Monday, March 02, 2009

Khalid says he's the better man

Is he, really? During his first meeting with bloggers yesterday, Khalid Ibrahim looked a little worn. It has been a trying 12 months since Pakatan Rakyat trounced Barisan Nasional during the 12th General Elections in March 2008 to take over the governing of the country's richest State. It's a first year scarred by scandals, unfortunately - assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong's semi-nude pictures and his own run-in with the empowered Anti-Corrution Commission are two of the latest ones.

Some of the bloggers who attended yesterday's meeting were pro-Pakatan individuals and, by their own admission, remnants or by-products of the Reformasi movement of a decade ago. They gave some good pointers for Khalid, and I was left wondering why the MB has not recruited them to sit on his think-tank. There were no Umno/BN bloggers but the MB's office invited several lawyers, personal bloggers, and three bloggers who used to serve the mainstream media: A. Kadir Jasin, Nuraina A. Samad, and I. Yunus Said, formerly a Berita Harian boss before he went over the TV3, was present but he represented TV Antara, a pro-Pakatan (but NOT Selangor state-owned as earlier reported, my apologies) tv company.

Of course, bloggers aren't bloggers if they aren't critical. Nat Tan complained about the lack of achievements and vision ("What is this state government doing that is different from the last goverment?), Haris Ibrahim likened Khalid's government to a "headless chicken", and Patrick Teoh wondered why there were still pot holes on his road and said the lady at the local council counter was still not smiling. Fahmi Fadzil suggested that the State Government use statistics [quarterly economic growths, forecasts, etc] to inspire the rakyat's confidence.
[Rocky's notes 1/3/08, 11.30pm: Nat wrote in his blog that he had been (mis)quoted in my blog. Please do go here to read some of the things that Nat actually said during the meeting].

A Kadir Jasin asked about the latest in the "car and cows" scandal. Read h e r e.

I asked Khalid how he'd summarize his first year at the helm. I was hoping he'd focus on the economy. Last Friday, the MoF Najib Tun Razak announced 2008's final quarter's growth of 0.1 per cent, the lowest since 2001. The global eocnomy is buckling. Khalid, however, was still very much in the "politics" mode. He did speak of higher FDI into Selangor in 2008 and a program to deal with retrenched workers but very little besides those (and I did tell him, too, that if his government wishes to take any credit, it should do so only for FDI brought in 18 months since it took over Selangor because that is normally how long it takes a foreign investor to decide on any new investment).

Still, Khalid said: "Looking back, I can say I am better than the previous MB".

I remember in 2003, as Editor of the Malay Mail, I once sat at the same table in the dining hall of of the Selangor MB's Official Residence. Khir Toyo was the MB and we (the newspaper) and the Selangor State government were at loggerheads over the Ulu Kelang Recreation Club: the Malay Mail was defending the field against a hostile takeover by some developers who claimed to have the MB's support. In the end, Khir Toyo did the right thing and as a result the UKRC field is still there today. Buit he still went on to lose the State last year.

If it's left to me, there would be a lot of red ink in Khalid Ibrahim's report card for his first year in office. And in the comment box, I'd write: Room for improvement. But certainly I won't write him off yet because it is too early to do that.

By the same token, I am not ready to agree with him that he is better than his predecessor at this point. Khalid needs to get down to some serious work, especially with the economic storm that's coming to hit all of us, to be the better man.

And before that, he will have to worry about passing the car and the cows test first.

p.s. The dialogue lasted about two hours but there were many of us. I was given the assurance, however, that your questions and views here and in the previous thread here will be conveyed to the Menteri Besar for his action/consideration.
That goes for your Soalan untuk Khalid, too, Shamsul.


  1. I believe that,Bro, you don't need to wait to long to know which better is better,the current MB or previous,obviously is the current one that is better by a long shot(very,very,very long shot).Just look at the corruption level(I don't consider the recent case of car and cows as it is irrelevant to me),the past MB is well known for his corrupt tendency such as the illegal land deals,the arwah Mat Deros case happened under his nose,and the financial irregularities than transpired during his tenure.The PKNS organisation was used to finance political cronies and nepotism was widespread(thre is a saying then when he took over,suddenly everywhere you look there is a javanes,an ethnic malay group which Khir Toyo belongs to)So,it is obvious who is better,that is why the rakyat kick him out(giving him the broom).

  2. Anonymous2:45 am

    The fact that he has invited all and sundry despite some being sooty hearted is a testimony of a man with stamina. Oh, you said Khalid is no different from Khir! He he! That's dancing to the macabre. It is the pits dear boy. Every person knows there is a big difference. Big indeed and he knows about ECONOMICS. That's for sure. study his resume and see what he has been doing.

  3. Anonymous6:57 am

    The car & cows scandal is manufactured by UMNO. Just on the corruption issue alone, Khalid is better than Khir Toyo who had engaged in mismanagement and multiple corrupt practices as the previous Selangor MB. We are waiting for Khir Toyo to be investigated. And Khir Toyo is a Malay racist while Khalid is not. And points to you when you were at the Malay Mail to use your pulpit to defend the said field. But had you not done so, Khir Toyo would have went ahead and enjoy kickbacks from his developer buddies. So far, have you seen a similar situation with Khalid as with Khir Toyo in which you needed to go in to protest to prevent a wrong action?

  4. Anonymous7:18 am

    rocky, it is true because now i know how BN people run the company! not for the people, but for themselves. like khir, he says that he took the money because he deserve it as chairman. my question WHY MUST HE RUNS FOR POLITICIAN POST?

    ZAMRI, Still ex-umno

  5. Anonymous7:18 am

    rocky, it is true because now i know how BN people run the company! not for the people, but for themselves. like khir, he says that he took the money because he deserve it as chairman. my question WHY MUST HE RUNS FOR POLITICIAN POST?

    ZAMRI, Still ex-umno

  6. Anonymous7:21 am

    It's time to stop specializing in fault finding activities and wasting time digging into the past.

    What's the use of crying over spilt milk?

    Time to chart the future, my dear MB. You are in one hell of a hot seat, and just as you are watching the past mistakes, others are watching your every move.

    Of course it is convenient to use the 'I need time' caper against the 50 years on UMNO abuse, but surely you do not need 50 years too.

    Get into turbo charged mood and create more development opportunities, tourism development, clean up the Klang river, solve the traffic woes, offer contractors some work, help the squatters find new homes,etc etc.

    These are better than sulking over some old issues and stop the blame game because you can leave that to Anwar Ibrahim.

    Self praise is no praise.


  7. Anonymous7:24 am

    Heck, why did ppl do this ?..Tan Sri Khalid did heck of a good job if u asked me!!!Firstly, he's more transparent, more approachable (did any of govt ppl had a meet with bloggers session ?) more efficient...definitely...ask around if u guys deal with state govt...the response is so much faster..and lastly they are more sincere...keep up the good work..we are behind u...!!!

  8. Anonymous7:51 am

    Were you there to write his report card?
    Rocky's Bru...was the invitation to MB Khalid is an opportunity for you to spin?
    Take a seat and read again the article you wrote and be honest(not after you had a few drinks) ask yourself does it help?!!!

  9. Anonymous8:02 am

    The bottom line is, I rather have a Khalid govt with some hiccups, than his predecessor who is filthyly corrupted...harping on Cow and Car issue, is like a fart compared to a pile of shit covered Toyol's head!

  10. Hi, i was just wondering, who is Khalid at the first place? What is he up to? What make him said that he is better than his predessor? is it because he didn't take bribery or he wont cheat makes him better?

  11. 'Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama.'
    That how I summarise PR MB Khalid achievement post election. Same goes to Lim Guan Eng. Why are they denying that BN has done a good job by laying all the foundations readymade for PR state goverment to just steer it up and why are BN hooligans not defending or made the people especially young generation understand what they have contributed. For PR MB's there no improvenment except blaming, initimidating and politicking. They had their chances and one year after election 'see for your self'. Credit should be given to BN for the past 50 years of foundation build up. BN is still better than the PR hooligans. What BN need to do and fail to do until now is to 'look back post Mahathir' years and correct the wrongs. It is big lie for those who deny the great contribution of DR M administration especially in laying the foundations. It a big lie to those who demonising 'Mahathirsm' for not accepting the benefits he brought to this country.The biggest lie is top deny that 'Malaysia' does not need another 'Mahathirism' where infact yes we do. We need an improve and a dynamic version of a new 'Mahathirsm' to steer the country out of the econimic looms and move on to be a develope nation.The problem is we cant see anyone from PR or BN who have those qualities. Even if PR won in PRU13 and managed to form the goverment what they need to do is nothing except politicing by applying what they accuse of BN 'croynism and all those 'nism'.After PRU 13 won by PR will only see the cronies of Anwar. LKS,Hadi or even themselves will be the benificiary of all old and new projects. PR is just adopting 'menghalalkan cara' stratergy and what BN need to do is reform for the better.

  12. Anonymous8:50 am

    He is only better than Khir Toyol?:)))) wakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where are the substance?

    Is this the quality of MB Phakatan Riot can come out with !!!!!

    Shit now wonder the State is going further down the drain.

    Can't wait to see how the pro-Phakatan Riot bloggers going to spin this meeting.

  13. Anonymous8:51 am


    why must there is pakatan bloggers? are the bloggers should show the mis-management by current politician? I never for PR or BN, unless I benefit like you, rocky? he he he he


  14. Anonymous9:34 am

    what do you mean there were no pro UMNO/BN bloggers? You were there, weren't you?? ... hehehe..

    Anyway, truth be told, I've yet to see anything of substance from Khalid..but then, there could be a host of explanations to this, his 'non-performance' aside.

    The fact is, he's inherited the state at a time that any country, let alone state, would have problems trying to weather the economic storm.

    Then, you have a federal govt that would never want to assist in any way due to politics.

    Last, but not least, you have a state machinery that is a remnant of UMNO rule which prefers to work in the way UMNO works - which is, to not work!

    Ahh..don't you just love this country?


  15. Anonymous9:40 am


    As a reformist I am totally disappointed with Khalid. There is a lot that I expect and seriously was waiting for your full report about this meeting.

    There are many things that I would like to touch on but after reading him saying that he is better than Khir Toyo I think it is better not to waste our time.

    Khalid and the present state government is a disappointment.

    My wish is that they should stop dwelling in politics. No I am not saying the one Pakatan vs Barisan but the one PKR vs DAP vs PAS.

    Does Khalid have the ball to do the right thing about Hassan Ali? No? Then he is no better than Khir Toyo.

    Selangor is in serious trouble.

    -Red Giant-

  16. Anonymous9:57 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    Regardless of your pros and contras of his response, it is a positive that he met the bloggers...

    My BIG request to you..PLEASE ask Najib to organise one with all interested bloggers...and RPK should be on top of the list!!

    Ada berani!? he..he

    Stop-Look-Go Blogger

  17. i say we nationalise the nation!

  18. It is the work
    Where a person is known
    It isn’t about one credentials
    That is in the past

    Current job
    It is where one breaks or loses it
    No excuses to salvage pride
    In the car steering wheel
    Drive the damned car

    Else in simulation mode
    The wolves will start howling
    Snarling long fangs bloody eyes
    It isn’t the way to hand a legacy

    Get the people who know the job
    The vision and the dreams
    No more playing politics
    It is long gone after the election

    Use the internet
    Assigned a team to do the work
    He should use his corporate experiences
    Build his footprints quick to get the results

    “I am a better man”
    He shouldn’t blow his trumpet
    Not now when serious work is still lacking
    Pollution, traffic jams, crimes
    Economy and peoples’ welfare
    And not forgetting corruption

    Get down to work
    Don’t sing the song ‘I am a better man’
    Let your work do the talking
    The wolves are watching
    Hungry bloody eyes!

  19. Anonymous10:23 am

    These pakatan people are all still dwelling on politics. I mean, that guy in the north kept barking and barking on what the previous administration did wrong. And here we have a head of state government saying "I'm better than the previous one". So is that all you set out to achieve?

    If pakatan ever get into power, I'm pretty sure they'll f**k the country up the way BN did. Oh my mistake. They'll f**k the country up slightly less than the BN did and say; "we're better than them!" And transparency? Freedom of the press? Come on. Read publications from any of the pakatan publishers and you know they're very much guilty of telling only one side of the story too. What happens if they get into power? Maybe we'll have Suara Keadilan and Rocket and Harakah as the mainstream media which spends most of their time telling people why they shouldn't vote the opposition. It's a pattern, see?



  20. Anonymous10:28 am

    think with your head, not with your kepala lutut.

    seriously, what do ppl expect after only a year? the previous govt still can't do it right after 50 shitty years!

    ~anon 11.55

  21. Anonymous10:32 am

    Janji bederet2 tu mana Khalid? Salahkan UMNO juga?

    Pengakuan macam ini dinamakan angkuh. Zaman Khir Toyo ada pembangunan.

    Zaman Khalid Ibrahim, ada banyak sandiwara, drama, wayang dan salah menyalahkan. Mcam filem Bollywood untuk melalikan rakyat dari kesusahan.

    Tak lama lah engkau Khalid, kau akan pegang rekod MB paling pendik. Setahun saja. Angkuh!

    Azmin akan telan kamu sekejap lagi. Bawah Azmin, berkroni dan berjoli sakan PKR.

  22. Anonymous10:34 am

    The first lots of the comments are all singing to Khalid's praises.

    Khalid said he was better than the last MB. okay, for me on that SINGLE sentence only, describe to me whos Khalid is.

    Arrogant. Big headed.

    It is not for him to decide whether he's better or worse than anybody. I will tell if he's any good or what.

    Just shut up and walk the talk.

  23. Anonymous10:35 am

    Bru, Put me on firrst please....

    Why? I can already sense the brickbats coming your way. UMNO stooge, Najib's machai, mahathir's pet, Barisan supporter, Toyo acolyte have left, are leaving or about to leave their respective harbour let me put down the names of those merchant ships that will be making this blog their port of call so you need not be surprised anymore.

    You wont see anyone talking about 18 month timelags, deferred investments, agglomerated MOUs,re-investment of profits. No..that would be too tedious boring. neither would you anyone commenting on vested interest, conflict of interest, or any forms of interest as that would moo reality into their lobotimised brains....neither would anyone talk about the S'gor budget for instance this:
    1."With its prudent financial management that begun since it took over in March 2008, the Pakatan Rakyat government is confident enough to forecast its economic growth for 2008 at 5.9% - higher than that of the nation."

    or attempt to square this:
    " the previous state government which had plundered the states natural resources that brought with very minimal returns to the people."

    with this:

    Among these programmes are royalty from sand mining that will be managed by state-owned company Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd

    No siree, they wont thats for sure. all they will do is rant about how bad is UMNO, barisan and how good they are. U already got it form the horse's mouth..right, Rocky.

    and wherefrom the mentality suffusing this rabble..lap up the cud from the cow's mouth itself here:

    while doing so, pay attention to the reeking better/holier than thou mentality. Therein, lies to the answer!

    That's the crux of the problem, Rocky. I sat in front of the screen for two whole weeks observing the arrivals, hoping against hope that at least one these skiffs will bear some cargo of rational discourse. Result:nada, zero, zilch, zephrium, sifr, null, cero, pujiam, tallet nul........

    What one gets are dodgy bales of ad hominem attacks on your person, cuss words, obscenities, etcetera something i have appropraited long ago into my armoury to deliver when the need arises ( and get accused of being a pervert when the party receiving the fusillade cant bear the pain!!LOL). The fault lies in the mental factories that manufacture this sort of garbage at the point of departure. A mentality lacking in education, knowledge, facts, rationality, objectivity whatever..a mentality programmed and controlled by its base desires (nafs), a case where the cock does the talking and the brain does the walking...

    And so they rile at all and sundry, an orgiastic release of pentup frustrations, deep rooted emotional hangups, unsatiated sexual desires, unassuaged inferiority complexes etc. The end result, a mass public masturbation, the cum of which is reeking with inanities, hatred, vengeance, prejudice etcetera.

    So we have half past sixes ten times over blithering idiots ejaculating imbecilities running through the whole spectrum from globalisation and China to a SinghKing, Islam and Malay bashing. The comments section sort of sum up where we are as a nation affecting to civil society status and supposedly a mature democracy. It just affirms my belief that democraccy is best left for the simian world to figure out rather than the sane world to quibble and wrangle over. If this is what a Sleeptronic intoned as democracy at work then I think it(democracy) is best left to doze together with Sleeptronic serenaded by ZZ Top in ZZland where "jean"ies and ifrits loll about in perpetual langour.

    Time to bring on them jackboots nd brass knuckle the idiots here back to work!!

    Warrior 231

  24. Anonymous10:50 am

    If BN lets him get on with his work, I think he's definitely better off. He's busy fighting so much fire created by BN from previous administration and since March 8.

    KT is so free nowadays that he can create a lot of fires and troubles to the PKR govt. KT can go to Penang, Ipoh, Alor Setar, etc and just to poke the PR governments and make them react to him, leaving their (PR) projects, initiatives, etc half baked.

  25. Anonymous10:56 am

    Guys the fact is this - I live in Selangor and I have not had to pay for water charges the past few months.

    This is really tangible as far as I am concerned.

    After PKR took over there are visible changes to my neighbourhood, street lights being repaired, repavement of road, putting up traffice light for smoother traffic flow, etc..

    We all the know what the TOYO has done, as have UMNO.

    Why do we even MISS those goons!


    Because no matter how saintly you are, after about 8-10 years, some virus attacks the brain and you become corrupted.

    Bring this idea to Anwar, LKS, Hadi, and ALL.

    What say you now?

    (And by the way the anonymous person signing off as A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING - is pure bull.


  26. Anonymous11:04 am

    S'gor in deep shit is nothing but a spin from the MSM. This is what they wanted u guys to think. Of cos, we all know that S'gor is still a breeding ground for pro-umno fellas working hand in hand to thwart the progress of PR.

    But i am sure you shld first of all give him credit for being transparent and not siphon money out like "you know who" and allow big mansions to be built in Klang using "dunno whose money". Does it mean if you can attract 20% of FDI and sapu 15% for oneself is good? I would rather have a 5% nett FDI under a good man.

    Give him time. We know many ppl are working against the PR govt in all states to hasten their downfall. Money will be thrown around, agencies will be bought to gv immunity to wrongdoers. Afterall, money talks and BS walks.

    Ah Toyol

  27. Anonymous11:27 am

    I am lost of you, Rocky Bru. I do not know you anymore. Seems to me you are bias nowaday and it is coming to a level I can't tolerate anymore like TV3 news which "I semakin muak". You should be neutral which made me to read your blog like you do last time.

    I agree it is only an opinion from you but please do ask yourselves if the opinion comes from your sincere heart.

  28. There are a lots of illigel factory in Selangor much worse than the late Mat deros bungalow issue ,let see the present MB have the stamoch to manage this issues

  29. Anonymous11:34 am

    On one count alone, PR is better than BN; ie, PR wants to de-privatise the state water concession deal while the BN under the federal government wants to continue the unfair contract and put in spanners to steamroll the negotiations.

    PR governs for the Rakyat's interest while BN "governs" for their own party's interest.

    That is a world of difference.


  30. True what... he did not get anybody into ISA. That to me, is a better man.


  31. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Typical response from a Pakatan leader. Always proclaiming to be better than the other person.
    Orang lain tak pandai nak govern. Only they have the answer to everything.
    The roads in PJ are still full of potholes. Refuse and litter are still strewn everywhere. I've not seen a single cleaner sweeping my area. Garbage is piled high and grass uncut makes the place look like some backwater area.
    Cleanliness is next to godliness, MB. Start cleaning your own backyard before thinking of cleaning other people's dirt.

  32. Rocky

    The rakyat truly need a break from these UMNO sharks... Yes, its too early to tell and we the rakyat did the same for Pak Lah. We gave him time to proof to us... but Alas!

    If Khalid fails, the rakyat will tell him so... no worry

  33. Saya makan satu kilo babi!

    Tapi saya lagi best dari jiran saya. Pasal dia makan dua kilo babi!


  34. Sudahlah rocky..

    Ini MB PR korang interview dah dapat,

    BN punya MB korang ada chance nak interview ke? jangan haraplah...

    At least Khalid dah layan korang wlupon dah setahun..

    so bila nak interview MB MB yang lain?

    Kan depa (BN) cakap apa..
    blogger tu manatang apa ntah!

  35. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Ya, I think Khalid is a better MB than that fatso Toyol.

    For those who pandai pandai criticize Khalid for not meeting the mark, think a bit la!! How do you expect Khalid to work efficiently when there is Lucifer pitting against him all the time in everything he does! Ya, it is easier said than done to ignore Lucifer and concentrate. But how long can you ignore without losing focus when doubts are planted in people's mind?

    And, let's not forget, Lucifer didnt vacate his position and administration in a professional manner.. Remember those pictures of a ransacked, topsy-turvy office with lots of shredded documents? Remember!? Hmm.. someone has to clean those mess before anything new can be done!!

    And.. also.. let's not forget, PKR is a fairly new entity. Not much experience in running a politcal party, what more a State! I should think some allowance/patience should be given.

    So, in summary, when PKR took over Selangor, they had to clear up quite a huge pile of mess left behind by Lucifer in his hurry to flee.. while clearing up such mess, PKR had to deal with getting things going on one hand and fighting Lucifer's irritating instigation to stir voilence on another hand. And last but not least, gotta deal with the Federal Government who by the way, is Lucifer's DAD!! All these in 12 months.. Hmm.. not easy!

    So, everybody, unless you are 100% sure you can do better than Khalid, I think it is only wise to shut your gap and help instead of criticizing like terror clever but actually, know shit!!

  36. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Dalam satu tahun kita dah boleh buat anak. Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat dilihat macam orang mandul. Taada apa-apa. Ashik, hu ha sana hu ha sini. Setiap hari berpoya-poya dengan isu politik. Sentiasa mencari kesalahan orang lain untuk menutup kelemahan sendiri. Pemimpin yang bagus tidak perlu memburukan orang lain untuk menunjukan yang dia lebih baik. Islam pun tak galakan kita memburukan orang lain. Buat kerja dan biarkan prestasi kita dinilai oleh BOS kita. Siapa BOS kita? Rakyat macam saya ni. Jadi kalau nak terus bekerja, BOS mesti puas hati dengan prestasi anda.

    Sebenarnya YAB Khalid Ibrahim mempunyai konsep pentadbiran yang bercelaru dan salah. Kalau beliau boleh guna kereta persendirian untuk jadikan kereta rasmi, apa akan jadi 1 juta kaki tangan kerajaan buat perkara yang sama?

    Lu, Fikir-fikir lah sendiri, kata Nabil.

    Meluat berpolitik.

  37. Obviously you will never make a good,empathetic and a fair educator by your own reckoning.

    For dyslexics, there are such things as reader helpers or writer helpers. For the blind they have the braile and a little more time is given. For one with a broken hand more time is given.

    Khir Toyo was not subject to any of the discomforts and interruptions to his administration as Khalid is subject to. Khir Toyo did not have to deal with a hostile executive at the state level as Khalid has to.

    Khir Toyo had the benefit of continuity from his predecesor which Khalid did not have. You would remember those pictures of destruction of files and reports and documents as soon as UMNO lsot Selangor. Khir Toyo will do well to show us all how his personal wealth went up from before he became MP and now.

    Factor all this before you begin to even open the report card. Otehrwise, really you will have to disqualify yourself from commenting.

  38. Anonymous1:45 pm

    He's abetter man' foot!
    He's no different than Toyo..not even MB already creating shits..corrupt practise is still a corrupt even if it is only car and cows..intention to corrupt is what counts.In fact he' worst than Toyo in the sense that he does nothing to enrich the least under Toyo you see developments.Too much politics and please less talk laa MB.

    no to PKR and BN

  39. Anonymous1:54 pm


    he's just another pawn on the board.

    get back to work you guys.

  40. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Khalid did a better job so far.

    For Khir Toyo, Rocky ask your friend to get lost. He is a trouble maker and corrupted.

  41. Anonymous2:28 pm

    After one year in power and the BN can only use the cows ( for korban distribution to the poor ) and THE car ( to save cost for not buying new one ) issue to claimed that the present Selangor MB is corrupted....this is to me a hundred mile ahead of the former MB.

    50 years of rot just can't be cleaned up in one year

    50 years of dirt just can't be scrubbed over one year

    I am prepared to give the present state government the time required.
    For the start a clean and non corrupted administration will do just fine.

  42. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Buat apa itu Rocky bising2 dengan Komen yang tidak langsung siuman. Rakyat tetap hormati pemimpin macam Khalid untuk mentadbir agar negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan terus maju. Khir?? Siapa Khir? Jika ada orang itu; cuma ada 2 pilihan; suatunya simpan di Hari dalam Sejarah atau kedua di Kamungting.

  43. Anonymous2:38 pm

    They gave some good pointers for Khalid, and I was left wondering why the MB has not recruited them to sit on his think-tank. There were no Umno/BN bloggers but the MB's office invited several lawyers, ...<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    ehhhh i thought rocky is the BN blogger?

    lap dog

  44. I give 4 stars to Khalid. As for Khir Toyo, I give 5 stars for enriching his people, not benefiting the rakyat.

    I agree with Patrick Teoh, there are many pot holes in the roads especially in Shah Alam and Puchong. Can they nicely finish the job after any constructions on the roads, the piping and all that?

    Absolutely, Khalid is far greater MB than Khir Toyo. There are many activities and the public halls are utilized to the max although i never get involved. However much things can be improved.

    I don't expect him to gives money to every Selangor citizens but at least try his best. Haha.

  45. Anonymous3:28 pm

    My goodness Rocky - how can one compare Khir Toyo to Khalid is a joke. I am no PKR supporter but as a resident of Selangor I have seem the incredbly dodgy decisions that Khir Toyo did in his time as MB. I am amazed he got away with is dodgy deals which basically was plundering Selangor for his personal gain.
    Sure the PR government has a long way to go but I am more confident in their personal integrity than I do with the previous admin. What the hell did Khir Toyo ever do that benefited anyone but himself and his cronies?

    Khir Toyo is seemingly hell bent on pursuing a racist agenda. I hope he does win the UMNO Youth head post as it will signal the end of UMNO.

  46. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Teruklah you, Rocky, Nathaniel Tan says you misquoted him, or lied about what he said to the MB.

    Can you stop this bias lah? Don't be that cheap...

  47. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Dear Warrior 231

    You yourself are a hoot at contributing to "rational discourse" your randy holiness!
    Rocky like you to big-mama him eh?

  48. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Sdr Rocky

    It's not easy being a PR MB in a federal govt under BN. They place constraints against you. Remember the water and tourism issues? But the MB was a renowned corporate player. He understands challenges and knows how to confront them. Lets wish him lots of luck. But the comparison to KT is too early to do anybody any justice.


  49. Anonymous5:26 pm

    BS kepada yang cium bontot Khalid, jalan, tiang letrik, pagar, pokok dll yang di bina oleh BN juga sebelum ini nampak buruk, kotor, penuh rasuah, tapi setelah bontot Khalid di cium, !pling! tetiba bertukar wangi dan bersih. Sejak dari PR mengambil Selangor, tiada apa yang berubah, kecuali satu, bongkak orang oppo semakin naik.

    -Ex Pakatan Rakyat supporter.

  50. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Under Khalid, we get to live beside babi yay!...


  51. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Warrior 231 10:35 AM

    Disregard the over-emotive prose and I would tend to agree with some (not all) of what you have posted.

    Consider this: the Federal govt has incurred a budget deficit for 11 straight years, and the way things are going ("mini budget"), the budget deficits look set to continue for several more years. What has the country achieved in 11 years of budget deficits in terms of competitiveness, infrastructure, health care and education?

    Are any of the States in budget surplus? I would hazard a guess that, be they PR or BN-ruled, they are all in deficit. Who makes up the shortfall?

    How long can Malaysia continue living beyond it's means before the country's credit ratings dive and it's sovereign bonds are downgraded to "junk" status?

  52. Anonymous6:44 pm

    kalau tan sri khalid x ok.amek ler balik khir toyo tuh.huh.

  53. Khalid has done well considering the budak toyol been haunting for his blood all along.
    if he is corrupted, toyol with all his stray dogs would have bitten him...
    HONESTY is something toyol needs to learn before the end of his life.

    malaysian are forgetful... very forgetful... bring back Toyol and you will wonder why all the peace on newspapers but you get swamped with problems.

  54. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Kahlid Vs Toyo. Sorry brother, TOYO, tak ada kelas.

  55. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Bodoh punya politician, mengaku bagus dari orang lain la pulak.

    Rakyat macam tu jugak.

    Kalau pandai sangat, bagitau la apa plan Kerajaan Selangor nak hadapi krisis ekonomi ni?

    Jangan asyik nak citer politik je. (bosan)

    Jangan nak kata penjawat awam tak pro Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat. (sangka buruk ni)

    Jangan nak bagi excuse Kerajaan Persekutuan tak bantu. (Selangor ni negeri yang kaya, macam-macam boleh buat kalau pandai, kecuali kalau hanya pandai mengkritik)

    Meet the bloggers doesn't make one better than another who does not. Takkan nak invite bloggers sahaja? kenapa bloggers sahaja? bloggers tak boleh join forum lain yang Kerajaan sediakan ke? yang paling penting, IMPAK. Jumpa 100 kali pun kalau takde faedah nak buat apa? Perabih boreh yo la. Baik jumpa terus rakyat. Jangan tau guna nama rakyat je untuk political mileage.

    Boleh tak kita nilai si khalid ni secara profesional dan objektif? Apa pencapaian dia? Jangan bagitau aku dia ni lebih baik daripada Khir sebab blablabla.... so what? Apa pencapaian dia? apa impak pada rakyat?

    Aku faham la baru setahun jadi Kerajaan, tapi kalau lebih banyak citer politik dari buat kerja, aku memang bengang bro!

    - Bukan ahli politik -

  56. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Khalid >> Khir


    ps: Teng Chang Kim is an ass, btw.

  57. Anonymous8:50 pm

    I too was in a position where I had an official car and a private car. I was told by my chief clerk that if I used my private car for official purpose then I should claim milage and use that money to buy petrol and maintain my car.Ramlax

  58. Anonymous8:58 pm

    "is it because he didn't take bribery or he wont cheat makes him better?"

    My dear Siti Fatimah,
    I believe it is quite obvious if TSK doesn't take bribe and doesn't cheat, those criteria alone makes him a better politician.

    Guys, pls stop the badgering. Give him a chance to prove himself.

    Anak Perak.

  59. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Hey rocky toyol wants to give you one of his lebar daun watches kah.

  60. Anonymous10:17 pm

    State governments have very little power, especially if you're expecting Khalid Ibrahim to do something about the economic crisis. The state government's revenue comes from federal distribution - thus it isn't as if they can have their own stimulus plans. Neither can they slash taxes (they have little leeway on local council taxes, and absolutely no power for all other forms of taxes).

    The bits where Khalid Ibrahim does have competency in, like water deals, he is screwed over by the previous state admin and the present federal government. Other than those two, other than running the rest of the government as efficiently as he could (I personally see the difference), there is nothing Khalid could do.

    He has, after all, less power than a federal Parliamentary Secretary. Despite that, orang aslis are better taken care off, new developments seem to have a better approval process, and he seems to be trying as hard as anyone could to undo the mistakes of Khir Toyo. I'd say Khalid Ibrahim is definitely better than the previous MB. Even if Khir Toyo saved a field.

  61. Anonymous10:39 pm

    I think it is not nice to put the picture of Khir Toyol. It raises my ire. BTW, toyol is bad spirit (a little bit like pontianak)

  62. Anonymous11:25 pm


    at least, I know Khalid:-

    1 wont snatch lands meant for public amenities.

    2. wont build multi-million bungalows for him and his relatives to stay at taxpayers' expense

    3. drive away poor squatters (happened to be mainly bumis too) to give the state land to his favourite buddies.

    4. have a harrier car as benefit from state agencies

    5. use state agencies money as his own ( remember the mecca land deals)

    from this, I know Khalid wont be worse than him. Oh, one more thing, you forgot to mention that there are RM5 billion worth of abandoned projects in Selangor courtesy of Toyo and his predecessor.

    Nah, I am a PR supporter and I am only running down one of your favourite sons.


  63. Anonymous11:31 pm

    oh rocky,

    i forgot something. I dont think Khalid will burn all the files, just like the other MBs in other states that fell to PR.
    Wonder why? Scare shit they be exposed with all the dirt in the files?
    May be or may be not? A sabotage may be? Khalid, would you do that if Selangor falls to BN just like the coup in perak?


  64. Anonymous12:47 am

    It will not take a year to undo everything that is done for the last around the last 20years for bad governance in the state of selangor (the early govt were sincere for the people).

    You would have to undo a few things:
    1) Find the books and put them in order.
    2) re motivate the staff for a more sincere work environment. all the way from top to bottom vice versa.
    3) Study, plan and execute new plans to provide a more effective, accountable and beneficial services to the public.
    4)Set-up continuous a federal independent income.

    So I guess if you can do it with no federal support, no finance,no internal support and constant ambush you should taking over his job.

    P.S: Siti Fatimah kalau dah makan duit rakyat tolong lah jangan tamak sangat menyokong keluarga Mat Toyol.

  65. abg rocky ..khir toyo also earned a page in your good book? Gosh! when you pitched for mukhzir mahathir, i can understand - considering your fervent respect for Tun. But Khir Toyol? LoL.

    It's okay. keep spitting out BS, and we know you better.

  66. Anonymous7:01 am

    Salam, saya sudah buat komen diblog mengenai hal ini.
    Bagi saya, TSKalid boleh rasa dirinya lebih bagus sekiranya beliau settlekan kes ladang babi diSepang dengan sebijaknya. Baru boleh saya cakap dia memang lagi bagus dari yang lepas. Kalau tidak, dia tiada beza dari KToyo. Siapa yang nak angkat bakulnya, tidak diri sendiri. Perasan habis. Kata nak tolong orang2 melayu, masa ini rasa lah belas kepada orang2 kampong diSepang tu.

  67. Anonymous9:29 am

    Taking over from "somebody" is NOT easy no matter how brilliant a person is.Take Khalid Ibrahim for example when he took over KGB.Just ask him whether it took him just
    3-4 months to put the house in order despite the fact that KGB is already an established company which already has set guidelines and policies.Even taking over an estate (plantation)will take time to settle and its normal that the new manager will be stuck in the office for sometime to screen files and important documents.Next step is do fine tuning.

    This time he takes over the state of Selangor as MB. Mind you, its not a smooth take over because its
    NOT BN2BN leadership...its BN2PKR or vice versa.This is entirely a different ball game altogether and its getting more difficult when the state government is not from the same party of the federal government.Its only human that anybody who gets outsted will be unhappy. This happens in ANY outfit and the person who takes over the post will have a tendency to criticise the predecessor.

    What matters most is the business and being in politics,stop all the stone throwing because at the end of the day the ordinary people are the ones who will suffer. People's expectations are high and whatever we do,think of our people and country and our future generations.

    Tun Hussein Onn has correctly said that after his death,he dreads that people will urinate on his grave.

    (Food for Thought)

  68. Saya melihat prestasi seorang MB melalui sumbangannya buat kebaikan rakyat biasa seperti saya. Dimana baiknya Khir kalau tanah yang diberikan Kerajaannya hanya berupakan Pegangan Pajakan, sedangkan bapak nenek saya dapat tanah Geran Kekal semasa British dulu ? Dimana sumbangan Khir kalau kami ditipu dengan harga air yang menggila, sedangkan Rozali mengaut ratusan juta ringgit setiap bulan dengan merompak kami terangan-terangan ? Sebaliknya, Khalid sudah cuba mengembalikan hak kami walau pun baru setahun menerajui Kerajaan Selangor. Beiau hampir berjaya menebus kembali khidmat air kalau tidak di sabotaj oleh Kerajaan Pusat, yang juga konco Khir. Jelas sekali kami diperbodoh-bodohkan oleh Kerajaan lepas-lepas, baik diperingkat Negeri mau pun diperingkat Pusat.

  69. Anonymous9:58 am

    thank you for the clarification sir, appreciate it!

  70. Anonymous11:47 am

    yeah me too. Khalid is the better man than this Toyol. Economic downturn with Toyol would probably be in worst shape because "Semua OK"! People, hang in there, lets anyway have some faith with Khalid.

    Rocky, I hope you are not blinded by Toyol.


  71. Anonymous11:56 am

    So, the winner of this Khalid vs Toyol is....????

    Aiyah... Rocky ah, blind also can see who is doing a better job as of now la.

    so, has Toyol returned that expensive watch yet? Can feed plenty hardcore poor families in Selangor you know!! Take it back from that ugly tempeh eating man!

  72. Anonymous2:21 am

    bosan lah bru.. asik politik jek.. citer pasal bende lain lak..

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