Saturday, November 29, 2008

Najib and RPK on Aljazeera

Monday- Thursday, Riz Khan LIVE interviews. The DPM and his most ardent fan Raja Petra Kamaruddin will appear on the Riz Khan's Malaysian special on Aljazeera this week. They will appear separately, though.
Riz Khan's series of "live" interviews with Malaysia's movers and shakers will also Kee Thuan Chye and Joe Kukhatas. And, of course, a one-one-one with Dr Mahathir.

Find out the programs' schedules and also how you can take part by asking Riz Khan or the panelists questions, here.


  1. Anonymous8:53 pm

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  2. Kee Thuan Chye & Joe Kukathas - among Malaysia's movers and shakers?

    You gotta be kidding!!

  3. baguslah tu... baru freedom of the press.

    tapi rpk tu kapasiti apa? najib tu tak pa sebab nak jadi pm.

    kekadang media ni lagakan sumber tu. tapi kalau mereka jujur tak pa lah. jangan nanti ulasan najib diputarkan... tapi rpk pulak yang dapat scoop.

  4. Anonymous11:41 pm

    This post has nothing to dowith the topic, i just want to let people know what i just found out. I recently saw a short documentary style report of the riot and politic problems in thailand, it shows some of the people causing chaos, baricading the airport and sort, but what caught my attention was the sentence "jadi kita tidak patutu biar bukan bumiputra mahawal negara (something like that if i'm not mistaken), the documentary was shown in rtm 1 or rtm 2, and it seems like its government funded, whats that suppose to mean, isn't it only the kings were reserved only for the "bumiputra", hrmmm????? (Frustated one)

  5. Anonymous11:51 pm

    wyh worry? anything happen... ther will be many lawyers willing to back RPK for free...

  6. Anonymous12:40 am

    funny because razak defend najib during his press conf. I think he should defend his name and the way of his statement, make many malaysian question if najib really involve or not.

    zamri sunway

  7. Anonymous7:44 am

    (heha) : hey, BETTER listen to songs ...' rocky oh baby,, on the tree-top ...' &
    ' rock around the clock' !!
    aina, like lagu2 mat salleh !!
    ( last nite : Rocky V movie , bosan lah = BETTER watch MAMA-MIA=
    syoknya !!

  8. Anonymous9:39 am

    LIVE from PUTRAJAYA! Hari Raya Haji is next Monday. Here are some of HAJI Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan's 'upsidedown' life after returning from the Haj sometime in 2004/05:
    1) Opened a restaurant serving LIQUOR in Bangsar - Vicenza Italiana
    2) Led NST/BH INSULTING the Prophet
    3) Used FENGSHUI to change NSTP's fortune
    4) Umno-linked NSTP promotes ANTI-ISLAM n ANTI-MALAY views
    5) Organised LIQUOR PARTIES for NSTP staff ... one coming soon

    Feel free to add on...


  9. Salam Bro Rocky,

    Nape nak ambik Raja Petra......bukan ke dia tu dagh diracuni Anwar untuk menjadi orang suruhan dia? Bro, kalau nak tau la, dulu aku cukup respek kat PET ni, sebelum Anwar beli 'soul' dia la....tiapp2 hari aku akan masuk blog dia utk update baru.....tapi sejak kebelakangan ini dia dah mula mengarut...dok cite bab agama la, dok bagi konspirasi teori tahap PARPU punya, aduh......samapaikan kawan2 dia pun dah mula jauhkan diri dari dia....what happened to him bro Rocky???


  10. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Rocky, I thought you got this one wrong. It was not RPK as the ardent fan of our very dear Najib. The truth was it's the other way round. In other words, Najib worships the ground RPK walks on. Especially on the hallow walls of Kamunting. In other words, Najib is attracted to RPK just as bees to honey.

  11. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Who are all these cretins that are being touted by Aljazeera??
    Didn't RPK recently claimed that Chin Peng was Malaya's first freedom fighter? Then he must certainly be the monkey's uncle.

    I suggest that Aljazeera and RTM 1 and RTM2 interview the husband and wife street cleaners near my street and learn what life is really like for the honest, hardworking Malaysian!! Bin the others.


  12. Anonymous11:29 am


    The last time you announced something like this, it never happened.

    Would appreciate schedules and time, so that I could adjust my timing to beat the traffic jams in the rush for a TV.



  13. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Chin Peng?? Ye benar!! Isteri dia cucu cicit rakan2 Chin Peng kut?

    Kat kampong aku ada sorang Tokcik, muka cina bulat2 cina.

    Dulu, mak dia dalam hutan, buang dia tepi kampung, orang melayu jumpa, ambil bela dia.

    Ni lar hasil Chin Peng.

    Dia tu tau ape. Beranak pun kat Negara Penjajah.