Monday, January 19, 2009

1 million Malaysians could lose jobs this year

The government is slowly telling us the bad news. Yesterday, the Human Resources Ministry says 45,000 Malaysians could lose jobs over the Chinese New Year period alone! [Read here, the Dep Minister beats around the bush about people losing jobs temporarily and factories closing down business - also temporarily! - but you get the message].

The MEF says up to 400,000 Malaysians will lose their jobs by end of the year. In Singapore, another half a million Malaysians will be jobless as the republic buckles under the economic slowdown. [Read here]

If so, we are into times worse than 1985 or 1998.


  1. Anonymous12:03 pm

    And gomen say no recession? Wake up lah Dol!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:06 pm

    rocky, how government used the money??? By given to voters during KT election. For example, bus owners got RM1 million. We should use the money to expand our businesses!!! Not just during election!!!

    zamri, ex-johan aziz supporter

  3. Anonymous12:16 pm

    What me worry? I migrated.


  4. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Joblessness? Malaysians dont seem to be bothered. Instead Malaysians are more worried about Palestine and other world issues.

  5. Anonymous12:23 pm


    Come on. Say it. "Blame it all on Badawi". Oh and also "Back then Mahathir was at the helm so it wasn't so bad".

    Go on, spell it out dude, please please please, we just can't handle the suspense anymore!

  6. It aint that bad... The mistake most of us made was getting a real job as soon as we were out from school. We should all learn from KJ and there'll be 1 million new mllionaires very soon. Leadership by example. Stay unemployed. Who said you have to earn your money?

  7. No lah, Malaysia will be ok and shielded from any recession. That's what my PM, DPM and MoFII told me and keep telling me. I think you better check your facts lah.

  8. Difficult to say, I hope everyone who affected, pls be patience.

    Pls government make sure that 7 billion save package is to protect those unemployed ppl.

    I really sad to hear the news that some factory had to retrench staff. This news is considered a huge tragedy especially for those who have a big family to support.

    I pray to Allah that our nation can soon recover. Hoping US to recover is quite difficult especially after they strongly support the Jew Zionist@Piggy to attack Gazarian.

  9. Anonymous1:44 pm

    1 million only?

    my company also getting rid of 35% of the staffs...

    boss said no problem, the government will hire them la!

  10. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Didn't the finance minister say that he was sure we would miss the recession ? Didn't Muhyiddin also say that the economy is robust ?

    Where did these people study their economics ?


  11. ADA 2 jawatan kosong

    1. timbalan menteri pelajaran
    2. timbalan menteri dalam negeri


    ahli parlimen atau senator

  12. Anonymous2:08 pm

    UMNO goons will tell you, "Who says we are in trouble,only a temporarily setback..."
    Like in China, send all the unemployed back to the kampongs and be self-employed fishermen and farmers!
    Don't worry, be happy!

  13. Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar also comfirm the situation. He said the economic pressure, with people losing their jobs, could contribute to an increase in crime rate with those desperate resorting to crime to make ends meet.
    “We are worried when many people lose their jobs, they also want to eat, and the possibility of them committing crime like housebreaking and robbery. So, we will focus on these crimes,” he told a press conference after opening the general meeting of the Selangor Harmony Club yesterday.

  14. All these experts who could not predict if the sun would rise tomorrow in the East are now peddling more dire predictions of gloom and doom.

    If the truth be told, these experts have no clue where the economy or job markets are going. They would be better off keeping their mouths shut and getting real jobs.

  15. Anonymous3:03 pm

    More could lose if everyone boycotts American products!

    "No Reservations"

  16. Anonymous3:05 pm


    sorry off topic. why did ezam show the anwar's letter to TDM in kuala trengganu where anwar wasn't contesting.

    ezam should have shown it in permatang pauh when anwar was fighting BN.

    and ezam has the letter since 1998.

    i really don't trust ezam and anuar.

  17. Anonymous3:30 pm

    We need people at the padi field, orchard and plantation estates if they don't mind the salary


  18. go and ask the Finance Minister...he will definitely assure you that our economy is still ok, nothing to worry about

  19. Anonymous3:42 pm


    Wan Farid is not to be in the 1 million jobless Malaysian for sure.

    KJ will appointment Wan Farid as Najib political secretary before Mac 2009.

    Meanwhile, Wan Farid will get contracts to bring down all the posters and banners in KT.

    Senang sungguh jadi politician

  20. Anonymous3:48 pm


    It's the minister not the Deputy...
    The DEPUTY is hospitalised in TRG cos her good friend got outdone in the by-election.

    well talking bout the deputy...interesting reading bout her on this blog..

    mmmmm these days..."wore" like a muslimah....perangai like a "wHore"...

    Big Bird

  21. Bro,

    That's easily 99% of our manufacturing workforce who contributes some RM22b annually in wages and salaries.

    Surely "Bad News" is an understatement in this instance.

    Are we still on auto-pilot mode ?

    Something's need to be done, and soon.

  22. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Yo Bro,

    Is Pak Lah, KJ and 4th floor boys counted in as well ?

  23. Anonymous4:20 pm


    will the figure includes THE NSTP and Berita Harian stupid Editors come April 09 ?

    Happy CNY bloggers

  24. Anonymous4:26 pm

    This government is downright incompetent...what have they done since last elections to alleviate the suffering of the rakyat?? NOTHING!!!! Now you know why the KT by election was disastrous. The common rakyat needs help, not the help by taking away their retirement funds through EPF.

    Real help is about lowering income and company taxes, reduce petrol prics, discontinue AP, cut down on toll rates and electricity rates, creation of new pioneer status initiatives for new investments...I could go on all day...


  25. Anonymous4:42 pm

    1 million is not unlikely. There are approx 26 mil Malaysians. Say 50% are within working age i.e. 13 mil.

    1 mil out of 13 mil is approximately 8% of workforce and this is scary. A lot of social problems will arise if 1 mil M'sians are jobless.

  26. That amounts to almost 3-4% of total population, even higher percentage if considering workforce population. Is there any basis to this claim? This high rate of unemployment isn't good news, we might see lower purchasing power due to the counter-measures that the government might mull, such as lowering wages...

    Is it high time yet that we stop outsourcing all our household works and nanny jobs to foreign workers?

  27. Anonymous5:03 pm


    why isn't the opposition leaders joining bloggers on big issue like ijn, labu airport and etc which in related to dollah and co.

    they only make noise and support us bloggers on issues related to najib and co. ie mongolia girl, submarine, eurocopter....

    it seems the oppositions have their OWN AGENDA AND INTEREST, but not on the RAKYAT MATTERS...



  28. Anonymous5:06 pm

    the malaysian govt seems to be well and truly in "denial" mode with regard to the state of the economy in the face of the global economic and financial crisis.

    malaysia's major trading partners - the us, japan, europe and singapore are all in recession. china and india are reporting much reduced growth numbers amidst rapidly falling exports and manufacturing production.

    in the face of all these negative factors, how can a RM7 billion "stimulus" package work to save the local economy when singapore is talking about the possibility of accessing its reserves to fund special measures to ease the pain of recession?

    muhyiddin is still talking about malaysia achieving a gdp growth of 3.5 per cent this year. how can he say this with a straight face when

    - the malaysian institute of economic research (mier) has forecast a gdp growth of only 1.3 per cent this year.

    - a major international bank has suggested that malaysia is already in a technical recession with gdp growth this year at only 0.5 per cent.

    - malaysia's balance of payments hit a rm31 billion deficit in the 3rd quarter of 2008 from a rm26 billion surplus in the 2nd quarter of 2008.

    - industrial output contracted for three straight months up to november 2008.

    - exports fell two months in a row

    (facts courtesy of a report in the singapore business times)

    the singapore prime minister has publicly said that the situation facing the republic is grim and is expected to get worse this year. singapore's gdp is expected to be between minus 2.8 per cent and minus 4.5 per cent this year, according to international banks.

    malaysia, like singapore, is a trade-dependent economy. when trade crashes, the economy follows suit. no amount of domestic stimulus can redress this. and the malaysian govt doesn't have an awful lot of financial muscle to bring to bear (unlike the us which can keep on printing dollars or singapore which has about s$500 billion in reserves).

    this could be the beginning of the end for the bn government, if a recession takes hold in the country, if exports don't pick up by year-end and there are very substantial job losses and factory closures.

    unless the bn government comes out of denial and gets real and honest with the rakyat about the true state of the economy. and it will take the power of the internet to bring this home to the cabinet and the country's economic planners.

  29. Dear Rocky Bro,

    May Allah help us all. Our government is in the state of denial. Damn them. They should prepare ourselves towards that ... not giving us an empty promises.

  30. Anonymous6:26 pm

    mana ada!! najib kata our fundemantal is strong, our economy is strong!apa lah korang ni suka bagi suspen orang. No one is gonna lose their job except WAN FARID!!! Kesian beliau dah out of job! Tu lah, berangan ...dah dapat betis nak peha!!! Dah elok elok jadi timbalan menteri ,tamak,nak jawatan lagi tinggi!!!Orang tamak selalu rugi,tak tahu ke ? Ha ,sekarang baru tahu ,padan muka!!!Wei, Wan Parit, masuk PAS lagi bagus lah,jangan lah ko mengharap apa apa dari pak lah,nanti dia balik hang tau lah nasib hang kerana bagi bn kalah!Pak lah nanti kata , aku lah pak lah, hari hari mandi ayaq kolah,paling suka pompuan pakai skirt ada belah woi hang wan parit boleh blah !!! Kah..kah..kahhh


  31. Anonymous6:28 pm

    it's funny isn't it how the govn't is slowly telling us this bad news. Instead of telling us earlier on to be prepared, they tell us the economy is doing well so keep on spending. Najib isn't doing to well is he?

  32. Anonymous6:34 pm

    "Slowly" is the right word bro. It is after all the trademark of this govt to hide the bad news and to 'flip flop' as much as they can.

    And nobody seems to be doing anything about the high food prices that are hurting the people. Yesterday I got a shock when ikan kembong was sold at RM16 per kilo at slim river pasar tani! But I suppose politicians don't eat ikan kembong, or they eat but we all indirectly pay the bills....sigh...


  33. Anonymous6:46 pm


    May I make a suggestion here.

    There are plentiful jobs one can do from home, pay your bills and feed your children.

    Spare an article in your blog to help those who will soon be retrenched.

    If we can come together and help, why not?


  34. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Not everybody is laying off people. Some GLCs are trying to do their part in curbing this trend.

    More news on this soon.

  35. The government is completely ignorant to think that Malaysians are not aware about what is happening around the world and to think that Malaysia can be spared of GLOBAL economic and financial crisis. Many thinks that there will be recovery in the 2nd half of the year but we believe that things are going to be worst in the 2nd half of the year. Read our commentaries at

  36. In this Crisis time we need Crisis Manager ,Najib need a very strong team to govern , he need to have the gut to assemble the crisis management cabinet.

  37. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Bro...check out the latest entry ini Pak Lah Tidak Berundur Mac Ini..evidences actually are very convincing...if true, country is heading in deeper trouble. Kucing Miang

  38. Now BN government just wakes up
    People in the know have prepared for the worst
    You have read the statements of BN leaders
    Painting a fool they think we are

    Now the figures loom
    I doubt the people feeling that worst
    When the developed nations reeling on it
    Here we have our government ministers painting rainbow

    Now the crunching numbers
    The economic situation will be bad
    The stimulus packages aren’t sufficient
    For $7 billion BN thinks it can work wonder

    Perak PR government instructed town councils
    Approved permits within a day for those hawking for a living
    No red tape just let people earn honest living
    For the time will be bad financially

    Imagine a million out of work
    The prospect isn’t financially good
    The BN government better think ahead
    By election had gone
    Party politics better leave behind
    For the people rice bowls affected
    Roll out the goods
    For the Ox will attack

  39. Anonymous9:15 pm

    It is only the stupid Malaysian leaders that are bluffing the rakyat by saying that we are OK, when the reality is that we are already in deep, very deep shit.
    The first solution is to send back all the foreign workers. BTW, did you still remember that one of the Immigration top gun was charged in court for accepting bribes for approving foreign workers work permit ... Wali Kota

  40. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Wakey.. wakey






  41. And what was that again? Noooo, we in Malaysia will be spared. Sheeesh.

    Man, it's scary. I was at 1U today to do a bit of shopping. Not many shoppers and CNY is just around the corner. I don't see anyone seriously shopping. Just buying, at most, a few crates of kum. All the retailers I spoke to moaning away, how they are making very little sale.
    Incidentally, I don't know if you guys noticed this. I'm seeing a lot more senior citizens as sales assistants, manning the cash till, waiting at tables.
    Tighten up your belts, folks.

  42. Anonymous10:12 pm

    According to our Finance Minister, we are in good shape. And he is the only one..and maybe a few other of his nincompoop colleagues also believes so.

    Recession? happens in other countries...never in Malaysia.

  43. Anonymous10:26 pm

    HEY i THOUGHT Najib and all the ministers were sounding so confident, MALAYSIA NOT AFFECTED, when a 10 year old will tell you different- pocket money affected -
    Macam mana nak percaya kerajaan macam ini kalau selalu tipu saja?
    Bolih percaya tak lain kali macam ini?

    Tun Perak

  44. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Ayo ,,, baru sedar ka ... satu dunia sudah tahu n worry n experiencing turmoil... Malaysians baru nak buka mata.... tsk tsk ... susah la macam ni ...


  45. Anonymous11:23 pm

    we have enoughs of politics please...
    concentrate on bread and butter issues..

  46. If only 1 million, we are bloody lucky !. Leave this subject to our political masters, all of us will be in dead trouble. So lets be SMART about it and get ready for what is coming.
    Get back to basic survival mindset, be prepared and plan your future.
    Invest in growing your own food etc, if you have land space as a start for some.
    Pots will also do !
    Fishing ?.
    Just THINK about where to get food.
    HOW to co-operate, team-up and buddy buddy etc.
    How to create value added activities.
    So guys,,,,Plan, Plan, Plan, Plan,,,,o.k. start now.


  47. Yes, everything will hit us after the festive season. So, in typical Malaysian self-denial style, drink as much as you can during CNY before returning to real life. ;-)

  48. Anonymous12:41 am


    I really wait for BN government to announce the package. Is it for the total workers or for certain kroni only!!!!


  49. tks for the inspiration

    check out the potential solution

    take care bro

  50. A rich country like Malaysia..if managed by real sincere uncorrupted leaders...would have produced millions of well educated smart Malaysians..with all sorts of recognised degrees.
    Malaysia could have the best education par...if not better than the best..if invitations to start Universities are not mix up with politics.
    One major stop playing race and religion politics.
    If one recalled....we had only rubber and tin...and instead of exporting raw rubber....we could easily manufacture all products with rubber.
    The weakest points of Muslims at that time ...are lousy in business....yet they keep hiding their weaknesses.. ignoring the best help...from the Chinese to do the job. Instead they got a team to support.. race politics.
    Only Selangor Pewter did us proud...depending one..using tin to the fullest.
    Just look what they are now.
    If "Sunkist" "Faber Castel"...even "Dunhill"..."Nestle"...all started with one high quality product ..and all grew to such giants...we have so much natural do that with our god gifted oil money.
    No use shouting "Industrialization"...when the government know next to nothing..about business.
    Go study Germany and few European countries..are mighty force...based on just industry and smart business government.
    UMNO keep talking Space Age...Vision2020...all hot air bukum talks...spending bullshit and give Malaysians false hopes.
    I million are loosing jobs?
    You can bet UMNO will say....all over the world ..same expect that..and keep ignoring the great sins they did to plundering and stealing our wealth for party and personal being Malaysia's god gifted natural resources..and using those enrich themselves and play dirty politics...on and on and on. We should be special...with no retrenchments nor jobless people.
    Such a small small country...with unbelievable many natural resources should create..endless opportunities...yet we are grouped together with all those that have nothing .and even getting worst than Cambodia..and Vietnam now.
    UMNO must be voted out at all cost to stop this unproductive hypocrites ruining our lives.
    There is no such thing as jobless in Malaysia....if properly managed.
    Go the whole wide world...and tell me many countries are blessed like Malaysia?
    UMNO did not contribute one bit..but keep ruining us.
    End million jobless..and more to come.

  51. Anonymous3:57 am

    Few months ago, gov busy telling us that Malaysia is the nation that didnt impact with economy issue. Malaysians will life happy ever after, kononnya....

    Now they are telling us this...

    Later, what else they would tell us...

  52. Anonymous5:41 am

    Every ministry have to paint a beautiful picture as out next PM is taking office soon, actually this government has been in denial mode for the past 52 years.

    Further more this HR minister is from a party where every leader are top story teller, uncle Semmy is consider a hero and warship like a deities in MIC fake reports.

    My factory will layoff & close down for good, we prefer to maintain our plant in Vietnam.

  53. Situation doesnt look too good now. Its going to get worse before things get any better.

    Yesterday my HR dept recived 60 resumes in 1 day alone!
    We use to get about 5 a week on average in 2008

  54. Anonymous8:00 am

    And the new Pakatan States are busy getting new CARS? Not even a year in office, are these their priorities?


  55. Anonymous8:11 am

    On the BERNAMA feature:
    "Meanwhile, the Human Resources Ministry is considering to freeze the recruitment of foreign workers. This is seen as a measure to assist the local workers who had lost their jobs including those retrenched from their employment in Singapore".

    Will the retrenched Malaysian workers from Singapore want to do menial labour or work in homes as maids? I think not.

  56. Anonymous8:37 am

    hai rocky, are you feeling well or not!!! No changes in the blog!!


  57. Anonymous9:07 am

    Yo Bro,

    Takde orang bagi komen pun...mungkin yang selalu bagi komen tu akses melalui tempat keje masing-masing..dan kena cuti panjang atau dah kena retrench...hmmmmm

    very bleak ooo


  58. Anonymous9:26 am

    Bru, Malaysians will be sympathetic with those affected by retrenchments but not to those getting the sack in the NSTP group.
    Why? Malaysia has a very weak Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi who doesn't know what the hell is happening to the country and the world.
    Dollah Badawi will be making history being given the title "THE WORST PM IN THE HISTORY OF MALAYSIA"
    Dollah Badawi's machais and baruahs in NSTP led by Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan, Hishamuddin Malaun, Syed Nazri and Manja Ismail will also be making history.
    They will be given honor of being THE MOST DISGRACEFUL AND INSULTING EDITORIAL TEAM ever assembled by UMNO to lead NSTP.
    Their biggest contribution to UMNO is the two-thirds lost by BN/UMNO is the March 2008 general election, Permatang Pauh by-election and their 2009 new year gift to Umno - Kuala Terengganu by-election.
    Najib should not waste time! Give the motherfcukers in NSTP the unceremonious kick in the ass for their job well done to UMNO.


  59. why does Najib keep on saying our fundamentals are still strong?

    bad enough he has failed to steer umno to victory in the past by elections..

  60. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Malaysians have to wake up. Malaysians can no longer afford to become arrogant.

    Go back to Agriculture. Go back to the basics. Cut cut cut cost.. we can do it.. in our personal lives.

    Go back into Agriculture..In whatever economic crisis, the first measure is to secure the food chain supply.

    That's why Mars Inc. is still employing people.. That is why Mardi is still hiring. That is why Jabatan Pertanian is still hiring.

    But no...... Malaysians have become a sombong lot.. eeeew.. tanah.. kotttor. WTF!

    In Sime Darby Berhad for instance, more than 50% of the estate workers are Indonesians. Why?

    The locals are too arrogant to want to do it. In areas where the locals are doing it, they work like it's their father's company.. with low productivity and all..

    That is why Plantation Companies prefer to take Indonesians...

    But now.. with more than half a million of people that are going to lose their jobs.. Put your ego aside and work.

    Do you know that, out of the 1.2 million Indonesians working in our country.. A small-medium group of them are in fact graduates??

    What is important is money.

    So.. if you got retrench from a bank .. The KFC management programme doesn't look stupid now doesn't it?

    If you just got retrench from a factory.. the Mc Donald's cashier or even the makcik selling chilli in the market doesn't look stupid now.. does she?

    Cut on the luxurious spending.
    Eat in than out.
    Public Transportation is an option.
    Walking is a healthy option.
    Sell ur big car for a more economical car...
    Instead of Jenahak and chicken.. Ikan Kembong and telur dadar is almost as healthy...
    Instead of a big bash for ur birthday.. just have a small makan with family and close friends.
    Instead of going for facial every week.. go once a month..
    Instead of clubbing every saturday nite, have a pot luck at ur place.. or just at the mamak stall for a chat...

    You know what I mean.

    We can survive.. Think smart. Find lah.. you lost ur exec. job.. but it isn't the end of the world..

    Remember.. God never give us something that we can't handle.

    May God save us.
    May the Government assist us.

    Insya'Allah... we will survive..

    sick and tired

    p/s - I heard that 8000 people didn't come back for the KT elections.. maybe.. that's why BN lost..

    something isn't right.. Information is still not reaching the makciks and pakciks..

    whatever. PAS ke. UMNO ke. kalau kena retrench.. retrench gak.

  61. Anonymous3:04 pm

    remember what caused the French Revolution. I say storm the Bastille!

  62. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Vote for PKR and everything will be solved. PAS will opt for a welfare state, by giving everybody a share of the wealth.

    PR will sponsor lawyers to reinstate workers.

    DAP will bring in FDI by the zillions.

    So, three cheers for PKR if fairy tales were to be believed.


  63. Anonymous5:11 pm


    As usual Midvalley, IKEA, IKANO, Jusco, Sogo etc. capturing storms of customers every weekend... that probably served as the economic barometer for the govt monitoring instrument...The worst only yet to come when all these closed down due to no customer..Malaysian still have lifestyle maa.. What's with the talking that do not walk the talk cock..naa..what's up doc?

    Pity the retrenched labour, well what to do..a capitalist world, its all about the money..

    Agriculture? yup..plant more food for Malaysian, no matter what storms hit..all living people need to eat..make money oout of it..Who needs to be like S'pore in this time of crisis eating steels, rocks & microchips..better be like Thailand self-producing their own rice & other foods..

    OR join our very own so god-damn condemn police force & go fight the rising the nation some honour other than just complaining..

    The drop of crude oil price do significantly impact our country revenue.. not only oil..since the oil price drop, the cost of producing synthetic rubber also drop, hence our natural rubber export also drop.. due to world economic crisis, people are taking less olein fat and thus so do our palm oil export...all means less USD or foreign currency flowing in hence depreciating the value of RM.

    To the sum of all worst-ness, we had a bunch of stupid politicians as leader running this country at this time..

    Wow, its really hot here in hell, but not for the devils as they are used to it..Malaysia Boleh...?

    Anon Emigrant 12:16
    Wish u well in whatever country u are ..maybe u think the storm won't hit u there.. just bear in mind that u r the 1st to be kicked out sky high once the storm hit ..just like the case of S'pore.. any plan where to go then? to no-man-land, eh?

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  64. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Let's just hope it doesn't have to come this far...

  65. Anonymous1:41 am


    One thing good that will come out of all this is people will begin to be more humble...especially the yuppies and towkays. I've seen it in the mid 80's and the late 90's and we will see it now.

    Suicide will go unreported. Many will suffer stress and mental breakdown. The one that survives best are those who have nothing before the recession.

    To survive...just go back to basics. Spend only on food. Take public transport.It is just an economic will be over in a few years and then it will slowly recover.It will be painful but survive we will!


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  67. Anonymous4:41 pm

    (fury9) : the big mamak said : " quit your jobs in US companies !"

    dun wori lah = plenty of jobs in the non-US shops what !

  68. Anonymous7:53 pm

    And I was told that Pak Lah said in Dubai recently : Professionals who are currently working in Dubai are advised not to return since the situation is better in Dubai.


  69. Anonymous12:49 am

    Howcome only private sectors affected??? Whatabout gov sectors???? No problem or pretending no problem.The gov should help the private sectors as well.I'm sure the number going to hit more than 1 million.

    Should we continue to boycott US products????
    The funny thing is the media showing each Gazan happily receiving 5 pieces USD 100 notes each as a donation.You boycott US and US products but not the USD.How to justify this?????