Monday, February 02, 2009

Defections and [hail Pak Lah!] more defections

You can check out anytime you like
But you can never leave. - Hotel California
I'm not sure what or how to make out of the circus in Perak.
1. Did the two PKR men quit or were they sacked? [Two PKR Assemblymen in Perak resign]
2. Were they abducted by their political rivals or did they stay away from their pursuing comrades? [Two PKR State assemblymen deny quitting]
3. Are their resignations legal and Constitutional? [Resignations Unconstitutional]

One thing I'm sure about is that those who want Pak Lah to stay on as PM will hail him no matter what. And Pak Lah says there WILL BE defections from PKR. [Pakatan Rakyat reps may join Umno]
So hail Pak Lah, no?
"They want to join because they are confident of Umno's struggle, so we will accept them. When they submit their forms, then we will make an announcement." - [Defection drama in Perak]
If you are suffering from headaches over the defection issue, despair! Because Panadol Actifast dah habis di Ipoh.

Btw, my view on defections is quite simple: it's politician nature. You want to stop defections, you introduce anti-hopping laws. Some says that will stifle democracy but they stifle democracy anyway.
My view on defectors is also simple: they are turncoats. You can't really trust them. But then, who really trust politicians, anyway?
Additional notes: It is different if you are an ordinary member of Umno and decides to quit to join Pakatan or you are a member of PKR and you decide to quit to join BN. That, in my book, is not a defection.
But if you are a Member of Parliament or State Assemblyman of BN and you defect to Pakatan and suddenly you are a PKR MP or Adun, that's something else.


  1. Anonymous11:38 am

    KJ might join PKR afta March bro!


  2. Anonymous11:38 am

    seem like Malaysia now having flip flop decease... BN is using dirty trick..

    Go BN Go...

    Go to hell...

  3. sure put anti hopping law. But be man enough to change the law that prevents an MP that resign from standing again for 5 years. be fair and UMNO now knows that it can happen to it as well unlike those days when people only hop to BN/UMNO does anti hopping is not beneficial to UMNO.

    In fact there are a few laws in this country is not good. Like how so many powers are in one man's hand, the PM and the independence of the judiciary is one. what UMNO doesn't know is that if they lose power, all these powers will go to the new PM. and the new PM will become very powerful. so UMNO, wake up. you are not going to be in power forever thus better to have laws which have check and balance and judiciary that is truly independent. That is the best for the rakyat and the country.

  4. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Harris & Zorro's teapot logic would argue that it is okay for UMNO to defect PR because it help Anwar to be PM ...

    ... but ...

    ... it is wrong for PKR to defect to UMNO because it will deny Anwar his Premiership.

  5. This is the very reason why you shouldn't have Saint Anwar as your leader!!

    Sure, if you were to listen to his claimed of Sainthood and endorsed by his Chief Coolies in RPK, you’ll think his God Gift to Malaysian.

    But in actual fact he was the King of Corruption in UMNO previously… and the list goes on and on and on……

    But look at you guys;

    When Bota defected its Democracy; When the two clowns defected its Evil Plan


  6. Anonymous12:03 pm

    i'm just speechless...
    we're voting them to work for us.and all they care is about their power struggle..
    and after all this, you people still dont realize how hypocrite both pakatan and BN regarding party hoping issue and still idolize this politicians, i dont know what to say la this time...


  7. Anonymous12:10 pm

    People are just sick and tired with UMNO leadership now because UMNO now is not like the real UMNO long time ago. Just TDM said people run away from UMNO not because of good opposition but just merely Pak Lah's ineffectiveness and inefficiency. Now if he started to throw all out UMNO into banana party full of bribery shits, guess what has happened now.......

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Of course they are turncoats after all where whey they from-UMNO.

  9. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Agree they were elected based on their promises and affiliations and should resign if these affiliations change. Your disappointment I read as with politicians without principles, not all politicians. Politicians without principles dominate the scene, more so in the BN and PKR (which is basically of the UMNO mold)and to a lesser extent in DAP and PAS.

    But the latter's devotion to principles is also the problem, because they lose sight of reality.

    Rarely do we get geniuses like Mahathir devoted to both principles and reality. Only a genius can see the reality that gives rise to principles, their validity in changing circumstances, and adapt with innovations.


  10. Anonymous12:25 pm

    ALL our politicians are clowns. Know what? It's their supporters I feel sorry for.
    As I have no political leanings, no ideals, I can sit back and laugh. Hahahaha.
    The Realist

  11. Anonymous12:31 pm

    why pak lah again?

  12. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Anti-dollah ye mu? dia pijak kaki mu ke?

  13. Now we know why they are so hyped and worked hard in getting that BOTA assemblyman into PR. He is INSURANCE, I bet that BOTA fellow didn't know that too.

    Najib says he dosen't know of any defections. DAP ADUN who went missing said no BN folk approached her.

    Did you see the face of Nizar when he made that press conference about his ADUNs might jump to BN..

    And what's with this resignation letter that the Aduns say they did not send. The speaker called a press conference too. Apa ni? PKR Parti Kencing Rakyat ke apa ni?

  14. Anonymous12:38 pm


    As I mentioned in a previous post, the democratic brew in Malaysia has turned rancid and is now slowly poisoning the the governance system which in turn is surely but slowly collapsing into chaos before the public's eyes. Unless something drastic is done, i fear that the rakyat, especially the dsadvantaged, will suffer terminal effects to their present and future well being with the first waves of the global economic tsunami already wrecking havoc with our daily lives and more waves to come creashing ashore.

    Hence i reiterate the immediate need of a military putsch followed by the proscription of political parties, the arrest of corrupt and self serving political charlatans and supporters and the installation of a junta government helmed by a non-partisan technocrat whose sole focus should be on ameliorating the effects of the economic meltdown.

    Anyone harbouring contary views to the ones expressed above is nothing more than a selfish, irresponsible and morally bankrupt scum who enjoys watching his/her country being washed down the gutter.

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous12:44 pm

    and the american claims their president is the most powerful man on earth.


    compare to badawi & najib, bush & obama are just novices.

  16. Anonymous12:44 pm

    what ever had happened, or is happening, or will happen is purely comical and shows how un-mature our people is. and in this case, how un-mature our politicians are.

    i know defection happen everywhere, but the way it happened here is totally kid stuffs and people on the street is not by any means amused or enjoy the watch. atleast that what i personally feeling.

    look at perak.

    I would say, Nizar is the worst of the 5 opposition-lead MBs. Maybe because he is not there by merit; hes the head because of the state's legislation. Khalid and Guan Eng are cunning. Azizan, is just normal. Nik Aziz...whats else we can say?

    These problems 'enjoyed' by us, partly are from the PRU12 results. yes, there are only 8 more for total 2/3 and majority is still majority, they say. but just look now what is happening? will he go back and swallow the words? what we have here is not victory. this is turbuelent and going by the state of maturity of our politicians, this is fast becoming a nerve wrecking typhoon.

    last time, we have one great PM, giving a yes or no for everything. forgive me if i keep going back to the past, but his level of administration was so good that whats happening now, never even occured in minds during his time. his level is the BENCHMARK of a good leadership. some people had called him dictator, but by judging whats happening and the state of thinking of our people, i believe that 'dictatorism' suits us best.

    as for the frogs, i would say, never trust them all. snakes change their skins for a reason, valid reason. but these frogs, change their alliances for their greedy.

  17. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Like what DAP has always asked for, we MUST put in anti-hopping laws. Now.

    But ---> this anti-hopping law MUST also allow the person who steps down to be free to contest again if he wishes so or if his party wishes to field him. We MUST scrap that damn law that Barisan put in that prevents the MP from standing again for 5 years (this law was instituted with a devious political motive).

    Jom, buat undang-undang anti-katak!

  18. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Anti-hoping laws. Race Relation laws. Religion conversion laws. Malaysia must be a pretty sick country. Next we shall need some new laws how many times a Malaysian can have sex in a week.

  19. Anonymous1:20 pm

    burn these mf or line themup against a wall and shoot them

  20. hail hitler!! hail hit-LAH !!!

  21. Anonymous1:37 pm

    The fact of the matter is our Malaysian politicians have NO principles. Never had. The worst lot, no, slightly better than those of Robert Mugabe and the junta in Myanmar.

    Just compare those with Japan. They take responsibilities. They falll on their swords if they failed. Not ours... UMNO/MCA/MIC politicians will not want to lose their perks even it it is obvious they failed their portfolios. And we have PKR politicians like Zulkifli Nordin who gets the votes from mortal human beings in his constituency but believed he joined Parliament to defend the supremacy of Islam and God. And Samy Velu thinks he is Lord Krishna reincarnated to protect the fate of Malaysian Indians. And MCA leaders have not found a good reason why they are still in politics.

    I don't agree with Anti-hopping laws: firstly, it is an indictment of the low-life of our politicians and questions the integrity of people who we chose to elect ie it is a bad reflection of the voters. That is, we voted for spineless and unprincipled MPs and State Assemblymen. Anti-hopping laws reflect the poor judgement of Malaysian voters.

    Secondly, it is a fascist law... undemocratic and selfserving. We must make our politicians accountable morally to the voters and introducing new laws is not an answer to moral issues. Laws are good for thieves and robbers.If they hop, let them be, then it is for the voters in the constituency to judge them in the next election or let those who vote these people in to take the necessary course of action to show their displeasure. Let these spineless politicians show their true colors, and that is for the party and the voters to decide, not by enactment of another legislation.

    We have enough of rubbish laws to add to another one.

    Rocky, I disagree with you on this issue. Your suggestion is too simplistic. You are encouraging UMNO/BN to take the easy road for a difficult problem,

  22. I don't think most including PR say Pak Lah is good. But those who prefer Pak Lah instead of Najib have one common belief;Najib's hands are more tainted that Pak Lah's. That's the reason.

    In Perak's case it's completely nuts for the two guys to come out claiming they signed those undated letters "Under Duress" before election.What they did for last one year? The best option left for now is to dissolve the state assembly paving the way for snap election. Let the voters decide once and for all. Whoever wins the election can rule without disruption.

  23. Anonymous1:45 pm

    How come UMNO so bodoh ? PKR reps have to sign undated resignation forms, and BN reps don't have to sign ? If everyone signs, then there is no need for anti-hopping law.

    By-elections are good for the people. They get new roads, new schools, new sewing machines, angpows, suraus, temples, freehold land....wah, ini macam we should welcome by-elections. Take the goodies and say bye-bye to the BN thieves for using OUR money.


  24. Anonymous1:46 pm


    if an MP defects , the Govt shud call fr local elections.
    otherwise its representation under FALSE pretences.

    RAKYAT kena soal perkara ni. Where is the AMANAH n the integrity ? !!!


  25. ya rocky

    bodoh punya najib

    kenapa dia ikut perancangan ezam.....siap nak buat press conference 2 ekor adun PKR sertai UMNO tapi terpaksa dibatalkan

    bodoh melantun lantun najib ni.......cakap lompat parti tak beretika tetapi dia sendiri yang rancang nak curi adun pkr....

    last2 kantoi adun sendiri yang seberang dulu

    ass hole najib.....buat malu umno jer

  26. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Don't worry, tomorrow they all need to go to meet Sultan Perak.. and hope DYMM Sultan will scold them to behave and act like they supposed to be..

  27. Croak, Croak, Croak
    There goes Pakatan
    All vanquish from their follies
    Will soon the rest follow?
    Will the tide overturns on them?
    Come this March, a victory so won a year ago
    A Tsunami they say
    Will it now return again to reclaim back their victory?
    And bring back the 'blackwater'
    To once again flood BolehLand?
    See 'No silver lining in Tin State for PKR'

  28. Anonymous2:22 pm

    And today, OTK will open the mca dog pound to all.

    Now, everyone can bark!

    Lets the dogs in! wow! wow!

  29. Anonymous2:37 pm


    Jangan kutuk Najib la. Dia kawan Rocky, bah!

  30. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Those stupid assemblymen should be held fully responsible for their action.

    It is shameful.

    The politicians are destructing the country.

  31. Why blame Badawi? Najib is the current head of Perak UMNO and see how fast he moves to unstablize the whole state? This seemed to be his brand of politics.

  32. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Pemimpin2 UMNO terkejut babun bila Nasarudin serta 8 ketua cawangan BOTA keluar parti.

    Karenah Jamaluddin , bekas seorang posmen yang beria-ia sangat mahu dirinya dilantik sebagai MB Perak memang umpama orang yang diberikan betis, mahukan peha pula.Jadi wakil rakyat tu kira baguslah dengan kelulusan yang ada padanya.
    Jamaluddin dan Osman sudah tentu termakan umpan besar yang disediakan oleh Umno/ BN. Kita tidak tahu sebesar mana umpan itu, tapi pastinya tentulah besar.

    Apa ertinya Dollah dan Najib yang konon mahu menghapuskan rasuah dengan menubuhkan SPRM kalau orang yang sedang menghadapi tuduhan rasuah di umpan pula dengan rasuah ?

    Dollah dan Najib boleh menafikan tetapi adakah rakyat yang sedang memerhatikan sandiwara tersebut bodoh bangang seperti mana mereka?

    Khadijah,Pulau Pinang

  33. Anonymous3:26 pm


    Just like watching Tom & Jerry la.

    Malaysian politician - BN and PR doing what they are best at.

    Well guys, Let us the rakyat and voters watch how these clowns actually doing their actual jobs.

    What say you now Anwar and Nijar? Your turn now...

  34. Anonymous3:47 pm

    warrior 231

    i'm not in favor of using military power to settle the political's very dangerous to give the military the taste of i'm alwiz said before power is just like drug.


  35. Anonymous4:07 pm


    Pembulian/pengangguan meluas oleh UMNO terhadap ADUN-ADUN dan MP PKR!

    Widespread harassment of PKR politicians by UMNO!

    Hot! Hot! Hangat! Panasss!

    Sila baca di sini:

    Dan di sini:

  36. Anonymous4:07 pm

    "If you got the money, I got the time"
    Umno has lots, so what is the problem of using money inducement to lure these two whores from PKR. Must be a pretty big figures on the tag. Much, much more than the 'China dolls' are asking.

  37. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Stop blaming Pak Lah alone.

    If there's anyone to blame, it's Anwar Ibrahim.

    He never stopped talking about luring BN MPs to join Pakatan (or rather PKR) from March!

    Now look what he has started!

  38. This is what we call managing success , Pakatan having a very big problem managing their head
    We have MB in his corner manage by his puppet master ( DAP 2 cousin's)
    DAP breaking into 3 factions the causin's , the women's wing and the non chinese
    Adil has Anwar deFacto problem trying to become the grand puppet master
    With the departure of Tajul Rosli the crying boy BN will strengthen their position to gain back Rakyat confident after all every body want 999 yrs land...

  39. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Shame on YOU malaysian politicians.....MUKA tahi tapi lompat Macam Katak...

  40. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Itulah, lepas 50 tahum berkuasa, semua pun dah jadi bodoh sombong!! Rakyat dah buang undi protes pun, dio-rang tak paham-paham lagi. Nak beli katak-katak, nak jugak tumbangkan PR. kan YM Raja Nazrin dah suruh Ngeh/Nizar dapatkan akuan bersumpah taat setia pada MB/PR masa lantik PR jadi state govt tahun lepas?? PR ni dah ada loyalty pledge plus resignation letter kalau tak setia pada parti/PR. So time to cash it lah!

    Anyway, by-elections are always welcome for the rakyat. Dapat banyak habuan besar, contract macam kat KT (cabutan bertuah), road re-serface, new land, new temples, new mosque, duit ang pow, macam-macam lagi.


  41. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Nah, openly PKR started this without shame.. sampai ker Taiwan nuuu, siPoziah pun gedik bawa jala kesana.

    Pastu sesama pula ugut nak lompat sana sini, Gerakan tak seberapa pun nak tunjuk mahal.

    TokNik dak bagi jalan Halal Haram.. Si Karpal tu sekadar mumble ajer, tak suka konon tapi hasilnya NAK..

    Hai, laluan dah diberi, takkan Paklah nak Gentleman lagi, FOLLOW THE TREND lah.


  42. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Agreed 101%. MPs or Aduns who lompat are turncoats, seeking only to fill their deep pockets. We should have laws to charge them for treason. It is incredible that our PM and political leaders are, instead, showering them with praises, gifts and rewards. Turncoats are blights to the society and culture.


  43. Najib Promised RM50m for defections?.... Hmmm...

    Money Money Money.... It;s Not Funny.... It's a politicians World.... Mamakamia!...

  44. Anonymous5:24 pm

    We don't need anti hopping law. All we need is to grow up and be more mature and uphold intergrity. Any new laws introduced will be meaningless if we still practice 3rd world mentality. We have just witnessed how Obama came to power and mature he is and how advanced US democracy is. We are no where. We are still living in the 50s.


  45. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Sorry Bro. Rocky...
    With the latest development in Perak I am betting to my last penny that Pak Lah will stay on post March 2009 and Najib can just forget. The Anwar Ibrahim game plan is to deny Najib any chance of becoming PM sooner. That as simple as that. Not as other ways around.

    - Dicko

  46. Anonymous5:45 pm


    Obama semua tu buat cara belakang. Kan ader CIA, mereka lagi masak dalam hal ini, tak bising2, kalau tidak macam mana Israel boleh begitu canggih?

    Adun yang dua tu nak main aci sembunyi. Duk betapa kat gua, perasap mandi bunga. Itu pun elaun bulanan jalan.

    Sekadar RM50m tak cukup. 20tahun dulu, sikenit pun pernah diberi RM80m! Tanya Anwar, dia dulu Finance M.

    Hai, kaya raya 10generasi..

    Belum sampai 2generasi dah boleh tengok kesan atas nasib anak cucu!!

    Tak berkat.


  47. Anonymous5:45 pm

    The 2 PKR ADUN that was said to be defecting to UMNO are the same ADUN that were charged with bribery (including sexual bribery). In fact one of them did claim to accepting the sexual favours. These are the worst kind of people which caused UMNO to lose their support. And Pak Lah is crowing about their impending defection! But what else can we say about Pak Lah. Apparently, other senior UMNO leaders did not share the same enthusiasm as their number 1 boss.


  48. Anonymous6:17 pm



    Survey yang dibuat Merdeka Centre menunjukkan hanya 41% rakyat Malaysia yang percaya Najib Razak itu mampu menjadi seorang perdana menteri yang baik.

    Apa ni bro?? Tak cecah pun 50%!

    Dah gementar dah ni bro... takut Najib Razak menjadi punca tumbangnya UMNO, bro! Tak boleh bro camni!

    Nak buat camana skrg bro? Apa cadangan bro untuk "menaikkan" persepsi dan kepercayaan rakyat pada Najib Razak?

    Jom tanya pendapat Dr. Mahathir jom, bro?

  49. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Rujukan untuk statistik di atas adalah The Malaysian Insider.

  50. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Satu lagi Rocky bro:

    Pastikan bro blog pasal berita ni ya?

    Jangan tak blog pula!

    Nanti golongan Pakatan Rakyat tuduh kita ni tak adil pulak bro! Susah nanti bro! Cover kita terbongkar nanti bro!

  51. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Politicians are only taking us for a ride.

    Before coming to power, they are nice poeple, shake hands and kiss babies.

    After getting what they want, they become complacent and in short, bull shitters.


  52. Anonymous6:59 pm

    It seems that the political situation in Malaysia is CORRUPT to the core. How we wish MPs are elected by their rakyat to WORK and SERVE the community, NOT concern about how much money they can get, contracts for personal gain. Where is the integrity in all this..we are FUCKED I say...

  53. Anonymous7:04 pm

    These two state assembleyman from PKR is being rumour to jump to UMNO since they were charge with corruption.

    Apparently if they jump to BN, all their problem will disappear. It is not only about money with this two state assemblymen.

    Let's have byelection for these two state seats and choose two new representative.

  54. Anonymous7:19 pm

    so bro ,any chance of pakatan raakyat bloggers changing camps ?


  55. lineup rhese mf against the wall and shoot them, pkr or umno what's the difference??all are piratesnot politicians, we should apply to join the usa, after all flag is same, obama would do a better job

  56. resignation unconstitutional hahaha...please read what prof aziz bari said about this.

  57. Anonymous8:17 pm

    see how a BODY was MURDERED by Bernama and MURDERED AGAIN by NST. bodo ka? nyamaaaaaa

    Beringin Satu

  58. Anonymous8:24 pm

    If we have a general election now BN will lost power for sure and eventually umno will break up into two with one group champion ketuanan Melayu and the other forming another national party together with the skeleton left over by MCA, Gerekan and MIC.

  59. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Now I wonder why BN did not get presigned resignation letters & other paperwork from their reps to be used "in case of emergency"?

    Either way, Perak, or at least the two areas can expect tons of goodies to be flowing in their way... courtesy of BN.

    Najib is trying to make up for his defeat in KT. Anwar's antics just gave him the excuse to do it...

  60. Anonymous8:59 pm

    The trouble here is all because of money. You offer me money I join you haa haa. Just immagine, a post man is now an MP, what a disgrace. Surely he need money and this is nothing surprising. UMNO has the money so this bodoh politician will be lured easily. RM 50 mill, I will defect if offered, why not such good money. Don't you agree?

  61. Anonymous9:19 pm

    PKR= Parti Katak Rojak

    Raja Katak = Anwar Ibrahim (a.k.a "I have the number man")


  62. Anonymous9:53 pm

    BLOGSTOP40 said...
    Najib Promised RM50m for defections?.... Hmmm...

    Money Money Money.... It;s Not Funny.... It's a politicians World.... Mamakamia!...

    5:19 PM

    What's the difference between making a Statutory Declaration and swearing in god's name? Can you retract it as the P.I. Bala who's still missing? Or do you ask god to condemn you if you lie?

  63. Anonymous10:10 pm

    THis is fast (some say already) becoming a MICKEY MOUSE country..who is Daffy Duck?


  64. Anonymous10:35 pm


    Tengok lah betapa korupnya Umno. Sudahlah guna wang beli undi, kuasa pun nak beli. Perjuangan Umno hanyalah wang, wang dan wang.

    Kita malu ada pemimpin macam Najib Razak. Nak tunjuk kononnya bawah dia Umno boleh dapat Perak dengan guna wang untuk beli Adun.

    Tak salah tanggapan kita bahawa Umno bongkak dan korup dari najib sampai ke akar umbi.

    Najib hanya harapan palsu. Belum jadi PM, wang jadi mainan beliau.

  65. Anonymous10:41 pm

    HUH!? What Pak lah has got to do with this? Najib is now in "charge" of Perak.

    Pak Lah is just playing the political survival game well. Najib now in more deep shit..

    Please Rocky..u try to pin the KT loss to Pak Lah and now you try to link Pak Lah with cross overs...sorry man, tak menjadi.

  66. Anonymous11:10 pm

    First, there was the Devil.

    Then, Anwar Ibrahim

    -- anti Dajjal

  67. Anonymous11:22 pm

    sam bangi
    Kata Tun Mahathir kita ada kaki pusing di Msia memang betul tapi rakyat marhen diperbodohkan dengan mudahnya.Apa yang di cakap semua adil dan betul tapi orang lain jahat dan penipu.Kisah ADUN ini memang dirancang oleh kaki pusing ni.Lepas ni kes liwat pula mesti ada event yg interesting lagi dia buat.

  68. Anonymous11:36 pm

    The Sleepy Head should call it a day quickly so that he can sleep all the times in Perth. Malaysia needs a PM that is awake in the day.

    The Sleepy Head wants to stay on after March. God forbids. Stay on just to protect the SIL, son, Tony Fernadez and Kalimullah. Definitely NO! NO! NO!

    Ah Long

  69. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Apa lagi tunggu, masuk Kampung dan berinteraksi la dengan penduduk sementara tunggu pilihanraya baru.

    Rumah pusaka kami kat Bota tu, kosong. Tak usah buang duit tinggal kat hotel, sewa saja kat kami dikampung...

    Tak payah pakai kot, kain pelikat kami supply.

    Makan pun kami boleh sediakan, masak kawah gotong royong..

    Mercedes, BMW, CAMRY semua tak payah bawa. Banyak teksi sapu boleh buat duit angkut Menteri2 ka merata cerok untuk bersalaman disana..

    Duit kempen, gunakan dengan lebih berfaedah bagi kepentingan kawasan tu.. semua orang happy, MESTI pangkah dacing!!


  70. Anonymous11:54 pm


    Answer for Tok Selampit Suka Kepit and BLOGSTOP40...

    BN Offering RM25 Million To Buy Opposition Assemblymen?

  71. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Rocky, in all fairness, I would think you are just pretending to be naive on the current state of ongoing affairs in Perak. You need not have to lower your IQ just for the sake of giving the benefit of the doubt on the parties concerned. In politics especially when we are all aware of the high stakes, you cannot afford nor pretend to play dumb. In any such case, you would not survive in the minefield.

  72. Anwar umpama tupai, tebuk depan belakang, ajak orang lompat dari satu dahan ke satu dahan, tapi akhirnya dia akan tetap terjelepok ke tanah jua...jangan lupa, sumpah Saiful masih berkuatkuasa..

    Strategi anwar dan dolah berjaya memburukkan imej najib dengan teruk tetapi belum tentu yang 'tipu daya' itu boleh menang dengan mudah.

    PAS sedang memerhati !!

  73. Anonymous2:08 am

    With due respect, the overall tenor of the comments here clearly imply that something is rotten in the House of Malaysia. The same feeling prevails in the streets if on strikes up a conversation with the marhaen. People are fed up.

    The 12th elections are over, the results are clear and everyone seemed to have accepted the outcome except some scum. We also had a transition plan outlined after much vacillation. Yet, some people do not seem to be satisfied, accepting and moving on. Thus, we are stuck in a quagmire of our own making as a bunch of immature schoolboys fight for the spoils. The result is endless politicking, devious machinations and immoral chicanery as each side seeem to have conveniently forgotten that they were put there to steer the ship of state away, as best they can, from the rocks of an economic wreckage.

    Many people, I have spoken to are totally disillusioned. They expected more maturity, more constructivism, more assured leadership, more magniminity etc. They yearn for some shelter from these infernal economic climes. The poor, the destitute, the disenfranchised all expect and hope for some succour.Instead, they get some suckers bartering the people's trust to the highest bidder and so-called civil society advocates and democracy warriors out to shag the Constitution and the voters for their own selfish ends.And the ruling regime led by a soporific is no better. So what gives when the basic foundations that underpin a democratic state is all collapsing before our very eyes.

    If one reads history, economic malaise and political decay gave rise to the Hitlers, Mussolinis and Tojos of yesteryears. Fast forward post WW2, the same formulae was repeated in the African states, South America, South korea, Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. All these are sad indictments of the democratic model. Granted some of these states failed in the military experiment, but strongman rule did give stability to Indonesia, Pakistan (under Zia Ul-haQ) and return normalcy to Bangladesh,Brazil,Thailand and propserity to south korea UNTIL the military retreated back to the barracks and them democratic jesters returned to the scene.

    Democracy is essentially a self-aborting model. It cannot survive simply because its inner contradictions are primed to simply overwhelm its core lynchpin once the suitable conditions manifest themselves. Its very existence is dependant on ancillary variables like an educated and informed polity, egalitarian accessibility to information, commonality of purpose and interests and a whole gamut of both mutually supportive and inherently contradictory factors. In fact, the democratic ideal has never been manifested in any nation, even in the so-called enlightened and progressive west.

    Thus is it deemed unwise to call for the abolition of a system that has brought so much misery to mankind. Food for thought, anyone?

    Warrior 231

  74. Anonymous7:22 am

    I don't know what is in the mind of the BN and PR leaders... We are heading towards a recession said to be worst then 1998 and all they are interested in is party hopping!! Please look at the bigger picture you narrow minded t**t. Political instability = economical instability = poorer Malaysians.

    That just shows the mentality of us Malaysians... What a shame!

    Amir "Bun"

  75. Anonymous7:32 am

    it boil down to plain greed!
    the offer i think is about 10mil and they dont even remember who vote them in. I say boycott this type of greedy politician! politik orang melayu! what more can you say!

    Fed up with stupid politican

  76. Penyokong Najib Razak Setia,

    All these report is suspicious since the sources is known to be identified with certain group
    Malaysian Insider closely link with Penang Kali
    Merdeka centre closely link to Pakatan..???

  77. Anonymous7:50 am

    To understand who the real Dr. Mahathir is, see what the late former deputy minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman's son has to say, here.

  78. Anonymous8:47 am

    (heha): UMNO's struggles !!??
    who wants to struggle with u ah ?
    O, got ! ....the gila ones .

  79. Anonymous8:52 am

    (heha) : after the by/buy/bye electons in PP & KT, two more coming SOON in Perak ( take turn lah ) !
    Have fun & ipohkopiputih, satu lagi .
    ( i'm waiting for duit dropping ...
    hehehe !.

  80. Anonymous10:08 am

    Next time round, better screen those politicians first real good.Before they can stand for any position be it an MP or a Assembly lets vet those guys .Furthermore lets have a window period for those hopefuls so that any wrongdoings to be exposed for all to see.Any stains is not acceptable.Only mr.clean is allowed and not those party greedy hoppers.This guys should be strung up a tree to rot.

    Green Hornet

  81. Anonymous10:25 am

    most of the time novice bloggers blog because others blog. after they become famous , like you , self interest & greed comes into play. then the under table begins. then you get stuck into the gamemanship of money ,so the end for you near Mr Rocky ! there is no escape , like Bala you will die soon enough when Anwar takes over

    the constant truth

  82. Anonymous10:44 am

    from : dmh1876

    Think rationally and don’t be clouded by fanatical blind disarray loyalty to a de facto leader. Malaysia is a free country so the wakil rakyat is free to joint any party he wishes and who are we to dictate what he should or should not do (unless we are the one who voted them in).

    Before you all start criticising others look at yourself in the mirror first. one good example is when the Bota MP switch to PKR or when the PR de facto leader is trying to persuade BN MPs to jump ship nobody made a fuss out of it, to me you all are hypocrite of the highest order "cakap tak serupa bikin" and cannot accept especially when others is doing the same thing that you are doing to them.

    If you cannot stand the heat please get out of the kitchen instead of making noise.

    Who say politic is clean, it is the survival of the fittest, it's not how you play the game but who would finally win.

  83. Anonymous11:15 am

    i dont support any political me all politicians are comedians and they cannot be trusted.
    tell me anyone who join politics not for personal gains ...all these goons are after personal greed only.
    what is happening in malaysia is a laughing stock for the the whole world to cannot help but be amazed by these goons acting out their sandiwara.


  84. Anonymous11:48 am

    The unease we feel about this affair is that defections are not real solutions to the problem. Both BN and PKR seem to be bent on it and use money to entice defections, not principles or nobler objectives.

    If consistency of objectives and ideology is the test, then the ones guilty of defection in the first place are the ones who after years of pretense and lip service to Vision 2020, abandoned it after Mahathir's retirement.

    Mahathir's retirement I believe was partly a strategy to help stall the growth of the 'Reform' movement instigated by the CIA and it's blinkered operatives

    With the defections of Badawi and Anwar and their continued allegiance to the profit orientation is the ground for chaos and military coups.

    Such unintended consequences of unwise interventions/alliances has been the norm in history, and Mahathir knew what he was saying when he talked of turbulent times.

    Your unease has a basis. It is sickening. We can only pray that wisdom will prevail.


  85. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Anonymous 11:15 AM said:

    "tell me anyone who join politics not for personal gains ...all these goons are after personal greed only."

    Come on, mate. You can't be serious right? Where did you leave your brain when you woke up this morning... still in the fridge?

    Tunku Abdul Aziz, formerly of Transparency International and former Bank Negara chairman -- did he join DAP recently because he hungry and greedy for "personal gain"?

    Think again, mate.

  86. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Rocky's Best Buddy, Apollo said...

    Anonymous 11:15 AM said:

    "tell me anyone who join politics not for personal gains ...all these goons are after personal greed only."

    Come on, mate. You can't be serious right? Where did you leave your brain when you woke up this morning... still in the fridge?

    Tunku Abdul Aziz, formerly of Transparency International and former Bank Negara chairman -- did he join DAP recently because he hungry and greedy for "personal gain"?

    Think again, mate.

    12:27 PM

    Jawapannye ..... YESSSSS!

    -tukang perati

  87. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Anonymous said...

    most of the time novice bloggers blog because others blog. after they become famous , like you , self interest & greed comes into play. then the under table begins. then you get stuck into the gamemanship of money ,so the end for you near Mr Rocky ! there is no escape , like Bala you will die soon enough when Anwar takes over

    the constant truth

    10:25 AM


    Tak best ler sandiwara kamu tu. Ending cerita tu Rocky yang mati dulu pulak, kenapa tak Anwar mati dulu?

    Kan lebih klimaks lagi kalau Anwar The Saint tu mati dulu - macam jadi martyr ke?

    Aku rasa kamu elok tukar sikit plot cerita tu. Dan tajuknye sekali sebagai:


    -tukang perati

  88. Anonymous1:40 pm

    I demand and proclaim PARLEY.


    Please lead this call for parley, we must not waste any more time. I'd hate to see Malaysia becomes like Philippines.
    I'd hate to send my Uni grad nieces to be somebody's maid in another country.

  89. Anonymous2:45 pm


    Check this out....

    The arrest and questioning of UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Norza Zakaria by the newly set-up Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC)has sent shockwaves throughout the entire party, as it prepares for the most important and closely fought party elections in decades.
    Norza and over ten other delegates from Pahang were picked up by MACC officers armed with recorded conversations and printed receipts from meals paid in for during various meetings between Norza – and his agents – with delegates, in Kuala Terengganu during the recent by-election, to Temerloh where cold hard cash was allegedly exchanged.
    I will leave the debate about whether simply paying for meals should be considered ‘money politics’ – it is worth remembering that corporate individuals often treat clients to lunches and dinners – for another day. But the burning question now is why Norza and who is behind the whole headhunt; it is an open secret that practically everyone involved in the contests spend a fair sum of money for campaigning purposes, and certain individuals spend far more than average, with the purpose of buying votes and causing the effect of ’spoiling the market’. Norza is not one of those individuals.
    Even before the blame game started, there would have been no surprises as to who would be blamed – Khairy Jamaluddin and the Prime Minister Pak Lah. On the ground, a preposterous story about how Pak Lah and KJ purposely set Norza and the delegates from Pahang to be caught in the state of incoming Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib has already been spread by agents of parties unfriendly to Pak Lah and KJ. The story goes, Pak Lah is trying to position himself to stay on past March and
    this is just the beginning of an elaborate strategy to undermine Najib.
    What these individuals conveniently left out of the story is that Norza is a close associate of Pak Lah, and especially KJ. Much of the anti-KJ sentiment began when he was accused of having assisted Norza in clinching government projects worth millions. KJ has never admitted to actively helping Norza to secure such deals, but the general public knows of their close association that goes back to the days before KJ won the Deputy UMNO Youth Head post uncontested. So whilst the anti-KJ bunch so readily tried to paint KJ and Norza as being the closest of cronies, they are now blaming KJ for framing Norza. Clearly their story does not stand the test of logic and transitivity.
    If one were to closely study the facts of the matter, a general picture emerges that places rivals of both Pak Lah and KJ -– with Tun Dr. Mahathir, Datuk Mukhriz and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as heads – as the masterminds behind this campaign to disqualify KJ/PL associates. It especially significant that Norza was ‘chosen’, since he has no government position nor a member of the legislature – there is little widespread political fallout beyond the effect on KJ and PL.
    Shockingly, this extreme interference is rampant even within the UMNO Disciplinary Board, that although headed by Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen – a man with impeccable integrity – is now being hijacked by former Kuala Pilah Division Head and Muhyiddin associate, Tan Sri Abu Zahar Andika Ujang who handles all money politics cases, at times even before files reach Rithaudeen’s table.
    What evidence do I have to say that Abu Zahar is part of this Mahathir-Mukhriz-Muhyiddin team? First of all, is also the Chairman of Mubarak, the body of former elected representatives that in September openly called for Pak Lah to speed up the transition process (this was before it eventually happened). Secondly, he is the Chairman of Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang, a post handed to him by Muhyiddin when the latter was Minister of Agriculture. Rewind just a few days ago, Abu Zahar was the man who appeared in newspapers suggesting that there be ‘compromise’ in the contest of Deputy President – essentially putting pressure on Datuk Seri Ali Rustam and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib to withdraw so that Muhyiddin can be Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister uncontested. How can a man like this to be expected to be impartial?
    The wolves are lining up outside the door or Pak Lah and KJ. Even disqualifications of candidates due to money politics are being blamed on them. In truth, all the evidence in the world show that the real culprits only want three things: 1) Pak Lah to be humiliated. 2) Muhyiddin to win as Deputy President. 3) Mukhriz to win as Youth Head. And they will use all tools at their disposal to ensure the three targets are achieved, including concocting cases and framing candidates to ensure that Mukhriz and Muhyiddin win their respective contests ‘free’. Najib, on this matter, is quite powerless since these are the individuals who ‘installed’ him as Prime Minister-in waiting to begin with. You’ve got to ask, who’s the one selling the party now? KJ?

  90. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Warrior 231

    This seems to be the only 'calm' comment you ever posted. You suggest an abolition of democracy -to be replaced with what? Communism? Dictatorship? Are you on meds !!!!

  91. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Sorry - this is a repost.

    Warrior 231 (2.08 am)

    This is your 'calmest' comment so far. You seem to suggest an abolition of democracy - to be replaced with what? Communism? Dictatorship? Are you on meds !!!

  92. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Malaysia Boleh, betul betul boleh!

    Personally politicians are a bunch of twisters, on a spool that never ends.

    But I would rather trust a devil I know than one I don't.


  93. Anonymous4:16 pm


    Those that defect from PKR to UMNO are for one reason and that is money. Why? Because there isn't any hope at all for the defected YB to stand for election under UMNO. No hope, 100% lost.

    But if a YB from UMNO defect to PKR he will have even better chance to get elected under PKR in the next election, he will get even high % of votes.

    So use your brain before you decide if you want to jump ship, do not fool the people.

  94. Anonymous6:23 am

    PR should call a state election for obvious reason;

    1. PR will win by landslide.

    2. Give Perak extra $$$ to boost up the economy during this hard time.

  95. Anonymous8:31 am

    I supported the Opposition in March 08. Of late, it is obvious that the country cannot be handed over to inexperienced people that has grown arrogant and egoistical from a few months of having power.
    Yes, the power of power!

    Till today NOTHING! NOTHING! that the states of Perak, Penang, Selangor and Kedah has done that put them one notch higher than BN. Definitely pot calling kettle black. Their bickerings are so childish, their arguments have no intellectual basis and sadly we are the same as we were before the March 08 elections. Our ways are no better, the racial tensions are worst. Were there any lessons learned? Guess MPs never need to learn.

    Sadly we need a change for the better but we know post March 08 that even PKR or DAP cannot give us that Positive change!!

  96. Anonymous11:21 am

    Update from latest drama in the court room. Pak Lah now sure a happy old man.

    Sirul: I am the scapegoat

    Murder accused Sirul Azhar Umar, 37, told the Shah Alam High Court today that he had been made a scapegoat in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    - Dicko