Sunday, October 26, 2008

Istana Zakaria Mat Derus is legal, says Sgor govt

No proof of wrongdoing. Oh dear. I've been filled with guilt ever since I read the posting Nothing Illegal about Istana Mat Derus.

The posting is about a news report on an admission made by Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim that, after conducting an investigation to look into the "legal, social and political aspects" related to the construction of the mansion in Port Klang, his government has found no proof of wrong-doing, abuse of power, or fraud.

How now?


  1. That is why we are endowed with a conscience. No matter how legal man's law is, what is wrong IS wrong. God is there in our heart, mind and soul.

  2. Anonymous3:16 am

    Yo, bro....u doin that Salleh Abbas book rite.... ask him to explain to you, the land law,Tun Salleh defined the codes here, when some parties claimed they owned half of Pahang. As you see, under toyol, all the approval was given, thus under the law it becomes when you ask, how now?, do you know what youer talking about, coz you look kinda stupid.
    Brenden anak Kali.

  3. Anonymous3:26 am

    Hmm and Zakaria died too, hope it's not from the stress of the media reports on this issue...

  4. Anonymous3:44 am

    Brother (sorry, this might be offtopic)
    "Be that as it may, perhaps blogger Rocky's Bru, being not legally trained, should be forgiven for his inability in appreciating legal principles and the real issues involved." - from Bar Council website

    When you cannot refute an argument cogently, shoot the messenger and this is precisely what the Bar Council has done. Rather than explain why the double standards vis-a-vis Vohrah, the Bar-stards expediently take us on a ride into the woods to confute the issue. Protecting the sanctity of the seat of judiciary, my foot! Where were they when Dzaiddin was busy feathering his nest egg a few years back prior to his retirement as LP.Where were they when Eusoff Chin was for all intents and purposes buggering the institution? where else but appearing before him... i can quote many other instances since time immemorial starting from stephen kalong Ningkan but these barstards will expediently kill me off with their "poseuring" and high-falutin rhetoric. And before i forget, a couple of months back a chap by the name of Yeoh was at pains to justify the moral "sanctity' of "frogging" when some choir boy wanted a taste of power(yeah, the constitution and the rules of parlimentary democracy be damned.) Speaks much of their moral rectitude and compunctions. These arseholes are only to fit to "wakil" lunatic bloggers and skittish vamps. After all, a lawyer must have publicity and style mah with all the moolah to boot.

    Kudos, brother for a good expose.. them loyar buruks must be squirming now.


    P.S; Would have posted this on the BC website but you need to register. And man..guess what? you must a Bar Council member to do so!!. Ha!Ha!Ha!

  5. Anonymous3:57 am

    Yg mana-mana rasa dah terkutuk tak ingat dunia tu. Masukkan la kaki dalam mulut.

  6. bro,

    you can divide into a few interest group ;
    -the non malay who didn't believe the late abag Zak can make it in life
    -the malay who behave like the story of crabs in the basket
    -others just jump ship
    anybody believe how Lim built Genting without government help ?

  7. Anonymous7:17 am

    (heha) : aiyah ! oredi built, dun lah demolish it, either let the poor ones stay or turn it into a motel for fancy visitors & earn some money for the orphans or beggars, ok ! let by-gone be ...ok!

  8. tak salah? habis tu yang dikutuk hina hambat segala sampai orang tu dah mati pon, tu apa hukumnya kepada mereka? apa?

    mereka hambat dia sampai mati rocky... sapai dia meninggal....

  9. Anonymous7:51 am

    rocky tanya:How now?- setelah didapati tiada bukti penipuan, penyalahgunaan kuasa dan salah laku(dan ini adalah kenyataan dari pihak yg mengambil alih pemerintahaan dan pentadbiran selangor), maka apa lagi yg dpt dilakukan? apakah ianya sesuatu yg dituntut utk terus mencari2 kesalahaan seseorang setelah ianya didapati tidak melakukan apa2 kesalahan dari boleh dikatakan segenap sudut.

  10. Anonymous9:06 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Please check the facts.

    Previous govt under Khir Toyo already did all the legalities necessary to 'legalise' it like transfer to Mat Deros below mkt value and pay measly fines for all illegalities. That means current govt cannot take any more action as you cannot convict a criminal twice for the same crime.

    Check out below link where Ronnie Liu lambasted Khir Toyo for this issue.

  11. Anonymous9:09 am

    It may be that his actions are legal wise, but that doesn't mean that his actions are morally right! One should not merely look at the legal perspectives but the moral perspectives as ethics is not merely complying with the law.

    The land was sold at a much cheaper rate than the market rate, is this fair to other people who are forced to buy at market rates? By misusing his position, he's able to buy at a much cheaper cost.

    So I think we are still right in criticising his actions...

  12. oh dear ! Now I am a saint and you are an angel and Freedie Mercury is alive and not gay and there's NOTHING...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY ! Sheesh bro, surely a case of 'adik-beradik' hehe ! Let's reopen the file and start anew by more credible investigators ! Sheeesh Khalid, you're nuts to pass this 'shitty' verdict !

  13. Anonymous9:37 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Why the guilt? Everybody lies. The great LIARs is still in the helm of power.

    You should feel better. There's the saying: if you can't beat them you join them.

    It doesn't bother me at all. It doesn't change my outlook. I've been taught that lying is acceptable here. The bigger the lie the better the acceptance.

    So, jangan pandang belakang!

  14. Anonymous9:47 am

    And they say they need whatever policy to make a living in Malaysia. But this certainly shows that in the glorious land of Malaysia, you have rags to riches stories for Malays too. Mr Lim GT, you are not the only one making it big here...

    Cheers and Happy Deepavali for those who celebrate the Indian Festival of Lights.

  15. Anonymous9:47 am

    From The General Desk,
    So the truth has prevail that legally all is done accordingly. PR election is full of smearing tactics without any basis. After the pursue by Khir Toyo in the recent DUN meeting finally Khalid admit nothing much could be done. Don't complicate this issue with morallity because the person involved is already passed away. But to Khir Toyo is that he have already done his level best to clear his man name and restored the family dignity. All the PR fella owned Zakaria family an apologies.

    Bravo! Khir Toyo by doing what you Believed and Cherished in your political principals. In army we will never leave behind our man be it Dead; Injured or Alive.

  16. we now need proof that his conclusion is indeed not based on fraudulent studies / or worse that the entire thing is another hoprless cover-up

    In Malaysia we have a great tendency to make simple things complicated such that the head cannot see the tail and vice versa

  17. Anonymous10:06 am

    A politician will always be a politician be it bn or pr,as if they wanted to, a lot of matters could have been done in a different manner.First of all if someone where to ask ronnie liu can i turn my low cost home into a bungalow by acquiring 3 more neighbouring lots.Well the answer should be a yes as precedence has taken place with this particular case.As i always maintain the only difference between this politicians are one is a thief and the other a robber.One more thing if you go ask around, you will find out pr cronies have now taken over contracts held by bn cronies.klangman

  18. Anonymous10:10 am


    Mungkin Mat Derus dapat WAIVER untuk bina istananya dari Bar Council?

  19. I read somewhere all the "illegal" processes were made "legal" by the former MB. Where da money comes from to built that humongous house, that is a subject for another day bud..

  20. How can PR convict Zakaria when all his wrong doing has been legalise by the past MB.

  21. Elok hantar surat resmi kepada DAP untuk memaklumkan status tersebut kerana merekalah yang paling bising dulu. Waris Zakaria patut mengambil tindakan saman malu ke atas DAP.

    Inilah sikap perklauman dasyat dan hebat yang ditunjukkan DAP dan disokong segelintir PKR.

  22. Liu rips into Khir Toyo over Zakaria's mansion
    Saturday, 25 October 2008 08:26am

    ©The Star (Used by permission)

    SHAH ALAM: The late Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros continues
    to haunt the Selangor state assembly.

    Local Government Committee chairman Ronnie Liu lambasted state opposition
    leader Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo yesterday for challenging the Pakatan
    Rakyat state government to take action over the dead man's mansion in
    Pandamaran, Klang.

    "How can we initiate action against the 'Klang king's' mansion when it was
    he (Dr Khir) who legalised the palace when he was Yang Amat Berhormat?"
    asked Liu.

    He claimed it was Dr Khir, during his tenure as mentri besar, who provided
    Zakaria the land at below market price.

    He added Zakaria was also let off the hook by merely paying a compound for
    failing to submit the building plan to the local council on time.

    Now, Liu said, action could not be taken against Zakaria's mansion as the
    compound had already been paid to the local council during Dr Khir's time.

    He also chastised Dr Khir for complaining about too many massage parlours in
    Selangor, saying the licences were issued by the former state government.

    "We have not issued any massage parlour licence in the state," said Liu,
    when answering questions yesterday.

    In response, Dr Khir said he brought up the issue about Zakaria's house
    because there was still an unresolved problem.

    Dr Khir also took Liu to task for suspending Ampang Jaya Municipal Council
    deputy president Hamid Hussain over the demolition of a Hindu temple in

    "A government officer cannot be suspended just like that. Only the State
    Secretary has the right to suspend, not the exco members," he added.

    As Dr Khir continued to argue, Deputy Speaker Haniza Talha ticked him off.

    "The opposition leader must realise that he now sits on the other side, and
    not on the state government's to give clarification," she said.

  23. Anonymous10:54 am

    Rocky, It is the construction of the mansion that is legal. As to how Zakaria got all his money for the construction - he is well known for demanding money. It should be the ACA to get into action, not the Selangor government.

  24. Anonymous10:57 am

    This mansion largely contributed to the downfall of Mat Deros and by extension the loss of the Port Klang State seat for BN. Pakatan should make full use of it by showing it as the shining example of the excesses of UMNO people.


  25. Anonymous11:18 am

    Dear all,
    Even Najib also refuse to pursue legal action in his Atlantuya case, he say legal action would be messy, and witnesses can lie. So even our future PM don't trust his own BN legal system. What is his message?? 1, he don't want to blow up more sensational Atlantuya case and prefer let it lay low and die quietly off. 2nd, he knows all the dirty tricks witnesses can lie, look at Anwar case how the government witnesses can be bribed and lie under oath. So Najib knows the DIRTY tricks of the legal system because HE THE ONE invented it. What Tan Sri Khalid to do, the past corrupt BN Selangor government has "LEGALISED" the corrupt mansion by signing paper here and there. See how they sign the water consortium case, how their wife Bakti case. how? Make legal already?? How fight?? Fight in court?? The court that is still control by the BN Federal government?? Want to add insult to injury and asked law abiding citizen to APOLOGIZE for the corrupt Zakaria? Forget it, the man already dead, hope he make peace with his GOD. What my beef is why don't the current Selangor government try "legally" to obtain back the land & mansion and make an example of MUSEUM of Corruption to remind future leader of their roles and responsibility. That is what I wish.


  26. Anonymous11:30 am


    you are posting half truths here.
    tan sri khalid mentioned that the land was given real cheap to him by BN administration. construction of the "palace" was only approved after the revelation of the controversy. so was the payment for assessment. it was blatant abuse of power and he was forced to comply with local council laws after the expose.
    Rocky, what can the new administration when the "RICE IS COOKED". yet, your blog seems to suggest that DEros fella is squeaky clean and the people owes him an apology?

    Bangsa Malayisa

  27. Very easy.

    Jesus said, "Judge ye not, lest ye be judged."

    So, for people who cried bloody corruption and shit BEFORE, now can shut up. As the Holy Selangor Government has found no wrongdoing.

    You guys were jumping up and down, baying for blood. Now what, assholes?

    For people who STILL believe there is any wrongdoing, the Holy Selangor Government apparently might not be so holy. At least, not as holy as YOU would like it to be.


  28. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Looks like it is legally right and morally wrong?

    The question is how he got so much money.

  29. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Sometimes i wonder if you are the veteran journalist you claim you are..even your commenters here understand that all the wrongdoings were legalised by Khir Toyo.

    Maybe you have some suggestions..but then do you?

  30. Anonymous1:30 pm

    mr bad says..

    i'm agree with Selangor MB that any action should not be made in haste without proper investigation and prosecution. Even it should be PROVEN GUILTY by court to legalise the authority's necessary actions.
    PR government should not act hastily and become ONE like before. However, it should still be pursued and rakyat can wait

  31. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Akhirnya kebenaran telah timbul, jangan hendak bercakap tentang moral di sini lagi, adakah betul secara moral munuduh seseorang tanpa usul periksa? Sedarlah, kamu bukan semuanya betul, dan mereka bukan semuanya salah. Dicadangkan agar blogger-blogger yang memaki dan menghina Alyarham memohon maaf jika mereka sebenarnya mempunyai moral yang tinggi.


  32. Anonymous2:29 pm

    how come the rock didn't post anything on that fler Zulkifli Nordin? A socio-political blog like this one should not miss it if he's not blind.

    miguel lobo

  33. Anonymous2:42 pm

    chengoho said:

    you can divide into a few interest group ;
    -the non malay who didn't believe the late abag Zak can make it in life
    -the malay who behave like the story of crabs in the basket
    -others just jump ship
    anybody believe how Lim built Genting without government help ?


    something is wrong when ppl always divide things into malay and non-malay responses/reactions.

    sick of racists

  34. In sex, we call it pre-ejaculation. In local politics, we can call this hoo-haa, hullabaloo and ruckus as blind vendetta, seeking vengeance without basis or simply plain opportunistic ignorance. As a human being, I believe the Pakatan, for much that they brag about injustice and equality, were unable to control their ugly true selves; they care not about the feelings of the deceased and his family about the loud falsity of their baseless accusation. I doubt the Pakatan especially those who have been loud about such baseless accusation will apologize to the dead and his family for they will not admit any wrong doing while finding other excuses to justify their wishful action; they can only see the wrong in others but not themselves

  35. bro,
    like everyone here says....all the illegalities have been neutralised to legal.
    But the question now here is who did the investigations ? Where they qualified ? Do they know what and where to look for what ?

    See somebody must check the dates of the applications and compare the swift and urgent dates approved. Who applied for the conversions and who approved the applications.

    For an ordinary man-in-the-street it takes like 4 months or more before approval is granted or rejected. You and I know how frustrating and long it takes (i.e. before and after greasing palms) and one has to see if the right borongs are filled-in and affirmed, copies of IC,paid receipts of quit rent and assessment, copies of stamped S&P, SD's and CTC of land titles are obtained from the Land Office (here,it is Klang) and the complete documents plus fee presented at the L/Office where a file is opened before it is sent to the Registry at Shah Alam for approval by the State EXCO which I believe sits at their once a month meetings.

    Note: the dates these exchanges took place can can give you a clearer picture of corruptiion/discrepencies involved.
    Godspeed !

  36. Anonymous3:50 pm

    This is Politics Bro Rocky!!

    That is why never get drifted by it.
    And I salue you to not being drifted, thus far.

    With half truths and fake notions, there are devils who try to beat up sentiments to culture hatred towards ap particular personality, party for thier own political advantage. (RPK is a big shit)

    I strongly believe - this is not the only case. There are 100s that the opposition has beaten around.

  37. Anonymous3:50 pm

    From The General Desk;

    YB Ronnie Liu is just another succumbag don't just blame others when you cannot prove what you accused. Never put someone integrities at stake or otherscan do to you.
    How can Ronnie Liu said that all the massage parloer lisence were issued by the previous government and not them when actually they can cancel it. Ronnie we know what you did last year 2007 when you are trying to stop MPSJ and the police to close down a brothel in Puchong. I saw it clearly with you face in NTV7.
    The reason you gave is that some hotel guest is complaining to you. MY FOOT. Ronnie don't try to be holy saint when you yourself is full of shit. KNM (Kan Ni Ma)

  38. Mister Rocky
    let the Zack Mansion case put to rest. Zack at this moment is surely not resting in peace; don't we all knows that. let Zack tackle the real Attorney General down under.

  39. Anonymous4:35 pm

    The mansion by the late Datuk Zakaria built on state land that was sold to him a very cheap price by the state government which he was part of.
    It's not wrong as it has been practise by those in power in Malaysia all this while. It has become their right to demand land from state government at a cheap price.

  40. of course there is nothing illegal. the previous BN govt sold the land to zakaria at a pittance - so there is nothing illegal abput the acquisition. only a moral issue why land designated for the poor can be sold to a rich and powerful man at such a cheap price. and for the offence of building the palace without planning permission, the previous BN govt already fined him a very small sum. so the punishment has already been meted out. so you all go and decide la... we are all intelligent people, make your own mind about what this is all about

  41. Anonymous5:17 pm

    (heha) : this toyo is desperate now = so trying hard to creat chaos
    among the races ...AWAS !

  42. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Khir just wants to give trouble to the MB.
    All this land n bldg issue would be too troublesome to follow.
    Khir should instead ask ACA to investigate how an ex railway guard can afford a mansion.


  43. Anonymous5:26 pm


    only one person can answer this stupid issue, the stupid khir toyo. before PKR could take over the office, khir had already destroyed all the important documents and files. shredded!

    the "istana" issue is only the tip of the iceberg.keep digging bro!

  44. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Rocky strikes back! The previous state government has already legalised everything, so what can pakatan do? If they bend the law and screw Zakaria, tomorrow Rocky will say that the state government shouldn't go on a witch hunt and instead concentrate on the issue at hand! You have truly turned to the dark side Dath Rocky! So have you got you offer lette to replace Kalimula?

  45. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Ada udang disebalik batu..

    Lets take Perak "Sedekah" issue. Just few months in office, berkecai, all their SHOUTS of REFORMASI and so forth. What makes you think there are no other cases?

    Maybe after scrutiny, they realised that many of their newly elected office bearers, once upon a time, built homes on shady grounds too? If not directly, their parents and strings of other blood relatives? And to prolong on this "Mansion" issue might expose them unnecessarily?

    Something is just not right here!!

  46. Anonymous6:14 pm

    la,,,nak bising-bising apahal,,,!!!!????

    Salah,,,atau ta'salah semua dah berlalu,,

    Adakah to satisfy kita,,,jom ramai-ramai kita bakar ISTANA tu,,,!!!!


  47. shanghaistephen wrote: like everyone here says....all the illegalities have been neutralised to legal.


    Bro, what everyone here says is fine, but it doesnt change the fact that the new Selangor govt has found nothing to prove alleged wrongdoing, fraud, etc with regards to the Istana.

    If Khalid Ibrahim's investigators found that evidence had been shredded into millions of piecesm, like everyone here believes, he would have said so, wouldn't he?

    What he said is something else altogether. Let's stick to the facts that Khalid gave us (thru the report) and not make more allegations. We did enough of that pre-March 8th.

  48. shanghaistephen wrote: like everyone here says....all the illegalities have been neutralised to legal.


    Bro, what everyone here says is fine, but it doesnt change the fact that the new Selangor govt has found nothing to prove alleged wrongdoing, fraud, etc with regards to the Istana.

    If Khalid Ibrahim's investigators found that evidence had been shredded into millions of piecesm, like everyone here believes, he would have said so, wouldn't he?

    What he said is something else altogether. Let's stick to the facts that Khalid gave us (thru the report) and not make more allegations. We did enough of that pre-March 8th.

  49. Anonymous7:22 pm its totally OK for a government official to request a land at ridiculously cheap price and the other non UMNOputra can just eat dirt themself. Malaysia boleh.......those who still defending him is obviously BLIND!!!

  50. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Enough lah Rocky, you are not only sounding obvious and silly, you are really beginning to irritate!

  51. Anonymous7:55 pm

    dan zakaria mat derus telah tiada. telah kembali kpd penciptanya. dan allah jua lah yg akan membalas segala kebaikan dan segala keburukan yg telah dilakukannya semasa hidupnya.

  52. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Rocky is off his rocker. He suddenly developed a conscience.

    I am trying to figure out. Who are you really? Now that you got Pak Lah out, you suddenly halalkan all the UMNO wrongdoings?

    Well, about turns are normal for Rocky it seems.

    Or is he just a naive man yang tak de pendirian sendiri?


  53. Anonymous8:41 pm

    The Istana may be legal but is the money used to build it? The question everyone should be asking is where and how the late Zakar amassed so much $$$ to afford the Istana?


  54. Anonymous9:13 pm

    This Mansion is the end result of the successful implementation of Barisan's NEP. So you critics better open your eyes wide and your mouths shut before you condemn the NEP. Of course we are not talking whether the NEP helps all Bumiputeras. Because if Barisan continues the NEP for another 100 years, then it's only a matter of time this type of Mansion appears everywhere in all the kampongs and every rural Bumiputera would have one, if not bigger.

  55. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Bar counselar (Beach Club Yea),

    When BN did something there is so much hu ha. Even now they said that Khir has already legalised it. What a stupid assumtion by this PKR supporter moron. Nobody ever thought that Selangor will falled to PR and nothing has been done or pre-empt to that extent.
    When PR YB was caught red handed then its all framed up. Even taking sexually bribery as admitted by them is a `sedekah' or something holy to take or its a sin to refuse. This PR moron mind is worst then a pig.
    BTW, from a reliable source pertaining to the documents being shredded in the SUK, it was actually in the SFINO office Dato' Arib. And do you know what, he was the close cousin of Tan Sri Khalid (both their mother are sisters). This is all political gimmick just to smear other person integrities.
    It was believed also he gave lots of BN government info to PR. Its a hearsay but you can check with government officer if you want. Don't even think to sue me b'cos i dont have money. But if Theresa Kok then its different. If i lost then i'm willing to be her slave....... babi;babi.

  56. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Wonder where all Zak's money came from? A pity he couldn't take it with him.

  57. Anonymous12:47 am

    Hi Rocky,
    I remember Karim Raslan wrote a piece about the mansion.
    I wonder if he is going to clarify it now with this new finding by those who whould have loved that the mansion was illegal.
    Or maybe he would just stick to the prejudging of legally right and morally wrong sloganeering that is bandied about by those who want to believe that the enemy must be less than human, and their people must tbe the most righteous of them all.


  58. Anonymous2:01 am

    this case remind me to rusuhan di-kg.rawa,penang.semasa kuil itu sedang di-bina,masa bata semua sedang naik,tak ada sesiapa yang bother dan tak ambil pot apa benda yang sedang di-bina,tapi bila dah siap dan mula di-guna, baru semua buka mata.baru kalut,baru nak bertindak.macam tu juga dengan istana mat derus ni,masa buat tak ada sapa nak sibuk check,lepas kawan tu pindah pi duduk sana baru la heboh.apa pun we must learn from tun mahathir,you just start planing for something,he start watching,if it is wrong,he will ask you to stop,if you are not, then he will stop it...

  59. The fact is PR never murder Zakaria!

  60. Kimho8:

    "The fact is PR never murder Zakaria!"

    The fact is, PR people, and others, murdered his reputation.

    They hounded him, becoming judge, jury and executioner for the accusation that he is a corrupt man.

    I mean, who knows, man? It could be that he is a savvy businessman with clever investments.

    But probably just cause he's Malay, the only way he could have been rich is through corruption.

    Do not be so quick to pass judgement, without having all the facts.

    Zakaria may or may not.

    Whatever it is, I am appalled at how the opposition supporters handled this.

    Claiming to be protectors of justice, yet becoming the purveyor of injustice.

    And I am disappointed with everyone else as well.

    For evil things happen when good men stand by and do nothing.

  61. how could that be!

  62. Anonymous7:52 pm


    your readers are quite something. proven over and over again.

    YOU are not supposed to have a conscience because when you so much as appear to have (in your blog, because these assholes don;t know you) one, you ar quickly accused of being an Umno ball-licker.

    You are supposed to twist the facts-lah. put words in Khalid's mouth and say that Zakaria's istana is still illegal.

    Way to go, man....

    it shows you can't please everybody---especially those assholes!

  63. Anonymous8:02 pm

    there you go again. blame it on the previous government. if you don't have the proofs, the previous government must hiding them. why don't they just start "governing" (if they actually know how to that is). let the people be the judge which government is better. come next election we will all find out. 6 months already down the drain. i know, i know, bn had 50 years (that's the usual reply, ain't it?).

  64. Anonymous10:20 pm

    He..he..he when you are at the top of the mountain, the view is rather different from the bottom isn't it?

    You know, when it is their time to govern the country, i bet u there are lot things that they now complained turned out to be the same as istana zak...Just look at them in Penang.

  65. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Amir, get back to your lawak bodoh!

    Kamu ni dahlah kaki perempuan, skang ni nak bincang pasal politik buat apo? Macam lah kamu hebat sangat!

  66. Anonymous12:31 am

    Menteri Besar dapat cikit kot. Biasa la cikit pun cikit la. PR la katakan.
    Penipu Rakyat!
    Ronnie pun agak nya dapat kot. Jangan sampai teresa saman khir kerana khir mungkin telah berjaya melegal kan paper paper! Awas Khir!


  67. Anonymous9:30 am

    When there's sugar, there will always be ants around.

    It's the same in politics. Once the target has been crucified, it becomes the end of the usefulness.

    The poor man died just to find out that he was wrongly crucified, to the benefit of some political pundits. So just kill a man and say sorry later.

    In the Salleh Abbas saga, it is also the same. Squeeze the juice to the maximum and just throw the pulp away. Take only what you want.

    This is the land of ungratefulness, where even lawyers cannot be trusted.


  68. Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas.

  69. Anonymous12:08 pm

    I remember Nadeswaran (and others) have been writing about these issue almost every week in The Sun (and others). I also remember DAP and its crinies even have demonstration in front of his house gates.

    Perhaps its is the envy of tak mau Melayu kaya.

    So, what now?

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  70. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Its simple in Islam.

    Whoever did wrong doing in his life, he'll answer to his maker. The same applies to those who accused other people without justification and those who're filled with hatred toward others.

    May you burn in hell, forever and ever.

  71. Anonymous8:32 pm


    REFORMASI, Pak Din a somewhat successful Kampung contractor, had been proudly flying 3huge Keadilan flags on his front gates, stickers on his 4WD, all these 6years, and when they won the 5states, he lost his voice for almost 4days...out of sheer excitement!! He was amongst the earliest person to storm into the BN JKKK compound demanding for KEYS to the building!@@@@ -

    Last UMNO Division meeting, I was shocked to see him together with his whole family there??

    And all the FLAGS gone too..

  72. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Dear all,
    Orang dah mati dah, apa heboh heboh lagi. Who likes to dig dead person dirt??? This bloody BN & UMNO Khir Toyol....please la, show some respect for dead person even he is corrupted. What to do, he already pay fine la after we make noise of his settle already. If nobody make noise, he continue to be King of the Jungle la. You guys don't respect the dead. Let he make peace with his God for his sins.

    BN Toyol coming out to play

  73. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Hey folks, the man has died and his family has, on his behalf, publicly asked for forgiveness (the normal Muslim way), so what more does the PR govt want to do? Let his poor soul rest in peace. There are more pressing things ahead. And so the pragmatic MB and his team made that smart statement. Yes please just rest this case but make sure there's no repeat of this fiasco!

  74. Anonymous12:12 am

    Something amiss

    I still feel theres something not right here.

    Why are these new officebearers still delaying the declaring of their individual assets? Or are they also trying to hide their own mansion too?

    one plus one equals to two?

  75. Stupid PR cybertroopers.

    Instead of being defensive, racist and stupid, you should have replied along these lines:

    "These revelations by the Selangor Government shows how transparent and fair the Selangor Government is.

    The Selangor Government is willing to stick to the truth, even though it might cause them to lose political mileage."

    You see, the problem I have with PR is not because of their hypocritical ideologies.

    My issue is that they are stupid. To allow stupid people to run the country - that should be a crime.

    We saw what happened last time.

  76. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Khir just wants to give trouble to the MB.
    All this land n bldg issue would be too troublesome to follow.
    Khir should instead ask ACA to investigate how an ex railway guard can afford a mansion.


    This remarks above really made me sad .. or maybe angry or just lost in any hope.

    You and i know Zakaria is Malay . So being a Malay does not allow rag to riches success ?
    I know one chinese old man.He was a KTM staff manning the track living by Brickfield before. Salary was ok but low by his standard.So he did some part time collecting waste carbon plate from X ray to be sold . His Malay friend in GH was helping him from inside.Same time he succeed to ask his other Malay friend who owns a land to JV planting palm trees.That was nearly 40 years ago.Now he is a rich and humble old man that I enjoys coffee sometimes. So his success is justified beacuse he is not Malay? Why we are close to this guy ? My grandpa adopted their niece becuase their family was extremely very poor.
    Do we need repayments ? No ? Ketuanan ? No .

    Just be fair with your remarks .