sarawak, peratusan pelajar yang gagal (markah D & E) melebihi 50%. Prestasi SPM 2007 jelas menunjukkan bahawa bilangan pelajar Melayu yang cemerlang dari Sekolah Berasrama Penuh dan Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MPRSM) juga menunjukkan kemerosotan yang merudum, terutama dalam mata pelajaran Kimia dan Matematik.

    12. Dua kajian lain telah dilakukan, iaitu (a) kajian yang dibuat oleh Profesor Emeritus Dato’ Isahak Haron dari UPSI Januari 2008), terhadap 1703 murid tahun 5 di 28 buah Sekolah rendah dan terhadap 1692 guru, dan (b) kajian yang dibuat oleh Profesor Datin Dr. Juriah Long (dari UKM) ke atas pelajar Tingkatan 2 di 242 buah Sekolah Menengah di seluruh negara yang meliputi 7,236 pelajar (2004) dan 707 guru matematik dan 701 guru Sains. Hasil dapatan kedua-dua kajian ini hampir sama dengan kajian yang dibuat oleh PEMBINA.


    13. Perkara yang sangat merunsingkan kami ialah, dalam percubaannya untuk mempertahankan PPSMI dan membuktikan bahawa dasar PPSMI itu ‘sudah berjaya’ atau ‘akan berjaya’, para pegawai di Kementerian Pelajaran cuba menurunkan markah lulus mata pelajaran sains dan matematik sehinggakan murid yang mendapat markah 30% dianggap sudah boleh lulus (yakni mendapat markah B dan C). Kalau cara yang ‘mengelat’ ini digunakan untuk mengatakan bahawa jumlah pelajar yang lulus dalam sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris semakin meningkat alamatlah mutu pelajaran pelajar kita dalam bidang ini akan menurun, tidak tinggi. Sebelum tahun 2003 semasa sains dan matematik diajarkan dalam bahasa Melayu mutu pelajaran dalam mata pelajaran ini tidak direndahkan atau dengan kata lain, markah lulusnya tidak diturunkan.


    14. Kami tidak didorong oleh apa-apa emosi atau fikiran yang tidak rasional atau oleh perasaan anti-bahasa Inggeris. GMP juga bukan ‘gila bahasa Melayu’. Kami cuma mahu mempertahankan dasar yang betul dan baik dan menolak dasar yang salah. Dasar yang salah, yang boleh memudaratkan bangsa kita, harus ditolak. Dasar yang baik harus disokong. Pendapat yang mengatakan bahawa bangsa yang tidak menuntut ilmu sains dalam bahasa Inggeris, bangsa itu tidak akan maju dalam bidang sains adalah pendapat yang sama sekali tidak benar. Kita tidak perlu membuang masa membuat kajian yang panjang lebar untuk membuktikan bahawa pandangan itu sama sekali salah.

    15. Hal yang sangat menghairankan kami dan orang yang berilmu di mana-mana sahaja ialah, ‘pendapat’ atau ‘teori’ yang mengatakan bahawa pelajar kita boleh menguasai bahasa Inggeris dengan baik melalui pelajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris. Kalau pendapat ini benar, tidak perlulah pelajar kita belajar bahasa Inggeris sebagai mata pelajaran tersendiri. Tidak pernah kita mendengar orang belajar bahasa asing melalui pelajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa itu. Bahasa Inggeris seharusnya diajarkan melalui pelajaran bahasa Inggeris sebagai mata pelajaran yang tersendiri (mengajar nahu, membaca sastera dalam bahasa Inggeris, dan sebagainya), tidak melalui pelajaran sains dan matematik. Kajian yang disebut para perenggan 7 di atas mengesahkan perkara ini.

    16. GMP telah menggesa kerajaan supaya mengambil tindakan serius untuk membaiki pengajaran bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa kedua atau bahasa asing (‘foreign language’) di sekolah kebangsaan untuk memastikan pelajar kita dapat menguasai bahasa ini dengan baik setelah mempelajarinya selama sebelas tahun dari Darjah I hingga Tingkatan V. Selama ini kebanyakan pelajar kita, terutama di Sekolah Kebangsaan di luar bandar, tidak fasih berbahasa Inggeris walaupun bahasa ini telah diajarkan kepada mereka selama 11 tahun. Masalah inilah yang sepatutnya diselesaikan oleh kerajaan, bukan mengubah dasar yang sudah baik dan berjaya, lalu menimbulkan masalah yang tidak patut timbul.

    17. Terakhir, bangsa Melayu hendaklah sedar bahawa bahasa Melayu adalah salah satu bahasa yang terbesar di dunia, diketahui oleh lebih 280 juta manusia di seluruh dunia, khususnya di kawasan induknya, iaitu kawasan Melayu-Indonesia.

    Akhir kalam, patik sekalian, dengan penuh takzim, dengan harapan yang tinggi, memohon kepada Ke Bawah Duli Tuanku, Raja Yang Berdaulat dan Ketua Perlembagaan Negara Malaysia, sudi apalah kiranya Duli Tuanku berkenan menerima Warkah Memorandum ini.

    Atas limpah berkenan Ke Bawah Duli Tuanku menerima perutusan patik sekalian menghadap Tuanku untuk mempersembahkan Memorandum ini ke bawah Duli Tuanku, patik sekalian menjunjung kasih yang tidak terhingga, dan berdoa ke hadrat Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala semoga Duli Tuanku Dilimpahi rahmat dan hidayah sebagai Ketua kepada Perlembagaan Negara Malaysia.

    Sekianlah patik sekalian persembahkan. Wa billahi taufik wal hidayah, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    Patik sekalian yang berdatang sembah:

    10 Rabi’ul Awal 1430 bersamaan 7 Mac 2009.

    Sumber di Blog GMP.

  113. Please visit my blog to read my view about this issue

    "Pada pendapat aku, suka tidak suka bahasa inggeris masih lagi bahasa ilmu, terutamanya dalam bidang teknologi dan sains. Tidak ada bezanya, sekiranya kita mahu mendalami Agama Islam, kita mesti faham bahasa Arab terlebih dahulu, kerana ia bahasa Al-Quran. Boleh ke kita jadi mufti kalau belajar agama dalam bahasa Melayu & dari guru Melayu semata-mata?"

  114. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Rocky bru,
    I would go one step further. Instead of having math & science in English, why not?

    1) Bring back English medium schools?

    2) Amend the constituition of recognising English is the official language

    Or Better Still

    English as the dual national language, the same status as Malay language as practised in Canada

    Can you stomach this?

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, I agree the implementation. However, provided that people would have adequate language skill necessary to understand maths & science in English

    What the heck flip flop you are talking? Admit it it's UMNO that created this big mess. By abolishing English medium schools. By taking this pro malay language stand!
    Heck, LKY has seen it years ago. Hence, though the constituition in Singapore stated that national language is Malay, the offcial languages are Malay, English, Mandarin & Tamil.

    I go on further. Why not we revert to having English as the administrative language. Heck, it's neutral. It's simply perfect.

    But Rocky,
    You think people are willing???? How to get out of the mess.

    This needs a strong political will. Najib can't do it. He can only use it to suppress oppositions. Aiyah!


  115. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I think I steer away from this political polemics that has gotten around taking over people's lives who spent way too much time speculating and reading between the lines. I am concerned with the way our education system is heading and the generation we produced. It's about the use of the medium of instruction. First & foremost I like to ask who amongst us will take pride of our national language. Who amongst us would like to see that that our Bahasa
    Melayu be given the status it deserves given the historical recognition it commanded before. Check the Malacca annals. My answer will be you and me and everyone else; Malays who have been schooled and learned in English schools since standard or primary one. Who is comfortable with English yet will fight tooth and nail to defend his Bahasa. I will not go into the psyche part of it but I like to see that the education system and the medium be as what as before(before the politicisation). Consider English as the medium of instruction whilst making the Bahasa as a compulsory subject. If anything, I like to see the younger generation not to be deprived of learning English in an environment conducive for growth. Ask Lat for details.

    Live & let live

  116. Anonymous5:27 pm


    the demo yesterday clearly underline the negative perceptions of some politicians who use the anti-english for maths and science as a tool for their gains.

    i am fortunate that my late father had enrolled me to a methodist school whereby i have good command of English. i was also fortunate that i finished my Chemistry degree and Masters and PhD in the UK.

    Yes i am a scientist for over 15 years but what i can recalled were the difficulties when i was doing my first year degree as to try to understand the english terms used in science and maths.

    simple words such as pengoksidaan maybe easy but try "reverse hydration" or "desalination"....what should that be in Malay ?? Can the long white-bearded guy translate these words when doing exams...try even simple words like "unambigously" whereby i remembered my friend had failed to answer an exam question correctly.

    some of my friends fade away ie failed their exams not because they were dumb but they just didn't know what the words or understand the actual questions.

    yet these politicians are doing for their gains and pointing to the future generations....these people are poets, accountants who don't even know what is the english word for pensenyawaan....

    dr. montel

  117. Anonymous5:29 pm

    IF.. a chinese and tamil children who did not talk Malay Language at home can do well in school..

    why Malay children can't? Susah or MALAS?
    of coz it os not easy.. if they want easy no need to teach math & science, just teach simple subject like how to tangkap ikan, toreh getah, kutip sekerap, sapu sampah and how to DEMO when have problem

  118. Dear Rocky,

    I tell you it's all decause the govt. took a long time to decide. Dithering here dithering there, giving some corrupt politicians the opportunity to abuse the whole issue.

    But what can you expect from a Minister who can't wait to apologise.

  119. YEs I agree that the recent demo on PPSMI is politically-motivated and it is instigated by none other than the Pakatan Rakyat.

    Some people say that rural folks are struggling with the English language not just in Maths and Science. Then when can we empower them with English? I remember that once upon a time everybody in Malaya (Malaysia)had to sit for MCE and nobody in every corner of the country was spared. From there, Malaysia has produced a lot of prominent leaders in their fields AND can command good English. AND THEY ARE ALL FROM LUAR BANDAR.

    Tun Mahathir was from a kampong in Kedah. Tun Razak was from Pekan. Tun Salleh Abas was from Kuala Terengganu (I think) and he was the Lord President! There were also Malay scholars who have/had MASTERS IN ENGLISH, don't forget that !!!

    As for me I support for English not just in Maths and Science but all that is taught in schools i.e. go back to English medium.

    I am proud with my mother tongue. Look at the Chinese,no matter what university and no matter what height of qualification, they can still speak their dialect. Malays are no different,we cant lose our mother tongue by being good in English....AND I AM A PURE MALAY.

    Therefore, I find that people from the writers' association with the likes of Gapena, GPMS etc, are just giving excuses to supress Malay intellectuals. This is the time to EMPOWER Malaysians regardless of ethnic background.

    This is the time Malaysians once mastered the English language, can face head-on with the global environment, culture and business.

    If the rural folks are proficient in English, wouldn't they be better exposed to the international arena?

    I would want our future generations to be English speaking lots.


  120. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Anonymous said...

    PR Batu Api?
    Siapa tu yang katakan "Pendatang"..?
    Siapatu yang 'Derhaka'?? sudah lupa tentang terengganu ke?

    UMNO tu cakap and buat tu lain...
    depan orang China and Indian katakan Bangsa Malaysia, tapi depan UMNO punya orang, 'Ketuanan Melayu'...

    Depan orang Indian and China, katakan perpaduan...dekat UMNO Youth gathering, angkat keris nak bunuh orang..siapa tu?

    dalam parliment pun nak cari pasal, duk sekat Kapal Singh, dan polis buat apa kat situ? diri and tengok saje! ini kah kerajaan yang wak nak?



    3:12 PM

    Wahai Cheh .....Steven,

    Apa la kamu ni menceceh masalah lain ni? Dari PPSMI nak ke pendatang? Derhaka? Ketuanan? ....???

    Kamu nak tahu siapa yang suka cakap macam tu? Siapa lagi kalau bukan Anwar Al-jub kamu tu! Pemidato hipokrit! Kepala segala batu api!

    Siapa yang memekik atas lori dulu kata nak halau dan hapuskan semua orang melayu masuk hutan? Nak hilangkan melayu dari Tanah Melayu ini? Bangsa kamu kan?

    Kenapa takut dengan keris?

    Kapal Sink kamu tu pengecut! Berani tuduh orang celaka dalam imuniti parlimen.


    ..tukang perati

  121. saya rasa anak-anak patut diberi peluang seluasnya untuk menimba ilmu.

    ... it is important that every effort should be made to provide education in the mother tongue. ...

    On educational grounds we recommend that the use of the mother tongue be extended to as late a stage in education as possible. In particular, pupils should begin their schooling through the medium of the mother tongue, because they understand it best and because to begin their school life in the mother tongue will make the break between home and school as small as possible.

    (UNESCO 1951:691)

    Mungkin juga kita harus lihat dan baca ini:


  122. Anonymous7:30 pm

    This is the product of colonized minds. It's difficult to erase. We seem to think that anything in English has got quality, first class. We feel ashamed if we can't communicate in English at international forums. But people from Germany, France, Spain etc don't. Why, coz they were never colonized and thus have not felt inferior to English speaking people. A typical example: one young perasan actress (whose parents are Malays, one of them an NST product, like Rocky) used to say: "I feel stupid if I speak in Malay"

    frm: Non-perasan English graduate

  123. Anonymous7:43 pm

    What is the PROBLEM here? Is it to improve english? If yes then teach them English.

    Is the problem in Maths and Science? If yes then teach them Maths and Science.

    If the problem is both weak in English and Maths/Science, teaching them in English is a disaster.

    Teaching Maths and Science in English to improve English make no sense!

    On the other hand, teaching them English will help them improve Maths and Science (since most publications are in English). However, this is true only at Post-graduate level!

    by CommonSense.

  124. Masalah bahasa bukan berkaitan dengan politik. Masalah bahasa berkaitan dengan tamadun bangsa Malaysia. Cuba kaji balik sistem pendidikan kebangsaan siapa yang membuat pembaharuan? Apa jasa Tun Razak?Apa Jasa Aminuddin Baki yang dianggap sebagai Bapa Pendidikan Malaysia itu?Apa kaitannya dengan Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Rendah (KBSR) dan Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menengah (KBSM)? Apa kaitan dengan semua diatas dengan BAHASA KEBANGSAAN YAKNI BAHASA MELAYU? Kemudian setelah memahamai akar dan umbi maka kenali pulak dahan dan ranting permasalahan. Apa itu PPSMI?Mengapa PPSMI dibuat oleh Tun Mahathir ketika itu? Apa kata intelektual bahasa dan intelektual sains dan teknologi tentang PPSMI?Apa masalah yang dihadapi oleh pelajar Melayu?Gagal menguasai bahasa Inggeris atau gagal menguasai sains dan teknologi?KEdua-dua perkara tersebut jelas berbeza! Apa tindakan keatas membaiki masalah komunikasi pelajar Melayu sehingga dikatakan pelajar Melayu gagal mendapat kerja?Apa keperluan pasaran?Selain bahasa Inggeris apa yang diperlukan untuk jadi pekerja yang berkualiti?Apakah sekadar boleh berbahasa?Bagaimana dengan skill lain-lain?Perincikan pokok permasalahan. Telitikan. Apabila keliru dengan penyertaan parti politik dalam perjuangan bahasa kebangsaan maka telitikan apa itu parti dan apa itu politik?Apa kaitan parti dan politik dalam sistem demokrasi berparlimen dalam negara kita?Apa itu dasar bahasa kebangsaan dan apa itu dasar-dasar pendidikan?Apa itu semua sebenarnya! Kemudian fahamkan. Apa itu pembinaan korpus bahasa Melayu sebahagai bahasa ilmu?Fahamkan apa maksud perlembagaan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa ilmu?Fahamkan. Kalau gagal maka fahamkan apa itu bahasa?Apakah langgam bahasa?Berapa banyakkan kosa kata dalam bahasa Melayu?Apakah potensi bahasa Melayu?Apa kaitan pembinaan negara dengan bahasa kebangsaan?Apakah nilai bahasa dalam pembinaan tamadun?Kaitkan lagi. Apakah kaitan antara bahasa dengan penciptaan?Buat perbandingan. Bagaimana sesuatu itu dijumpai/dicipta dan dikaji?Semua itu ada sebab dan akibatnya. Ada sejarahnya. Kaitan dengan bahasa dengan minda manusia. Kaitan dengan pendidikan kebangsaan. Yang pasti pointnya ialah.

    PPSMI merampas kedudukan bahasa kebangsaan sebagai bahasa ilmu. Tiada sebuah negara maju pun yang meminggirkan bahasa kebangsaan mereka dengan menggunakan bahasa asing sebagai bahasa pengantar dalam subjek sains dan teknologi. Ini FAKTA.

    Kaitkan antara PEMBINAAN TAMADUN DENGAN pembinaan korpus bahasa ilmu.

    Bezakan dengan belajar bahasa itu sendiri. Sekali lagi. Belajar bahasa komunikasi dan skill penulisannya.


    Kemudian saringlah dengan fikiran yang waras dan rasional. Berpandukan kajian saintifik terutama daripada aspek linguistik dan kaitannya dengan mindan dan peradaban, analisislah betapa sesebuah tamadun TIDAK BERDIRI DENGAN BAHASA ASING.


    Rujukan dalam bahasa asing itu berbeza dengan membina tamadun bangsa dan negara dengan korpus ilmu kebangsaan.

    Akhir sekali sila ambil perhatian.

    MEREKA=menunjukkan ramai.
    MEREKA-MEREKA=penggunaan ini salah dan sesat. Sesiapa yang membiasakan kesalahan yang asas ini nyatalah dia jahil dengan bahasa kebangsannya sendiri. Jadi dia tidak layak bercakap apa bahasa yang sesuai diguna untuk membina negara dan tamadun.

    Satu lagi jika ada rasa sayang dan patriotik sila jangan guna ayat sekerat ular sekerat belut.

    Jika hendak menulis wacana dalam bahasa inggeris sila guna bahasa inggeris sepenuhnya dengan betul.

    Sama juga jika hendak menulis wacana dalam bahasa melayu sila guna bahasa melayu sepenuhnya dengan betul juga.

    jangan campur aduk kerana

    1.merosakkan bahasa dan wacana
    2.merosakkan imej kita sebagai manusia bodoh yang kacau bilau.
    3.mendedahkan mentaliti kita yang tidak pandai berwacana.

    Tak faham apa itu wacana sila tanya guru bahasa anda.

    Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa. Pupus Bahasa Pupulsah bangsa.

    Contohnya tulisan jawi. Begitu tidak mustahil berlaku kpd bahasa Melayu. PPSMI menyebabkan dalam jangka masa panjang bahasa Melayu jadi bahasa yang TIDAK RELEVAN DENGAN ZAMAN KERANA BILA IA TIDKA DIGUNAKAN MAKA USAHA UNTUK MENKODIFIKASIKAN DAN MENKORPUSKAN ILMU DALAM BAHASA MELAYU TERBANTUT DAN TAMAT.

    Bila tamat dua usaha diatas maka bahasa itu akan beransur mati dan tidak akan digunakan lagi.

    Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa. Hidup bahasa hidup negara hidup tamadun Malaysia!

    *Wacana dalam bahasa Melayu tidak pernah luntur dan kalah dengan wacana dalam bahasa Inggeris. Kedinamikan bahasa melayu sebagai bahasa dalam wacana amat tinggi. Sama ada kita sedar atau tidak bergantung kepada sejauh mana ita membaca wacana berkualiti dalam bahasa kebangsaan.

  125. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Teaching M & S in English is right for those who are ready and would greatly benefit from it. The group most likely to benefit are those in urban and upper-middle class families where English usage is common.

    But spare a thought to the rural and poor families (of all races) where English is not used.

    Forcing kids to learn M & S when they are not ready is to condemn them to the scrap heap. Are we creating a generation of Mat Rempit in the process?


  126. Bro...
    u're so damn true...

  127. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Apakah bahan rujukan MATHS dan SCIENCE dalam BM mencukupi dan mudah diperolihi bagi kegunaan pelajar yang sedang diperingkat yang lebih tinggi?

    My son is doing QS (Quantity Surveyor)and I all his projects and assignments are done in English!.

    PakSamad ada masa ker nak terjemah bahan rujukan in dalam BM?


  128. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Isu ini nothing to do with politic. Ini isu pembelajaran anak-anak kita. I learned sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Melayu semasa di sekolah and I tak da problem langsung belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris di peringkat U.Why? Sebab pada peringkat ini penguasaan bahasa inggeris kita telah mantap dan kita dapat skill berfikir dalam bahasa inggeris. Jadi, it is not fair kita paksa anak-anak kita, anak-anak orang kampong, anak orang asli yang baru mengenali bahasa inggeris untuk terus berfikir bahasa inggeris. Mungkin ini tidak jadi isu bagi anak-anak yang sejak bayi lagi diasuh berbahasa inggeris. Tapi berapa kerat sangat ibubapa yang mengasuh anak-anak berbahasa inggeris. Jadi I hope you will be more realistic in your comment. Put yourself in other people's shoe.

  129. Dear readers, aren't that what politicians supposed to do? Fight for causes of the people? That's the very reason we elected them in the 1st place, right? Anyway, just so you don't dismiss me as a poor hinterland folk, I'm a 2nd generation English teacher teaching in the city of Shah Alam, an exceptional user of English, to the point that I think in the language! However, being an educator, I'm exposed to the REAL world, RESEARCH, and students' results, not just those confined to the city limits of Damansara, PJ or Ipoh, for that matter, but from all nooks & corner of the country - plus places like Bukit Naga & Jalan Kebun! If you wish to Anglicise your kids, go ahead! But I despair when my own kids do not know simple Malay jargons cos they're taught in an alien lg! To other readers, please, find out the difference(s) between using the language EFFERENTLY and AESTHETICALLY- it makes a world of difference if you know that it's almost impossible to ACQUIRE a language if you use it as a TOOL! Didn't you hear what those linguists said- we could lose the language, the very ketuanan Melayu you are trying desperately to hang on to, what's a people without its language? I'm no Anwar or PR man, but a concerned educator who worries incessantly how her kids gonna fare in 20 years' time... but I beg you, wake up, before it's too late!
    Your "tin kosong" rantings exasperate me!

  130. Anonymous11:43 pm

    stupid ppple, about this simple things pun nak riot. All of them should take up history on why we should maintain English in science and maths.
    Know your History then you know why.
    Dulu2 orang kita kelam kabut nak hantar anak pi belajar kat sekolah english medium, skarang ni berubah konon nya cintakan bahasa malaysia.. so org melayu jgn lah diperbodohkan oleh politikus2ni. maintain english in maths n science!!!!!!!

    If you translate that subject in malay..the message will not be clear..

    English In All

  131. Anonymous11:49 pm

    I support the teaching of English and its not just for Maths and Science. I believe this has been agreed years ago but unfortunately and I do not know really who have been dragging their feet to implement the education policy.

    Without prejudice or bias, majority
    of non Malays speak better English though they go to the same schools.
    I believe they brush their English at home and with friends and also having tuitions. If English is properly taught in schools, I do not see any logic for parents to send their children for English tuitions. Rich and famous problem...they can organise tuitions for their children or even send them overseas to study. BUT Lower and Middle class families will not be able to compete.This is not a fiction.

    Its not that we are not proud of our National Language (Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia)but the fact remains that since we have been talking about GLOBALISATION,
    GOING OFF SHORE ETC ETC, we have to speak English. If we want to confine ourselves within our country,fine but be frank about it that most of our Malaysians who struggle to speak English are facing communication problems.

    Consider the following :-

    1.Our control tower at KLIA. How do they communicate with the pilots who are not Malaysians.
    2.Our armed forces. How do they communicate during joint military excercise. Sometimes we Malaysians dont even fully understand the Indonesian terminology !!!
    3.Our Russian Jets and French battle ships. How do you expect these 2 foreigners to teach our boys how to handle those sophisicated Bahasa ???
    4.Our tourism industry. If we expect foreign tourists, how are they going to communicate with us??
    5.TOEFLE. Do we need this before our students go for further studies overseas if we are already good in English???
    6.EUROPE. Do you think every European country loves Great Britain? I dont think so but they still learn English.

    Please,fellow Malaysians, give our moral support to our children who will be our future leaders. As it is now, they are already burdened with heavy books and having to go for tuitions during their playful age at kindergarten. Dont add anymore misery and confusions.


  132. Dear people, some mentioned about retraning teachers, etc... hallo, do you think it's that easy? I teach TESL teachers, who grapple with the language as well, some who make horrible grammatical errors, not mentioning the lecturers themselves? To those who say that we should think for the 70%, yes, kudos to you..

    and those backwater folks who gloat about scoring good marks, well, congrats, you did well there... but then again, you should be aware about the bell shape, quotas, and how grades are fluctuated based on whether you're in Ampang or Guar Perahu... that's the REAL truth, k?

    so, Rocky, up to the task of seeking the truth out there? Prof Abdullah Hassan's book could help. Or the man himself? he speaks fluent English, mind you, his beautiful girls - one's an English teacher, three were educated abroad, speak the lingo like it's their native tongue - go talk to him in UPSI/Janda Baik, and then ONLY say your piece. In the academic world, it's all based on research, k?

  133. Agreed 120%..Pemimpin PAS ni tak tahu dah mana hala tuju perjuangan mereka. Dah jadi caca marba..Dekat Perak dok mengejar jawatan MB. Dekat KL dok berdemonstrasi pulak bantah pembelajaran Maths dan Sc dalam B Inggeris. Apa nak jadi ni. Anak saya tahun 6 pun dah bagi komen mengapa perlu diubah pulak pembelajaran Maths dan Sc dalam B Malaysia ni? Dia kata dia selesa menjawab dalam B Inggeris dan last ujian dia dapat 93% dan 95% utk Sc dan Maths. Itu anak saya yg belajar di sekolah di Bachok Kelantan (Sek Gred B)

    Yang Nik Aziz dan Hj Hadi dok sibuk menentang ni apa hal? Dah tak ramai dah orang pergi dengar ceramah ke? Lalu terpaksa pulak berdemonstrasi bantah PSMI??? Lepas ni agaknya Nik Aziz dengan Khalid Samad Shah Alam nak demonstrasi pulak bantah larangan penggunaan perkataan ALLAH oleh orang Kristian? Jangan terkejut kalau ini terjadi memandangkan tak ada isu lain nak dimainkan lagi..

  134. Anonymous1:16 am

    smart up smart ass & the like..the typical holier than thou chingkies moron..

    when it come to should be a proper english..real english standard.

    not your majority common tongkang english..especially to those who cannot pronouce the letter 'r' properly & continue to live in tongkang cocun thinking they are at hi-sky english standards..and the sad parts is that majority of that came from the SRJK which command the biggest proportion of that particular race.

    A good english speaking malays are always better than a tongkenglish speaking chingkies..go buy a mirror moron...

    the last time i heard some people want to do something really mammoth ..
    as usual other than talking big time, there is no substance underneath that people..nothing materialized..mau demo pun kena tumpang2 org ke?

    so.. the rule of big balls do indeed follow the color tone..not to mention the size of that under things which we used to hear racist joke about that.. :D

    we hereby proudly give u the Malaysian demoz champions fearless against teargass, baton & water canon :

    1) Indians - winner
    2) Malays - runner up
    3) Others - 3rd place (if any)
    4) Chinese

    So.. bro rocky.. the cock size joke is really for real fact indeed..

    :D muhahaha...

    p/s: babi, padi, api, amok, orang utan are example of genuine malay words..any active language also borrow foreign words..tell me which language in this world still remain in its original vocab? some remote african tribal language perhaps?

    go study a proper english..tongkenglish don't sell in global world..stop dreaming & be grateful to have free jus soli citizenship here and stay in your vernacular school..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  135. Anonymous1:48 am

    I think the problem crops up because of the inability of education minister to explain the importance of English and the ministry's long term goal to general public, especially the Malays. Love for ones language has nothing to do with learning another language especially English which has become vital for even personal development.

  136. Anonymous2:38 am

    Saya ngajar kat sekolah elit nie pun hanya beberapa peratus pelajar sahaja yang menjawab dalam BI .. walaupun belajar dalam english tapi mereka tetap perlukan terjemahan . Balik rumah mak ngan ayah cakap BM . Sudahlah ... kalau dah nak bagi anak belajar dalam english hantar aja anak2 tu ke INDIA atau FILIPINA tak payah kos mahal2 . Kat sana memang guna english ... tapi jangan tersilap hantar ke JEPUN / KOREA / CHINA / ARAB ... boleh jadi kena penampar .. ingat bahasa mereka lekeh sangat ... Hanya melayu yang tak yakin dengan bahasanya ..dan hanya berapa kerat saja yang mindanya masih teringatkan bristish dulu ...

    hadoi malangnya ....

  137. Anonymous5:26 am

    Amir said

    "...And I'm from a small kampung in the East Coast.


    I just want to gloat about my grades. And to ensure that no one would say that they did "better than the Malays in their own language" ... "

    That's Good. That's the type of mentality that is asked from everybody. Malays, Chinese and Indians alike. When I did my SPM, there was this major phobia going around among the non-Malays that no matter how perfect your grades are, mess up the BM paper and you'll have to resit SPM. That motivated us to study the language no matter how difficult it was being a non-native speaker. Its the same with English only that certain segments don't want it because? Its DIFFICULT. Not because its useless but DIFFICULT. So just because its difficult and teachers going Gila we must lower our standards? So yes. Mr Amir, if everyone has the same mentality like you, that don't want to be told "did better than the Malays in their own language", we wouldn't have all this debate on English. People would have naturally wanted to excel in English sfter being informed of its importance and when everyone does, there wouldn't be a need to teach Maths and Science in English. But since no matter how much improvement is made to the English curriculum, even if we start introducinig English Literature, if there was no desire and interest to learn English, it will still achieve nothing. So might as well force students to apply English in other subjects in the hope they will learn English just to at the very least, pass the subject.

    Some good examples. In China the people are learning English not because of having to study Maths and Science in English. Instead they understand the importance of English and so choose to excel in it. Can we say the same of our own?





























  139. Anonymous9:15 am

    I was born long before Merdeka. My late father was a qualified teacher graduated from SITC and his last posting before retirement was that of a headmaster.A small salary for a Malay school teacher, he and my mother sacrificed any form of luxury to educate 10 of us.
    Mind you,those days we had to pay school fees +++.

    In the early 50s,village elders would raise their eye brows when they saw Malay children going to English schools. The perception those days was that the Malay children might be influenced to become Chritians. Even speaking English at suraus or mosques those days was something weird.

    However,our late father went ahead to send all of us to English schools despite the negative gossips. For what we are today, I dont think we can ever repay (it never will) for what our parents have done and mind you,my mother is illiterate. Despite this handicap, she fully supported my late father...she is 90 today.


    There are a lot of Malay parents today who send their children to CHINESE SCHOOLS so I just cant understand why all this fuss about learning English. Forget about politics for a while, any form of learning,acquiring skills (LANGUAGE INCLUDED)is value added.
    The irony is that when it comes to examination results,on many occasions, more NON MALAYS perform better in Bahasa !!! Well ?


    Indonesia is another country that strongly protects her heritage but at the same time rapidly trying to acquire the English language. Here in Malaysia, its rapidly diminishing. I am equally proud of my mother tongue and feel greatly honoured that it is also our National Language. But we cannot discount the importance of the English Language.

    Kalau orang orang kita ikut arus ahli ahli demo ini, lambat laun orang orang kita akan lebih ketinggalan. I stand corrected.


  140. Anonymous9:52 am

    I no speak england. Bumiputra(Application for Status Pending)

  141. Anonymous9:56 am

    Due to the string of inquiring emails I received, I believe a caveat is in order here:

    I have no connection with and so bear no responsibility for the curious comment of that other "Pak Sako", made at 1:52 am. I'm an early sleeper and my bedmate (my pet iguana) can testify to this if the need arises.



  142. Alasan orang kampung tidak lancar dalam penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris adalah sangat dangkal dan bodoh, jika tidak dimulakan di masa muda, bak kata pepatah, melentur buluh biar lah dari rebungnya.

    Dan saya tidak nampak Melayu akan kurang melayu dan Bahasa Malaysia akan terpinggir kerana beberapa jam seminggu pelajar akan belajar Matematik dan Sains dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    Fikirkan lah, jangan kerana hendak berpolitik dan juga kononnya pejuang bahasa dan populariti, anak bangsa digadai.


  143. Anonymous11:59 am

    Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Sains Dan Matematik (PPSMI)


    PPSMI telah termaktub sebagai keputusan dasar kerajaan Malaysia hasil daripada Mesyuarat Khas Jemaah Menteri pada 19 Julai 2002.

    Pelaksanaan PPSMI adalah secara berperingkat, bermula pada sesi persekolahan tahun 2003 dengan perintisnya ialah semua murid Tahun 1 untuk peringkat Sekolah Rendah dan Tingkatan 1 serta Tingkatan 6 Rendah untuk peringkat Sekolah Menengah.

    Pelaksanaan penuh PPSMI ialah pada tahun 2007 untuk peringkat Sekolah Menengah sementara peringkat Sekolah Rendah ialah pada tahun 2008.

    Rasional kepada peralihan bahasa pengantar dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik daripada bahasa Melayu kepada bahasa Inggeris adalah atas dasar keprihatinan kerajaan terhadap pembangunan sumber tenaga manusia untuk mencapai taraf negara maju dan persiapan dari peringkat awal persekolahan untuk bersaing dalam era globalisasi.

    Umum mengetahui bahawa sains dan matematik adalah bidang yang menjadi asas dan berperanan penting dalam kemajuan dan pembangunan sesebuah negara. Pelbagai inovasi dan penemuan baru dalam bidang ini berlaku dengan pantas dan capaian maklumat mengenai perkembangan dalam bidang ini banyak terdapat dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    Selain itu, bahasa Inggeris adalah bahasa hubungan antarabangsa dan penguasaan dalam bahasa ini memudahkan perolehan ilmu dalam bidang ini.

    Kesimpulannya, keputusan dasar untuk melaksanakan PPSMI bertujuan memastikan penguasaan yang lebih baik dalam sains dan matematik di kalangan murid memandangkan sebahagian besar sumbernya adalah dalam bahasa Inggeris. Secara tidak langsung, pelaksanaan PPSMI diharapkan akan turut meningkatkan penguasaan bahasa Inggeris di kalangan murid.

    Peranan BBT dalam PPSMI

    Peranan BBT telah bermula sejak 2002 sebaik sahaja kabinet memutuskan dasar PPSMI dilaksanakan mulai tahun 2003. BBT berperanan dalam menguruskan penghasilan dan pembekalan Pakej Buku Teks dan Buku Glosari Sains dan Matematik untuk Sekolah Rendah dan Sekolah Menengah.

    Beberapa perubahan telah dilakukan oleh BBT yang melibatkan komponen bagi Pakej Buku Teks Sains dan Matematik dengan tujuan membantu guru dan murid dalam menjayakan program PPSMI ini.

    Antaranya, Pakej Buku Teks Mathematics Year 1 merangkumi komponen Buku Teks, Buku Latihan dan Aktiviti, CD-ROM untuk murid (MyCD), CD-ROM untuk guru dan Buku Panduan Guru.

    Semua komponen ini diterbitkan dalam dua jilid (Part 1 dan Part 2) bertujuan mengatasi masalah beg berat.

    Pada tahun pertama (2003) pelaksanaan PPSMI, pakej buku teks tambahan telah dibekalkan kepada semua sekolah.

    Pembekalan pakej buku teks tambahan ini adalah secara one off dan di bawah pengurusan SPBT sekolah. Pakej buku teks tambahan ini boleh dipinjamkan kepada murid untuk rujukan mereka dan juga bagi tujuan guru melaksanakan P & P Matematik di dalam bilik darjah.

    BBT turut menguruskan penghasilan Buku Glosari Sains dan Matematik untuk Sekolah Rendah dan Sekolah Menengah. Penghasilan buku glosari ini adalah sebahagian daripada Program Intervensi PPSMI yang dimulakan pada tahun 2005.

    Pakej Buku Teks Sains dan Matematik untuk PPSMI

    Buku teks Sains dan Matematik yang dibekalkan ke sekolah di bawah Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks (SPBT) adalah secara berpakej. Penulisan pakej buku teks ini adalah berdasarkan keperluan dan hasrat yang dinyatakan dalam Sukatan Pelajaran dan Huraian Sukatan Pelajaran Sains dan Matematik masing-masing.

    Pakej Buku Teks Sains dan Matematik terdiri daripada beberapa komponen bagi tujuan pengajaran dan pembelajaran (p&p) di sekolah.

    Fungsi setiap komponen secara umumnya adalah seperti berikut:

    i) Buku Teks (Textbook)

    Buku Teks disediakan untuk murid sebagai sumber asas mendapatkan pengetahuan tentang konsep dan kemahiran dalam pembelajaran sains dan matematik.

    ii) Buku Latihan dan Aktiviti (Activity Book)

    Buku Latihan dan Aktiviti (BLA) disediakan untuk murid bagi mengukuhkan kefahaman konsep dan penguasaan kemahiran sains dan matematik yang telah dipelajari daripada buku teks. BLA membekalkan soalan latihan dan aktiviti yang dapat dilaksanakan oleh murid. BLA adalah komponen Pakej Buku Teks Sains dan Matematik Tahap Satu sahaja.

    iii) Buku Panduan Guru (Teacher's Guide)

    Buku Panduan Guru disediakan untuk guru sebagai sumber rujukan dan panduan supaya memudahkan guru merancang dan melaksanakan pengajaran dan pembelajaran secara berkesan. Buku panduan ini juga membantu guru mengemaskini dan meningkatkan pengetahuan sains dan matematik serta merangsang kreativiti guru dalam P&P. Buku Panduan Guru adalah komponen Pakej Buku Teks Sains dan Matematik untuk Tahap Dua serta Pakej Buku Teks Matematik Tahun Satu.

    iv) MyCD (Pupil's CD-ROM)

    MyCD ialah CD-ROM untuk murid yang bertujuan mengukuhkan kefahaman murid berkaitan konsep sains dan matematik yang telah mereka pelajari melalui persembahan multimedia. Kandungan MyCD adalah Latihan dan Aktiviti secara interaktif, permainan, simulasi dan e-ujian.

    v) CD-ROM Guru (Teacher's CD-ROM)

    CD-ROM Guru bertujuan membantu guru dalam merancang dan melaksanakan P&P sains dan matematik. Antara kandungan di dalam CD-ROM Guru ialah strategi P&P, bank soalan, aktiviti tambahan dan senarai URL yang relevan dengan pendidikan sains dan matematik. CD-ROM Guru adalah komponen Pakej Buku Teks Sains dan Matematik untuk Tahap Satu sahaja.

    vi) Buku Amali Sains (Science Practical Book)

    Buku Amali Sains diterbitkan untuk memastikan mata pelajaran Sains diajar secara amali dan bukan hanya secara teori. Selain itu, daya pemikiran dan kreativiti murid dapat dikembangkan melalui amali serta menimbulkan minat murid terhadap Sains. Buku Amali Sains adalah komponen Pakej Buku Teks Sains untuk Tahap Dua sahaja.

    Buku Glosari

    Buku Glosari Sains dan Matematik adalah bahan rujukan guru dan murid untuk mengenal sesuatu istilah melalui definisi dan penggunaan istilah tersebut dengan lebih tepat. Selanjutnya »

    Senarai Pakej Buku Teks Yang Dibekalkan oleh BBT

    Senarai judul Pakej Buku Teks Sains dan Matematik yang dibekalkan ke sekolah berserta komponennya adalah seperti pada lampiran di bawah :

    * Sekolah rendah
    * Sekolah menengah

    -Petikan dari Portal Kementerian Pelajaran

  144. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Terima kasih saudara Hanif atas pandangan saudara terhadap anak bangsa kita. Memang benar,jangan pandang rendah terhadap orang desa atau orang kampong. Pemimpin yang ada sekatang pun kebanyakan dari kampong,hanya ada lah yang dah lupa daratan...cakap tak serupa bikin contohnya.

    Kita terpaksa menerima hakikat bahawa BI ini adalah bahasa antarabangsa. Negara negara lain pun,termasuk jiran terdekat kita Indonesia sudah mula cuba menaluki bahasa ini, bukan kerana bahasa mereka tidak berguna. Mana ada kaum di dunia ini yang ketepikan bahasa ibundanya sendiri. Kita pun kaya dengan bahasa kita, akan tetapi perkara yang di sebut selalu yaitu 'GLOBILISASI' misalnya mungkin memakan masa yang lama untuk menjadi kenyataan bagi kita anak Melayu...kita jugak akan ketinggalan.

    Cuba lihat orang cina,baik hokkian,hailam,hakka atau kantonis.
    Macam mana tinggi pun mereka belajar,bahasa ibunda mereka tak hilang langsung.Kita patut menaruh perasaan iri hati dalam perkara ini. Kenapa kita tidak bolih macam itu...walau pun ada anak bangsa kita cakap melayu ikut loghat mat salleh sebab dah lama kat sana.

    Saya pernah bekerja di luar negeri dan bergaul dengan staff Wisma Putra. Bila mereka memberi ucapan dalam BI,orang asing menggeleng kepala kerana mereka tak faham. Ini salah siapa...kerajaan ?
    Kita bukan sahaja mesti jadi jaguh
    kampong,kita mesti berusaha untuk jadi Jaguh Dunia...KATA MALAYSIA BOLIH !


    Orang orang Myanmar,Bangla,Ghurka dan Vietnam dengan cepat bolih bercakap bahasa kita...kerana apa..
    sebab keadaan terdesak untuk hidup.
    Rasa saya lah, orang kita belum sampai tahap itu lagi, bias ma'alaikat 44.

    Kalau setengah ibu bapa sanggup melihat anak kita tindik hidung, telinga dan pusat, rambut punk dan warna warni,dedah perut dan pusat,(ini semua pengaruh barat) kenapa kita tidak mahu menyokong benda yang lebih berfaedah saperti menguasai bahasa asing saperti BI.


  145. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Mohd Ali Atan

    Sanggup kau memperprostitutekan bahawa Melayu.

    Daripada berjela jela pengexplanationan tadi sebijinonhalal pun aku takterunderstandanankan.


  146. Hamba Allah dan hanif. Sudah ditegaskan bahawa belajar bahasa dengan isu PPSMI adalah DUA PERKARA BERBEZA. Mengapa tidak faham-faham lagi ini?Kalau staf Wisma Putra BANGANG berbahasa Inggeris apakah ia salah bahasa Melayu ?Cuba jawab. Sesiapa pun yang mendukung memansuhkan PPSMI tidak menolak belajar bahasa Inggeris malah bahasa apapun di dunia ini. Tetapi yang ditolah ialah mencantas bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa oengantar dalam sistem pendidikan negara. Itu sahaja poointnya. Berhujahlah dengan tepat. Bila dikatakan menolak PPSMI bukan bermakna jangan belajar bahasa inggeris sebaliknya belajarlah bahasa inggeris dnegan lebih efisyen lagi tetapi bukan belajar BI melalui Sains dan Matematik. Ada faham kah hanif dan hamba Allah? Kalau kalian masih menyatakan kebangangan orang melayu berbahasa Inggeris sebagai hujah menerima PPSMI nyatalah kalian memang bangang lebih teruk daripada staf Wisma Putra. Adakah disalahkan bahasa Melayu dalam S dan M apabila gagal menguasai bahasa inggeris dengan baik! Gila ke apa ni.

  147. kita mesti berusaha untuk jadi Jaguh Dunia...KATA MALAYSIA BOLIH !
    -Hanif hang faham ke tak?Isu gagal menguasai bahasa dengan isu PPSMi DUA BENDA BERBEZAlah. gagal berbahasa dengan baik kerana gagal menguasai sistem dalam bahasa itu sendiri. Hang kena fokuslah. Tak payah ungkitkan betapa pentingnya bahasa Inggeris kerana semua orang dah tahu. Buang masa saja. Yang ditekankan sekarang isu PPSMI. Dan BOLIH salah. Perkataan yang betul ialah BOLEH.

  148. Anonymous12:41 am

    Thank you Brian for your comments.
    Just a few words...I was in Africa for quite a number of years.Joke aside all schools are English medium. I tried to pick up their local dialects because it always interests me to pick up foreign language or dialects. It was difficult but I managed to construct a few sentences and some phrases though I knew it would not be that useful once I get home.

    I am trying to drive home a point that learning (any language)starting from primary school is easier. So why not start now for our children.


  149. Anonymous5:39 am

    Kalian yang menyokong PPSMI, tidak satu di antara kamu yang menilai kesan PPSMI sudut pandang pedagogi dan keberkesanan penyampaian ilmu matematik dan sains itu sendiri kepada murid-murid.

    Kebanyakan syok sendiri, mengambil contoh terdekat dan enggan mengambil sampel yang lebih besar sebelum membuat penilaian.

    Mungkin benar anak-anak kalian lebih selesa menjawab dalam Bahasa Inggeris, tapi tidak ada yang berani membawa ke dalam ruangan ini realiti bahawa hanya 33% pelajar menjawab kertas sains UPSR dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

    Demi memenangkan angan-angan muluk masing-masing, semuanya tutup mata dengan kenyataaan bahawa lebih 50% murid-murid di Kelantan, Perlis dan Sabah gagal dalam kertas Sains dan Matematik.

    Jangan kata orang Kelantan bodoh, secara demografinya pelajar Kelantanlah yang paling ramai di univerisiti-universiti di Malaysia ini.

    Mereka gagal, masa depan mereka gelap kerana diajarkan ilmu itu dalam bahasa yang mereka tidak mengertikan.

    Anda kata PPSMI boleh ditambahbaik, tetapi sebelum itu anda tidak peduli ramai lagi yang ke longkang kerana anda.

  150. Anonymous7:14 am

    Saudara Mohd Ali Atan,saya tak faham perkataan 'pengexplanationan' dan 'terunderstandanankan'.Ini perkataan apa ? Rasa sayakan ayat,' sanggup kau memprostitutekan bahawa melayu' kurang lengkap lah.
    Ok lah saudara,suka hati awak lah.
    Bukan kita menidakkan bahasa kita.
    Bacalah komen komen dulu dari ni.
    Kalau kita nak menguasai bahasa,apa saja bahasa,janganlah setakat PPSMI aje.
    Yang baik tu kita buat tauladan saudara Mohd Ali. Yang tak baik tu kita buat sempadan.

    (malaysia boleh))

  151. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Anti ini & itu,

    Go solve your own problem and don’t every time imitate that senile old man to blame others. SRJK boys know what we want, we don’t keep on evolving like your kind who until today still can’t make up your mind.

    Go watch your series and see how genuine is your language. Kalu mahu borrow foreign word, borrow yang ada standard punyalah.

  152. Anonymous1:02 am

    Anon 12:06..

    Same advice thrown back to you..

    Go buy a mirror and make up your mind too whether you, yourself & the like lowlife creatures soul still belong to Tongkangland or Malaysia...

    start evolving too moron..50yrs already..still static like the day your looser forefather ran away from tongkangland...

    Its just normal genes trait for your kind that whenever the place you lowlife being plunduring got problem, you lowlife people will try to run away from the problem.. just like in the past..

    still cannot make up your ya? to migrate or not to assimilte or not to assimilate..

    :D muhahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  153. tetap suka mahathir7:23 pm

    Tak suka kepada seseorang pun biarlah adil. Apakah benar-benar orang itu buruk perangainya.

    Atau orang itu hanya mangsa keadaan. Atau tidak bolehkah orang itu dimaafkan lagi.

    Sedangkan Nabi ampunkan umat. Ini bukan lagi soal tak suka tetapi soal tanggungjawab yang besar.

  154. fahampolitik7:47 pm

    Setuju dengan kata 'bangang' oleh Mohd Ali Atan. Tepat dan gramatis.

    Jujurlah dengan hakikat. Bermula dengan bangang tentunya tidak berkesudahan di situ sahaja.

    Tentunya bangang yang tidak ditangani dengan betul akan berkesudahan dengan 'bacul'.

    Setelah bacul pun tidak ditangani, ia akan berkesudahan pula dengan 'barua'. Awas dengan 'tiga ba' ini.

  155. Anonymous5:06 pm

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