Thursday, March 26, 2009

KJ's win spells end of UMNO?

Or light at the end of the Umno tunnel? Two newspapers called for my views earlier today on Khairy Jamaluddin's victory. First to call was Harakah. The journo asked me if KJ's win was a petanda buruk (bad omen) for Umno. Sure, I had a nightmare last night [read about my meeting with KJ at a Muslim cemetary in the comment box here] but the outcome of the Youth chief contest is an opportunity for Umno.

Firstly, it is a chance for KJ himself to prove everyone wrong. That he is not averse to change. That he ain't as bad as they (and I) claimed.

Secondly, it is an opportunity for Najib Razak, Umno's new President, to help Pemuda to close ranks (remember, KJ garnered only about 35 per cent of the delegates who voted last night; the remaining went to losers Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir). To rapatkan saf, Najib could appoint KJ and Mukhriz to his Cabinet and Khir to the Supreme Council. Conditional, of course, on their being cleared of all corruption charges.

Thirdly, it is also a signal for the party to move fast and adopt a review of the voting system. The 1 member = 1 vote system will make Umno the most democratic party in the country, help abolish money politics, and even encourage Malays who have shunned Umno all this while to join the party.

The Oriental Daily reporter told me that the MCA debated the 1 member = 1 vote system and found that it would be costly and time-consuming. I said whatever the cost, it would not be greater than the cost of losing the next General Election because of the party's failure to fight money politics and corruption in the party.

In short, I see a silver lining ahead for Umno. And yes, if you allow each Umno member one vote to elect the party's leaders in 2012, I would consider signing up as an Umno member.

But if they elect in Muhammad Muhammad Taib as the Deputy President tonight, I will have to take back my words.


  1. Mat Win .. UMNO will RIP!


  3. I always believe UMNO still have room for us Malay BUT more than four since l applied to join UMNO BUT at no avail.

  4. So now only we see your real mind and intentions ...signing up as an Umno member?

    What a joke.

    I hope Mat Taib loses so that Rocky will not join UMNO faster.

  5. Mat Taib gerenti menang

  6. >>But if they elect in Muhammad Muhammad Taib as the Deputy President tonight, I will have to take back my words.<<

    This is what you get when you start splitting hairs and do not reject any form of corruption.

    DCM 1 Fairuz is being questioned by MACC in a super efficient manner (great and not so great for the people - great that corruption is being targetted, not so great that such investigation seems selective). What happened to Mohd Ali Rustam? Fall off their radar?

    It's not the candidates, it's the whole setup that is rotten to the core.

    In UMNO, "membasmi rasuah dalam parti" means one corrupt side is telling the members that they will basmi the corruption from the *other* side. (if possible try looking as if you are doing something, even it is scratching your ass). The best part is when the winners and the losers were calling each other "rasuah". It should be more specific - "rasuah" and "tak cukup rasuah".

    Ku Din? Let him be lah. To tell him his circus is held in the least regard would be cruel. I think he even believes what he and his co-clowns say and do on the Lembaga Disiplin are important. He is just a stooge of the incumbent.

    Anyway, just like after any other UMNO AGM, the perwakilans uyou know will come back and you can ask them how much they made from the AGM. SOP (standard operating procedure), that is why in my place many practising Muslims do not want to be "belanja" by this group. Itu pun SOP jugak.

    Same old, same old.

  7. Anonymous6:34 pm

    From Ibn Seerin Dictionary of Dreams:
    Cemetery(Burial ground, grave, graveyard) - Seeing a cemetery or a graveyard in a dream means appeasement and comfort for the terrified person and dismay to a comfortable and relaxed person. The graveyard represents the elements of fear, hope and return to guidance after heedlessness. A cemetery represents the hereafter because it is its vehicle. A cemetery in a dream also represents the prison of the body...also means seclusion, devotion, abstinence, asceticism or admonition.

  8. The new Prime Minister must, at all cost, keep Khairy Jamaluddin out of his cabinet.
    Let Khairy prove his worth in uniting Umno Youth first.
    The party Discipline Board had CONFIRMED that Khairy is CORRUPT and that is a GOOD ENOUGH REASON to keep him out of the Malaysian Cabinet.
    Please Datuk Seri Najib, don't make this ONE BIG MISTAKE at the beginning of your journey as our Prime Minister.
    We love this country, thats why we're pleading for you to keep Khairy out.
    If nothing changes, then BN's challenges would be like climbing a greased-pole on a cold dark night.


  9. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Dear all,
    Who really wants Pak Lah out??? Mahathir boys only. Those who profess Mahathirism. Think about it, the goodtimes UMNO had after Mahathir resign was the best of times under Pak Lah. Remember the 90% support. And who keeps poking on UMNO even after he resigns.....Mahathir. Clearly this election results shows, Pak Lah boys are true loyal boys & girls....Setia Kawan!! And you would expect the same from MuhdX2 Taib. No matter what "outsider" such as Mahathir and the "old farts" of UMNO, those nostalgia of Mahathir rule wants......Pak La people will be voted IN and remain in control & influence UMNO. Money politics be damns.

    Don't be surprise, Pak Lah still retain the Premiership while Najib holds the Presiden UMNO and Finance Ministry post only. This is the concensus perhaps discuss by them and agree. UMNO still very much a Pak Lah party now.

    Mukriz, what this fella really do for the party??? As much as you want to critizie KJ, he is at least acting like beruk also for the sake of the Pemuda UMNO...he got the brains, and the "crass" goons rempit attitude to go with it. Mukriz don't have this....and perhaps lacking in both. Even Mukriz cannot debate and put his ideas forward properly. Mukriz is not his father......and poor copy only. You people has raise, hype & promote him too much which doesn't really fit his ability at all.


  10. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Ini sebenarnya "Petanda" yang diberi oleh SILENT MAJORITY!!!

    Its always the LOUD MOUTH minorities that try to instigate others to follow their one track opinions.

    Look at the PR, Hindraf, DAP, PAS, mere minorities, tonjol diri sampai anggap diri as the KING!!

    Gendang kosong beats the loudest.. tergolek2 atas jalanraya.. gendang tak dengar, londeh seluar.. kangkang bawah..

    This minority tried hard to undermine KJ.. Maalumlah, muka baru, nampak ada bakat.. org lama2 tak mau lah macam ni.

    We need FRESH faces, SEBAGAI PELAPIS .. bringging new ideas, NAFAS baru..

    I PRAY that KJ will HELP bring about these changes.



  11. So happen, mat taib re-visit to the "I no speak ingilishhh" land as a DPM..and just imagine what Sydney post or guardian going to write about the official visit...ha..ha..unimaginable!!!.Who is the guy suggest him as nominee?.

    Soon or later Malays in UMNO will be very tired and hand-over UMNO to UNITED MAMAK's to run the show..Think ..may be TDM is telling the right thing about Malay going to lose their supremcy in so said Malay land.Then UMNO become UNITED MAMAK NATIONAL ORGANIZATION..ha..ha...Hidup Mamak & Mami's.

  12. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Get ready for more nightmares bro...

  13. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Must a Youth Chief be appointed to cabinet?

    I want to see the number of ministries be reduced and PM becomes a real PRIME Minister, don't have to hold any portfolio because PM is ALL portfolios and the ultimate decision maker ... be responsible.

  14. Salam Sejahtera Bro Rock-Bru..!!

    Just as my vote (and 2 more votes) for this coming By-election at P059 Bkt.Gantang inclining to BN/UMNO..!!

    Then this 'KJ-factor's' suddenly jolts us..!!. Out of the BN/UMNO path..!

    We're now steering back to the path's that make things goes hay-wire pre-post GE-12..!!

    Of which we vote's for a change and willingly accepted the after effect..!!

    Right now, as it is for myself...!! I am still undecided yet for which path's I should cast my only one vote..!!

    The other 2 more votes.It just need my little convincing upon them.

    Well, there's still many more days-hours to go till 7th.April 2009 the D-day..!!

    Both contesting parties have ample time to vow 'the voters' to their paths.

    Let wait and what kinda of goodies they gonna to spreads...!!

    There seems to be a last minutes..change of moods...swing...or whatever.!!

    As for me it is gonna to a very last-second. Before I cast my vote's..!!(and so does,2 more Votes).

    Signing-off!! From Kaw.JKR-Rumah Awam Bt2 1/2.Jln.Simpang,Taiping.


  15. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Is'nt UMNO the most democratic party in Malaysia. If Mat Taib is elected why grudge him...
    Rocky, you simply have to take another bitter pill and have another sleepless night! hahaha
    Join PR lah, Mahathir is already history....

  16. Anonymous7:25 pm


    Pls keep KJ out of the new cabinet line up.

    Pro Mukhriz

  17. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Funny.. last nite I dreamt Khairy tried to kill my cats.


  18. Rocky, I know what is your real answer when they asked "KJ's win spells end of UMNO?"

    Most Malaysians know the answer. They agree on one big YES answer. You do too kan? Why answer so berbelit-belit?

  19. UMNO wll RIP if Mike win.....n i will vote PR

  20. UMNo will RIP if Mike win....coz yesterday was horror

  21. Anonymous7:51 pm

    now u see where rocky is heading? an umno member simply becos Najib appoints KJ, Muhkriz and Toyol into the cabinet? Oh how easily have he forgotten that Najib is still saddled with the Defence Contract and Altantuya murder case.

    Yea go join the rotten club and make your money!

    Good Riddance.

    We still hv such ppl who will join UMNO just becos the new PM appoints a certain ppl into the cabinet that spells CHANGE.

    Now u know why the country will always be PHARK lah. We still hv ppl such as rocky that is so naive!

    Ah Groo

  22. Anonymous7:51 pm

    The winner should be Mukhriz bcos most people all races find him a gentleman.KJ will continue those stupid rhetoric of punishing other races and BN fate is sealed.
    Kalau MTaib menang it's time to migrate bcos its a joke!


  23. Anonymous7:54 pm


    apa ko kata?

    "Who really wants Pak Lah out??? Mahathir boys only"

    bodoh piang la ko ni... bukan kita semua ke suruh pak lah letak jawatan sejak dari tahun 2006??

    ingat blik bro... jgn nak bukak cerita lain..

    pak lah pm paling bangang sekali..

    sume org panggil dia bodohwi..

    jgn nak lepas tangan kata mahathir boys aje nak dia resign..



  24. Anonymous8:00 pm

    >>>In short, I see a silver lining ahead for Umno. And yes, if you allow each Umno member one vote to elect the party's leaders in 2012, I would consider signing up as an Umno member.

    i will join you rocky bru bro.
    hanngg on. i am not malay. but they do admit mamaks. surely i can join too.


  25. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Help to abolish money politic?? Mmmm...menghina UMNO tu.

  26. Anonymous8:15 pm

    with KJ in, UMNO is now half buried

    with Mike Tyson in , UMNO will be evaporated

  27. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Dear RPK,

    I am not a fan of either party. It doesnt matter to me if you join UMNO or not. Frankly,i dont care and i do not see you joining UMNO even if there is 1 vote 1 person.

    As this juncture, as long as there is good check and balance from the opposition and we are moving towards improving everyday, I am a happy malaysian.

  28. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Had to read twice what you had written.

    Thoroughly disgusted with you.


  29. Anonymous8:57 pm


    do you realize that in your last posting, KJ&Co was doing some real damage control? Look at the number of fake comments infavour of him.

    The hate of UMNO members for him has reached such a level that.......

  30. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Firstly let me admit that I'm an UMNO member, a non-active member. But in UMNO online database said I'm active. So, confuse.
    Secondly, I feel really disappointed because Mukriz didn't win.
    Thirdly, I really pray now for TSMY to win ...
    Fourthly, UMNO please don't disappoint me, an ordinary member.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Anonymous9:27 pm

    kj can influence the non-malays to support umno-bn. he has the charisma unlike the other two candidates. congrats, kj!


  33. Anonymous9:28 pm

    The dark side I will go
    The dark side I will go
    Hey Ho the Merry yo
    The dark side I will go


  34. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Uncle Rocky..

    deym! your last para floored me..

  35. Rocky said:-

    "In short, I see a silver lining ahead for Umno. And yes, if you allow each Umno member one vote to elect the party's leaders in 2012, I would consider signing up as an Umno member"....

    as i predicted a while back by the next GE some bloggers will feed from umno hands.

    and sadly you rocky is one of them.
    so all these talk about umno is beyond redemption and etc etc is just 'perception' eh...

    well, so much for idealism.

    and so now KJ is umno youth head... so all of a sudden umno is going to change for the better now eh???

    oh boy! some malays are so fucking stupid...and that include you rocky...

  36. Anonymous10:24 pm

    creepy dream.

  37. Rocky,

    i f Umno wants to survive the 21st Century, they must understand and adhere to public grieveances that basically 'LISTEN".

    It doesnt matter who helms the President, Wanita nor Youth leadership, BN has exactly 3 years to prove themselves to the people that they are people centric, the leaders especially UMNO must prove that they have shed the old skin and true for CHANGE, otherwise, the people will vote them out.

    Malaysian are better educated and well informed.

    As a Malaysian, I wish to Thank Pak Lah for paving the way for liberal view from the rakyat and history will be kind to him, regardless of all that garbage that was/has been hurled at him by you, your blogging frens and UMno members themselves.... he did not fail, it was his party members that failed him...

    May the Al Mighty Bless Pak La and his family with a restful and peaceful retirement.

    peace to all

  38. Anonymous10:33 pm

    I think the best way to eradicate politik wang ialah membenarkan semua ahli umno mengundi. kalau semua berapa juta ahli Umno (lebih 3 juta katanya) boleh mengundi, logiknya berapa banyak yang boleh nak dibeli dek pemimpin yang gila kuasa.

    on one comment yang cakap should not let KJ in the cabinet, yet, I agree to that too. He has bigger challenge to prove, first to his boys (penyokong dia, penyokong KT, penyokong MM) then barulah sandang jawatan menteri kabinet or even setiausaha parlimen.

    maybe let him be setaiusaha parlimen dulu, baru naik sedikit-sedikit menjadi menteri. cari pengalaman dulu la. takkan nak jadi menteri terus kot.

  39. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Why should Najib appoint Mukhriz into the cabinet when it was Khir Toyol who came in second? Mukhriz shouldn't be given a post as he lost. Simple as that. Face it Rocky, KJ outsmarted u. In your nightmare, did KJ molest u? hahahahahahahahaahahahahh

  40. Anonymous11:00 pm

    KJ win spells end of UMNO?

    Baguslah kalau macam tu!

    Ini memanglah harapan majoriti rakyat!

  41. Anonymous11:00 pm

    "Setia Kawan" is the venom. What is the vaccine?

  42. Anonymous11:02 pm



  43. Anonymous11:05 pm


    muhiyiddin wins...amazingggg... I thought mat taib was about to be the next PM..after Najib
    RAHMAN PROPHECY....hahahahahahaa

  44. Anonymous11:09 pm

    hahaha Rocky Bru is an UMNO member & media empire aspirant.

    All along i thought he was one poor down throdden blogger.

    Mat Silap

  45. Anonymous11:13 pm


    you got it. taib lost. time for you to join UMNO.

    good luck and best wishes, rocky.


  46. Anonymous11:22 pm

    "As a Malaysian, I wish to Thank Pak Lah for paving the way for liberal view from the rakyat and history will be kind to him, regardless of all that garbage that was/has been hurled at him by you, your blogging frens and UMno members themselves.... he did not fail, it was his party members that failed him..."

    Paklah has damaged the nation in less than 5 years through the soft approach as he is oblivious of the intricacy of the Malaysian society. He may have been a nice man, but he has failed miserably as a leader of a multiracial society. What he has opened up is avenues for open discussions on sensitive issues which have historically been the root of chaos or even war in many other nation.

  47. Anonymous11:24 pm

    rocky, it is true, umno is officially dead!!!


  48. Salam,

    Bro Rocky, tgk kartun kat korea times psl najib ngan altantuya

  49. KJ is abrasive but charismatic , intelligent and very good orator which is an asset for any politician
    Do not appoint him any cabinet position let him consolidate Umno youth for at least 1 term ...he will be there...

  50. Anonymous11:33 pm

    The few by-elections will give us some hints. So KJ, let's bury the opposition, ya !!!

  51. Salam Bro,

    What's your issue with Mike Tyson anyway? Pls do enlighten me.

  52. Anonymous11:41 pm

    kj wins...hishamudin wins...yesss yesss yesss... that's what pakatan wants. umno now has its biggest liability in Pemuda. Cannot justify one for sure how come corrupt can win.Cannot..cannot

    PR must learn from Man United. If not good, then change, even if they are big stars like bekham, butt, kanchelskis, neville, heinze, saha, keane, etc.

    Umno cannot change...they will keep their "stars" even if got baggage...their transformasi is just sandiwara.

    DAP/PKR/PAS..please please don't score more own goals...get rid of fairuz, eli wong, khalid ibrahim, karpal, gobind. Replace with new stars. Then you will become like Man U, always win, and its time to WIN BIG. Else you become like AC Milan...old stars, cannot win again and again and again.

    If Lembaga Disiplin sack KJ, then PR will be in trouble..that means UMNO is on the offensive, means business. So PR, you must act first before UMNO act. They are 1 year late already, you have the upperhand.

    From: Maikel Jeksen

  53. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Its time for your bottle feeding, go isap susu kambing banyak2, hope you dont fall prey like the poor little toddler who died cos the drunken parents forgot to feed you!

    It is a beautiful lineup. I am happy for my children knowing that they are in capable hands..

    TAHNIAH TO ALL, and may ALLAH be with you all to help this beloved NATION...


  54. Encourage Malays who have shunned Umno all this while to join the party.?
    U must be dreaming my friend. I was formerly a strong supporter of UMNO, will never come back to UMNO.

    I don't c any clue that UMNO will clean all the dirts that have been stuck in their life.

    Do U expect Najib to do this? How much, long he takes for shower, it never cleans him.

    Bye bye UMNO for ever.

  55. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Almost switching back to UMNO Raub...but KJ is there! If Najib is smart, and he pushes KJ aside,I will re-activate my membership! Hello UMNO Raub!!
    Hantu Gigi Jarang.

  56. Anonymous12:49 am

    such unkindness. there are some malays who enjoy more special rights than others. some can elect and some cannot elect their own leaders though all are members and paying same subscription fees.


  57. Anonymous12:52 am

    God has strange ways of destroying things. So subtle you never know his real plans.

    Reading His Signs

  58. Anonymous1:58 am

    muhyiddin won...

    VP line-up ok. But I was hoping for another candidate to get in.

    supreme council: ok...but a few who should NOT have been voted in! Azzzeeeez...???? at the expense of better better candidates...

    najib and muhyiddin have a lot of up to do!

  59. Mat win...more run run run cases...hehehehe...KJ will be the best KPU hehehee..swingswing...

  60. Anonymous3:49 am


    I will also re-sign myself as an UMNO member if there is one member one vote system and UMNO Baru redirects itself to the struggles of the old UMNO.

  61. Indians feel betrayed by Anwar in Bukit Selambau
    read it all here

  62. Anonymous5:11 am

    Muhyiddin is eying on the top post now!


  63. Are you reporting or promoting someone?

  64. Anonymous said:

    "DAP/PKR/PAS..please please don't score more own goals...get rid of fairuz, eli wong, khalid ibrahim, karpal, gobind. Replace with new stars. Then you will become like Man U, always win, and its time to WIN BIG. Else you become like AC Milan...old stars, cannot win again and again and again."

    I'm sorry, but Man U lost 1-4 to Liverpool. And then 2-0 to Fulham.

    Where got, always win, mah? BN and UMno also barely made it last GE.

    Only one man - WON MAN! - who always win - JOSE MOURINHO!

    Win sorak only. Village gadai one.

  65. Kemenangan adalah di atas kehendak Allah seru sekalian alam.

    Panjatkanlah doa sekalian insan juga manusia, supaya kalau boleh dibukakan pintu hati pemimpin-pemimpin kita supaya menerima kebenaran.

    Maka berubahlah pemimpin-pemimpin kita supaya menjadi pemimpin yang penuh bertanggungjawab.

  66. Anonymous9:32 am


    Khairy Jamaluddin is UMNO Youth chief and may be considered for a cabinet or ministerial post.

    But how can you propose Mukhriz Mahathir for a cabinet/minister post? This fella is someone who lost out to KJ and even Khir Toyo to scrape in at third place in the UMNO Youth Chief competition, holds no important post in UMNO and is an ordinary Barisan National MP.

    So why do you want him to be made minister along with KJ? Come on lah Rocky, don't be so Mahathir-fanatic lah. Cukup lah Rocky. Don't be a dork.

  67. Anonymous9:37 am

    The Line Up

    Najib - Mango liar
    Muhyddin - Kampung Boy
    KJ - The King Of Mat Rempit
    and of course who can forget

    The Kerisman !!

    If you ask me

    The malays are in really safe hands !!!


  68. Sorry Bru. Got to disagree with you. So long as UMNO continues to nourish its stated raison de'tre, changing packaging is not going to do anything for it. Whether each member participates in the election process of UMNO all the way to the top, UMNO still remains very much a party that carves out the nation into them and us. They continue to churn out the rubbish about the threat of being dispossessed, That the Malays should forever remain in a state of caution and alert because of lurking enemies in the bush. So long as UMNO believes that all of us continue to remain in the respective lanes of a track we were born into and that that is and that shall be the character and structure of the nation, UMNO together with its other coalition partners in the BN will continue to remain the slippery slope that stops us all from reaching any kind of destination.

  69. Anonymous10:46 am

    To Politikus.

    Ini orang mesti case waktu Tun Mahathir dulu tak dapat apa-apa, sebab itu cakap tak tentu pasal. Ha ha ha.

    Dah udah-udah lah tu. Kalau nak berdebat biar berasas. Jangan belasah bila hanya dengar kata-kata orang atau buat assumption sendiri.

    And one more thing, people like you have the guts to critisize someone who handled the country for years without major proverty problems hor? Hao xiao lah lu! He he he. Tun is not perfect and of course neither do you but at least he has done something to the country but what about you? Ok ok don’t go to that high level, ask yourself what you have done to your family first ..

  70. Anonymous11:37 am

    Aduh....even my daughter does not understand why KJ won. As she pointed out, a person who was guilty should not be the head or represent the youth...unless the person had done something good over the time to redeem himself. In KJ case, he is guilty as charge but let off with a warning....yet our society rewarded him with this chief post? and by the way, he still does not admit he is guilty after the UMNO supreme's verdict. UMNO supreme, you are a laughing stock, whatever you said nobody will take it serious anymore. Definely this is going to misguide our younger society conception

    In the court if the guilty one does not feel remorse , the court will pass a much heavier sentence.....not in this case I am afraid. The bad boy walk out with red carpet.

    sad face

  71. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Dear Rocky

    The religious lingo 'merapatkan saf' is just beautiful albeit uttered by somebody not known for his 'kewarakkan'.

    As I have said before, this Bugis guy's a fighter but dont look it. He would only prove his mettle when the chips are down.

    As for KJ, I personally think that he can contribute a lot to UMNO. He has the brains and good PR to boot.

    Since I have no quarrel with both of them, as a Malay I wish them 'Selamat Berjuang'.

    Please remember that Allah is watching. Jangan jadi macam Anwar Ibrahim, dah dilaknat pun tak sedar lagi.

    Scholl bro.

  72. Anonymous12:06 pm

    UMNO mula mencorak perubahan ke arah lebih baik. Parti komponen BN terutamanya MIC, MCA dan GERAKAN sebenarnya yg paling perlu berubah dan mendidik bukan melayu memahami sejarah dan sistem pelbagai kaum yg termaktub dalam perlembagaan. Ketidakfahaman inilah yg menyebabkan bukan melayu dan minoriti melayu (PR) semakin hilang kefahaman dan mula menunjukkan belang sebanar dgn menyerang, menghina dan memakihamun parti sokongan majoriti melayu (UMNO) dan bukannya parti komponen yg lain. Dengan kritikan mereka itulah, Syukur Alhamdulillah UMNO mula memahami kenapa UMNO perlu bijak kerana terlalu berbuat baik dan berlembut dgn bukan melayu dan PR khususnya. Kini UMNO mula memberi tempat kepada generasi baru melayu yg lebih baik dan bijak demi utk anak bangsa....KINI arus perubahan mula dirasaiu kerana jelas hampir semua pemimpin yg dipilih adalah pemimpin baru dan lama yg lebih kuat dan lebih bijak mementingkan perjuangan MELAYU. Kegagalan melihat betapa racistnya DAP dan perubahan negatif yg mula berlaku MCA dan Gerakan ttg isu bangsa melayu dan kegagalan PAS dan melayu PKR memahamkan rakan politik mereka ttg asas penubuhan negara yg pribuminya dan penduduknya majoriti melayu disamping sistem kenegaraan undang-undang yg telah termaktub akan memberikan kesan yg amat buruk kepada PR..oleh itu simpah maki hamun itu agar jangan buruk padah di kemudian hari...

  73. KJ patut dikekalkan sebagai KP aje. Jgn bagi apa apa jawatan kabinet. Bagi KJ layan romeo romeo rasuah dlm Pemuda UMNO tu cukup cukup. Kalau join Kabinet, harus lagi byk rasuah berlaku !

  74. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Bro you said,

    "Najib could appoint KJ and Mukhriz to his Cabinet and Khir to the Supreme Council. Conditional, of course, on their being cleared of all corruption charges"

    KJ has already been found guilty of corruption. He was found guilty by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee of using money to buy votes.

    Bro, its no more 'charges', this is proven guilt. There is no way to clear him of this guilt unless the Disciplinary Committee says 'Oops, we made a mistake'.

    To appoint him to the Cabinet would only be nailing UMNO inside the coffin.

    My suggestion is for Najib NOT to appoint any of these heavy baggage characters Khairy, Khir, even Shahrizat, Noh Omar, Jamaludin Jarjis, Awang Adik, Azeez Abdul Rahim (Mat Rempit Boss) to any Cabinet posts.

    And those Ministers who have lost like Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Syed Hamid Albar, Khaled Nordin, Azalina Othman and Shahrir Samad should be just allowed to leave and forgotten about completely.

    UMNO will be much better if these people are no more around.

  75. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Eh, Encik Katakan Benar Walaupun Pahit...

    Kau ni mimpi ko apo?

    "UMNO mula mencorak perubahan ke arah lebih baik"??

    Main permainan tukar kerusi siapa jadi pembesar parti UMNO dah otomatik terus berubah ke arah baik ke?


    Najib Mongolia disyaki terlibat dengan kes Altantunya secara internasional -- semua suratkhabar besar luar negara dah tulis pasal hal ni

    Khairi Jamaluddin - disyaki rasuah utk memenangi kedudukan sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO dan kekayaan 'instant noodle' dia tiba tiba jadi jutawan bila Pak Lah perdana menteri camana pulak tu?

    Muhyiddin Yasin dgn Muhamad2 Taib dua dua kaki UMNO yang kurang berkesan dan takde karisma dan selama ini telah mendokong cara ber-rasuah UMNO. Diorang pun bukan perbezaan utk 'ke arah kebaikan'.

    Siapa lagi?

    Ada siapa lagi?

    Apa bezanya UMNO?

    Apa la kamu semua... tak pikir masak-masak dah nak cakap UMNO nak berubah. Sistem UMNO tu memang korup... mana boleh ubah, bro!

  76. Anonymous2:57 pm


    Your friend Rocky has almost completed his training for the dark side. He is promoting Mukhriz but unfortunately the Baby Mamakthir lost, so now Rocky's training is being put on hold while Najib figures out whether to bring back Mahathirism or to discard Mahathirism.

    Our friend Rocky has been a disappointment. He was our friend only when Badawi and Kalimullah were in charge, and now that they are gone, Rocky is hoping for a return to the dark side.


  77. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Since Muhammad Muhammad Taib has lost his bid to become the Deputy President, it is now confirmed that Rockybru have crossed over to the "Dark Side" as "Anakin Skywalker to rule the nation together with new "Emperor".

    So, please tell us when are you going to be appointed as the new Group Chief Editor of NST or be part of the Tingkat Empat?

  78. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Perwakilan-perwakilan Pemuda adalah pengkhianat kepada ahli-ahli akar umbi.

    Saya berharap DSN akan mengubah perlembagaan agar setiap ahli dapat memberi undi terus..Perwakilan Pemuda adalah pengkhianat...memilih "PERASUAH SEBAGAI KETUA PEMUDA" dan Exco pemuda adalah terdiri dari "budak-budak tingkat 4"

    Biar nanti Perwakilan Pemuda yang menggantung Poster.......

    Pemuda UMNO dikepalai oleh PERASUAH.

  79. Anonymous3:16 pm


    When KJ win, it actually the beginning of his fall in UMNO

    He'll be expose for everything he did, he said etc inside UMNO and OUTSIDE UMNO.

    And this time he don't anybody to hide behind ie FIL. or somebody to be his kambing hitam.

    Good Luck KJ nad I'll be there when you became K.O

  80. Anonymous3:27 pm

    It's true that many new faces win most of the posts especially the MT. But for other important posts, almost all of them are carrying excess baggage with them (corruption charges). It's scary to think about the Malaysian future.

  81. Anonymous3:42 pm


    me liverpool fan...but me respect man u. look at 10 years record.not 1 or 2 seasons. win war. not battle.respect enemy, copy good stuffs, reject bad stufs

    PR...cannot look at 1 general election only...forget PRU 12, that's history..time to look forward generation by generation will be born without the privalage of petronas royalty anymore...our minyak habis by to finance sholarship, infrastructure, DEB...FDI pun tarak mari...mari pun create jobs for indons and bangla only

    Therefore PR must look at the bigger picture...let UMNO worry about money politics, KJ, mat rempit, eli wong, khalid and his lembus,etc.

    PR must present their 5 year plans already.rakyat must know how you plan to finance this country without duit must start talking about jobs creation, crime, security, illegal immigrants, education, trafic jam etc..forget trivial matters like Democracy Tree, BALKIS,and Tiger show park. Forget Perak. Tell rakyat "how perak wa$ lo$t"...baru ada credibility. PRU 13 boleh menang besar punya. But cannot menang sorak anymore.cannot use old style anymore. must have substance. this time do it and do it right!!no more cina bukit style, no more pak cik kampung style, no more uli-uli roti capati style. Mesti ada kelassss. Mesti!

    From: Maikel Jeksen
    p/s: I used to be BN supporter. Used to campaign for them some more. voted PR last year coz very angry. Thought will go back to BN again after Najib take over. Cisss, tengok2 KJ menang pulak...tongeng betul depa now a PR convert, won't murtad punya.

  82. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Tun will bring him down, using politik wang as reason, remember Md Isa?

    If KJ can survive, he will be the youngest PM! ooops, youngest opposition leader! (After Najib, as in RAHMAN, no more PM from Umno)

    -Hidup Senang-

  83. Anonymous4:03 pm


    Bersekongkol le kau dengan makhluk2 dunia yang darah daging asal usul berkiblatkan Rasuah.

    Toleh kanan kiri sentiasa, walaupun waktu tidur.. silap2 anak perempuan dan isteri kamu nanti dibawa ka Singapura dan dilacurkan..

    Musuh dalam selimut tak perasan.. Satu hari mereka ini akan londehkan kamu hingga bogel, and you instead become their PARIAH!!

    Live amongst them, tiap nafas mereka busuk dengan ADAT RESAM asal usul mereka... RASUAH.. and that is why, in their motherland, they have no choice but to resort to giving ONE bullet in the HEAD for acts of Corruption.

    Dan lidah bercabang berputar belit, kill them first instead of the ULAR, why did the CASTE SYSTEM thrives on and on for thousands of YEARS ? That was the only way to CONROL them..





  85. Anonymous4:34 pm

    RPK don't u think u look so ugly n 1000x bodoh, in fact u are Raja Bodoh Raja Bebal...but who cares...just stop whacking the others bodoh...TIKAM BATU

  86. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Relak lah Rocky. Takkan Amno musnah kerana Khairy. Tak masuk akal lah! Siapa si Khairi ini? Berilah dia peluang! Lepas bulan ini, dia tak 'powerful' lagi. Dia tak boleh menggunakan kuasa sewenang-wenang lagi. Terpaksa menggunakan otak Oxford Universiti dia. Mungkin ini berguna untuk Amno? Betul tak, Rocky?

  87. Anonymous5:48 pm

    I feel sad that Shahril is out of the supreme council and I truly salute him for being a true gentleman to resign as a minister.

    I hope the rest of the candidates especially the MBs/CMs who have lost should also resign gracefully and should also refuse any federal posts offered by fact DSN should not even consider any alternative posts for the losers.

    The result of the UMNO general election is a clear signal to Malaysians in general and UMNO in particular.If losers still want to accept and hold any ministerial post,then public perception on UMNO will NOT change. DSN and TSMY
    have to make hard decisions as the saying,"You have to be cruel in order to be kind."

    I am not saying that DSN and TSMY have to 'kow tow' to public demand but we must face reality.

    Good luck DSN and TSMY

    (fair and square)

  88. Anonymous8:46 pm

    saudara politikus

    Berapa imbuhan dapat dari KJ...???SETIAKAWAN KALAU TAK ADA WANG TAK JADI....betul kan???


  89. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Hi bru, cukup cukuplah nak defend cet det. He is the one who started all this rot and now he is suffering in silence. What goes round comes around

    Do not worry about KJ... he is a parasite, once the host is gone so will be the parasite and please ask Najib not to be the host.

    Hidup UMNO LAMA... the original Melayu will now rise, esp. Mwah !!




  91. Anonymous5:02 am


    I find it interesting reading Datuk AKJ's piece citing today's Friday prayer sermon at the National Mosque which requested the leadership to shun people with evidence (and perception of?)corrupt practices away from the "cabinet line-up".

    Am sure it was made following our religious edict.

    At my local mosque today, the sermon touched on Prophet Muhammad's supreme examples (you know now that this Islamic month we arein is leaving us soon) we all ought to ask ourselves to what extent we have been following his teachings and examples.

    What DS Najib ought to do is to ask. Had he been able to communicate by our beloved Prophet SAW, would he sanction each and every name that he has in mind.

    If Prophet Muhammad SAW were still around and he would not approve certain names, then DS Najib ought to leave the names out. It is as simple as that and it is all for the good of the party and the Malay/ Islamic struggles as well as to ensure that DS Najib really has a good start to his presidency and God willing, his PMship.

    I hope the majority of bloggers, especially bloggers who promote the reading of the Holy Quran to jointly campaign for this vital requirement in the little time that we have before the next cabinet line up is finalized.

    Al-Quran and Al-Hadis are our true guide. If we stick to these two, God has promised we will be save and blessed in the true sense of the word forever, both in this
    world and in the hereafter.


  92. Anonymous8:21 am








    SAD, SAD......

  93. Godfather..I prefer Rocky respond to my confusion and suspicions.
    I respect him. We are friends.
    Good you come and watch over.
    I hope witso and Hutchun come here too.
    That is a formidable team against pro UMNO buggers.

  94. professional malay9:33 am

    They are right,


    trapped all malaysians between malay sentiment, serban, sultan raja veto power and of course their greed.......

    But do not push us to the limit.

  95. Tahniah Dato Pa Mt this elect..:)

  96. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Hidup senang,

    Itu pasal saya garu kepala tiap hari, bukan kerana kutu.

    Pulau mutiara, bongkak dan sombong. Tak ker dia sedar recession begitu menekan hidup manusia?

    Apa hal tennis, golf and OMG tiba2 nak bela HARIMAU pulak!! Is he trying to become skin trader or tiger meat exporter?

    Kilang satu2 dah mula tutup.. ramai dah tak ader kerja, BRING IN NEW PROJECTS laor, as they SO harp about before them being elected.

    SEKADAR NAK MAINTAIN SAJA project hasil usaha orang BN, tak ker pelek? Now over a YEAR... SHOW SOME STRONG POINTS LOR... Korek Pasir? Duit masuk kat mana?


  97. Sisingamangaraja Gorgor9:33 pm

    Haku pung mimpi gak pasal "beruk itam" neh...~

    Haku mimpi tolak die jatuh gaung kat Kinabalu...~


  98. from

    "The Khairy Quandry"

    When Khairy Jamaluddin won the Pemuda UMNO Youth Chief race, almost everyone not indebted to the young man predicted with reasonable certainty that his victory spelled doom for UMNO.

    What was both depressing and disgusting to many interested observers was the fact that Khairy’s victory was clear evidence that Pemuda UMNO –or at least the delegates to the Youth assembly- were ready to ignore not just public sentiment against the boy, but also the earnest plea of the incoming UMNO President for the delegates to give him a line up of credible leaders. Deputy President Dato Sri Najib went so far as to shout out Dato Mukhriz Mahathir’s slogan “Berani Berubah” (Dare to change) in his speech opening the Youth Wanita and Puteri Assembly as a thinly veiled indication that he wants the likeable son of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to lead the UMNO Youth Wing.

    In the end greed prevailed. It is an open secret the kind of money that the KJ camp has spent in the run up to the party polls.

    Khairy won with a 304 vote tally, defeating Mukhriz who won a little over 250 votes and Khir Toyo who won slightly more votes than Mukhriz.

    It was telling that everyone in and outside the hall where the results were announced were incredulous at Pemuda UMNO’s apparent death wish in voting for the most despised man in Malaysian politics to be their next leader at a time when UMNO is at its weakest. It was humiliating for UMNO that its own members were chanting “KJ Rasuah! (Kj is corrupt!)” just outside the hall where the results were announced. This was not a crowd of opposition supporters. These were young members of UMNO and their anger and disappointment were obvious.

    And it was not a one off thing that can be dismissed as an emotional reaction of the followers of Khir and Mukhriz immediately after their candidates were defeated. When the General Assembly of UMNO’s main body started the next day, Khairy’s unparalleled unpopularity was quite evident. Without fail he was booed and jeered every single time his name was mentioned, something that has never happened to any office bearer of UMNO in the party’s 63 year history.

    ...The bigger, and infinitely more interesting question is: what will Najib do with Khairy, now that it is abundantly clear that this new Youth Chief is hated not just by the public at large but even by UMNO itself? If Khairy is made a minister in his Cabinet, then Najib’s credibility will suffer and his intent to transform UMNO will be questioned. UMNO will be rejected by those outside the party, and it will be abandoned by disillusioned members within. To top it all off Najib will suffer the wrath of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the linchpin of Malay politics whose words carry great influence. Najib’s coup de grace in bringing the Grand Old Man to the UMNO Assembly on Saturday March 28th will have meant absolutely nothing. Instead, Najib may well find himself in the same sorry position in which stood Abdullah Badawi , after Tun Dr. Mahathir began attacking him in 2006. Against Mahathir’s extraordinary appeal with the young Malay electorate and their attachment to him as the only leader with whom they grew up, no UMNO leader can hope to win a contest of popularity.

    If Najib leaves Khairy out in the cold, will he lose support of the all important Pemuda wing? Most pundits doubt it. In the first place, Khairy does not command the solid support of the Youth. He himself has admitted that he did not have the majority. If Khairy was sidelined, only factions aligned to him will fault Najib. That faction is small. Remember that in the nominations for the Youth contest, Mukhriz had the lion’s share , which reflected the true grassroots sentiments, unlike the actual contest which was decided by the delegates. In other words, the majority of UMNO Youth Grassroots will be happy if KJ slapped in the face by way of not being a government post. This would be reminiscent of the situation in the late 90s, when Dr.Mahathir declined to appoint Zahid Hamidi who was then Youth Chief and instead appointed his deputy Hishamuddin tTun Hussein as Deputy Minister.

    In fact Najib should go one step further . He should appoint Mukhriz as treasurer of the party. Indeed among Najib’s circle there is already a lot of talk about this. Appointing Mukhriz would signal two things: first, that Najib believes Mukhriz to be clean and therefore suitable to guard UMNO’s coffers and second that he wants to show Khairy who’s the boss, by saying, not in so many words, “Okay. you think you can win?, I put your nemesis in a higher position than you. Suck on THAT.”

    If he dares to make this move, than Najib will definitely score points with the legions of young people who despise even the name of Khairy Jamaluddin. It would signal that he is serious about transforming UMNO, and it would be a clear sign that the Badawi disaster is truly and finally coming to an end. But as always with Najib… the ultimate question is: Will he dare?