Monday, November 17, 2008

New NSTP boss reports for duty today

Pic (clockwise) TV3's Amrin Awaluddin, ex-7's Anthony Bujang, TV9's Bukhaari Che Muda, Media Prime International's Farid Ridzuan, and 8's Ahmad Izham Omar.
Anthony Firdauz Bujang. The last time we dealt with each other, Anthony was in charge of TV3's marketing and I was heading The Malay Mail. At worst, we were rivals in the same industry. Never enemies.

But today the former boss of NTV7, a Media Prima subsidiary, takes his place as the CEO of NSTP, the company that created waves in Malaysia by suing bloggers - Jeff Ooi and I - for defamation. Likes it or not, as NSTP's new CEO, Anthony will inherit these lawsuits that were filed in Jan 2007.

Lawyer Edmund Bond reminded me last week that my case is up for next hearing in March 2009.

p.s. Talk about Media Prima, I hear one of Pak Lah's 4th Floor boys will be heading there soon as part of his rewards for his excellent service to the nation ...


  1. Anonymous3:03 am

    guest..who is that boy,going to media prima??

  2. Anonymous5:32 am

    La..awat ni. Apa dah jadi? I ingat Jilat Pujangga ada chance pasal Mr Rosmah nak jadi PM.

    Anyway, all the best to the new CEO.

    The Devil.

  3. Anonymous7:31 am

    one tkt 4 boys going to media prima as reward?

    i heard is to takeover media prima! last kopek before march ... hehehe

    I am sure this will infuriate umno but perhaps a brown packet of rm200 will shut them up! the way the mood is with a packet of rm1,000 they wud agree to sell the country to the highest bidder.

  4. Anonymous7:51 am

    Congratulations to Tony Bujang. Congratulations also NST staff who will be promoted. You all must thank Lee Ah Chai for the promotion. The 1st five on the list:

    1. Adrian David (61159) - Recommended for promotion from Grade B to A (last promotion in 2000)

    2. Patrick Sennyah (108234) - Merit increment

    3. Iskandar Alang Zainuddin (120344) - Promotion Grade D to C (last promotion in 2006, more than pulling his weight)

    4. Rizalmann Hammim (115488) - Promotion Grade D to C (joined in 2000, have been willing to be transferred several times)

    5. Eileen Ng Chui Sien (102700) - Promotion Grade B to A (joined in 2004, have proven to be a 'senior', independent & team player)

    Next five in next few days.

    Keep reading Rocky's Bru to know whether you will be promoted by Lee Ah Chai and the reason for it if there is.


  5. Anonymous8:03 am


    Untuk pengetahuan, dibawah Syed Faisal, edaran NST turut dibawah paras 120,000 kopi, BH bawah 160,000.

    Tahniah Syed, Hishamuddin Aun dan Kali.

    Harap jumlah surat dikendali di Pos Malaysia bertambah dengan kehadiran Syed Faisal. Kalau tak naik Syed, minta tolong Kali lah cakap kat Pak Lah untuk tukar ke GLC lain. Sempat lagi. Masih ada 4 bulan setengah lagi.

  6. Anonymous8:17 am

    A new team needs a new theme.

    A new boss needs a new theme for his team in teeming times.

    Best of luck for the new boys on the block.


  7. Anonymous8:44 am

    And where are you head after your excellent service to Mahathir and his son?


  8. Rocky,

    Do you think NST will change for better? Hope they drop the lawsuit, for a start.

    I have been traditionally a NST reader as I have been exposed to NST, as far as I can remember, at 10 years old.

    I still think that NST , despite all their spin and political influence, a better read than the Star or the sun daily.

    Do miss the broadsheet though.


  9. Anonymous9:30 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    At the rate you are doing..No surprise if the space between Amrin and Anthony Bujang will be yours!

    Zorro did a good job exposing you in his blog...or is it you who self-exposes..


  10. Anonymous9:42 am

    Anthony Bujang, Hishamuddin Ann... these bastards cant hold a candle to a blue collar journalist like Rocky. NST had one last chance to resurrect itself. It failed. Say your last prayers, NST.

  11. Anonymous9:55 am

    who is the bas*&$% rocky?

  12. What happen to Lawrence? Why no promotion for him? He has been there for donkey years.
    Is it correct...NSTP already sold more related to UMNO. it...wayang kulit.
    Yes...if really sold owner should drop off the law suit against you & Jeff.

  13. Anonymous10:41 am

    What a broadcast journalist??marketing man? to helm a tabloid with a failed stint as the boss of a "kuci-kuci" tv station to boot. This is Sleepwalker turning his worst nightmare into reality after an all-night jam session with incubus. I thought bringing in the hack astride the Merlion with that artful plagiarist in tow was Soporific's piece de resistance but this runs that mighty close. Well, it sort of sums up an utterly hapless and hopelessly uneventful reign devoid of any saving grace. Anyway, i am not shedding tears for the rag of a newspaper in "drag". The Real deal died 5 years or so ago....but if its resurrected with real deal journos like you back there, i will give it a "Tequila" shot in hell..ha..ha..ha

    regarding your suit, get the best wakil in town, will ya?.... even if it means hobnobbing with your present wakil and thrash the scum nastypee in court.

    He may write rubbish to diss you, but i am sure he will do the very best for his clients. Nothing personal against him, for apart from his asinine scribblings and views, he is just a jolly good fella at heart....only a bit misguided ;)

    Wish you all the best!

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous10:41 am

    well done boss, at least now there is a total monopolize in malaysian business. Media prima on media, astro on tv, and so on!!

    zamri ppbss

  15. WHAT?

    But Uncle Najib promised me the role of Carnifex and Psychopomp at NSTP!

    No fair!


  16. Anonymous10:57 am

    Any donkey also same lah, no independent thinking,news dictated by some politician.

  17. Anonymous11:22 am


    what's wrong? come're being missed.

    we want the old rocky back.


  18. Anonymous11:38 am


    Please tell us, are you joining NST soon?

  19. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Just off topic, bro. What's wrong with these people,(scroll down... will ya) i thought friendship meant you agree to disagree on certain issues. The way this is unravelling, it seems that they are hell bent on making you the "leper" of bloggerdom, you know with the garb , chiming bells and all. My 2 cents worth on all this is that they are driven by fear.. your readership stats speak for itself, They were hoping to muscle in on your beach party and ride the surf but perhaps you stood your ground being the principled oldschool journo you are. The end result is personal villification ad nauseum at all cost, collateral damage to friendship and stuff be damned and other sundry forms of cloying entreaties, the likes of which are personified by pauline, 11.22am.

    I never found any of your posts biased or skewed. You just state the facts and provoke thought and if that is too much for these people, to hell with these scounderels. One more thing, Bro.. who dares say that LGE didnt ride the highway to heaven. We know all about the devious and undemocratic machinations of LKS, like harry lee- his bosom buddy, he sure chopped many trees and cleared many jungles to put that highway down for little sonny.From DAPSyto Dap senior, papa was always there babysitting the little boy so much so he cant fend for himself nowadays. Talk about daddykasi...ha!ha!ha!

    Warrior 231

    Lampiran 1
    I have restrained and refrained for long not to accede to recrimnations and worse still a cyber tussle with my friend Rocky. When my readers asked me what has happened to my good blog buddy, I always tell them that it was traumatic when Rocky had to be away from mainstream as he had enjoyed its perks. I even told them to leave him alone to whatever he is up to. Even when he said in last Sunday’s Star (Focus) that I was sponsored by Anwar Ibrahim, that accusation did not raise any heckles. If you are not guilty you have nothing to defend. But I cannot let what has ensued continue without a comment. That is just not me, because I worship CAUSES and not any man.

    Under a posting headed ‘No Such Thing as Mahathirism’, Rocky offers the view that Mukhriz Mahathir (truth be told I like Mukhriz, his demeanor, his unassuming stance) is a late bloomer in politics, ostensibly because his father, the former Prime minister, banned all his children from taking part in politics while he held the top job in the land. Rocky saw the ban as a feather in Dr. Mahathir’s cap and compares it favorably with the example of DAP’s Lim Kit Siang whose son, Guan Eng, suffered no such bar and is now Chief Minister of Penang.

    Ever since Rocky exposed himself as an apologist for PM to be Najib Tun Razak, he has become skilled at the art of shading the truth, just like Dr. Mahathir of course, which makes the headline of his post rather ironic. Well, if you have your boys in business and benefiting from sweetheart deals and rescues, it would be nice Machiavellian strategy to bar them from politics. Otherwise what would the hoi polloi think? That the Mahathir boys is imitative of Imelda: this is mine, that is mine, and that other, is also mine.

    Yes, the Mahathir sons did not vie for posts in Umno while dad was manning the national pantry. But seeing that restraint as laudable is akin to saying that it was to the late dictator Suharto’s credit his kids, Tommy Mandela Putra and Siti Rukmana, did not jostle for position in Golkar while bapak was President. Or for that matter, it was admirable sacrifice on the part of Kostrad commander Probianto that he could not become ABRI chief because his father-in-law was President of the state. If he did, what would Wiranto, Yudhoyono and other members of that capable ilk, think of the supreme leader who rescued that country from a PKI-led coup in 1965?

    I don’t think Indonesians are going to touch their forelocks in gratitude to Suharto because his relatives showed restraint in targeting career fields. The point that’s important is not the ban on a leader’s children from entering the political fray, or for that matter, business field; it is whether they have leveraged on the father’s assets – the power of influence and patronage that comes with lofty position – to KY and ease their entry to posts and deals that would otherwise have given them the miss.

    Rocky’s editorial gymnastics take on a more sly hue in another posting headlined ‘In Malaysia, we now want to demonstrate in the nude.’ Man, you are obviously upset with the series of demonstrations that have taken place, from the Bersih and Hindraf rallies a year ago to the anti-ISA current candlelight vigils . So he rounds in on the supposed threat by the Gerakan Reformis Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) to demonstrate – if need be, in the nude – to express their dissatisfaction with the measures taken by Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat government, including one that reportedly will see a rise in rentals of low cost housing for the poor from RM124 to RM250 a month. He quotes the Selangor CPO as warning sternly that action will be taken against illegal demonstrations, irrespective of whether the actors are in mufti or in the altogether. Dang, brother, that is not the Rocky I used to know and used to respect.

    Rocky expresses relief that none of the demonstrators thus far has disported in the nude (Phew, what good taste! What admirable restraint!), as Mexican farmers and assorted others have done in sundry places on the globe. But now presumably, under the pressure of countless – and mindless -- demonstrations that are having a disorienting effect on the psyche, hitherto prudish Malaysians are about to abandon their inhibitions and parade al fresco. See what mischief, see what unintended consequence, this rash of demonstrations is about to have! Dang brother what’s got over you? A nudist parade at the Selangor State Secretariat Building in Shah Alam? What has the country come to! No, what has happened to the journo that I respected and sheepishly tried to emulate in thought, word and deed?

    Folks, let’s brace ourselves for the upcoming editorial reign of Rocky Bru under a Najib administration. Shading the half-truth, deploying the sly dig – the stock-in-trade of the Mahathir era – will make a grand return. Dang, this is more than over-drive….you got a sixth gear? Go ahead Rocky, post this on to Ashraf Abdullah. Let’s see how he does a journalist blow-job.

    Who says we have seen the last of Mahathirism.

    So saudara Rocky, as a former blogger-buddy, as and when we do meet, I can still enjoy a beer or malt with you, I hope.
    (Culled from Zorro's Den of Iniquity)

  20. Dear bro rock...

    sape ni Anthony bujang..melayu ke indon ke??? or cousin to kalimuthu and brendan pariah.

    Sampai bila2 pun NST tak berkembangla camni...kecuali Harian Metro.

    One more thing Media Prima ni dah jadi mcm media Indonesia....from TV3 to Hot FM....arghh kita jadik indon la tak lama lagi....

  21. Anonymous12:55 pm

    CEO of NSTP? Well it's the culmination of Anthony's career. He has always played it safe. Hisham Rahman came and went at TV3 but good ole Tony survived and prospered by kowtowing to Farid, Rahman and Dato K.

    I Know

  22. Anonymous1:18 pm


    No wonder Kalimullah wants to resign. The NST's circulation now is 120,000, and that includes the 20,000 sent to schools. In actual fact, the circulation is below 100,000.

    No wonder he submitted his resignation and INSTRUCTED the NSTP Board NOT TO ACCEPT HIS RESIGNATION. We are not as stupid as Pak Lah, my friend. We know your tricks...

    What a fucking clown? For everyone's information, he also back dated his resignation to Sept 3. He did this because he wants to sjow people he is getting out before he is kicked out.

    Apparently Kali is one of the monkeys Pak Lah was talking about when he said "I had many monkeys around me".

    And Kalimullah, your conscience will haunt you for the rest of your life for all those things that you did to nice people at NST, Tune Money and elsewhere. We will continue to haunt you. We will be your worst nightmare...


  23. Anonymous1:49 pm

    nst now has a new ane - laych

    and who promoted her if not lee ah chai. d fella is having big big problems with firdauz in nst kuching

    doesnt the promotion list aslo include his machai - eve, mark, leslie.

    pity old people like sharif and mimi, by the way why is ramlan not in newdesk - he is one good fella

  24. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Congrat Adrian David. You are the man.


  25. Anonymous2:59 pm

    The donkey opposition and their blind followers will bark who ever person place there. What is the difference?


  26. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    you've got some really smallminded, some vicious, some idiotic readers who cannot accept

    your views and your stand.

    they want you to attack Tun Dr Mahathir and Najib...just because they hate these two.

    so much for freedom of speech and freedom of expression!

  27. Anonymous4:05 pm


    no worries. there will be no more hearings when the new management comes in.
    you think they are dumb enough to pay the legal fees for kali and gang? whatever, you are no more the irritant.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  28. heard bernama tv is for sale or outsource ? and the bidder is none other than MPB ... some golden hand-shake for a VVIP ???

  29. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. I welcome Anthony Firdaus Bujang to NSTP;

    2. As an ex-employee of the NSTP and still a shareholder (supposed to be my savings for old age), I hope he arrests and reverses the declining fortune of the group;

    3. When I exited the company in 2000, its share price was above RM5. Today it's just above RM1; and

    4. I am a regular attendee of NSTP's annual general meeting. So I'll be seeing the new CEO there. You must come too. Or have you dumped your NSTP shares?

    Thank you.

  30. Anonymous5:50 pm

    After all the terrible abuse and accusations hurled at Rocky for his selfless efforts to defend, polish and enhance the image of UMNO-owned papers esp Utusan Malaysia, the new CEO ought to appoint Rocky as Group PR Manager, at least!!


  31. will be expecting more news on entertainment section...gossips and more "bodek" news...!!

    This "bodek" kinda of this and play safe news will remain and it's seem to stay for some time..!!

    With kinda of fellas in the line and cyber kinda of thing is here to stay for along long time...

  32. Anonymous7:12 pm


    there is no old rocky.

    just a great actor to whom everyone else are just collateral damage.

    asalkan cita2 dan vendetta tercapai.

    PC watching RB get malting 25 years?

  33. Anonymous7:18 pm

    The boy have to be Kamal Khalid, who's Khairi long time buddy.


  34. Salaam again

    I am from and wish to have a chat with you, personally.

    Its for a possible interview.

    Contact me on 0123971261 I will be at KL until this Thursday.

    Yours truly

    Kazi Mahmood

  35. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Aiyoyo! Dey Kali Kelawai Road. Apa hang dah buat NSTP tu. Ingat Mak Pak hang punya ka. Lepas hang dgn baruah Hisham Aun pakat sama pariah Brendun tu bagi jahanam NSTP, la ni hang bagi Syed Nazri pelingkup orang Melayu di sana. Hang dgn Nazri elok lah pi tunggang air rebena sampai mabuk setengah mati! Umno kena buang hangpa berdua dalam Sg Juru baru sial fungsui di NSTP boleh hilang!


  36. Sdr Rocky

    Do u remember what Lim Kit Siang had says about '4 budak Melayu' which was created by Anwar Ibrahim during his legacy?

  37. Anonymous1:07 am

    I have paid my dues long, long time ago at Balai Berita when UMNO (read Pernas) was the owner. Pernas was just the silent shareholder, and nothing changed at all. Everybody is a family member.
    Ahhhh .. the good old NSTP when December means 4 months bonus plus your December salary ... Wali Kota

  38. Anonymous4:55 am


    You do not deserve to be president of all blogs. Step down now before you are shamefully removed. You belong in the MSM with the other goon.

  39. Anonymous6:07 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    Many commentators talked about you going back to the NSTP or the need for someone like you to join or rejoin the group.

    What's so wrong? As an insider, I think it's a fair suggestion.

    With due respect to my friends in the NSTP, the Kali's team is a big ZILCH.

    Where's the bilingualism of late Tan Sri Samad Ismail and AKJ? Where's the honour of late Tan Sri Lee Siew Yee and the intellectualism of late Tan Sri Nordin Sophie? These were people we were proud to call editor-in-chief.

    Compare Kali and Hishamuddin Aun to them! Don't talk about being bi-lingual, they can't even write well in their first language.

    I know your can write in Malay well but you are more cinfortable with English. That's ok. When you are back there, make a habit of writing regularly in BH like AKJ and AAT used to do. You cannot run a bi-lingual media group if you don't command both languages.

    I know you can. "Yes we can," said Obama. So I wish you all the best. If the NSTP wants you, I pray that you accept the challenge.

    "Riong Insider"

  40. Anonymous6:26 am


    Please retirelah. When u with NST, you are no angel. So beat it. Bertaubatlah. Sambahyang banyak banyak. Dekatkan Tuhan.

  41. Anonymous6:28 am

    Kadir Jasin, when you assumed the top post in the NST, the circulation was 180000 and the company was making about 200 million a year. When you were finally sacked in 2000 after an orgy of looting and cronyism the circulation was down to 90000 and the company was on its knees. It is you, together with Ahmad Talib, who destroyed the paper. Have you taken responsibility like a man? No. Yet you are still taking the moral high ground after all these years. You have refused to issue a public apology to the NST, to the people. You are a disgrace to journalism. And I had the misfortune to work under you in your reign of terror. Just ask any NST employee about you, and they will start cursing. Just to show how popular you are.

  42. Anonymous8:19 am

    Damn you KALIMULLAH HASSAN.You will Suffer in Hell for Blasphemy. Remember what you, Hishamuddin Aun, Syed Faisal, Brendan Pariah, Png Hong Kwang, Joan Lau did to the Prophet. The whole world knows what a Bastard you are KALIMULLAH HASSAN. You hated the Malays so much that when you put Brendan Pariah n KP Waran in charge of NST, they fast-tracked the promotions of Hindrafs. Now the S-hole S-Nazri and Lee Ah Chai is fast tracking the promotions of DAPs. You guys better watch out for Chandra 'MASTER CONSPIRATOR' Segar n Lionel 'SPORE SPY' Morais!!!! Thanks BOOKIE - whoever you are - for the promotion list!


  43. Anonymous8:32 am

    Adrian David promoted ah , this fella needs a slap la ... the fucker is so rude that ppl hate him on the desk , the only loves him is his wife who also works IN nst .... he thinks he will be the next group editor thats the problem. he does not know when the new regime comes he might be sitting in travel and times ... this are all ah chai, lionel's water boys la bro .... the news team is weak .. no substance half of the female writers are all show offs .. Rocky when you take over kick some ass, change must come and it willl come ... kick the shortest fella on the floor first, he is brendan spy la apa lagi ....

  44. Are you waiting with bated breath for the recall by your former boss to occupy the coveted seat?I am sure that you have collected some merit points.What I am not sure about is whether the merit points you have work so hard for may not be enough.Work harder, and you may achieve your ambitions one day.By the way, why not resign your Pro-tem chairman post in All-Blogs, as you sound more main-stream than ever!

  45. Anonymous11:19 am

    Rocky, Rocky still nasty with the NST. Please let go of your bitterness.
    Thank your lucky stars you are a "famous blogger". Lauded for your cut and paste job.

  46. Anonymous11:24 am

    Looking at the promotion list so far, I must say that being an old-timer in the NST, Im rather surprised to see names like Adrian David and Patrick Sennyah on the list. These two and many others have been the silent workhorses for the company for many years without much reward. Surprising, as these two are not ass-lickers who are the ones always promoted. Congratulations guys! Like them, there are many other silent workhorses, majority of whom are bureau guys who are most of the time taken for granted and forgotten. Many of Ah Chai's favs have gone for numerous overseas trips while I cant remember the last time any guys or gals from the bureaus got rewarded. To whoever is taking over after these clowns leave, please be fair to us old-timers and reward us accordingly. Get those juniors who know nuts out of the desk and put those who know their stuff there. The NST can still be saved. You guys still have a strong team of senior journalists who are grossly under-utilised. Its a pity that these guys haven's mastered the art of ass-licking like the rest!!

  47. Bro,

    cerita pasal kepala babi gantung kat pagar rumah, kepala babi campak kat tepi pantai dengan daging babi campak kat depan masjid takde ke??

    Orang melayu tak kisah ke?? Utusan tak keluar apatah lagi Sin Chew daily, NST, Rocket, Harakah dan ll.

  48. rocky,

    stick and stones!


  49. Monsterball,


  50. I've known Anthony for a few years and he's a good man. He's still the same humble person all these while.

    He's done great things at TV3 before moving to NTV7. I think NSTP will only get better under him.

  51. Anonymous12:55 pm


    anthony bujang is a nice guy from sarawak. met him many times during his TV3 day.

    NST, however, would not change. remains 'twisted' as it is. BN's lying tool.

  52. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Lee Siew Lian for GE!

  53. Anonymous1:13 pm

    And of course, like what anonymous 1.49pm said, ah chai will want to surround himself with the likes of leslie, marc and eve.

    leslie has proven that he can hold his own by being OC several times, the legendary marc lourdes have landed himself some front page exclusives (which he is always quick to remind), and eve, well, she pretty mar.

    motivational 101 kan, "surrounding yourself with successful" people.

    as for adrian david, it truly is surprising, considering that he goes AWOL most of the time, appears at work drunk, harasses the young girls, looks at p0rn on his computer and overclaims on his mileage and OT. but kesian him also la, not having been promoted so many donkey years already. maybe with the promotion now, he can afford to buy himself better clothes.

  54. Anonymous1:38 pm

    The scumbags who troll this oasis of ethics are just wenches and pimps from Skidrow. Those whose holes have been drilled umpteen times by the cocks of iniquity and whose mouths have gagged on the cum of insolent truculence.

    Bodies reeking with cum from everywhere and nowhere, the minds of these morons have been shortcircuited by hate and their fuses blown beyond redemption.They have literally suffered a heart attack of the soul and are now writhing from the apolexy of fear and loathing. "Rocky has refused to do our bidding," they howl in unison like she-bitches in heat. "Woe on us for we failed to leverage his hard won fame to spread our vile messages of hate"... oh! how can you, rocky brew such "treachery" in the midst of amity", they moan in angst over dregs of frustration.

    But Rocky was never party to their game. He is too good a master gunslinger, an observant and crafty crackshot, to be taken in by the dissimulation of cheap salon wenches and sundry resident pimps.He sized them up with deadly accuracy because like the gunslingers of yore, he knew that beneath their vests of arrogant pride and furs of seductive cunning lurked vile cretins and wenches who had hocked their conscience at the devil's pawhshop. Men whose manhood been neutered by the scalpel of hypocrisy and women whose virginity been deflowered by the slimy dicks of vengeance.

    The old gunslinger had strung them along, "played" their pretentious games, "mimicked" their "altruistic" intentions, "imbibed" their hypocritical cant while all the while wiring them up for the ultimate bonfire. For when he throws on the switch of truth, watch them roast slowly into oblivion even as they scream in unison; "Oh please, Rocky..dont reveal the truth of our excreable Selves". But the gunslinger of truth will have to do what a Man has to do for even as "friendships" burn in the flames of sentimentality, he knows deep within the spirit of truth is welling from the wells of conscience to suffuse a soul dedicated to the cause of Justice as the echoes of the chanting rabble revebrate through quiet streets of cyberdome's Tombstone: "Hail Rocky: The Paladin of Bloggerdom."

    Warrior 231 : Go Rocky Go!!! Dont ever give up your status of Protem president of All-blogs. After all, you were legally elected even by the treacherous scum who have turned on you for your steadfast commitment to your principles.

  55. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Bro, they may not be crooks but being cooks for the LANUN SHIP is all the same..


  56. Anonymous4:08 pm

    The only way to cure NST and other dailies is to kick Umno out of govt.

  57. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Dear Datuk Najib and Tun M,

    this is challenging time thus need calibre person to head the NST editorial team , we the majority of rakyat hereby propose and recomend our bro, rocky as the new boss.

    an Overhaul and Hard Work is required, Insya Allah BN will recover and the majority of Rakyat will vote again Barisan Nasional because this is the only party which the rakyat trust and accepted.

    the opposition will never understand the majority of rakyat sentiment and mind.

  58. Anonymous6:22 pm

    anyway, who the hell is zorro?

    Lim Kit Siang punya adik angkat ka?

  59. Anonymous7:02 pm

    After all papers had done interview with Mukhriz now the NST wants to interview him. Malulah. Orang lain dah buat. This is an afterthought. NST is feeling bad on the one hand and feeling courageous because others had interview Mukhriz.

    Now the NST bosses are betting on Mukhriz to save them since their favourite candidate the SIL may lose.

    The newsroom and canteen talk is that they will not use the interview as Q&A or verbatim. They will rewrite so that they can still spin in favour of SIL.

    You guy out there don't bother. As long as the Kaliullar is here, Syed Nazri and Manja will still do his bidding. Kaliullar has trained many Indian ball-lickers to become his spies and agents. That is why the rapid fire promotions of people like Adrian David.

    This place is a shithole man. What are you out there talking about?

    Budak Melayu

  60. Anonymous8:26 pm

    NST .... NST ...NST takda lain cerita ke !?
    tak boleh lupa ke ?
    negara rosak dan you tada lain pada NST..&..NST

  61. Hamba...What happen to my few hundred millions RM properties...if I migrate?
    You want to buy them up?
    If I need Air Asia.
    I can charter a plane!!
    It looks like I am more a Bumiputra in Malaysia...than you...sicko...trying to be too smart....with a big mouth and hollow brain.

  62. Personally, I think Anthony Firdauz Bujang is a nice guy.

    I don't know what he's going to do, but I believe he is a nice guy.

  63. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Yar, Kadir destroyed NST. Tried to do the same with Anwar with his stories back then. Bet our Saudara over there has not forgotten the stories NST wrote about him and the alleged liwat cases. And if one day Anwar be PM, siap kau. Msuk lobang cacing pon tak lari u.

  64. Bro ..lets have some rock & roll..

    Reelin' & Rockin' (Chuck Berry}

    Some-times I will, then again I think I won't.
    Some-times I will, then again I think I won't.
    Some- times I do, then again I think I don't.
    Well, I looked at my watch it was nine twenty one
    'twas at a rock 'n' roll dance havin' nothin' but fun.
    We were rollin' reelin' and a- rockin'.
    We were reelin' and a- rockin' and rollin' till the break of dawn ....

  65. Anonymous2:54 am

    Finally Ah Chai has discovered Adrian David or rather rehabilitate him. If Brendan Prereira is still around, Adrian would have rot in supplement desk. But Ah Chai sees an asset in Adrian. Congrat Ah Chai, you have just use the wand to perform a miracle. Congrat my brother

  66. Anonymous9:01 am

    LEE SIEW LIAN for GE! Oh my Gosh... What are u talking cock sitting duck! Until now, nobody knows what this stupid woman is doing in NST. Brendan called her stupid. Kalimullah screwed her for asking stupid questions. Senior reporters say she's plain stupid. Finally, S Nazri n Lee Ah Chai recommended her to Kalimullah to become Project Manager in the CEO's office under Syed Faisal. Donno whether Antony Bujang knows this or not. we all doubt Antony wants her after he finds out about her spy network. Those sitting around her say she's a Spy feeding all company infor to her network. Her boyfriend is Leslie Lau, sister to Joan Lau. Both working for Spore-linked news portal Malaysian Insider run by Kalimullah and Brendan. So people in NSTP, you must know that Kalimullah has put all his spies in every operations of the Umno-controlled company to screw up the country. Kalimullah has now sent Syed Faisal to Pos Malaysia to screw the organisation too. FYI, Antony Bujang...Here's the list of Kalimullah and Brendan's network in NSTP - Hisham Aun (GEIC), S Nazri, Kamrul Idris, Lee Ah Chai, Chandra 'Master Conpirator' Segar, Lionel Morais, Santha Ooojitam, Joseph Soosai, Kathirason Hindraf n not forgetting Azizi Karaoke of BH!


  67. Heh, Me! Me too!

    I'm part of this CON-spiracy!

    Hey, why was I not mentioned? Double standard PR hypocrites!

    Just because I'm Malay, I am not part of a conspiracy la?

  68. Anonymous11:03 am

    monsterball said...

    Hamba...What happen to my few hundred millions RM properties...if I migrate?
    You want to buy them up?
    If I need Air Asia.
    I can charter a plane!!
    It looks like I am more a Bumiputra in Malaysia...than you...sicko...trying to be too smart....with a big mouth and hollow brain.

    9:09 PM

    HA HA Monsterball bullshit!

    Hoi Buahbesar, hang ni tak habis-habis nak kelintong orang la.
    Konon ada harta milion-milion. Sahlah selama ni hang ni kan penipu! Patut la aku tengok posting hang lebih banyak menipu. Fakta betui tak dak. Lebih kepada hearsay la.

    Semua thread hang dok pusing. Konon hang fikir hang smart lah, brain hang tu tak hollow macam brain Hamba. Brain hang memang lah full, tapi full of bullshit.

    Hang ni memang lah anti Mahathir. Betui ka dia dah sondol hang dari belakang sampai buah hang jadi besar. Atau dia dah tumbuk mata hang jadi lebam macam Anwar Al-jub tu kena dulu? Sebab tulah tak habis-habis hang duk cerita memburukkan Mahathir. Cerita hang pulak tu berbelit-belit pusing fakta. Macam keling lah hang ni, suka cakap pusing-pusing.

    Tapi, aku percaya buahbesar hang tu kena angin pasang lah. Orang melayu kata BODEK. Lebih baik hang cepat operate, kalau tak jadi kanser tau.
    Monsterball Penipu!

    -Tukang Perati.

  69. Anonymous11:06 am

    The fucker blogwise, tony and the arse lovvas like PR, Godfather and their ilk should remember that their days are numbered. These bastards have sold out long ago to the devil and their pretentious postings and condescending attitude are nothing but the bleatings of perverted, misguided souls directed at a mesmerised and utterly immoral bunch of minions.

    In fact, they are scheming together with their sleepy stooge in cahoots with certain singaporean weeds clogging the govt machinery and the private sector to deliver our beloved land to Mr Johnson and his chingkie pals. Their modus operandi is simple: stake the high moral ground, surround and capture it through deception and skullduggery. And from that vantage point lob self righteous grenades at the public ramparts. In the interim as they await the revebrations of their iniquity, they sow hatred amongst the rakyat with their vile postings, scandalous insinuations and concoction of lies under the guise of fighting for a cause. Pray what cause are they talking about except the overthrow of a legally elected government through harebrained capers like frogging. Even worse, they cloak this diabolical mission with the high falutin coats of transperancy, governance, constitutional probity (my foot!! when they cant even respect the will of the rakyat manifested via constitutional means). To them, they are the party of good, the torchbearers of truth, the vanguards of justice when in reality, stripped off their perfumed vestments of self righteousness and pomposity, the odour of debauchery, the musk of hatred, the stench of prejudice and the stink of immorality permeates their naked selves.. Grasping their flaccid cocks and jerking it ad infinituum to release the angst of unfulfillment, these vile beings meander in a state of existential fugue in the dinghy alleys of anger and hatred in cyberspace, occasionally ejaculating their putrid inner selves onto a cloying and adoring set of zombies. The female wenches, for their part, spread their diseased cunts to receive the slimy dipsticks of mentally neutered hobos whilst surreptiously planting the incubus kiss of "mental death" on the unsuspecting idiot.Hence a new generation of mindless morons and pliants automotons are born in the alleys,hovels and saloons of cyberspace beneath cheap neon lights amidst the furling smoke of drug-tipped cigarrettes, the deafening garage grunge and the intoxicating fumes of cheap alcohol. Welcome to the surreal world of the Other Malaysia, a land peopled by the human forms of wasted sperms who are hellbent on destroying mainstream malaysia and hand it on a platter to their master pimp and his coterie of gangsters, mr Johnson and the chingkie scum in return for small change, illusionary power and real-life non stop debauchery. this is what we will get if ever this scumbag of failed politicians, lawyers, husbands, wives, etcetera occupy the pedestals of power

    Its time we empty our Glocks, Smith and wessons,colts, berettas, rugers et al into the diseased hearts and vacous souls of these munafiks and Infidels. Lets reclaim, Malaysia Bumi Tercinta for ourselves and and our progeny.

    Warrior 231

  70. If hamba can talk nonsense about me..why can't I response like him?
    Sure I talk nonsense sometimes.
    You have to be sharp and smart to catch jokes......nonsense and serious stuffs.
    That's like having varieties of the form of

  71. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Regarding NST, it seems this Lee Ah Chai is the one deciding on promotions and the news. Sorry, I'm new around here, but never heard of him before but his name crops up several times when people talk abut the NST. He must be the top editorial man. He must be good as a newsman to be in that position. Good for NST although I never buy the paper. I get my news on the Internet.

    Just a noob

  72. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Lee Ah Chai is a joke, he was a water seller before CBC (Chief Ball Carrier) Png Hong Kwang got him out of the rut. He seems to be promoting only the suck-up artists, but he has forgotten the other hardworking senior journalists like Chok Suat Ling, who has been sidelined just because she doesn't suck up to the bosses like the rest. she should be features editor, not that pathetic kalimullah lackey santha. But Ah Chai is just too short to notice the talent and passion thats up there.

  73. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Guys.....Malay Mail Sports writer Ghaz Ramli is a free bird now....NST plz hire him as he is one of those few genuine reporters that we have when in comes to sports reporting...Itz now or never....

    Sport Fan...Bachok, Kelate..

  74. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Ah Chai,

    Please include Hishamuddin Aun and Syed Nadzri in your transfer list.

    Hishamuddin Aun - merit increment (very good at asslicking. Licking twice - 1st DKL 2nd Kalimullah. An asset for Umno. Willing to carry liquor bottle on trips with bosses).

    Syed Nadzri (good for standing still and do nothing - merit increment)

  75. I've sense from the beginning. Meeting him, Anthony is a very ambitious guy. Frustrated once with Farid.

  76. Anonymous6:42 am

    Warrior 231 - 11:06 AM

    Gua caya sama lu lah! you summed up my life's views about PR and their stooges. What have they produced so far except deceptions and more deceptions? Talk is cheap, everyone can talk. But try running a country and see how well you fare.

    For now, I am not impressed. In Penang, Perak or Selangor. Or in parts of any state cursed to have those who have elected and thus given the so-called opposition enough power to destroy what that was built in half a century. And to what extent? Extend a man's private dream of becoming the next PM minister? Save him from his fall from grace? At what price? Are we better today as a nation than we were before March 8? Ask your conscience!

    Bonk Moktar

  77. Anonymous7:34 am

    monsterball said...

    If hamba can talk nonsense about me..why can't I response like him?
    Sure I talk nonsense sometimes.
    You have to be sharp and smart to catch jokes......nonsense and serious stuffs.
    That's like having varieties of the form of

    3:17 PM

    Dear MONSTER Ball,

    You talk nonsense sometimes?
    No lah, you talk nonsense all the times!

    -Tukang Perati

  78. Anonymous10:03 am

    nst observer- Doesn't Lee Ah Chai still sell water? . All those water bottles for the nst office, aren't they supplied by his company?

    sitting duck- Lee Siew Lian for GE? you've got to be joking. Thinks she's so smart but doesn't know a thing

  79. OK..You talk wise and sensible..and everyone knows you.
    My time is too precious to talk with one like that is faceless and nameless.

  80. Like I said..Rocky is cultured..refine and well educated with a non racialist personality.
    His weaknesses maybe...yearning to be noticed...and can be his failure in life.
    He is no balls carriers...but showing respect and one or a party..he may not support..does not mean he is pro this or that.
    A good Malaysian voter...valuing his almighty...will praise and criticizes...without fear nor favour.
    In his blog...he chooses to expose any political person or party...he sincerely feel good for Malaysians and country.
    Political parties are trained to expose each other.
    DAP survived based on exposing and accusing..all sorts of things......mostly right..but that does not make them....saints with no sins.
    But ..nothing to talk about is to label it as a Chinese racialist party. Yes or not...voters can years go by.
    But UMNO and PAS are pure racialist are all BN.
    Rocky have attained great successes in his newspaper career.
    That cannot come...without being productive..recognized...and respected.
    So...he may feel very proud of his past sting in S.Times group..that's natural.
    Born with a film star tall.. handsome look..and sued by S.T..for nonsense...the "All Blog" was born......but as time went by...not only "All Blog" is non existence has a blog house and Rocky seems proud to keep identifying himself as All Blog infact..getting so many confused and may not trust him.
    He is a very stubborn man.
    He knows...he is no Mahathir balls carrier.....but an excellent diplomatic person.....perhaps too advanced...being such a mixed up with few screwed up ...unethical "buddies"..that now proven to be low class people with no principles in life.....leaving him..YET...these people are on a mission and cause for the good of the country??
    That may confuse less intelligent people to comprehend..but what the heck....devilish people can contribute to some goodness in their lifetimes.
    So Rocky...will keep his conscience guides him.....and up to now...I see him...doing an excellent political blogger job....unique in his style...favourng no one.
    I am cock sure..he will vote for change of government...and support Anwar as RPK...both for the sake of their children and young Malaysians.
    Rocky have improved from pro Mahathir to pro nobody....but pro change of government...just like me.
    That's my reading of his character...right now.
    He has changed for the better....and few of his buddies can be low class prostitutes.






  82. Just look at UMNO pro man way of talking!!
    Not only have class IQ...but a real real NUT!

  83. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Rocky, baca Monsterball punya curahan perasaan tu bolih jadi cair dibuatnya ni. Mamat sorang ni, bolih tahan jugak bab-bab ayat mengayat rupanya. Sesuai sangat la dia dengan anak angkat kesayangan dia tu. They certainly make quite a tag team actually. Macam Producer filem dengan Pengarah filem. Atau pon penulis skrip gitu!