Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dr M: Malays at risk of being dispossessed

"The Malays cannot even defend themselves; if they meet and talk (to defend themselves), they are called racists." - Dr Mahathir

"Melayu Kini Cemas". In his 100-para address at the gathering of Malay NGOs under the Perkasa umbrella this morning, Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned the Malays that they are on the verge of losing their political power. They are being called immigrants in their own country by others who have forgotten the Malays' hospitality. The Malays face external attacks as well as from within by their own so-called liberal brothers who have become shamed apologists to those who accuse the Malays of practising Apartheid against other races.

And faced with these attacks, the Malays are not even allowed to defend themselves. If they do, they are called racists, Dr Mahathir said.

The position of the Malays in their own country are under greater threat today than it was under the British, he said.

12. Keadaan hari ini lebih merbahaya daripada keadaan semasa British merancang untuk menakluk negeri-negeri Melayu dengan perancangan Malayan Union. Pada masa itu kita boleh cakap berkenaan Melayu dan tidak ada sesiapa yang akan tuduh kita sebagai racist. British pun tidak panggil kita racist. Mereka akui memang pun hak orang Melayu menuntut negeri-negeri Melayu sebagai hak orang Melayu. Semua perjanjian berkenaan dengan negeri-negeri di semenanjung mesti dibuat dengan Raja-Raja Melayu. Tidak ada siapa dari kaum laim yang berhak membuat apa-apa perjanjian.

13. Sekarang orang Melayu tidak pun boleh berkata negeri ini negeri Melayu, tidak boleh sebut negeri ini dikenali sebagai Tanah Melayu. Negeri Jepun boleh dikatakan negeri orang Jepun, negeri Korea – negeri orang Korea, negeri China – negeri orang Cina, negeri India – negeri orang India. Tetapi negeri Melayu – bukan negeri orang Melayu. Dahulu mungkin. Tetapi tidak sekarang. Sekarang Malaysia, hak orang Malaysia dan bukan hak orang Melayu. Kesanggupan dan kerelaan orang Melayu berkongsi milik negara ini tidak sedikit pun dihargai. Pemberian satu juta kerakyatan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra kepada kaum lain tidak dihargai bahkan tidak diingati, dilupakan dengan begitu sahaja.

14. Orang Melayu dikatakan kaum pendatang di negaranya sendiri. Dan kaum pendatang lain tidak boleh dipanggil kaum pendatang. Jika sesiapa berbuat demikian, mereka mesti minta maaf. Tidak perlu sesiapa minta maaf jika berkata Melayu kaum pendatang.

Read all 100 paragraphs at Big Dog's, here.

Notes: Perkasa is not an Umno wing. It is an NGO set up to try and bring all Malay groupings in this country under a single umbrella nothwithstanding pollitical ideologies.


  1. Anonymous8:01 am

    Hey Amoker,

    Orang Asli and the Pribumis in Malaysia (whether in West or East Malaysia) are considered as the BUMIS stoopide .....check your facts before you open your big mouth !!!

    - Jaga Malaysia

  2. Anonymous9:24 am

    "Mazlan", what's bugging you? you have a complex or what? Have you read TDM's speech?

    Guess what, by reading what you wrote, I find that you're the Melayu Mudah Lupa type like what TDM says ...also having a typical PR anak manja kinda behaviour ....You people jump when contradicted but don't give a damn if you insult or disgrace the other side.

    Dear "Mazlan", sorry to disappoint you but I have attained my 'dream' without any pulling of strings most of the time I work overseas ...even right now ..
    but at the same time I haven't forgotten that my race still needs to improve themselves in many fields so that they can have a better life and better equipped to face the world. That's the gist of TDM's speech. Anyway, what's wrong if a Malay talks about the problems of the Malays?

    You're an apologist for the other side, hence your arrogance. You have enjoyed the privileges of being a Malay in this country, what about the other Malays who are still struggling?

    Anyway, I won't give the last laugh to the pendatangs (ok, I'll spell for you, the ungrateful Chinese and Indians, note : "ungrateful") at this moment, they are laughing so hard to see Malays fight with each other. Easy for them to divide and 'conquer' later .....Even at this moment in M'sia, we have Islam PR and Islam UMNO, Malay PR and Malay UMNO .....apa nak jadi?..

    Btw, I am not an "Anon"...I signed myself as 'a more and more fed up Melayu' .....don't tell me you could not see that?

    ps ......Please pay a visit to and if you have time, to read about what KijangMas and JMD wrote about issues pertaining to Malaysia eg. racial polarisation, politics etc might open up your mind a little bit on the issues related to our Tanah Air Tercinta. Thank you. Wassalam.

  3. Anonymous11:31 am

    now, why can't we all Malaysians work together,irregardless of race and creed, for one common purpose, to compete against other countries in the global arena, rather than fighting among ourselves and planting seeds of hatred and suspicion in each generation. we are mature in a way but do not have the cow sense to think what's best for the country and her citizens.
    Really sad!

  4. Anonymous12:00 pm

    You started the game,Bright Eyes and you have to bear the consequences. Its simple as that as i did not deign to engage you at all in the first place. But no, you must have your 15 minutes of fame (to paraphrase Eastwood).....insulting others for that comes naturally with your kind...

    You nature i dont want to engage with you or the likes of you or anybody for that matter as each are entitled to one's view. But when comments putting me down comes on, i naturally react with my own replies.And when they respond with taunts, i take them one step further cos a MAN has got to do what he has to do...

    I am not bothered by your friendship with any arsehole blogger who totes his lappie around to show off he has a blog where he can caterwaul for all he wants and plant a lie here, a lie there and a lie everywhere to salve that infantile ego of his.

    Pwned and STFUed is in your imagination...outright bans and deleting of comments is more like it, when cowards, like that "famous" blogger" friend of yours, cannot fight reason with reason. Hence, i dont bother to comment at those places anymore..waste of time and brainmatter engaging idiots with stillborn brains!. In any case there were only two other places besides this one where I left my comments and my visits were more sporadic in nature if you cared to observe.

    The "kawan rapat in BS" was easy to track for the "famous blogger" and one of his minions (Rocky knows who) kept mentioning that chap in their rants against me.All i had to do was to figure out why and the rest is history.He got banned as well for speaking the truth for these sites are nothing more than opium joints where zombie cretins like you arselick and cocksuck your blogmaster to your heart's content while your blogmaster moans in satisfaction and sniggers at your sheer stupidity. Dont believe me?Just trawl your favourite blogmaster's site as an objective observer and masturbate your angst away at the sight of how a plethora of zombified moronic devotees sing paean after paean in honour of their beloved swamiji.

    but then i doubt you have any brains yourself as Tukang Perati(good one perati!!) has succintly observed. Besides, the stench of your rotting brain is repulsively obvious when you penned this:

    "because the Rangers will want to take your photo with a rifle scope."

    Its there for all to see and enjoy and no matter how hard you try to 'kangkalikong' it away with your Sarawak Rangers thingy, it aint gonna change the fact that them Rangers can snap photos with their rifle scopes,a syou put it(for the life of me i never came across one when i was in the army)....ha!ha!ha! LOL.

    Get one of them rifles will you Bright Eyed shit, for you will surely need one when someone drops by............

    Warrior 231

  5. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Didn't know that there were so many STUPID people in this country ...amongst the other side especially...pretend to be overnight political analysts but without substance and intelligence ....If any Melayu/Muslim says something, these so called "bodoh analysts" start bombarding for the sake of bombarding....Here in this blog, such wormy opinions are in abundance.....Excuse me, I wanna puke !!!

    - Jaga Malaysia

  6. Anonymous5:16 pm

    The loads of nonsense they claim that Bumis are being fed?

    Let us do what they claim us to be.

    65% bumis out of 28m population = 18.2m Bumis

    RM60b to be given FREE to each individual Bumis will translate to RM3.2m per head

    1. All bumis, as they claim, are lazy. SO LET US BE WHAT THEY WANT US TO BE.

    2. We let the money do all the working for us, while we relax on the beach or play hide and seek in the jungles, and impot foreign workers to do all our work.

    Afterall, a family of five will have RM15m in their bank accounts..

    3. Take RM15m and dump into Islamic Banking to collect share of profits each year, say minimum profit sharing at just 3% = 450,000/year.

    4. Waduh, anak dalam buaian minum susu hari hari sampai boleh kembong perut!

    5. Tokwan semua boleh pasang full set of gigi, tukar warna to suit the occasion.

    6. Ministers semua tak payah susah payah, tiap hari buat kenduri kat tiap perusuk daerah. Sembang sembang sambil eratkan silatulrahim..

    Then to all the so called Rajin Non Bumis, let them work their SHIT out to get the taste of this RM60b. (Thats what the Mat Salleh brought them here for in the first place).

    Hey Najib, lets walk their talk..

    Tak payah bersusah payah kerja, goyang kaki and see how these idiots are going to merangkak to get to the so called EASY money!


  7. Anonymous6:42 pm

    :D muhahahahaha..8x (spare my longest laugh this time)

    As usual..the clan of ultra tongkangness fucking idiots like skilmoron & microballs always end up as sore loosers, helplessly bashed down & verbally sodomized by the very people they look down & under-estimate..

    Now only you realized yourselves as big time loosers.. have the taste of your own medicine suckers..where to put your fucking face now hah smartass skilmoron?

    Berlagak macam pakar ekonomi konon..baca berita dari internet tapi tak faham sgt sudah mahu temberang lancau kecik skrg mau naik tongkang lari ke China ka, terjun laut berenang ke Singapura ka atau pergi makan najis terus mampus ke neraka ka? kakakaka... :D

    microballs? no comment..he is just a pure breed of futt gas fucking idiots..

    :D muhahahaha.. brave bro SadT

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-
    (a pure opposite of the other racist)

  8. Anonymous6:46 pm

    I support racism until we finally reach the true National Bangsa Malaysia like Thailand , Indonesia and even Deutchland (Germany) as e.g.. like them too.. we must start with hard force....then only will we succeed.. do not repeat the same mistakes like our ancestors..even Dato Harun should had finished off his job when he got the chance, & yet he failed becaused he has the heart of the malay..very forgiving & tolerating & that his weakness..

    things nowdays would have been better, if he has done what supposed to be done in that day..

    show no mercy for the better good for the majority!

    p/s: only hypocrites racist pretend not to be racist.. these people behave like fucking pigs..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  9. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Anonymous 12:43 AM ,

    Nih sekok lagi yang perlu dipulas telinga. Panggil Mike Tyson gigit sampai putuih baru tau!

    Suruh orang lain “imagine RM20K and RM2K.. slow down little brother” apa ker hal.

    Hoi bahalol… we have been here for hundreds of years, what is there for us to RUSH about?

    Lu punya ROKET kertas sudah lebih 50tahun pun sekadar guna kasi hantak itu DCM pergi sekolah lagi meh? Is that all that you can SHOW?

    You work hard? Bullshit… Every single transaction you make, semua ada tipu..



  10. Anonymous12:12 am

    BrightEyes said...

    -tukang perati

    Sarawak Rangers tu' lah, duh.

    Kamu ni betullah tongong. Betul ke Sarawak Rangers guna scope rifle untuk ambil foto? Mereka tu bukan bodoh lah.

    Awas, kamu nanti yang mereka tembak. Ngong!

    -tukang perati

  11. Anonymous1:04 am

    Actually warrior231, you got barred/deleted from commenting & posting on blogs n' forums... no thanks to you tossing around racially abusive terms like you're wont to do, playing Mr. Internet Tough Guy, and threatening other commenters/bloggers with physical harm. Especially when you are losing an argument, which BTW is frequently the case. I've been told by another that you were sending email threats to other prominent bloggers, that further explains the reason why you're banned.

    So you now go around expressing your wet dream of ethnic genocide, and get all pissed when people call out your bullshit.

    And fyi, it was Andy Warhol who came up with the term "15 minutes". Please get your facts right before accusing others of 'stillborn brains'.

    Terima kasih and have a good day.

  12. Anonymous10:13 am


    In a word, what you have posted is "bs". Nothing more.

    Ask yourself this one simple question: why does Malaysia need a currency swap agreement with China?

    It is not China who proposed the swap agreement with Malaysia. It is Malaysia who approached China for a swap agreement.

    To bait you further, I don't recall that Singapore has a similar swap agreement with China. Singapore's central bank (the Monetary Authority of Singapore) does have an agreement with the US Federal Reserve through which the Fed will supply US Dollars to the Singapore central bank to maintain US Dollar liquidity. A facility, incidentally, which the Fed offered to only key banking and financial centres that are well-regulated. The Fed did not offer a similar facility to Bank Negara Malaysia, in spite of the US being one of Malaysia's major trading partners. Easy to check this, lah - go Google it.

    Ok, back to the topic of what Dr M is pontificating about - that the Malays are at the risk of being dispossessed? Dispossessed of what, exactly? Religion? Land? Citizenship? Personal assets? Good jobs? A good education? Freedom to make a living anywhere in the world? The good doctor is expert in painting the big picture, but try to pin him down on details and he goes "walkabout".

    Malaysia gained it's independence from the British in 1957. Do you mean to tell me that the Brits so royally f****d up things that, 51 years after independence, the Malays are still nursing the mother of inferiority complexes?

    51 years since August 31, 1957? Do you mean to say that this is not a long enough period to fix perceived inequalities and injustices? Then what the heck were the Alliance (superseded by the BN) governments since August 1957 doing?

    Ok, since you have paraded your knowledge about current affairs, could you tell me just where the good jobs that Malaysia needs is going to come from? Tourism? Financial services? IT? Outsourcing? Advanced manufacturing? Biotech and big pharma? Oil and gas? Telecoms? Health care and medical tourism? Education hub? Air transport and sea transport hubs?

    Next question: how are Malaysians going to compete with the millions upon millions of hungry, aggressive and increasingly well-educated Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos and Indonesians out there whose countries are moving rapidly up the value-added chain? What unique proposition can Malaysia offer that makes it a "must invest in" country as far as foreign investors are concerned?

    As far as I am concerned, if you and your ilk (such as Merramass, Warrior 231, anti whatever etc) cannot answer these simple questions, then you and the good Dr M are just speaking in sweeping generalities. At the end of the day, such generalities are fated to go the way of the dodo - on the downhill to irrelevance.

  13. skilgannon1066

    u just showed how little u know about the whole thing...

    here's summore bullshit for need to google la..i do this for a living

    Fed can only do Swap with Countries with a minimum credit rating of investment grade (which is what?..go google)....sad to say we are not in the same league from CREDIT dey...

    Fed also supplies unlimited credit to key USD funding Markets such as the Euro/London to ensure that the market continues working....which incidentally also include Singapore n Korea, the systemic risk of freezing up of USD funding markets lead the Fed to ensure that key markets will have access to emergency funding.....

    One question at the time kiddo before u mind get too jumbled up to handle the rest of my answer..

    of all the cockamamy bullshit questions u r trying so hard to make it look intellectually challenging....

    You could just ask about the level Malaysian Economic Competitiveness from regional or global perspective..

    And if u plan to ask questions do make sure that u have credible data to support your assertions..if not i wont bother to layan bullshit armchair crappy wannabe me ur data first la...sebelum gua layan ur next comment....

    If u are a concerned citizen of the country... provide solution, think constructively ..instead of blamestorming..

    that one orang gaji gua also can do

    Happy googling...

  14. Anonymous6:32 pm


    Takyah layan depa ni... Let all your monkeys do the answering to all his questions. Just relax..

    Now they are out of ideas, so try to pancing ideas from everywhere!!

    Hidup menghele' sana sini tak tau arah... They only know how to earn to eat and to shit... itu saja...


  15. Anonymous12:30 am

    OK Wide Eyes Open,

    Since your eyes so wide open and together with your teropong, could you please do us all a favour?

    1. Update us 8times daily with the progress on the investigation of this KOLEK PASIR affair in Penang
    2. How much being paid, and details of transactions
    3. Who are those involved, pse paste their faces
    4. Company and Individuals involved – detail 10years financial year end (coy) andpayments to IRD (individual)
    5. Their asset for the last 10years – these bangsat ARE the kind going around saying they are intelligent and rich

    Get Skillprofessor 1066 to help you. He spend too much time teropong other countries affairs, go HELP the Penang CM springclean his his office please. Banyak pijat!


  16. Anonymous6:27 am

    You are a lying cock sucking whore, Bright Eyes. Lets see..i have been commenting since around September/October 08. 90% of those comments come to this blog 9 the most open and unbiased there is). Another 8% or so to the illegal parliament of your favourite blogger, maybe a couple to Zorro Unmasked... a handful to MIS' Disquiet. How do I know? well. each comment is tagged and saved. Never mind that, Rocky's Bru has seen a few comments that got deleted from PP and Revert's blog has seen a few deleted from MIS which was quite recent by the way.

    Threatening when losing the argument..ha!ha!ha! You smoking some opium joint as you chingkie bastards are wont to do, BE? I can still send my comments to those blogs if i want to as one got published recently...but i am not going to waste my time engaging those people anymore for they are incorrigible and unrepentant liars as you are

    Want some is some sambal to muncha:

    1. Remember the meeting that never was at La Bodega and how your favourite Ayah Pin-up agonised over a moral dilemma here:

    "In my ‘Right of reply’ post, I had disclosed my basis for this statement.Information from one “whose integrity and credibility I have come to greatly respect”.In your post under reply, you had said that you had expected me to do my homework, to grill and cross-examine my informant.Truth be told, Rocky, I did.And that’s what left me with the predicament ........that you have very graciously alluded to in your post." from here:

    the same guy wrote this about a year or so ago:

    My attitude is simple : God and my Mum I trust. Everyone else, please lay your cards on the table where I can see them.

    Use your pig brain to square the two up...Bright Eyes. Bet you cant especially if this guy is the one feeding you as you have blowed job and hair dried his louse infested pubic hair for good measure....

    Alternatively, it could be this nerd who is your trusty musty informant. Lets size him up:

    1. He eruditely penned this:

    "It is instead borne out of a commitment to the fundamental principles upon which democracy was established in this country. I would hold the same view if the motion was against a Barisan Member of Parliament and he or she was denied an opportunity to be heard. The Rule of Law is not a matter of expediency." from:

    about 7 moons ago, he waxed lyrical like this:

    "If the new Prime Minister is sworn in and given the necessary instruments of power, the incumbent government would in effect no longer be the government of the day and would no longer in law be lawfully possessed of power. Those individuals who lend themselves to this situation could be viewed as trespassing" from:

    and also this which speaks volumes of his impartiality:

    Can you square up those diameterically apposite views, Bright Eyes? If these two are your esteemed sources..heads you lose, tail your goose, bright eyes (ha!ha!ha!)for you had been had..sodomised big time!! about zorro..lets leave it that..after all that apek only got 2 of my comments.

    Threatening email? oh you dredged that odd one from FN, i which i intimated that i will spit on his face for demeaning my religion if we ever crossed paths.....that's my inalienable right as a Muslim...get it? bet you will never comprehend that you bearded deity and some hasbeen sexpot (kuan Yin) worshipping infidel!

    Andy Warhol/Clint Eastwood...No wonder your "semened" brain cannot function properly ( comes from drinking up all that cum from your blow job sessions, i guess). Hei Runt...i used the word "paraphrase....meaning i read somewhere Eastwood using that oft-quoted phrase that is attributable to Warhol...get it, idiot. Jump on that..usual stunt by chingkie lowlifes..grab anything and make a mountain off it.....

    by the way..sources from within the "mini-cinema" in Weld Quay tell me you appear flustered lately..selalu pandang belakang..ha!ha!ha! LOL ....maybe i will leave you with this gem from Eastwood:

    Go ahead make my day!

    Bet a Magnum would fill your mouth completely unlike the shrivelled pecker of your "favie" blogmasters...LOL

    PS; As usual you said itlah, brother SatD (skilly is a dead pecker dimwit who know nuts about anything, he can only mouth globalisation and Chinese, Japanese, Indian economic hegemony ad infinituum without realising that even China is having second thoughts about the dollar as the reserve currency and its holding of US paper ...!!) Also kudos to you Anti-Ultra....and all my malay brethren..mari kita pakat2 keris depa Chingkie dan Hindulen while them Rangers are busy "photographing" us for posterity with their rifle scopes..ha!ha!ha! LOL)

    Warrior 231

  17. Anonymous9:40 am

    :D muhahahaha...

    skilmoron the so-called socio-economic analyst whatever end up eating his own shit again..

    hahaha..kena lagi..

    Obviously, babi brain like you cannot go anywhere far outside this country.. so be grateful to have a place stay & make a living here, ok moron..?

    Skilmoron & the people are the type of lowlife that satisfied your own orgasm with self-fellatio..
    Trap in your own self-idolized view..isolated in your own kandang think-tank & unable to get the grip and assimilate with the reality & facts to argue in intellectual sense..

    Still in desperate attempt trying to proved that babi genes retard brains racist are the smartest of all in this land..? really, sucks big time.

    You are so fucking pathetic skilmoron..need say no more...

    p/s: btw, who actually feel insecure? is it the malay or the non-malay who everytime busy body & get depressed over in anything Malay matters?

    :D muhahahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra whatever chingkies moron-

  18. Anonymous3:23 pm


    See, kena big time lagi from satd.....

    Padan muka lu, next time, think before you open your big mouth. Don't bullshit and pretend to be clever when you are not.

    Don't think all Malays are bodoh tau, Apek!!

    Bravo again satd.

  19. warrior 231

    when r u gonna sPIN over for the tea?


    ps: the chicks r free now

  20. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Wide eyes open, Bright Eyes?

    Your eyes only open and become bright when you smell $$$.

    Skill can anon 1066, duk berangan tak habis2..

    No need for talk on economy .. where you all are concerned, the only economy you know is how to CHEAT and CON from the time you wake up right to bedtime. No one spared, may they be your neighbours, friends,the Kampung folks, the poors and the illiterates..

    Kalau BOSS bersih sangat, masakan DCM berani buat kerja Corrupt And Tipu (CAT) under your very own NOSE?? MALUUUUUUU.... MALU.....

    Podah... Trying to hide and point fingers on others about CORRUPTION!! Darah daging kamu dah busuk macam bangkai with corrupted wealth from the day you are born!!.

    Padan muka,

    SatD, please send them your monkeys....


  21. skilgannon106610:47 am

    satD (and Warrior, anti whatever, Merramass & Sepet)

    Please, lah - spare us the bulls***!

    Answer my questions first: just why does Malaysia need to have a currency swap agreement with China? And who proposed the swap agreement - Malaysia or China?

    Very simple questions, right? No room for obfuscations or posturing.

    China? Tongkangnese land, according to anti whatever. Surely, it's demeaning that Malaysia would have to stoop to enter into such an agreement from the Tongkangnese, yes? If Malaysia's reserves are high, it's currency strong, it's sovereign ratings good and it's economy firing on all cylinders, there is absolutely no need to enter into such an agreement. Economics 202. Comprende?

    As for the US Federal Reserve swap agreement with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, go read the reasons for it on Reuters or Dow Jones or on the Fed website. It is, to refresh your memory, a US Fed acknowledgement of important partner economies that may need increased US dollar liquidity. And the increased availability of US dollars through the Singapore central bank will also make these dollars available to banks in other Asean countries (including Malaysia) whose central banks don't have the same arrangements with the Fed.

    So, if for whatever reason, Bank Negara runs short of US dollars, it can approach the Monetary Authority of Singapore to draw on the Fed facility. As too can Bank Indonesia or the Bank of Thailand.

    I posed a number of questions about the Malaysian economy post-1957. All of which you either didn't, or couldn't, answer. I suspect the latter because, when push comes to shove, there is nothing to beat hard facts. Not spin. Not racist mouthing-offs. Not playing to the gallery by spewing half-baked economic claptrap.

    Oh, yah - one more thing. Please post, for our edification, the international competitiveness rankings for countries in the Asia-Pacific region. You can get them from the WEF, IMD and UNCTAD websites - go google them, lah. And let's see just where Malaysia ranks in comparison with the others (and I don't mean Indonesia, Nigeria or Zimbabwe!).

  22. skilgannon congratulations!!!
    u just jumped another level of tak paham subject matter...

    trying hard to linked the economic need for Exchange rate stability agreement with some twisted racial my....sad indeed your logic....

    which i have also address in my first got no color nor race...just cost and risk to the simple pun tak paham2 lagi....lagi mau pusing soalan siapa mintak swap dulu....

    China has committed under ASEAN+3 Initiative and its is also it's internal policy to diversify its 2 Trillion Reserve away from USD assets...

    the thing about swaps are that they are purely for TEMPORARY Confidence Building Measures NOT for "actual" drawdown....

    we do have the necessary reserves to handle the outflow from our's like having add on bullets to say to the speculators that if you test our currency we can always DRAW from this facility and bantai u back....

    re my first comment to put u on the right path is for EXCHANGE RATE stability.

    you may read here for details

    As for Singapore position, they operate the LARGEST US Dollar funding market in the region(the ASIAN timezone operation), which is why they qualify for the Fed initiative....again it is to facilitate systemic risk of freezing up funding markets a measure that was introduced after Sept 08....NOT BEFORE THAT.....

    Facilitation on the Back to Back basis is NOT part and parcel of Fed's measures if MAS for want to take the credit risk of other ASEAN countries this will be facilitated by ITS OWN Bilateral Agreement with the respective countries......mana lu dapat info that other countries can draw on the Fed Facility from MAS....bole bagi link ke...kalau betul gua cakap tenkayuvelimuch

    I just wonder with amusement at the rate in which you are going on surely shows ur complete lack of understanding of the context n background information on the subject of ur googling activities..

    Before u wanna talk about post 1957 economy.....tell me what u know about Pre-1957 know where we are we must first understand the historical problems that laid the foundation to the mess that we are in now...

    So folks let us all guide this lost he can learn the adap sopan and behave properly as a citizen of MALAYsia....

    So far he has not offered any thing remotely positive if he is A citizen of our country......he goes around on looking down at people....brushing aside every he does not understand as BULLSHIT

    skilgannon ....gua kesian sama lu la u r on the one of the highest traffic blog in malaysia making a complete fool of yourself....congratulations again

  23. Anonymous2:38 pm


    1. Tenggiri @RM20/kg@900gms= RM20
    2. Udang @RM28/kg @ 400gm = RM 19
    3. Baby beans @RM14/kg@300gms = RM5
    4. Bilis @RM28/kg@500gms RM16
    5. Beras timbang @2.40/kg@9.5kg = RM24

    Looks familiar? On daily basis? How many millions of us being conned and cheated daily?

    Imagine 50 over years! Intelligent and superior kepala otak kamu? Tak MALU ker duk berangan?

    Why the hell look north, south, east and west?

    Educate yourselves simple arithmetic first baru cakap pasal GLOBAL economy next time eh…

    Been going on for far toooooo looooog… Clean your otak first,



  24. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Hey you bastard son of a bitch, must have your moments of orgasms by taunting me even when i am in the least bit disinterested to engage you, you tongkang paddling, opium smoking arsehole of a chingkie pimp. Since you threw down the challenge, i will respond but remember ma fucker, you asked for it.ok..lets roll............

    China, Malaysia enter swap agreement
    Agence France-Presse
    First Posted 10:49:00 02/09/2009

    Filed Under: World Financial Crisis, Economy and Business and Finance, Foreign Exchange Markets

    BEIJING, China -- The central banks of China and Malaysia have signed a currency swap agreement, the Chinese government said, as Asia's second-largest economy strengthens regional ties amid the global crisis.

    The People's Bank of China and Bank Negara Malaysia announced the three-year, 80-billion-yuan ($11.7-billion) agreement on Sunday, the Chinese central bank said in a statement on its Web site.

    "The arrangement aims to promote bilateral trade and investment to boost the economic development of the two countries," said the brief statement.

    Arrangements such as these ease liquidity trouble as they boost the amount of yuan that Malaysian banks can draw on while servicing local companies that use the Chinese currency when trading.

    Last month, China and Hong Kong signed a 200-billion-yuan swap agreement with Hong Kong, as a follow-up on a pledge by Beijing to help the city through the global economic crisis.

    In December, the central banks of South Korea and China agreed to expand a currency swap deal to the equivalent of $30 billion from an existing $4.0 billion".

    1. Now if you read the communique carefully, no indication is ever given of who asked for a swap.Now tell me where? to quote you: Very simple questions, right? No room for obfuscations or posturing.
    Now answer me, chingkie scum...with no obfuscations or posturing!!!

    2. There is an increasing trend among countries to trade in currencies other than the US dollar and this follows from a suggestion mooted 6 months ago in the local chingkie rag called People's Daily, a sluicemouth for impending gomen policy:

    "Shi suggested that all trade between Europe and Asia should be settled in euros, pounds, yen and yuan, though he did not explain how the Chinese currency could play such a role since it is not convertible on the capital account". from:

    in fact such arrangements are hardly to be surprised about:
    "Since the current financial crisis began, a number of emerging economies have signed agreements with the United States.Singapore did so last October, which established US$30bil in temporary swap lines, and that matures April 30.According to reports, the move by the Singaporean government was aimed at improving liquidity in global financial markets and easing potential difficulties in obtaining US dollars.Besides Singapore, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico also have swap agreements with the United States.In the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc bankcrupcy and panic in the financial markets, the United States also signed agreements with central banks in Britain, Japan and Switzerland, as well as the European Central Bank."

    Hey, chibai..Mexico:US neighbour and huge trading partner. 2. Brazil:biggest latin American economy.(and its one of the brightest sparks still around : so buat apa currency swap??) 3. ECB; for Eurozone 4. Britain: long time lackey who is outside the Eurozone 5. Japan: world's second biggest economy and major, major trading b4 u trashtalk "where's malaysia", my Q: where is Russia, India the other half of BRIC and Australia?and for that matter where is China, you tongkang head,they dont need such swaps cos chingkie are already holding loads of toxic US paper. Spore got in cos its the regional financial center as you put it dont expect the US to put a bit in Indo, a bit in Thailand,malaysia, Phil, Viet et al each when it would be more logical to sluice it thru Spore if need be!

    3. Currency swap agreements are designed to favour China's exporters who are in actual fact reeling from an economic tsunami than they care to admit:
    "Even in the city regarded as the most entrepreneurial in China, Wenzhou, the business community is reeling. “We estimate that foreign companies have defaulted on payments for 20 billion yuan (£20 billion) owed to Wenzhou firms,” said Zhou Dewen, chairman of the city’s association for small and medium-sized businesses." source: (a respected economics blog).

    with such swaps, it is a win-win situation for both parties in terms of bilateral trade, a thing the AFP report makes patently clear.

    4.China got screwed big time for being suckered into holding US paper which is fast becoming junk stuff so no point in accumulating more of the rubbish!!:
    "Mr Luo, whose English tends toward the colloquial, added: “We hate you guys. Once you start issuing $1 trillion-$2 trillion [$1,000bn-$2,000bn] . . .we know the dollar is going to depreciate, so we hate you guys but there is nothing much we can do.” from :

    "........set forth in the book “Currency War,” a Chinese best seller published a year ago. The book suggests that the United States deliberately lured China into buying its securities knowing that they would later plunge in value.“A lot of policy makers in China, at least midlevel policy makers, believe this,” Mr. Shih said. from :

    and: China’s leaders “are worried about forever-rising deficits, which may devalue Treasuries by pushing interest rates higher,” JP Morgan & Co. (JPM) analyst Frank Gong told The Associated Press. “Inside China there has been a lot of debate about whether they should continue to buy Treasuries.”

    So much for the fucked-up and fabled Chingkie acumen for business, dont you agree Chibai licking runt. anyway, for an appetiser where all this will lead China and US to, surf:

    immaterial whether you agree or not with his views...just google on those links pasted on that post to save me some time...

    5. Rankings:let me see. Ok here are few cyberants that will bite your arse and pecker beetrood red. Check out this:

    mana itu gergasi Cuni ooops Cina ah?.. Nyama Chou Chibai...No 30 only ah...alamak lower than MALAYsia. Even in IMD, ranking merundum while Malaysia keeps improving meh??

    "I posed a number of questions about the Malaysian economy post-1957. All of which you either didn't, or couldn't, answer. I suspect the latter because, when push comes to shove, there is nothing to beat hard facts. Not spin. Not racist mouthing-offs. Not playing to the gallery by spewing half-baked economic claptrap."- U

    Me = U know why we dont respond..its because we know we are dealing with an idiot who just doesnt get it. a has=been wanker who cant even raise his dead pecker at the urinal. Dont pretend to ignore our exchanges over globalisation....who ran away in the end when i started unloading my heavy artillery of expletive-laced FACTS? U did not because of those expletives but cos u couldnt accept the truth. U talk about globalisation, here's one for starters penned by a chingkie like you:
    and this:

    and this comes on top of another, penned by Martin Khor in the Star adds to the prevailing view that global integration is about to collapse under protectionism, as Revert hinted in his blog and the flight of easy money to their nests. I can throw you stats on the latest from many sources, both academic and non-academic, but idiots like you aint gonna get it. You are just a pathetic moron grasping straws..nothing scram up your momma's chibai....and dont mention me again in your asinine postings, you useless half past six, tongkangnese! who does even want to acknowledge that Tongkang's economy aint firing on all cylinders: growth rate around 6% is a contraction actually for China in its job creation quest..

    p/s : if a part-time pasar malam trader+ farmer can provide this much info...i shudder to think what SatD has in store for you,Skilly..Bring them bazookas on, SatD we have a tongkang on the run. Rgdg that tea...yeah, i will have the chicks first in place of scones and then everything done..a nice cuppa stirred by malikka herself and sugared by Jolie. ;)

    warrior 231

  25. warrior 231...

    tu la dia..mamat ni tak lepas chapter 1 nak lompat tanye soalan lain.....kencing sane kencing sini

    dont waste ur time bro..on this ikan bilis..buang karan aje...

    must learn to swear like u mate...

  26. Anonymous1:21 am




    for skilly to imbibe at his own moronic pace. As satD put, money got no color nor race...just cost and risk to the transaction. so you see Skilly, even your Chingkie emperor knows the score, thats why he gets into the act big time or else he may see his remaining export markets and himself vaporise into thin air before his very slit eyes.Only thin, he wants to be the big taikoh as page 2 of a. attests, typical chingkie kiasuism

    As the news articles put it, the multilateral framework will evolve from existing bilateral frameworks:

    "The ASEAN Plus Three finance ministers agreed to transform the current regional network of bilateral currency swaps into a multilateral framework. The network of bilateral swap arrangements is now worth $80 billion,"

    2. You asked for more facts about competitiveness, here are three of the latest..all 3 show china way below MALAYsia.

    a. The Financial Development Index 2008 Rankings at :

    b.The Networked Readiness Index 2008–2009 rankings at :

    c. The Enabling Trade Index 2008 : (on all 3 subindexes, Tongkang was roundly thrashed)

    d. Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2009 and 2008 comparisons :

    see tongkang has a long way to go to catch up in terms of competitiveness. It only has got them nukes and rocket tech cos the russkies were stupid enough to share it with the chingkieboys and spies like Wen Ho Lee ( the stuff from right under them Yankee noses + China is the counterfeit capital of the world as these skit proves:

    3.Remember Triads, SARS, Bird flu ET AL all originated from bad ol Tongkang and even in the Olympics, chingkies scammed the world with their famous adlibbing incident...apa punya bangsa...bangga lagikah...mau lagi info ...ada manyak-manyak lagi oh!

    As satD put it, pre-1957 history has a bearing on the present and skilly, i am sure you have read my fact-laced stuff on this blog........

    Hey expletives yet.. that's cos i sold a lot of chingkie faced dolls at the pasar malam..u know the type where you tweak a knob and it bends over arse wide open...i got a singh doll that inserted his thingy there and the whole lot sold like hot cakes for RM15 a piece ( yeah that's what a bai pecker and chingkie hole is worth at current market value...LOL) ... total profit (mmm..lets see RM650.00).I can reserve one them Bun Dui aka Brokeback Mountain @ BM (yeah thats the name) for you ...skilly if you care to hop over to my stall with your chingkie platoon in tow... see you nyama chibai.....lanchiau...

    Ps; I can c u r about to bring spore, taiwan and Hk into the equation skilly.. Spore and Hk were finished Brit products by the time the dandies left..those who inherited just had to build on existing strengths...easy to do.

    Taiwan: without the Uncle Sam and an authoritarian regime that virtually annihilated the indigenes as i posted elsewhere, Taiwan would be a basket case without its piracy and access to the american market.....

    China; grew fat on a diet of depressed wages, an artificially low currency, a gluttonish consumption of world resources, a protectionist shield, piracy and counterfeiting galore and the yanks were still stoopid enuf not to see all that. what happened was that the yank fat cats like intel, nike etc all leveraged on the cheap wages thingy for their own profit. The yank consumers got cheaply priced goods in return and their debt fueled consumption ran up huge deficits with chingkiedom who returned the favour by gobbling up US paper and assets, closing their marts to takeovers (Coco Cola) and now threatening to sepukku the US dollar..( read all about it under "the Reckoning" column in the Ny Times). allthese are a typical show of chingkie gratitude, wont you all agree my malay brethren.....If I were the US, I will nuke the scum into outer space but then the yanks may have just had their revenge by bastardising their currency and thus rendering them papers in chingkie hands worthless junk!

    ha ...time to get back to accounting my profits..i am multitasking u linkun skilly (10x half past 6)

    Warrior 231

  27. Laser Blade3:46 pm

    Maybe we should just leave the Chinkies in their tongkangs and let them go wherever they like the setting sun, to the rising sun whatever ....

    Satd, next time ask your monkeys to answer for you need to waste time ....This skilgannon fler has the same IQ as your beloved monkeys, I'm sure they will get along well ....

  28. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Skilgannon 1066,

    Pernah pi pasar beli sayur ikan...

    Yang sekok lagi pula, laju kira macam nih...


    Laju semacam pasai intelligent sangat tapi sebenarnya, bila suruh buat list, kira balik, jumlah sekadar saja RM42.80...

    Spin their "R" laju laju, kepala pembeli pun turut spin, longsap RM13.30..

    Yang sekok lagi "R" tak tau sebut pasai mayak LLLajin kolLLupsen.


  29. Merramass2:50 pm

    Skilgannon, just give up lah...Admit it, you're not as highly educated as you think.....kena hentam really bad by the Warrior and satd. If you just google and paste it here, even satd's monkeys can do it....

    It's normal for your kind to 'hali hali tipu olang' ...that's the modus operandi of your likes anyway...


  30. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Where the hell is skilmoron now? chickening or pigging away?

    Kena kaw2 lagi..

    As usual, like his chingkie ancestor..always run away from the place they had shit or end up in deep shit..
    After everything seem ok for him, come back arrogantly & pretend to forget his moment of deep shit and twisting the story as if the opposites people that run away from him..

    After 50yrs, these decendant of ungrateful pukimak pendatang start to condemn Malaysia and glorifying their motherland at the moment this nation having socio-economic problems...

    Condemn everything as if there is nothing good about this country from the day these lowlife bastards come out from their momma's chibai..

    Typical thick face ungrateful idiot chingkie traits..

    Really typical ungrateful bastards .. these fucking bastards deserve to be kick out sky high to a no-man-land or shot dead and thrown into septic pond to rot..

    Even their glorified tongkangland also cannot accept this lowlife creatures..they cannot assimilate and embraced communism with their typical piggy-greed attitude..these idiots cannot even assimilate with pukimak pariah..some more talking about bangsa malaysia when actually they are bangsat malaysia..

    Now skilmoron run away with a posting in 'Najib speech' thread..less traffic there..

    Fucking pathetic looser..

    :D muhahaha..

    p/s: My brethren..Let us unite & shove our keris into these lowlife bastards' assholes ..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  31. Anonymous12:10 am

    anti hindraf & ultra Chingkies,

    You would would have noticed the same pattern regarding Skill moron (10X half past six pecker) in that duel regarding globalisation..he ran away..It is typical chingkie modus operandi in blogsphere or real life: stir shit and run away... cowardly low-life mafucking race.

    lain kali kita respon dengan miming monkey or pig noises (like oink..oink..oink)..sudah cukup.

    Support you, bro kalau kita pakat2 keris these chingkie's petrified, unwashed arsehole

    anti-ultra, Sepet, Merramas, satD kudos again...

    warrior 231

  32. Anonymous5:33 am

    Memang benar Warrior 231,

    Masa aku kecik dulu cukup takut dekat depa ni. Bau hamis dan busuk.

    Bila depa pi nak guna jamban bucket kat luak rumah depa, mesti bawa suratkhabar lama 2keping, main calit calit ajer.

    Ada paip kat tepi, tak singgah kut nak cuci tangan!!

    Zaman ni pun, kalo nak bagi anak kencing, main lipat kaki sampai hujung jari kaki cecah batang hidung, pancut.. pahal dalam restoran ada Jamban!! Macam Anjing..

    Pengotok, and this sillygannon claiming to be intelligent and superior?

    Oink oink oink....


  33. Merramass7:28 am

    For abang abang Warrior, Anti whatever , Satd, Sepet....

    That Skilgannon is hiding under the thread of Rais Yatim ....very low traffic .....Let's go there and find him ....

    ps .......wish I could swear elegantly like abang Warrior and Abang Anti whatever class one!! Is there any book that I can buy on this topic?? I mean on how to swear elegantly without tears?