Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ST: Anwar's Pakatan losing focus

Nov 18, 2008
Opp state chiefs under fire
Pakatan dogged by weak governance and internal bickering
By Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief

KUALA LUMPUR: The Penang government must
have winced each time the local newspapers splashed
photographs of bleachers being dismantled along its
Esplanade last week.
'I think there's a loss of focus after the first few months,' [an Opposition MP] said.
Oh, Carol! Reading recent angry postings aimed at me by rabid pro-Pakatan Rakyat bloggers, I almost believed that I had been overly critical of the Pakatan Rakyat state governments and leaders. Then I read Carolyn Hong's piece Opp state chiefs under fire in the Singapore Straits Times (18/11).


  1. Anonymous12:37 am

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  2. Rocks!!

    I'm with you chief, regardless of who the PR bloggers are. you heard me right man.

  3. Anonymous12:49 am


    here you go again. a million thanks for doing for the dirty work of BN.
    come clean and just tell the world that this blog is no longer neutral.
    hey, i respect your leanings but come clean ok.
    for me, its the CAUSE and right now, PR represents the better choice. But would you dare to come clean?

    Bangsa Malaysia.

  4. Anonymous1:08 am

    Bangsa Malaysia,

    So bodoh one. Why don't you ask Straits Times Singapore and the reporter Caroline to come clean that they are doing dirty work for BN?

    I repeat -- BODOH. Bangsa Malaysia does not need your kind of stupidity.

    Rocky, don't stop Bru.

  5. Anonymous1:19 am

    Rocky's balls had probably shrunk after being sued and with the court case still hanging over his head. we can't blame him for his 180 degree turned villianous. By this, it may earn him some mercy to get back his peaceful mind and life. Understand him, OK?

  6. Anonymous1:28 am

    penang, selangor, kedah and perak ... only mr nizar of perak deserves all the credit. he truly learn fast to be the 'government' and act firm on his decision. its true he has the least critics among all.

    mb/cm of penang, kedah and selangor are still behaving like an oppostion leaders. at times i thought they are from the bn when they become so defensive over critics

    just wonder have i voted for the wrong party/person????

    they may be new and inexperience but that is not an excuse. better buck up or you will be a one term mp/government!!

  7. From a non issue...made into one.
    The project was a private matter.
    LEG was just trying to encourage more events to Penang by saying..govt will waive off entertainment taxes....and it is been twisted into something else.
    Eng Guan have so much commonsense and a very fast learner.....never seen before...under Gerakan.

  8. You have not been overly critical of the PR but you have been 'almost' apologetic for the shortcomings of UMNO/BN.

    Think man, think of the bigger picture and not retreat to base 'comfort zones' which admittedly will keep this country going, but to what ends?

  9. Anonymous1:45 am

    bro, there is one word to penyokong politik = taksub, it same goes to UMNO and Pakatan. Bila terlalu taksub sangat, tak boleh di kritik, that the beginning of the end. La ni samoai bila pun kita tak boleh maju. Tengok negara2 maju lain, kita tak kira PKR ke, DAP ke UMNO ke, kalau benar kata benar, salah kata salah. Ni kalau org kritik sikit aje nak melenting. Itu le apa yg terjadi dgn dia org ni. Menraliti PKR pun dah macam org UMNO, bahkan org PAS lagi taksup, semua kentot tok gura mereka bau wangi belaka bro

  10. Anonymous1:57 am

    "Friends" who are friends ONLY if you agree with them aint no friends :)

    A friend

  11. Dear Rocky..the boss.

    You are the BEST and still are...!!!

    By the way, is this...Carolyn Hong and S'pore ST are switching side too..!!

    After all it's S'pore 'mali' maa...always good one wat'..

  12. Anonymous2:44 am


    I think they were too consumed and arrogant when they won the few states.

    Every one of them had too much to say all going their own ways. It is as though there is no COALITION/ COORDINATION? But they forgot that from day they took their oath, RAKYAT are watching.

    And it is almost 8months? What the heck are they doing?

    The demonstrations, Londeh incidents, the 16/9 fevers, the Taiwan Frog catchers, the RPK, the HINDRAF, the Sex Sedekah, the Teresa dogs egg, the Permatang Pauh, the Mongolian, the 999, the Malaysian Malaysia, The Suing spree, the land to Chinese schools, the Selayang Paper Man, The Cameraman, the Social Contract, the way they conducted themselves in the Parliament and their famous walkouts, the 30%, the 50%, The PKNS, the pre election promises, the this the that the this the that WOW…

    Too much to swallow, WHAT A SHAME!


  13. Anonymous3:02 am

    The next 5, could you thank Lee Ah Chai pleased. you have just been promoted.

    6. Adie Suri Zulkefli - Promotion Grade B to A (last promotion in 2004)

    7. David Yeow Tow Sion (124218) Promotion Grade B to A (joined 2006; only reporter with ability to read Mandarin, strong asset for MCA/Gerakan coverage; dependable, proven to be 'senior')

    8. Vasudevan Vamadevan (77311) Promotion Special Grade to Specialist Writer (last promotion in 2006, proven to be a good team leader in political coverage)

    9. Brenda Lim Chin Lee - Promotion Grade B to A (last promotion 2000; have proven to be a strong second in command in Ipoh bureau)

    10. Shahrum Sayuthi (109398) Merit increment (last promotion in 2003; have taken up bigger challenge in Johor Baru bureau, with Johor Buzz)

    Don't forget to thank Lee Ah Chai, OK.

  14. Anonymous3:39 am

    Hey Monsterball, you dyslexic idiot! His name is Guan Eng, not Eng Guan.

    Apalah ni...want to support PR but can't even get their names right.

  15. Anonymous5:02 am

    To: YAB Tuan Li GE,Penang CM
    it's okey YAB,you take it easy about this tennis matter.

  16. Anonymous5:38 am

    Rocky, you are missing the point. The point is you have been running down Pakatan of late for reasons wholly known to yourself. And the point is Carolyn Hong has no credibility, having been a stooge of A. Kadir Jasin and Abdullah Ahmad, the two enemis of journalism. Carol writes at her whims and fancies. In short, she writes for the sake of writing. In short, she lacks objectivity.


    man ... if you were to list down the similar stuff for BN...
    guess your keyboard will wear...

    Always compare... get down to details

  18. bro,

    this is a classic case of managing success . big headed and arrogant . Look at the demographic of the 6 million new voters ,they will boot out this kind of attitude.

  19. Anonymous6:20 am

    If there were a "devil" and if the devil were in the business of purchasing "souls", then certainly YOU ROCK Y did sell yours to the(BN) devil

  20. Anonymous7:48 am

    Whatever is written I think for a new state government that came to power for 6 months is a big success. LGE had done a great job, unlike BN who wasted 50 years.

    UMNO had lost my vote since 12GE, me and my family will stick to voting the alternative government from now and beyond.

  21. Anonymous7:57 am

    PR (DAP/PKR/PAS) are really good at being the opposition. However, they really have no idea to run a state let alone a country.

    The recent tennis event fiasco in Penang summed it up on how pathetic their governance is. Prior to it being cancelled, PR totoks and even Jeff Ooi in his blog basked in the glory of being a state who managed to pull in tennis idols to the state but AS SOON AS THE DEAL WENT OFF, SUDDENLY THE PENANG STATE GOVT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT..can you see the hypocrisy...

    this PR govt also can't get their priority right..they are more concern on petty stuff like road name (trying to change SILIBIN ROAD to name of DAP leader shows how GILA GLAMER AND GILA KUASA THEY ARE or putting chinese signboard when they know that they money is better spent elsewhere..

    All these are hard evidence and you'd be amazed on how the PR-totoks will be blind of this, really its amazing (and not in a good way)

  22. Anonymous7:58 am

    At first, Rocky was anti-BN. He had soulmates in Jeff Ooi and RPK. That was when the mainstream press was controlled by the Indian priest. Now that the Indian priest has resigned, Rocky has become pro-BN. He only quotes anti-Pakatan articles, trying to whip up anti-Pakatan frenzy. Who are the rabid writers on his blog ?

    Check out those who use profanities and boast of their language skills. They are not PR supporters.


  23. Anonymous8:02 am

    Once Mahathir manages to oust Bodohwi, Rocky has become converted to the UMNO cause.

    Tak ape lah, kita masih ingat. Once a traitor, always a traitor, no matter how many times Rocky chooses to change his hat. He would be foolish to think that now UMNO will accept him into their fold.


  24. Anonymous8:32 am

    Hello people,
    The mainstream media still control by BN. Now the "hantu-hantu" of hired BN & sympathiser is coming out to play. Even here I hear the comments of BN sympathiser & supporters. Losing one power of control especially for the likes of Khir Toyol is definitely unbearable.....BN that has been addicted to power just like hook by crook they want that power back. As you know absolute power corrupt absolutely. Its interesting, and I prefer it this way....look how BN "behave" more sympathising and gunning for the popular choice like lower the FUEL act. If this has been BN for 90% control.....FORGET IT! future, we left some states to whoever the oppositions and let them fight it out. That's the way......we get to enjoy benefit from both parties. 2 party system. Pakatan Rakyat should build more cohesion and try keep whatever dispute quietly and behind close door just like how BN did it. Learn from BN.....see how they suddenly become so quiet unlike during the outburst of Semi Value, Najib sumpah sumpah aftershocks when they lost power. Now they remember and start keep quiet.

  25. No matter what Rocky write...I trust and respect this man.
    He is friendly.. polite and cultured.
    Yes...he is a political blogger...but threading on the line of fairness....based on how his mind is thinking.
    All accused him of being pro Mahathir...including me...but he is not. He is just putting out messages that sounds like he is pro M. In actual fact..he his applying his skillful see how we react to each of his message.
    Zorro ....his one time most trusted friend...left him...deleted Rockybru..from his blog......saying his is on a mission with a cause.
    Rocky still have bis blog in his roll..and I suggest he should delete that bugger also.
    Zorro asked me for help...twice. I did...treated him with loving kindness...invite him to my house for tea and cakes.. and he fed informations to one exposing all my details....including my house address.
    I am afraid of no one..but to involve my house address is to involve my whole family.
    This man can be bought and sold for a small fee..saying he is ....on a mission and a cause.
    Remember...never trust one that can behave like stab Caesar at the back...for a mission or he puts it. In actual fact..just plain low class.. personal benefits.
    His famous gas bag is getting from bad to worst.

  26. May I advise Rocky to recall how Brutus stabbed Caesar...for a mission and a cause.
    He should not treat such people as friends anymore...and delete them from his blog they did to him.

  27. Anonymous8:50 am

    Thank You Ah Chai

  28. Anonymous9:06 am

    i Think NST got vacancy.
    Go for interview

  29. Anonymous9:26 am

    hai there rocky!

    you dont have to worry.nevermind all those politically corrected pro-PR fans.there are many still still in support of you.just keep blogging and say from your point of view of what is right and what is wrong.

    transparency is what matter.truth is what have the right to blog of how u feels as much as the other bloggers.

  30. Anonymous9:42 am

    Bro Rocky,

    You had not only been overly critical of the Pakatan Rakyat state governments and leaders lately, but many are doubt you had undergone some sort of "turning over" session conducted by Special Branch. Just wonder what kind of package they offer to you?

    - Dicko

  31. Anonymous9:47 am

    aisay....these PR people, they're behaving like BN people already. so defensive and can't take the critics. i guess now they know that it's not always rosy to be on the other side of the fence, eh?


  32. Fanatics will believe what they want to believe, hear what they want to hear and say what they want to say.

    This applies to hardcore Pakatan Rakyat and BN supporters.

    Rocky, people still visit your blog don't they, just carry on.

  33. You Infidel rocky how dare you flame pakatan states, if you compare them to BN states they are WAY WORSE!! Rocky you sold your soul and lost your conscience because you keep flaming Pakatan Rakyat government when you think they do wrong things. Your conscience were clear when you flame BN government back then because you think they were wrong.

    Where is your journalism ethics man, A true journalist will not flame the opposition man instead they should only flame the government.... err... which is why you flame the pakatan MB because they are now the govt.

    Ahhhhhhhhh............ No Wait!!

    Rocky you BIAS REPORTER I am going to read the fair and Journalism ethical writings at Malaysia Today, Susan Loone, Harakah Daily and MalaysiaKini.

    Now if you would excuse me,
    I am going to read Susan Loone and jerk off.

    P/S - I used to like reading RPK's stuff, it's like political pornography in writing.

  34. Anonymous9:50 am

    Rocky, these obsessed PR supporters will only be satisfied if you sucked Anwar's bola. Hell to them's your blog, write what you think is right and true not to what they think is right and true. If they don't like it they can get lost and go to pro PR blogs.

    These supporters of PR are shameless just like Anwar...kena tipu hidup2 pun masih nak percayakan Anwar. Bila nak take over kerajaan?
    2020 ke?


  35. Bro Rocky,

    Slip ups, I daresay,is way better than outright corruption and abuse of authority.

    ST is nonetheless spot on in that Pakatan Rakyat's state government lack a central core committee or something likewise to tackle matters of major policy and principle.

    Anwar, who seems to be the de facto leader of the PR, should do something to the effect of initiating such a decorum and quit thinking about taking over the Federal Government.

    His time will come if the states under the PR coalition gets off on better footing.

    God bless.

  36. Baby learns to walk
    Tumbling down on the stairs
    Bruises on hands and knees
    The learning isn’t over yet

    Adults shout in the air
    “Don’t walk down the stairs
    Hold on the railing
    Go slowly look your steps”

    When there is mishap
    Pointing fingers begin
    Parents cross fire
    Blaming each other
    Grandmother joins the rank
    Baby learns to walk

    The knocks and bruises
    Every one has gone into it
    Learning the rope
    Many falls before baby makes it right

    When you are new
    The learning will take some time
    A few years to perfect the game
    Before you claim you have arrived

  37. Anonymous10:18 am

    Abang Nuar brahim,
    We should banned this fouled pen Mossad sponsored journalist Ms Carolyn and Mossad sponsored paper Singapore Strait Times from future PR Press briefing as well as next weekend Annual PKR Congress in Shah Alam.

    Mat Husin Menguap
    Bakal Calon Pilihanraya Umum ke 13
    Parlimen Shah Alam

  38. Bro Rock,

    This is show the BR is lousy kok all the time. Actually they are not loss focus but no focus at all except want to topple the government. After they succeed than our country will become the jungle law becoz the PKR wants to pay the revenge to BN guy and Anwar will achieve his dream to become the PM before he die, DAP will continue their chav Mandarin is the 1st class and Chingkies is the superior race, PAS as usual want to have hudud, HINDRAF want to have their own state maybe form the tamil autonomy in Sentul and Brieckfield. At the end of day, the rakyat pun will always become stupid becoz with have the stupid politician left and right.

  39. Anonymous10:21 am

    Hikayat Mamak Bendahara why invite Zorro only you also should invite Raja Petra then you have a better feel about wht they think about Rocky .... you must another mamak , just like mahathir .. who is the biggest culprit in Malaysian history ... Hey mamak fuck off la ....

  40. i have been DAP's supporter since the day i knew what politic was.

    I think Guan Eng should just apologize for the "Kings of Tennis" fiasco, i believe Guan Eng must gentlmenly admit that yes there were flaws in the event instead of giving excuses of this and that,personally it is a let down for me.

    And Guan Eng should transfer Danny Law or strip his position as the state exco (tourism) for his inability in carrying out his duties,a real C A T administration,should be bold enough to admit its shortcoming and mistakes in order to be transparent.there is just no excuses,if you think you have no capable people,go outsource la

    We dont like to hear excuses,like we used to hear from BN's government.

    Again,i personally feel the DAP has become arrogant and mindless of how the people feel,if the rakyat can put you in power,in the same manner we can put you back in obscurity.

  41. Anonymous10:28 am

    Bro Bru,

    I love your writtings, this is where I learn politics. Keep on writtings.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  42. Anonymous10:31 am

    Hmm..problems eh..

    The fact remains that PR has not much experience running a government and therefore, allowance and adjustment has to be made to allow them to make mistakes and blunders in order to learn. Afterall, we have been giving that concession to BN.. so, why is everyone so hard on PR? You mean to say you people are dumbwitted enough to think that PR is going to be run their states in a supremo style with no mistakes and blunders? You kidding me ah?! How dumb is that?! So dumb some more want to pass judgement ah? tsk!

    As for the press, well, let's be very objective here la huh.. the press has not been kind and fair to PR states. True, it is not wrong to expose or report wrongdoings but must it be for every single small bits ah? No right?? I dont see such detailed reporting when BN was in 2/3 power also!

    On top of that, please bear in mind, PR also have to fend off idiots from BN.. always provoking, always instigating other innocent parties to do their dirty work, always inciting all sorts of tension. BN has never once stop one bit to think that their destructive behaviour will not bring down just the PR ruling party but everyone too!

    So, you tell me, can PR do a good job running their states? I am not a PR die hard fan. I am just being objective about things. If we want to be bold and exercise our democratic rights than we must be matured and objective enough to have realistic goals!!

  43. Anonymous10:32 am

    Hey Rocky,
    Everyone who's defending you says that you are just being fair in your reporting... but I don't see any 'dirt' about BN in here. We do know that there are shenanigans going on in BN states everyday, but only the issues of the PR states are being highlighted, be it here or in the mainstream media. Rocky, you're sounding more like them. So can I say that you are being fair?

    Just a supporter of truth and justice.

  44. Anonymous10:33 am


    if caroline doesnt want to come clean, that doesnt mean rocky cant, aint it. hey, i am just asking but its rocky's choice of life of what he wanst to do and be. i am not condemning him but at least the readers know his leanings. Is that too much to ask?
    to you, I am Bodoh. So be it, but I wont stoop so low that I will call you names in retaliation.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  45. Anonymous10:34 am

    to monsterball

    if BN gov do the same so called "waived" or whatever, lots of people will call it crony, corrupt and everything. So bias!

    btw rocky...

    be yourself.. this is your own blog.. nobody perfect. Do what you believe.

    I will stand behind you.

  46. People keep saying Lim Guan Eng is making a successful change in Penang.

    Can someone tell me what he has done?


  47. Anonymous10:55 am

    Dear the watcher,

    You have called Monsterball, a dyslexic i***t!

    I hope readers should refrain to make comments that are insulting, racists or labelling.

    This is correction on dyslexia stereo-tying:

    (1) My son is dyslexic, and so are about 10% of the national population by expert estimtes. Although he has problem in reading and writing fast enough to take local exams, he has been tested to have a high IQ.

    (2) Also check the findings below that that 40% of millionaires in Britain are dyslexic.

    Hj M Zin
    Alor Gajah

    || ||

    Dyslexia links:

  48. Dear Brother Rocky,

    Fuck all the pengutuks tak bertauliah, i am here to support u sir by all means....

    Deeeiiii MONSTERBALL,






  49. tong-kosong....Don't bring out a well known.. corrupted UMNO party with all of them.....dressed up with false titles...filthy talk fairness for them.
    They will be next election.

  50. Anonymous11:21 am

    do you know where is ganesh sahathevan (hope got his name right. He was exposing a prominent fella in the local scene in the Screenshots of Jeff Ooi (when he was mentally ok back then)when suddenly and inexplicably the story got canned. Wonder where ganesh is (the last i heard he was in the Land Down Under). maybe, bro can get hold of him and let the canary sing :)..that will be the day..........

    by the way...where is lazarus Rokk, fauzi omar,Heidi Munan and that guitarman, RS Murthy?

    Kerp (ph.d): way to man. i am with you on this!!

    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous11:26 am

    monsterball said...
    From a non issue...made into one.
    The project was a private matter.
    LEG was just trying to encourage more events to Penang by saying..govt will waive off entertainment taxes....and it is been twisted into something else.
    Eng Guan have so much commonsense and a very fast learner.....never seen before...under Gerakan.


    As usual this idiot called monsterball not only can't write, but also got names wrong! Everyone except that idiot monsterball knows Penang CM is Guan Eng and not Eng Guan!! If you can't get a basic thing like people's names right, idiotic monsterball, go and get yourself shot by the Taliban first before ever spewing your nonsense here or anywhere. Like Mahathir you are CERTAINLY OUT OF DATE BUT NOT OUT OF SIGHT!!


  52. By the way..Zorro exposed details of me..for the mission and support pro Mahathir bloggers 2 years ago.
    Now his is on a mission and cause against Mahathir.....not that he has a brain to understand what a so call mission and cause is...but purely be a puppet on a RPK...for a fee.
    He is a gas bag ..that can be bought...and I don't blame RPK ...using him.
    Have you not zorro carry RPK's balls in videos??
    Finally..I really hope Rocky will abandon "All Blog" nonsense and be himself.

  53. Anonymous11:29 am


    Keep writing coz i like ur blog. If it is true that u sold ur soul to BN, then believe most of the bloggers would have sold their souls to PR coz they only talk bad about BN all the times and never expose the bad governance and stupid decisions made by PR states government so far. How pathetic to hear those who talk about free press and openness is the one who cannot accept criticism. No wonder people are getting tired of PR and its supporters of being arrogant and destructive. U are tired of them too Rocky, i guess...

  54. Anonymous11:30 am

    mozart1973 said...
    People keep saying Lim Guan Eng is making a successful change in Penang.

    Can someone tell me what he has done?

    Yeah...can someone enlightened me on this as well?...

    and also Teresa Kok's, Kit Siang's and Karpal's contribution to the you and me, the ordinary folks

    These people are just OVER-RATED by their fans..blind fans i may add

  55. BN no longer relevant. Do we have much choice ? or give them support by giving TIME.

  56. Anonymous11:44 am

    Wow, the untouchable PR supporters must be having a field day!

    They can only see their heroes like horses with blinkers.

    The moment someone talks about their wrong doings, they are your enemies.

    Are the PR guys saints with no sins?

    All they seem to know is fault finding and that seems to be their speciality.

    Another thing they excel in is talking about the past. Hey, there is nothing one can do about yesterday as it is dead and gone.

    Buck up. Forget the past. Think of the future!


  57. Anonymous11:45 am

    Still trying to get hits with your postings.


  58. Actually, I've sense something fishy in you... long time ago... lol...

    it doesn't matter which side you are, but its count on what course you brought forward.

    win-win for RAKYAT. win win for all of us who-dont-have-much.

  59. Anonymous11:52 am


    Go easy on dem carrots. will give you toxicitis if ingested in excess. the symptoms already litter your post, idiot. PR were always bragging they could do BETTER than BN if given the chance. Now show that you can indeed do BETTER from the word go.. and no waffling........

    hisham: you would make a good badut in Senario. Y not apply. Fact is Zorro is an arsehole chingkie scum, a hired gun who couldnt take the dare....and HMB never extended an invite to the tin-can/ciggarette foil God of Bloggers, RPK in the first place, you slimeball.

    non pr nor Bn: have you really followed this blog or are u just an a new arrivedeste who wants to show he has got the biggest pecker-brain of all your ilk. Go get a lifelah you low life, stupid fella!

    bangsa malaysia: what's your beef, man. you talk like you are munching on some shit. Probably, you festoon your blog ( if you have one) with articles from harper's weekly, MAd and stuff. who are you to impute "leaning" here. Rocky's a fair blogger presenting the facts as they are, you either like it or fuck off. Take off that "acid" tinted glasses your momma gave you as a present for being her best little sucker and read the postings like a proper sane man, you expect him to be fawning of PR ah? Thats the job of pro-PR blogs not a neutral sopo blogger like Rocky. Get it, now scram, beat it.. fuck off to the proPr blogs of your fancy and ejaculate for all you want. They must be "good" oneslah for mindless zombies, after all, PR means Public Relations mah.. also you can check out their GROs whilst you are trolling there. By the way, just a piece of advice, finish munching your shit and stuff some grey matter between dem ears before you post a comment here next time...will ya?.

    Warrior 231

  60. MSM reporting:

    BN do 'Good' things - 1st page, big fonts
    PR do good things - last page, small fonts (near classifed add)

    BN do bad things - sudah kautim, demonstration by PR-police take action very fast.

    PR not yet do 'bad' things - 1st page reporting, PR have to proof that this is not bad.,...proof.......proof....proof....not enough...demonstration by NGO, UITM, Pekida, (no police action for demo) take 1 month to clear the air.

    BN do last year - forget
    PR do last year - 'korek' & charge

    BN fondle - name of the person not published
    PR charged in court - 1st page photo, sodomy and sex for sedekah lesson included.

    BN - sodomi, nala, ezam - 1st page
    PR - fuel, economy, ISA - NO page!

  61. Anonymous11:55 am


    Why Haris Ibrahim who shout "power to the people" did not approve my comments. It should change to "power to only certain people".

  62. The report by Carolyn is quite fair.
    The Pakatan Governments in Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kedah are still in the learning process.It is true they lack experience in governance and are not coordinated in their policies.This is to be expected as PAS, PKR and DAP, basically have their own priority.There is less corruption ( I hesitate to say no corruption ), less arrogance, and more sincerity and more care for the poor and downtrodden.We, as electorates, will decide when the time comes.It is too early, perhaps, to make any judgement now!

  63. Anonymous12:21 pm

    it has ONLY been 8 months. some of us had to weather worst scenarios when BN was in TOTAL power. When some of us voted PR into some power, little did we expect them to govern more than just Kelantan. Shouldn't we support them and assist them? Is it better for us to be critical with them as when BN was in TOTAL power? Are we saying that PR must make major changes NOW as stipulated in their manifestos and raised during the election campaign, when we know that the mainstream media is still with the BN, the government bodies, especially the federal ones at the state level - ACA, PDRM, KASTAM, MoE etc. are still under BN directives, they don't get the financial support that they need from the Federal government? Are we saying that we should revert to the old ways and get BN back in power immediately and admit we have made a mistake?

  64. Anonymous12:27 pm

    ACCEPT THE FACTS. much easier for anybody to condemn others, search for other people's mistakes than the person himself being a leader! much worse huh?

  65. Anonymous12:33 pm

    well no one really knows who is gng to b history in the nx might even b the people of malaysia.everyone has their right to their opinion.N rocky is rocky.change has to come within himself.not fm yr comments.come on give him a break.most of u guys post yr comments 4 self glory isn't it. now those who dont like this blog stay away fm it.


  66. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Rocky, submit your resume to Anthony yet or not?

    I don't think there's an opening there for you lah.

    But the Media Council ... now there's something you can aim for.

    It was brilliant to argue that the Internet media should not be subject to the council, while at the same time saying that a Media Council is not such a bad idea.

    It goes without saying that such a council should be led by an impartial third-party ie. somebody from the Internet media.

    Who else but you, man?

    Rocky for Council Chairman!

  67. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Don't worry Rocky. Present both side of it.

    Those PKR and PR people only live in dreamland. At least the UMNO people can be self critical but not them.

    These PKR and PR people are living in denial. They are like Pak lah, who wanst to hear good stories of themselves. Good, than you will fail just like what happoen to Dolah Bodowi.

    Be yourself, Rocky. Lets not lose sleep because your good friend Zorro attacked you. I read his recent posting on you.

    He has become irrational and stupid since he got caught in the mob mentality of PKR.

    He seems to follows whatever Harris tells him. He lost the point of agree to disagree. In actual fact, he hate people who disagree with him.

    Must be stupid and senile. He think just becasue people respect him he can simply marah at will. People not stupid to see his racist anti Malay and anti Muslim side disguising under his liberal and multiracial outlook.

    What Malay and Muslim he kawan? Not the typical Malay and Muslim but those who is no more Malay and Muslim macma Harris Ibrahim and Malik Imtiaz. He falls into the English educated Chinese type, who hardly can speak Malay and live in their secluded world.

    He is emotionally childish. He can't take criticism well. I got whacked once.

    Perhaps he is not old and senile but a baby in tantrum demanding tit's milk.

    Wife's tetek lohe oredy

  68. Anonymous1:24 pm

    rocky, if those guys think you're overly critical, they should read this article in malaysiakini, today


    DAP's personality disorder

    Khoo Kay Peng | Nov 19, 08 12:44pm

    From being Umno lackeys and yes-men to condoning abuse of power and corruption, we already know the inability of Gerakan leaders to move Penang forward. That is why, these lackeys were booted out in the last general election.

    DAP and its top leader Lim Guan Eng achieved landslide victories despite not coming to Penang seeking to overthrow the Barisan Nasional state government. The party only offered to become an effective and substantial opposition.

    Voters in Penang took the leap of faith but not without great expectations. It is fair to argue that they voted out BN but not really voted in DAP/Pakatan Rakyat. At 4pm on election day, a few top DAP leaders were still not sure of doing well at the state level.

    However, since DAP leaders have accepted the responsibility and burden to govern this state they should try to turn this negative win into a positive win. A positive win is required for the party to seek a decisive reelection at the next general election. Granted, a term is too short for the new government to do transformational change but we do expect the party to take a lead to transform Penang. We expect transformational leadership from Lim.

    Hence, it is not too much for us to expect some vision and direction from his leadership. We are ready to support and even go along with some bold decisions and steps to help Penang become a leading example of good governance. Three immediate things come to mind which need immediate attention: cleanliness, public safety and economy.

    Lim needs to make his vision to transform Penang clear. Clarity is important if he expects the people to support his vision and plans. To do so, he must not be afraid of the old forces which will try to muzzle his efforts and make him follow the old framework. Already, there are some instances when decision makers in his team have to refer back to old precedents fearing criticism from his foes.

    We do not hire new people to do the same old things. No doubt, we could sense that the new administration is trying to be business friendly and at the same time demonstrate its financial prudence.

    The gleeful announcements of free wifi service, a possible new aerobus system and others which come at no cost to the government are some examples. However, soon the government will learn the hard fact that there is no free lunch in business.

    Two possible routes

    The Kings of Tennis fiasco is what the government does not need. It should learn that over eagerness to do something for Penang can expose some management inexperience and weaknesses. Critics are right to point out that the local authority should not simply bend the rules to accommodate any event organiser.

    Preliminary background check is necessary. Business sense should also prevail when it comes to financial viability of the project. Still, rules are rules. They are meant to be followed not broken. What stops other organisers from asking for similar exemptions?

    Since there is a heritage advisory panel in place, the state should get their views on events to be held within the heritage zone especially when it involves altering the landscape of the protected area. Tourism and heritage promotion is beyond an individual. It makes more sense for the state to build up collaborations among key stakeholders.

    At the start of his administration, Lim had been quite generous with new appointments. Many of his party men were elected to important-sounding positions such as chief of staff, policy adviser, economic adviser, investment coordinator and others.

    The coming first anniversary of his government would be a good chance for him to evaluate the effectiveness of those occupying these positions. Positions are created to play specific roles and satisfy specific purposes.

    Lim can choose between two possible routes. First, stay somewhat conservative and stick with his non-performing loyalists or second, enact changes which will help to strengthen his team and its ability to execute his vision and plans. He will need a real chief of staff who can help to keep him on the right track.

    Too many event appearances, meetings and parliamentary responsibilities are going to keep him away from doing real thinking and strategising for Penang. Lim is already having his plate full with duties and tasks to lead committees not from his portfolios. Without adequate attention and time, some of these committees cannot operate effectively. As a result, many volunteers may lose interest after a while.

    Lim would need a real media adviser who can help to keep his message clear and consistent. Too much ranting about past abuses are going to wear off his public support and excitement. Surely, the mismanagement which caused the Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) to lose RM225 million within five years is serious.

    But Teng Hock Nan is right to point out that Lim could check with the relevant departments for the budget and expenditure details of MPSP and the Penang Island Municipal Council if he wanted to find out about the funds. Lim did not heckle Teng for answers but to run him down politically. A good media adviser will be able to point out to Lim how little mileage that will get him.

    There is still time for Lim to act and sound more chief ministerial. Lim did not run to become a chief minister. But more than 65 percent of voters in Penang felt that he and his team can be entrusted to do the job. What Lim and his team need to do is to start acting and sounding like a real government.

    Alas, going back to become an effective opposition, a role they know best, is no longer an option



  69. This blog has become garbage bin...sayonara...Won't be wasting anymore time reading this shit!!

  70. Wow some of this pro pakatan commenters must have taken lessons from George "yer-either-with-us-or-yer-against-us" Bush.

  71. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Well many would like to give a break to PR as a result of "lack of experience". Fine and fair.

    But can you tolerate the "lack of cohesion"? After 8 months, PR is still a "Pakatan Rakyat Yang Ada Motif dan Agenda Tersendiri". So you tell me if this acceptable or to be forgiven?

  72. Anonymous2:30 pm

    just wait till they bash u up... then, call me bro.

    anyway, stay what u are.... you opinion is your legitimate rights!


  73. Anonymous2:32 pm

    After So Long.

    Brother ROCKY which 'pagar" are you on ?

    Pakatan or Barisan ?

    From all your posting i would say brother Rocky lean towards

    But i have to say Pakatan has lost just a little teeny weeni power this few days.

    I hope the charge for Bangsa Malaysia will go on and never stop.

    No more Malaysian Chinese

    Call me proud Malaysian.

  74. Anonymous2:51 pm

    for all those who kutuk before u start talking, pls stop making a fool out of urself la...

    sometimes, u guys make as if u are the smartest in the world and try to show off when u know a bit just like that two BN guys who told Guan Eng he cant use the term amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar..

    go to penang and see it for urself and see what has changed... with the current economic situation, people are visiting penang by droves, something that is unseen for many many many many years.

    penang is now cleaner, more brightly lit, decorated and much more.. this is a good start to bring back the shine to penang...

    almost every week, the state govt organizes a public event to boost tourism.. again something that is unseen for many many many many years.

    the screw up on the tennis exhibition match, well you guys can go whack alex yoong's wife, arianna teoh for the cock up she did.. she cocked up once so it makes no difference that she is cocking up again...

    so before u guys start shooting urself in the feet, i advise u to have a first hand experience...

  75. The so called Pakatan Blowjobbers can write what they want Rock...For i just Regard them as Man Utd supporters... Cult Followers ! Period !The RAAKYT gave them five states and what have they done so far !Why dont the Bloggers write what their Chancellor Anwar has acheived so far ?We dont need a Bloody Chief Minister to address road sign issues lah ..a two bit town counselor can handle that.I only have this to say to you Rock ....

    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it

    Omar Khayyam

  76. Anonymous3:05 pm

    To all PR leaders and supporters..dont be arrogant..people are watching..come next election you 'll be history..with GOD'S willing


  77. Anonymous3:09 pm

    After more than 6 months, which i believe a fair period to assess and size up, i come to believe that Pakatan Rakyat is no different from Barisan Nasional.

    Before the 8 March 2008 election, PR has done well to leverage on the populist theme to further get thesupport from the already suffering Rakyat. Bangsa Malaysia, equality, religion tolerance, reduce petrol, etc.

    After the long honey moon period, what we do we see? Long list inactions or blunders, say, but simple list can spark your frustration.

    - Focus attention and energy to secure MPs from BN

    - Focus on 16 September 2008 for the frog jumping exercise

    - Trip to Taiwan by PKR to “lobby” the BN backbenchers

    - Inaction by Pakatan/Keadilan on the wonder MP from Kulim on his action at the Bar Council Forum

    - We have yet to see any MP of Pakatan especially DAP who have collected thousands or probably millions of Ringgit of donation during their ceramahs. When are they going to disclose to us, how much they have collected and where the money have gone? During the ceramahs, the MPs –in-waiting and their campaign managers inform the public that every single sen collected will be accounted for.

    - What is Anwar Ibrahim stand on the PKNS GM, secret RM10.5m payout?

    - Complete silence on the disclosure of the RM10.5 million payout to the lord president and judges.

    - After that disclosure, where are pro-PR troop of bloggers who initially praised the hope on Zaid Ibrahim, buat macam tuhan reformasi. Tap tap, konon nak sembunyi RM10.5 million. [Zaid Ibrahim & Co would not be the largest local firm if not because the governmental project works, as highlighted by Mahathir in his blog]

    - Where is the call for transparency that was LOUDLY trumpeted by Anwar Ibrahim and troopers? Where?

    - Look at the King of Tennis scandal in Penang ( SCANDAL is a word I borrowed from Lim Kit Siang). So what is is CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) preached by Lim Guan Eng?

    Many would agree that this PR is new, be fair to them, give them time to learn. The irony is these PRs are not humble and instead behave like hero and combative in their approach. They still not in administration mentality and resort to opposition approach.

    I am 100% sure, if I am a government servant working in the current PR controlled states, I will definitely not tolerate and cooperate with these snobbish PR’s ADUNS and MPs. The behaviour of these MPs and ADUNs of PR are not different from BN. So what the big fuss of change that the PR happily trumpeting during the election campaign.

    Look at the pro-Pakatan’s troop of bloggers, there are also not saint and clean, also not tell the fact or silent over fact.

    What has PKR done for state of Selangor because witch hunting? Crime prevention, what have you done? This is still a VERY serious issue now and PR play this issue big during the election campaign.
    The free water by PKR is plain stupidity. It encourages people to waste water. What does PKR done to help conserve the priceless natural resources? Where is Elizabeth Wong stand on this?

    We want CHANGE, but not for the sake of CHANGE only, must have SUSBTANCE not FORM only.

    If the cause of PR is all about Anwar, then it will be a sad case. Why I say this? Blind lead blind! Remember Anwar is an UMNO reject, so what make you believe that he can be an agent for change albeit he has been in jailed for 6 years. Leopard never changes its spots. If he is a saint, then different lah. Khalid Ibrahim, siapa itu, full beneficiary of NEP juga, tapi tamak sikit, want more, so UMNO reject lah, rupa-rupanya.

    To me PR is the same, same wine different bottle. No big deal.

    The pro-PR bloggers haven’t learn as well. The moment you mention something not positive (or you don’t lick them) they will retaliate macam kera kena belacan) They can’t accept when their god Anwar is questioned either on moral, ethical or political matters. So they want us changed-Rakyat to be yes man and ass lickers just like UMNO/BN as well?

    So why need the change then?

    Having said the above, I do recognise the really good ADUNs and MP of PR, but these are are species, same as I know they are good and great ADUNs and MPs of Barisan Nasional.

  78. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Bro. Rocky is singing to the same tune of the Grand Old Mamak used to be by installing people hatred towards PR government.His Mahathirism makes him become more Mahathir indeed.

    - Dicko

  79. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Don't you realize that there are enough people to hate in the world already, without your putting in so much effort to give us another? Anyway, I'd like to see things from your point of view, but I can't seem to get my head that far up your ass.


  80. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Can we have something else beside BN and PR.

    Is there anyone out there really worthwhile for us to support?

    I used to read Jeff Ooi but now he sucks since joining DAP with all the freebies he is into (from Samsung, UAE) and all that.

    If even bloggers can change their skins so fast and be hopeless the minute they have power, what more of politicians.

    PR will have to admit their deficiencies in administrating but all in all I think they are far better than BN in most cases.

    With BN, you will get screwed harder and at the same time they pinch your balls.

    With PR, they go slower on the screwing.

  81. Anonymous5:14 pm

    I am from events management industry... Words gone out that the tennis even flopped because of the events management company which belongs to a local celebrity couldn't pay those superstar tennis players thinking they've got good connection with the Player's agents. And the amount to pay these tennis players are very very high.
    Anyway, the event flopped has got nothing to do with LGE of Penang State government per se.

    It was entirely the events management company fault. I didn't understand how the blame could go to LGE... weird... maybe you all want to go find out which events company that tarnish LGE's repo instead.

  82. Rocky,

    You are like the fish in the sea (bukan anak ikan ok)...


    Rock On Bro..

    Biar saje penyokong2 PR semua tu syok sendiri..

  83. Abang Din,

    From my observation after we had put our "X" to them, they all seems to be the same:
    1. for instant, the petrol price dropping but "unfairly"; have you ever seen them fight until sweat-head (like the Speaker sometimes asked them to sit, they were also "purposely" relunctant to sit down but to challenge) to urger for better fairness dropage of the petrol price ?

    2. Yes, some of you might said that they fight (yes, when election time ONLY) ? After election, "Who f**K" (siapa peduli)?

    3. They were only concern onto those issue which can earn them more political mileage when slamming it, Petrol ? "Back-stage pre-arragement dealt" possibility ?

    So, sometimes we might just think that they could be just the same crony but to show that this country is democracy, so there we see the Ruling Alliance and Opposition Coalition ?

    Short to said, "they are like wearing the same one trouser"

    [ the 3rd PARTY ]

  84. As expected so many came to the defense of the PR. It's really hilarious that when it comes to BN, people would start cursing them for even the slightest mistakes/wrongdoing.

    But we have to give BN credit. At least UMNO/MCA/GERAKAN have the humility/GUTS...GUTS I REPEAT to admit their MISTAKES. HOW ABOUT PR?

    Have you ever heard PR APOLOGISING? I DONT THINK SO! Damn chauvinistic.

    Whenever they are in the wrong, they will just dismiss accusations claiming its a political ploy. ARROGANT!

    The recent HUHA on the BERSIH rally is one excellent example which I doubt anybody can DENY!.

    Some dumb PR Politician claimed that the Police intervened and broke up the rally while they were singing Negaraku. They claimed it is insulting the King and country!For Godsake, it's an illegal assembly!

    So can I assume that as long as burglars, rapist and hardcore criminals singing the NEGARAKU where ever they are, the Police can't arrest them till they stop singing? But what if they were to continue singing? WOW brilliant!

    Such a remark and support for illegal activities mocks the intellectual capabilities of Malaysians!

  85. Anonymous6:12 pm

    tharieq dhiyauddin said...

    Why Haris Ibrahim who shout "power to the people" did not approve my comments. It should change to "power to only certain people".

    11:55 AM

    Dear Tharied,

    If you want to comment in Haris Ibrahim blog, you must be Anwar licker, or follow PR cult otherwise don't dream!

    What is PR cult? You cannot question them, macam taliban lah:) whatever they do, cannot be wrong!

  86. Anonymous6:34 pm

    When will they start suing Caroline and ST? This will be a milestone cross border case.

    Yeah, the PR team is funning out of funds and another defamation suit will help in restoring their battle cry for justice.


  87. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Warrior 231,

    Didnt I say that if we want to be bold and exercise our democratic rights than we must be matured and objective enough to have realistic goals?? Realistic is...

    True, PR said they will do a better job than BN.. but I am sure anyone with a brain will know that such talks are simply MARKETING talk to sell their party! You mean to tell me you believe bulat bulat what people say? You are a big sucker for advertisement and marketing? Hmmm.... than what can I say?? IDIOT?

    Of course PR will have problems. Of course PR will fumble, tumble and even trip here and there. Of course PR will have some rotten apples. These are the little "weaknesses" everyone of us have to put up with. The real issue here is how PR is going to deal with these "weaknesses" and if they can right them!

    So, can we just give them some help and not add salt and pepper to a already turbulent situation ah?? So, can we all be very realistic in our expectations ah??

  88. Who the hell is Eng Guan? And whose LEG are we talking about?

  89. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Looks like Anwar one day will have to apply to join UMNO:)

    Analysis: DSAI power game plan that fell apart
    Written by Kazi Mahmood
    Tuesday, 18 November 2008

    The main plan of the opposition was to get the MP's from Sabah to jump ship and form a new national government with the PR, thus toppling the BN and elect Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister.

    Additional reading: Winds of change versus Umno resilience

    The political storm that hit Malaysia on March 2008 is not over and there are signs of a massive cyclone gathering on the horizons. Will Anwar Ibrahim make it or break this time? His strategy, from the start, was to depend on the states of Sabah and Sarawak where the wind of change is still filled with uncertainty.
    Anwar Ibrahim is at the center of the current political storm that is hitting Malaysia. He is working day and night to get the majority that is needed to topple the Barisan National (BN) regime but so far, he managed to grab non-Parliamentarians who fell off the ranks within the BN and the United Malays National Organization (Umno) and this is not sufficient for his strategy to be implemented.

    It is now obvious that Sabah was the core of the Anwar Ibrahim strategy to run down the BN government by September 16th 2008, six months after the devastating electoral set back suffered by the BN against the loose coalition headed by Anwar Ibrahim. The strategy fell apart after it was clear that Sabah MP's were not willing to be pawns in the power game plan laid by the astute opposition leader.

    Wooing the Sabahans with promises of a better economic deal and more power to the locals in the running of the state did not led the political class to bite the bait. Instead, many of the potential MP's targeted by the Party Keadilaan Rakyat (PKR) became vociferous opponents of the Anwar Ibrahim;s plan to topple the BN.

    Opposition websites and newspapers were filled with stories of dejection, poverty and abuse of power or of resources in the states of Sabah and Sarawak. The aim was to create a sensation of despair within the BN and among the people of the states. This was expected to force the people of these states to think of alternatives rather than to keep fulfilling their allegiance to the BN.

    Cracking Sabah alone could be damaging to the BN government. When the SAPP decided to quit the BN and join the opposition, hopes were high in the opposition ranks that there will be more MP's from the state of Sabah who would join the SAPP in the opposition, thus fulfilling Anwar's ambition.

    While the BN were feeling the heat of the opposition campaign to dislodge it from power after more than 50 years of rule, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) were also taken by a storm that shocked the supporters of the PKR and of the Democratic Action Party (DAP). The Party Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) was being courted by the Umno and offers were being made to create a new 'Islamic' alliance in the country to prevent the loss of Malay-Muslim political power.

    The PAS was not in agreement with Anwar's original plans for take over. The leaders of the Islamic party certainly knew how the former jail bird planned to arrest power from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but the glitches that existed in the plan put them off. The fact that most of the MP's willing to jump ship from the BN to join the PR were non-Muslims would have created a situation of great unrest in the country among Malays-Muslims. The Muslims would not want a regime headed by a Malay but run by non-Muslims in general. The number of MP's of Islamic faith within the PR became an important question that Anwar could not tackle.

    The September 16 date clashed with dates that are important in the Islamic calender, such as the Nuzul Quraan. The Muslims in Semenanjung Malaysia felt Anwar was being 'sarcastic' and were showing 'disrespect' to the Muslims by repeatedly calling for a change of regime in Malaysia on that fatal day for the opposition grouping. The PKR failed to rally the majority of MP's to take power based on the predictions and the landmark date set by Anwar Ibrahim himself.

    The month of Ramadan in Malaysia is not the same as those in Afghanistan or Iraq and Somalia where war is still ravaging the countries and disturbing the fasting month of the Muslims. It is a peaceful, joyful and enriching month with prayers and recitations across the Muslim community in Malaysia. Setting the target date to take power by overthrowing the ruling regime – a Malay regime by all means – was a mistake by Anwar.

    He gave more importance to the date when Sabah and Sarawak effectively joined Malaya to form Malaysia and in the process offended many Muslims who would have otherwise supported his plans to throw Umno out of power. The date could have differed from the September 16th date says critics of Anwar Ibrahim who added that it might have been different had Anwar waited patiently for his time to make a breakthrough.

    Most of the observers met by WorldFutures said Anwar has a huge problem that is going to haunt him. He fails to realize that he has to be patient and to work out better strategies before he aims for the Prime Ministerial post. He seems in a hurry in preventing Najib Tun Razak from taking power and fails to understand that he may get better allies within the Umno itself if he has the right political strategy and policies. They cite the PAS which made breakthroughs with Umno leaders on several issues since the parties where Muslims are majority has understood that in the end, they may need each other to salvage what is left of 'Ketuanan Melayu' or Malay political power in Malaysia.

    In the meantime, Anwar annouced on his blog that his party made breakthroughs in Sabah where some 12,000 grass root members and supporters of the BN were joining the PKR. This indeed consolidates the PKR in Sabah but it does not deal an immediate blow to the BN since no MP's are leaving their places in the government to join the BN.

    Anwar has the charisma and the capacity to bring the supporters of the BN to rally in his favor but has lost the charm and the power to break down the MP's – those he needs to take power in the short run and prevent Najib Razak from becoming PM.

    It is undoubted that he will be able to drag more grass root support for the PKR but in the mean time he cannot afford to sit back and watch Najib rise to the occasion as Prime Minister. While the entire nation is feeling that Umno is heading for a slow but sure death, there are reasons to believe that such an institution can still defeat its own ogres and rise as the phoenix from its own ashes.

    Efforts within the Umno and outside the party, made to salvage the Umno ideology, cannot be ignored. The party members appeared to have withstood the challenges posed by the September 16th deadline and has re-aligned behind the future PM, Najib Razak. The immediate effect of the announcement of the resignation of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in March next year is the rallying of the party grass roots, leaders and members to the folds.

    It must also be said the Umno garnered enough Malay votes in the March 2008 elections while in the Permatang Pauh defeat against Anwar despite the trashing it received, it garnered sufficient Malay votes to indicate that it has not lost all the support.

    Permatang Pauh also indicated that the other race based parties in the BN were 'passe' and has to adopt new policies and strategies before they face any elections in the future. The rejection of the BN so far is still focused on the shift of non-Malay voters to the opposition camp, a situation that can be healed if the Umno applies the right policies and strategies, WorldFutures was told.

    Nevertheless, pressure is mounting on the Umno to prove that it can seal the various races into a nation and failing to do so will impede its chances of a quick recovery in the next general elections (GE). With these elements in his favor, Anwar Ibrahim should be able to cause more damages to the Umno and the BN in a future GE but it is not certain whether the Umno will tumble and fall this time around. It is also not certain whether the PAS will continue to play second fiddle to the PKR in the future as the party is facing internal pressure to advance further in its agenda of becoming a national party rather than remain a 'Malay' belt party. The PAS has a great need to win more Parliamentary seats in order to influence the course of the nation's future. Winning 20 seats will not help it contain the largely non-Muslim supporters and their agendas for a more secular Malaysia to emerge after the downfall of the BN.

    With Sabah now calm and the possibility of a massive cross-over dimmed, the Anwar Ibrahim plan to seize power must now focus on the Umno and its supporters and MP's. Why? The Umno remains the largest political organization in the country. The attempts at chipping away the BN with the wooing of non-Muslim parties to leave the coalition having failed, the Umno is the most attractive and lucrative target for Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR. And that would include, though with limited chances, a return of Anwar Ibrahim to the Umno!

    Additional reading: Winds of change versus Umno resilience

  90. Anonymous10:45 pm

    When penang govt didnt hv enough money. They could call off what they planned to do. Embarrassed but they brave it.

    When i dont have enough money. BN govt called off RM0.30 fuel subsidy and threatened with tax on fuel to inflict double jeopardy. Wishing to keep inflation high in this country. I couldnt called off my life. Frustrated but am i to hunger it?

  91. Anonymous11:01 pm

    stop dishing out trash.

    get a fren.

  92. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Rocky, you should remove blog URL like this:

    9:47 AM

    This is one lousy attempt to take traffic from your site.

  93. Anonymous12:59 am

    Why do these so called "left winged" commenters immediately brand anyone who says something that is not pro PR or pro opposition as servants of BN? Why the stereotype? Are there only 2 camps which someone can belong to, PR or BN?

    Is the PR govt and leader are so perfect that they should never be criticized?


  94. Anonymous2:30 am

    "ben said... So bodoh one. Why don't you ask Straits Times Singapore and the reporter Caroline to come clean that they are doing dirty work for BN?
    I repeat -- BODOH. Bangsa Malaysia does not need your kind of stupidity. Rocky, don't stop Bru"

    Carolyn Hong is actually part of an elaborate plot, hatched between the Old Torts Association (I will explain a tort shortly) of Tanjong Pagar, Singapore and the Padang People's Club near the Istana (the PM's residence in Singapore) to oust Hishamudin Onn from becoming a VP of UMNO. Their fear is that if Hishamudin makes it to VP, then he may become PM. If that happens he may reclaim Singapore, cut off water supply, refuse to supply new water etc to Singapore. Of course by that time, without the presence of Minister Mental LKY the island republic may be in a spot.

    So the ST has been roped in to throw the stuff at the Opposition in Malaysia. Its all prt of a huge conspiracy. So when the ST highlights all these screw ups by the Pakatan, there is no immediate fear that Anwar will change the Govt. So everyone can rest easy. No need for UMNO to be so desperate to elect VPs like Hishamudin. So by this ruse will Singapore save itself daripada di longgar todak.

    You people ah..cannot read the signs and understand even simple things. Everything I have to explain one.

    OK the tort people are the 'too old retired too' - very influential with CSR (Central Sugar Refining) and CC (Central Casting).

  95. Anonymous6:12 am

    To all those who thinks Rocky is going for NST..don't worry.

    He doesn't know how to lick and suck as well as the rest.

    He will not be even asked to go for an interview.

  96. Anonymous7:50 am


    all these assholes who accused of "TERRIBLE" things like being pro-BN (haha) and a Mahathirist blah blah and who complain that your blog is now rubbish....should STAY AWAY from your blog.
    But no....they get a kick out of reading what they don't like in your blog and attack attack attack.

    the thing is, they're stupid and vicious. They're not debating the points you made but attak you personally.

    No wonder you TAK LAYAN. You're bigger than them, bro. And I don't mean just physically.

    They started accusing you of being in Najib's payroll the minute Najib 's ascension was confirmed.

    These rabid PR supporters are idiotic. You're a journalist and everyone knows you've known Najib since your Business Times days. Just as you know Anwar. But, if you are on ANwar's payroll, that's fine by them. BODOH PALAT.

    But when you so much as hint that some self-declared Barisan Rakyat bloggers are "either inspired or sponsored" by Anwar, they go ballistic and amok.

    Idiots. How to respect them?

    And you have changed? Since when have you ever attacked Dr Mahathir? You've explained why.
    And you have never repeated those unsubstantiated allegations against Najib and Rosmah.

    You're pro-BN now, are you? You were pro-Opposition beore?
    Some of your readers are so stupid. Just becuase you voted for the Opposition in the elections does not mean that you're pro-Opposition.

    You were critical of Pak Lah's administration and the abuses he allowed, of KJ, of the 4th Floor boys, of Kalimullah etc...

    To these assholes, you're only good if you attack the BN, Dr M, Najib etc....

    But bro...I suspect there are not that many idiotic rabid PR supporters.

    It's the same people over and over again, coming in different nicks to attack you.


  97. TO EDYES,


  98. Anonymous9:37 am

    Anon 2:30 AM

    Could the Old Torts Association include a certain Mahathir Mohamed? He appears to fit the definition.

    In any case, Singapore is almost self-sufficient in water. It has also said publicly that it does not intend to renew the 2 water agreements with Malaysia. So any threat to cut off water supplies from Malaysia is an empty one, at best. And the Malaysian govt knows this - hence the quiet disappearance of water supply from the list of outstanding bilateral problems.

    I think that the Malaysian govt does a perfectly good job of often shooting itself in the foot, without having to rely on the Spore Straits Times to stir the pot.

    Just a thot.








  100. Anonymous9:55 am

    Are you a numbskull?If someone shouts off his loudmouth that he can do better, he mighty well prove it if afforded the chance or keep his mouth shut.You mean you are tolerant of a litany of blunders commited by a bunch of blithering idiots. There has been a series of them fiascoes already and unless, you are a masochist who enjoys being titillated by charlatan poseurs, you better understand that such blunders are going to cost you and me bigtime when they snowball into an avalanche. LGE has proven himself to be a dunce with his antics, totally irresponsible and useless. Bawling at the local opposition, grandstanding in the press to make cheap publicity shots and making inane comments of stuff, he obviously doesnt understand even his own shit. Now he has found a new weapon called CD or Cunning Diversion. See how he avoids the tennis fiasco by trotting out the MPSP ghost and how his deputy jives in with his crap about discrimination against non-malays when the state budget does not have anything for national schools.The double-teaming bastards!

    Why? Diversion from his involvement in the tennis scam!!! There is a need for Royal commission to unravel this crook by following the money trail of discounts and exemptions he granted to saucy Arianne..... and maybe unearth even more (wink wink......)

    LGE is so obtuse that he is even considering an old technology (aerobus)offered many years ago to the DBKL.His boast about CAT is just that an empty boast as CAT stands for Crap Arsehole Talk, an art perfected by the modern day "Omar Abdul Aziz" for moronic automotons like Bunnies to swallow hook, line and sinker.ha!ha!ha!

    Warrior 231

  101. to hamba,

    you deserved to be an UMNO slave for the rest of your life... so be it.

  102. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Post script to my last comment

    Now the CM of Penang has made a real fool of himself. Today in the Star, he said this: "the guidelines were not made whoolly known before......"

    Q1: If you applied for Heritage, you must read the rules first. Any dickhead moron knows that. How come you didnt? Conveniently blaming other eh for your awful faux pas. Stupid chingkie scum, admitlah you cannot "tadbir" properly instead of waffling lke a drunkard.. you minum toddykah?

    Q2 : When exactly did you apply for Heritage? when did you approve the plans for one of the hotels (the one in Gurney Drive). It appears to me you were never serious about that heritage listing. if not why approve? Dont give the shit of of being ignorant of the guidelines.. arsehole. You wanted to trot out the MPSP canard to cover up the tennis fiasco...see how Allah expose you and now MPP is in danger of going bankrupt!! Just desserts for mouthing off the Holy Book the other day and impersonating Omar Abdul Aziz. if i were you, i will quitlah Chingkie.. you better harakiri yourself....

    Warrior 231

  103. Anonymous6:41 pm

    You buggers are a bunch of hypocrits. Pakatan bloggers and supporters I mean...
    On one hand you buggers are hoping, praying, wishing, aching for crossovers to happen so that your Anwar won't be branded a liar and a dreamer.
    On the other hand, you literally flog one blogger for having a change in opinion or slant.
    Step back, think and you will find how I read this as such a hysterical comedy!!!

  104. Anonymous9:36 pm

    For all those who are lambasting PR and are damn big hypocrites if you think UMNO/BN are better and should come back...true PR and Anwar may be making mistakes now, but can they be any worse off than UMNO/BN whose racist and corrupt politics have been rejected by the people in the last GE? Think again. Unless there is a better 3rd choice, you should not give up on Anwar and PR because they are the only ones who can get rid of UMNO/BN. I think many of you PR and Anwar bashers including our big man Rocky are being bought back by Najib and UMNO. Once again, I say, unless you Anwar and PR haters CONDEMN UMNO/BN for all the mess they make which make the people reject them in the last GE especially in the 5 opposition states, your condemnation of Anwar and PR will ring hollow...and they expose you as agent provocateurs paid by UMNO....


  105. Anonymous1:36 am

    Selangor and Kedah - the BABI BOWL of ASIA – Worlds largest exporter of PIGLETS.

    (sedap oooiii anak anak babi panggang).

    Suckling Pig

    The piglets used for the suckling pig are raised on a special diet based on cabbage. The piglets weigh around 3 kilograms when they are three or four months old and ready for slaughter.

    First the piglet’s skin is cleaned with hot water perfumed with ginger. After the meat has been thoroughly dried, the piglets are brushed with soy sauce and then evenly coated with a tasty marinade. This “lacquer” is applied at least twice more.

    The piglets have to be hung up after each application to ensure that they dry evenly all over. After the skin is a golden-brown colour, the piglets are ready to be barbecued over an open charcoal fire. While on the barbecue, the piglets are regularly brushed with the marinade.

    As with Peking duck, the most important aspect of a suckling pig is its crispy, tasty skin. Before the suckling pig is served, the skin is cut off, cut into small squares, re-arranged over the piglet, and brought to the table with a syrupy dip to sweet bean sauce.

    Now most of the piglets are being imported direct from Vietnam. However, within the next few months, will be made cheaply available. Marketing will be handled personally by Menteri Besars of these two states..


  106. Way to go Warrior231!!

    Well said man!


    Wah bro! Cara kau cakap tu macam lah suci sangat perjuangan membela sang pencinta kunyit tu....sedarlah bro....ramai dari kalangan orang kuat dia dah belah bro..


  107. I think blogging in Malaysia is starting to mature. No one expects the anti-BN supporters to have monolithic views; and I knew for sometime (yrs) as per his blogging that Rocky was not an Anwar supporter. And I found him to be fair and reasonably independent. Unsure what the ‘naked anger piece was about?

    Isn’t it fair to expect the opposition led states to make some mistakes; and knowing BN is not helping with the government’s fund? Certainly Dr M is hindsight was better for the people; economically. But why are we in this predicament in the first place?

    Anyway we are all better off if we have a strong 2 party system.

    I like RPK and glad he is back.

  108. Anonymous3:30 pm


    Saya setuju dengan pendapat u, kes tenis ini membuktikan Guan Eng gagal sebagai pemimpin pada peringkat paling asas. Dah la sewa Rm 200 ribu tak mahu ambil. deposit kerosakan 2 juta pun tak kutip. Sekarang padang dah rosak, nak repair kena pakai duit rakyat!. Suruh dia pakai duit dia sendiri la !

    Lepas tu sekarang ni buat hal lagi dengan kes tapak warisan dunia, tengah duduk buat permohonan untuk dapat status tapak warisan dunia, DAP Penang sempat lagi bagi kelulusan untuk pemaju bina bangunan yang melanggar peraturan tapak warisan dunia. Yang dia tak baca peraturan tu sapa suruh?, Tak ke rakyat Malaysia kelihatan amat bodoh kalau selepas dunia mengiktiraf , kita pula tak mahu. Kalau nak kekal status DAP kena gunakan duit rakyat berjuta ( ratusan kot?) untuk bayar pampasan.

    Guan Eng perlu letak jawatan, 2 exco yang bertanggung jawab perlu letak jawatan. Kalau tak pandai tak payah berangan nak jadi pemimpin. Mereka telah gagal peringkat asas konsep layak secara meritokrasi yang DAP dok laung-laungkan, memang memalukan !

    Rocky, I sokong u, sila teruskan. Kita tak perlu pilih bulu dalam menentukan sapa yang salah dan sapa yang betul, barulah Malaysia aman dan maju.

    Mache Mache

  109. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Warrior 231 seems to have a penchant for shooting from the hip, without checking the facts.

    - when did the Penang state govt submit the application to Unesco for World Heritage Site status for Georgetown?

    - was the application submitted after the present Penang state govt took office or was it done by previous state govts (bearing in mind that Unesco's World Heritage Committee does not award World Heritage Site status in a matter of months)? The Lim Guan Eng-led state govt only came into power after the March 8, 2008 general election.

    - of the four hotels mentioned, three of the hotels were approved by the previous state govt. Was the previous state govt not aware of the fact that an application had been submitted for Georgetown to be declared a World Heritage Site, and what this entailed?

    Yet, there appears to be an attempt to shift all the blame for this heritage dilemma to the present state govt without asking what role was played by the previous state govt/s. How very convenient! And how very typically buat bodoh - a favoured tactic, alas, of "little Napoleons" and "apparatchiks".

    Like they say - you can fool some people some of the time............

  110. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Hey fucker skilgannon
    You are talking while munching your chingkie shit again. Stupid fella!! knowing full well that the previous state government had applied for Heritage status, the outcome of which was pending, LGE should have aborted the hotel project he approved if he was serious about the heritage stuff which he is patently not as he is more interested in skimming off his 20% or whatever + pocketing the undercounter moolah plus necking and wanking the bonus.. you must know what!.... He must be investigated,, get it and if guilty, strung up on a pole stark naked with chingkie scum like you for company.

    2. If LGE had paid more attention of what was going on instead off mouthing off like a stupid pig at all and sundry, he would have known of the previous approvals. He seemed well versed on the Equine penang city project and the land scams + Gurney paragon and the development in Feringghi.. strange he does not know of prior approvals for the 3 hotels. Which means either:

    1. he wanted the projects off the ground as he had taken under counter stuff or under the bedcover fucks... so he couldnt weasel out when the UN sprung a surprise on him.. so he blamed them publicly instead.. what a polite person he is.. with the UN rep seated beside him.... (more like a childish prattle to me...)

    2. The guy was stringing penangites especially the heritage wonks and the tourist people all along. he actually wants the listing revoked so he can enrich his goons and at the same time parcel out more land to chingkies (through his frehole oops...freehold strategy) so that they can have a permanent foothold on the island for their nefarious machinations.......shades of spore!
    U know this fucker and i will expose you and LGe in due course.. arsehole.. who are u bloody chingkie wingkie pinkie piggy shit to threaten me and preach about transperancy, globalisation et al and all that flotsam when you are busy skimming... and conniving to loot the land.

    No wonder chingkies never wash their shitholes.. an apt proverb for this race was coined by our forefathers who had dealt with the scum in the early days: "Lantang berkokok tetapi buntut bergelumang dengan tahi"..mengata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang awak (substitute: Chingkie) yang lebih...get bawl away and scram into your Big Momma's huge cunt!!!!. U will never learn and understand how to critically and intellectually dissect issues becaose you dont have it..what to do pecker gone..brain also wonder u swallow LGE and Fakatan shit like a pig.!!

    Warrior 231

  111. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Warrior 231

    Answer me this: if the previous Penang state govt had applied for the World Heritage Site status for Georgetown, then how come they approved the 3 hotels?

    Also, how long did it take for Unesco's World Heritage Committee to approve the applications from Penang and Malacca? 2 months? 10 months? A year? 2 years?

    Those 3 hotels in question were not approved by the present Penang state govt. That point was made explicitly clear.

    Or are you trying to absolve the previous Penang state govt from all blame in this regard? Answer this straight up without obfuscations.

    The rest of your racist diatribe is indicative of your pitiful state of mind, fixated as it is on sexual fantasies of a sado-masochistic nature. Wassup, man - not getting enough of it?????

  112. Anonymous3:17 am

    Wei Ustad Azizan, Pasai BABI hang nak juai Negara.

    Kalau Tokwan hang masih adak hang mesti kena tibia, balun puaih puaih.

    Mula depa bokbaik habak nak buat kandang.

    Lepaih tu bokbuat habaq rakyat tempatan takdak nak mai gheja tang tu.

    Lepaih tu depa bawa kerabat depa yang mengheyuit mai Negari che macam oghang putih bukmai depa kat lombong timah dulu.

    Lepaih tu depa beghanak mengeyuit kat Kedah.

    Lepaih tu hang semua kena teghajang keluaq negeri.

    Satni depa sengap sengap buat biskut BABI, Sosej BABI, Minyak BABI, Minuman ayek kencing BABI, Minyak Urut BABI, Beg kulit BABI, Kasut Kulit BABI, Berus rambut bulu BABI, Keropok BABI macam2, yang kesian anak sekolah tertipu, tunggu baih sekolah beli kat luak kantin, satay BABI.

    Aku latnak kau seumuk hidup! Peghangai hang peghunguih macam BABI.


  113. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Warrior 231...those chinky bastards only understand crude and vulgar language!

    "Sopan santun" words doesn't get into their fucking head.They will only understand issues when they got fucked by an unapologetic bumis.

    Dah tiba masa nya berhenti mempertahankan hak kita. Sekarang masa nya menyerang mereka sebagaimana mereka menyerang kita. Inilah pendapat Tun Mahathir.

    Kaum bangsat ni bukan tak faham perlembagaan. Mereka ingat mereka makan nasi kita makan pasir ke? SENGAJA mereka menyerang taktala kita mempunyai PM yang lemah dan lembik!

    Give it to them Warrior 231...tak sia sia engkau belajar inggeris.

  114. Anonymous11:43 am

    Hello wee pecker chingkie skilly,
    I was away on a well planned holiday for over a week and when i trolled these parts on my return found your idiotic rejoinder to my comment. Wah... u are one smart aleck Skilly, that you will sacrifice whatever personal integrity you have to defend "Khalifah" Lim. You see, Caliph Lim had pulled a fast one on you and the Malaysian public.So skilful that the shenanigans of Arianne and co have receded into the twilight zone. The latest diversion I gather is the DCM issue and that old MPSP canard. But then only has been wankers like you, skilly, will lap up that swill.Now to your challenge which i will answer without obsfucation and diversions, peckerless scum!

    "if the previous Penang state govt had applied for the World Heritage Site status for Georgetown, then how come they approved the 3 hotels?Also, how long did it take for Unesco's World Heritage Committee to approve the applications from Penang and Malacca? 2 months? 10 months? A year? 2 years? Those 3 hotels in question were not approved by the present Penang state govt. That point was made explicitly clear."

    You sure have some "crucial" questions, stupid chingkie fart!the answers are in the article linked to this addy:

    read and satiate yourselves with the relevant facts and issues instead of mouthing off like a runaway train. That way, you will sure avoid a pecker ..err.. brain.... err.. train wreck, u half past six SOB. For more info on the issue go to :

    But my beef with this Lim fella is his pretentious high falutin stance and his know it all mien. The fucker is obviously taking every chong, lee , tan and soo for a ride with a host of ghingkie lovvas in tow, for you see Skilly, cognisant of the fact that Penang had applied for Heritage listing, HIS govt proceeded to approve another hotel, a humoungous one at that, in the vicinity of the heritage enclave(some reports suggest the Boustead- see the excerpt below; while others suggest the Low Yat) Whichever is not the matter, the issue is why approve if you are serious about the heritage listing.

    The answer probably lies in these quotes :
    "Tatt Giap Group president Datuk Steven Siah said the infrastructure of the state must be improved and power rates reduced so that it could attract more foreign investments.“New hotels that have been planned for Penang need to be developed without any hindrance if we want to be a developed tourist destination,” he said." (note "without ANY hindrance").

    “Landmark tourism projects should be quickly implemented without any delays,” he said.(He = Tan Kok Ping).

    Its all in that oppo rag, the sluice for ancient peckerless chingkie wisdom called the Star datelined 1 December, the day i landed in Malaysia. So you can link the dots about LGE and big biz, Skilly.But ....oh!... you are too obtuse for that!!!

    The tennis fiasco and the ones preceding that shows how incompetent LGE is but this slimy chingkie boy skirts the issue by blaming the DCM(1) for incompetence!! Moreover, he patently refuses to deny the horsetrading behind the scenes regarding the DCM(1) post.Come onlah Skilly, if you are a competent CEO who truly practices CAT, then you would sack the underperformer and call on his party to nominate a new one. But LGE loves skull duggery so much that he has turned it into an art form to cover his abjectly poor performance todate. His waffle in response to Teng Chang Yeow's explanation above is indicative of a "lembik" who is all at sea. Probably, he uses Viagra for those hard on sessions with that saucy bitch and for Betty's eyes. I have more on this fella regarding the economic crisis, comments which must take the cake... but i will delve into that at another time.

    "The rest of your racist diatribe is indicative of your pitiful state of mind, fixated as it is on sexual fantasies of a sado-masochistic nature. Wassup, man - not getting enough of it?????"

    Wow man- u must be a part-time sex counselor in desperate need of side income. You see, Skilly, you started the game with your reference to that flaccid appendage of yours hanging limply between your inner thighs. i never deigned to engage with the likes of you as i merely commented on the myths of globalisation that scum like you love to prattle without understanding the mechanics of the whole thing. so you challenged me.. and i gave it back and like the gunslinger that i am in real life, i fire full salvoes of visceral hate for your kind in my word slinging past-time.. get it.

    Be a Man and take it cos you started it but then your manhood disappeared a long time ago the moment you saw the "bullets" zipping out from my trusty AK47 keyboard.

    For you come from a race devoid of courage, honour and integrity.. forever skulking around your Momma's cheongsam and taking inane potshots at all and scram and fire a flare to make her come running, will ya!!

    Appendix 1; excerpted from Star, 20/11

    "Under stringent heritage guidelines sent to the committee in August 2007, a maximum height of 18m or roughly five storeys was set for new buildings in the two zones.The guidelines were not made widely known when they were first put in place. Only when George Town’s Unesco status was approved did we realise the guidelines,Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said after a dialogue session with the Heritage Steering Committee’s Advisory Panel yesterday.

    “Now, we’re caught in a conundrum. If we allow the buildings to go ahead, we may risk the status, but if we stop the buildings, we could be sued for hundreds of millions which will definitely bankrupt the local council.
    “We’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.”The four hotels are the Rice Miller boutique hotel in Weld Quay and the Boustead Royale Bintang Hotel project behind the General Post Office in Lebuh Downing, both lying in the heritage core zone, and the E&O Hotel extension and 23-storey hotel in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah by the Low Yat Group in the buffer zone, both of which will be 84.4m high.Lim said three of the four hotels were approved by the previous state administration while the Boustead building was approved on June 26, less than two weeks before the Unesco status was granted.He said the state was now looking to the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry for direction.“Although the state wants to take active measures to alleviate the problem, we cannot plunge in recklessly. The legal situation has to be studied carefully and it does not seem to favour us.”

    Unesco regional adviser for the Asia-Pasific Dr Richard Engelhardt, who was present at the dialogue, said George Town had no choice but to follow the guidelines approved by the WHC.

    “When the status is approved, the guidelines trump all previous existing regulations. Why would you apply for the status if there was no intention of following the guidelines?

    “If the state decides to go along with the high-rises, I’m sure it will be called up by the WHC to explain why it allowed such a thing and whether it is compatible with the preservation of heritage,” he said.

    “The worst-case scenario is that George Town is delisted, but that is not the usual situation as when a site applies for World Heritage status, it is interested in preserving the heritage,” he added.

    Warrior 231

  115. Pakatan has no common platform. Pakatan has not yet issued a common policy document, true. But read each of the different parties’ manifestos, and try telling me they have nothing in common. All three Pakatan parties have a common economic platform, based on equality of opportunity.