Monday, March 02, 2009

Kemaluan Besar, Ketua Hakim Negara

".. Ketua Hakim sudah menjadi satu kemaluan besar kepada negara ..".
Well, I think what Karpal Singh meant to say was that the Chief of Justice has become an embarassment or is a disgrace (menconteng arang atau membawa malu/aib) to the nation. If Karpal was being deliberately vulgar towards the CJ, that's unbecoming of a senior lawyer. If he said it because he can't tell between malu besar and kemaluan besar, well, that's, er, unbecoming also. Watch the video here.

In any case, the real point is this: the YB lodged a police report against the Chief of Justice on Nov 13 last year but no action has been taken.

p.s. In the US, lawyers are paying the price for vulgarity against judges in blogosphere. Read here.


  1. Mana you tau kemaluan dia besar karpal?

  2. Bro,

    I think we should ask Karpal Singh -- "HOW BIG IT IS?"


  3. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Rocky, stop being a trouble maker lah.

    Of late, you have been instigating people to fight.


  4. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Karpal was using the right context.

    The very first definition for 'kemaluan' which is kata akar 'malu' with apitan 'ke---an' is perihal malu.

    Below is the definition given by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka:

    kemaluan 1. perihal malu, sesuatu yg men­datangkan malu, rasa malu: jikalau si Tuah ada, dapatlah ia menghapuskan ~ku; 3.mendapat (berasa) malu: hendaklah tuan berikan kehendaknya supaya kita tidak ~; alat kelamin (laki-laki atau perempuan); Kamus Dewan Edisi Empat

    Below is the link. Selcet 'Perkataan' type 'kemaluan' and click 'Cari' :

    The presumption that he was being vulgar is I think unfounded as that is how you are supposed to describe it in BM. You should have checked it first.

  5. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Please do a check on Kamus Dewan if you are not sure of the meaning of the word.

    According to the online Kamus Dewan,

    kemaluan 1. perihal malu, sesuatu yg mendatangkan malu, rasa malu: jikalau si Tuah ada, dapatlah ia menghapuskan ~ku; 2. mendapat (berasa) malu: hendaklah tuan berikan kehendaknya supaya kita tidak ~; 3. bh alat kelamin (laki-laki atau perempuan);

    So Karpal was not uttering any obscenities. It is just that in high school everyone learned that genitals are called kemaluan in Bahasa. Ke + malu + an can simply be the noun form of malu, not necessarily anyone's genitals.

  6. Anonymous3:51 pm


    Enough Lah , you have proved your point...we know you are working for need to keep harping on this issue over and over again. Why not focus on more important things ?

  7. i think this is matter of language and not intentional. but some can be petty and now is the time to do it so as to divert from the real issue which is did the CJ say that he had to bribe to get his files back. So it won't surprise me if there is another round of police report on the issue of kemaluan as you pointed out and the police will go all out on this while the bigger issue of what the CJ said is push this karpal language same as those that you highlighted? BTW were the judges same boat as our CJ?

    BTW karpal is a lot better than Samy when it comes to malay.

    I'm still waiting for the CJ to file a defamation charges at karpal but after so many months, still nothing. But hell lets focus on the kemaluan. Looks like we know where this is going from rockybru's view point and what is more important.

  8. The oppositions are very busy protesting against PPSMI. On the other side of the coin, their MP did not not how to speak Bahasa Melayu properly.Duhh...

  9. Anonymous4:16 pm

    ha ha ha.. kemaluan BESAR.. ha ha ha

  10. Anonymous4:23 pm

    I wonder why politics and politicians has become dirty , rotten shame to the country .

    I wonder when they are going to stop all these dirty games and start working for US the people .
    I guess never !!!!!

    I wonder when all these politicians going to stop all the idiotic remarks about race and religion .

    Getting fed-up with all the craps !!!


  11. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Elizebeth and Hilmi also malu.

    Ketua hakim malu.

    Saiful tak tahu malu

    Soi lek tak takut malu

    Really Kerajaan Yang Memalukan.

  12. Anonymous4:28 pm


    You are a trouble maker. You know how this is going to be turned around against Karpal, DAP and PR.

    You are nasty asshole in the inside while putting on that fearless victimised editor who is a liberal and tolerant Malaysian.

    I can see clearly are Umno man,
    I can see no obstacles in your way,

    Gone are the dark clouds that were in your way,

    right (bright), bright (bright)
    NSTP days....

  13. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Rocky, maybe you need to add a reminder footnote on this post that police in Malaysia only act on investigating reports that are lodged by UMNO members only? All other Police reports are filed and discarded in the wastebins. Or do I get the wrong impression in which case I'd like to be convinced.

  14. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Bro Rocky

    That's why I say we need to go away with Indian schools, because sometime nice words become not so nice words when teachers too have same linguistic virus.

    But, I saw new kids from Sekolah Kebangasaan that other days, Indian and Chinese alike, they speak fluent Bahawa Malaysia, probably they wont say "saya berkemaluan besar hari ini"

    Nice you know to see these new kids and they were from SEK Kebangsaan Malaysia, some more got AWARDs for best results in last exam. You see, sometime what we need others don't need, what a fu...

    He he he, sorry bro.

  15. Anonymous4:36 pm


  16. Anonymous4:45 pm

    In the US, you won't get this shit of Malaysian judges engaging in bribes and corruption. And they have freedom of speech, which I can say we have very little in Malaysia. What you pointed out in US is a rare exception, and only when such vulgar criticism of judges is uncalled for. But there have been many vulgarities launched at Bush, and no one gets arrested.

    Anyway, what Karpal said is not vulgar. If you said that the US Supreme Court is a big shame, a kemaluan besar, the Americans will say, "Heh, whatever". You are making a molehill out of nothing. And the USA will never tolerate its Chief Judge being engaged in corruption. You think Obama will approve of what Najib and UMNO is doing? Don't even bring in examples from US, it's not equivalent that it is to the point of embarrassment for us here in Malaysia.

    Karpal has every right to say our Malaysian Chief Judge, whom he has evidence has been engaged in corruption, is indeed a "kemaluan besar". In the US, if this happens, US citizens will even throw pots and pans at such a shameful Chief Judge. He will get impeached, just like what they did to Obama's good friend, corrupted Illinois Governor Blago, who they caught him engaging in corruption over the phone, just like our Malaysian Chief Judge.

  17. Anonymous4:45 pm

    All the fuckup politicians from BN & PR are causing tensions among the various races with their gutter politics.

    Malaysia would be a better place & people will live in harmony... without all these pariah politicians.

    M'sia politicians = Bastards. Spits at these pariah.

  18. i guess karpal singh is right after all. singh is king. nobody dare to take any action against him after what he said in parliment or outside parliment. even the sultan (king) being challenged in court or outside court nowadays.

    pemimpin umno telo kecik.
    pemimpin melayu lain lagi takut dengan karpal (king). dari nwar, hadi sampai ke nik aziz.


  19. Huh? Like that also can spin ah? Any words are a taboo except things like bocor ...

    Come on..

  20. ".. Ketua Hakim sudah menjadi satu kemaluan besar kepada negara ..".

    Now, that's either an insult to the head of the Judiciary, or a BLOODY COMPLIMENT to our country!

    Hello brader Singh, apa ni besar-besar ha? Kecil punya tak da ka?

    How the hell are these people going to inculcate the concept of Malaysian Malaysia among the people; if they can't even speak Bahasa Malaysia properly?

    And who the hell is Karpal to call the Chief Justice a "kemaluan besar"?

    Singh the King is setting a bad example to the rest of the legal community i.e., when you disagree with any particular member of the judiciary, Sessions Court Judges or Magistrates; you can go ahead and hurl insults at them.

    I mean if a lawyer could get away calling the CJ a "kemaluan besar", just think what the rest can do to junior officers such as Magistrates.

    If Karpal dislikes or is not dissatisfied with the current CJ for whatever reason, he could properly channel it through the esteemed Bar council so that an amicable solution could be accomplished without invoking further anger on both sides.

    Matters concerning the law should be strictly resolved within the law community, with all political interests and affiliations set aside in a professional manner.

    There is absolutely no need for him to shoot off his mouth, solely guided by his reptilian brain like he did.

  21. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Correctly said. Why the Police, MACC DO NOTHING on the case against the Chief of Justice ?

    Karpal Singh has got evidence.

    If the tape is faulty, then the CJ by all means can sue Karpal back.

    Rocky you tell you realize what you are doing right now ? Are you for the right or the wrong ?


  22. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Another Malaysian member of parlimen that cant even speak the official language of our beloved country. Even foreign worker from Bangladesh and Myammar who recently work here can speak better Malay than this clown.



  23. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Tinggal di Malaysia, rakyat Malaysia, mengaku setia pada Malaysia tapi cakap Bahasa Malaysia lebih teruk dari kaum pendatang seperti Bangla & Nepal ....

    Apa nak panggil orang macam ni ? Kalau sebut bangsa asing atau kaum pendatang ...marah sampai sanggup demonstrasi di jalan raya !!!

  24. Anonymous5:54 pm


    In the age when libido treatments can make millions for savvy entrepreneurs, isnt it an honour to be classed as 'besar'?

    Half the job is done. It only remains to get a suitable parking space.

    Tongkat Ali

  25. Anonymous5:56 pm


    Kita nak tanya satuuu jer kat you.

    Kau rasa Hakim Negara Si Zaki tu patut ke tak dilucut jawatan memandangkan dia didakwa mengaku merasuah dalam bukti gempak pita rakaman?

    Ya ke tidak?

    Ini jer aku nak tanya kau.

    Apa jawapan kau Rocky?

    Aku cabar engkau jawab, kalau kau memang jantan.

  26. Perhaps Karpal's choice of words are found wanting and as an MP he should have consulted a Bahasa Melayu expert befoe issuing his statement.

    But without putting any spin on it, it's clear that Karpal meant the CJ's continued tenure in office is an embarrassment to the nation, given his faux pas about bribing court officials and the earlier incident about him burning his marriage certificate

    Of course it's also a disgrace and shameful to the nation, especially since the Confrence of Rulers saw fit to alleviate Zaki to his current position over the heads of many other more senior and experienced judges.

    More so, when it was always clear that Zaki was an UMNO crony and that the PEOPLE would question his independence, coming as it did in the wake of the Royal Commission on Judiciary!!

  27. Anonymous6:15 pm

    You don't have anything to say against the issue but you are attacking the grammar. It's shows your stupidity and immaturity.

    Focus on the issue then you will be called a fair person. Attack irrelevant things only reflects badly on yourself.


  28. Anonymous6:45 pm

    I think this is very-very funny,

    Karpal Singh is not completely fluent in Malay.

    MP from Batu Pahat ask him to take back what he said.

    But I do not really he realized that he said something vulgar.

    So the whole episode become quite funny.


  29. Anonymous7:03 pm

    My personal view is that we Malaysian deserved to have a fair court system which will uphold the rights of the people. Furthermore the concept of the independent of judiciary which is the most important concept in democratic society is just a rhetoric in this country. Sad but true.


  30. Hope the Ketua Hakim Negara would say something about the Kemaluan Besar so that he wouldn't get the Malu Besar.

  31. Rocky,
    Karpal is vulgar because Malays are weak. If I am him I will also be vulgar to a race that I have grown to despise! Actually it is an old joke, One British High Commissioner of Federation of Malaya Sir Harold Macmiallan once said the same thing!
    We believe he was insulting the Malays by saying that. In case of Karpal he may genuinely cannot speak Bahasa even though this fu@#ing baie was born and bred here, what can I say except Malays are just a bunch of weak morons!

  32. Rocky, what your comment on Nik Aziz statement about Bumiputras plus the 'Allah' issue. (read from Malayisa Insider the Pro Opposition Media funny those comment against BN was publised while those comments towards BN and neutral comment are not published.)

  33. Anonymous7:53 pm

    kemaluan Besar ke kote besar ta'kisah,,,pokoknya maksuk yang disampaikan,,, CJ memalukan,,!!!

    Apa cerita di Perak,,,Siapa mengarahkan SUK di tutup,,,???


  34. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Hahaha! Well, what can I say? Legally, figuratively and politically, he's right to say so, but LITERALLY? Its a bit difficult to figure it out!? Reminded me of another politician who mixed up using "pendapat" as in "opinion" vs "pendapatan" as in "income" - he kept saying, pada pendapatan saya, etc. when he meant "pendapat"... but politicians nowadays are well advised not to mix the two because now "pendapatan" politicians are being scrutinized closely!?

  35. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Mungkin kah Federal Goverment will declare Emergency in the State of Perak esok,,,tunggu!!!!!

    Macam-macan bole berlaku,,!!!


  36. Anonymous8:47 pm


    Hail the NST REPOTER who provided the recording.

  37. Anonymous9:01 pm


    Tak lawak pun.

  38. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Tsk, tsk tsk. Amat menyedihkan melihat seorang ahli parlimen/peguam/warganegara malaysia yang tidak fasih dalam bahasa kebangsaan.


  39. Anonymous9:44 pm




  40. Anonymous10:24 pm

    rocky, karpal singh is one of crazy old man!!! He thinks that he always correct and i think he should be placed in ISA!!! let him cools off a while


  41. Anonymous10:42 pm

    lagi besar lagi bagus

  42. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Karpal Singh may me the all knowing..but in respect to the law and constitution ..he knows his staff..just because some idiots dont know the law..they think he is wrong..The laws are made to protect everybody and to ensure some guys dont abuse their power4 for self intrest..SARAWAKIAN

  43. Anonymous11:21 pm

    As one of those who commented here, I must say Rocky that you have developed some unsavoury BN traits. The art of deflection and attack of an individual and his usesage of words instead of the content and gravity of his report proves a deeper rot within.

    But then again, nothing suprises me in a bolehland, a swamp of leaping frogs and powerlust politicians that stoop lower than the lowest despot for control.

    I had expected the focus to be on the content of Karpal's report. His allegations appear to be valid and there are solid evidence and recordings that needs to be investigated.

    What has happened to all the promises of integrity and a goverment that will fight corruption to its root? Was is just political rhetoric and sandiwara?

    If we wish to be respected as a country that still honors justice and punishes the corrupt, then we should not stoop as low as the BN kataks.

    Let justice be seen in action and let no one swing the bat at the one who has the courage to expose corrupt cheif kataks.

  44. Anonymous11:31 pm


    some rumours are going around saying that the UMNO GE will be postponed and some suprises will occur tomorrow. Any insights?

  45. Anonymous11:31 pm

    On this I admit Karpal's proficiency in Bahasa Melayu is poor. Nevertheless deep in our wisdom did we know what Karpal meant.
    Isn't that something not right with our system of appointing individuals for top job without stringent criteria? Karpal’s report needs to be taken seriously.

  46. Anonymous11:51 pm

    The question is - mcam mana Karpal tau Ketau Hakim Negara ada kemaluan besar ni? Karpal, Karpal bila la engkau nak cakap melayu betul2, belajar la dari Sdr. Semi Vellu - besuk jangan kau suruh orang 'buka kain pulak'.

  47. Anonymous12:07 am

    kemaluan aside...

    does that Zaki chappie have to resign if indeed he tried to bribed the court staff?

    That is the real issue..or do you support corrupt judges?

  48. Anonymous12:13 am

    for once a melayu got a bigger kemaluan then a bai. and this was acknowledged by a bai. what was that again "singh is king"??? he he

    if u think this is cool wait till u see what the years of american fast food will do to my kids in 20 years time. he he he

  49. Anonymous12:31 am

    Hey folks,

    If you think like I do, that Rocky is bought over and has gone to the dark side. Then I have a few suggestions:

    1. Don't subscribe to his RSS
    2. Don't visit his blog and never introduce his blog to anyone else
    3. If you really can't resist and want to see what he is crapping about, then ok. But do item 4
    4. Leave nonsense idiotic comments. Why articulate and argue intelligently with him? He is a goner. Sooner or later, with your help in non-sensible comments, people will get bored and annoyed and leave ;-) At the very least, we lower his blog standard.

    So I strongly suggest comments like "Rocky you moron", "lalalala.... not listening to you", "Rocky idiot", "Liar Liar! Pants on fire".....

    Be imaginative. You can do it! Have fun at the mean time! Ha ha ha...

    Rocky, publish my comment la. Thx you da man. Mua ha ha.

  50. Anonymous12:36 am

    Kau orang jangan bi'singh'- bi'singh', nanti aku le'singh' terus kepala pu'singh' dan telinga berde'singh'-de'singh'.

    Tak apa kau orang jangan run'singh', kita dengar lagu tema singh is the king

    kici-kici atas kapla bola hoki
    sudah besar atas kapla bola rugbi
    kena sumpah sebab suka maki-maki
    tak boleh jalan lembik atas kerusi

    Kalau mau dengar lagu singh is the king sampai habis layari YouTube ... search
    Kici-Kici Lembu Jaga

  51. Anonymous1:10 am

    Orang Jepang kata gini,

    Ana ta nok Cimbo konok oooookides ne!

    Karpal baru beranak masa Jepun masuk... Teman bapa dia Jaga pintu rumah urut askar Jepun, ini ler yang dia dengar dari kecil..

    Bila cakap BM dah jadi sasul, lahir tahun 40 tapi masih tak teghuih itu ler jadi nya.. Sengau.


  52. Anonymous2:04 am

    Satni Cabai dia sebut Cibai macam mana?

    Setiausaha Cina, Pengerusi Bai, Campuk dua dua sengau jadi Cibai!!!

    Cis kau Rocky, sampai kami anak beranak tak leh tidok hal kemaluan Bai nih dibuatnya!!


  53. Anonymous6:20 am

    'Kemaluan' ialah "perihal sesuatu yang menimbulkan rasa malu", maka penggunaan perkataan ini oleh YB Karpal adalah BETUL.

    Rujuk Kamus Dewan Bahasa atau kamus-kamus yang diiktiraf yang mana-mana.

    Rocky, kau ni guna kamus mana? KAMUS UMNO?

    Kah kah kah kah...

    Woit Rocky, kau ni Melayu tapi Bahasa Melayu kau koyak-rabak... tulis blog pun dalam BI... ni nak pandai-pandai nak komen pasal penggunaan BM orang lain... ni guna Bahasa UMNO kot... BU.... kah kah kah... Cukuplah Rocky... kah kah kah... sakit lah perut kita gelak nih....

  54. Anonymous9:10 am

    common rocky, you know what he means. His BM is not that good. Stop being a cock sucker man!

  55. Anonymous9:29 am

    Tertanya tanya macamna si badigol ni boleh tahu CJ ada kemaluan besar..have you guys ever wondered?He has these recorded proof of CJ's wrongdoing but how on earth did he manage to find out about the actual size of CJ' know what!What about in Elizabeth Wong's case...does she too have a big..oopps..sorry...a massive wild forrest know what! ????

  56. Anonymous9:43 am

    Rocky ,

    are you a malay ? You do not even know your own language ?

    go check your kamus or call up dewan pustaka to check if kapal is wrong or it is you the one.

    Malu betul.

  57. Anonymous10:06 am

    An serious allegation has been made against the head of the judiciary and people are looking at the so-called "inapproriate" words used. Those words are, according to some, the correct words to be used under the circumstances. Colloqial practise has in fact, if these people are correct, misinterpreted the word and become "inappropriate". So Karpal and the old High Commissioner may be right and the people who took offense and are subtly making fun of him, are wrong. Look at the issues raised and do not divert attention from the real issues by focussing on suppossed mistakes made by people who are in fact correct in the usage of a language instead of the 'pasar" version. Please show a bit of maturity and do not let personal feelings drag you down to levels you should not be in.

  58. Anonymous10:06 am

    An serious allegation has been made against the head of the judiciary and people are looking at the so-called "inapproriate" words used. Those words are, according to some, the correct words to be used under the circumstances. Colloqial practise has in fact, if these people are correct, misinterpreted the word and become "inappropriate". So Karpal and the old High Commissioner may be right and the people who took offense and are subtly making fun of him, are wrong. Look at the issues raised and do not divert attention from the real issues by focussing on suppossed mistakes made by people who are in fact correct in the usage of a language instead of the 'pasar" version. Please show a bit of maturity and do not let personal feelings drag you down to levels you should not be in.

  59. Rocky,

    One of the blogger got it right,it is not Karpal intention to utter that word, it is just that his command of Bahasa Melayu is poor.

    Dont blame him to be malice when he is just ignorant about the language. And it tells a lot about him too, he has been surrounded people thats speaks that language and he represent them in the parliament.

    ha ha ha ha...

  60. Anonymous12:52 pm

    sejak bila plak rakyat malaysia serius tak boleh diajak bergurau ni..

  61. Anonymous4:42 pm

    sukhi nahir,

    ....Colloqial practise has in fact, if these people are correct, misinterpreted the word and become "inappropriate".....

    You dah dengar ker tape tu? Boleh tolong turunkan link kat sini?

    Mana tau perkataan "BRIBE" ada persamaan dengan "KEMALUAN BESAR"..


  62. Anonymous7:41 pm

    rupanya negara malaysia ada kemaluan yang bernama zaki tun azmi..waa ka kah...!!!

  63. Anonymous12:00 am

    eh.. nak malu apa/tak bangga ke kalau orang kata kita ada kemaluan besar?
    Seperti orang kata awak tu hensem.. pon nak marah?
    Si Karpal to kasi compliment lagi kat CJ...

    Tu pedia berlambak alat-alat membesarkan kemaluan kat pasaran..


  64. Anonymous12:56 am

    Let's put it this way - Malaysia on the whole is already a laughing stock! Go think. We predict the Perak State Assembly will be dissolved soon. Otherwise it is no end to all problems. that's a reading from the guts of zambry and nizar.

    The Three Witches

  65. Tidak seharusnya seorang ahli parlimen tidak fasih berbahasa Melayu. Seharusnya Karpal Singh menumpukan masanya pada waktu ini untuk mempelajari dua perkara : Kesopanan dan kesusilaan, dan Bahasa Melayu yang lebih fasih.