Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's lying now?

Sime Darby told Bursa on Jan 5 that the Government had given it the go-ahead on the RM1.6 billion Labu low-cost carrier terminal.

Today, Jan 23, Najib Abdul Razak, the DPM and MoF, said "the government has yet to decide" on the airport project.

Sime Darby Watch is asking if Sime Darby had lied to the Bursa. Butwhat if it had told the Bursa the truth ....?

Read the breaking story h e r e and Bernama's story quoting Najib below:-

General January 23, 2009 15:01 PM
Najib: No Decision Yet On New LCCT In Labu

PETALING JAYA, Jan 23 (Bernama) -- The government has yet to decide on low-cost carrier AirAsia's proposal to shift KL International Airport's (KLIA) low- cost carrier terminal (LCCT) to Labu in Negeri Sembilan, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today.

"We are looking at it but have yet to make any decision. I cannot pre-empt the decision by making an announcement," he said.

He was speaking to reporters after witnessing the handing over of the Bombardier CL415 amphibious aircraft to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang today.

Najib said the government was studying the Labu LCCT proposal to see "if we can go ahead or we need to make a different arrangement."

To be called KLIA-East @ Labu, the proposed new low-cost carrier terminal is expected to sustain AirAsia's exponential growth as opposed to the LCCT at the KLIA from where it is operating now.

AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes earlier this month said that the country's premier low-cost carrier would go bust if it sticks to the KLIA LCCT, as it would be unable to handle passenger growth a few years from now.

The new LCCT, to cost RM1.6 billion on a 2,800-hectare site, would be built under the private financing initiative by conglomerate Sime Darby Berhad and the budget airline.

If the government gives the green light for the project, the new LCCT is expected to be ready by March 2011.



  1. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Who cares? they did that everyday..

  2. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Sime Darby and Air Asia must be investigated for making false reporting to KLSE. This is a fraud.

  3. Anonymous10:51 pm

    These days people lie so much they can no longer separate fact from fiction.

  4. I can't imagine Sime Darby making an announcement without a clear go ahead or lying to the KLSE.

    Najib will claim he was misquoted or quoted out of context. Then Bernama will apologise and print a retraction.

    This is a normal screw up in the UMNO/BN Govt.

  5. Since both company part of GLC Najib have to discipline the CEOs and fire them..

  6. Anonymous12:25 am

    why is everybody jumping the gun? Najib has lied through his teeth many times. He said he never met Altantuya , never met Saiful ...
    Now he says the govmen is studying the arrangement. What other arrangement? Has the Negeri state said anything in this issue ? why are ther silent ?

    how dare Tony or Sime darby announce to Security Com or KLSE without any confirmation from the authorities ?

  7. Anonymous12:58 am

    Hey Rocky

    Who knows. Even Cabinet decisions can be revoked on whim by one man, eg Crooked Bridge....that allegedly Pak Lah was lelonging to everyone while Dr M was in Cabinet....
    Play by ear, you know.....

  8. He who tell lies will always lie.
    Yes...who cares.
    When the facts are announced and not good for can bet...street demonstration...on the way...with out without permits.

  9. Anonymous1:14 am

    Entah la belalang. They are saying why bother...they are not using public funds. It is private project.macam kita ni bodo....besides the maintenance cost, air traffic contrller etc, the construction cost itself will be past to @ least Air Asia customers. Perluke??? Sedangkan KLIA sekarang lengang aje. Cant we make use of existing ( excess) infrastucture. Entahla rakyat selalu dianggap bodo saja. Itu pasal rakyat sentiasa pandang serong kat kerajaan. Takkan nak tunggu pilinraya baru cakap nak berubah tapi rakyat tak nampak perubahan pon. Nak tengok pulak masa March nanti karektur macam mana yang akan dipilih oleh UMNO members. harapnya bukan pencuri yang berteriak mintak tolong " Pencuri!!! Pencuri!!!" tapi yang sebenarnya dialah sipencuri. ( money politics). I feel very2 sad and tired thinking n seeing this.

  10. Well said,

    Malaysia is full of lies!!

  11. Anonymous2:26 am

    Yes, making false announcements to the KLSE is fraud on the part of Sime Darby and Air Asia unless they have documentary proof.

    The SC should fine and mandate a jail term for the CEOs of the respective corporations since fraud is a serious offence.

  12. Anonymous5:32 am

    This is the time for honest Malaysians to make a stand against anti-national elements who are out to sabotage Tony Fernandez. This is the time to stand up and be counted. These enemies of the nation have demonised Tony for too long. We stand by Tony in the fight against lies, bigotry, racism, idiocy, stupidity. Tony, we will crush these bastards. We will let these miscreants see stars on high noon.

  13. Anonymous7:20 am

    Transport Minister also said it was approved. So who is lying? Can Najib be trsted absolutely?

    Zubir and Tony may want the new LLCT real bad, but without the "consent" and "promise" of key people like Trspt Minister and DPM, do anyone really thinks Sime Darby will make the announcement.

    Rocky,Don't let your dislike for Sime Darby blind your investigative journalism. Are Tony and Zubir the only beneficiaries?

  14. Anonymous8:27 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Things like this matters to us rakyat and voters. Lately why so many people and inviduals announce somethings ahead of the government and ministers. The guy in Sime Darby (don't feel like to write his name) runs SD as if its belong to his father and forget that I have share in SD through my investment in Permodalan Nasional Berhad I hope Najib will "shoot down" these people or else everything will be history in the 13th General Election.

    Rosli Dhoby

  15. Anonymous9:01 am

    Yes,even NONSENSE also got limit.
    ACTION MUST BE TAKEN !!! .. or more rakyat at will be pissed off and will reveal more nonsense.

    I am pissed.

  16. Anonymous9:37 am

    Another day, another lie. So what's the big deal? That's the BN government for you.


  17. Anonymous11:01 am

    This is all in KJ's plan and on going conspiracy. What ever happens yu can never point it back to him. All I do is pray for Malaysian in malaysia to be prepared for a the worst decision ever if KJ is ever elected into office and not get rid off. He will be worst than America voting bush for he has no soul.

  18. Anonymous11:27 am

    Rata2 pembesar dari kalangan koporat maupun parti politik telah acap kali berbohong. Apa tidaknya jika kita semua dipimpin oleh seorang pembohong.

    Harap2 lepas Mac ni semua kisah misah kaki pembohong, kaki bodek, kaki temberang dan semua kaki2 berunsur negatif di Malaysia ni dapat dinyahkan terus.

    Sistem telus dan pertanggung jawaban harus dan wajib diketengahkan oleh kerajaan BN pimpinan DSN jika mau lihat BN kekal memerintah.


  19. Anonymous11:30 am

    What truth are you talking about ???? Nowadays nobody cares about the truth. Even the outgoing PM is known for telling pack of lies.
    I support Cheng Ho's suggestion. If Najib is to show that he is a PM material, he should sack Sime's CEO and also terminate the insane RM250,000/month Fox Media pr service ... Wali Kota

  20. The dissemination of flawed info is definitely a NO NO. The capital market regulators must be seen to be serious in pinning down the liars, whoever they may be, unless they have no qualm being perceived as "regulators with no bite".

  21. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Who cares whether a new LCCT is built or not. This looks more like a war between ex Sime Darby (GH, Guthrie) and current management. It is more personal interest and ego and most of the people in Sime Darby watch dont give a shit about public interest.
    Why is there no protest when the first LCCT is built. It doesnt make sense to invest hundreds of millions to find that it cannot cater for the public needs after a few years when there is an enormous overcapacity in KLIA. Any half competent manager knows that using excess capacity to meet demand is the best way to improve capacity. The rakyat should demand that the sacking of management of MAHB and Ministry of Transport. Anyway MOT couldnt care less. Their main interest now is tieing up passengers in the back seat/ another airport is not their concern


  22. Anonymous10:26 pm

    hahahahaha....guess who has the last laugh now??? see...tony wins either way. the govt can either give him the labu lcct or now he'll get a better deal from MAB for the lcct terminal, with the direction of the govt. both ways, he still wins. and we were all (including the govt) taken for a ride.

  23. Anonymous2:42 pm

    the singapore business times newspaper reported that tony fernandes has managed to arrange a meeting with tun dr mahathir to explain the rationale for the proposed lcct at labu.

    if the report is correct, and tun dr mahathir has agreed to meet with tony, the discussion between the two should be very interesting!

    also interesting is the reported claim by malaysia airports that building a new lcct at klia will be expensive because the land earmarked for the terminal is "peaty" and will need extensive preparation work before piling works can commence.

    just a thought - weren't comprehensive soil surveys carried out before deciding on the sepang site for klia? is the whole of the existing klia built on peaty land? if yes, how much has this added to the construction cost of klia and the existing lcct?

    it seems to me that there are a lot of unanswered questions as to why the govt decided to site klia at sepang instead of considering other possible locations.

  24. Anonymous7:15 pm

    who's lying now? Rocky or Haris' informant who would stake his life on it?

    -reveal lies-

  25. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I am sure those who are regular on SDW have read the comments written by Tun Dr M on this controversial KLIA@EAST. If "those guys" still continue with this project,then it is a clear indication that "NOBODY"
    cares for the ordinary rakyat.

    This reminds me of a legend about "Singapura dilanggar todak." It was about a young boy who tried to save Singapore but in the end he was chained and thrown into the sea because he was perceived to be a threat to the leadership.Only after the boy's death,people realised the boy was right and only trying to save Singapore but of course it was too late.

    Life is about the same today.If you give advice and you are NOBODY,
    sorry mate,nobody hears you. When you give a sound advice, you are considered a threat or a thorn in the flesh if you happen to be in the same organisation.

    Leaders,whether they are corporate leaders or otherwise should at least try to listen to the rumbling on the ground. 20-30 years ago,ordinary kampong people took pride to see a rich man in their village. But today, people will start asking how a person after driving a bone shaker can own a mansion and a fleet of luxury cars.This shows time has changed.Dont forget,today,even an ordinary peon (office boy) is reasonably educated.

    Look at TM which is a GLC.They sold Rebong below the cost price and today they are renting the building.Does this make sense?????
    As ordinary citizens,what can we do???? This is really sad,very sad indeed. Further to that, not just the Rebong building, the sale of assets include Wisma Telekom, Jalan Tandang, Menara Celcom etc.. What is this??? I'm sure soon the twin Annexes will be next. Wake up la Malaysians!!!

    CEOs of GLCs should not be government appointees. They should come from the ranks because normally they have a better sense of belonging. By this also, shareholders can throw them out without government interference.

    January 27, 2009 7:41PM

  26. Anonymous1:40 pm

    its privately funded without any help or financing from govt or taxpayers so what is the big deal? firefly flies out of subang and its a crap service. Maybe shld just give subang to air Asia. Easy for everyone to fly out.

  27. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Dear James,

    The issue here is not about private funding or government funding. Please read through the comments at Sime Darby Watch and probably you will get a clearer picture why there are objections to this project. As for me any development which will benefit the country should be supported though no matter how good it is,there will be 'some' opposition which is normal.

    Consider the following:-
    1.The area earmarked for the LCCT expansion is ona PNB Estate (GLC)which directly or indirectly involves government and tax payer's fund.
    2.Why should we sacrifice (lose)one good "FOOD" estate (palm oil) when there is more than ample space at around KLIA belonging to MAB.
    3.Why cant the expansion be done at KLIA itself by adding more runaways because as everybody knows,KLIA is grossly under uitilised.KLIA was funded by the government and tax payers.
    4.Expansion at LABU will create environmental problem (pollution) and safety risks,not just the LABU residents but airline passengers as well.
    5.How many times in year that we see planes lining up to take off at KLIA? This again shows that KLIA is under utilised. If charges are too high for AA,negotiation is always open. Any increase in volume will contribute better financial targets.
    I am not trying to touch on religion but only trying to understand the essence of it,the moral behind it.


  28. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I am glad that the KLIA@EAST has been grounded by the government as highlighted in the STAR today.I just hope that 'NOBODY' will revoke this decision.However,I do not understand why there is a need to go into further details and to consider other options...if it is grounded...its grounded...period.

    MAHB and AIRASIA (AA)should now focus on the following:-

    1.Negotiate the billing mechanism
    (charges) so that both MAHB and AA end up with a win win situation.

    2.Fully utilise KLIA and if so needed,build additional runaways to cope with the projected additional aircrafts of AA.

    3.Sime Darby should take over the management of MAHB plantations without delay.The other option for Sime Darby is to buy over MAAH or at the very least organise an executive swop.