Thursday, January 15, 2009

Labu a Rakyat's Terminal?

How to KeLABUkan Mata Rakyat. Whoever came up with the idea of calling Labu LCCT "Terminal Rakyat" must have been inspired by the success of Pakatan Rakyat, the loose coalition that wrested 5 states from the Barisan Nasional and denied it a two-thirds majority in Parliament last March.

I don't think it's Tony Fernandes' idea [he campaigned for Shahrizat Jalil in Lembah Pantai in March, remember?].

But he is the Air Asia boss and he should put a stop to this attempt to use the Rakyat's name in vain. Pakatan Rakyat may claim to represent millions of voters but the RM1.6 billion LCCT Labu project represents the interest of only a handful.

Whoever came up with the Terminal Rakyat campaign needs to think of more credible arguments, too. For example, saying that Air Asia needs Labu because the current LCCT is not large enough for its 100 aircraft is a joke! We are talking about an airport, NOT a PARKING LOT! Air Asia does not need an airport that can accomodate its 100 planes unless it plans to ground all of them at once!
Latest!: Pls read Heathrow gets third runway and 6th terminal; it's all about expansion, not building a new airport so that Sime Darby can have a construction project and some people in Negri Sembilan can sell off their land (that's what I heard, because Sime's land is not sufficient for the proposed airport construction).

Sime Darby Watch
has Can it be more obscene than this?
And why does the Transport Minister seem unhappy? Read OpEd's Airport Labulabi

Below is the "Terminal Rakyat" campaign launched by Tony at Air Asia's website to counter the opposition against the LCCT Labu, or go to the site here.
Tony's Address

Greetings to all netizens, bloggers, curious people, Malaysians and generally the world! The issue of KLIA-East has become fodder for discussion in several forums online and elsewhere.

We at AirAsia have been following the debate closely. It’s clear that there are a variety of opinions and I thought it be helpful to address some of these concerns on our own web site.

We are grateful that no matter what their views, everyone agrees that AirAsia urgently needs a new low-cost terminal given its exponential growth. Many, if not all, of you know firsthand what it’s like using the current LCCT, how cramped and uncomfortable it is. We at AirAsia share your pain but here’s little we can do since the LCCT is operated not by us but by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. We are also deeply worried that given the number of aircraft we have ordered – two new planes arrive every month now --- AirAsia and AirAsia X will soon have no room to park the aircraft or gates to operate them from. The new terminal is a matter of life-or-death for us.

We aim to be your first stop in gathering the facts on KLIA-East, a one-stop info centre that dispels the rumours, corrects misconceptions and provides the context. So drop by frequently as we will be providing frequent updates all the time.

On this site, we promise to be as forthcoming as possible on the queries that you have on the KLIA-East project. You will find a forum where we address your concerns directly and provide detailed information.



  1. Anonymous10:41 am

    If the Labu airport is built, how will it effect the planned expansion of KLIA when traffic increases in the future? Or will it be another KLIA airport east of Labu?


  2. Anonymous10:42 am

    Dear Tony,

    Did you think about all these matters (congestion at existing LCCT, etc) when you bought AirAsia at RM2 a couple of years ago? How much more do you expect to stretch your limited financial resources? How much more public fund you are about to call (if not, where else could you find the financial resources)and how long would you take to retire your existing debts to finance the aircrafts bought and ordered? And some more taking AirAsia private within a short span of time after going public.

    Please abort your plan now and if not, we will call for an all out war against you. Remember, we Malaysians are stakeholders of the nation's economy and for sure we will not easily let the economy to crumble just because of a greedy man.

    Nettizens, remember the Pan El fiasco in the 80's? It the work of a greedy man too.. and never ever let this greedy man crush our economy. Lets learn something from the not so far history.

    Zaib the angry man
    A stakeholder of Malaysia's economy

  3. slm bro,

    we should even stop calling it klia east. its not part of klia expansion.

  4. The REAL ISSUE here is that there is factionalism within UMNO.
    One faction which controls MAHB does not like AirAsia and sees them as an upstart Non-Malay company. So Airasia is given hell and shoddy service. Airasia cannot do anything as long as MAHB monopolises airports in country and is not run professionally. So Airasia hits back by going it alone in Labu.

    Unfortunately for Airasia, this other plan of going it alone in Labu hits a snag in that it smacks of cronyism (which it is). So Airasia is now caught between the rock and a hard place.

    My sympathies are with Airasia and I believe the only way out is a Ministry of Transport taking an active hand to mediate between Airasia and MAHB, with the Minister having the clout to get things done, not just paying lipservice to rakyat and bowing to UMNO warlords behind the scenes.

  5. Anonymous11:06 am

    I use the LCCT often and I must say that the management of the LCCT by MAB is terrible. The new arrival hall is not properly designed nor built. If this is the skill of MAB, I think Air asia should be given the opportunity to do their won thing. The guys at MAB obviously feel that they have the monopoly for such rights.


  6. Anonymous11:12 am

    The Govt. should be transparent on this matter in view of the huge public interest and particularly the safety aspect of the proposal which sites two airports so close together. It is not a matter of money but human lives are at stake here. Is the Govt. prepared to come right out and say that it has done all the investigations and guarantee that it is safe to site the new airport so near? And is it prepared to guarantee that they will take full responsibility if any mishaps occurs that caused the loss of any human lives? Nothing in this world can compensate for any loss of human lives but short of this, are those responsible for promoting and approving this project prepared to swear in blood to sacrifice their own lives if a trajedy occurs?


  7. Anonymous11:15 am

    Rocky, can someone please explain why can't we use KLIA and expand it? It is a technically? An issue of resource? or just MAHB's ego?

    Right now, KLIA is underutilised. And from the looks of it, it will be for a long time coming.

    Why can't we just let AirAsia use KLIA? Why a special airport just for them?

    Low cost carriers fly into Changi, Hong Kong International, Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney and others. Blime me! Someone else might be able to tell me, but I don't know of another LCC airport.

    Why do we always have to spend more, and less efficiently than others?

  8. Anonymous11:18 am


    a few weeks ago tony said the main reason to build LABU is because MAHB is charging a high rate to AA ( whereby KLIA is one of the cheapest in the region - what more the LCCT ).

    Today he's saying LCCT is not big enough to park his aircraft. If you take a look at KLIA / LCCT via google earth, you'l see ample lot's of space to park AA/ MAs aircraft at one time. Unless if Tony needs a covered parking for his aircraft.

    If the LCCT is too cramped, MAHB have ample space to expand it. Afterall MAHB have masterplan for KLIA.

    Cakap belit belit la dia ni. Just like his boss. Terminal rakyat kunun...

  9. Anonymous11:32 am


    The only reason why Tony and his proxy should call LABU as TERMINAL RAKYAT is because they are using DUIT RAKYAT to build it.

    Who said Sime Darby's money belong to Zubir and the share holder.

    The facts SD is a GLC which belong to the GOVERNMENT / RAKYAT .

    So don't you feel guilty Tony for using DUIT RAKYAT to build TERMINAL RAKYAT ?

    Or your proxy actually don't have any feeling TOWARD RAKYAT at all..

    PS. I'm not surprise if SCOMI will built the RAIL RAKYAT to LABU next.

  10. Anonymous11:35 am

    Tony is always trying to hoodwink us as if we are stupid.
    Who at the end of the Day pays for the project?

    He is charging low fares but is not paying airport facilities charges and other loopholes, which in the end the tax payers are funding his biz concerns; i.e. we are subsidizing the 'low fares'.
    Just coz, Umno big wigs are given shares in Air Asia so they cover them, it gets away with no payments
    Get real - LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN BIZ THE Genuine way as everyone does.

    Real Bizman

  11. Hi Ramli...sorry, Rocky,

    Can you tell this to Tony? Need his help lah. My company is not as big as Air Asia lah but my staff needs a parking lot too to park their kancil and kelisa. Can get help from Sime Darby ah? I'll call it Rakyat's Parking Lot lah (but of couse no rakyat is suppose to park there lah).

    I can also change my name to Tony, campaign for sharizak, belit-belit my tongue...whatever it takes lah. Can ah?

    My driveway is small too but that one later lah...

  12. Anonymous11:41 am

    Catwoman says,A RM 1.6 Billion project to cater to the needs and profitability of ONE Budget Airline??
    Air Asia's parking problem should be sorted out at their expense unless they are willing to reimburse the cost of the Terminal from their profits.
    I cannot see Ryan Air or BMI or any other budget airline in the world getting away with such shenanigan.
    Do not use the word Rakyat in vain - to legitimise the opportunism behind this project. Call a spade a spade. You can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.
    I thought that such deceitful improbity is the monopoly of the Barisan.
    Heaven help this country.

  13. Anonymous11:43 am

    can just ask Najib to flipflop this decision when he became next PM? If dollah can, why can't najib?

    Dollah cancel the jambatan, najib also can cancel the terminal what?

  14. Anonymous11:47 am

    Tony should not waste time trying to justify the Labu project, he should instead apply for the job to run MAHB is he is really good.

    What stupid idea is it to build Labu to park Air Aisa aircrafts? Senile ah?

  15. Anonymous11:59 am

    I think we have overlook an important note in this whole debacle which most of use agree could be true. Knowing how government connected entities work, Shouldn't we place part of the blame on Malaysia airport bhd for this whole thing? After all They are losing a major source of income. Shouldn't they be buttering up with Airsia on this? If you run a business and you overcharge your customer and provide dismay service, you can expect your customer to leave your shop.

    And Please do not tell me Malaysia airport berhad is making $$$$.

  16. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Rocky, kenyataan menteri pengangkutan cukup BODOH didalam media elektronik! Adakah kelulusan diluar bidang kuasa kementerian!! Kalau begitu, mana-mana syarikat boleh mendirikan airport tanpa kelulusan kementerian!!! Diktaktorship presiden MCA yang baru!!!

    zamri, ex-mca

  17. Anonymous12:06 pm


    you should re-develop KLIA perhaps enlarge the airport to suit the need of Air Asia. I do not see any predicament to use the large area of sepang that are still covered by undergrowth and palm oil trees.. so much can be done with KLIA to suit the need of Air Asia, Air AsiaX, or even the Emirates...

    why give stupid reasons for stupid programme?


  18. I am sorry Tony,

    Even though I respect you as one of the brilliant CEO, but to continue building this is really not viable.

    let's fight up until March so that this project will be called off once Pak Dol step down n KJ kick out. This project is the sweet for KJ youth election.

    To uncle Tony, dont order to0 much of planes. Get few for AA-X and see how much profit you can generate from that. After your profit n cash are in blue, then you can start to order few planes. I am afraid that if you have 100 planes but those plane are underutilized and im not sure who will backup (gomen i think) if your co. become red.
    Look at business perspective...

    Your part time student..

  19. Anonymous12:12 pm


    Can somebody check the numbers from the AA website. 50 million a year? I see 30 million?

    All the numbers seems wrong. Not enough gates? And isn't some of the 100 planes will be deployed in thailand and indonesia?


  20. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Kat Puduraya sana ada satu Plaza Rakyat. Why not develop that one first...

  21. Anonymous12:16 pm

    i think Tony thinks MAHB is crap, wouldn't it be cheaper for AA/Sime Darby to buy over MAHB?


  22. Anonymous12:21 pm

    One fucking indian that keep asking for more & more...

    No place to park, go park your fucking planes in changi!

    Blardy thamby talking with forked tongue.

  23. Anonymous12:23 pm


    I wonder when a small fire that broke out last week at LCCT happen at the same time as Tony was pushing his LABU to the public.

    Is it a fire drill to show to the Malaysian that how cramped is LCCT and he need RM1.7B to solve this problem...

    I believe MAHB with the experience of building and running KLIA knows better when designing LCCT.

    Tony, tell your boss we Malaysian are not buying it.

    BTW, your inside informer told that beside LABU, you have look into places near Tanjung Malim and Kuala Langat ( SD estate ) but unfortunately Selangor now belong to PR.

    Let's party as usual bro

  24. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Just doesn't make sense when AA is claiming 'everyone agrees we need a new airport'. Has a survey been done Tony? What if the poll says it's a ridiculous project? If AA wants to be forthcoming, tell us the reasons why KLIA cannot be used. Why Subang cannot be used? Why can't we expand KLIA? The explanations on AA's website are ludicrous, AA might require 60 gates in the future but KLIA has only 55 gates. duh! This is not forthcoming at all, and please change the 'Justification' to 'Nonsense'. It does make a difference if every single damn thing is revealed to the public as to WHY this must take place. Of course if that happens, public will only see dirty laundry. The point is how many more white elephants the 'government' intends to create. Malaysia Tentu Boleh.


  25. Anonymous12:47 pm


    Go stick it up to anyone you feel you should, even yourself is ok..

    Msia being a small country wanna have so many airports for wat ?? That logic itself is also beyond comprehension..

    Countries bigger than Malaysia also has lesser airports and yet they can fly more planes and passengers than us!

    This is not call thinking big but this is called thinking big stupid!

    You definitely giving us the Indian runaround..

  26. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Reporter (R) : Has Airasia ever met any of its own profit targest as outlined in its prospectus for its initial public offer exercise?

    Tony : No, but hey wants you get listed, get minority shareholders money...who cares about prospectus and all that jazz.

    R: Why is the Labi airport now the Rakyat airport?

    Tony: Well coz if it fails, we can always blame it on Pakatan Rakyat...after all they just FOUR seats short of capturing N9.

    R:Why is Labi important to Airasia?

    Tony : Before I start, let me say Saludo Rakyat. Now everybody can have their own airport. Labi is important to Airasia because other airlines feel more comfy flying into an airport owned by a rival airline.

    R: Can you give examples of airlines owning airports?

    Tony : Yes, I can.Bangkok Airways Co Ltd, which owns the Koh Samui airport in Thailand. Koh Samui is a major tourist destination.

    R: How many airlines fly into Koh Samui airport?

    Tony : I am not sure.

    R: Is Kalimulah involved in the Labi project ?

    Tony : Officially NO.

    R: How did Sime Darby come into the picture ?

    Tony : What picture? You mean to tell me that they are in the movies now?

    R: No, I mean in the Labi project?

    Tony :After chikening out of Bakun and IJN,their media consultant -- one heck of a foxy plagarist needed a crisis, so we were introduced.

    R: Do you aspire for public office...since you used the term rakyat and campaigned for Sharizat in Bangsar?

    Tony : What the future holds,I dont know..but Samy Vellu is getting awfully old.

    R: Have you heard of Ruwantissa I.R. Abyratne.

    Tony : No, but I am frinds with Richard Branson, and am trying to get that Melaka guys to confer a Datukship for Richards, since his visit made Malaysia more famous. Who is Ruwa anyway? any relations to Mugabe?

    R: No,he wrote a book. Its called Frontiers of Aerospace Law. Tony, what if Labi becomes a reality, but ends up as a white elephant?

    Tony: It wont happen under my watch, but in the event it does, please read the FINE prints.... both Airasia and Sime Darby are Berhad public listed company...they might go out of business... but it wont effect my personal wealth, invested out of Airasia.

    R: What do you think of the people against the Labi project?

    Tony : They are not the rakyat. They envy me, and most likely being paid by Jala to do this. The rakyat is with me...did you see how the BN beat the shit out of Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh? The rakyat is always with us.

    R: Tony youer sounding a lot like Mugambe.

    Tony: Heck no, a lot of people say I sound like Jin Samsuddinwho you know is big fish these days, though still very sore that P Ramly is the peoples choice,the legend.. you know the works.

    R: What if Labi doesnt take off?

    Tony : I dont know man.. that you got to ask AK..

    R: Thank you for your time.

    Tony : No sweat. Which paper are you from, and how much do I have to pay for the interview. Do I pay you direct, or to Kahly, BrentDon, ShyMugam or chines guy from that english newspaper with that fizzy hair on blogsphere?

    R: You pay me 5k, and add in an additional 1k if you want you pic out. The rest you pay them.

    R's nick is Evan Zimbawe Ahead of Malaysia. (EZAM).

  27. Anonymous1:13 pm

    The whole nation must stand behind Tony Fernandez in his fight against lies, idiocy, stupidity, bigotry, misinformation. This insidious campaign is designed to destroy a towering Malaysian. The campaign of lies and hatred is a denouement of a nation's xenophobia against success. Tony's rise is due entirely to his pugnacity and determination to fight against the odds. He has done that in a nation that embraces cronyism and worships non-performance. This nation is now trapped in a cesspit of hatred and envy. This nation is now hunkered down in a whirpool of mistrust. We will stand by you, Tony. This is the beginning of a long winter. In the end truth will out. In the end we will let our enemies see stars on high noon.

  28. Anonymous1:18 pm

    So finally the truth is out. Airasia wants Labu to accomodate its own planes.

    I have few Qs.

    1) Assuming Aasia has 100 planes, and pay 500k (very low estimate) a per plane a year for parking and storage to MAHB, that would be rm50 mil a year or 500m in ten years in lost rev 4 MAHB. So if the airport is 4 Aasia's benefit, why call it terminal rakyat?

    2) When Air Asia was buyin all those planes, didn't they give a thought, where they'd house the planes or was it buy first plan later?

    3) If Labu is a sure winner why don't Air Asia and Sime Darby do rights issue and raise $ from shareholders or raise cash by selling the concept in UK AIMs market. A PFI means at sum point govt will have to buy it.

    4) Many airlines have more than 100 planes but don't have own airport. What makes Air Asia so special?

  29. Salam Bro, I do believe that Ong Tee Keat of the Ministry of Transport should step in now between MAHB and AirAsia. Ong's silence in this matter is deafening.

  30. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Tony wants rakyat's support for Labu when he knows it will not be forthcoming. Comments on Msian Insider are all against it. My bet is Tony will scrap the plan, saying that AirAsia concedes to rakyat's voice. It would in a way be a PR coup for him.

  31. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Agree totally with joebanana's at 12:16. ... and proceed with the expansion of KLIA.

  32. As I said earlier in my previous comments, what went wrong with the govt of Malaysia.

    Loosing grip at all. Cant hold their balls with this private company. What on earth, such a private company can give threat to a government.

    Why cant the govt thru MOT give a word to AA? This is what I dont understand. So recalcitrant I guess this Tony aka Air Asia. Gimme a break if the MOT said they dont have POWER.

    And why he can accept Singapore Terminal charges compared to MAB charges still remain a mystery even the charges with SGD Tony still felt happy about it. Why he didnt complaint to the Singapore Authority and request for RINGGIT denominated charges?

    This guy FULL of MYSTERY and MISSERY to our aviation industry.

  33. Fly with MAS, its CHEAPER and BETTER Service! Air Asia - expensive and lousy service.


    Miri(MYY) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT(KUL)
    Fri 05 Jun 2009
    AK 5187
    Depart 2045
    Arrive 2250

    Depart Total 954.00 MYR
    4 Guests @ 207.00 828.00 MYR
    Airport Tax 36.00 MYR
    Administration Fee 90.00 MYR

    Total 954.00 MYR

    Flight price - MAS

    Journey Detail
    MH2593 Economy Miri to Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    Fri, 05 Jun; Depart 16:10 - Arr. 18:20
    Air fare cost Net Total
    Adult: 4 MYR 177.00 MYR 35.00 Tax (details) MYR 212.00 each
    Total: MYR 848.00

  34. Anonymous2:01 pm

    bro rocky

    Isu Airport Labu ini menjadi semakin hangat. Terima kasih pada bloggers yg aktif highlightkan perkara ini.

    Setelah membaca komen-komen pembesar seperti paklah, ong tee kiat dan beberapa menteri kabinet, ianya menjadi semakin mengelirukan. Ada yang berkata ianya satu usaha pihak swasta, jadi kata putus bukan terletak dibawah kementerian berkenaan. Satu kenyataan yang begitu longgar.

    Disini saya ingin mencadangkan kepada kepada para blogger agar dapat bersatu dan menubuhkan satu atau dua entiti perniagaan. Ianya perlu dilakukan segera sebelum paklah berundur tidak lama lagi.

    Melalui entity perniagaan ini, kita akan panjangkan proposal kepada Pak Lah untuk menubuhkan pasukan polis sendiri, angkatan bersenjata sendiri dan menubuhkan penjara sendiri. kita namakan ianya sebagai Polis Rakyat, Tentera Rakyat dan Penjara Rakyat. Semua kemudahan untuk pasukan ini akan kita usahakan melalui pembiayaan sendiri. Lengkap dengan infrastruktur dan keanggotaan. Saya rasa proposal kita akan diterima kerana tidak melibatkan duit kerajaan dan juga tidak menjejaskan polisi dan dasar kerajaan yang telah dirancangkan.

    Mana mungkin Pak Lah akan menolak proposal ini. Airport yang merupakan pintu masuk sesebuah negara, imej negara dan sebuah kawasan yang ditakrifkan sensitif daripada segi keselamatan pun boleh dikompromi, inikan pula hal hal kepentingan rakyat. Lagipun pada masa yang suntuk ini, apa sahaja permintaan yang berpaksikan kepentingan rakyat akan diterima.

    3 pasukan beruniform yang ditubuhkan ini akan mememecahkan monopoli kerajaan dalam menjaga keselamatan rakyat. Ramai rakyat yang tidak yakin dengan polis, tentera dan penjara. Oleh itu, patutlah kita menyediakan satu kemudahan yang dapat memenuhi aspirasi rakyat. Sama seperti alas an longgar yang digunakan oleh Tony iaitu MAB gagal memenuhi model penerbanagan murah AA dan rakyat tidak dapat menikmati kos penerbangan yang lebih murah.

    Midnight Blues
    Kuala Lumpur

  35. This airport fiasco of KLIA@East is more of a WANTING TO OWN AN AIRPORT issue, rather than needing AN AIRPORT EXCUSE.

    But the last person we should blame is our dear Tony Fernandez. He is a businessman who is making a purely 'perfect business decision' for his Air Asia entity.

    The real stupid scumbag in this matter is our Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He is either 'buat bodoh' or memang bodoh. He is the CEO of our country... and a bloody stupid one.

    Here we are faced with a business wrangle between the Malaysian Government whom gladly approved the said project against their own Company in MAHB.

    Sadly, whatever happening between this two jokers, we are facing a real life ‘Menang Sorak, Kampung Tergadai’ drama.

    Look, our current KLIA Main Terminal can accommodate whatever expansion of Air Asia.

    Thus, why on earth does the Cabinet approved KLIA@East rather than instructing MAHB to come up with special package for Low Cost Carrier to use the main terminal while MAHB build its permanent low cost airport?

    Why choose to approve the KLIA@East project instead?

    If let say the current KLIA can’t do that, then just pump some money to do the bloody expansion now!!! That is definitely a ‘Righter’ answer!!!!

    Why does the government need to ask Tony? He will say YES to anything as long as he got what he wanted!! He even said that he is looking at paying the salary of our immigration etc so that they could provide the service at his airport!!

    What next? Paying the salary of the Cabinet?

    This guy is getting away with everything

    He chooses his own local flying route. He refuses to pay his debt to MAHB. Now he wanted his own airport.

    What next? His own cabinet?

    You see, if we were to accuse that the Cabinet members are taking bribes and so on, we’ll be accused of making false accusation, but can any member of the cabinet give us a logical answer to this stupid drama?

    Because anybody with a brain will say, Tony has bought somebody to be given such a special treatment.

    If Tony himself is not the owner of Air Asia, he too will agree with the masses.

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should step down earlier, NOW!!, for being the worst Prime Minister ever.

    You are an insult to the country.

  36. Anonymous2:07 pm

    I am pulling my savings out of EPF as a protest. Am old enough.

    Don't want my hard-earned savings to be used to build corporate leaders and politicians who are so self-centred.

    EPF member

  37. Anonymous2:10 pm

    nobody force you to fly airasia. If you are so damned disagree with them, then boycott their service. Why are you making a fuss of it?
    Without airaisa there will be no competition and MAS will dominate the local market. Domination means dictatorship! Cant you see now MAS also lowering their domestic airfares!! That never happened when MAS was the dominance.


  38. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I do not blame Tony cry of desperation for Air Asia to be treated as payinng customer by the Malaysia Airport Holdings. The problem is MAB operated like Iron fisted Mossad upon its customers and tenants. I have the feeling MAB also want to operate airlne also. So why not bleed Air Asia dry and sell it to MAB for one rinngit. Bukan den tak tahu, kau tengok la tuh Rocky, MAB is one and only Airport operator in the world boleh buka duty free shops apart from Operator of Harare International Airport Zimbabwe.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  39. Anonymous2:34 pm

    From Best and Worst Airports

    By Syed Akbar Ali

    Here is a listing of the 10 Best Airports in the World by someone called Skytrax. The KLIA has made it to 4th spot. See also the Worst Airports in the world below this.

    1. Hong Kong International Airport China

    It's no wonder that this airport has taken the top honors for seven years. It's easy to navigate and equipped with passenger-friendly amenities like free wireless Internet and a pay-to-use arrival lounge. Business and leisure travelers can also get to downtown Hong Kong quickly on an express train service. Other perks include plenty of shopping, a mix of regional and international eateries and a program that allows frequent visitors to clear immigration quickly.

    2. Changi Singapore

    Since Skytrax began ranking airports in 1999, Singapore Changi has placed first twice. The airport was built in 1981, and it has since added more terminals that cater to both budget and luxury passengers (this is something we can learn from).

    3 Seoul Incheon, South Korea

    The airport's Web site even maintains a list of activities by the number of hours a passenger must wait. If you're within eight hours of a flight, try using the shower and massage services.

    4. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    This airport has won several accolades since opening in 1998. In addition to ranking forth in Skytrax's World Airport Awards, it also ranked first on the company's list of airports with the best immigration service. While passengers are almost guaranteed a seamless arrival and departure experience, they can also enjoy free wi-fi, luxury shopping and reflexology and massage services

    No. 5 is Munich International Airport

    No. 6 is Kansai International Airport in Japan.

    Note that five of the top six best airports in the world are in Asia, mostly in Buddhist and Confucian civilization countries. (Malaysia is somewhere in between these civilisations?)

  40. Anonymous2:54 pm

    referring to Damansara's comment

    Foreign Dignitary (FD): Oh so you are Tony Farknendes, the CEO of AA yeah?

    Tony: Er nope! I am not just the CEO but I am the Labi Airport owner for AA!

  41. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Initially we have only MAS as our national carrier which was not running efficiently.

    An entrepreneur spotted the opportunity and started a Low Cost Airline called Air Asia with a different low cost business model. In which now everybody can afford to fly everyday in low fares! It totally wiped out a significant MAS market share of short haul travelling in ASEAN.

    MAS was alerted and tighten its extravaganza overhead. Sold its building in Sultan Ismail, restructured, introduced transformation program to stay in the competition. And of course protecting the route from KL - Singapore, the fourth busiest route in Asia.

    And nobody has thought Air Asia can go long haul expansion with its Air Asia X.

    In fact, this is not about KLIA or KLIA East Labu. Is how far do we want to see Air Asia, a direct competitor to MAS growing ?

  42. Anonymous3:25 pm



  43. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Salam Rocky,

    Ini Tony ada serupa "Jewish Capitalist", "Macam Belanda Dapat Tanah", "Beri Betis Mau Peha" Sudah Dapat Peha Nak Anunya...Wei manableh Tony. U belum sunat... masuk jawi dulu ... lepastu minta sama mak bapa siempunya anu itu dulu, bukan main nak saja ane ... itu rogol tau. Mandatory 20 tahun sama rotan u boleh tahan ka?

    Dei sudah untung beli AirAsia RM2 tada cukup lagi ka? Ok u sudah kasi turnaround itu company jadi untung. U sudah bawa itu company public sebab u mau cari modal, tapi u pikir semua untung u mau angkat banyak tak mau kongsi dengan public, u ada pikir mau tarik jadi public. Okla itu u punya pasal la!

    Bagus-bagus...u sudah kerja kuat, u ada hak mau makan besar dari u punya sweat.

    Tapi ane, u mesti ingat ini u punya plan mau sendiri punya airport...takbleh takbleh... apa pasal takbleh? Pasal u mana ada duit mau bikin airport? U tau ka itu Sime Darby punya share majoriti PNB punya juga...jaga Bumiputera punya ekuiti juga ... manableh Sime Darby bikin suka-suka labur dalam aset construction ... lepas tu mau jual sama ane? Itu Sime Darby ada dapat PNB punya approval ka? Nanti saya tanya sendri Tun Amat Sarji...Kalau dia kata sudah saya panggil semua Bumiputera kasi demo depan PNB punya ofis.

    Ane ... u duduk England ada lama ..belajar bisnes sana saya tau saya tau... ada jumpa itu Richard Bronson jugak...tapi ane u tau ka ada satu cerita lama... sorang toke; main politik punya orang...dia politik mau main... bisnis juga dia mau main ... dei tengok tengok banyak tamak!!! ada tipu tipu juga dia sana Singapur share market juga masuk. Abis satu kali nasib tada baik itu market sudah jatuh...sama dia sama ekonomi negara juga sudah lingkup... itu taun 1980an jugak ane ... u ada mana masa itu jam...ada ingat ka? itu company nama Arab juga macam... apa tu, Pan El ...Pan El Fiasco ... ayo yo banyak susah mau sebut....tapi pahit punya hal saya kepala dalam juga taruk...

    Ane itu jam bukan saya sorang saja kena ... satu Malaysia juga ada sakit ane... ayoyo ane... u bala juga mau cari ... Ini jam bukan masa la ane ... Apa macam saya mau cerita ane... itu ibarat, u tau ka apa makna ibarat; Melayu cakap serupa ... sorang suami ahh ada betul dia syok sama dia punya isteri jugak ... tapi ane ... apa boleh bikin ... aci bulan jugak ada datang... takble takble ... kena tunggu itu bulan suda tada ... kalau syok jugak aaa mesti tada bagus punya ... ayoyo messy la ane messy... Ini ekonomi dunia berdarah juga ... jangan kasi kotor lagi ... Saya tau u bahasa ekonomi mesti pandai juga ... u mesti ada paham juga apa saya cakap bukan....

    Kepada Sime Darby pula ingatlah ... though most of us here may not hold any shares in SD, we still have a stake in the units we own with PNB; an institution entrusted to develop, maintain and enhance the value of existing equities of Bumiputera. Top guns of Sime Darby must exercise some public service to help boost the economic well-being of the Bumiputera instead. Bandar Cemerlang can have many more value adding developments for the benefits of Bumiputeras as well as the non-Bumiputeras if you all give a deeper thought about it. Think about it.

    Ingatlah amanah yang tuan-tuan jalankan...everything will be accounted for Hereafter ... Believe it.

    Zaib the angry man

  44. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Rocky, kenyataan menteri pengangkutan cukup BODOH didalam media elektronik! Adakah kelulusan diluar bidang kuasa kementerian!!



  45. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Tony Fernandez referred to KLIA-East as a terminal or The Rakyat’s Terminal. He needs this terminal because the existing LCCT is running out of space.

    It is incorrect and misleading to call KLIA-East a terminal. It will have a runway and aircraft will be taking off, landing and taxying in that area. Regardless of what he says, going by the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) definition below, KLIA – East is an airport, not a terminal.

    ICAO definition of Aerodrome: is an area on land or water (including any buildings, installations and equipment) intended to be used for arrival, departure and surface movement of aircraft.

    Further, based on the intended use and projected traffic handling capacity, KLIA-East will be an international airport with the same standing as KLIA, in terms of passenger and traffic handling capacity. Each airport is expected to have about 150,000 to 200,000 flight movements per annum or between 410 to 548 movements per day. This translates into 17 to 22 flights per hour. In practice aircraft movements are not spread equally throughout the day. At peak hours, there can be more than 17 or 22 flights per hour.

    Therefore, at the KLIA – Labu area, we are going to have two busy international airports operating within 6 kilometers of each other. The pairing of the two airports at close proximity to each other gives rise to concerns about the safety of flights operating over the KLIA-Labu airspace.

    The most basic method of ensuring flight safety is to provide adequate separation between aircraft both laterally and vertically. With the flow of traffic to the respective airports being close to each other, ATC personnel of the respective control towers will have to be extremely alert and maintain a high state of vigilance at all times to ensure flight separation. The pilots flying in that airspace too will have to maintain a high level of awareness of the traffic around them. Having the two airports close together will create a potentially unsafe environment which increases the workload of ATC personnel and the flight crew during the two critical phases of flight, i.e. take-off and landing.

    It is for this reason that ICAO recommends a minimum distance of 40 kilometers between airports. The Indian Government airport policy requires international airports to be separated by an air distance of at least 150 kilometers.

    The other issue that has to be considered is that an airport must have adequate airspace around it for aircraft to maneuver not only during normal take-off and landing but also to cater for emergencies such as missed approaches and air turn-backs. Currently, without Labu airport, the airspace available for maneuvering over KLIA consist of the area to the east of the airport i.e. over Labu and to the west of the airport over Sepang . The presence of an airport at the proposed site at Labu will mean that the airspace to the east of KLIA will be off limits to traffic going into KLIA. Similarly traffic going into the Labu airport will be restricted to the airspace east of Labu probably over the Seremban area.

    Thus, having the two major airports virtually next door to each other will artificially cause congestion over Labu-KLIA airspace making it not only potentially unsafe but also inefficient as well.

    The other justification offered by Tony Fernandez for needing an airport at Labu is the lack of runway capacity at KLIA in 2013. Based on his projection of a total of 55 million passenger movements at the two airports in 2013, the two runways at KLIA will have more than enough capacity to handle the required number of aircraft movements, which will be about 310,000 movements per year.

    In comparison, London Heathrow Airport, considered to be one of the busiest airport in Europe, operating with a curfew from midnight to about six o’clock in the morning, is handling about 68 million passengers per year involving slightly more than 480,000 aircraft movements, and it has only two runways. Changi Airport with a projected capacity of 70 million passengers per year, after the completion of Terminal 3, has only two runways. Therefore, if adequately manned and appropriately equipped, there is no reason why KLIA cannot handle the projected traffic volume with the two existing runways.

    To conclude, the building of an airport in the vicinity of another airport or for that matter, the addition of a runway at an existing airport, is taken seriously in developed countries such as the U.K and the U.S. A technical study on the effect of the proposed airport or runway on the surrounding airspace and the implication to flight safety has to be undertaken at the proposal stage. Approval to proceed would be based on the results of the study. A report on a proposal to add a third runway at Heathrow Airport is available in the U.K Dept. of Transport website, to serve as an example.

    In order to reassure the public on the technical and operational feasibility of the Labu proposal, the Government should commission a study on the impact of having an airport at Labu on the KLIA/Labu airspace and its implications to flight safety before work on the airport is allowed to proceed. Since Malaysia is a member of ICAO, the Government could seek the assistance of ICAO to conduct the study.

  46. Anonymous4:19 pm


    You're one lucky CEO as you're close to Kali and KJ.

    you can dump the Sabah Sarawak domestic route as you like

    you can dump Ipoh route as you like

    you can get KL-SIN route as u wish

    you can get LABU as you wish

    As we a genuine businessman minus insider tooks a few years just to get a 1 million dollar project.

    I wish I know you better during your driving proton saga time. Then at least I get cleaning services contract at LABU.

  47. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Dear Tony,

    You're a CEO of a public listed company with list of awards from International organisation.

    But yet the way you're running AA, you're just like us, SMI's businessmen hoping for goverment fund.

    The only difference is we are at a surviving stage whereby you are already an International player.

    What a shame.

  48. Anonymous5:10 pm

    A.I is right.

    Isn't Malaysia an ICAO council member?

    As an aviation professional, it's true - a parked aircraft is NOT good for an airline as it is costly.. If AK's argument is that they need SPACE to park their aircraft, are they planning to ground all their aircraft at one time? This is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard of!

    KLIA is more than adequate to cater to our air traffic needs. MAHB may be 'monopolistic' being the only airport operator (which it's not, strictly speaking because Senai is privately operated - and AK hasn't paid them either!) but a lot of their fees are based on the Civil Aviation Act. AK just wants the terminal because they don't want to pay the authorities. Rather than negotiate, they'd rather do this? Gosh, I cannot believe I live in a country where the Govt allows for such irresponsible and irrational behaviour. Thanks to AK, the nation's aviation industry is all a mess, with the RAS being split and thrown back at MAS later on in dying shape. Its sickening how they can allow one person to screw up an entire industry.

    Furthermore, SAFETY has to be paramount. We all know AK's safety record leaves a lot to be desired..and they get so many dispensations and so many coverups have happened for their mishaps.. for us to want MOT to intervene is a joke, really.

    If they so want to call it a terminal rakyat as if it's going to be built for us (which we all know it's not!), then we the RAKYAT will just have to ensure that they hear our voices to REJECT this preposterous plan. "Now everybody can fly" - but not out of KLIAEast!

  49. -youdig-

    Please get your radar in order!

    Everybody is ok with AirAsia the Airline.

    People are talking about AirAsia the Airport.

    That is two different things altogether

  50. Anonymous6:17 pm

    1. Tony should declare to us, of the commenters in Air Asia website calling for the suppor of his Labu project, how many commenters were asked directly or indirectly to help him spin and plant the comments there.

    2. Tony must also declare how many comments that have been deleted.

    3. Tony must declare how much of his own money or shares in Asia Asia that he is committed to finance the project, otherwise his denial that no public funds will be used is just empty talk.

    4. As at 2007 Annual Report of AirAsia, Tony has about 730 million shares). How many of these shares will be pledge to commercial banks to fund this project?

    5. At the stage, Tony should be able to tell us who are the contractors that have been shorlisted to construct the airport and the cost.

    6. At this stage, Tony should be able the name of financial institutions, method and indicative terms of financing for the project.

    Tony, please upload your answers to the above questions in your website or better still, include in the FAQ section. These will sure help you dispel the doubts every normal thinking Rakyat.

  51. Anonymous7:19 pm

    I don't think Tony Fernandez "cooked" the comments on the AirAsia website. The answers are really revealing if you ask the right questions (and if he bothers to reply).

    1. He said that he has exhausted all avenues when asked why he did not continue to negotiate with the government. Ong Tee Keat better say something on this.

    2. He said that the roads, and the rail links (KTM and ERL) will be proposals made by the private sector. How can these be when KTM is government-owned, and ERL still requires government subsidy ?

    3. He said that the government approved the project after "extensive" studies. This is bullshit, and we should simply ask for these studies to be made public.

    I think we should all have an open mind, and be ready to accept recommendations by truly independent consultants on the need for a 4th airport. If however, the spin-masters are out to deceive the public, then we should make sure that this project becomes a still-born baby of AirAsia.


  52. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Ahoy Tony,
    I am Captain Rakyat..Pirate of the Straits of Malacca.

    AA is doing well because of SUPPORT of the rakyat. So you must listen to the feeling of the rakyat!

    You want new LCCT...we can support u but not Labu Labi LCCT with draconians Sime Group. They are just greedy. They try snatching IJN like snatch thiefs. Do you really want this kind of partnership....I hear voices and disturbance in the force...listen to the old man who gave u the license...

    sign off

    Pirate of Straits of Malacca

  53. Tony,

    talk to Ali Rastam to make use of Batu Berendam Airport, almost ready now , why you think you are better than MAHB ? don't over stretch Rakyat good feeling toward AA ,in the open sky policy the competitors alway come in ,you need Rakyat patriotism behind you. Forget Labu expand Klia.

  54. Anonymous11:52 pm

    face it guys. the crooked BN and umno idiots know that their days are numbered. plunderings of the rakyat's money wont be that easy anymore if PR comes into power. they must quickly dig for treasures now no matter how silly the project may sound. It is their LAST HURRAH. GRAB GRAB GRAB!!!!

  55. Anonymous11:56 pm

    and remember the time this Tony dungu told us to be brave and not hide behind pseudonyms? oh how many ppl fell for his charm and BS. now we see the real tony F! Yes a big F!

    ah groo

  56. Anonymous2:19 am

    Tony is not alone in this.The whole cabinet is involved. Why isn't anybody complaining about the cabinet.Who is the Finance minister ? They say it is a private initiative. My foot!

    EPF would be the sucker to buy their bonds when Sime Darby or Air Asia issue the papers. That's why they don't spell out their source of financing.
    At the end of the day. Malaysia Boleh.

  57. Anonymous2:23 am

    Tony is not alone in this.The whole cabinet is involved. Why isn't anybody complaining about the cabinet.Who is the Finance minister ? They say it is a private initiative. My foot!

    EPF would be the sucker to buy their bonds when Sime Darby or Air Asia issue the papers. That's why they don't spell out their source of financing.
    At the end of the day. Malaysia Boleh.HOPE THIS GUY WON'T BE ANOTHER SATYAM COMPUTER FIASCO!

  58. terminal Rakyat? why call it that? going to use Rakyat's money at the end of the day?

    really stupid to have so many airports so close by, KLIA, M'cca,Subang and now KLIA East. who else wants their own airport. and the damn cabinet just rubber stamp this. Later went pak Lah leaves, they will say so many things la and stop it. Why can't they do the best for the country.

    BN cabinets do not have the interest if the country, only self interest. and members do not have the balls to stand up to the PM when he is wrong.

    Terminal Sime or Air Asia please. Not rakyat.

  59. Dear Rocky,

    I find all the negative remarks about Tony disturbing, especially an Anonymous (12.21pm), who has shown himself to be a racist bigot.

    I am not an employee of Tony and have no relation with him. I am just a satisfied AirAsia user who admires what he has done in the same way I used to admire Mahatir in his heyday of standing up to western powers.

    First of all, I am against the Labu airport idea and my reasons are the same as many people. BUT to personally disparage Tony and what he has done with Airasia smacks of plain jealousy and even racism.

    Tony has built an international brand that has made Malaysia proud. He has made air travel affordable for many people. He has NOT cheated anyone. Yes, he is now rich but that's because he worked for it. There are many Tan Sri's and Datuks who are rich via suspicious means but not Tony. He made it and made it legitimately.

    And there are so many jealous people in Malaysia! I can only say that there seems to be an insidious conspiracy to bring down Airasia and Tony when they have brought so many positives to Malaysia. Some portion of society is just plain incensed that someone else can make it and they can't, while some are just racist in that its an Malaysian Indian who made it.

    The REAL ISSUE here is why the Transport Minister can't mediate between Airasia and the dispute with MAHB. It is obvious to me that MAHB is the bully here with its monopoly of airports in Malaysia and has driven Airasia to the extreme measure of going it alone in Labu. Its a wrong move by Airasia of course but as I have mentioned earlier, they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Rocky, if you are a concerned Malaysian citizen and is impartial as you claim to be, please investigate this. Your blogging reputation is on the line in my eyes now.

  60. 1. We have a stupid GOVT with a lame duck Prime Minister

    2. We have a blood sucker and incompetent CABINET dapur.

    3. We have a loose reason of having an AIR ASIA airport. I thought in the beginning Air Asia is only an airline company not till the extend of an AIRPORT

    4. We have a maniac CEO of a private company who can direct the GOVT to give him every little damn from the soil of Malaysia.

    5. We have a joke story; A MEGA AIRPORT in the making. Batu Berendam, LABU@Crap and KLIA interconnected each other.

    6. When the Labu completed, when you're about to landing, just finger cross that the pilot could make it and not landing on the wrong side of runaway.

    7. I am sick with all these. Am I a Malaysian or what?. So irritating.

    Down with Tony and Pak lelah

  61. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Dear Tony

    Why dont you get your friends in the Govt to fire the BOD of MAHB and its management. Have them get in more professional and competent people.

    This will solve your problem faster and save money.