Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tonight, Di Bawah Langit Gaza

Nasi lemak and Poetry. Catch Papa Rock (pic) and Samad Said, among others, in this charity do to raise awareness about Gaza.
TV9, Persatuan Penulis Nasional (Pena) and Yayasan Salam are organising. Sponsors include Kelantan Delights and several nasi lemak vendors, incl the famour Nasi Lemak Tanglin.

Event: Malam Puisi "Di Bawah Langit Gaza"
Date/Time: Feb 1, 8.30 pm
Venue: Rumah Pena, No 734 Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, KL 50470

p.s. The dude who initiated the idea won't be able to make it as he's stuck in Gaza. His latest posting and pictures [here].


  1. Anonymous7:23 am

    Great great we have a charity to raise awareness about Gaza.

    The raise of awareness about Gaza is always incomplete without raising the awareness of not harming the Isrealist because everytime this Arabs love to step on the lion's tail and when the lion start to attack them they cry with women and babies in arm.

    The cycle will follows by people round the world donating money & raising funds which eventually end up in someone's pocket, use to be Arafat & the forty thiefs.

    Actually is very simple if we teach the Palestinian not to step on lion's tail.

  2. Anonymous10:05 am

    salam..saya rasa majoriti umat islam hari ini tidak berpijak di bumi yang nyata..saya tidak mengatakan respon majoriti umat islam (juga bagi semua yang menyokong)terhadap isu israel-palestin adalah sia-sia dan buang masa..namun begitulah setidak-tidaknya..
    nak tahu respon saya..?
    saya buat-buat tidur....
    dan saya betul-betul tertidur....!dan tidur adalah di bumi yang nyata....(huh..keluhan)

  3. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Jumpa di Sana!!

  4. the right approach,

    What Hamas and the Palestinian resistance groups did was an act of desperation. Hamas won't have to fire rockets if there is no blockade. Hamas won't fire rockets if their democratically elected government is respected by Israel. Hamas won't fire rockets if freedom of movement is not restricted. Hamas wont be firing rockets if there is no occupation of Palestinian lands!

    The root cause is occupation. The rest naturally emanates from the occupation and the aggression of Israeli forces.

    Simple as that. But then again easier said than done. There are no Israeli politician bold enough to give back West Bank and Gaza to the Palestinians & withdraw all of its settlers from Palestinian territorries easily.

  5. Anonymous1:31 pm

    It baffles me how we can think about Gaza when there are sufferings abundant in our own country??!!!

    Look at the poor majority all over malaysia. Look at how the elites squander our resources and tax money for themselves.. and here we are trying to raise funds for Gaza! what hypocrisy, such ignorance!

    yes, the people in Gaza are geting killed. yes, innocent women and children are denied their rights to live. BUT tell me if we take away the bullets, is the situation in Malaysia any different??!

    for once, let's fix our country first. let's help our poor & marginalised people first. Then we can be non-hypocrites who genuinely wants to help the Gazans.

  6. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Dear Rock,

    Agree with "the right approach".

    We should do the same here with the non-malays.
    Teach them not to step on the Rimau's tail.
    They keep giving money to their Educationist, but they use it only to molest girls and seek favours from suppliers and get their face punched sometimes.

    Aaah...the cycle continues.


  7. Anonymous1:59 pm


    Have you read Hishamuddin Aun's ass-licking piece on Rosmah in Berita Harian today?

    It looks like he has to get to Rosmah because everyone else hates him.

    Hishamuddin, you desperate sangat ke?

  8. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Woi Hishamuddin Aun,

    Tak malu ke kau sekarang ni jilat j**ur Rosmah?

    Dulu kau yang kata Najib di queen control oleh Rosmah. Dulu kau yang cakap Rosmah yang akan jadi PM dan dia yang akan decide siapa akan jadi GEIC NST, bukan Najib.

    The whole world knows that you have been running down Rosmah and Najib.

    Malu lah sikit, my friend.

    Your time is over lah...

  9. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Actally to me the biggest debacle with regards to national airports was right after services in Subang was moved to KLIA. Immediately after the closure, big rigs moved in and buldozed Terminal 1. What a shame, as I thought the facility was in good condition and can still be utilised. Until today, the site was left idle - Wak Long

  10. Anonymous3:13 pm

    dengaq NST dah unleash a grand witch-hunting type of transfers, betui kah brader?

    Beringin Satu.

  11. Anonymous5:33 pm


    You are very right but try this new approach of teaching the Palestinian and Arabs not to step on Isrealist tail, it will 100% work for the benefit of everyone.

    Because as you say and as what had happen and for so long it failed so you need a new approach.

    We should not repeat who is right or who is wrong, for once start trying this new approach of not stepping on lion's tail and I am sure at the end of the day we will have peace in middle east.

    Atually it was Allah All Mighty to spoke to me in my dream and I am sharing it with everyone.

  12. Anonymous7:04 pm

    hamas were already warned which areas would be attacked BUT BUT BUT
    hamas refused to move the 'kids & mothers' away = so that photos of their enemy's cruelty could be passed round the 'naive & ignorant' sympathisers = malaysians lah! SIGH !
    WAKE UP lah, ok ? tk. ...... PEACE !!

  13. Anonymous7:33 pm

    how did your "....Allah to spoke to you ah " !!?? (heha)

  14. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Anon 7:04

    What a dumb SICKO!

    You think they have the fleets of CAMRY waiting to transport them away in times like this?


  15. Anonymous11:57 pm

    the right approach,

    Can I send some tigers into your house? Careful, don't step on their tail eh!!

    And make sure, dont call the Jabatan Hutan people OK?


  16. Anonymous7:39 am

    What A Country

    You are one selfish heartless sonofabitch. Most typical of a kiasu greedy pig!

  17. Anonymous10:37 am

    Abang, i dengaq the nst pookie, oops Bookie AChai pun sudah mula main kotor sebelum dia di tentang masuk kandang babi. katanya dia 'ditugaskan' dalam operasi dendam terhadap pekerja nst yang tidak sealiran dgn kuncu2 PM, KJ dan Kalimullah. mereka yang kononnya ditindas itu dikatakan terlalu pro-Najib . betul ker ni?
    Ketua Biro Pahang salah seorang dari mereka kot... berani betul si Acai pookie!

    Beringin Satu