Friday, March 27, 2009

Najib-Muhyiddin: Now or never

One shot only. Najib Razak has one shot at stopping the rot in Umno. He has a dream No 2 in Muhyiddin Yasin and a generally accepted VP line-up in Zahid Hamidi, Hishammuddin Hussein, and Shafie Afdal, but no second chances.

And he has a lot of cleaning up to do.

With the likes of Noh Omar polling the second highest votes in the Supreme Council race and "bos Mat Rempit" Azeeeeez squeezed thru by the delegates at the expanse of reputedly incorruptible leaders like Shahrir Samad and Ghani Othman, Najib and Muhyiddin must realize that the current voting system is terribly flawed.

Next Umno elections in 2012: 1 member = 1 vote.


DATUK HAJI MOHAMAD HAJI AZIZ ....................... (unopposed)

DATUK SERI NAJIB TUN ABDUL RAZAK.................... (unopposed)

TAN SRI MUHYIDDIN YASSIN............................ (1575 votes)

DATUK SERI DR AHMAD ZAHID HAMIDI.................... (1592 votes)
DATUK SERI HISHAMMUDDIN TUN HUSSEIN................. (1515 votes)
DATUK SERI MOHD SHAFIE APDAL........................ (1445 votes)

DATUK MUSTAPA MOHAMED .............................. (2259 votes)
DATUK NOH OMAR ..................................... (2084 votes)
DATUK SERI PANGLIMA MUSA AMAN ...................... (2084 votes)
DATUK AZIAN OSMAN .................................. (2060 votes)
DATUK ZAINAL ABIDIN OSMAN .......................... (2054 votes)
DATUK SERI MOHD ZIN MOHAMED ........................ (1854 votes)
DATUK SERI ISMAIL SABRI YAAKOB ..................... (1838 votes)
DATUK SERI PANGLIMA LAJIM UKIN ..................... (1804 votes)
DATUK SHAZIMAN ABU MANSOR .......................... (1705 votes)
DR MOHD PUAD ZARKASHI .............................. (1700 votes)
DATUK TAJUDDIN ABDUL RAHMAN ........................ (1685 votes)
DATUK HAJI IDRIS HJ HARON .......................... (1658 votes)
DATUK DR HAJI ABD LATIFF AHMAD ..................... (1624 votes)
DATUK SERI DR JAMALUDIN JARJIS ..................... (1622 votes)
DATUK SAIFUDDIN ABDULLAH ........................... (1619 votes)
DATUK DR NORRAESAH MOHAMAD ......................... (1611 votes)
DATUK SERI MAHDZIR KHALID........................... (1584 votes)
DATUK AHMAD HUSNI MOHD HANADZLAH ................... (1529 votes)
DATUK HAMZAH ZAINUDIN .............................. (1518 votes)
DATUK BUNG MOKTAR RADIN ............................ (1517 votes)
DATUK DR AWANG ADEK HUSSIN ......................... (1481 votes)
DATUK SERI ZULHASNAN RAFIQUE ....................... (1431 votes)
DATUK AHMAD SHABERY CHEEK .......................... (1377 votes)
DATUK SERI IDRIS JUSOH ............................. (1275 votes)
DATUK ABDUL AZEEZ ABDUL RAHIM ...................... (1265 votes)


  1. Bro,

    Lastnite I heard your name in the lip of Datuk Zahid. He and all of us recognized u as credential blogger. Anyway I am happy if you head the NST. I will ensure that I will read NST once u are appointed. So far the star and other english newspaper are become lousy especially current NST.

    Happy for TSMY won the deputy. As a Johorian Im proud that the Johor heroes won most of the prominant post except few Pak Lah's hatches such as Ghani the lousy bum, Azalina (lesbe corrupted), Sharil (thorn in the flesh), and Syed Hamid.

    I would like to congrate the sabah team becoz after Johor they are the second most deserve state to hold the prominent post becoz they are the one who saved the BN government.

    Anyway im still upset with KJ money politic won. To KJ only PR and your stupid kroni like u, the rest say (f%^k off). For Pak Lah wish you Selamat Bersara and Jasa mu dikenang??????

  2. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Aku bangga dengan UMNO.

    Sila dengar lagu yang telah saya tulis untuk UMNO... di sini .....

    lagu rasmi UMNO baru




  4. I very much agree with Rocky's Bru on this and I would like to spice it up a bit.

    One shot only, Najib-Muhyiddin. You miss this one shot and UMNO will decompose entirely.

    With people like Shahrir thrown out and Azeez squeezed in by the delegates, consider that their wish is fulfilled. They have made their choice and the UMNO line-up is there for them, because of them.

    As for the government line-up, it's up to you Najib-Muhyiddin and ONE SHOT is all you have.

  5. Anonymous5:33 pm

    One shot ? Even if you give Najib 100 shots, he still won't hit the target. With Noh Omar, Azeeeez, Bung Mokhtar, JJ....oh boy, you better think carefully about returning to the dark side. It's not too late to repent like Darth Vader.


  6. Anonymous5:34 pm

    The biggest joke is that Azeez was elected to the Supreme Council ... not appointed, mind you, but voted in.

    That he got more than 1,200 votes is a clear example of the mindset possessed by a large number of the delegates -- so-called grassroot leaders who had the responsibility of giving UMNO a good team.

    1,200 out of the 2,600 delegates did not fulfill that responsibility, and we're only talking about the election of Azeez here.

    You can also take issue with the majority of the delegates for electing the likes of JJ, Musa Aman, Noh Omar, Mahdzir Khalid, Idris Jusoh, Tajuddin etc.

    But maybe we Malaysians who are not UMNO members are overstepping the boundary here; after all, this is not our party.

    UMNO can do what UMNO likes.

    That is true, as long as these goons remain in the Supreme Council and are not made Cabinet ministers, deputy ministers, chairmen/directors of GLCs/public agencies.

    If that happens, then it becomes OUR business.

    What's important now is no longer who the UMNO delegates elected, but rather who Najib appoints into positions of power and authority.

    The ball is definitely in Najib's court. We will find out soon enough whether there are also balls in his trousers.

  7. Anonymous5:34 pm

    I don't understand why Shahrir Samad lost ?

    Can someone enlighten me ?


    OH! WHAT A DRAMA....


  9. I do think that Shahrir is one of the better leaders. Too bad.

  10. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Leadership is not all about ability, it comes with responsibility. Najib need to be cleansed, come out completely unblemished before he start the reform process in UMNO and ultimately, the nation. Will he do the honorable thing before claiming the highest office in the land?!
    Yes, one last chance for Najib.....

  11. Anonymous6:27 pm

    The lineup has only grown fuglier. And who says Ghani is incorruptible? Get your facts right hokay!

    Gosh, even McFoamy made it!

  12. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Barisan-barisan bangang and BODOH,,,most of them corrupted,,,

    Semua kena Sabotage,,,dah jadi PUAK-PUAK dalam UMNO,,,!!!!

    Kalu all the Calibre people bole kalah,,where do they go wrong,,!!????

    So the Sabahan,,,giving a message to all Malaysian,,,that they control PILIHANRAYA LEPAS and THIS PERHIMPUNAN UMNO.

    KEBODOHAN Melayu Semenanjung terserlah DENGAN begitu ramai delegates from Sabah been Appointed.,,

    MEMALUKAN melihat MUKA-MUKA the elected SUPREME COUNCIL,,,yang akan membuat Keputusan regarding HAL EHWAL Melayu and Negara,,,

    UMNO claimed to be born in ISTANA,,dah jadi UMNO hutan,!!!

    nasib baik dah keluar UMNO

  13. Tahniah kepada barisan kepimpinan seimbang yang terpilih.

    Satu dua laksamana. tiga empat panglima. lima enam Pengawal Istana, tujuh lapan pak pacak, sembilan sepuluh jaga dan selebihnya tukang sapu, tukang ampu,tukang kipas...

    Banyak lagi direktor, cameraman, dayang dan pelakon tambahan diperlukan..

    Lambunglah buah dadu..kot kot naik nama.

  14. To all females in blogosphere, I'm calling for a total blackout on the word UMNO! No talented women in Malaysian politics? Growwlllll! Meowwwww....

  15. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Agak plate kereta 304 berapa JPJ jual?

  16. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Kj???Noh omar??? Azeez??? Sabri yaakob???
    Ewwww.. Slimy...
    What do this people thinking when they voting.
    Nak kasi poket penuh la tu.

    Maruah oi. Maruah! Mana maruah korang?
    Dah kena beli jugak la tu.

    Hopefully najib/muhyidin can handle this kind peoples.


  17. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Exactly. I'm sad that Shahrir Samad didn't make it :(

  18. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Josh Hong said in Malasiakini that if this Malay political party call UMNO demise he will be the most happiest person on earth.
    With the help of people like KAYJAY i think this will happen sooner then expected.
    Melayu,sedarlah diri cepat2.JAngan lah sudah terantuk baru tengadah.Bangsa lain hanya menanti kejatuhan kita.Apa yang Tun kata adalah Benar,kejatuhan kita adalah benar.Datuk najib tolonglah berbuat sesuatu.


  19. Well this latest development,will be a good thing for Malaysia as we are now we have a choice between the new UMNO and the Pakatan Rakyat (if UMNO WANT'S TO BE NEW OR ELSE LET'S KICK THEM OUT),so Malaysia political parties will not monopolise the political scene(in economics,monopoly is bad as it stop progress by curtailing fair competition,stop firms with monoply from improving themselves and make them lethargic,in politics the principle applies)and the people now have the power to choose,we are empowered now,so to all Malaysia let us make sure the power remains with us not give them away to the political parties.They will work their but off to get our vote,so we will benefit,the country will benefit,so let's continue this political scenario of having a strong opposition(BN or PR).

  20. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Hai Tok Lebai Hadi pun dah syok ikut rentak Teresa Kok, cabar suruh SAMAN?

    Kemana hala tuju Agama Lebai nih.. Nak jolok hal dalaman pi Antarabangsa pulak.

    Hoi, orang Kelantan makan pun masih kais pagi makan malam, kamu duk sibuk dakwah cara orang kapiaq pula!

    Sebenarnya, awak sendiri telah terjunam kekancah begitu rendah sekali, Lebai la yang perlu MALU!


  21. Anonymous11:04 pm

    It's a shame that many claimed including TDM that the result UMNO election is tainted. I would like to remind TDM he is as much to blame for what is happening in UMNO. He starts by expelling an innocent man who he totalling underestimate his fighting spirit.

  22. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Election of Khairy As UMNO Youth Chief - The Ugly Consequences - By Matthias Chang (26/3/09)
    By Matthias Chang
    Thursday, 26 March 2009 19:00

    Khairy and Badawi may gloat that even in defeat, they were able to salvage a battlefield victory of sorts, but their glee will be short-lived and would spell the inevitable defeat of UMNO and Barisan Nasional at the next General Elections, or earlier.

    Maybe, this is the ultimate revenge to be exacted by Badawi now that he has been removed from the power equation.

    The delegates who voted for Khairy will live to regret their short-sighted decision.

    The call for radical change rings hollow when Khairy was elected as UMNO Youth Chief, because it is an indication that certain factions within UMNO are still in a state of denial.

    At the last General Elections, the denunciations against the Barisan Nasional from the electorate were loudest and frustration displayed most acute, whenever the names of Khairy and Badawi were uttered by Opposition leaders and supporters. I was there and I was able to announce a massive defeat for the BN even before nationwide results were announced. I had sent out SMS to friends all over the country of my view even before the polls were closed!

    I had even predicted before the General Elections that Badawi will be forced out after the elections. I have enough witnesses to testify to this fact, some of whom were close supporters of Badawi.

    I would say that the disenchantment was directed more at Khairy than Badawi.

    It was ugly, so very ugly – the damnation and anger.

    The electorate perceived (regardless whether we agree or not) Khairy as the personification of the corruption and abuse of power that prevails in UMNO. This perception still prevails.

    This was further compounded, when he was merely reprimanded by the UMNO Disciplinary Board for money politics, when his so-called agent was found guilty of giving money to delegates. There was bewilderment and anger. To the public, this was hypocrisy and double standards. Others paid heavy penalties by either being disallowed from competing in the party elections or charged in court for offences of corruption.

    Khairy became toxic!

    There were also rumours that no strong action could be taken against Khairy, because his election was the agreed farewell gift for Badawi in exchange for a smooth transition. Some called it blackmail!

    In the result, the public disillusionment with UMNO has deepened further.

    Any benefit of doubt given to the incoming Najib administration vaporised when Khairy was elected as UMNO Youth Chief. By virtue of the party position, he is certain to be made a Minister, if not at the very least a Deputy Minister.

    The announcement that there will be a massive reshuffle of the Cabinet to reflect a change in outlook will be hamstrung by the appointment of Khairy.

    In 2003, before the retirement of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, I had warned that Khairy will be the millstone of UMNO and the ultimate undoing of Badawi.

    But no one took heed of my warnings because everyone credited the massive victory of the 2004 General Elections to Khairy’s strategies. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the economy did not recover and prosper during the stalwartship of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad after the 1997 financial crisis, Badawi could not have obtained such a huge mandate.

    Khairy and Badawi took all the credit for the victory. This was their undoing. Drunk with power and arrogance, they raped and destroyed the economy and alienated the electorate.

    Khairy relied on his spin doctors to spin fairytales to fulfil their ill-conceived agendas. Believing in their own spin, they missed all the telling signs that all was not well in their backyards. In the result, the Barisan Nasional lost five key states and the 2/3 majority in Parliament.

    UMNO as the backbone of the Barisan Nasional was wrecked and have yet to recover from the devastation!

    Some political pundits in the national dailies opined that Khairy would be able to reach out to the younger voters, because he is intelligent and able to communicate with them. This was seen as crucial as by the next General Elections, there will be another six million new and young voters.

    These pundits must be blind or wearing blinkers. Khairy played a major role in two By-elections recently and the Barisan Nasional lost.

    The writing is on the wall. Khairy was the millstone that hung dangerously on Badawi’s neck. Badawi ignored my warnings and paid the ultimate price. He was cursed and despised by the rakyat.

    Khairy will now be Najib’s millstone and if Najib does not wish to follow a similar exit, he had better not appoint Khairy to the Cabinet and or allow him to play any major role in any elections or formulating government policies. For that is the surest way to lose the elections, whether in the coming By-elections or the General Elections in 2012 / 2013.

    Khairy has no credibility. Winning the UMNO Youth elections will not in anyway give credence that he will be able to swing the youths of Malaysia to his side. Sad to say, UMNO Youth is out of touch with Malaysian youths! His election will alienate further the Malaysian youths. The Malaysian youths have had enough of him – a political chameleon, the “Teflon Kid” and there is no way that he can change the perception. As stated earlier, he is toxic!

    Badawi in his farewell speech said that UMNO must do away with the old ways. If UMNO is to follow his exhortation, surely the old ways of relying on Khairy and the 4th Floor boys must be rejected and discarded completely.

    I have never openly criticised Tengku Razaleigh in all the years that I have known him, as I have the highest respect for him. But in his recent interview with an alternative media, he had praised Khairy and expressed confidence in him.

    Coming from Tengku Razaleigh, I was dumbfounded. My immediate reaction was, it must have been a lapse of judgment.

    But, on further reflection, I realised that Tengku Razaleigh was laying the groundwork for future battles in UMNO and Khairy could be a useful proxy. I hope my assessment is wrong.

    But, for Tengku Razaleigh not to know the pulse of the electorate is not possible. The deep mistrust against Khairy has not abated. All Tengku need to do is to go down to the people and ask them what they think of Badawi and Khairy.

    He must have another agenda in backing Khairy the way he did.

    Be that as it may, it matters not whether Khairy is the UMNO Youth Chief. His tenure will not last. Sooner or later, reality will sink in and UMNO will turn against him and daggers will be out.

    It is also obvious that Khairy won because of horse trading of block votes. The voting in UMNO is such that at this juncture, Badawi’s block is still pivotal, even though not as powerful as the others. It was to those candidates that unless they have the Badawi block of votes, they will not survive the party elections. There was a simple quid-pro-quo: “Your block votes for me and my block will vote for you.” Much crocodile tears will flow to cover up the betrayals, and the usual excuse – “I had no choice, as otherwise I will be dead meat. If I survive, I can still help you later. Please understand my predicament.”

    There are suckers out there who still believe in this nonsense!

    There are no issues of principles in UMNO elections. It is pure power-play and how to survive to play the power game.

    Khairy has won one round, albeit his last, for there may be no more games to play when Barisan Nasional gets booted out, because of this millstone.

    To turn a new leaf, the old ways of Badawi and Khairy must be discarded totally and buried for good.

    There is no other option if Najib does not wish to be the shortest reigning Prime Minister in Malaysia’s history.

    Be forewarned that when the pressure starts piling on Khairy, he will be the Trojan Horse for the Opposition if that is the only option left to remain in power.

  23. Anonymous12:30 am

    wah rocky your blog seems to be dying better ask chedet for some you think we malaysians give two hoots about who is going to be the next PM and DPM.NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.come what may we will see in GE13 all this blood sucking carnivouries two legged homosapiens will be shown the doors to hell.there they can form their own kingdom where their own can lick their own crown cant play the race card for mamak kutty is crying over split milk just because his offspring did not make it.THE FATHER OF ALL ILLS.PLS DO NOT INFLICT MORE DAMAGE THAN WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE.THE MORE YOU SPEW VENOM THE MORE THE RAKYAT IS GOING TO DESPICE YOU AND AMMNO.


  24. Anonymous1:58 am


  25. Rocky...Why cares! Why so much attention on if without them...Malaysia is gone case.
    Come on...what about 5000 chased off at Anwar's ceremah...and LKS suspended from parliament?
    Is this a pro UMNO blog?
    You may voted against UMNO last election.....but I suspect you yearn to see UMNO be the UMNO you want and start voting for UMNO again?
    All your messages are trying to wake them out..not really..for change of government.
    Is this really pro UMNO blog....or pro Mahathir to teach UMNO not to insult Mamak?
    Come a true Malaysian as you have told me personally at Permatang much you love Anwar....and yearn for change of government.
    Start protecting oppositions that are by one...being reduced to nothing in Parliament.
    Declare yourself...Rocky....who really is you!!

  26. If you dare not approve my previous message...then we know the real you..don't we?
    You may treat all these as good reporting...but I think they are wake up calls by you.. for get re-elected.

  27. Anonymous4:48 am

    Umno opted to vote for oppression, cronyism, lies, stupdity, corruption. The end result will be annihilation at the next polls. Umno has decided to forgo its last chance. That the party has no qualms about ditching a moderate and incorruptible politician like Shahrir Samad and voting in misogynistic bums like Tajuddin and Bung is a measure of Umno's proclivity for self-destruction and disrespect for the people.

  28. Anonymous7:34 am

    Cleaning up bro?

    All of em belong in jail. If only we had a clean ACA, police force and judiciary. UMNO controls it all.

    Even a two-bit hack of a reporter like you should be able to see that. Maybe you're controlled by UMNO too? Sad.

  29. Anonymous8:07 am

    When or when will we get a non- Malay PM? Who says the PM must be a malay? If PM must be Malay how about DPM be non-Malay? What a fucked up, rigged, racist country.


  30. Anonymous10:49 am

    just face the fact lah - kalau tak boleh rasuah nobody would be interested in umno lah. its fate basically sealed.


  31. I heard from Port Dickson circles that Rosemajib was once known as 'Sure shot Two Shots!!" Lol.

  32. Anonymous11:27 am


    Astro is currently doing a retrenchment exercise and have done the first wave of it on Friday 27/3/2009, this is quite a shock since Astro has not announced any losses in revenue. Furthermore, this exercise was not conducted properly since all the staffs was not pre-empted before the exercise, the management just call the names and present them a termination letter with a compensation cheque and were asked to surrender everything and leave immediately as if the employee commited a crime or something against company policy.

    The main thing here is, Astro is not suffering any losses and have a lot of project coming especially one CRM billing project that was told to me by my friend that was retrenched which cost them somewhere around 200++ Millions with a company that is HQ Based i! n Israel. They often has their meetings outside Malaysia, which is Singapore because some of the vendor does not have American Passport and not able to enter this country unless if all of the meeting participants has an American Passport, the meeting will be held here in Malaysia, currently they are in contract negotiation with company and this will not be tender our but will be direct negotiation instead. The issue here, Malaysia has no diplomatic relationship with Israel, how can a local company engaged in any business activity with Israeli based company. Plus, with the current economic situation, local company should be given priority instead of flushing the money outside the country, I know there are local company that are capable of executing this project, or if worse case go for companies that is not Israeli.

    You have been championing the cause for Gaza, but actually there are local company that is contributing to Israeli mass murder in Palestine.

    I hope you can do something to help my friend and the others that are involved in this. You can do the necessary investigation to verify all this of course before making a headline.


  33. wah wah wah rocky,
    it seems a datukship really carry weight to be appointed a supreme council.. No wonder ramai would pay for a datukship title.

    I must agree with you on Azeez, and for the other candidates whom has lost in last year GE despised by the people; yet still got elected by the UMNO delegates.

    A major change has to kick off sooner


  34. Anonymous11:52 am

    It will be disaster for UMNO not to know this fact that many non-Malays have voted Opposition in the last General Election simply because of anger against of KJ in UMNO/BN.

    That is the extent of liability! THe reform and transformation by Najib will always be curtailed by this liability

    Good luck.

  35. Anonymous11:55 am

    rocky, people still upset that KJ will. i talk to youth representative that they go to corus to get money for the youth election. so it is sad that money is controlling umno nowaday. with the new line up ok but youth leader? my god


  36. Anonymous11:57 am

    I am sad that Dato Sharil has decided to resign.However,I salute him for upholding his principle that since he has not been elected,
    his next course is to resign.

    I hope the rest of the ministers will follow his footstep so that the perception about UMNO will change dramatically. I for one would like to see UMNO back to its glory again.That is why I always say and I will continue to say that its totally unfair for anybody to pass comments that Malaysia (Persekutuan Tanah Melay)has been mismanaged by PERIKATAN/BN
    during the last 50 years.

    (orang lama)

  37. Anonymous12:03 pm


    The presence of KJ and the Mat Rempit Boss in the line up is a disgrace. As you say Ghani Othman lost out to the Mat Rempit Boss?

    Hear, hear for UMNO to have one member one vote by 2012. We must also limit the tenure of the President to a maximum of three consecutive terms of three years each.

    And we must totally abolish these NO CONTEST crap. Every position must be contested, every three years, especially the President's position.

    Manusia tak takut kpd Tuhan. Depa takut kat orang. Ini kita kena ingat baik baik. We must exploit this fact.

  38. salam

    please check this

  39. Anonymous7:03 pm

    wah rocky your blog seems to be dying down..... why? because rocky has gone the other side.
    Anyways when you head NST, hope you be fair and take people with creditability, and not just your friends from the press club

  40. manas7:25 pm

    Sila baca mengenai kekecewaan seseorang diatas kekalahan Dato' Shahrir.

  41. Anonymous10:41 pm


    You are famous sir - watching television people were mentioning your name.

    One thing I like what I heard through out the GA of UMNO is about the way they were voting - it is madness UMNO still applying the method, no wonder the young generation shy away from UMNO.

    I still cannot see the sincere faces in most of the new UMNO leaders, sad! What are they going to do for the rakyaat? I just cannot believe they understand the lives of the ordinary people like me - most of them came from a very well to do families (who is Najib & who is Hishamuddin & who is Khairy, who is Mukhriz to name some of them), they did not walk to school or taking a perahu across the river to reach the school - they won't understand being poor. There were no holes in their shoes.

    There are so many issues in KL itself they cannot in 100 years solve it without coming out of their big houses & cars, mingle with the people taking the busses, LRT, train or just waiting for the taxis - that is KL alone, urban problems, rural? They never - not even a day sail in a boat to catch fish or in a plantations taping rubber or harvesting palm oil. They never go to the offices & doing the clerical jobs nor become a lorry attendant or a bus driver or pengayuh beca.

    I have seen all & mixed around with all walks of life to at least understand them and how the youngsters everywhere rejected UMNO. They the leaders do not know the people. They have riders to get through the jammed.

    My family is a product of mixed marriages; none can claim they are 100% Malay, but 100% Malaysians. We respect the Malay culture & the special Malay rights & their respect for the Kings & rulers. I am the 4th generation here from my father's side, 3rd generation from my mom. I am born & raise here & what is there to question the right of me & the other who are purely Malays/bumiputras. Religion thought me that beside my parents. I am sure if people follow the true teaching of their religions, respective of being a Muslim or not, we will not face the stage of corruption & bertuhankan materials & only this life on earth. As a Muslim I believe in the other life so I hope for the leaders up there read about Salahudin Ayubi (he is just a person, not a prophet, so we are on par with him - we can't be like the Prophets, be like him). There are people who think the greatness of Genghis Khan & Kublai Khan or Alexander the great (his identity not confirming he is Iskandar Zulkarnain), but as a Muslim we should know the great Muslim leaders who were not prophets as well. Salahudin, his son & his brother did everything because of Allah & for the people regardless of whom & what they were and even the Christians can’t even write bad story about the man. Here the leaders stay in palaces, but the people, some of them don't even own a house & couldn't even feed their children. Salahudin stayed in a tent greater man of any leaders now & when he died, he only have 4 dinar in his name. He was a bigger leader than any of the leaders ever born here in Tanah Melayu – he was king everywhere – he salvage the maruah of the Muslim world in his time – who now can be bigger than him? I am not asking the leaders to stay in tent until all Malaysians have a roof over them, but think carefully when they are about to wear their Armani/hugo boss attire, eating with silver spoon, think of the poor, some of them when it rain, the rain water sipping through their roof. When they are driven around in limos, the school children walk to schools through mud & some even brave the perahu to cross the river.

    The clericals, the cleaners, sweepers, the sales assistants, the factory workers & the laborers brave the LRT & busses through traffics & the “aliens” who doesn’t know that they are aliens. I am not against aliens, but they have become a nuisance/pest here in this beautiful country. Then the visitors (not all), they have crosses their boundaries as visitors & tourists, they have become so bold while when we visit them at their respective countries, they enforce rules & regulations on us, but they are free here to make a mess.

    The beban of economic global mess – do the leaders know how hard for the people to make ends meet while they never even buy a grain of rice on their own. They can afford blackberries & BMW no less. Did any of the perwakilan know the hardness of the situation? It is more a pressing matter than saving the right of the rulers whom as for now it is not in jeopardy at all – the salakan of some quarters opposing the rulers, do this carry effect in the near future? I don’t think so. I respect them, but they are not the people who need to be saving from any real danger & threats at the moment – just an old goat like Karpal Singh!doing the barking & a little senile blogger like Raja Petra. We should address what is more pressing. Do I sound like being a Jebat? I don’t think so, but since the new UMNO leaders want to know why the people shy away, I am telling them why.

    I have many issues to write & to talk about. I always say this “being poor is a sin, but being overly rich bound to make me a calon to be in hell”. I thank God that I have almost everything I ever wish as being human, but I realize everything is not happiness & never will be a jihad nor a donor or the savior of ummah. I sincerely want to share this with people out there. I have talk to at least a hundred people from all walks of life, Muslim & non-Muslims – this is not a majority – 100 out of 100 people want a leader like the Menteri Besar Kelantan. I have no intention to get involve in any political parties, never a fan of PKR leaders (I admire the wife of the PKR Prez, but not he himself, he causes so many unwanted chaos more than anything – he gave the dirty idea to UMNO new Prez regarding Perak!).

    All the best & will the will of Allah I really hope the UMNO leaders change - there is only one thing left in the end of our life -the way we follow religion & when death come, the angels will not ask how many houses, cars, gold you left behind, sendiri mahu ingat. The grave of a Muslim cannot be made from diamonds & gold.

    The dark lord of the southern hemisphere (will this be enough? - well simedarbywatch blog owner trust me with this name, I hope you accept me, sir - cari makan, wait till I retire, I'll give you my name - say in 15 t0 20 years)

  42. Anonymous2:33 am

    The best picture I have seen so far.

    Najib, the next PM, Muhyiddin the next DPM, PakLak present and outgoing and TDM ex and still around...

    Yes, demi Bangsa Agama dan Negara, jangan hampa harapan dan masa depan anak cucu kita...

    You were there before Merdeka, here now to guide and for Najib and Muhyiddin to carry on for us all..



  43. zelot669:12 am

    Najib? Cleaning up!?

    Bro, it's a big joke.

  44. Bro,

    Noh Omar and Azeez have done much more for the Malays than Ghani and Shahrir have.

    If you compare Noh and Shahrir in their respective ministries Noh has helped the Malays more while Shahrir has done his part for the people in general but none specifically for the Malays. As Far as Ghani is concerned, he is nothing to shout about in Johor and only serves the Sultan who safeguards his position there.

    Azeez has reached out to the thousands of Mat rempits who are generally rebellious and can easily fill the streets for PKR. SO what's wrong with reaching out and trying to correct this part of the forgotten society? Are you forgetting that these youths are Malays? Are you implying that they should remain as tramps in our society? Azeez deserves his seat for all that he is trying to do. He has done much to resemble the good work that the MCA complaints dept does. Pick on the others if you have to but not on someone who works in the party.

    If this was about picking the right working minister, than Noh and Shahrir should be in the same league, but if you are looking at it in the Malay Party's point of view, and ask who've done enough to help Malays,then Shahrir is where he should be, outside the UMNO Supreme Council.

  45. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Najib dikaitkan dgn Atantunya (eja betul kan), pasai political Analylist.

    Kalau macam tu, boleh tak kita mula fitnah baru, kaitkan Eng Guan pasai DCM dia? , minta dia buktikan dia tidak terlibat, cabar dia sue sana sini untuk bersihkan nama dia?

    By the way, CAT please expose for all to see.

    Bank statement dah ada. Apa nak tunggu tunggu lagi… E X P O S E… Kan itu janji, tidak akan sembunyi?


  46. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Dear Respected Readers (most of u not all)
    My take on the last UMNO General Assembly is...if i have to grade them, i would give B+++. I give credit to the delegate for making wise decision..especially choosing few names that i truly believe going to make differents in the organizing..such as Muhiydin Yassin, Mustapha Mohd,Idris Haron and last but not least Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. I know some of you might get wrong impression withregards to the last name on the above list. Putera Chairman, Azeez Rahim truly the type of leader that you should give an oppurtunity. I might have personal liking to this guy, but i'm more amaze with the hardwork that this guy had demonstrated. One good example is when he went to Northpole, he was the first one to jump from the helicopter, eventhough he never had any prior experience in doing so. He shows example by action not rhetoric...he work by giving his heart n soul with no reservation. Sometime it does seem quite brutal and less professional but hey someone has to do it. If everyone feel they they are too intelect and from a high society, atleast this guy does go down to the grassroot and tackle the unfortunate and less intelect ones. Well i could list much more example that this guy has done, but its better to stop here at this point..Finally, please hold any your opinion or judgement, lets give him a year and judge him accordingly. Regards.
    "Calling Spade as Spade"